The accusations on Real Housewives of Potomac are FLYING. And of course, we have opinions and theories. Plus some exclusive tea on Juan and Robyn’s wedding. Ashley and Luke change their Facebook status to “It’s Complicated”. The ladies of Beverly Hills are gearing up to film, and we have tea on a possible castmate. Which reminds B of the story of Ali Landry’s first marriage that she shares – and Amanda can’t get past one minor detail. We had to Google” “K Hole” after watching the SLC reunion – don’t worry we’ll tell you what it means if you didn’t know either. Last but not least, Lisa and Lenny’s prenuptial agreement from 2009 was sent to us, and there are a lot of interesting details inside. This week’s tangents: Game Show Hosts and Spring Break Locations as metaphors for Bravo shows.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 38

B 0:01
at the reunion, Amanda she names ketamine, which is like a hardcore drug. She then blames Jen Cha, saying Jen Shah told everyone Whitney cosines that Meredith calls Jen who clearly denies it by man. Lisa’s like, Oh, you’re gonna believe a somebody’s going to jail and she just goes on

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the two. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. B.

Amanda 0:49
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

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What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 0:59
Hi cocktailers so okay, maybe I don’t know. Well, no, I do know where I think we should start. I think we should start talking this week about Real Housewives of Potomac. This last episode, yet again. Great. But then the with the spoilers for the next week with the abs. I don’t even I don’t even know where to start. But Karen brings up to Ashley they’re sitting and having a drink. And of course Ashley literally cannot hold it in for even even a day goes and tells Robin that Karen came to her with this cheating rumor about Robins husband was cheating on her.

B 1:46
I mean, you and I have been saying when are they bringing this up? Because when they were filming, we clearly saw Instagram and Instagram account alleging this, which it doesn’t make it true. But Potomac always brings up what’s in the blogs. And you remember when when Eddie unfollowed, all those Instagram girls and all that, like, certainly we’ve dealt with it with Ashley and Darby, Monique, I mean, I’m like, Are we ever gonna get to the one rumors? Again, that doesn’t make them true, but why are none of the ladies addressing them? So I think that maybe there was some sort of pack after like, so much of it, which is and I’ve been saying and shout out to Christian Grace know whose pot I was on. And I told him my theory and he was like, oh my god, I think that that makes sense. Sharif was brought on because Robin and Giselle wanted this out all this bad stuff about Karen, but they didn’t want to be the ones to say it. Karen knows that whether they’re saying it or not. They know Sharif is the puppet and I think Karen had finally had it. And boy, there it went. She spelled that to you about the alleged cheating rumors. I mean, she really went in. And then Amanda, tell me your reaction to one Dixon’s reaction.

Amanda 3:07
i Okay, so for those of you guys who haven’t see like one literally they they call Robin and Ashley call from the like little boutique that they’re shopping in. And Robin has him on speaker and he you can I mean, you can see the phone vibrating. He’s yelling so loud into that phone and I watching this I’m like, this is not the reaction of an innocent man. An innocent man says first of all, robbing like, hey, take me off speaker.

B 3:39
Right. Yeah, although that may be some sort of rule like,

Amanda 3:43
Yeah, that could be right, like a filming role, right, but doesn’t yell and get angry. Like he says, you know, he might sound indignant and sound sound angry that this, this is being accused, but yelling at your wife, screaming at you. I would say screaming screaming at your wife is definitely not the reaction that I would expect.

B 4:08
You know, what’s crazy shout out to a cow TV deets. They posted an old clip. And I don’t know what season it’s from. It’s definitely a few seasons ago. And Robin is like doing his schedule. And the dynamic between them is, and I know that there, there has been a shift over the years. So if it was an earlier season, but the dynamic between them is almost like Matt like she’s his manager, or a mother or sister or friend like and she’s making his schedule, and he’s kind of being moody with her and he leaves and then again, our Potomac producers always bringing us the shade that we want to see. The producers like whispering to him, like, you know, what’s the matter? Do you not want to be together? And he’s like, No, I want to be in like a real relationship and I want more I want to share my life with somebody. If It wasn’t for my kids. And like, says all of this. And again, it’s a couple years ago, but now you’re hearing this now people are saying that she knows about it right?

Amanda 5:10
Hmm, yeah. Well, okay, I’m just thinking, because now that you bring up that scene, I completely remember it now that you bring it up. And first of all, thank you to all these accounts that are doing this kind of stuff. It’s God’s work, because you and I have the worst memories. I’ve completely forgotten about it, until you just out

B 5:32
Bravo village.

Amanda 5:36
thinking, okay, so going back to him saying I want to share my life and then knowing that he has been doing is hearing the rumors that we’ve heard, which is that Robin knows. I mean, is there some kind of implication that, like, they’ve friendzone their marriage? Like, what’s the thinking behind why she would put up with it?

B 5:59
Well, and so I am at a loss. I mean, you could say it’s for the boys, but people split up. But but so this is all happening. And the week that they finally mentioned, the cheating people announces her wedding, okay. They got married in August, she timed the announcement for this episode to drop. She was filming the episode, she knew it was coming. And of course, we got the email that you know, the cocktail is all red, saying it’s legit. One of the followers that we have a cocktail are worth the wedding the day after. I know the venue told her that, oh, you know, do watch Real Housewives of Potomac wine, and Robin just had their ceremony here. They said it was small and intimate. They got married on a Wednesday, it was in August at Sparrows Point, Maryland at the Bayfront club, super small, just family, no cast, but a camera crew. So we’re going to see it. Now the question is legal. But that brings us to Well,

Amanda 7:03
before we move on, I was just gonna say one thing about that, like, it’s one thing if you’ve been married, and you know, you’re staying in it for the kids. And you know, and you know, you’re you know, your husband and you kind of put up with it. It’s a whole other thing to have already been divorced. And then the cheating and then go get married. Like, it’s just not adding up. For me. It’s like a whole that’s a whole different ballpark. Right to then go get married. Once your art? I don’t know. I don’t know.

