Amanda is on a work trip so Larry joined B to talk about all the housewives happenings this week. B and Larry hash out what went down on the ex wives trip and what consequences the wild card might face. Why is Jersey so toxic and why are the fans so divided? They also reveal who still works for lover boy and where things, allegedly, stand with the Summer house crew. They touch on some southern charm gossip,Miami and of course, B grills Larry with questions from Cocktailers. If you can’t get enough gossip – join us on our membership site – Cocktail Party! You’ll get the pod ad-free and early, plus at least one bonus pod per week plus we keep all the juiciests posts there. Join us at

Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 39

Larry 0:01
people that are watching these shows and like judging them for the stuff that they’re doing like these ladies are paid to be. They’re paid to do this stuff like they know what they’re doing. They’ve been in the game now for years, they know exactly what’s going to drum up ratings and reviews. And it’s not necessary for them to be friends off screen

B 0:28
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds be

Amanda 0:48
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip

B 0:56
What’s up cocktailers today. Amanda is on a work trip so I’m going to have to like figure out how to it’s my first time recording on my own I feel like a child who is taking the public bus for the first time but I’m not alone. You know I have my buddy with me Larry from at Bravo by gays by now I’m sure you’re all following him if you’re not you need to what’s up Larry?

Larry 1:24
What’s going on? V I’m excited to be here and chat about everything.

B 1:28
Well first of all, I didn’t even know if you were making it here today because you’ve been dropping it like it’s hot all week.

Larry 1:36
I know I literally have been like out of control for the last like three days but

B 1:41
we’re gonna get to questions at the end of the episode but I have to tell you that I think everybody in Buffalo follows you. I know you had very exciting week with the crossover of your like two favorite things gossip and football

Larry 1:57
a 100% I was living for it

B 2:01
when the person sent it to me obviously I mean I immediately message Larry and I’m like oh my god what’s going on with the bills football you’re like shut up tell me everything

Larry 2:11
I know because like rumors have been swirling like I mean almost like for about a week now so it’s it’s it has been a little crazy

B 2:18
and listen to all my you know our upstate followers I have to tell you you guys obviously know I’m from the city but I went to college in upstate New York I love I would love to live upstate I love it. I’ve tons of friends you know that we’re from that from Buffalo Albany Syracuse which is way up Rochester shout out to all our and Larry, you guys got so slammed with snow and down by us like we had our first like sprinkling this Yeah, it

Larry 2:48
was miserable it like it really was this is that maybe this is we got some snow last week, but like, maybe about two weeks ago, we got like, hammered. And it was it was depressing. So I’m happy it’s over. I’m hopeful that it’s a new month and hopefully hopefully it brings some new weather. It’s just like gray and disgusting out and like I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since like November so I’m ready. I even what I need to do is I need to get out of here. I need to get out of here and go somewhere warm.

B 3:19
But like where would you go like in a perfect world forgetting about your job and Jarrods job? Am I allowed to say his name?

Larry 3:25
Yeah, that’s fine.

B 3:28
Guys, forgetting about your families, right? Like we don’t have any there’s nothing holding you back. Where are you guys going?

Larry 3:34
I mean, I want to go like Southern California for like some heat and sun or I mean, take me to Puerto Rico. I’ll go there. I don’t I at this point. I don’t care. I’ll take anything that is above 65 degrees.

B 3:47
So I love California but I feel like for us is New Yorkers, we should be going somewhere where the cost of living is lower. Not higher.

Larry 3:54
Yeah. Oh, I’m talking about vacation living wise. There’s no way I would there’s no way I would live there.

B 4:00
Oh, so you’re saying you have to get out of here for vacation. I just

Larry 4:03
need some money to move. No, no, I’m not going anywhere. I love it here.

B 4:08
You’re a mama’s boy. You can?

Larry 4:09
I am I know. I know.

B 4:13
All right. So I mean, we know there’s just too much going on. First things first. And listen, I always I always get yelled at because they’re like, by the time you talk about it. It’s put so much happens and I only record once a week like, you know, like Heather McDonald, who I love her. I’m sure you probably listened to Heather McDonald, right? Yeah, she records twice a week. I don’t have the luxury of being able to do that for a variety of reasons because I have to work real job if this isn’t my main gig and you know I don’t have the time in my schedule. I wish I could so that stuff would be more current but I cannot not discuss Potomac.

Larry 4:53
Oh my god. It’s been insane.

B 4:56
By now you guys all know, we found out this week that one was is up to no good. We’ve been discussing it on our pod. I mean, people have been here all our socials. Right Lowery, we’ve all been hinting at it. Yeah, it finally came up a little bit on the show, but it wasn’t confirmed. And sure enough, after the reunion filmed, Robin talked about it on her pod, but told the whole story on her paid pod, which is her Patreon. She basically said, Oh, he was bored during COVID. And he chatted with the girl. And when the girl came to visit somebody else she didn’t have a credit card. So he paid and less

Larry 5:31

B 5:34
mean, Larry, what are you thinking on this?

Larry 5:37
I first of all want to know, I want to read the email or text message that she got from production, or Bravo that at the fact that she hid this from the season and decided to release it on her Patreon, because I would assume she got in trouble for that. And then I

B 5:51
got this cryptic email today. It wasn’t even it was like a DM but from like a dead account, like, you know, you know, someone’s just sending it. Yeah. And it basically alluded to the fact that as a result of recent things, which there have been a few recent things, right, there’s going to be changes to the ladies contracts going forward. I have to imagine that that’s related to I mean, there’s the Jen Shah subscription. But I have to imagine that that’s related to the Patreon like you in other words, if a housewife so this is my thinking, if a housewife knows something, right? Robin admitted she knew about this even before filming started, because this was from like, COVID time, you can’t know about it, not discuss it, and then afterwards, profit off it.

Larry 6:37
Secondly, you get paid, it’s part of your job to share your life. You get paid to do that. So the fact that you got paid for the season, and now you’re profiting off of the Patreon money to release that story. You know, how many people probably weren’t on Patreon that subscribed just to hear what she had to say?

B 6:58
Which, if she weren’t filming, I think that Bravo would still have a case to say, hey, hold this for your next season. Right? But at least if she weren’t filming, and it was something that was happening during that time, and she was talking about it to me, it would be different. But like, okay, and then you have people saying, Well, what happened to housewife, just being able to have fun. I get that. But also, like, she’s throwing Karen under the bar saying she’s cheap, like, so if nobody was getting those allegations? Yes. She stood up for Chris and Candice. Okay. And had she kept mum on Karen. I might even say, You know what, she wasn’t showing hers. But she wasn’t like, showing other people’s either. But she did it to Karen, while it was happening in real time in her life.

