VPR reunion!

Mar 15, 2023

“It’s really up to Bravo executives, but I mean, they cannot be physically within 100 yards of each other as of the current order,” Shay’s lawyer has said.

“So one of them may have to skip the reunion, or maybe Raquel will have to Zoom in, but they can’t be within close proximity of one another, and they can’t be directly communicating with one another. So it’s gonna be tough to make this reunion show happen with both of them.”

The attorney clarified that even if Leviss is present via Zoom and Shay is there in person, “There can be no direct communication or even communication through any intermediaries.”

If the date is changed, however, both women could be present. While Rahmani noted that it’s “possible” for the restraining order to be made permanent at the hearing on March 29, Shay “intends to present her witnesses and her evidence and to disprove these allegations. And she’s excited to have her day in court and have the judge hear both sides of the story.”

Raquel alleges Scheana pushed her against a brick wall causing injury to back of my head and punched me in the face causing injury to my left eye,” , Raquel also claims she has a cut above her left eye and “blurred vision.”

Shay denied the allegations through Rahmani on Thursday, March 9.


  1. Ms Nikas

    Have Scheana zoom in and Rachel there live. Just like Scheana needs her day in court Rachel needs her day in prison!

  2. Good as Gold

    Why should Scheana miss the reunion of a show she’s been a big part of for 10 years. The whole reason Rachel did this was for her 15 mins of fame.. loved or hated she’ll be sat in first chair and does she deserve the air time? Nope. Let Scheana have her moment and her outfit and let Rachel be ignored and talked over on her little screen! No, we don’t care about your big entrance or hideous puffy sleeves.

  3. Adriana

    This is like the cop out of the century

  4. good bye rachel

    I get your point good as gold but I think rachel should have to face all those people in person. her being the one to zoom in almost seems like she’s trying to take the easy way out. I can already foresee the “internet issues” she’ll have to get out of the tough questions. they should be making this harder for her since she has A LOT to answer. Scheena obvi deserves to be there as she is an OG but I’d rather see her Zoom in.

  5. Rachel sucks

    They cannot have any communication, even through Zoom. So they wouldn’t be able to be on at the same time. I think they both need to be there in person. It would be a pain but they could have one come in and then leave and the other one come in.

  6. VPR

    I wonder what Arianna thinks. I feel like if I were in her shoes, I’d feel a little less anxious not having to see her in person.

  7. Kari

    Why can’t they just postpone the reunion until AFTER the hearing?? They have the time, they’re literally re-editing the season and are filming extra scenes, they have the ability to edit in that time frame, I don’t see why they can’t wait another week until they know for sure if the restraining order will stay or be lifted.

  8. Lulu

    They should have BOTH there in person but at different times. Just drive Scheana 100 ft away and put her on zoom when it’s Rachel’s turn to get grilled


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