B 7:38
I asked the it’s a mystery to me. I don’t understand. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe he did have a slip up and she forgave him and she doesn’t want to discuss it. Now, you know, maybe it’s not an open arrangement. Maybe she’s given him another shot. I did ask the follow up was Giselle there and she said that she was told it was just family, but she herself wasn’t there. So we can’t say for sure. A lot of fans are saying all over the place, like is this real? And something that we received in our email? Was someone pointing out that she can’t testify to anything that may have been told to her if they’re married? So with this whole lawsuit pending these questions we have as to why could that be why? somebody points out it’s not a criminal case. So it’s not the same, but I don’t know. You want to cover yourself regardless? Right? Yeah,

Amanda 8:33
I don’t know. I mean, I guess that it is interesting. The timing, because they have been engaged for three years. Right? That Yes. Then all of a sudden, you know, this, this case? pops up? I don’t know.

B 8:49
I mean, I don’t know what I do know is that reality television, television is not the place for secret arrangements or secrets in general.

Amanda 8:57
No, because there are a lot of people out there with way better memories than us that put two and two together pretty well. So there’s no hiding. There’s no, there’s no cheating without getting caught. As far as I’m concerned. If you’re on reality TV, like somebody’s gonna see you in someone’s, and then they’re going to tell us about it.

B 9:18
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Amanda 9:21
What else? Let’s see. So what about the all the stuff from this weekend where Ashley and Luke are together?

B 9:30
So we saw her at his beer launch. And I had remembered that she posted a picture that she was doing a drag brunch and I knew that Minneapolis was one of the places so I went to her page. I saw Sure enough, it was the next day next. So she’s at the beer launch. And we didn’t really see I mean, we show group photos. But again, everybody’s friends, right? Lindsay is there calls there she’s there, Luke’s there. Brian Benny was there. So they The next day we see Lindsay at her drag brunch, which makes sense because I’m sure her and Lindsay are friendly now, right? They went on a lot of double dates. But then we see Luke’s mom and his sister also attended. You know, there were a bunch of cocktails at the brunch. And they told us that Luke’s mom told Ashley, she could show watch her sons whenever she needs babysitters, which is very sweet. They said that it’s very clear that Luke’s you know, mom and sister are very fond of Ashley. But here’s what’s very interesting. Ashley told, you know, people in attendance when they asked like, what’s going on with Luke? Hello. She was just picture with him the night before. She said it’s complicated. So I reached out to some people, they say that they’re still casual. Listen, she said on the divorce. I doubt Michael is liking seeing her with this beautiful young guy. So it makes sense for her to pump the brakes publicly. To keep him happy. She does not have a prenup. I’m sure as I would, she wants Michael to be as generous as he can be. Right? So I’m hearing they’re still casually hooking up for obvious reasons. Things are going to be kept like quiet now. Maybe she did it to make him jealous I, who knows. But let’s not expect Ashley to be public, with Luke or anyone else until that divorce is finalized.

Amanda 11:31
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve had any friends go through divorce? I’m guessing, you know, most likely, yes. That’s an unfortunate statistic. But I have. And that was definitely something that a friend’s lawyer told her like, you know, you, you know, if you want to do a little, like, very low key dating, but don’t get into a relationship, even though you know, I won’t go into details of what happened in their relationship. But, you know, the lawyer was like, Don’t don’t get into relationship don’t like, don’t do a lot of dating until this thing is final. So that makes a lot of sense to me, right? Because you’re essentially going through a huge contract negotiation. And you don’t want to piss the other side off. And so I, you know, whether or not, you know, they’re, you know, no matter what the history is, you don’t you don’t want to poke the bear. So I think that, I think that makes sense. I don’t think it’s going to go the distance with those two, whatsoever. I just, but I think there is probably a mutual attraction, and they probably have a lot of fun together. And, and they

B 12:51
have mutual friends. Yes. Yeah. It’s just I think it’s fun. I think it’s fun for both of them, you know,

Amanda 12:58
well, and they they get each other, right, because they’re both in this weird, Bravo world, that they just immediately understand certain parts about each other’s lives that somebody who is not would not get it.

B 13:13
It’s so funny. You say that, Amanda, because so often followers say to me, like, oh, show and so we’ll be calling Lindsay, be it, Paige. And, Craig, be it any of these couples who get together? In this case, Ashley and Luke, like, Oh, they’re only doing this for cloud? Listen, the cloud doesn’t hurt, right? It’s like a list stars. You know, JLo with Ben is bigger than JLo with John Smith, who nobody ever heard of. But yeah, there’s a camaraderie. There’s an understanding, there’s, you know, it’s, it’s comfort, it’s like in the medical world. I know that doctors often marry other doctors or other nurses. It’s a world that a layman cannot really understand. The hours are wild. The pressures are wild. So it makes sense. You even see, like, I don’t know if this is common where you are, but by me, I know, so many nurses marry like other frontline workers, or like cops, firefighters, I think that it is that do you know what I’m it’s that it’s a common thread amongst so why would the celebrity world and the reality world be any different? It’s somebody who understands your lifestyle.

Amanda 14:26
Right? Right. Yeah. And there’s it’s a, it’s a small dating pool.

B 14:33
And they’re all good looking. So if they like HR, nowadays, it’s a go.

Amanda 14:39
Did I tell you by the way, somebody was asking, I think it was on our, I think I’m pretty sure it was on our zoom for cocktail party, our membership that somebody was asking me, you know, is Carl still us? Is Carl still working for the company? And so I did a little looking and I’m linked then it is still in his profile.

