The Summer House premiere is here, and we ask an important question: How are people going to bone and bring home randos with this bunking arrangement? Could Steve Harvey be involved in Summer House drama? We love a Kyle drunk in the kitchen eating by himself moment. Real Housewives of New Jersey – we see the setup coming. Are mozzarella parties a thing? Can we make them a thing? Teresa and Luis on WWHL . VPR plus a never been seen scene of LVP fixing a toilet that you must all watch. And we wrap on a mini dive on the recent LA Times and LA Magazine articles about Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi and the design team of Erika’s catsuits. They’re both worth a read, check them out. 

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 41

Amanda: 0:01
I think that when you have a very long standing friendship, and you have a disagreement, it’s happened in my life. I’m sure it’s happened to yours. I am. And in the moment, you’re so angry at the person and time passes and you honestly forget why you were angry because when you’re with the person again, or you are reunited, there’s a reason why you are good friends with the person. Right, right. Everyone’s human. Nobody’s perfect. It’s totally fine. There are different places in their life. Keep it moving, and totally I’m here for the for the reunion.

B: 0:41
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda: 1:01
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea

B: 1:08
What’s up cocktailers,

Amanda: 1:10
Hey cocktailers tailers, okay, so, we have a lot to discuss this week. So summerhouse premiered What did you think?

B: 1:22
Awkward is the first word that comes to my mind, I think to kind of to kind of mimic remember when they did their their thing? What’s the first word that comes to mind? Shocking. I think the first episode was awkward for me. Yeah, I agree. Sweeping. Like, right. I totally get what Kyle set was saying, like I can see, you know, especially you’re on television, you’re in a posh neighborhood. And the neighbors are like, Oh, the film with that house? Well, the regulation is you can only have five bedrooms. Yeah, that totally would be a thing in a neighborhood like that. 100 percents, the new sleeping arrangements are less than ideal. I’m honestly thinking, Amanda, that we all know that the camera does tricky things. I think that they purposely set that up first episode, and we won’t hear about it again, this is totally me speculating. I think that they did all that to the gym did this and then they’re gonna roll that shit out of their put beds, and nobody will know one bedroom from the other on camera.

Amanda: 2:18
Because here’s my thing, right? Like, part of what we love about summer house is we love to see, you know, people passing out on their beds or people hooking up or whatever. And like, you know, I’ve been talking about this being a couple of house, right and me being worried about it. And I think I have every reason to be worried about it, which we’ll talk about. So I don’t know. And so the like, so like, with all the beds being in the same room, like nobody’s like, nobody’s gonna bring a dude home. Right? Because there’s only one dude who’s single. So you know, like, anyway,

B: 2:55
like, it’s just my prediction. So the big room the main room with the two big beds, which used to be the master that Kyle and Amanda were in, I think those four beds stay and I think whatever four girls are in like hooking up that night will like flop around because there’s enough that our friends that will do that. Yeah, I think I don’t think Craig’s coming as much. I think she said he’s coming for on this show. She’s like, a clip. She’s coming for a man Amanda or no Kyle member because Amanda’s like, what about my birthday coming for Kyle’s birthday? I think they spent a lot of time during the week together. I think they’re trying to be careful with their separate brands. I think you originally had that idea, man. And I think you’re right. I think some people love them as a couple. Some people turn are turned off by it. So they’re kind of a stop trying to keep it like separate. Right. So he’ll pop up. I think the gym that little gym that we saw in that little office, I totally think there’s going to be beds in there. And they’re just not going to talk about it. Yeah, I agree. I think they’ll film the master and like another shared room, and then the others will all be

Amanda: 3:58
private. Because I mean, like, how else are people going to bone? I mean, like, they need to have some privacy.

B: 4:08
But like besides boning like, listen, when I was in college at 1920, it would have been like we did I mean, we went to Jamaica for spring break. And I think we got two rooms and there were eight of us or something like what it’s like, it doesn’t matter. You’re all on top of each other. These are people in their 30s Okay, yeah, and Kyle’s 40 Like, you want your own freakin bedroom like bone. I don’t know. Just, I’m an adult. I have my own apartment all week and I’m gonna go to a summer house and sleep with six people. What is this a hostel?

Amanda: 4:40
Yeah, yeah, I agree. Well, okay, so that’s awkward, but then there’s awkwardness with like, Lindsay and Carl and then like, Maya and like with Kyle and like there’s, like on it’s just it is it’s just kind of awkward.

B: 4:59
Well, the DMS blew up when that scene happened, because everybody was like, be the Family Feud blind. And I was like, of course, I didn’t remember. And I’m like, oh my god, you guys are so good, by the way. So I went, and I searched for it. And I read it. And just to remind everybody, it was from Steve Harvey emails, Steve actual Family Feud. Apparently, there was drama after recording family feud that has spilled into filming this summer. They aren’t letting it go. So just to remind people in the spring, it was Lindsay, Maya, Carl, Andrea, and I want to say Luke, right.

Amanda: 5:43
I never watched the Family Feud. So and they put it up on screen really quick, but I can’t remember who was on his team.

B: 5:50
But the only two women were Maya and Lindsay. So when you and I were talking about speculating, and we were like, well, Andre is not fighting with Carl and like Lou, right? I don’t know. Because the only thing that really made sense based on their like, activity at that time on social media was Maya and Lindsey. And were like, it just was weird. Because the two are obviously not best of friends. But they were fine. They didn’t have any beef. So like it was odd. So Well,

Amanda: 6:16
in my mind is pretty low drama. Like she’s

B: 6:19
totally Yeah. So when they said that, I was like, Oh, my God, it was that and the fit. Because also the other option was there was no Family Feud, drama, and it was a bullshit blind, but it was actually true. And it did give us a sneak peek into what we’re now watching. So sometimes when we get these blinds, they don’t make sense. And then months later, we’re like, oh, the thing about it for me was that Maya says that Lindsey said to her, Oh, you can’t hang out with Carl like because my apparently another thing that came true is that Carl is Callie sober. Which means that he doesn’t do drugs. He doesn’t drink alcohol, but he smokes weed. It’s actually a very common thing. From what I hear. I know that Leah McSweeney from Roni when she went sober she was Cali sober. I don’t think I think now she’s just regular sober. But so my akok I guess, they were probably staying in a hotel or whatever. And she was like, Hey, you want to go smoke a joint? Maya was like, you know, we’re friends. We did that all summer. We’ve never hooked up. I’ve never tried to hook up with him. So why Lindsay would come at me and say, like, you’re attracted to him. You can’t be friends. I mean, I could get if she was like, I don’t want him smoking pot because he’s sober. But it was that she didn’t want them hanging out because he was attracted

