Thanks for Hanging in There with Us ?

Mar 9, 2023

Hi Cocktailers,

It’s hard to believe but it hasn’t even been a week since the #Scandoval news broke. And since it started breaking our site ?.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working really hard to help Cocktailers having trouble with the site, working with support, continually upgrading our hosting plan to keep getting the site back up after crashes, and making sure we get the tea and the podcasts up. But despite all of that, the site kept crashing, so we decided to change hosting providers completely.

So, overnight, we successfully changed hosting providers for the website, which we are hoping makes a significant difference in the website’s uptime (meaning hopefully it stops crashing) and speed in general, so we can get on to the other site upgrades we’ve been wanting to make.

Please keep us posted if anything isn’t working right – email Amanda at We leave no Cocktailers behind around here, and will help you with whatever you need.

And as a gift to any of you who tried to sign up but ran into site crashes, we have opened up a coupon code to join our Monthly Cocktail Party membership – you can join Cocktail Party Monthly for only $5 for the first month with code NEWHOST

Code is valid for new members only, exclusively for the Monthly membership, and code expires on 3/16/23.


B and Amanda

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    You ladies are the best!!


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