B 15:02
Because I was like, What are we? Yeah, you’re you’re the Sleuth with that stuff. And you’re like, I’ll check it out. And then you told me Listen, well speaking of that, a couple days ago, didn’t yell like the picture from Luke’s beer launch. But here’s the thing, Lindsay posted it. And my followers watch everything. They told me that she hadn’t posted she hadn’t liked one of Lindsay’s pictures since like the beginning of July, because remember, they fell out in the summer during filming. So all the theories came. The first was, it was an accidental click, and then she didn’t want to unclick the second was the ice is stalling, right? Maybe they’ve seen each other or spoken or had some interaction where they’re not so angry. Listen, time does give people clarity. They haven’t been filming, they’ve had distance. And another one was, it was shade. Because this was a theory. Because we know that Danielle’s close with Carl, I mean, excuse me, Kyle, and Amanda, and Lindsey and Carl were promoting a another liquor brand by posting his beer. And we know they have not posted Loverboy, which, for me is a giveaway that something is amiss. Yeah. But even if he’s still an investor, I mean, if you’re an investor, you have the company’s best interest at heart because you got monies in it. And honestly, how can they get mad? I mean, you don’t, I don’t see them getting mad when somebody promotes Austin’s beer. You know what I’m saying? Like? Yeah, friends with Luke, too. So I don’t think it was that. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Amanda 16:40
That’s a that’s a good theory. I am gonna go with ice is thawing. You know, I was thinking about, like, how, what a bummer. Even even from Danielle and who knows? We don’t know what’s happened. Right. But from both sides of the friendship, you know, if somebody’s getting married, and, you know, they’re not there to experience that together. I mean, that’s kind of be a bummer, you know, from from both sides. Also like that. Danielle went through this breakup, and didn’t have Lindsay there for her. So maybe it’s just like, life stuff is happening. And they’re like, you know, we this is, you know, this friendship is more important than the fight that we had, which I certainly hope so. Yeah. And I would say like, most friendships where I’ve had fights with friends, like, it takes a little time and then you you get back and like, you, you make up and you’re better than ever. So let’s hope that that’s what it is.

B 17:44
Speaking of Danielle’s axe he posted, you know, he’s a chef and at fancy places like in Aspen in the winter. And he posted ravioli, and he, his caption was, I can buy my own flower, which is an ode to No, I reposted it and he wasn’t happy. Basically, he told me I should get a life. He told me, I should try to live my own life. And I just wrote back I’ll try and then I unfollowed him because really, if he’s not with a Bravo star, he’s irrelevant to me anyway. So yeah, that’s true. You know what I mean? Or welcome for hours, hours that I and other Bravo accounts brought to your little scrawny account prior to dating her. But I’ll stop giving you attention now, because I have a life. Thank you very much, and my life is quite profitable, thanks to my little dorky hobby.

Amanda 18:37
She She’s, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that. Why would he be mad about that?

B 18:42
I don’t know who’s actually I don’t put an either and I don’t post DMS like, I mean, you know, because I tell you like very often, but like, I was just like, I didn’t say anything bad. I just was I reposted it and I was like, I was basically like, oh, Danielle’s ex has a clever caption because it was clever.

Amanda 19:00
I mean, clearly he was, I didn’t think you were being shady at all. And he was referencing

B 19:05
his own breakup. So like, and the funny thing is, he’s laughed at and liked, like other gossipy stuff I’ve posted, so I guess it’s cool. As long as it’s not about him.

Amanda 19:16
I don’t know I have a public account. And I wasn’t bashing

B 19:19
him. It’s not like I posted like, as an example, Shakira is loser. X posted the new girl and I wrote something I wrote, oh look, it’s the Timko and the Casio because like that’s shady and if I would have written something rude like that it would have been warranted but me just reposting your public account is like I said it was it was like a funny caption. And he like when he

Amanda 19:42
must be getting a lot of hate or something because you are not I know it’s you guys. It’s not hard to tell when Mia is being shady. She was not being shady. That’s fine

B 19:51
by me and honestly, if he were still relevant, I would gladly still follow him and repost because there have been other people who are mean to me who I still repost because I do The people want, but the people didn’t even respond to it. The only response the only feedback I got was that so I’m like, Well, I don’t need to be posting you don’t worry. It does more for you than it does for me hon.

Amanda 20:11
Whatever. But I do love that song so much. And love that video. The Miley video. It’s so good. So good. Okay, moving on a lot of social media from Beverly Hills housewives this week. So we saw in weekend Teddy and Kyle were in Mexico for Kyle’s birthday. One of our clock tailors sent a picture actually to saying that they were in Cabo, I think at the bearish, I want to say and then we saw that Rena and Erica went to Paris it is I think it might be is it Paris Fashion Week or? I think that’s some why they’re there. And Sutton to and Sutton posted a picture with LVP

B 20:59
I don’t know if it is fashion week because I asked us because I’m not like the biggest fashionista I asked somebody and they were like, no, they’re all just on vacation, but maybe it is. I don’t know. Okay. So

Amanda 21:09
I just figured because of that whole Kylie Jenner or with the lion. I was like, oh, maybe that’s why they’re all in here. Iris.

B 21:16
You’re right. You’re right, then it must be see, what do I know? I don’t know. I know. He

Amanda 21:21
really general just likes to that that lion thing is real bizarre.

B 21:26
Do you know I’ve been making a concerted effort not even to post the Kardashian since the whole Balenciaga thing. I’m just like, You know what? Let’s Yeah, not like my accounts going to stop anything because they’re so so much bigger than me. But I don’t have to contribute to it because you know what? I really not giving that right. So I love them. We see Lisa Vanderpump with any of the Beverly Hills be at Garcelle be at Sutton because she loves to get all of us going like when she posted ding dong. And everyone was calling for her to come back when when Rana departed. But we posted Amanda that according to someone connected to the show, she’ll never be back. And this is what surprised me. They said for the right amount of money, she would do it. But the production isn’t interested. Because she’s difficult. Now, personally, I always felt it was her decision. I get they were probably mad about her not showing to the reunion. But I figured that as time passed, they would want her back. But like how difficult can she be Vanderpump Rules is still chugging along, but they pointed out that her IE and peacock shows never survived. So what do you think about that? Chatter?

