He hooked up with someone last night after his show!!!

Mar 4, 2023

**This is an exclusive Cocktail Party post. Please do NOT post outside of the cocktail party, thank you xoxo*


You guys. I am shaking. Is this guy okay?

Text from image:
Person 1: So I have some tea. Toms band had an after party at a place across from where he preformed. I just so happened to go have drinks there today and the bartender was spilling all the tea. I over heard so obviously I asked her and she said he was all over this girl hugging her and that even after the place closed they still stayed there til 3 am and he actually left with the girl and some other people. She said he was pretty wasted.
Person 2: When was this? And thank you!
Person 1: Last night after his show. They went to a place call Besos it’s across from the Grove in Anaheim. He’s gross why would girls want to hook up with him anyways
Person 2: Omg!!!


  1. Sarah Sepolio

    Is this Schwartz or Sandy?

  2. Tomsuxdick

    Ariana if you are reading this please go get a std check! That boy is FK NASTY!!!!

  3. Telling ya so

    I’m telling you none of this is his first time.

  4. Rachele Dalton-Silecchia

    He’s such a POS

  5. Boohoo

    Aww, looks like that lightning necklace doesn’t mean as much as she thinks it does.

  6. Noooo

    I would never sleep w a guy with a full in manicure. These women a GROSS.

  7. Ashley Quiroz

    Sounds like he was an open relationship she wasn’t.

  8. Miley

    I have a theory. The Tom Raquel was hooking up with at Coachella was Tom Sandoval not Shwartz. Shwartz had to have known this info and just had to keep playing the whole making out with Raquel storyline when in reality he’s just keeping Tom Sandz dirty little secret.


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