Larry 7:44
I just I don’t it just it bothers me at the fact that she even said that she knew that they knew about this two seasons ago. And she thought it was going to come up last season. And no one said anything. So she just let it go. And then that got brought up this season. Like it just, I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit well with me. Like she should have addressed it when it happened. But now it just seems like she’s trying to like get her narrative out before the reunion comes. And we and they talk about it there. If they discuss it, you know what I mean?

B 8:11
So that was my question for you. Do you think that it’s going to be on the reunion and that kind of saves her in a way? Because if she does openly talk about it on the reunion, than maybe the Patreon and the talking about it on the pod isn’t as egregious.

Larry 8:24
I would hope that they’ve talked about it on the reunion. And that’s why she’s saying something. But if she did talk about it on the reunion, why would she feel the need to say something before it airs? If she would talk about Yeah, if it’s talked about at the reunion, that I would, I could see the Patreon thing, maybe her posting about it after the reunion has aired? Because I don’t I can’t imagine production or the network are happy about her sharing it before they talk about it on the show, you know? Absolutely. And it’s

B 8:57
sort of like, there will be people who will maybe have tuned in if there was that teaser that she was talking about it, but now that they’ve heard it, maybe they’re gonna be like, Well, we already know,

Larry 9:06
right? I mean, the only reason I want to see if they talk about it because I want to see what the other ladies have to say about her admitting it, like do they believe her? They think that it’s BS, their

B 9:15
marriage, she decided to marry him. Regardless, I think I think an interesting thing that we need to look at is like Ashley and Michael and Robin and Juan. Maybe they have a non traditional, you know, version of marriage, which is absolutely fine. And it’s a no We’re in no way shaming them. But you’re on reality television. I get their kids involved. But like, it’s your choice to go on. So we’re going to talk about it. It just cleared up so much for me like them trying to make sure these happen. I thought centuries Laurie.

Larry 9:43
She can go I’m done. Now. She doesn’t do it for me.

B 9:46
I mean, Robin seems so aggressive going into the season, which we were all like yes, because we’ve been saying she hadn’t been won going off the way he did. I mean, this is such a bad look for when everyone’s giving Robin heat. She’s the victim

Larry 9:59
here. Oh, Right, she didn’t do anything wrong and it was him.

B 10:03
And so far she hasn’t admitted that this is an open relationship could be wrong. could one be pissed because they do have an open relationship, but yet, he’s looking like the bad guy cuz she won’t say that. Which is kind of unfair for him right?

Larry 10:17
100% Because if that’s the case, and they both agreed to do that, then she should be saying that that’s what it is. So that way people aren’t attacking him. You know, I just don’t see how they just don’t think they I just don’t think they have an open relationship. And I just think that it’s like, they’ve been together for so long. They’ve lived together without being married. They’ve kind of been living like this married life already without like the legalities of it. I mean, they were divorced and whatnot. So I think it’s like comfort for them where maybe he’s bored. And she, I don’t know, I don’t know. There’s just there’s so many dynamics that I have no idea.

B 10:49
There’s so many dynamics to it. And then we have our girl Nene coming out on the Breakfast Club. Potomac is starless. Alright, me out. She, what did she have a podcast? That would be? I feel like it’d be so lucrative for her. Oh,

Larry 11:07
I would listen in a second. I mean, it was hilarious. The fact that she said none of these franchises have any stars on them.

B 11:15
Even I mean, a pod of Nene, recapping episode would be epic. She could have her friend Carlos King on who I love his pod. She could have any of the ladies would go on because she would be it’d be a huge draw, because everyone’s tuning into

Larry 11:30
her 100%. And she doesn’t even I mean, I would listen to her recap episodes daily, but I would even just listen to her talk about normal stuff going on. Like it doesn’t even need to be houses related. I would still listen to whatever she had to say. Because that was hilarious.

B 11:46
She’s, she’s so naturally charismatic and endearing. And whatever your opinion on Nene is. She tells it like it is or her version of it. You know what I mean? Like she does not sugarcoat like, she’s sort of like a Jeff Lewis in that way.

Larry 12:04
Right? And it just like rolls off her tongue. It’s not even like she thinks about these things. Like it just kind of hits her and she says it and that I love that.

B 12:10
I love that. There’s no script with her. She’s just off the cuff. I mean, Nene. I know you’re not listening.

Larry 12:17
Maybe she is you never know, you know, when you think of

B 12:19
like, who you would want to meet. She comes to mind. Like, I actually had a follower recently tell me they were so disappointed because they met her and she was basically like, Girl, bye. And I’m like, But why would you expect her to be any other way? Right? It’s not like, it’s not like meeting someone like Kyle, who you would expect to be friendly with fans and then be like, Girl, bye. And I’m not saying that Kyle has done that. I’m just using her as an example. Like, I would completely expect me to go over to Nene and her to be like, Oh, go back to hang out with Lindsay Lohan daddy, like get out of here. Like I would expect her to like insult me. I would expect her to be like, Oh, look at this basic housewives fan bothering me when I’m out trying to get my drink on. Like, you know what I’m saying?

Larry 13:03
Yeah, and I would be completely okay with her doing that to me, too.

B 13:07
And I feel like the only environment where she wouldn’t be where she wouldn’t do that would be at her lounge or if she was hosting or if it was something where she was profiting off. If you see her getting on an airplane, she doesn’t want to talk to you not at all. Okay, and here we go. And this is this is such a mess. And there’s so many moving parts to this as the other you know, wives on the trip are now all home. But Larry, we have to discuss and it’s not the girls trip, right? We have to differentiate because we have we have our girls trips, but now we know that after the Berkshires, right the second trip, they have started separate series, the ex wives trip. And we had I mean this weekend, I can’t obviously say who contacted me. But I found out that Caroline went home by choice. And that brandy was first sent to a hotel and then ultimately sent home. What’s come out is essentially, Caroline was sexually harassed. I don’t want to use a stronger word than that. Yeah, there is a legal investigation. There is an internal investigation. This is what I’m hearing right. Obviously, I don’t have any documents. But she was sent home early. We know that that’s that’s confirmed. Caroline left early. I heard she tried to stay but specifically the girls who were with brandy on the Berkshire trip, apparently really sided with brandy kind of like, oh, you know, you got to just get her off you You know how she is when she drinks. You’re making a big deal kind of depending on what ends up being, you know, kind of victim shaming, right,

Larry 14:55
right 100%

B 14:57
I do know that Alex was firmly Team Caroline, which I just expect Alex to be on, like the right side of things, right,

Larry 15:05
exactly the same.

