Sealed her fate…

Oct 20, 2022

From: The Black Bill Gates

Subject: Potomac Swan Song

Spill It to
Bravocon sealed the fate of the Potomac resident . Her behaviour at the event behind the scenes, to the staff and the fans has raised major red flags with the networks top dogs. Ordering fans to buy her products in order to take photos with her, even though they’d paid to do so already. Many fans were complaining about how she was treating them. Also HR complaints arrived in about her treatment of the event staff. This is nothing new, her recent appearance on another Bravo show raised major red flags after her diva behaviour was deemed “appalling” by the shows producers. The network already has taken issue with her over issues relating to her show, it seems this latest development may be the tip of the iceberg.

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allegedly from


  1. Oh no!

    Karen and Wendy are the only Potomac housewives that I can think of that would have sold products. But I can’t imagine that either one of them would cause a scene off-camera or treat the staff badly. Hope I’m wrong with either of them. Also, Wendy was recently on Andy’s SiriusXM show promoting her book, so it can’t be her, right??

  2. ReasonablyShady21

    Please don’t let this be Gizelle!

  3. Mary

    Shadey Phae Phae

  4. Mp

    Wendy??? i thought I read/heard were not to happy with how she acted up on Project Runway

  5. Bre


  6. BravoFan


  7. Who who who? Need to know!

    Candiace is on RHUGT 3 but she doesn’t have products. Maybe merch for her music?

  8. Carol

    Monique wasn’t at BravoCon. Am a reading something wrong?

  9. Nene’s Wig


  10. Who?

    My guess would be Wendy but all these clues are kind of misleading

  11. Lala

    Grand dame?

  12. Happy and Ness

    I’m so confused.

  13. Tay

    It’s Wendy. She was so mean on Project Runway (Go watch if you have not because it’s cringe!!) and on social media comments people were saying she was awful at bravocon.

  14. Tell me more

    What did Wendy do on project runway at bravocon?

  15. Drizzu

    It’s about Wendy there are many verified reports of her demanding that people buy her candles and/or book in order to take a picture with her. Check how snobby, elitist, and rude she is on RHOP so her treating staff horribly is not stretch.

  16. Mark

    Wendy. She treated people like crap on project runway

  17. Peachy Queen

    Bravo needs to apply to same standard to Kenya, she would only take pics or autograph if you bought one of her t-shirts.

  18. BBC

    The Black Bill Gates= karen

  19. HustleBaby

    According to the Twitterverse for us FOMO-ing at home, Wendy wasn’t the only housewife to be “requiring” people to buy merch for a photo – which if it this is true, Bravo should be taking a cut of these sales then. If people already purchased a photo, and then demanded to buy a product for a photo. Take a cut Bravo.

  20. Kait

    It’s Karen. I was there at Bravocon she was making people buy candles for a picture even if you had one at home and regardless of how long you waited and
    Also the subject here is black bill gates which we know is a reference to Ray ya’ll

  21. Grand dame

    Karen missed her meet& greet due to “stomach issues”

  22. Lovethegranddame

    It was definitely not Karen. We waited in line at her booth (not the photo op) and she couldn’t have been nicer and we didn’t have to buy a thing. Candiace, Wendy and Robin all had booths there as well.

  23. Two Degrees

    I would say Wendy. I bought her book to get a photo, and she was definitely the least warm Bravoleb I interacted with. I also showed the photo to my friend after and he said “That smile is so fake”.

  24. Robin with an I

    Wendy! She was horrible to her designer when she was on Project Runway.

  25. Emily

    I highly doubt they would get rid of Karen. Wendy, yes.

  26. Frostys

    Wendy 100%. Everyone heard about how awful she was on project runway. She fits the description whereas everyone has said amazing things about Karen.

  27. Titsmcgee

    The black bill gates means Ray and Karen

  28. Three wick

    There is no Potomac without the grand dame. At the panel she said she had a headache so missed her photo op. I get it, she’s old and most people left bravocon with COVID so I’m sure she wanted to be cautious, “vassinated” and all.

  29. Rhop

    At Bravocon, we took a pic with Wendy, Candiace and Karen at their booths and none of them were requiring you to buy products and all of them were very nice! We also met Gizelle and Mia at photo ops and they were extremely nice as well.

    The last day of Bravocon is when some booths including Loverboy and Dorinda required you to buy products to take pics.

  30. Katie??

    My first thought was Katie rost. Wasn’t she there? She’s had odd behavior.

  31. Tina

    Wendy. After season 2 I literally hated her. I should of hated her after her season 1 with her “it’s dr. Wendy to you” bullshit. An elitist snob, who boasts of her professional accomplishments, and success as a way of putting down others. Why are you on the real housewives making candles then Wendy? She literally GRILLED Gizelle’s daughter last season. Like girl. You’re on a tv show. Calm down. Housewives are light hearted fun & shade. I have literally never smiled when that woman is on my screen. My eyes cannot roll farther back in my head when she speaks. Vapid woman. She is a horror show behind the scenes project runway & bravo con are just the beginning….

  32. TS

    The subject is: “Potomac Swan song and it’s FROM the black bill gates so it’s definitely not Karen.


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