There is sad news on the Kim Zolciak Biermann house foreclosure situation. New Jersey is back and it’s definitely with a bite. The Melissa/Teresa drama continues – whose side are B and Amanda on? You might be surprised… Amanda watched the RHONJ premiere with her mom and realized the RHONJ world is truly a telenovela. And we’ve got VPR back! So much to discuss from the premiere – including Lala’s in or out stance, Katie and Tom’s divorce, and what it is that we think makes the VPR cast truly special. Cocktailers- there’s so much Bravo to talk about!

Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 40

B 0:01
I have a right to be upset. I don’t have a right to ruin our entire relationship and slander you.

Amanda 0:05
I also just take a little bit different of a point of view where it’s like there’s so much room for success for everybody

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welcome to

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cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. B.

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And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 0:47
What’s up cocktailers? Amanda, welcome back. We missed you. We had fun with Larry, but we missed you.

Amanda 0:56
Oh, hi, cocktailers. I missed you too. I mean, you and I text every day. But we didn’t get to gossip last week. So I’m so happy to be back. I’m so glad that Larry was able to step in for me because he did awesome. And be You did awesome with the recording and doing all of that. So good job, you guys.

B 1:24
I was so scared after I like was like, okay, Larry, hold on. Let me read this too. And he’s like, I can’t see what you’re seeing. But like, I think we recorded it right.

Amanda 1:36
We had that one time where we thought we lost our recording after having like an awesome podcast. And so I feel like we you and I have both been scarred from that experience.

B 1:46
paranoid. And then we have like, Yeah, our Pay Pal transactions that we never know if they went through. And did we just give a stranger? I

Amanda 1:54
know, it’s, I go into the same thing every. I just have ADD, and I don’t follow it up. I hit submit. But then I don’t hit confirm or whatever. It’s just dumb.

B 2:07
What have you like, I have to tell this story. So I can’t even remember it was so many years, like probably like I don’t know, 678 years ago, but I ordered some I was paying somebody via PayPal. I think it was a photographer. Like you know, when you get the, like the holiday pictures for kids, like, I don’t know if you’ve ever done that. But like you have photographer and you they sit on the back of a truck, and it’s cute, and you spend too much money and yeah, so I did that. And I put the photographer’s name in and I sent it to the wrong person. And then I message the person. And I was like, I’m so sorry. I meant to send it to the photographer who I actually use Can you please send me back and the people like the person didn’t. And then when I when I disputed it with PayPal, they took the other person’s side. But I was like, but that person is like located in I don’t know, across the country like and I’m located on the east coast. Like, obviously I sent it to the wrong part. Nope. I was at the money.

Amanda 3:01
Oh, yeah, it’s annoying. socked? Yeah. Which is why I’m always like, so paranoid about it. But anyway. Okay. So I mean, I feel like in the next couple of weeks, I just we need it. Like, I need to cancel all of my plans. So I can stay home and watch TV. There’s so much happening on.

B 3:24
I mean, same.

Amanda 3:26
So let’s start though before we get into shows and stuff, like let’s talk about the news from today, which you posted on was membership site, I think, on cocktail party that we got the Kim Zolciak foreclosure documents. So we got the news, which is new, because we’ve been talking about this for a while, but it’s officially the big mortgage, which is like one point something 1.51 point 6 million is in foreclosure. And the house is set to be auctioned off on March 7, which is less than a month away.

B 4:06
So it was officially published. You know, our listeners know we’ve been talking about this for months. They defaulted on their primary loan. That’s the big one. That’s the over million dollar loan. I’m hearing my sources are saying we should also expect a bankruptcy announcement. The source explained it to me and we try I try to have because the people that that send me this like work in the industry. I know we’ve said this before, I don’t want to repeat myself but just to clarify if you didn’t listen to the old pod to understand. So we originally started talking about this because there $236,000 line of credit was foreclosed on. And that was confusing and we explained it as best we could on our previous pods. But now we have confirmation that the primary loan which is much larger how As foreclosed, the documents have been made public, it is on a legal website with their names and the address and the dates. Again, those documents are on the website. The source said that they would have never been able to foreclose on the secondary, smaller loan without paying the first mortgage as their superior mortgage. So I guess that was a step. You know, it was a step in the process of this ultimate foreclosure, which has now been made public. The reason the source is saying they might be announcing bankruptcy is that filing a Chapter 13 is the only way to save them from foreclosure. So states have different timelines for foreclosure, according to the professionals that spoke to me about this, but all of Georgia, that sources telling me this is from Georgia, and they said that it’s one of the fastest timelines from you know, foreclose to ultimate auction eviction. Once the property is sold at the foreclosure auction, the eviction process will take anywhere from 14 to 30 days, when the paperwork is approved, the new owner has a right to serve you a three day notice to quit. When that ends, the sheriff appears to assign the eviction date, you and any other people inhabiting the property must leave by this date and take all personal items with you. So we’re looking at on March 7, honor about for the foreclosure, and then 14 to 30 days. So you’re talking by April, they’re gonna be out.

Amanda 6:40
Unless they file bankruptcy.

B 6:44
Right. And again, cocktail is reach out to me if you can like that. That’s kind of a simplest version. I don’t know if the filing bankruptcy then holds it up another month, or like, it’s obviously not going to fully save the house, I don’t think.

Amanda 6:59
Yeah. I mean, I think it totally depends on what other assets they have. And, and all of that, I guess, but, I mean, I just honestly, we’ve been talking about this for a while. I, you know, I think we all kind of were like, well, what’s really happening, right? And now I think it’s just it’s just I feel terrible for them. I can’t help but like, wonder, like, if, if they were in financial trouble this whole time? Why weren’t they honest about it? And why didn’t they try to sell the house or do a short sale or something? Instead of just saying everyone’s lying? You guys, you know, the people who are saying that are losers? And haters, you know, like, it’s just, it’s just sad.