B 15:08
So I mean, your thoughts, Laurie, when you heard this, how you’re processing this.

Larry 15:13
At first I was like, why Caroline? Like, why did you have to choose her? Like, I don’t want to like even like, it’s just I we all know that like, Brandy likes to throw some back and get a little loose and she did it at the Berkshire’s when she was trying to like she was just she’s overly sexual as well. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But like I mean, know your audience girlfriend like what in your what in the world would make you think that Caroline Manzo would be okay with any type of advances you were making on her?

B 15:46
Wasn’t she a little bit like that with Vicki? Jokingly? Yeah,

Larry 15:49
that’s what I was trying to that’s I didn’t make

B 15:53
like, for Vicki, although that kind of fizzled, like she didn’t obviously take it too far or Vicki left it off. But like, if you’re going to do that with a Tamra or a Phaedra, who’s going to take it in, just take it how it’s

Larry 16:09
right. Right now Caroline Manzo

B 16:14
tough like, and you know, it’s funny, somebody messaged me, and they were like, it’s almost like she was intimidated, but like, their reasoning was she was intimidated by Caroline. So she was trying to disarm her.

Larry 16:24
No, I there’s other ways to do that.

B 16:27
I mean, I don’t think it came from a place of malice. However. If it’s true, you cannot touch people. I mean, if they tell you to stop, I mean, consent, number one. And I don’t see how the network moves forward with her. I also did hear that another report was filed by a producer.

Larry 16:49
Oh, wow. We I believe I read that somewhere as well, too.

B 16:53
And we remember when in the Berkshires, she ripped off the waiter. Remember that Butler, waiter, whatever he was. She ripped his shirt off. Remember when they were outside doing the whiskey tasting? I believe?

Larry 17:03

B 17:04
So apparently, she said to a merry producer. I want to eff the shit out of you. Oh, wow. So now. Now, did he report her once the Caroline thing happens? Like, you know what, not only did she do it to her, she did it to me too. And this this woman’s a problem? I mean, these producers have to work with the talent.

Larry 17:22
Right, you know, all day, every day. Yeah.

B 17:26
I mean, I don’t see a way her back on a show without a public apology, and maybe a little rehab.

Larry 17:34
correctly. I think at this point after that situation, I definitely think it hindered any, like future opportunities that she may have with them. Which is disappointing, because I really think that it would have been a good idea to have her back on Beverly Hills, I think she would have been a really good fit to help loosen it up. But I mean, I love it. And don’t get me wrong. Every time someone asked me like what I love in the housewives. I’m always like, oh, like, I love them to be like a little sloppy and a little drunk and like crazy. But like, she takes it like a little she takes way too far. And she needs to like reel it back. And I agree. I think she needs to make a public apology, which I don’t know if she will until maybe it airs, since they haven’t really told the truth about what happened. Like we don’t know what’s got what exactly happened yet. Yeah, some public apology and a little bit of rehab. And like, a little bit. Yeah. So just like I mean, some acknowledgement as to her knowing that what she did was wrong.

B 18:31
And we’ve seen her take ownership before. Right? Right that I don’t think that’s a problem for her I’m sure upon sobering up and the realization that Caroline really felt violated, I am certain that she honestly would apologize to her and express it. That wasn’t her intention. But at what point does your intention become a moot point when people feel unsafe around you when you drink? And it’s sad because it’s coming off this fantastic run she had on traders. Yes. Which by the way, I’m hearing she was uninvited from the reunion. And just today, Andy announced there will in fact, be a reunion someone told me it was going to be live. I saw that too. So I don’t know if that’s true. But if she’s not on the reunion, and the thing is, it doesn’t mean Bravo’s done with her forever, forever is a long time. We thought Phaedra was done and she’s back on a lot of things which by the way, I am hearing speaking of Phaedra that she they are cutting because I had you know had posted some email, but in fact they are cutting a couple of women from married to medicine in an attempt to open the budget for Phaedra so that’s not a lock Phaedra hasn’t signed on the dotted line. But they want her and I mean brilliant. I’ll watch

Larry 19:48
Yeah, I mean I would take her there to put her in a different setting with those ladies. I mean they know she’s friends with them. That puts her back on Bravo and away from candy so not on Atlanta so I’m I’m and I did hear that they did want her as well. I’m surprised that they would be cutting some people to afford her. My hair. She’s

B 20:03
expensive. But yeah, yeah, I mean,

Larry 20:05
hey, give her the money, give her the money.

B 20:07
But yeah, and you know, back to brandy for a sec, we know that she didn’t sign on to Beverly Hills. But in my mind, there was a definite good chance of her popping up at some point made or end of the season. And I’m, I guess that’s not happening now.

Larry 20:24
Which would have been so good. And I think, you know, with her, it’s like, she’s always kind of been like, booked on like, random shows, but maybe the fact that like, she’s back on Bravo. She’s doing all these other things. Like, I don’t know, maybe it was just maybe it was just a lot for her. She was like, over I don’t even think she was overexposed. But it just her drinking seems a little bit more excessive than it has in the past. So yeah, I don’t know. But I mean, I would love to see her and some of like, back and like when she’s like, good. I mean, you know what I mean? Like, I just think, I think that maybe she needs a little bit of a break.

B 21:00
I think she needs a little bit of a break. I think that I mean, for her own sake, maybe I’m not necessarily I’m certainly not qualified to call anyone an alcoholic. But, you know, maybe some something.

Larry 21:16
I also hope it doesn’t hinder any type of decision for Caroline coming back in the future to like a roll on New Jersey, where if she was like, if this this happening in Morocco, she was like, Oh, hell no, I am officially done with, like all of this, you know what I mean?