Amanda: 7:36
to her. Yeah, I find the whole situation and be very Lindsay like, she flies off the handle for dumb reasons. And I think she just creates drama when it just doesn’t need to be there. I you know, I say that. But I also say like, I don’t, and I can’t remember exactly how it happened. But like, I don’t really think the joint part. I guess what the message was, was important, I guess. But did she have to say it? I don’t know. Like, did she have to out him it to me? It’s kind of like one of those things where I can understand why he would want to keep that to himself just because like I don’t judge but a lot of people would if he’s saying that he’s sober. I think pot pot and pot I think of as different anyway, it’s legal in most of the states in the US. And it’s been proven to not be addicting the same way. Drugs and you know, alcohol and stuff are but I think it should be historian Attallah not hers. So, you know, I feel like Lindsey was mad about the about my Hangout, Carl and then kind of also made it more about the outing him. Right,

B: 8:51
right. Okay. See, I wasn’t even taking that into consideration because I kind of I felt like people knew, because I had been sent stuff about it. And to your point. I mean, nobody ever gotten to a bar fight because they smoked a joint. So I don’t really equate the two. If anything, I see you know, marijuana for many people as medicinal and helpful and anxiety and depression and all those things, but whatever, that that’s your point, if he’s sober. And, you know, he is certainly a role model for people, I’m sure that are going through sobriety. Maybe he didn’t want it out of which if that’s the case, maybe that’s why he was so annoyed when they have the conversation. Yeah, like kinda like, Why the hell are you bringing up on camera that I’m smoking pot, I’m sober, you know, which he can’t say because then he looks inauthentic and like so yeah. I I get it. I’m, I didn’t like the way that he spoke to her. Yeah. And then um, watch what happens live. I didn’t like how he dismissed their friendship and just made it like they were tight in the summer and It was just dismissive. And we all know it’s like, of course, you’re not talking all the time because you’re platonic friends. But then when you’re in the house together, you’re tight. That’s the whole point. And now you’re back in the house together. Like, you know, like, he just was very dismissive of her. I get he was trying to take the heat off, Lindsey, and then Lindsay says, like, oh, it’s not going to be another summer where Everything’s my fault. Well, you came at maya. Yeah. Like he could have just said, No, I’m not smoking. I don’t, I’m not smoking. And by the way, I’m not really smoking anymore, or blown her off or whatever. Like, you know, and Lindsay has so many guy friends. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. It would be different. It would be different. If coral and Maya had made out the way say, coral and Sierra had right, there was a flirt there. There was a little something with Maya, it really seemed totally platonic. And they would chat when everyone was partying because they were more mellow, which makes sense because they were high.

Amanda: 10:58
I don’t know which, of Vanderpump I gotta just say that I’m watching Vanderpump last night, and I’m like, oh my god, Ariana is high as a kite. Like, so funny. Most of the entire, like, the whole scene when they’re sitting. I know, I’m totally jumping around. But I’m like, cuz I’m like, I keep looking at her. She’s making all these like funny faces and like, over exaggerated kind of things. I’m like, She’s totally Hi. It’s so funny. Anyway, again, not judging, but it’s just funny.

B: 11:27
I also think though, Amanda, like, when I was watching Carl NZ, I’m like, they clearly don’t want to be here. They’re here for the check. Yeah, it’s almost like they have disdain for everyone in the house. I know that they have friction with Kyle and maybe Amanda to some extent, but to me, it’s a party show single, sober, whatever. It’s a party show. We want to watch people having fun hanging out. I listen, I am happy for them. Don’t mistake me. I can totally appreciate they’re happy. And maybe they’re over the summer house phase of life. But maybe then they shouldn’t have gone like this. I get it’s their career. But if you’re gonna go, then you can’t just go and have dinner and then go in your room and go to berries. Like, come on.

Amanda: 12:14
Yeah, yeah. And you like you, you can’t make yourself seem like you’re better than everybody else, because you are going to bed at 930 when everybody is there to party. And, you know, like, I felt Kyle, like how he’s like, we’re gonna have a night pool party. And it was just like, kind of just went over like a lead balloon. And then, you know, Kyle, imitating Carl going around signing people up for boot camp. I mean, that was, that was funny. Like, I love that part of Kyle that he’s like, he’s, there’s going to be a part of him that yes, he’s an entrepreneur, and he works hard, but there’s going to be a part of him who never wants to grow up. And I think that’s part of what we love about him, you know, and him sitting there, you know, he must have been told that everyone thinks it’s hilarious when he like, goes in and like raids the kitchen when he’s drunk, because there was a pretty hefty Kyle in the kitchen drunk scene. This was actually provided the great like lightness and like, shows you what he was really thinking. Right?

B: 13:19
So here’s the thing. So a lot of people when I posted that most people agreed because I did a poll, but a lot of people said like, well, Kyle and Amanda have been doing that. Okay, it’s one thing or Paige is always in bed here but they party at night like and that every I don’t know. I can’t explain it. It’s it’s different. And I’m not listen, Carl didn’t party last summer. And Kyle said it perfectly. He’s like, I get it. I totally appreciate the call sober, but like he’s literally walking around with a checklist. And also everyone wants to know, do they have a partnership with berries? Obviously, there’s some compensation going on with berries. I don’t I haven’t heard that their investors, although they are good for them. It’s a fantastic company. But certainly there is some sort of advertising deal. I feel like we’re gonna see them on Bill. At some point. He’s,

Amanda: 14:07
he’s had something with them for a long time. I follow him and I have for a long time. And he’s posted himself at berries forever. And then remember, though, like two years ago, there was a whole thing with him asking the berries instructor out and they were all there at bat. You know, like, yes, there’s clearly some sort of partnership.

B: 14:27
A part of me says that, you know, don’t forget this summer they were not even together a year and Lindsay has abandonment issues. We’ve we’ve we’ve seen her very openly talk about it. And the last time her and Carl got together he did do that and he was shady with other girls so maybe she’s still working on her security in the relationship even though Currently he’s great and they’re great. Maybe I mean, the whole thing with my does seem like it’s something that she’s still working on. And I mean Even like Carl says, Wait, it’s just me, you and this new guy, like there’s three guys. And I’m just like, oh my god, there’s only three guys. It’s all girls like, yeah, I get it. But then again, you’re a couple. You’re in a summer house like, Yeah, I mean, I get it. Like, I totally get it. If I were going on vacation, and we were renting a house. I probably wouldn’t want to be with like eight single girls, me, my husband and one other guy. Right. That’s why I would go with you and your husband and like other couple friends and yeah, a couples trip and not a party trip. Yeah, exactly. I think we got to see a shake up next year. I don’t think it’s a full reboot, but I think stuffs got to change. And why can’t they get a decent guy in Manhattan? Like no offense to the guy Chris. But

Amanda: 15:49
yeah, he’s i He’s, he seems quite lovely. But he does not have the charisma in my mind to carry being the only single dude in the house. Like he just he’s not it to me.