B 7:45
It’s very sad. I mean, I feel very sad for them. I feel terrible for the kids. It seems like it just seems so irresponsible. Because clearly there they were making money, a lot of money. And I guess I’ll never wrap my head around the idea of like, not saving for a rainy day, right? Yeah, if you have a regular job, if you’re a regular person, and you’re a I don’t know, police officer, and every year you make X amount of dollars, you know that year to year when you wake up, you’re still going to make X amount or you’ll get your raise, but you’re going to keep making that money. So to stay away. So if you have a certain standard of living, you know, that year after year, you’ll be able to afford it. But I mean, you’re a business owner, Amanda and I know that businesses have very fluctuating salaries, you’re not guaranteed one year you have a lien near right, you know, they know that they’re on a show. And when that shows cancelled, they have to like, not overspend, because we don’t know when our next show or when our next gig is coming. Right? I’m sure working actors, right. Like, in the entertainment world, you have to manage your money properly, you have to invest it, you have to start a business so that you have another stream of income. We know that they did start businesses and you know, maybe some of it is that businesses that were successful, were hit by COVID. were hit by just changes in whatever, you know, maybe run a beauty bootcamp beauty out of business. We don’t know. Yeah, but I don’t know save for a rainy rainy day, like teaching my kids that that’s for sure.

Amanda 9:28
Well, yeah, and definitely, I agree, like, especially if you know, your show’s over, like, then you need to wait curtail the spending so and like look for other sources of income. So anyway, you know, I just, I feel I feel for them. And, you know, let’s see what happens. Who knows, you know, what’s happening? Maybe they’ll somehow restructure things. Who knows? I hope Yeah. Me too, because I mean, the kids does. They’ve got a lot of kids and those kids deserve to, you know, have a home to live in. So, okay, so let’s move on to Jersey. So I have to tell you guys a really funny story. So my mom was in town. And I watched I was like, hey, you know, Mike, I have to do this. Or the pod, you know, come Why don’t you watch this with me? Because she knows. She dies. Know who a lot of the people are. So it’s very sweet of her, I think to be so supportive, because I think, you know, it would be like, you know, you listening to a podcast about all the different Yankee players, I would be like, I don’t know who these people

B 10:49
are. I don’t know why, but that just made me so embarrassed knowing your mom was

Amanda 10:55
she loves it. She really does. She’s like, she’s like our biggest fan. It’s so cute. It’s such

B 11:00
a month like my no password. Obviously, she can’t listen to like, it would never occur to my dad to listen, like he asked me about it, but he wouldn’t actually listen. But if, if my mom were around, she would be like, Oh, she would be all like, what’s with the Kherson? Oh, be?

Amanda 11:17
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I think, you know, I don’t hear a ton from my mom, a lot of feedback. And so like, she might even just be telling me that she’s listening fully, or like just listening to some of it. So anyway, it’s very sweet. So she’s here, and we’re watching the show. And I’m like, kind of having to explain who everybody is, which, you know, it’s a huge cast this year. So it’s a lot of me pausing and kind of explaining and I was being really patient with her about it. But she, she knew who Teresa is. So anyway, the scene where Dolores comes on. And then like she and Frank are talking in the kitchen. So my mom’s like, is that are lorises husband, I’m like, No, that’s her ex husband. And then Frank starts talking about how he had moved in with David. And so my mom’s like, Oh, is he gay? And I’m like, No, David is Dolores is ex boyfriend. And Frank moved in with him. And my mom’s like, Wait, so David is an ex boyfriend Frank is ex husband, but neither of them are with Dolores. I’m like, no, she has a new boyfriend named Paulina. Oh, Mike. It’s so funny because I’m like it really watching with new eyes. It’s like it we are watching a telenovela. It. I mean, it is. It is a soap opera, for sure. And I love it,

B 12:43
explaining it makes it sound so much crazier. Like that’s happened to me where my dad’s like, wouldn’t like what did you even talk about? So I’ll start like explaining it and he’ll like, and then he’ll be like, wait, you know, and I’m like, I know. It’s crazy. Anyway, let’s talk about something else.

Amanda 12:59
I know. And my mom was like, Whoa, somebody called somebody a su and he like, was like, Oh, God, mom, like, on that date. I’m like, they cut deep on this one. Like, they’re not all like this. But this one this this franchise, they really cut deep and they there’s definitely some some kind of mean name calling. But anyway, so I’m so excited to talk about the show. And you and Larry kind of touched on the toxicity of social media specifically around New Jersey last week. But wow, I mean, it it feels like a you know, I you guys were like, teleported into the future. Because, you know, even watching the first episode, it just feels like a lot. And I also just wanted to say I loved your point about us as fans being able to love two housewives who hate each other, like we don’t have to choose. But jersey is you’re totally right. Jersey is different. The fans have this like rabidity. Like they’re very rabid. It’s just so it is very different. And we’re really starting to we saw a lot of that I think in the first episode and in the social media this week since it came out.