B 21:33
You know, I feel like she might be, I mean, because financially, listen, anybody could use more money, but it’s not like she needs it. It’s not you know, she’s well off. So maybe she’s realizing that. Listen, it has changed when they started when Jersey started. It was a much different show. Right? And we’re gonna get to Jersey later because, I mean, talk about some of the most toxic fans. Oh, my God. I mean, we could even just jump there. Like, honestly, the fans are so unhinged, Larry, I it’s, it’s like people, you have to love one person or hate one person. You can’t post anything. I mean, if you post anything slightly negative about Teresa,

Larry 22:19
these accounts will have your head on a stick. And

B 22:23
you and I mean, we post stuff, we get it, it’s fine. You can say oh, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about this and that. But it’s like, they go after the other cast mates like, in a way that is disturbing to me. I don’t see do you see this on any other show? Like the women get out each other but can you think of another show where the fans go in the way that the Teresa fans do

Larry 22:48
know the tree huggers? I mean LDP has some dedicated people. LDP has very strong fan base, but none as crazy as the tree huggers. And it’s it’s like, it’s almost like you can’t even say that you enjoy Melissa because they will literally attack you. And I like Theresa, I just am not as obsessed with her as other people.

B 23:11
But the funny thing is, I first of all, I always like Teresa. Yeah, she’s she’s fantastic television and her life. You know, listen, sadly, in many ways, has been very interesting. I mean, every season she’s had a storyline that was real, because stuff was really going on. Yeah. And she’s entertaining. And she’s got a great television personality. But I also like Melissa and Joe and listen, as far as the sibling rivalry, or whatever, and not even rivalry I mean, beef. I find that there’s fault on both sides. I don’t think any one person is wrong. I don’t think any one person is right. I think. I mean, we saw that clip. I actually watched it today on your I think you posted it yesterday, the seven minute clip where yeah, we see Melissa and Joe and Melissa has said that after the reunion, she texted her like I understand it’s fine. Let’s just move on that I’m not in your wedding. And then Teresa didn’t text back but then months later invited her to her birthday her 50th birthday trip and then Melissa didn’t go like to me. If you’re going to be the bigger person like you always claim you are go on the trip. Right. So to me, it is tit for tat. And I’m not saying that Melissa is wrong for not going on the trip because she’s rightfully upset that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. And then she sent a nice text to make things better. And Teresa didn’t respond to her. And it’s okay if based on those things, she decided not to go on the Birthday Trip, but you can’t do that. And then also say I’m always the bigger person. I always tried to keep peace,

Larry 24:46
right? No, I agree. I agree. And the thing with Jersey too is I There isn’t really like one housewife that I dislike like I like Margaret. I like Jennifer I Like, Teresa, I like Melissa. Like they’re like I don’t, I don’t. Yeah, I love Dolores. And I just like, I don’t feel the need to like, I don’t know, I just I don’t like when people just like, rush to hate and like it just it really it’s their fan base. Let me tell you the some of them people are very toxic.

B 25:19
The other right, but the other thing is the assumption. So if I have an opinion, it doesn’t mean I hate the housewife, like Jennifer, I think has a lot of really good qualities, family wise as his wife, as a mother as a daughter. She’s a very generous person, all of those things. I think she’s fantastic on television. Now, are there things about her that I don’t relate to? Very much so. And it’s funny because I was I went back and I was watching her first season and about, you know, her arranged marriage that didn’t end up going through then she met Bill, but they they had to have a chaperone on their first date. And it’s all very interesting. It’s a different culture, from certainly the American culture that you and I were raised in, right, because we’re all from somewhere. But both of my parents were born in America. So I’m very American. I have friends that are first generation and it’s always interesting. Their cultures are different. Everything like that. But because you say, Wow, that’s wild. I’ve never heard of somebody going on. Being in an arranged marriage. Yeah. Doesn’t mean that you don’t like a person like you’re allowed to be surprised. And I’m not I’m not saying that Margaret didn’t go in with her brother, because but that was back and forth. I mean, she called Margaret’s mother a whore that season, right? Yeah. And people say that I’m on Margaret and and Melissa’s payroll.

Larry 26:44
I wish somebody payroll of your mom but I post.

B 26:49
But also these accounts are named for people. It’s like Theresa Stan, and she’s telling me that I’m on Margaret’s payroll. I like Margaret. I don’t I’m the first one to say there are things that I think that Margaret has done that were Listen, would I ever out somebody’s affair? No, but I’m not a reality star. And yes, guess what? Sometimes other people’s storylines do become your storyline. And does it make you kind of a steak? Yeah. But like, do you want the paycheck? Yeah. And would Jen do it? Yeah.

Larry 27:22
Right. That’s the thing. People will be like, people that are watching these shows and like judging them for the stuff that they’re doing. Like, these ladies are paid to be dramatic. They’re paid to do this stuff. Like they know what they’re doing. They’ve been in the game now for years. They know exactly what’s going to drum up ratings and views. And it’s not necessary for them to be friends off screen, do the franchise’s where the ladies are friends off screen like succeed. Of course they do. But not everyone is going to be like that. So I mean, the people need to really like realize that they they’re not dumb, they know what they’re doing. So you see ladies that are like Holding, holding info that they’ve had for years and they’re they bring it out because they know when to use it and they know what it’s going to be good. So

B 28:09
I feel like Miami is a good example of a city where they’re not all friends, but they’re able to coexist like, like we see Adriana beefing with Marisol and Alexia, like for years, but there’s a level of respect where they don’t go gutter on each other. Right? And they don’t. And you know, I’m not saying because honestly, I don’t see Teresa doing this. I can kind of see Jen doing it. I don’t see Tori. I don’t even think Teresa pays enough attention to like social media accounts. Maybe now it’s different. I think. I think after the video was posted about URI, I think she sort of learned about the power of socials. And I think maybe she tapped into her fan base a little bit more or had had one of her assistants or something like that. Do that. What are your thoughts on Louie? So, you know, initially, we saw that crazy worrier video and we heard all from the exes So our initial feeling was this guy’s crazy this guy’s you know the ex wife is always posting all this narcissism. She says she’s a therapist for it. But is it possible that you know, he always says he keeps saying I’ve grown I’ve changed? Is it possible that he’s grown and changed? Is it possible that yes, he had a bad relationship with this woman as he’s admitted and you know, a couple of exes but he found Teresa and he found his person and they’re a good match. And they will happily live happily ever after. I mean, certainly that’s a possibility and I hope this season we look at it and I’m like you know what? He had the weird video he has these extra to hate them but they seem really happy and it really seems genuine I mean that’s what I’m hoping to see