Amanda 22:37
Well, I mean, I’m kind of a love LVP I don’t think she’s going to come back. I think it’s probably a mutual thing. Because with Vanderpump Rules, she’s the queen. She was not you know, she lost the crown, I would say and in you know, on Beverly Hills, and so I don’t think she’s gonna come back. I think that the timing guys remember that Vanderpump Rules is premiering? What in a couple of weeks. So the timing makes sense to me. Right, right. Getting her get the engineer and it’s Yeah, so I think that’s really what it’s about. Honestly, I would love her to come back. I just I think she’s just very entertaining. And I really enjoy her. I just don’t think she ever will.

B 23:28
I’m on the same page.

Amanda 23:30
Let’s see. What about what else are we hearing about who else is coming? Because they’re, they’re starting to fill them like anytime now the Beverly Hills wives.

B 23:40
Well, I heard a little rumor that alley laundry who has appeared with Garcelle she’s appeared like various seasons. And apparently they’ve talked to her literally every season is what my my guy connected to the cast set. And he sang she might really be in the mix. I would imagine it’s like a friend of capacity, maybe like Will Smith’s ex wife Cherie Cherie was. I love it. Especially if she’s gonna get on there and talk about her quickie marriage to Mario Lopez. Do you know this story, Amanda?

Amanda 24:11
So I remember that. They got married. It ended quickly. It had to do with something with him cheating but I don’t remember the details. So

B 24:23
just because it’s juicy. I’ll for those cocktails that don’t know the story. I googled it, of course, because I didn’t remember all the specifics. They were dating for six years, six years. They met I guess she was Miss Teen USA or she was working the pageant I don’t know in 1998. But there they were a Nolde after two weeks of being married. She said about the split. Not even a week after I found out that it was like a Tiger Woods situation. Direct quote, by the way. It was you know, cheating across the board with some women for one year some women for two years. She said she thought to herself like, How did I miss this? How did I even like, end up marrying a person that would do this? She says she was devastated, as one would imagine. And Mario said, he wrote a memoir about it. Mario Lopez, you guys all know him from Saved by the Bell. He is an extra. He’s on extra. He’s had a lot of TV shows. He’s very good friends with Mark Wahlberg because I follow their instance, in his memoir. He said he felt pressure to get married by her and society. Come on. His oldest friends were getting married. He knew he wasn’t ready. Ready. And he says on his bachelor party. Oh, by the way, the men just said it was a fishing trip. But they went on spring break. And it was a five day non stop party. He had too good of a time. He got too friendly with a young lady. And essentially got caught.

Amanda 25:55
Wait spring break like college spring break. Where did they go?

B 25:58
It says I believe they went somewhere in Mexico. Okay,

Amanda 26:02
I’m looking at googling this as we’re talking. And it it said they went to South Padre Island in Texas.

B 26:13
Wait, is that like a kiddie Spring Boot place?

Amanda 26:16
Like I’m trying to think of how to put this. That’s where it is like, I don’t have a very good

B 26:24
hey, so in New York,

Amanda 26:26
it’s a college spring break.

B 26:28
Like we do that in Cancun and like we all cram in a room and it’s like very budget. Yeah.

Amanda 26:33
Yes. Except it’s like that. Like, it’s like, okay, to TV shows, right? It’s like summer house versus Jersey Shore. And South Padre Island is more Jersey Shore. Not that I know. I love jersey shore to and I think actually the actual Jersey Shore is beautiful. But you know what I mean? Like, yes.

B 26:53
Just like Mexico is beautiful. But the resorts that Spring Breakers go in Cancun are more like yeah,

Amanda 26:58
star. Yeah, gotcha. Yes, exactly. So you’re telling me? Well, the notes are now telling me that Hollywood actor and host with his friends to South Padre Island. Okay, that guy should first for his bachelor party. I mean, he for sure should have gotten married. That’s Oh my god. I can’t get over that detail.

B 27:27
I know. It’s bad. But when I used to follow him, and I don’t anymore, but I can’t help but think of that every time I see him with his new wife who’s beautiful and lovely. And they have kids. I’m just like, hope he’s changed.

Amanda 27:40
If you’re going to South Padre Island for your bachelor party, you’re not mature enough to get

B 27:45
no thank not

Amanda 27:49
let’s Yeah, let’s hope that yes, everything is I don’t know. You know what’s so funny too. And like, I don’t think you can completely be a different person on camera that you are off camera. If you’re doing like a whole like you’re hosting everyday and whatever. He just comes off cheesy as like a really nice guy though, too. Right? So let’s hope that that’s it. He just was just not mature enough to get married.

B 28:15
I don’t agree with you.

Amanda 28:17
I don’t think he’s off as a nice guy.

B 28:19
I do think he comes off as a nice guy. But I think that these hosts just thinking of other ones like Ryan Seacrest seems like such a great guy. And we see he’s talking smack about Andy at least Andy is shady in his hosting. So I think that I think that Mario Lopez puts on a show. And I’m not saying he’s still a cheater, but I feel like he’s kind of addicted to life and he like tries to act like he’s a boy scout on television.

Amanda 28:43
But could be I don’t know I watch wheel of fortune with my kids. Sometimes when we’re like making dinner. And Patsy Jack is getting so freakin cranky. So random, but I joke about it with my son. Oh my God, he is so cranky. Now. He’s like, kind of snaps at the contestant. And like so maybe maybe he’s just getting to that older age where he just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Actually, Patsy Jack

B 29:13
used to get absolutely loaded. And I mean, it’s not I’m not making fun of him. He was an alcoholic. And like in the early years, and I think he gave up drinking but he was like loaded and out of control. So I don’t know. On the show. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Patsy I think I’m almost positive it was Patsy Jack. If it wasn’t me next pod but you know who I love? I love love. Steve Harvey. That’s me and my family. After dinner when we don’t have to run to sports. Last night we watched an episode and I just crack up he’s so funny.