B 14:14
I mean, wow. Especially over on Twitter, which I’m on a lot less. But it’s really like making you choose and I said last week, and I really am trying to go into the season with like fresh eyes, right because things change season to season. Now, it is no secret that I tend to agree with Melissa’s perspective more. And I mean Melissa’s perspective, I don’t even mean Joe’s perspective, right? Because I can’t cosign the language that he is said to some of the women and I won’t. I don’t agree with it. Overall, I like him. I think he’s a good person. I think that he could use some, you know, lessons on not speaking to women in the way that he does. I don’t mean his wife. I think he’s respectful of his wife. I mean, other women. I don’t like it. It is in language I would appreciate my own husband using towards women, be it his sister God, God forbid, or, or somebody that, you know, I wasn’t friends with were or, you know, whatever. But having said that, generally, from the beginning, I have agreed more with Melissa, it isn’t to say that I don’t find any fault and anything that Melissa has done, I think that anything of this magnitude a fool out this big, there’s fault on both sides. No one person can be, you know, responsible. With that said, I’m watching Watch What Happens Live and you know, Dolores was on and they do those polls. And there’s such a disparity between what we see on social media, like Theresa stand, and what we see, like on the Bravo polls, the Bravo polls seem to agree with me, which is like, Melissa is the more rational one. Like I think Teresa even said at the reunion that she was, and she was serious that she was mad that Melissa didn’t move her wedding because she was so pregnant. I listen and Joe’s wedding. I’m sorry. But anyone who thinks that that’s a normal way to feel like, Yeah, I’m getting married. I’m not planning my pregnancy around you. But this is the same person who doesn’t understand why her sister in law who’s been married to her husband, for almost 20 years is upset she was excluded. So right make it makes to me, that’s hypocrisy. Like she should have moved her wedding. But you’re not even having her in your bridal party, which by the way, is a dozen people. You know what I’m saying? It’s a one thing if she just had Yeah, one best fired on her daughters, or even if she had her daughters and one friend, but she’s has a lot of people. And then people say, well, Louis sisters are his family and she’s marrying into his family. Listen, I believe Louis sisters should be in the wedding too. Absolutely. Yeah. But you know, family, family, family, and she’s Italian and your sister in law. Nevermind your sister in law of 20 years, is as much your family as I only have sister in laws, okay? Because I have one brother. And my husband has one sister. So I don’t have any blood sisters. Similar to Teresa, I have one brother, my sister in laws are considered my family. It doesn’t mean that you don’t fight with family. I’m fortunate you guys will know I always talk about both my sister in laws. And it’s funny because I never differentiate. So I said, a nurse reached out to me like to share something the other day a GoFundMe. And I was like, Oh, my sister in laws. And she’s like, I love you always talk about your sister law. And I’m thinking that people probably think always think I’m talking about the one but it’s too but that’s besides the point. Anyway, family is family. It doesn’t mean you don’t agree. But there’s a level, the way I was raised was you just do it even cousins. Again, when you’re 50. And you’re getting married, you’re not to have your cousins in it. But my point is, like, yeah, you may not be close, let’s say you have three first cousins that are in your age group. You’re not going to have to and not the third. It’s like, right, it’s just what people do. So. Okay. Totally agree. So, now, we get to the episode, and after the episode, we see that Theresa sent text to a social media account, which I want to point out like, Teresa really was never in that world. I know that all the other franchises and Margaret has been blamed and Melissa and all this like Theresa is now doing what she was mad Mark Margaret was supposedly doing right. So she sends text to an account who posts them. So let’s break down the tax. Melissa messages the night of the reunion or, you know, right after the reunion, she says she messages her and says look, it’s fine. I’m not in your wedding. I really don’t want to fight about this. I don’t want you to be mad at me for Margaret’s actions. I won’t be mad at you for Jennifer’s actions. Like the reunion was bad and because I’m sure you rewatched it before the first episode of the new season. I mean, Teresa going in at Joe and calling him a bitch boy and diminishing him. It really was unkind. And I think Melissa sent that. Now. Melissa’s point is not that Teresa just never spoke to her again until they were about to start filming. No, she texted the mean Happy Easter which by the way was funny with the two naked bots with the eggs drawn on them. I thought that was cute. They texted about presents for the kids birthday. So they had interactions. I took it to me and that Melissa’s point was she didn’t respond to her text to say you’re right. I don’t want to fight with you either. Like let’s let’s put a pin in this. We did the reunion we vote right okay. So great. Right? So then two weeks prior to filming, right? So now it’s like A month and a half or two months. And Melissa said that there was no response to that specific text. Then Teresa wants to address Melissa today, which I was surprised because she posted she came out and said she texted me right before we started filming. And after it had aired, and she was getting backlash, right? She reached out and her tax was actually very nice. I thought that Teresa’s tax was really nice. She said, I’m sorry, I hurt your feelings. I want to make up. I don’t want to fight like this. I agree. Our family has moved backwards. Let’s do a lunch. I thought that Teresa’s message to Melissa was very nice. Let’s meet for lunch wanting to move past it. Melissa’s response was like, it’s fine. You know, it’s fine. I told you, it’s fine. I think that. So I think that Melissa’s response, in my opinion was setting boundaries, right. So what she said was, you don’t want me in your wedding, I’ve come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be friends or close. But we’re family. So let’s keep it peaceful for the kids sake. Now, yeah, the Teresa stands are dragging Melissa for this. My feeling is that at some point, Melissa, after not being asked in the wedding or after her not getting a response to that piece. And feeling like I’m not getting a response. But now she wants to make up because she’s having backlash, right? Because she said it she posted that today, she only wanted to make up because she was getting backlash. I feel that at some point after that, she made the decision. Like I can be polite, Melissa made, I can be polite, I can be civil, but I’m no longer trying. She’s done too many things to me. I can’t forgive it. I can’t forget it. I think she set boundaries. Now. As a viewer as a fan of Teresa’s or anybody’s, I can see the perspective that that could be a harsh reality. Right. I can also appreciate that that reality could have been very hard for Teresa to accept, because although they’ve had back and forth, she wanted to keep trying, right, just because somebody decides they’re getting off a merry go round doesn’t mean it’s over for the other person. So I’m not invalidating the fact that Theresa May have been upset, like, No, I still want to have a relationship with you and my brother. And yes, we fought but like I’m not I’m not taking that from her. I’m just saying. I think what Melissa needs to do, and I hope she does when she goes on Watch What Happens Live is be very clear and say, I made the decision to stop it and to just be civil. Now, and I want you to respond to that. And then we’ll get to the fact that that change because they didn’t go to the wedding and they’re not civil. So well. Well, we’ll save that for after but what do you think about the part with just the tax?