B: 16:05
Wow. You know, I can tell you, and our cocktail is know that there’s a little bit more, that’s gonna, we’re gonna see. So we’ve seen Cory from winter house and previews. Now, for those of you that don’t watch winter house, Corey is college friends with Craig. And he originally was supposed to be on Southern charm, and I forget the specifics of why he wasn’t. So we see that he’s on summerhouse, but in the first episode, they don’t mention him because he wasn’t slated to be on it. But what happened was, it was a snooze fast too many girls too few guys. And mid filming production reached out to Cory. Because originally, they were like gonna have him on. And then they were like, You know what, he doesn’t live in New York City. So it deterred them from adding him to the cast. But after a couple of weeks, some of the veteran cast members were like, listen, we gotta do we gotta get a single guy in here. It’s just this isn’t working, you know? Yeah. And so basically, they’re gonna position it like he comes to visit and he never leaves.

Amanda: 17:08
I always wondered that about summer house, because like, I mean, some of those people, especially a couple of years ago, lived in like, teeny tiny apartments and like, do they ever just stay during the week and just do their jobs from there? And we just don’t see it? Because like, that’s what I would want to do if I were them. So

B: 17:27
pre COVID People weren’t working from home as much now. Yeah, most of them do. Yeah. Are everyone’s landscape has changed workwise. I mean, my husband used to be full time and in his office in the city, and now he can work from home as little or as much as he wants to. So yeah, I think that’s across the country. I mean, what’s happened?

Amanda: 17:46
Well, I think the other thing interesting about this season so far, is I mean, Lindsey and Carl are doing a full court press for press outside of the show. And, you know, Lindsey is obviously a PR executive, so she knows how to strike when the iron is hot. But you know, those two being on watch what happens? Like I mean, they’re kind of everywhere right now. And I think she’s trying to get out ahead of what she knows is coming.

B: 18:18
You know, and I could potentially feel bad for her and Carl, if they weren’t going so hard on the press tour. I mean, she’s taken zero accountability. On Watch What Happens Live she even all but outed Danielle and Roberts breakup, which Danielle has not spoken about publicly. She said, Well, you know, it’s, it’s that I’m obviously in a very happy time in my life, we’re planning a wedding. And from what I hear, she’s working through personal things, and we’re just in two different places. And then like, on the other hand, says they hope they make up or not with that kind of talk, I’m on air. The rest of the cast isn’t doing anything, Amanda remotely, like that. Like I saw a couple of fun, like a Page Six fun interview with Sierra and Paige and Amanda. So to me, I agree with you. It’s screaming that Lindsey knows that viewers who are previously you know, loved her and been on her side are going to turn her off are gonna like turn, like turn on me turned off. Yeah. But like, let us watch Let us form an opinion and then defend yourself.

Amanda: 19:20
Well, I just I just need to see it changed a little bit from being couple house bunk condition because that is literally what I walked away from the first episode

B: 19:29
already seeing about the Loverboy, which you and I have been saying for a couple of months. And we confirmed a couple of pods ago that he’s gone. He’s not at Loverboy. He’s an investor, but he’s not in a full time capacity. A couple of followers wrote to me because you know, when they do the tastings and the events people go obviously I would if it was in my town, and somebody went to on a giant supermarket I don’t I forget which town this was in. And Kyle and Carl were both there. And they weren’t talking to each other and Kyle it’s they said chi I looked anxious. This was in June. And they kind of were just standing around and interacting with fans and not engaging with one another.

Amanda: 20:10
That sounds about what it like the vibe seemed to be in the house. This first episode. Yeah, I mean, that matches up to me. So,

B: 20:20
and I do know that we’re gonna get appearances from Andrea, by the way, and I posted this somebody on production will not have Andre back so long as he’s in a relationship. i To your point they don’t want it to be couple house but like, Andrea, like why Cain has grown up? I don’t know. I just think he’s so great. And we are not going to see Luke. And you know, I wonder if that whole story is ever coming out? Well, you know, why all of a sudden as he disappeared?

Amanda: 20:51
While I mean, we know that something Something happened at when our house. We don’t know what the whole story is, but I’m imagining that this is not a coincidence. So

B: 21:05
oh, wait, your thoughts about Giselle going to the premiere with Jason from winter house this summer house premiere in Manhattan? Yeah. So ship them on watch what happens? Well, yeah, nice. He

Amanda: 21:17
totally shipped me it was like I love it, like puts up there, where they might not even been the muzzle. I feel like I’m trying to remember but he totally like put up he’s like dirt. You know, they went to the part of the party. And he’s like, I love to see it. I was like, holy moly. That is, that was kind of a strong statement. Especially when I feel like so many of us feel like this is just a, you know, we’re just trying to get attention kind of convenience sort of situation, but maybe it’s more.

B: 21:46
Maybe it’s more, but it’s also good for Andy’s brands. No.

Amanda: 21:50
I mean, good. I I don’t see a bad side of this. Honestly. Like, Giselle Lindsey

B: 21:56
called him out and watch what happens live when Andy asked her and she said, didn’t he go? She said something like, didn’t he also go on a date with a Dubai housewife? Can someone get this guy some water? Yeah. So listen, Giselle, if you guys are hooking up good for you. They’re both beautiful. They certainly make a good looking couple. If she’s having fun, we love it. She likes it. We love it. I just know that I’ve been sent a lot of things and say it’s also they keep having these pictures that accounts randomly get myself included. Like I don’t know paparazzi following him around.

Amanda: 22:31
Yeah, and that’s that’s where I’m like, I just don’t know that I necessarily believe it. So yeah, you guys, we do we get some emails. I know you get DMS. But like, we got one from a girl who was like, I thought he was my boyfriend. And we until I saw this picture of him out. And then there’s also been like,

B: 22:50
we know it could be he could just be like Bravo social climber and just likes him and they are hooking up but he did have a girlfriend and he did ditch her for Giselle.