Amanda 29:48
He has he’s cake of the side. I add the subtle shade and hit the way that he plays it off. It’s so

B 29:55
good and he makes fun of the contestants but like they don’t even get it. It’s great. It’s great.

Amanda 30:00
All right cocktail hours you have to tell us if you agree about Patsy Jack getting cranky, because

B 30:05
I have to watch now I haven’t I do. I love Wheel of Fortune. But that time of night is just busy with school aged children, as you know.

Amanda 30:13
It’s just odd sometimes and like dinner like everyone, like you don’t really sit down to watch it. It’s just like odd in the kitchen sometimes and like, will like, you know, stop, you know, in the middle of cooking and like look or whatever and tell the kids that I like to do it. But anyway. All right, I am completely taking things off the rails here. All right, so Okay, so Salt Lake City. I have not yet watched the first part of the unit yet. Did you watch it?

B 30:43
I did. I watched it last night. I mean, well, there’s a couple of things I’ll mention, but we got well, we got so

Amanda 30:51
much going on socially. Yeah, about like, the new housewives and then all of a sudden a lot of racist things popping out. We were getting emails about it. We were getting like screen proof of this of some old social media posts. And then there was that picture of EMG K in a picture with a guy that had a white lives matter t shirt on. And I guess a few of the wives follow. I don’t know who the guy was. And I didn’t. I didn’t look into it, because that’s just it. So

B 31:28
we had made a post that was about a woman who was allegedly cast let’s, let’s see if we end up seeing her if she gets caught like Jenny did. Her name is Debbie. She had old Facebook and Twitter posts that were racist. And then we saw the photo of Angie Kay, which she Angie Kay came out and said like, I do not support this. The photo was taken from the front, the shirt was in the back a whole mess. This city is just in trouble. In my opinion. This is our second round of racist tweets with different women. Obviously, we have Heather’s fall from grace, which there was another theory I posted today. Our book was released and as expected, nothing new about the black eye. Although at the reunion we heard she basically said she was blacked out and she doesn’t remember. But she was too embarrassed to say that. AKA she wanted a storyline. I mean, that was a fall from grace. Social media continues to drag her. And then last night at the reunion. We saw Lisa, confronted by Andy alleging that Meredith pop so on the show, Lisa said that Meredith was a pill popper, at the reunion, Amanda she names ketamine, which is like a hardcore drug. She then blames Jen Shah, saying Jen Shah told everyone Whitney cosines that Meredith calls Jen who clearly denies it. And then Lisa is like, Oh, you’re gonna believe a somebody’s going to jail. And she just goes off. It was a lot.

Amanda 33:01
Yeah, well, I saw something about that on Instagram. I think it was the face reality 16 account that we both fall into, because I had to of course go to Google because it said it was talking about Heather that maybe Heather got her black eye when she was in a K hole. I am dead serious. I literally did not I didn’t know what like what the fuck K hole is. I had no idea. So I went to Google. I’ve heard and it means did you get to know

B 33:33
I’ve actually heard of it. It’s like a very hard our drug.

Amanda 33:38
So I know what ketamine is. I didn’t know what I kale is. So a K hole is when someone does way too much ketamine like five times a regular dose and becomes disassociated dissociated with their body and their mind. Because ketamine is that like it can be used as like they call it the date rape drug. It also I think, is like a horse tranquilizer in heavier dosages like you’re right. It’s a it’s a like serious drug. But then I was like, Oh my God, that reminds me. I remember reading about ketamine, and like Mormons essentially before because I went on that whole other deep dive a long time ago about Mormons and ex Mormons, but in the Mormon doctrine, they don’t do drugs they don’t do even caffeine they don’t drink but that there are like the there’s like a list of you can’t have this, this and this. But where are you saying hope that they I’m saying that there’s a couple of drugs that aren’t Lorman so they do that are not included? Yes. Ketamine and ecstasy. This is I went down this hole Whole rabbit hole. This is what this article said I am. And this is what it was like actual research and so there’s groups of Mormons who will get together and do these two specific drugs because they are not on the do not. They they technically quote unquote don’t count. And the no drugs, no booze, more minerals. So I there’s a lot of ketamine use in in Utah.

B 35:25
Okay, that is absolutely frightening. So like, oh, I can’t have a glass of wine. So I’m going to take horse tranquilizers

Amanda 35:34
in lower doses, apparently, it’s more of a ecstasies type. I wouldn’t know I never got it. I had to Google what a K hole was guys. Oh, and then we get curious about stuff.

B 35:48
Then Lisa mentioned shrooms, and Meredith was like so now you’re saying shrooms and also remember, Meredith is not Mormon. Yeah, I mean, okay. And then the email we got today, which I can read quickly says that Heather and Jen, were doing coke in the bathroom. Again, this is totally alleged, this is a rumor. Heather hit her head on the sink faucet, blacked out doesn’t remember anything. Jen made a pact to hide the truth. So they wouldn’t get in trouble with production. And obviously she was going to trial. And she knows for a fact. And Heather was lying at the reunion. What’s very interesting when you do watch the reunion is that Meredith and Heather continue to back, Jen, completely.

Amanda 36:35
She must have something I mean, like, why, why at this point, and

B 36:40
by the way, like now is it Jen last night came out and posted that she has a website, a subscription site remains to be seen, if it’s a paid subscription, however, she will be selling merch there. So I’m tend to believe, didn’t the judge tell her she is not allowed to profit off of her crime. So unless she’s tricking everyone, which is totally possible, and when you get there, she’s not talking about the crime at all. She’s just talking about her childhood or something other than the crime, and it’s like, a hoax. But like, and I tweeted this, if I have to tell you not to give your credit card to somebody going to federal prison for scamming credit cards, then you’re beyond help. So by

Amanda 37:22
I mean, somebody needs to do this so that we can talk, we can read what’s on there and talk about it

B 37:27
won’t be me. First of all, whatever she says is going to be bullshit. I don’t believe she’s really going to talk about the case may be vague, maybe loosely. But if she does, I mean, and again, attorneys let me know. But couldn’t the government tack more time on for her not following the conditions of her, you know, sentence?