Amanda 22:55
So I understand the need to do to draw a boundary, right. And if that was what Melissa was thinking, I get it. I think, first of all, why these women don’t pick up the phone and call each other is. I even had this conversation with my 12 year old son. I’m like look like anything you put in writing anywhere can be shared anyplace anything. I was trying to have the like social media talk with him. I was also because he’s not on it. But like he’s been asking for it right. And I’m like, if you send a text, somebody can take a screenshot and they can show it so like, just always be careful. Whatever you put in writing anywhere. So it’s surprising to me, because I think also if you look at I was like, Well, how would Theresa have read some of those texts, and especially coming straight out of the Union when they were like Theresa was so fired up. Like she might have looked at it like Melissa is being passive aggressive, right? Like, it’s hard to say and so like that’s why I’m like I just don’t understand why they they don’t just pick up

B 24:05
the phone again to Teresa’s credit. She did just have that appendix surgery. So, you know, that evening, I can understand what she didn’t answer. Even the next day she needed to rush she was in physical pain. I get all that but clearly she could have addressed it prior to when she did.

Amanda 24:21
Right. Right. And, okay, but with all of that said, I feel like Melissa saying I’m not coming to your birthday was kind of a catalyst. And I feel like it was a hell of a time to draw a line in the sand. Because with Teresa’s wedding coming up like her decisions, Melissa’s decisions have repercussions on Joe and Teresa’s relationship to whether she likes it or not. So as much as like I think she should stand up for herself I don’t think she should take any shit. I don’t think anybody should. Right, right, I do think they should have gone to Teresa’s birthday, I feel like there’s a difference between taking shit and not standing up for yourself. And there’s a big difference between that and then like going along to get along. And I kind of feel like that’s the path they should have taken, at least with what we can what we see now. So we know that there’s other stuff that’s going to happen. And I don’t know the timing of everything. But based on that, I feel like that is the path they should have taken with Teresa’s big birthday being so close to the wedding. And you know, you can, you can back off and not be somebody’s friend, and you can be civil, but also encourage your husband to try to repair his relationship with his sister.

B 25:55
I agree with that. So I do wonder if, because we know that there’s a cheating rumor that’s been around, right. I don’t know the timing, we don’t know. Because remember when they film production does make them keep some things for certain times. So did they already hear that this had been out there? And were they not yet addressing it on camera? Is that why Joe is so mad? I don’t know. I’m wondering. Yeah. Because why is Joe Yeah, they’re clearly after all these years to make that boundary? I just don’t know, I think something else happened. Clearly there was a reason they didn’t go to the wedding. Right? They say that there’ll be vindicated when the season comes out that we’ll understand why they didn’t go to the wedding. So let’s say Teresa says on her side, she says she’ll be vindicated. So again, let’s see, I tend to agree about the birthday party, because I’m not that I tend to I do agree, because if you’re being civil and keeping it moving for the kids, that means you go for cake. You don’t have to go to Mexico. Yeah. Right. The Mexico is the boundary that you’re not no longer doing. The house for cake is the piece you’re keeping.

Amanda 27:01
And you bring your daughters. Yeah. And yes, you bring your kid Yes. Because you want the kids you know, because whether or not you think you are you’re dragging your kids into it, too, by not bringing them.

B 27:13
I mean, those kids their relationship is in bad shape. I’m sure they’re not indication. It’s, it sucks all around. And, you know, Theresa, and then Theresa on her podcast, and it’s a meme that’s everywhere. Everyone posted it. I gave birth on camera. I went to jail on camera. I got divorced on camera. I got remarried on camera. Yeah, you did. And that’s why I mean, her life has been a lot of serious things. Right. Mostly bad. Now the remarriage good. The birth of her child good, you know, watching the girls grow up good. But she never had to make up make up a storyline which she said on her podcast because she had real stories. But you know, my issue with that is it minimizes other housewives. Right, like so because Melissa never broke the law and went to prison. And she’s happily married. It makes her boring. Like, I don’t think that’s fair, either. Like, why can’t Why can’t New York have Sonia, why can’t we have you? I don’t know. I don’t know. To me. I don’t. And then there was the other meme that said, like named all the people that Teresa has fallen out with over the years. It wasn’t Jacqueline’s fault. I mean, it wasn’t my fault. When I felt with Jacqueline, it wasn’t my fault. When I fell out with Kathy, it wasn’t my fault. When I felt with Rosie wasn’t my full out when I fell out with it. Yeah, it wasn’t my fault. I fell out with Kat. And there was like a list of a dozen people who she’s falling out with who she’s never taken accountability and always blamed them. So listen, clearly, there’s two sides to all these situations.

Amanda 28:52
Yeah, yeah. I and I, I totally agree with that. I think Teresa is one of those people who when she says something, she means it, you know, and and she’s like, I don’t, you know, I’m not friends with you anymore. Jacqueline, I’m not friends with you anymore. Whatever. You know, and I don’t know

B 29:15
what Andy said to her. At the reunion, which we just rewatched was fresh in my mind. Like he’s like Theresa, have you ever changed your opinion? Like when presented with new information? Have you ever changed your opinion? And she’s like, yes, of course. And he’s like, like when and of course you couldn’t name something because and listen. Some people are stubborn and yell

Amanda 29:37
I mean remember how out of nowhere she became friends with Danielle again. After Wow growing a table however she

B 29:44
had didn’t yell be her soldier and pull mark right here and come on. Right. And then the second thing was like Theresa told me to she dropped her. Yeah, yeah. But like the fans don’t ever want to talk about that.

Amanda 30:00
No, and I agree with you that the tree huggers are a loud minority i or maybe they’re not. Or there’s a small, small group of them are extremely loud. But I think more people are probably somewhere in the middle like I am. And I think you are where it’s like, Look, you guys are both on some messed up stuff

B 30:24
like well, like people go back to like Carlos King, who was a great pod. He came out and said that it’s true that Teresa was blindsided by Melissa coming on. Okay. And Teresa at that time had every right to be upset about that every right she she, it was her thing, and she was upset. On the flip side, I don’t see why Melissa wanting the same opportunity at fame and fortune that her sister in law had makes her this terrible person. Right. So I agree. No. And so they’re like, oh, but then she came on and wasn’t nice to her. Okay, well, she also, Teresa also made up all these storylines about her being a stripper and like cheating. So it’s like, she didn’t really have an opportunity. The husband at the time juicy Joe was calling her raccoon face. I mean, come on. She was also humanities and for coming on, like, why shouldn’t Kathy have had a crack at? Like I listen, of course, Teresa is valid if you’re upset by something who am I to say you can’t be? But on the other hand, why couldn’t Kathy and Rosie get the fortune and fame? I totally you’re like, why should they be soldiers and say no, if Teresa doesn’t want it, I’m not going on television. I’m not going to start a business. I’m not going to make all the money she’s making. I’m just going to lay in the cut and let her be the star. Why do people have to do that?

