It’s gonna be short…

Mar 18, 2023

From: It’s gonna be Short

Subject: Sleeper season in the 90210

Spill It to
Despite what the cast has beeen saying in interviews, this season has been very lack luster. They usually have a longer then needed season but expect a shorter one this season. Don’t get excited for any newbies either. This is what fans asked for. 💎

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  1. Not interested

    Actually we’ve been asking for Erika to be gone with Rinna and she’s still there sooooo pass on this garbage. Will miss Garcelle and Sutton though.

  2. Should have went against Erika to keep your job

    Hey Rinna 👋🏻

  3. That’s fine by me


  4. NotAboutTom

    That’s not what fans asked for, Rinna. We only wanted YOU gone.

  5. Dumb

    So Kyle’s relationship with her family is off limits? Never puts anything truly out there. The lawsuits against Dorit and her hubby? Erika’s never ending accusations? It’s there they just don’t bring it to light.

  6. Gphilly

    I want it to go back to what it was back in the day. Light and airy without the constant fighting at a dinner table.

  7. Hey lisa

    This is 100 % written by lisa r or somebody for her lol.

  8. Boring

    The last time this show was of any interest was when Kim was on….

  9. Zach Thompson

    Longer THAN* also, they’ve been filming for barely a month lol. How could the “source” know its lackluster 🤔

  10. Mandy

    Whatever happened to the big reveal on who was responsible for the bots on Garcelle’s son’s social media? That went quiet all of the sudden….

  11. SaSa

    Lacklustre. Likely because they’re all weak and starving. The seasons have been lacklustre since the fecal force stopped anyone interesting from staying on.


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