Larry 29:41
same and I you know what, as long as she is happy and he is treating her fine like that is all that matters to me. I feel like I’m Louie Louie Louie like I’m just like, oh, I can’t talk about him anymore. Is exes still DM me information. I’m like, You guys need to get over Right, like he is married now. So unless he is doing something currently, currently, I like, let’s just let them be like at a point, you have to just kind of be exhausted of talking about it. And I hope that we get to see a different side of him and that like, maybe he is likable. And like I said, the only thing that matters to me is that she is happy in her love bubble and making good TV. So

B 30:27
we’ll start with you. And I actually got an email saying that there’s a video that they’re going to set. They didn’t say they were going to send it to me, by the way, but I mean, that’s the assumption. I can tell you. Any video that’s from prior to him being with Teresa or whatever, I personally, somebody will post it, Larry, we know somebody will post it, it’s not going to be me, because I’m just simply not interested in the ancient history. We posted the warrior video because nobody knew him. It was it made sense. At that time, it no longer makes sense for me to post something from prior to their marriage rather than dating. It doesn’t make any sense. He has admitted that he went to programs and got himself help because he needed it. I’m of the belief that you respect a person and meaning that they grew and they evolved and they changed. And also, Teresa has said which is a really good point. People could have judged him for being with her. I mean, she’s a reality star. She’s table flipping, she’s been to prison. I mean, it isn’t like he started dating a girl scout,

Larry 31:31
right? Well, something happened. I mean, who’s to say what like maybe but like until it does then I got just let them be.

B 31:42
Is Larry for every part there is a lead? Yeah. So you know, he said I had a toxic relation, a couple of toxic relationships. And I found my person. So let it be. That is mine. That is my standpoint. I hope all the crazy fans here best please tune in, if you’re ever going to tune in, because and and the thing about it is as I watched the season, I will give my honest opinion. Potomac is a great example. I couldn’t stand CANDACE I cold for her to be off. I was like, so done with her. And this season. I loved her. I really enjoyed her. I really enjoyed Chris. I changed my mind, like normalize changing your opinion when presented with new information. Oh, I feel about my housewives.

Larry 32:29
Yeah, I agree with you, especially with the Potomac thing, because I was not a candy gal fan at all. And this season, she really changed for like really changed my mind. And I even told her at Bravo con. I was like, Girl, I’m like loving you this season. I didn’t tell her that I never liked her before because I who would do that. But I just I had to tell her I was like, listen, like, I, I am a very big fan of you this season. And she’s like, Oh my God, thank you so much. But like that, like you can change your mind. You don’t have to like someone the entirety of like the show.

B 33:00
Exactly. And so I say all that to say, these fans who like, like a person and will never change their mind. Or that’s weird to me, right? It’s weird to me. All right. We can’t not talk about legacy.

Larry 33:16
Oh, yeah. Let’s talk about what while ever living.

B 33:19
Okay, so here’s what I’m hearing. And I want to hear what you’re hearing because we know there’s a lot of different versions of this. Yes. So you know, page six printed that it’s on pause because they all want a million dollars as if they’re the cast of friends. And he came out the next day and he said, Don’t believe everything you read. What a source connected told me was that Dorinda Sonia and Kelly got to a point where they were happy with what they were being offered, or at least they agreed upon what they were offered. Jill said no, I don’t know if that was in relation to money or what? Which I was shocked at but this is what I’m hearing. And Luann was holding out the person did not say a million dollars but Luann was holding out for more money. The network has officially rescinded their offers so like the three that agreed they took them back. And now we see this whole press tour. I mean, right out with them. I mean, Larry How happy is Ramona that everything fell apart without her

Larry 34:26
she has literally like a pig in shit right now probably. She’s got to be so happy that they are kind of holding out on this. I think that the Countess is really just pushing it like take what they’re offering you yet like you’ll still have the notoriety from being on TV people are always gonna like want to see what you’re doing. You just are getting off of filming a show with Sonya where you probably got to probably got a pretty penny for that. Take the money. Do the season, see how it goes and then ask for more next season if they asked you back Like, but I mean, it’s, it’s gonna be a hit no matter what, like no matter what I mean, people want to see these ladies still on TV. But like, it just seems, it seems like at this point, it’s just like you’re being a little greedy. Like, I don’t know what the amount is that they were offered, I would assume that it’s nothing close to what was

B 35:18
less. But I think that you know, Luann is living in a world where people are paying $90 to see her sing worse than me, which is very hard to do. And like she lives in, she’s delusional, as many as many of our favorite housewives are. Yeah. And if the rumors are true that like, the new reboot, ladies are, it’s not great. You know, we’re hearing it’s not great. My sources are like, this shit isn’t going to be good. Take what they’re offering you. Let that tank or hope that that tanks and come back and say, Now I want my money.

Larry 35:54
Exactly. Right. Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, and obviously they move on.

B 35:58
And it’s just dead all together. And then they try another reboot or, but what about what about Bethany sticking it to Luann because they had that whole beat, remember? Because Bethany helped her and blah, blah, blah. And if she’s like, I’ll do it with Dorinda and Sonia. Kelly, could you imagine? I mean, everything else she’s done on television has failed. So swallow your pride and give us what we want be?

Larry 36:23
Oh, my God, I really wish I know, right? I mean, one could only hope One can only hope that that would ever happen. But I mean, also like, here’s the thing. If Luann is asking for too much money, then get a replacement for her find somebody else. I would watch anyone else. I don’t need Luann in New York, Soho. Give it to Tinsley give it to Jules Weinstein, she’s back in New York City. I would. I would take it. Anybody honestly. Except for Barbara Kay.

B 36:59
It’s so funny. You just said Jules Weinstein because Sonia randomly posted a picture and mentioned Jules. So maybe Sonia was trying to float that idea.

Larry 37:08
I mean, please Like I always say justice for Jules, I think she deserved a second season.

B 37:12
Totally. They can’t do it with three. So we got Jules, we got I don’t know why Jill said no. I mean, she doesn’t need the money one way or the other. Maybe she just didn’t want to commit because she really is split between Florida and New York. And like after all these years, she was like, Screw it. Harun. Dorinda have some beef too. And maybe she just doesn’t even want to go there.

Larry 37:31
Yeah, I mean, I think she’s very well off. I mean, I would love to see. I would love to see more of her like with Gary. And then obviously, I’m surprised she’s not doing it because, oh,

B 37:41
wait a minute. She’s really good friends with Luann. So she said no, Luanne probably convinced her to hold out with her because they couldn’t do it with just the three and then Bravo called their bluff. Oh, maybe. I think we just cracked that case. Larry, that would be good. I mean, that makes sense. Because they really are friends outside of everything.