Amanda 31:45
Well, I mean, believe Teresa, when she says this is my show. You know? Listen, if

B 31:53
my sister in law decided to make a Bravo account, and a Bravo webpage and a Bravo podcast, would I feel like that’s weird. Like you’re copying me? You’re doing what I’m doing? Yeah. But would I? Then like go on our podcast and be makeup? Absolute lies about my sister in law and try to turn everybody against her? And no, would I be right to be upset about it? Because you’re infringing on like my corner of whatever? Yeah, I have a right to be upset. I don’t have a right to ruin our entire relationship and slander you.

Amanda 32:26
I also just take a little bit different of a point of view where it’s like there’s so much room for success for everybody. Right? Like, and everyone’s gonna do their own flavor. And I don’t know. What do you think? Louie the lips? What do you think his have you?

B 32:46
Know what, what about his lips? His lips?

Amanda 32:48
Oh my god, now you’re not gonna be able to see it. I think he’s been getting lip filler and he makes like the duck face all the time. And he did when he was like trying to do his like sexy shoot. And he like kept putting his lips out and I think I think he’s gotten fellas so I’ve been in my head going and moving the lips. But

B 33:07
you know, I have to tell you, I people always say he’s purple or whatever. But listen, to be fair. All the people in Jersey have a lot of tanning and self tanning going on. But I think Louie’s a handsome fella. I mean, I don’t think he’s a bad looking guy.

Amanda 33:19
No, I think he’s he and he clearly takes care of himself. And I just don’t understand like, I wish like the color mixer for the like self tan person who sprays him would put a little less red in because he is on like put a little more blue in I think would what or a little more yellow would like bring that down a little.

B 33:42
I could agree with that. I can agree with that.

Amanda 33:46
All right. Yeah. And that was the other thing. Watch it with my mom. She’s like, Why are these people like rad? She’s like, what’s wrong with your TV? I’m like, No, Mom. It’s just funny. She’s like, they’re all like they all and she’s like, What is that guy wearing a muscle shirt at the dinner table? Oh my gosh, and her birthday did when

B 34:06
I saw that preview. It was like I just started hysterically laughing I’m like, only in. I mean,

Amanda 34:14
what do you what do you call that?

B 34:18
Okay, so the bad word which is like very not PC is a wife beater. It’s very big

Amanda 34:24
that I’ve heard I had never heard getting to you need to get your mom’s like,

B 34:27
I can’t eat shirts. I’m not sure. Again, E is a slang word for Italians. I guess it’s racist, to be honest with you. But yeah, it’s a Guinea tea. And I have to tell you, I’d be lying if I said that. I don’t have family and friends who would in fact show up to a nice restaurant in a community. I mean, it was a fancy community. It wasn’t like the ribs I don’t know what it is about the East Coast. But you know, when our men when they when they’re pumping iron into gym, they really want people to see it. So

Amanda 35:01
this is what happens when we haven’t talked for two weeks because we’re so.

B 35:06
Okay, going to Louis. So Amanda, what is his role? What

Amanda 35:10
do you think? So

B 35:11
here’s it. I said and I said to Larry, last week and Larry and I agreed, I said, You know what? I feel that it’s only fair that we go into it fresh with him. He admitted the toxic relationships. He said he was growing he bubble about. So let’s go with a new lens. But I gotta tell you that scene right off the bat, he’s in the kitchen with Teresa, waiting for Marge and Joe menino to come over. And he’s like, oh, you know, or maybe, maybe it’s when his parents were coming, whatever he’s like, you know, your brother should be here. He just sent flowers. He should get over you calling him a bitch boy, and just calls Joe every name in the book, right? So yeah, at this point, Joe’s mad at Teresa, from what transpired at the reunion from not having his wife in the wedding and whether people find that valid or not. Joe grew up family, family, family, and to him he feels his wife should be in the wedding. Now. You see Louis, like really going in on Joe, but this doesn’t align with Louise peace, forgiving Conway, that he’s telling the world he wants Teresa to adopt. Right? She’s in therapy trying? Yeah, so to me, it’s saying he’s sending her mixed messages. I’m not sure if they’re if at this point, there was a deeper issue with Louis and Joe, that we don’t know about yet. But it’s interesting that he wants her to have Margaret over and he wants to forgive Margaret. You know, part of me says is it that he wants to be seen as forgiving, since Margaret is the one who broke the rumors from social media to television. So Louie feels like by him publicly forgiving her. It makes him a good guy. And it’s like he’s coaching Teresa, which we could certainly see a sweet, like to try to improve her and encourage growth, or depending on your perspective, it can be seen as controlling. And again, there’s something I heard that, I don’t know, you’re hearing that the issues with the Gorgas, and Teresa and Louis, are deeper, but yet, they’re not yet showing it on the show. So

Amanda 37:19
we know, you know, we know the producers sometimes play around with the timing. So that’s what I keep thinking, I’m like, there’s gotta be something else that’s happening that we just don’t know about yet. Because Joe is clearly past when he walks in the door. It’s very tense. And you know, back to Louie and Teresa talking in the kitchen. When I was watching that I was thinking about that. I’m like, you know, you can be supportive to your wife, but also tell her she’s wrong. Right. You know, like, totally, I feel like that with my, like, my friends, like, if I’m talking with them about something and like, they’re asking my opinion, and I can lovingly say, like, I’ll support you no matter what, but I don’t think that’s a good decision. Or I think you should apologize, which is what if Louis was truly being this person? I think he should have said, You know what, like, I know everything goes deep, but you shouldn’t have called him a bitch boy on national TV. You should apologize for that.