Amanda: 23:00
Yeah. Or he saw that, you know, Luke and Ashley, were getting a lot of attention. So he was like, which Potomac lady? Can I go, Oh, Giselle single. I’m gonna pull a you know, a

B: 23:12
most beautiful women in the world. She’s

Amanda: 23:14
gorgeous. She’s absolutely gorgeous. So, anyway, who knows, it might just be a like a just for fun playing thing and I say go for it. Okay, let’s move to Jersey because obviously, so much happening there. Okay, so we know I guess off the show that Theresa was in Vegas and met up with Jacqueline, and then Andy. So you guys on Watch What Happens Live. Teresa and Louis were on and Andy really gave it to him. But long story short, Andy said, you know, Hey, I saw that you’re with Jacqueline. And she admitted. Yeah, the Jacqueline had posted some negative things about Melissa. And that, you know, she traced it and say that’s why truce is like what she’s been on my mind. So I wanted to reach out. You know, we both have a Nicholas. And so I wanted to reach out to her. Yeah. So then when he saw them on social media,

B: 24:14
when Andy continued, he was like, come on, and she’s like, Well, no, I’m not gonna lie. It did have it did have something to do with the comment she made about Melissa did, like encouraged me to really reach out. Yeah, which was honest. Listen, I’ll take it. I’ll always take honesty. Jacqueline was honest to she’s like we met for reasons other than our mutual disdain for Melissa. Listen, I am all for burying the hatchet with an old friend. I think that when you have a very long standing friendship, and you have a disagreement, it’s happened in my life. I’m sure it’s happened in yours. I am ending the moment you’re so angry at the person and time passes and you honestly forget why you were angry because when you’re with the person again, or you are reunited. There’s a reason why you are good friends with the person, right, right. Everyone’s human. Nobody’s perfect. It’s totally fine. They’re at different places in their life. Keep it moving and totally I’m here for the for the reunion. I think it’s great. I really do. I need to my thing with it is Jacqueline’s rewriting the history of it, because a lot of accounts have been posting clips. In the clips. There’s a scene at one of the reunions, the one where she’s where Theresa is wearing that pretty green dress, which she gets called a Christmas tree, I think. And it was a very beautiful dress. And she’s like, Jacqueline is saying, Theresa, you started the stripper rumor you said this about your sister in law. You did this, you did this, right. So it isn’t that Jacqueline stopped being friends with Teresa because Melissa told her bad things. That is what Jacqueline is now saying. Yeah. I also distinctly remember after Teresa got out of jail, but before Joe went into jail, remember they went over to dinner with Jacqueline and Chris and everything was great. And then Jacqueline said something to Teresa and they went out it and Trish was like How dare you bring up my, you know, my legal issues. And again, that had nothing to do with Melissa. That was all Jacqueline’s opinions about the situation.

Amanda: 26:15
I mean, I remember Jacqueline I don’t know if this is the same conversation, but they’re sitting out I think on Jacqueline’s back porch. And Jacqueline like pulls out the tabloids. And she’s like, they’re saying this Teresa like, why are you saying something different? Like, maybe this was before they bowed out when

B: 26:32
that was? Yeah, they went in. That’s when Theresa was still denying that anything was wrong. And that’s what originally fell out. And then they fell out. Right because Jacqueline had questions. Teresa did not want to answer them. She did and Jacqueline’s like Well, then why are you giving stories to tabloids, but you’re not talking to me, your friend of however many years about it. That is why they fell out. Then when they tried to make up they still didn’t because Jacqueline so it was not Melissa? I think that it’s easy to forget. And you know, well, it’s not so easy when it’s on camera. But Jacqueline’s mad because once Teresa and Melissa were on good terms all those years ago, there was no space for her on the show. Because Theresa Melissa didn’t need or particularly want her there because Theresa was done with her at that point. She was angry at her. Now looking back on it later. I think that it’s easier for Jacqueline to forgive Teresa because they were friends. They didn’t have a history. They did care about each other. Whereas Melissa, Melissa, she never cared about her one way or the other. So what does she care about? You know what I’m saying? So like, oh, yeah, play Melissa. We both don’t like her now.

Amanda: 27:31
I always just thought, you know, the thing I I really liked and respected about Jacqueline is that she did not. She wasn’t like a total stand for Teresa that she kind of called her out on her bullshit a little bit and was like, look like, you were the one who started this Stripper Thing. And like, I always respected that because, you know, I don’t know. So

B: 27:54
and that’s why Teresa stopped being friends with her because she didn’t respect that. And that’s why Jen Aiden has been so great for her.

Amanda: 28:00
Right. Speaking up. So the scene in which again, with Danielle, she’s just so funny. I love that

B: 28:09
she’s I really like her.

Amanda: 28:11
I do too. And I think the way that she talks, like, I feel like she’s probably playing it up a little bit, but like, it’s absolutely lovable. So she goes over to Jen Aiden’s house, and they’re sitting in the kitchen. And they’re like, talking about how Theresa and Margaret met up. I’m wondering how that went, they call Theresa, and then they start to do this very clearly choreographed dance. Not a dance, but you know, like a very choreographed routine of where they talk about how marches old friend, who had been reaching out to all of them who had quote, unquote, tons of tea on all of them. And they talked a little bit about that, but really danced around it. So and we knew and we knew because of the look on Teresa’s face.

B: 29:05
Yes. And we saw the smile on Teresa’s face when Danielle asked if they talked about anyone else. First of all, it’s sort of odd, because they went there to get tea, Margaret. So why did Danielle ask if they spoke about anybody else? That’s the part that we know is rehearsed? Because previously Jen told her to do that. I’m guessing. Teresa was smiling like she was like the cat who got the Canary, you know, very happy. I mean, my my analogy sometimes make no sense. So have you heard that analogy that I can hear? Okay.

Amanda: 29:36
Yeah. They’re very proud of themselves. Yeah, yes, very

B: 29:40
proud. So it clearly looks like a setup for when they get off the phone with Teresa because of course Teresa is not going to do the dirty work. She’s not going to say it. They want Jen to have Danielle ask. So now, Danielle is the one asking and Jen will be the one revealing the rumor that Melissa cheated on Joe now We know this because we’ve seen preview. Use of Jen telling Danielle, that whole conversation in my opinion was set up for that preview. I mean, Jen doesn’t care about Melissa and Joe. Danielle is new. And you know, she’s willing to do what it takes to become a housewife. We’ve seen it many times before. So my question is, why was Teresa smiling like that? If, if I’m understanding correctly, Teresa’s pissed that Melissa read a text last year on camera, which said don’t talk about Louis, which I can understand. Maybe she wanted her to not say it on camera and whisper to people like let’s not talk about Louis. Okay. Yeah, but the following season, she’s repeating or having Jen repeat a third person rumor about this is a rumor that her brother’s wife of almost 20 years was making out with someone else in a car.

Amanda: 30:52
Oh, it was an I know, something you don’t know, smile. 100%. And it was a that, you know, this will come out eventually. But it’s not going to come out right now. And I know something you don’t know is what that saying?