Larry 38:02
I feel like Jill would do it like just for the exposure like with her business with Ali and everything was she’s all about like a sale. So I feel like she would do it regardless. So there had to be another reason why.

B 38:13
Well, I don’t think that she would want to do it without Luann because that would be her ally on the show. Yeah, Sonia will will not so you will be Switzerland as she often is she’ll have a glass of wine and act like she doesn’t know what’s going on and talk about John John Kelly, nobody can count on to be an ally Kelly can even be an ally to herself. Or last showing so yeah, I think I think that she I think that she thought that if the two of them held out it would be a go and she probably felt like well without Lewin I don’t really want to do it for this amount of money anyway, so whatever

Larry 38:48
Oh maybe I may have let’s hope that’s the case I heard something I think it was right and he said something on radio Andy where he’s seeing all these rumors. I think it was the day after like the people article got posted where he said that like all these Rumors are swirling and there’s only pockets of truth like and you know what I mean? Like there’s little bits of pieces of truth and every article that’s been written but nobody knows exactly what’s going on.

B 39:10
The photoshoot that was so clearly stage of Luann sitting in like a diner looking stressed at

Larry 39:16
oh my god we probably have the server

B 39:21
she probably had the the reporter from Page Six take it over oh, by the way, Larry one of my sources last night sent me your posted my post about Mary Crosby coming back and was like, both of you posted about her coming back as a friend. Neither of you recited

Larry 39:35
sob really? Yeah. So

B 39:39
I messaged the reporter, and I was like, you know, like, I’m speaking for myself. I can’t speak for anyone else. But like, that’s messed up, like cite us. And they’re like, oh, no, we got it from other sources. I said, I just want to let you know. Too often it happens that either I see myself post something or another account post something and you guys come out with a story So I just wanted to let you know that we all notice and we have followings. And we’ll let the people know. So this is me letting the people know. Because it’s a lot. Listen, not everything’s in exclusive but when a bunch of accounts know something before and then page six runs an article and doesn’t say where they got, as noted on at Bravo by geese and Bravo and cocktails. It’s annoying, because I will I shouted them out on this podcast four times i Page Six and Page Six said, it’s like they have some things. We have some things give us our due.

Larry 40:32
Right? No, I agree. And there are like certain reporters that always do cite the accounts. And I mean, we definitely take note of it. So

B 40:40
some of the paychecks Bernie at Page Six always does.

Larry 40:43
I’ve been really really good about it, too.

B 40:45
Yes, I’ve been very good. So it’s select, but we know who they are. Right. But Larry, you’re so much nicer than me. You would never messaged them and be like,

Larry 40:55

B 40:57
But why?

Larry 40:58
I don’t I just I could care less I guess.

B 41:02
I know. I’m petty. All right. So we say all that to say, New York, we may never see it.

Larry 41:11
Oh God, which is like so depressing. I mean, I’m not gonna write off the new New York ladies. I’m gonna give them a shot. Totally. I’m not I’m a little bummed about legacies. I was looking forward to seeing those ladies.

B 41:22
Do you know what Christian Grace no shout out to him. I was on his podcast. We had a lot of fun. He said to me that he actually looked into it. And the women on that the new reboot are the same ages as Roni when it first started. Real Oh, wow. Okay, so like Jenna Lyons is the same ages I would guess Ramona and like, yeah, like so they’re all like within like, maybe not like to the month but they’re all within the same. Oh, that’ll be I don’t know as I get older. I’m like, these addresses are a little I’m feeling a little long in the tooth watch.

Larry 42:01
Oh, my God. No, I’m excited to see them. I’m really excited to see like Ooba or Jenna lion. Sorry. I can’t wait. What they bring.

B 42:10
It’s so gorgeous. And when she does those, like when she does those reels of her like walking down the street in Manhattan in like a bikini in January. I’m like, I just want to like, I just want to Uber to the city and just sit there and wait to see her because I like I feel like if you’re near her you get sprinkled with like fairy dust or something. Magical. I live for scout in the city, which her name is Sai I think.

Larry 42:37
Okay. Yes. Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I love her vibe. omics. Yeah, there’s a few that I’m looking forward to seeing out there stuff that I don’t know.

B 42:45
Well, they’re all very pretty. But the woman goes pretty eyes. Aaron lychee. Yes. I like her. Her husband seems like he’s ready for his close up. I like that. He’s an attorney. As somebody who has many attorneys in her family. They’re thirsty. So I’m loving it. I’m loving it. Okay, and now Larry, you know, one of one of our favorite subjects. Our summer house crew. Yes. So I gotta tell you something. What? Tell me somebody connected to the cast, not on the cast connection to the cast. When I reposted Kyle posting for calls birthday because of course the speculation is does he still work for Loverboy we saw the clips where Kyle’s drunkenly bad mouthing him. And then Carl is complaining about, you know, not being appreciated at work. And the person told me that as of the birthday, which was last Friday, last week, yeah, about a week ago. They weren’t on speaking terms. I don’t know what that means. Exactly. And that it was true that he left the company. We assumed that we then saw Kyle that a couple days later, Tell Us Weekly that they were okay. And they have nothing but love for each other. Which isn’t the same as speaking to somebody. But I think he was carefully choosing his words. The person who told me blamed Lindsey, but I’m not really sure it’s fair to blame her or any one person. I think that you know, we see the clip, Kyle’s talking smack about cause performance. So I don’t think it’s really fair to blame Lindsey. I think Carl’s a big boy and he has his own opinions. But I think he really left Loverboy that’s what I’m hearing and that things aren’t so good with between them.

Larry 44:25
Yeah, I kind of sauce I forgot who had posted it. But I did see something where they said that the birthday posts to karo like, it may have just been for show that in the first episode of summer house you kind of like they it’s it’s heated and I think we’ll see a lot there. I mean, if he did leave waterboy I mean, I would

B 44:48
still an investor, though, so. I mean, that’s what it says in his profile. Oh, okay.

Larry 44:54
I mean, I mean, just taking

B 44:56
LinkedIn hasn’t changed. So It could be that he left but he, he doesn’t. He’s not currently employed.

