Losing a mojito?

Feb 26, 2023

From: Mia Miami
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Season 6

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All the ladies will be back for season six. But will they all be full time? Conversations are happening about Lea Black returning full time. A housewife will be losing her mojito.

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  1. Asia Powell

    Julia or Guerdy could. They give friend of anyway.

  2. Jennifer Sweat

    Lea Black is that you? 😂

  3. Ify

    Guerdy please

  4. Only fans

    Larsa~she basically is a friend of now, she shares nothing of her private life but gets messy in everyone else’s private life.

  5. Valerie Lencioni

    Adrianna or Julia.

  6. Jay

    I had a feeling when Lea and Lisa had their convo in the latest episode that this was a subtle way to reintroduce Lea.

  7. Selene Simonson

    Adriana is a friend this session.

  8. Deanna Roumimper

    My guess is Guerdy

  9. Rach_lynne

    None of them deserve to lose their Mojito! If I had to guess though I would think Julia?

  10. Kelly

    I hope it’s Larsa (Not Pippen). 🍹 She tried the whole “I heard…” and failed miserably, could’ve cost someone their career/ livelihood (Nicole’s) and someone’s marriage (Julia’s) That’s all she did this season. Stir the pot – or like I said, try to. Other than that she has no storyline whatsoever. Can’t wait to see Lea Black on the screen again.

  11. Big butt Pippen

    Here’s hoping it’s ‘I didn’t have plastic surgery’ Pippen. She adds literally nothing and shares nothing.

  12. Robby

    Don’t think this is true. Lea has said numerous times on Jeff Lewis show that she does not want anything more to do w RHOM


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