B: 31:07
When people are like Melissa and Joe Gorga are the worst. How would you like Melissa and Joe Gorga have never repeated a rumor about anyone cheating on Teresa. About like, you know what I’m saying? I mean, Melissa, that Melissa was a stripper that she was a cheater that she’s a gold digger. Yeah. Over the years, it would be impossible for Melissa not to have resentment has Melissa. Not been petty. Has she not? Did she not repeat the text? And? Yeah, it’s not the same as repeating a rumor that you’re cheating on your husband. I’m sorry.

Amanda: 31:41
Yeah. No, I agree. I agree. And I I commend Melissa for not going as low because I’m sure she’s had stuff that she could go low on you know, or at least not that we see so not that I’m like turning into a Melissa. I’m I’m really kind of in neutral territory with both Melissa and Teresa this season. So far. I’m feeling like maybe Theresa is changing a little bit. I’m liking her morally,

B: 32:13
I really do think that she is trying and and I think that we see that. But I also think that then you see that she’s about to have Jen repeat the rumor. And it’s like, is she changing? Yeah. Why would you do that? Why would you repeat a rumor like that? Well, television, you haven’t done? You have two nephews and a niece. Right? You’re gonna hear this rumor? Just because it doesn’t come out of your mouth. They’re gonna know you facilitated it.

Amanda: 32:39
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we all clearly haven’t seen how she operates by now. But Jen, the funny thing about all of this is guys, like Jen, straight up says that she doesn’t really trust the source. Because this Laura person kind of has sour grapes about not being on the show and has taken it out on March because Marge couldn’t get her on the show. And I will tell you guys, I can’t remember who it was. But it’s a YouTube guy did like, he did an interview with this law person. And I watched it for a couple of minutes. I had to turn it off. It was like watching freaking paint dry. She was boring. And she’s like, Yeah, she’s very pretty, but boring machine pictures. Beautiful lady. Yeah, but And so like, you know, and then she has this like, sour grapes situation. But that’s the funny thing. It’s like Jen even says, like, I really questioned the source. But then, you know, that doesn’t stop her from sharing it on national TV. I don’t know Jen did not have the best episode, I would say because I mean, at the mozzarella party. Which Wait, by the way is this mozzarella party? Is this a thing where like hot cheese guys come to your house and make cheese.

B: 33:53
Amanda, if it was a thing, I would have done it. I can look into it. When you do it. I’m sure they’d come to me. I don’t live that far.

Amanda: 34:00
I mean, that looks like so much fun. And I mean, anyway.

B: 34:06
Listen, Everybody’s got a price if you’re if you’re willing to pay to have a mozzarella party in your yard. Yeah, and I would love a party like that. I love when Jen Fesler started shoving the cheese down her throat when they were all fighting.

Amanda: 34:17
I think she was totally playing it out for the camera. However, like she’s funny. She is like, what did she call herself? She called herself a pizza bagel. Rachel herself a pizza bagel. Oh, rachel dead. Okay. And

B: 34:34
that’s Rachel steps on remember last year. I was like, Oh, she had him when she was 15 or 16. Yeah, no, she said and she said the only reason she points out is her stepson is because people point out she’s only 31 So a 16 year old so also is there like where’s his mom? Is there drama there? Can we get that on camera?

Amanda: 34:52
Yeah, it’s interesting that nobody’s said anything. So I wonder if

B: 34:57
Oh, it’s Oh, Jay. Good.

Amanda: 35:00
I don’t know. i But Jen Fesler Oh, the other thing I’d loved is like, I can imagine myself standing next to her at a party like and asking the bartender and like, being like, fill it up a little more than going out a boy. She’s funny. I can see her totally like hanging out, you know, with us. So, anyway, but back to Jen Aiden. I mean, she was fighting a war on a couple of different fronts. I mean, Dolores, and with Marge like not at the same time completely separate fights with them both.

B: 35:33
Her behavior is erratic. I don’t you know, I don’t even remember what the fight about Dolores is about. I remember. I don’t either. I was calling her the C word at the Union. It was something small. And Jen kind of said something rude to Dolores, I think and Dolores was like, You know what, you’re a C word because like Dolores feels like she’s defended her against Marge and Jackie and Melissa and yeah, I

Amanda: 6:01
don’t I don’t you it’s so funny that you say that. I want to ask you. I’m like, what was the fight about? I don’t even remember. Exactly.

B: 36:08
I mean, I don’t remember. Yeah, cocktail is tell us. I mean, Teresa was clearly siding with Jen. And although she says she’s good friends with both and she doesn’t want to side she totally resents that Dolores stays neutral with Melissa and Margaret because we know about her and soldiers. And Jen is a soldier for her. So she’s got to put a little bit more into it. And I love that Dolores, just like whatever let her do it. Because then Dolores is just like, I just don’t want to be her friend anymore. Like I don’t like how she acts we do know that they make up so even on Watch What Happens Live when Andy asked like who side you on Trish is like I can’t pick a side and Louise like Jen’s. Louie also, like, dogged every question about was the answer that was negative as the answer was Joe.

Amanda: 36:51
Sorry, Joe. Yeah. It’s,

B: 36:54
you know what it is? For me. I think the disconnect for me with with that Watch What Happens Live? Is he’s on the show talking about how he does the work to make amends with people. But we see him fueling and fueling the feud.

Amanda: 37:08
Yeah. So yeah, you could

B: 37:12
say whatever you want, but then you’re saying all these things about him. It’s like, if you’re a person who doesn’t feed into it, even if you’re still angry, you know what I’m saying? You’re not going to keep fueling it and saying he’s the worst person and this and this and this and

Amanda: 37:26
yeah, you just say like, suddenly

B: 37:27
on, shut it down. Like let’s see was also in Teresa’s podcast way after filming way after everything saying I know in my heart, he’s a good guy. And then watch what happens live. He was saying what a jerky was how he’s the worst guy.

Amanda: 37:39
So there was a game totally going off track here. But there is a game for those of you who didn’t watch and it was will Teresa know what this is? And it’s like it was talking about like, essentially like sex terms. Right. Right. And did you notice this? I feel like so they would heat so quite the game was they asked Louie. Louie, will she know what this is? meant? He would say yes or no. And so then I think she just followed his lead, because then she would be like, no, what is that? And like some of the things it’s like, you know what that is? Like? You know what that is? And she would be like Joe Simpson

B: 38:16
back in the day did the whole is chicken or tuna? Yeah, like that kind of played into that routine? I think Teresa does that a bit? I totally agree. Which is like part of her part of her shtick, which is fine. It’s gotten her where it’s gotten her. I don’t know, I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand. Like, we even saw him in the kitchen, bad mouthing Joe, like before, a lot of the stuff has gone down that we haven’t seen yet. And it’s like, if you want this piece that you speak of, why are you winding her up? Like yeah, go to therapy, learn how to forgive people, but not about your brother’s the worst. Now looking at both sides of your mouth, it’s it’s saying one thing and doing another?

