Kyle’s side of what went down with Carl!

Feb 20, 2023

Link to ET interview where Kyle spills all about what went down with Carl’s exit from Loverboy, their friendship, Lindsay’s fight with Danielle & much more!


  1. Nancy

    I feel like it’s been easy for Kyle over the years to paint a picture of Carl being a f*ck up at work. Maybe he is. Time will tell if that’s accurate. I enjoy Kyle but he’s a big partier so their relationship can’t go back to what it was. Not really fair to pin it all on Lindsay.

  2. Asia Powell

    So the start of Danielle & Lindsay falling out is the fact that Danielle forgave Ciara & got along with the other girls…. I figured this had something to do with it.

  3. SD77

    Of course Carl had several conversations with Lyndsay. That is his fiancé! Why is it so crazy that a sober person wouldn’t want to keep going to bars to promote liquor??

  4. Lisa Eastman

    I mean Carl got fired from his last job and had to be bailed out by Kyle at loverboy one season, so I think it’s a pretty fair assessment to say Carl has F’d up at work in the past. ??‍♀️

  5. She’s Toxic

    I’m sensing a familiar trend where Lindsay seems to be the root of all issues.

  6. Ck2015

    This story annoys me. As a sales manager I can see being frustrated with someone on my team but also I know in sales it’s a grind. It’s like if you aren’t doing 150% then you are failing and burn out is real. Painting Carl as checked out or sucking is probably not fair. He is also trying to live a sober life, a good friend and manager/leader would have addressed poor performance head on and immediately, and a good friend would have been compassionate. But alas, it’s reality tv so that wouldn’t have been as interesting.

  7. Nana

    I’ll actually try loverboy now! Thank g*d someone has enough sense to finally see Lindsey is controlling and crazy.

  8. Bye Kyle

    Kyle Cook is a raging drunk lunatic. I never tried to spray them but he just gave it the worst look ever last night with this show. Who wants to be friends with him after the way he talked about Carl last night. He blames everything on this Lindsey. Kyle looks as ridiculous as the way he’s making car sound on the show. Bye Kyle by Amanda

  9. Luvcocktails

    Speaking purely from a business point of view, Kyle missed out on an opportunity to develop a non-alcohol version of Loverboy and let Carl lead that brand.


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