They’ll all be back!

Feb 18, 2023

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RHOSLC starts filming next week.

ALL the ladies will be back. Yes, MARY,

Danna , Angie K. And Angie H. There will also be new face(s). One of the ladies that was floating around was let go because of racist texts that surfaced.

Oh and Mary IS back. TBD if she’s friend or full time! Angie K might be full time too.

allegedly written in cursive font


  1. nm

    If Jenny and the other lady were let go for racist remarks, howwww is Mary back..?? You can be racist and sit out a season and then come back?

  2. Spreadgowssipaboutme

    Best news ever!!! Love this combo. Was unsure on Angie H but then again Heather needs a friend now that Jen is in jail

  3. Kari

    I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with Mary, she’s a literal cult leader and has said multiple ignorant things about the Asian and Latin American communities. She’s even said ignorant things about her own race! If the network is worried about ratings then casting should do a better job at finding women in SLC and not find/being back racist/ignorant people…

  4. Ughhh

    The new girls were such a flop though and Mary is sketchy and inappropriate

  5. Not Andy Cohen

    I’m fine with Angie Ki, Mary, and one new person with the 4 others. Mary alone would create so much drama and would hella throw it in Heather’s face on her blind allegiance to Jen lol.

  6. Anna

    So glad Mary will be back solely because I would like nothing more than for her horrible scamming cult leader self to be exposed on tv for who she really is. If it doesn’t happen that would be a bummer but honestly at this point anyone who wants to see all the receipts can pretty easily and it’s impossible to excuse, she’s as bad as Jen for sure.

  7. Brooks

    I don’t mind this – last season was edited very weird and we didn’t see the best parts of the trailer. If editing gives it a fair shot this could work

  8. M2M fan

    Love how mary gets w pass after her racist comments

  9. Little girl

    Ugh I hope bravo listens to us when we say WE DON’T WANT CULT LEADER Mary back!!

  10. Not a fan

    I would rather have my toe nails ripped out than watch Mary and Angie K on my screen

  11. Anti-Mary

    100% agree that Mary SHOULD NOT BE BACK!! Why is Asian and Latinx hate ok?? She has even made ignorant comments about her own race? How is she different than Jennie???


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