Amanda: 8:57
Yeah, I totally agree. Okay, what else do we have? What else do we have on on jersey?

B: 9:03
Oh, we can’t ignore when Andy Andy, by the way really went in on them.

Amanda: 39:10
He did on both of them. He was hard on them.

B: 39:15
What about when Andy? When Andy said, Oh, so you know, we know that. You were asked to leave your company. What are you doing now? And Luigia says, I started another company. And he’s like, Okay, what kind of company media company? Okay, what what what do you mean? Like, what do you do sell ads? Yeah, some ads. And also,

Amanda: 39:36
what was it lead gen lead generation? Yeah. Andy

B: 39:40
like, drops his jaw and goes, Oh, my God, like Gen Sha. And he goes a little bit different. I’m sorry. At that moment, and I’m compared to Gen Shaw. I’m going to thoroughly explain my business plan and I don’t care if you’re like, Okay, stop. Now. We have to go to commercial. I’m going to let you know exactly what the difference between me and the woman going to serve seven years in federal prison is

Amanda: 40:01
Yes, exactly. Because like, I will tell you guys, I know what lead generation businesses do, and there are definitely some No, no, so a lot of them are legit, but like so just think about like, anytime you go on a website, right when you’re clicking like I’m okay with cookies, or I’m not okay with cookies, right? If you say, like, I’m not okay with your cookies, and people track you anyway, that is shady and illegal, right? And so there’s, there’s a lot of that, right. And so, we know that what Jen Shaw’s company did went way past that, like, one of the other things you’re not supposed to do is if you know, B, you and I each have a company and you have a list of people. And I have a list of people on my list of people only signed up to hear from me. If I give you my list of people. I am essentially I’m breaking the law. And so like that’s, that’s where like so many. There’s a lot of shady lead gen businesses. There’s a lot of illegal but there’s a lot of actual legit, I would have just like he could have just said, we gather public information about people who are in buying positions at companies. We sell that information packaged up nicely to the salespeople who are trying to sell to them. It is a helpful legal service. Right. It was really strange that he was so sketchy about it. I totally agree.

B: 41:24
I and who knows, maybe he just clammed up. I’m just saying for me. I hope he clarifies that for his own sake. Because I mean, people are spinning that.

Amanda: 41:33
Did you notice? Oh, go ahead.

B: 41:35
No, go ahead. I was just like, Yeah, I’m like, shocked by it. I wish I was like watching it. Like, okay, continue. Like, How’s it different?

Amanda: 41:44
Yeah, yeah, cuz

B: 41:45
you know that, but Amanda, you’re in marketing? I don’t, I don’t know that. That’s not my you know, that’s not my field. And it’s not my line of work. And anyone whose line of work it isn’t, is going to be very confused. So clear it out.

Amanda: 41:58
Right. Right. And it’s, it takes two sentences, the two sentences I just, you know, Louis, take those and run with them. Because assuming that’s what you do, that is a completely legal thing to do. And you’re making yourself sound like you’re not on the up and up by not explaining it. So also on that, watch what happens like you know, he, Andy asked about Jacqueline. And then he asked about Deena Did you notice Teresa’s face. She was like, No, it’s not true that we haven’t gotten in a fight. It’s not true. And like, but her face was like pissed. Did you pick that up? Or not? It was

B: 42:37
just me. I did. I did. And we got out. We have a lot on cocktail party about that, guys. Yeah, so interesting. That’s I’ll leave it there. Yeah.

Amanda: 42:47
Okay. Vanderpump Rules. Let’s talk about that. So, I mean, I thought this was a good episode. What did you think?

B: 42:54
I thought it was a great episode. I mean, Lala opening up about Randall really, like breaks my heart. You know, I do see everyone saying, Oh, she was a side chick. She knew. Listen, she’s not so upset because he cheated on her. Okay. If it was just that, I think she would be like, Okay, well, it sucks. But I was his girlfriend. And it’s, I don’t know if you guys if people have read that LA Times article, it was an expo’s A is disturbing. And there is more stuff out there that is even more disturbing. I think that I mean, LOL is very open that she was very deep into her own addiction when they got together. She’s a mother. Now that changes you. You can see her fear for her child her custody battle. What did you think of Lisa’s conversation with her?

Amanda: 43:43
So I mean, you know, it’s something I love about Lisa, like she she pushed law pretty hard. You know, she said, Surely you knew something? And you know, I don’t know, like, I have said this before on the pod. I will say it again. Like, I don’t believe that people in relationships, you know, know exactly what the other person does all day. Right? Like, so I can totally see a world where Lala thought everything was okay. She know from her perspective, like she got to renovate and move into this multimillion dollar home. She’s not asking to see Randles books, right? It’s,

B: 44:20
it’s that power differential. Okay. Yeah. As opposed to Jen Shaw and coach who are the same age and went together. She’s this young, 25 year old girl, she sees him as older and established and she’s not going to question what he did to have this level of success. It’s totally different.

Amanda: 44:36
Yeah. Well, and it’s a producer’s job, which is what Randall says that he does, it’s their job to raise money for projects. So, you know, like, if he’s constantly on the phone, calling people about money, like that’s a pretty normal thing for a producer to do. And so if he kept his tracks covered with all the other crap that he was doing, you know, in the office and the cheating, like, the like, how would Lola have known about that? So, you know, like, total? I don’t know, I believe her, you know, and I think sometimes people don’t want to see don’t see stuff when they don’t want to see it too, you know, and I think, I don’t know. I

B: 45:17
should watch what happens live that the girl he was cheating with moved in with him two days after they split, and that they’re now engaged. By the way, Randall denies that to page six. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be engaged to him. So I don’t know.

Amanda: 45:31
Did he move her into the foreclosed house?

B: 45:35
I would have we talk about that on here. I don’t know. Oh, yeah. Cocktail houses foreclosing pre foreclosure.

