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Feb 22, 2023


Mary filmed for RHOSLC today.

allegedly written in cursive font


  1. Tori

    Really disappointed in Bravo if this is the case. Mary was racist towards Asians and Mexicans/Hispanics. Bravo was obviously grandstanding when they were posting about supporting the AAPI community.

  2. Little girl

    How irresponsible. Good TV sure but it’s because Mary is unhinged and obviously mentally unwell (and let’s just say it, a cult leader…) Anything for ratings.

  3. Sam

    Why are people excited for this predator to come back

  4. Jess

    This is so annoying.. does bravo think they can’t survive without a con person on the cast?

  5. EH

    People in the comments here need to learn what real racism is or are real hypocrites. Leave Mary alone, she’s not the best at expressing herself. And come on she’s only speaking truth. I’m a mx and what she said is not offensive. Who take offense are just bored.

  6. Lisa

    So what IF (a massive IF) Bravos plan all along has been to out these con artists? I mean, practically all con artists are narcissists who could never resist the spotlight of a reality show and “flaunting” their cons they think they’re getting away with. Only to be completely self incriminating and do themselves in?

    Ridiculous, I know. But an entertaining thought nonetheless ?

  7. Not Shah Exposed

    This is so exciting


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