Amanda 37:47
Yeah, yeah. I mean, I mean, there’s no, I don’t see why I don’t I don’t know the law as far as that goes. But I don’t know it just like it’s I think she literally has such a big ego. She can’t let the spotlight go. And I think that’s what she was doing it. And I think because she has to pay everything back. Right. So any

B 38:09
money that million, like six or $7 million, which it’s a lot? Yeah, it’s a lot. And we also see in an upcoming clip that the lady’s say that they believe that she finally pled guilty to protect coach, because they believe that if she didn’t, they would implicate him. And they don’t think that he doesn’t know anything, which was kind of that’s on the upcoming. Yeah, I believe it was Whitney Whitney that said that? Because obviously, Lisa and Heather are going full Gen support. It’s kind of I don’t know, and like, I think Andy even points out like, wow, to Meredith like, wow, you were so against her. And now you’re like her biggest supporter. It’s like, it’s two alliances based. I don’t know

Amanda 38:54
whether it can’t just be about alliances anymore. Or they have nothing. They have nothing to win by backing jet now that they can they I think it would gain from being aligned with each other Meredith and Heather, but not from being aligned with Jen, there’s something else going on, right? There’s gotta be like, there’s no gain to be had. She’s going like, in Soon she’s going to jail for five years, six years. She’s gonna be gone, wherever, you know, one of them will be rehab, right? So like, something is not adding up. Maybe. Maybe she gave them a treasure map to where all the real versions of the bags are that she had fakes of that the FBI seized.

B 39:36
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know what they’re going to do to revamp Salt Lake City, but I’m not even sure I care to watch going forward because I don’t like Whitney who by the way, I got some like funny tea about her her business, which I actually posted it two weeks ago, because her business wasn’t even public. It’s just that somebody who’s connected to the show Let me know. And it was a

Amanda 40:02
skit the skincare, I know the new one that you posted about what is it,

B 40:06
it’s a jewelry business. And it was a shady post. But I woke up this morning and I’m gonna find the post, I woke up this morning to find that I had received an Instagram. Like I got the scary thing. It scares me whenever I open my phone whenever I open the app and see it, because it essentially says like this has been removed and you risk losing your account because in this case, it said I posted about selling illegal goods. All it was was my you know, the low our logo from the website and it said new business. And it was about her business. Obviously, she didn’t like the contents of the email. I then went over to cocktails and got I told everyone follow my backup I went over to cocktails and gossip and spoke about it because I didn’t even want to talk about it on my main site on my main account. And sure enough, that post was reported. Neither post was accepted. It was reviewed and they were both taken away. Like I don’t have a strike against me from it. But it’s just baloney. Like people post like and my father was always say like, they report like stuff that is like racist and gross and whatever. Yeah, and that stays but this goes. So here’s the email for those of you that didn’t see it. It’s it’s quite snarky. It’s from funny business subject, Jules. Guest she got sick of mixing. Mixing skincare in her garage, her latest business ventures jewelry, atrocious designs, that looks like mold jewelry. A mold jewelry chain is manufacturing. Best of luck. So I’m kind of picturing like, you know, like Stella You remember that from a few years. It’s that kind of thing. Obviously, it was a very bitchy email. But it’s gossip. It’s like all joking. And so I reposted it last night because and good marketing. She announced her launch the night of the reunion when we were all paying attention to them. So I took the opportunity to repost about what I had heard. And I guess someone brought it to her attention, or her Finstock because she doesn’t follow me. So yeah, it didn’t take

Amanda 42:17
I mean, I wonder I’m Meredith is because Meredith has a jewelry business too. Like if that’s causing, because I haven’t looked to see him. But if you’re saying Stellan dot sounds like maybe they’re in different price points.

B 42:31
Honestly. I haven’t looked to see Yeah, this is just what the person connected to the cast told me.