Amanda: 45:42
Yeah. Well, that’s lovely. That,

B: 45:45
you know, every time on Watch What Happens Live? Or on a housewives show? And they say or do things that like, clearly are suspicious? I think like, No, they wouldn’t do that on television. But then I remember Jen SHA, Eric J. rantle. And I’m like, plenty of people to do that. So

Amanda: 46:02
we’re gonna talk about Erica Jane, I read an article I want to share some stuff from later. I don’t know, I think. I think honestly, I think some people have to learn lessons for themselves. And I think whoever this woman is, I mean, the LA Times article had clearly come out like, he could totally Google Randall and still moved in with him. Like, I think some people, like I think wise people learn from other people’s experiences and don’t have to experience everything themselves. And of course, classic Sheena, comes and sits Tom down at the party at the daily meal party. And Tom thinks that she’s gonna, like, try to set him up, but she asked him to be on the podcast, of course, and then of course, she like blabbed, and it was like, Well, I mean, it’s not like Katie hasn’t been out, you know, and slept with other people and been on dates with other people and like Tom gets this look on his face. And I like I literally can’t tell if he knew the whole time or if he didn’t know and then play that off like he did. No.

B: 47:07
I think he didn’t know I think whether he knew or not Sheena is low down for doing that mind your business. Where’s your husband? I understand that you don’t want your storyline to be that your husband’s a deadbeat who owes a lot of money for his two children in Australia but give me a break. Also my girl shout out to my girl Victoria at the reality rewind to great account please follow her. She tweeted she posts a lot of like, a lot of first of all, she posts a lot of like old stuff like old businesses, different housewives, that very interesting account. It’s different. It’s not just gossip, and she posts very insightful stuff to she’s very bright check. tweeted that do we think that Tom and Tom, like they’re setting them up for a spin off?

Amanda: 47:49
Hmm. I can see that. Right. The business partner got a lot of camera time. I noticed that like, normally, like, you know, yes, he can kind of go on and be like, Well, these guys didn’t really know what they’re doing. But I’m like, he got a lot. Quite a bit. Right.

B: 48:07
Right. Also, I liked that Schwartz was on Watch What Happens Live recently and said he’s single. Amanda, do you want to read what we got in November?

Amanda: 48:17
Yes. Okay. So it says subject line is not so innocent. The bar star ex husband has been telling the press it quote unquote, stings about his ex wives romance. She doesn’t and never has had a boyfriend since their breakup. He, on the other hand, has a girlfriend he practically lives with. No, it’s not the girl from the show that he made out with. But it’s a girl who he was friends with, with somebody who is friends with someone in their circle. Seems like someone is scared that if it comes out that he has a girlfriend who basically lives with him, he’ll be painted as the bad guy. Easier to make it seem like his ex moved on first.

B: 49:01
And then yesterday, this was essentially confirmed. So the girl in question is apparently a hairdresser who’s friends with the group who she’s she’s not. I’m not saying she’s never been on the show in the background, but she’s no one that we would know if we said her name. But yesterday, Arianna posted stories to her Instagram. And there was like a hand you didn’t see the face playing with his hair. eagle eyed followers placed her nails in following stories. And indeed, it’s the same hairdresser. The people were talking about in November, so very much not single.

Amanda: 49:37
Well, I mean, you know, just when we were talking about these guys being so raw and honest, I mean, realizing that Tom’s hiding a side chick from the cameras like is a pretty big disappointment.

B: 49:50
I just think he’s he’s really not who everyone thought he was that he’s this like, you know, like sweet dopey guy. I think that he’s much more calculated than that and I I think he plays it well on television. I think he’s a lot more like Sandoval then. Yeah. And there was a bad guy. But Sandoval doesn’t pretend to be a boy scout. None of them do. And I think it’s high time that we stopped thinking that shorts was somehow a Boy

Amanda: 50:13
Scout. Yeah, I agree. I didn’t tell you this that I was watching. I was rewatching. Yes, it was last night. And I was rewatching last week’s episode and they’re doing the never before seen scenes. You have to go back and watch this when Lisa Vanderpump goes and fixes the toilet at Sur.

B: 50:36

Amanda: 50:37
she says the funniest thing she’s like, if you want because like her the what’s his name? Guillermo. I think it is is like, oh, yeah, that’s really he’s like, we’re gonna have to call somebody tomorrow. She’s like, No, she’s like, what, I’ll just go fix it right now. I know how to do it. So she does. And she literally like takes the like, top off the lead and like fixes it. And she goes, you know, if you want if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. I love you, Lisa.

B: 51:07
Camos. Hot by the way.

Amanda: 51:08
He is hot. He’s very hot. So anyway,

B: 51:13
today, and somebody was like, What do you think of Peter? And I was like, I don’t? I don’t care one way or the other about him?

Amanda: 51:21
He’s cringy to me. Yeah, like,

B: 51:24
he’s kind of Yeah. And then and then we’ll then a couple followers message. And they were like, we’ve been too, sir. And he’s not nice. I was like, really?

Amanda: 51:31
Do anything seems that like that kind of guy who like thinks he’s being really suave. But he’s not. Yes. Yeah, he’s cringy like real cringy. And I thought the way Lisa talked to him by being like, like, you can’t, you can’t do that. Like, you can’t be at a manager. You can’t be dating somebody who reports to you. And like, I think it clearly took him because I think that that used to be his dating pool. And I think Lisa Zane like, you can’t do that anymore.

B: 52:01
Like, well, also, like he’s aging out of it, because they’re all much younger than him now. Like he’s older than all of them. And he’s still dating the youngest ones there.

Amanda: 52:11
I mean, it sounds like he’s still getting it getting his way though. According to James. James made it sound like that. So true. I don’t know drinking

B: 52:20
the haterade

Amanda: 52:23
James that he’s like, he’s becoming more and more like a cartoon character to me. I love

B: 52:28
it. I love it. And he’s got this another another like mild girlfriend without like a pizzazz personality. I guess you couldn’t have two people with personalities. He sucks the air out of the room, James.

Amanda: 52:41
Yeah, that’s probably why he and Lala never could really be any work because I think the two of them do and just be Yeah, agreed. Well, I wanted to share with you guys I read this article. There’s two actually one in the LA Times and one in LA magazine about Erica Jane. And holy moly, you guys. You should go read these articles. I’m gonna share some of the points but it’s this whole other I swear to God, it’s like this whole other side story that is absolutely shocking. So long story short, we remember at one point, Erica said that she worked with the government and wore a wire in a case but she never said really what the case was about while we find out that this case was about Erica’s costume designers, Christopher Sayla p s eight. Ila. I’m sorry, if I’m not saying that, right. And Marco Moran Tay. So this duo is they designed under the label called Marco Marco. And they are famous actually in their own right, because they do costumes for RuPaul drag race and then some other TV. So they were doing her costumes for her live shows. Okay, so at some point, Tom tells Erika that her Amex bills were out of control. And Erica said, Oh, well, I haven’t really even been looking. I don’t know. You know. And so then Erica says that she put in like, she didn’t have the AMEX app on her phone, so she couldn’t even see what the charges were, which is insane to me. But anyway, well, we

B: 54:17
never had to work to pay your own bill.