B 38:16
That’s like, that’s what again, raises the red flag for me because he’s telling her is riling her up, right? He

Amanda 38:23
was he was riling

B 38:24
her, and then he tries to de escalate her. And almost

Amanda 38:29
I see what you’re saying it is it could be considered very controlling, because then he’s like, No, I’m gonna come in and save the day and calm her down.

B 38:36
I thought it was interesting that Teresa pointed out that like, the way she reacts is how her father reacted. Certainly we see Joe Gorga react that way too. I mean, again, I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again. Melissa to me, keeps a much more level head. She’s more rational. Joe Blows and Teresa blows and they do it to each other. And yeah, it’s unhealthy. And you know, the Lord said on Watch What Happens Live. She’s like, I always root for family. She goes, but I think it’s really time. She said I’m not taking a side. I just think it’s time they are toxic. Yeah. So

Amanda 39:09
yeah. Which God bless the Loris for somehow finding a way to stay friends with them both through all of this because, I mean, give her the whatever a word because that has got to be like a shark infested water this woman, right, so I don’t know. I mean, I gotta say, just seeing what I could see. After the first episode like I find myself more in the sight of Theresa and Louis and I mean to all the people who call us Gorga stands put that in your pipe and smoke it because I’m even surprising myself. Because I just see things in Theresa that I just don’t think are nice, right and like I we’ve gotten so much information about Louie Vuitton that I just really question his motives. However, as of this episode, like I was like, Okay, well, I kind of see Teresa’s because if I were Teresa, I wouldn’t, I would, it would be very hard to move forward if Melissa and Joe didn’t come for didn’t come to the birthday and didn’t try to show, you know, I think with their present, but they’re trying too

B 40:24
hard. Because if you look at it, and you look at the tax, and you look at Melissa, just not going for cake, but if you remember the history and and like the resentment that Melissa clearly has. It makes sense. Like and yeah, you know, obviously, neither of them ever really forgive when they said they forgave each other. And that’s clear. That’s one thing we can all agree. But anyway, moving on, because I’m sure Anyway, next so many weeks talking about their issues.

Amanda 40:57
Yeah. Well, so I said this before, because like the cast, especially that rollerskating party, it’s like, there’s so many of them there. It feels really big, which I think is good. I liked that point. I

B 41:09
don’t think they knew that Danielle and Rachel worked full time. I think they were still on the fence about Jackie and Fesler. So I think that’s why it seems

Amanda 41:17
right. Right. And then like Tracy was there. I know. So we got that email quite a while ago that said like, hey, you’ll see after the first episode, one of the girls is a real standout. I have my thoughts, but I actually really liked all of the new roles. So who do you think the person is that they were saying was the clear standout?

B 41:38
I feel like it was probably Danielle because she’s got like the most outgoing personality although Jen Fesler has got like a sharp wit she’s, it makes sense. She’s Marge, his friend. She reminds me of her. She’s kind of funny, and I could see that she could be cutting she’s to the point. I like I think Rachel is gorgeous. She seems spunky and cute. I liked that. She didn’t try too hard. You know, I think she just came in and she was naturally herself. The internet is buzzing because she’s only 31 years old. Born in 1991.

Amanda 42:08
She That’s what she said on the show when I was 15.

B 42:12
So she had her son at 15 or 16 years old. And then years later, I suppose met her husband, John Fouda. And now she has two little girls like one year apart like a two year old and a one year old and they are so adorable.

Amanda 42:25
She’s and she has like a beautiful like great. Like clearly takes really good care of herself. She said that she’s done like bodybuilding or whatever. Maybe it’s her makeup that just comes off a little harsh. I just feel like she looks older than 31

B 42:41
Well, I don’t know. We’re mothers. She’s been a mother since she’s 15 that shuttle age you.

Amanda 42:46
That’s it. That is That is so true. I like to yell I don’t know. I like to you know, so I loved

B 42:54
Oh, go ahead go.

Amanda 42:56
I was just gonna say I loved when she was Danielle was talking about her husband and like how he’s like, made her dreams come more than come true. And like, I thought that was so cute.

B 43:08
I loved how she said my husband’s a man and then she was like, not like he pumps iron in the gym. Like he you know, he he married me. He said he would take care of me and he has like, I really liked them. i A lot of people ahead of it. Were like, Oh, she’s thirsty. Listen, she makes no bones about it. She was on that true life. I’m from Staten Island. And since then her goal has been to be on reality television. It’s what she wants. That’s her business if she wants it and she’s got a cute family. Her kids are funny, adorable. Her husband’s handsome. I really like her. She does have a Manzo connection. her stepmom was married to Caroline’s brother. So her dad’s wife, her stepmom is Caroline Manzo is brother a law Rita’s ex wife, Candace Laurie it is mom now we remember Candice, she’s on albies pod a lot. Dear Abby, she’s best friends with Lauren Manzo. So cousins, obviously, but also best friends. So yeah, I mean, I like to yell. I’ll be honest, I feel like she probably has more in common with Rachel and Melissa than she does Jen and Teresa just based on what her home life is like. That’s my opinion. And I wonder where that goes over time.

Amanda 44:24
Yeah. I don’t know. I think I think the three new wives are great. I’m excited to see more of Jen Fassler. She, she interested me like she seemed like she’s, you know, like, self deprecating, and like kind of funny. And I don’t know. But speaking of Jen’s, we have to talk about the evil eye. I laughed out loud because she was like talking about it and like, you know how there’s been all this negative energy. But this she’s like, therefore, ergo she didn’t say those words. But essentially she’s like, you know, In conclusion, it’s Dolores.

