It’s not shady!?

Feb 21, 2023


She doesn’t want the limelight or be part of the VPR drama that’s why all her socials have gone private. She has been around the group for years, and is super sweet & well liked. He is protecting her privacy by not talking about her & revealing their relationship.


  1. Jennifer

    Schwartz new girlfriend?!

  2. Amy

    How can you be on a reality show if your relationship is not shown? Isn’t pretending to not be dating (saying you are undateable etc on National TV) “shady”/untruthful?

  3. Megan

    Shwartzy’s gal

  4. Schwartz and Sandy are major phonies

    Please.. schwartz should have been protecting his wife that he let take the fall for all his bad behavior over the years for her reactions with no accountability to the the bad shit he was doing to her. He always wants to be the good guy or sweet guy when he is a level below jax he just hides it way better… hi Sandoval

  5. Meg

    Maybe don’t date a bloody wussy pussy reality tv persona

  6. Hi Tom

    Okay hi Tom’s girlfriend. That’s just not the case, as proven by Tom’s actions himself. He doesn’t even want us to believe he has a girlfriend, he can’t even think of moving on according to him, so the fact that he’s living with someone feels like a slap in the face to viewers. But good try tom and said girlfriend

  7. Heather

    Boo you whore


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