Larry 45:04
Yeah. I mean, they were doing all of those like tours where they were going to all these like liquor stores and bars and like doing these, like Loverboy events, and I haven’t seen one in a while. I’ve been seeing a lot of demand, like an advertisement. Yeah. I mean, I, wouldn’t he make an announcement to him leaving maybe he leaves during the season. And then that’s what they’re waiting for to announce, like his, like departure there. So I don’t know. But, I mean, if he’s still an investor, obviously, he’s still going to get a paycheck from there. I mean, good for him. I I like playing a role. What’s that?

B 45:39
I think they I think that Kyle played it wrong. I think that Lindsey could have been listen, I had, there’s a lot of things you could say about Lindsey. She has negative qualities that I find annoying, but I think that her positive qualities, she’s a very strong personality, and I think she could have been a real asset to the company, and they should have invested in that and strengthen that relationship. And maybe rather than push Carl to walk away, had her come on. Yeah. No, now obviously, she maybe she’d be difficult to work with. And maybe that’s why they didn’t but you know, you’re the owner, and you can clarify her role. And if you compensated her properly, I’m sure she would be professional.

Larry 46:21
Right? Because I like remember when she said she was doing all that stuff for free. Like she was doing it just because Carl was going so. I mean, she has a very good large fan base. People do love her. I mean, she’s, I mean, I enjoy her. I mean, she’s not my favorite, but I I mean, I still like watching her. But I yeah, I mean, if they would have been smart. They maybe should have done that. I mean, I’m not a business person. So I have no idea.

B 46:50
I mean, same. Alright, so just general thoughts on Miami because did you I didn’t watch today’s episode. Oh, girl. Work From Home, Larry.

Larry 47:02
No, I watch today’s episode this morning before I started working. It was amazing. The ladies are bringing it every episode. There has not been one episode so far this season. That has been a letdown.

B 47:14
I can’t I just love them. I’m waiting for wait. I just love and everyone’s like, Oh, Marisol is an alcoholic. I mean, she’s functioning. I think it’s I think it’s her stick. You know, I love her. She’s sort of taken on a lot of her mom’s quality. Yes,

Larry 47:33
yeah. Yeah, she’s definitely there. She definitely is. I love seeing that she I mean, it is her thing is like the cockys and the cocktails and like I get it, but like not every episode you need to talk about how you stiff cocktail, but she’s entertaining. I like the fact that she’s just a friend but we’re getting her in like a full time capacity. Like it doesn’t make sense to me that her and Adriana don’t have mojitos like there is there on every episode. I’m in agreement with that. And Kiki I need her to be center Mojito because she gives me so much life.

B 48:10
Her confessionals. Our chef’s kiss

Larry 48:14
hilarious. She’s I feel she’s

B 48:17
server in, in the situations, and then she dropped really good one liners in the social situations. And then when they go to her confessionals, she kills it.

Larry 48:26
100% And she’s just dropped that gorgeous. And she’s funny and like, I just want to see more of her. So let’s hope that she comes back next season. I think there’s only a few episodes left, maybe like, Oh, two episodes left, I would say

B 48:41
when we found out that the whole money thing happened during filming. I was like poor Lisa. But I actually think it was really good for her. Not an actress from like a public perspective, because obviously that was good, right? Because everyone loves her. Yeah, like you can’t possibly dislike somebody going through that. But I also think it was good for her because she was able to be distracted by filming, and really have her friends supported her phenomenally. But because they were filming, they legitimately it was their job to be with her. So like she had that support with her so much.

Larry 49:18
Yes, yeah, it makes sense. It does. And I think you can I think if you have to watch today’s episode, by the time you this airs, I mean everyone won’t have had a chance to see it. But you’ll you’ll see where it’s just like it’s getting to the point now where it’s like every time she’s around she talking about the Lenny drama, and they do like a time lapse in today’s episode where it’s like eight minutes still talking about money. 28 minutes still talking about Lenny and Kiki is like Oh my God 11 And my club like in Miami. It’s just like it’s not the time or the place and I get it. That’s what she’s going through. That’s what she wants to talk to. She should have a court system but you have to kind of Like, no the time in place so like, so when Kiki said enough I was like I was there getting sick and tired of hearing about it.

B 50:08
So I feel like you’re much better at understanding programming than me. Do they move it to Bravo Are they like hell? No, this is such a hit. This is giving us the peacock money.

Larry 50:18
No, I think it’s gonna stay on peacock because I think eventually what will happen is everything will move to peacock where and said like Bravo obviously like there are the main shows on there. But I think like in the long term, like look at things, everything is going to eventually move to streaming. So they’ll keep they’ll keep the new seasons on peacock. They’re going to err on peacock or they’re going to err on Bravo anyway. They’re just not going to get them as the same time as the peacock subscribers and they get them a couple months later. So I guess you can wait. But Peacock has such good programming, where they have, they’re having the girls trips, they’re having Real Housewives of Miami, they have this trader show that came out like, there is so much good stuff that Yeah, and it’s just

B 51:01
yeah, I mean, I love it. I love watching Bravo. We’re like OG Bravo fans, you and I, yeah. Because we’re people of a certain age. So. So many questions came in when I put the box up saying I’m recording with Larry. And half of them were like, oh my god, I love him. A quarter of them were Why does he love Austin so much? Oh, my God. So I you know, I told I don’t know if you if you had time to listen last week, but I told the story of I may have done it on cocktail party, which I know you’re a cocktail or I love you. I love you. I love the wedding. But I told the story of Austin, which you know, because I reached out to you to be like, he wants to unblock me. Oh, unblock him.

Larry 51:51
Yes. Okay, so I didn’t see that. But you told the cocktail party. That’s hilarious.

B 51:57
So there’s the extra pods on the cocktail party. But yeah, so you didn’t hear it. But you know, my husband. But so when I he was traveling for work. And when I told him the story about how because I sent you the message where Austin was like, Okay, on the count of three, let’s apologize to each other. And I know, my husband, my husband sided with Austin, and he said that I should have apologized because I unnecessarily like carried it out. He’s, I mean, listen, oh, my husband follows him. I don’t think he’s listens to my podcast. I mean, he hears me enough. But he obviously follows me on Instagram. And he’s like, you just carried it out and kept going at the guy like you definitely focused on Him more. So like you do owe him an apology. And I was like, How dare you?

Larry 52:40
Oh, my God. Right, who said are you on, sir?

B 52:45
I know. But I mean, I guess it’s true. But what do you

Larry 52:49
know what I feel like? It’s all like, it’s not that deep. You don’t need to I think I think now there’s a fresh start with you and him. So that’s good.