B 45:02
Oh my god. You know, I am to tell you, I really hated the way that Jen spoke to her. I always, you know, I want to like Jen, there are things a time at the end of the party when she told her she looked like a US an old handbag. Ah, at the end of the calendar she like she cuts so low and when she also insulted her, like, she because when Dolores is mad, she says she actually said it before like this one. She’s like, Oh, this one like kit. Do you have a vocabulary like basically called her an idiot? Listen, you could say what you want. But there are a few housewives who have raised classier children than Dolores and Frank. And Frank himself has said that was mostly Dolores as a single mom. So like, please don’t insult her intelligence. Clearly, she’s a very smart woman. Clearly both of her children are, you know, well educated and nice, sweet people. I really didn’t like you can be mad at somebody. You can yell at them. But you know, Jen really went in?

Amanda 46:09
Yeah. Agreed. I don’t like that either. I just really Jen is always like that. And she said mean she. I mean, she’s me. I don’t know. I mean, I yeah, I agree. I mean, I told she could

B 46:21
also be funny and kitschy and great mom, but she can be very mean.

Amanda 46:28
Yeah, agreed. I totally agree. And I’m sorry, like, don’t fuck with Dolores. Because like, it’s, it’s hard for me to like, Doris is not perfect. And we’ve seen her get really mad. But I think, you know, with justification and like, I don’t know, I feel like she’s a I wouldn’t say necessarily above reproach, but like, as close as it gets in housewife, world, especially in New Jersey,

B 46:58
like just so much good. Like, these people have these huge platforms. And not a lot of them. Do the charities. I mean, we have seen Dolores do multiple charities over the year. The baseball game is for the hospital. We’ve seen her do charities for women’s shelters. We’ve seen her do animal charities. Frank is also very charitable. I actually have shared a couple of foundations for him that you know, he’s he sent he sends to the accounts and he’s like, if you could share this, her kids are very charitable. Like, come on. Yeah. How dare you?

Amanda 47:28
Yeah. Yeah. Agreed. Okay, should we move to Vanderpump Rules?

B 47:34
Oh, brother.

Amanda 47:36
What did you think?

B 47:36
I thought it was amazing. I missed the energy last season wasn’t great. This season. looks fantastic. What did you think?

Amanda 47:45
So same, so I didn’t. I think I’ve said this. And I should probably try to catch up. But I was watching a little bit of less, but I have not watched last season father. Yeah. And like I picked up on some of the drama. I mean, was watching they’re doing like a sipping and painting thing is like, Oh God, this is why I didn’t watch. This is too close to like, my real life right? To see them. ripping it up, you know, and fighting.

B 48:18
I’m going to start with your favorite gal Raquel. Michelle,

Amanda 48:25
I have to be I am going to make an effort to call her by the right name. Raquel. Yes.

B 48:29
I felt bad for her. I mean, James was so in her face with the new girl. He even called her the love of his life. That was kind of cruel. I do think Raquel was incredibly classy when they were at that hotel party together. And she was sitting on the yeah, whatever you call that couch thing outside. She was sitting with the girl and the girl was very nice to Raquel very respectful and Raquel certainly was. And I just I felt bad for her. And also, Raquel came out and confirmed that James and Lala hooked up she found out obviously recently, while James was dating Rakau and like that kind of makes the band bi bitch comment that Lala did make a lot more sense. Raquel was always worried. They always told her she was crazy. So we’ve been pretty rough leading up to the season because we know that she does end up fooling around with Tom shorts, which we don’t feel as cool. But I kind of see that she was in a really vulnerable place like she’s learning that he cheated on her with la-la She’s learning that he moved on from her so quickly. I moved in with this new girl who is sweet and beautiful. And I think that makes it hard to write like it’d be so much easier for a cow could be like oh she’s attackee whatever but like right now likes her and she thinks she’s a nice girl. So that almost makes it harder. Yeah. Yeah. But wait, James within like the first 30 seconds of the show. Driving around in his fancy sports car, rocking out singing his own music was just I’ve missed him. He’s like, he’s like Jack’s like, you hate him. But you love him or how Jax used to be before he completely jumped the shark?

Amanda 50:04
Yeah, we I mean, I was laughing tears because I was like, God, I would die if I saw somebody doing that in their car just driving by. Yes. I mean, we we love to hate James are we? You know, I don’t know if that’s even quite what it is but like he’s not somebody that I think I would want to like hang out with, but I do I do find myself entertained by him. I thought it was very and you guys I’m so sorry. I have literally three doors in between me and the dog. But the dog is like barking and crying to get in. So if you guys hear some whining in the background, my dog is fine. I’m sure nobody is hurt. I’m so sorry. He doesn’t usually do this. So anyway, back to James, the new girlfriend. She seems very sweet. I agree. Very young.

B 50:57
It was James Early 30s.

Amanda 50:59
i Well, I was surprised when Lala said she was 31 I was like God, she’s James is

B 51:05
like 30 or 29. I mean, and like yeah, 30 wise, she’s like 16 and a half so I’m fine with the age.

Amanda 51:12
I thought that was very mean that he called the other girl love of his life to Raquel like that was I thought that

B 51:19
was on cruel, unnecessary steal your word.

Amanda 51:23
Yes. I thought the way that it started out with the news of Katie and Tom’s divorce and how they’re like both sitting down and like should we get into it and like, Whew, that was so weird. Because the last time we saw them on TV, you know, was the reunion where they were sitting in the room together or I’m trying to remember where they two though Yeah, they were on zoom on the reunion. So I was watching that you know, and they were together and like very much a united front so just that one like almost took my breath away because they’ve been together the entire pretty much the entire show, you know,

B 52:05
and it also made me like say to myself how could this season not be good? Yeah, you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 52:11
Well yeah, cuz I mean we have we went from all these couples and like half of them were moving to the valley which nothing against the valley but it’s not Hollywood West Hollywood where the all the action is right there moving to the burbs. And now all of a sudden, we’ve got Katie, we’ve got Tom, we’ve got Raquel we’ve got Lala all being single. So I’m here for it.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
I mean, what about Sandoval and

B 52:40
Ariana? They kind of listen. I like Sandoval, like when he was out to lunch with Tom. And the other thing that I was reminded of is this cast even though they’ve been around forever, and they’re very famous in the Bravo world. They don’t sugarcoat shit. They tell it like it is. They’re rough on each other. It’s good. And now with them all single. Okay, where do you stand with with Lalla saying to Schwartz. Listen, we met I told everybody, it’s me or him. You’re hanging out playing pickleball with him. There’s no gray area. If you have any communication with him. I’m done with you. What are your thoughts on that

