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Feb 11, 2023

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Subject: Big Changes in Potomac?

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Expect a big shakeup for the next season of #RHOP. Bravo exes are not happy with the ratings for this season and have realized some of the OGs time on the show has grown stale and holding the show back. Expect to see 3 new faces for s8. Robyn better hope her hats sell. More to come.

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  1. No3Wicks

    Unpopular opinion I’m sure, but the grande dame is the stalest of them all! No story line and her arrogance is boring.

    Just don’t replace her with Charisse, please!!!

    Keep Gisele& Candygal and get some new ladies in. Have the others appear as friends of.

  2. Matt

    Would love to see no Robyn and watch Gizelle have to actually connect with folks. Also no mas Mia who tries SO HARD to bring drama. Grand Dame isn’t bringing a ton- but she is sometimes a voice of reason which is needed.

  3. Kayt

    What was Karen’s storyline this season other than constantly bugging Robyn about her wedding?? At least the GEB kept shit popping. Knock Karen down to a friend, she needs to be humbled

  4. S

    Keep Kurn for her confessional facial expressions and self-delusion. That’s all I need from her, she earned not having to bring drama. But Mia has to go.

  5. JustagirlfromtheChi

    The three comments above were made my Gizelle, Robin and Charrise! Lol

    I would love to see them all them 3 go!
    Gizelle has no story line, Robin is a bust down and Charisse needs to sit only in her champagne room and never leave.

  6. Joy

    Keep Candiace, her growth this season and friendship with Wendy was greatly needed. Wendy can be a friend of Candiace. Ashley can stay ONLY because I want to see how Candiace addresses Ashley disrespecting the boundaries set when she told her that it wasn’t the time to talk to Chris.

    Karen can stay, only if she shows more of her family’s farm. Also, bring Katie back! Everyone else can go.

  7. Sue

    This best be bullshit because this is the least stale franchise. It’s the only franchise that’s been able to depend on its cast. Robyn was an issue and fine if they wanna demote her – he’ll take her out of the equation and that is shake up enough – Giselle on her own would be fun to watch. Karen is a queen of reality and Mia is insane to watch. With so many franchises having issues it’s a bummer this solid show is considering big changes

  8. Veronicar

    Get rid of Robyn and Mia for sure.

  9. Potomac fan

    Nooo I love my Potomac ladies! Don’t shake things up too much. Robyn and Mia… fine. But don’t touch the rest

  10. SK

    Get rid of Robyn. Her story has come to an end now that her and Juan are married because the relationship was her entire storyline. Demote Gizelle. Maybe make Jacqueline fulltime. Bring on two newbies. Oh and do away with Charrisse don’t even have her on as a unpaid guest!

  11. WYKYK

    Mia gives me Jen Shah vibes, let her go. The Grand Dame is a one note, let her go. Robyn delivers nothing, let her go.

  12. Titsmcgee

    Karen obviously is hiding her personal life too she shouldn’t get a pass

  13. KK

    Why does everyone hate Mia so much? I know that girl is a bit crazy, but I feel like she antiseptic shares more of her real life. She adds some drama the other ladies just don’t bring!


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