Amanda 42:38
So yeah, well, I don’t know. I enjoy Whitney. I think I let you know, I think she’s she’s been fun to watch. But I agree with you that like this last season, just I was probably I mean, there was a point where Salt Lake City was my favorite. I just there was so good, but I agree with you. They’re they’re in a little bit of trouble right now. So yeah, we’ll see. I guess I wanted to tell you guys that. One of the COC, Taylor’s sent us the files of the Letty and Lisa Hochstein prenup. So, don’t know where they got it, because they didn’t say but you know, we get stuff. You know, we got those foreclosure documents emailed to us. And a lot of times people send us stuff, anonymously. And that’s what happened in this case. But I also saw that the Bravo docket was offering this through their Patreon, so just wanted to give them a shout out for being the first Bravo account to kind of talk about this. There were some really interesting details. I was texting you a little bit about this last night that I wanted to share. So like, little mini deep dive, but very, very interesting, you guys. So it was signed in October of 2009. So that would be what? For 30? No. Yeah. 30 little will say 13 years ago, right? Because then you probably got married a little after, and then their separation was probably early 2022. Right. So we’ll say they are married for 12 or 13 years. There’s a reason why this is important. So according to the prenup, they both keep whatever they brought into the marriage and Letty brought into the marriage of $15 million house that had affordability another mortgage on it. Lisa had, I think like $100,000 in a bank account, or 130, something like that. Things that were purchased during the marriage. So any property that doesn’t have a title so like a car would have a title or a house right? But something like furniture or art would not so anything that is like furniture or art is considered Weight property right but anything purchased purchased for like jewelry or clothing. So like an airmass bag that might might cost 30 to $50,000. It’s going to can be considered owned by the person for whom it was purchased. So like the bags and jewels, her engagement ring, her diamonds would be considered Lisa’s property coming out of the marriage, but the furniture and the art would be joint property. Gotcha. income earned during the marriage goes to the person who earned it so ladies practice revenue goes to him. Lee says Real Housewife money goes to her. The prenup is binding in the case of divorce. So this is where this is very interesting. And that’s that is very common with prenups is that that’s that’s why you have them right because it’s this is it’s supposed to be the like, this is what you do in case of divorce, right? There is no alimony. So zero alimony is owed. According to this prenup. And in the prenup, there is an escalating clause that says if they get divorced. So for example, in one year, in less than a year or a year, whatever lady has to pay Lisa 125,000. If it’s over he has to pay a year he has to pay or 250,000. And it goes up every year until 10 years, where it goes to 1.5 million at 10 years. And then for every year after that she gets another $200,000 for every year they’re married. So I’m guessing that this would mean some sort of lump sum payment of 1.9 to 2.1 million, right? Wow. Considering that’s yes, that’s a lot of money. But considering they live in a $20 million house, they probably have more than $2 million of art in that house probably have two more than $2 million with the cars. And I’m gonna guess just on divorce lawyers already. She’s got who have spent almost in the multi hundreds of 1000s, at least easily. So that I think is is quite interesting. It also says that if Lisa needs temporary support after a separation, and it does say Lisa, right because Leonie is the breadwinner that those funds have taken care of her will be taken away from that total above from that lump sum. So anything that she’s like asking for for like temporary support will come out of the lump sum. Let’s see here. There’s a lot of other little details, but there’s a very short clause about what to do in the case of kids and it’s like Lenny will pay for everything. If there’s kids, there’s nothing about like Lisa being taken care of or getting any support if they get divorced after having kids. I’m going to come back to that in a second. It also says in the in in the prenup that Lisa gets an allowance of $1,000 a week to spend as she sees fit. Is that

B 48:06
door. Is that during their marriage.

Amanda 48:09
Yes. The funny thing is like like $4,000 I mean, that’s a lot of money. But if you’re that rich, I mean she could drop $1,000 going to Bagatelle on a Sunday brunch with her friends like right easy. So it’s that I’m like that is such a weird detail that she has a $4,000 a month allowance to spend as she sees fit. And Lisa came into the marriage with like roughly 300,000 in assets I was wrong and was and then Lenny came in with 11 or $15 million house then afford out million dollar mortgage he was making $850,000 a year. So this is back in 2009. And Lisa’s engagement ring costs $110,000 in 2009. So this is kind of crazy to me, given just the sheer amount of wealth, right? This was an I cannot believe that she didn’t have the prenup revisited after having kids because what Lenny is saying on the show and what he’s been saying in the press is actually true according to the prenup. She’s supposed to vacate that house within 30 days. And he doesn’t even have to buy her a house to live in with the kids. So that I think is what might be the downfall of this whole situation because it is a pretty clearly one sided contract, especially after having children. And it really doesn’t make very much of anything of what to do in the case of kids. And I think that’s where there’s kind of a problem, because it makes me think that maybe Letty wasn’t taking the marriage as seriously because If they were then they will be like, you know, this is what happens with kids and like, that would be half the contract, but it was literally one clause. Okay, so what do you think? You know,

B 50:12
Amanda sent this to me last night, and I my jaw was on the floor, because here’s the thing. Yes, she’s on Real Housewives. But she wasn’t for a number of years. And now she’s back on it. Outside of that, I know that she was the face of their Med Spa. I again that was created after this prenup. I don’t know if she’s on the if she’s the actual owner, she hasn’t really been promoting it. So I’m gonna guess she’s not my thing is signing this without having your own income, or even an income comparable, let’s say let’s say she was a travel agent. Okay. And she made $80,000 a year that’s not comparable to a million dollars a year and 15 million in assets. It’s so one sided. But and again, we’re clearly not attorneys. I understand. The person with the shorter end of the stick is always going to try to invalidate the prenup. But that’s why they’re prenups are there? And sure, maybe they’ll make some corrections and certainly for the children, but you signed this document. Like, why would she ever sign something that provides her no alimony? Why would she ever sign something that? Why wouldn’t she have revisited once the kids were born to put in more specific conditions? Nobody wants to think about divorce. However, your spouse has to understand you made me sign this document. So now we have to revise it when things change. So that I you want to have this so that you’re protected. Right. That’s your reasoning. And my argument is you better I’m going to protect myself to this doesn’t protect her. I mean, how about the fact that in it, it says, while they were signing this, they were building this big house, right? Because we saw that in the beginning of housewives that was around 2009 vacate the property in 30 days. I mean, that is like people, squatters, you can’t get out in 30 days, your frickin Why’d you have to get out in 30 days, and you sign this, like, Why wasn’t she like? Absolutely not? Like, we will? I don’t know, there has to be some better arrangement, then like Get your shit, stop, drop and roll and get out of my house? And also, why was there no clothes for cheating in this?

Amanda 52:45
Well, because it’s such a one sided thing. I really think Lenny wasn’t taking the whole thing very seriously. And I think he is like, I also don’t think he thought they were gonna have kids. I think, you know, like, I just don’t think that he was taking it all that seriously. I also think it’s strange to me, because usually prenups are meant to provide assets going in, and then but like to have such a tight hold on anything. That it’s so like anything, she earns anything iron, like, generally that prenups, you know, are not like they’re generally more to protect assets going in. So it’s just I don’t know,

B 53:31
my feeling is, if someone’s wanting you to sign a prenup, then yes, you could say you want to be secure in your marriage and think it’ll never come to that. But clearly, if they’re protecting themselves, you need to protect yourself. And it really makes me sad to see that either. Lenny coerced her to believe or bullied her into signing this or whatever it is that she didn’t value herself enough. Because I have zero qualms with a prenup. Especially if there’s such a differential, you know, you’re coming into the marriage with so much more. Right? So if you’re coming into the marriage with quadruple six times the net worth of the person you’re marrying, I mean, it makes sense, okay. It’s not the most romantic thing. However, I’m not going to live a certain lifestyle for 10 years and then like stop drop rollout in 30 days, and I mean $2 million dollars for somebody who doesn’t have earning power because she’s the face of his Med Spa. So if she’s not the owner, she’s fired. Housewives again, for a number of that was not updated, right? Because Housewives was just back on. So there was a huge gap there where she was earning nothing from housewives. So like $2 million is a lot a ton of money, but not when you don’t earn a salary. Like if someone handed me a million dollars, I’d be like, Wow, this is great, but I’m also earning myself Every year, like, right, it’s frightening. And it’s also

Amanda 55:05
Yeah, yeah, it just it comes off as very, very, very one sided contract. So

B 55:13
but again, I signed that training. And that’s the argument.

