Number 2!

Feb 11, 2023

From: number 2

Subject: Washed up reality star

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The rumor swirling is that this ex bar star is expecting bambini number 2!

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  1. Marie

    Stassi! Surprised though because of how many times she’s said how obsessed they are with Hartford and want to wait awhile ?

  2. Anon

    Jax and brittany?

  3. bar star bby

    I think Stassi! In her latest post she has something covering her stomach or a big shirt on in all the pics. hopefully whoever it is feels
    comfortable announcing soon ❤️

  4. The Good, the Bad, the Broke?

    Ooh good call .. she’s even covering up in her latest pictures. Question is, how are they affording their lifestyle without “bar” jobs?

  5. Congrats

    Bambini is Italian so Stassi and Beu just saw him in a car commercial, at least he is working

  6. Krystal Shelton

    Stassi said at new years that they would have baby 2 this year

  7. Annie

    I think her Patreon does very well, and her podcast. She also came out with another book last year. I have suspected she was pregnant since the holidays.

  8. Brandie Carlan

    Possibly Brit and jax?? She was at the ER today with a health scare.


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