Amanda 53:16
so? Well, I think I have a feeling Lala would probably do that. Regardless of the situation, it feels like a very Lala thing to do which is I think partly why we love her there’s no gray space with her ever right she’s very black and white. However, knowing what we know about the Randall deep dive and like, what I mean the LA Times article had come out as of when they were filming and they were talking about it. So you know, the stuff that was in there it’s absolutely shocking and like knowing knowing that like I 100% can’t help but agree with her especially given there’s a custody situation and that their entire relationship and so you could probably argue all the other people’s relationships with Randall was all based on a false reality Totally agree

B 54:17
and it’s not like in the case of Rockwell and James they just broke up this was like really bad blood. Obviously he was up to really no good beyond cheating. The LA Times x plus A showed all that so I just think I think it makes Tom look quite frankly stupid. Like forget about Lila because let’s face it, I don’t think he’s great friends with Lila individually. I also don’t think he’s great friends with Randall individually, which makes it more like why is it so hard for you to give up on an acquaintance who is being outed as all of these terrible things. It’s a bad look if you ask me like Lala aside I totally

Amanda 54:54
agree. I totally agree. It’s a bad look for Tom and like I’m like is Tom just trying to look like not like Go wishy washy guy because like that was kind of his reputation and I

B 55:06
died if you don’t want to look with wishy washy stand for something and say this guy’s a bad dude.

Amanda 55:10
Yeah, yeah, I don’t know. It’s I don’t I am 100% Team Lala on this one. I feel like, you know, just kind of going back to what you were saying about how they don’t sugarcoat stuff like, Bo Tom’s they’re not afraid to cry on the camera, right? Like, they do they show it and like, they show the hard and the good. And like, I like that they I think the casting was so good for this because they are. Yes, they were all friends. But they they’re not holding back. Right. And, you know, I love that about them. So you know, there’s that LA, speaking of LA Times, another LA Times article that came out this week that you posted. I’m sure you read it. Yeah, but like in that, like, their honesty and their openness comes out. So it’s just so refreshing. And they make this point about how like they’re accessible. And you know, a lot of people if they saw you know, Tom Cruise in a restaurant wouldn’t go up to him. But you know, they go to these Tom’s right. And like, it’s just, you can’t not like like these guys. Great. And I love Tom Sandoval, his 70s Look. I am loving it. Like I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m loving the mustache. I’m loving his like 70s glasses like, I mean, good for rocking it,

B 56:38
but I don’t love it. Like, would you want your husband to dress that way?

Amanda 56:42
No, but I like the people that I’m like the people who are in their 30s in LA doing it and I think he looks really I think it’s like a really like, it’s a handsome like he pulls it off very

B 56:53
well. And I did read the LA Times article, because the same girl, Yvonne, who wrote up about myself and other Bravo accounts for the LA Times wrote it, so I actually reposted it. Yeah, I added her out. It was a great article. And I agree. You know, I feel like I used to take Vanderpump Rules as a whole for granted. And then last season they were so blob. But last night, I have to say it really gave me a jolt, especially after coming off that very emotional. New Jersey episode. Right. I just heard some Yeah, definitely Thursday, because I’ll be honest, it gives me anxiety at this point.

Amanda 57:33
Yeah. I mean, well, we know because we know what we know. Right? And we know that things get even worse. We don’t know why. But we know that they get much, much worse. So I totally agree. It’s it’s fun to have that. And then we’ve got summer house, which is always good for some fun times.

B 57:55
Oh, I can’t wait. So Oh, boy. And that emails me DM me. They’re sending me some merch.

Amanda 58:02
Oh, I was so fun. I’m

B 58:03

Amanda 58:05
I still haven’t tried it. I need to try.

B 58:07
You haven’t tried the actual drinks?

Amanda 58:10
No, I wish they were sending me the drink. They have it when they asked

B 58:13
me for my size. So I’m guessing they’re sending me a sweatshirt, which is super cool, too. But like I like my cocktails so

Amanda 58:21
Well, anybody who knows you would be like, she’ll post the shit out of the cocktail. Please send them to maybe.

B 58:28
All right, cocktails. Thank you so much for tuning in. As always, we appreciate you. And, you know, keep that tea coming.

Amanda 58:36
Thank you guys. Yeah, don’t forget, send us tea at the website. We read it all. We post it. Thank you guys that have joined us on the membership site. We definitely have some juicy stuff going on there. And

B 58:52
you know what I wanted to say? Because I’ve posted this because a lot of people ask, and I don’t think I’ve said it. Correct me if I’m wrong. So a lot of people ask when they sign up for cocktail party. Will they get all the tea? Like from the past? Right. So we started the we started the cocktail party about three months into November. Yeah, yes, you will get everything so like, take the weekend. Yeah, peruse because you’ll get every little bit of tea. It’s all there. So it’s not like you get all the join, you get it all

Amanda 59:24
right, and you get all the bonus pods to which somebody just joined and like sent an email to me saying, oh my gosh, I didn’t realize that. We get bonus pods and I was like, Yeah, we do at least one a week. Sometimes we have more it just kind of depends on how much tea there is. So bonus uh, yeah, I’ll get all the usual it’s

B 59:42
usually stuff that I’m really not supposed to share yet. Yeah, because I feel like it’s less people or it’s stuff that I’m nervous sharing publicly because maybe it won’t be received well so it tends to be juicy right tends to be juicy

Amanda 59:59
or It’s like the story about the time you went to Sonia’s townhouse. And like other funny stories

B 1:00:05
like that, so it was a funny story.

Amanda 1:00:08
I love that story. It’s a great story. So thank you guys. Have a great week. And we’ll see you guys next week. Till

B 1:00:15
next time.

Amanda 1:00:24
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:01:05
Bye guys. See you next time.

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