B 53:00
For however long that lasts,

Larry 53:02
right? Let’s make another group chat and have to try and fix something else.

B 53:09
I think I said that. So for those of you that that didn’t hear that many pod. Back in the day, Austin tried to smooth things over with me by telling Larry, can you put me on a group chat with Bravo and cocktails? And then when I didn’t promise to not talk about him again. He started fighting with me again. And then I started fighting back because listen, I’m Pam not saying that I’m that petty I’ve never claimed to All right, Josh Allen. Everyone wants to know they say your their bills guy. Do you think it’s true? Do you know more than we’ve shared?

Larry 53:45
I think this is like so hard. Because like I really I don’t know. And so the rumors started floating around here through like, Buffalo is a it’s a small town like it’s a big city. But like it’s everyone here knows each other everyone. We there like we go to the same bars. We go to the same restaurants, everybody kind of like knows who people are like about town. And it started like kind of Rome, like getting out like, beginning of last week. And so when I had woke up and you had said, have you seen this I was like, Oh my God. Yeah. Like how did it get to you? Because I had heard about it like a few days prior and I was like, I’m not saying shit.

B 54:29
Like, I have to tell you even to take today. I don’t even know what Josh Allen looks like because I don’t you know, I’m not a football fan. My husband certainly is. And we were rooting for the bills by the way once the Jets are out. We go bills and then what if they’re both out? We Go Giants. Always in New York in my house. We’re not We’re not haters, we’re Mets fans, but when the Mets are out I mean, I don’t know if my husband routes for the Yankees, but I certainly do.

Larry 54:56
Yeah, no, it’s definitely I definitely think that there is some truth to it. If it is true, I definitely do not see any type of announcement being made. I think there’s probably like an ironclad NDA. But the stuff that you have posted on your site, so if you aren’t like on Bravo and cocktails, you need to go to work the stuff that you have posted. It’s also stuff that I have heard amongst people like in the area. So it’s not an it’s It’s definitely like, it’s interesting that it would spread that far. You know what I mean? Like, totally, there’s got to be some consistency with like that there’s information that you’re hearing in your in New York City, getting sent this info and I’m hearing it from people that like actually know them, you know what I mean? So I definitely think there is

B 55:41
some truth, like, boots on the ground. Yeah, I

Larry 55:44
definitely think there is some truth to it. I just, I mean, I don’t know there’s portions of it. Like, I know, I’ve talked to you about it, where, like, if people could be making it up, but there’s, I’ve heard from some other like reliable people that have like, been like in the know where I it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see fleets are

B 56:05
notorious cheaters. In right. There’s so many questions, so we’re wrapping it up. I’ll do Oh, this is a good one. I like this one. Do you agree with razzes opinion on the most overrated housewife? So this has gotten a couple of weeks back when he was on Watch What Happens Live? Yeah. And him and Kyle went at it. Do you agree that Kyle’s the most overrated housewife?

Larry 56:29
No, not at all? I don’t think so. I also I didn’t agree with him saying Kyle. But I feel like he kind of just like spit that name out. Because like, he was under pressure, maybe? I don’t know. But like, his reasoning for saying Kyle was overrated was because he wants to see LVP like, that doesn’t make sense, right? You only mean like, just say gray. Yeah. So it just it I love Kyle.

B 56:54
And I love LVP. And like normalized liking to housewives that may not like each other like, right. As a fan. I don’t see how you have to pick aside. Do what are your thoughts on Red Hat? Don’t you think that so I had this thought on a binary when I said it somewhere that like Reza and MJ doing like a talk show, like with Bravo labs, or just like whatever would be so cool. What are your like? I feel like they’re such great television personalities. And they’re also both huge Bravo, like, outside of their own show fans, because they met like, they’ve inbox me to be like lol This is crazy about just like whatever nonsense I post. What are your thoughts? Do you think they should get a show with Gigi without Gigi? What are your

Larry 57:43
I would love to see this. I mean, I like Gigi, but I would like to see the two of them do something together. MJ and Reza. I mean that I don’t know if another talk show on Bravo would work. I mean, they tried it with chat room, but like that wasn’t really a hit. But that was also a virtual process. Yeah, I don’t

B 57:59
What about watch Reza MJ, Kate Chasteen. Ah, because none of them have current shows. So they’re relevant in the Bravo world where they have the connections but I think a lot of the chat room problem was they were currently on shows that were airing and stuff and that makes it dicey.

Larry 58:18
Yeah, I would watch HSA and anything give her her own show. She was hilarious on traders. And it made me fall in love with her 10 times over. I don’t know if I would want to see her like in another talk show situation. I don’t even know if she would do that. After the way chat room happened. I would like to see Reza on his own show. Like I thought he was trying to I thought I heard maybe it was even on your page that he was pitching like a home flipping show for HGTV. I think that would be like a good space for him. He likes interior design and all of that. I like MJ on her podcast. I think she’s killing it when her and Tommy on the podcasts and like she’s on Jeff Lewis. So like, maybe on the podcasting, like radio space, what if they

B 59:00
like revved up their real estate careers again, and we’re like apprentices one under Josh Flagg one under Josh Altman that was writing cool. I mean, how cool would that be? It kind of puts them at odds again. And I’m also I love the Million Dollar Listing. I’ve been watching La. I love the friendship between the Josh’s because you know they were adversaries for so long. Yeah, they’re buddies.

Larry 59:26
No, I love I love

B 59:28
them. I mean, Josh Flagg is such a dick but I love him. Like, he’s like a Nene. Like if if you’re walking if I were walking down, I don’t know. Whatever Street in Beverly Hills. It was like oh my god, just flag you’d be like, fucking beat it your basic bitch right? I would love it. Right? Don’t talk to me for totally, you’d be like you couldn’t afford a studio here. Get out of my Alright, Larry, thank you so much. Watch. It is always always a treat.

Larry 1:00:02
Oh my god, you’re so welcome. Thanks for having me. I literally like that thing. We could go on for another hour.

B 1:00:09
For another at well, you’re coming on with me to do a cocktail party. Yeah. Yeah, that’ll be fun, which I can’t mention on here because then I get all the reviews that I’m terrible for monetizing, because I mean, being a business woman.

Larry 1:00:22
Oh my god, people complain about everything. I’m only

B 1:00:27
I love you guys. And I love you for tuning in. And next time

Amanda 1:00:38
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody. Bye guys.

B 1:01:20
See you next time.

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