Amanda: 54:21
Right. So So Erica then says, Well, I gave my designers I gave them just free access. I just said just put the card on file. And I think these designers have just charged hundreds of 1000s of dollars in unauthorized purchases to the card. This is what she says. So this is where things get really interesting. So Tom Gerardi had represented this guy named Rob savage who was a I think is still a secret service agent as in like Secret Service, the group of people who provide security to the president and he has Tom Girardi had represented this Rob savage guy in a case, having to do with something with his Volkswagen men, he represented him for free. And then funny enough, when like the things started to go down with the designers, Rob savage and the Secret Service are the ones who start to investigate. The situation, which is not generally within their purview of the stuff has nothing to do with, you know, the president. Right. So here’s the crazy thing. So Rob Savage, his team is like going full on in this investigation. And as part of this case going forward, Amex refunded the dirties. 760 or $780,000. And that number was not based on anything. There was no investigation by Showmax.

B: 55:57
Erica fully knows that she bought these clothes and was just lying to Tom.

Amanda: 56:03
Well, that is what the article alleges. Yes. Is that is that because the what’s so crazy? So the they interviewed the designers than designer and he’s like, I mean, he’s like, I might have like accidentally overcharged. Like one time he’s like, then then he’s like, so he’s like, so I said that at first, because he was he was so confused by the whole thing that he even gave the Secret Service people he was like, here’s that, you know, here’s the password to our financial software. Like go for it and look at it. Right, which is, you know, each

B: 56:37
time this guy Rob Savage was obviously in the pocket of Gerardi and would just do whatever he wanted. Correct? Is, is Rob Savage, still employed by the Secret Service?

Amanda: 56:47
You know, I should i that is a really good deep dive question that I should look into. I don’t know the answer to that. And I don’t think the article said anything about that. But again, it’s just another example of like Tom Gerardi really using this whole like power exchange sort of situation. So the article continues to say, like so the craziest thing to me is that AmEx, because Amex is known for investigating like that. They just gave them this money, because the Secret Service said like, That is insane to me, but so sila Saleae. The first designer,

B: 57:22
I’m sorry, I just have to say the 787,000 couldn’t have been charged in one month, it was over a period of time, right? Over a period of time. That’s right. So as yours What, okay, yours. So at what point does it become my responsibility to not check my bills over the course of years and charging almost a million dollars?

Amanda: 57:43
100%. Right, like, Amex. What, that’s what’s so freaking weird about this is that Amex just did it like, something is really shady to me about that, too, because you’re right, like there’s usually a statute of limitations on how long they’ll like go to what

B: 58:01
people get away with. Oh, my God,

Amanda: 58:05
I know it’s not and so this is the sad thing. So these two designers, right, like there have this very successful. I mean, they work with the circus, they work with TV, they do all this stuff. So the secret service when they are doing this investigation, they come and do a huge raid on their business. So they talk about how they’re just like sitting out on the curb while this is happening. And then so after this raid happens, then one designer is told he couldn’t leave the state of California, the other designer had to give up his passport and get regular drug testing. And then the first designer Sayla I hope I’m saying his name right. He and his husband were trying to adopt a child and they are prevented from adopting a child and this was all Oh my god. Yes.

B: 58:54
And so proven that this was all bullshit.

Amanda: 58:57
Well, so what happened is

B: 59:00
Amex gotta give them their frickin money back

Amanda: 59:03
so Secret Service dropped the case when it became clear that like the stuff was going on at the time and like they said because Erica wasn’t

B: 59:12
better drop Rob savage from the payroll to Yeah,

Amanda: 59:15
so I don’t know I think I think we all want to know I mean, this like nobody even knew about the story until these articles came out this last week but like I don’t typically times man, the forehand collateral damage of Erica being like, Oops, I got in trouble for putting too much on my credit card and like oh, it was these guys. Like wow, it’s crazy to me so anyways you

B: 59:38
to me and I also know that they have been like, not only is their business ruined, they went into their own savings. To do this one of them had to use a recent inheritance from the passing of their father for legal bills like yeah, these two men lives are ruined. Yeah, yeah. I hate ending on this kind of Note I detail I need to all right cocktail hours. That is a doozy. Amanda, please look into the secrets. Yeah,

Amanda: 60:07
I’ll look into seeing if he is still employed with the Secret Service. And we’ll keep following us because I have a feeling that now this is a lot. Yeah, I think that now there’s going to be, it could be to you guys like there could be stuff that’s just been happening behind the scenes. But I mean, after reading both of these articles, it just really doesn’t look good for Erica. Like the fact

B: 60:30
that they prevented them from adopting a baby is so heartbreaking.

Amanda: 60:35
It’s awful. And and if you’ve seen the cat suits, so they’re known for like the cat suits, and they’re known for the stuff on like, if you guys have watched Ru Paul’s drag race. I mean, these guys are genius. I mean, it’s camp and over the top. Yes. But I mean, it’s also artistry and like, it just sucks that they got pulled into this and all these awful things happen to them. And they didn’t do anything wrong, other than associating with the wrong people. Wow. So we’ll keep an eye on it. Yeah, you guys, like so much to talk about in the world turn up

B: 61:14
like when she was like, you know, got on television because she was a public figure. They probably hooked her up and gave her gave her deals and everything in there. She went and took advantage. Wow.

Amanda: 61:23
Yeah. Yeah.

B: 61:25
Yeah. All right. Cocktail hours. It’s busy over here and Bravo land. We’re trying to get up for you.

Amanda: 61:32
Yes. And we’re I guess we’ll already have done it. But we are doing our monthly zoom this week. So super excited to talk to everybody in we’re excited

B: 61:42
cocktail plague. We appreciate you guys. Our cocktail bar party is expanding every day. A lot of you guys gifted yourselves or were gifted Valentine’s Day subscriptions, which we thought was so adorable and cute that when they started when you guys started messaging me, and I told Amanda she made cute little ads like yeah, Valentine’s Day, and we thought that was really cute. Yes. Speaking of really cute, and I’m so sorry to talk over you. Because I have a problem. It’s called diarrhea of the mouth. Have you went and bought a Hallmark card recently? Amanda? Yes. Because like personally like that money could have been spent on a cocktail party subscription. Thank you very much. box there more than a cocktail party. And not even like the fancy ones. Like what the heck?

Amanda: 62:36
No. Yeah, like the really nice ones are over 10 Now I totally

B: 62:39
eat this card. Is it edible? Will it get me drunk? What story? Like I can’t like Yeah, I can’t deal. Right. Yeah. All right. Till next time,

Amanda: 62:55
I’ll talk to you guys soon.

B: 63:04
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

Amanda: 63:45
Bye guys. See you next time.