Amanda 55:17
And they both had lawyers representing themselves to like it says, like, we both had lawyers look through it. It just for me, I think the craziest thing like, is to agree to any kind of amount of money. And that’s it. 10 years, 1214 years in the future, like, that’s the really short sighted piece of it to me, and that’s, if, you know, I would want a lawyer advising me absolutely not like, this needs to be, you know, you have no guarantees Amanda, that that even money will be there. You know, it maybe, maybe he’s, you know, something happens and that money isn’t their issue, you should be looking at this as like a percentage thing or something like that, versus just a set amount of money. And as we all know, like, as I bought my $10 eggs from Mike, my kids the other day, we all eat the eggs, but like one of my kids didn’t eat them all. And I’m like, oh my god, we’re just throwing this money down the drain right now. Like inflation is real.

B 56:23
You’re treating the eggs, like caviar. That’s like, that’s like when, when cold cuts jumped up, and my kids would come on from struggle with their sandwich. I’m like, I’m paying 1499 for a pound of Turkey. You gotta eat the freakin sandwich.

Amanda 56:36
That’s what I’ve been to. I’m like, This is insane. It’s crazy. But like $2 million in 2023 money versus 22,009 money. And like, that’s I just say, I don’t know, I’m just hoping

B 56:51
value yourself. Okay. value yourself. Yeah. And know your worth. Yeah, she should not. And, you know, he’s, he’s a mean guy. And I don’t believe that he wasn’t mean about this. And she loved him. And she wanted to marry him. And now, here it is.

Amanda 57:10
I really after reading through this 26 page document, I it came very clear to me that he just was not taking this very seriously and did not have a very, I don’t think he believed that he was going to be married for 12 years. To her.

B 57:29

Amanda 57:30
That’s not what he says in the document. But I just reading between the lines. That’s what it feels like to me. It’s disturbing. So and it’s heartless to me too, that you have two kids and you’re like, Oh, well, out of that you gotta get out of the house, and I’m gonna give you $2 million. And you’re done.

B 57:49
Okay, well, she hasn’t vacated the house. So she went against that. Yeah. I Yeah. Well,

Amanda 57:55
I mean, she’s clearly she’s clearly fighting back against it. And like, it’s not uncommon for people to fight against prenups. But I think also like, in the case of a prenup being really one sided. That, you know, that and the fact that they didn’t he, they just didn’t put a lot of provision in there about the kids is where I think there’s some some weaknesses in that contract. I can tell you about a divorce attorney.

B 58:24
And I think we’ve mentioned this on the pod where I said that I kept hearing from my source like, he is going to demolish her in this divorce. It’s all this and I’m thinking to myself, how could he with all this public behavior and all and now reading this prenup? Even if revisions are made, it’s still not going to be fair? Because and Amanda, you’re the one who has said this many times. His practice became so big after the Real Housewives. So if he was making 850, before, he was probably making into the millions after plus the Med Spa plus whatever, all this exposure and all this, like free advertising on his the strength of his wife’s back. And that should be a revision, and I’m sure her lawyer, if he’s got, I mean, any worth is going to argue that but the whole thing about it is very upsetting. But

Amanda 59:15
yeah, May and maybe that is maybe that is is their grounds, right? Is that because they can literally probably look at the numbers in terms of revenue from before real housewives to after and make an argument that that should be Lisa’s income as well, because she earned it by being by promoting the firm, or by promoting the practice on Real Housewives. Totally. Maybe that’s it? Yeah, I think you’re right.

B 59:44
So but I did want to I did want to give a shout out our cocktail party is growing every day. We love you guys. As it grows, you know, as the amount of you that sign up, grow, the content grows. It’s very exciting. So happening over there. If you’re interested, if you have questions, you can send me a message but I’m and I wanted to tell you that I keep getting messages that a lot of cocktail hours are some I’m putting. Listen guys, I have to market myself, okay? I’m selling this. Well, also I have to mark it as I’m putting this out here as an idea. So a lot of my cocktail errs are saying that they’re asking their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever it is for a cocktail subscription for Valentine’s Day, which I think is so cute.

Amanda 1:00:32
That’s a good idea. Because like, Yes,

B 1:00:34
I mean, summer bodies are made in winter needs a chocolate, I’m teasing. But yeah, I thought that was cute. Because like, I don’t know how you guys do Valentine’s Day. But in my house, Valentine’s Day is like, not like a big fancy gift. It’s like a smaller gift. So I think a subscription is like a perfect, a perfect. Oh,

Amanda 1:00:53
I love that. Yeah. And it is. It’s true. It’s getting way more fun. I think it was fun to begin with. But as the as the community grows, and we’re just getting more and more conversations in the comments on the posts, and then in the community section, and it’s just in like, we’re getting emails from the cocktail party crew to and we’re just having a lot of fun. So we’re having a great gift.

B 1:01:23
All right, guys. All right.

Amanda 1:01:25
Thank you,

B 1:01:26
you guys for to everybody here next time.

Amanda 1:01:36
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:02:17
Bye guys. See you next time.

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