BFF didn’t know , until he did. Cast suspected…*

Mar 6, 2023




Allegedly Schwartz didn’t know at first. Raquel used him to make Sandoval jealous as she wanted him to leave Ariana . Sandoval told Schwartz and asked Schwartz to stop as he said he was really into Raquel but felt guilty leaving Ariana right then bc of the passing of her grandfather and dog. Schwartz as always, did what Tom asked.

Raquel hooked up with Garcelle’s son Oliver, who was living with his son’s mother by the way , to get Sandoval jealous as well.

The clues in this season will blow your mind. Some cast mates suspected. One even warned Ariana to be careful but Ariana truly didn’t think either would do that to her.

Sandoval has also hooked up with several other women . One a couple weekends ago in Miami and once just this last Friday at his Anaheim show hours after this all came out. So Raquel is out of luck if she’s looking for monogamy.

This is all alleged though….

One more thing. Scheana did NOT punch Raquel. A scuffle happened but it was greatly exaggerated for a distraction.

allegedly written in cursive font



  1. Melissa

    Rachel is obviously not as dumb as she plays. She obviously knows what she is doing. I am tired of her PR team playing like she is some young, naive girl. She is 29 for Pete’s sake!

  2. Jennifer

    Bet it was Lala who warned Ariana. And schwartz is an ass for that!!

  3. Blanche

    I’m so curious to know how long Schwartz was interested in Rachelle before Scandoval told him.

  4. Melissa

    Not surprising at all that he was sleeping with other women. Appalled monogamy is not his thing

  5. Almost Rachel Kennedy

    Thanks for the ☕️ Scheana!


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