Potomac problems…

Oct 6, 2022

The Potomac housewife airing her business troubles… they own franchises. Franchising is VERY regulated by the FTC. So you can’t just hand down businesses or force people out.

They would have to be disclosed and sign the franchises agreements originally to be included. It would be very hard to do this. Not saying that it’s impossible, just very challenging without many signatures, skin in the game, and attorneys. Also You can’t remove someone from a bank account without their consent. There are laws in place because of this exact scenario.


  1. Me

    I’ve thought she was fake asf from the very beginning

  2. karl from canada


  3. Yasin

    This is all true but there are ways around it. You can definitely close the account and make a brand new account without his name on it. With these types of things there are a lot of scenarios and issues one can do. Now do I think Mia is exaggerating a little bit of course Just look at her performance last season lol.

  4. Up, up and away

    Like you said on the podcast, most people on the up&up don’t go on reality TV!

  5. Smells like PR

    I was going to say. I would imagine it would be harder to do than just overnight and there’d be legal ways to get this all back if they were documented owners for 9 years… just seems weird first thing you do when you find out is run to Instagram? Feels like a PR move to get ahead of some news we are about to get

  6. Kate

    Idk what’s going on but like this person said this would be really hard to do. My thing is don’t they have other assets and investments because she’s acting like they are now broke.

  7. Business account

    These are corporate accounts. Articles of incorporation would authorize who can access the account and wouldn’t need the husband of the HW to be present to rescind his access. If he signed over the business, he signed over the bank account too.

  8. Bank intel

    You can’t remove people from most bank accounts have to close it to get them off

  9. Messy Mia

    Always wants attention.

  10. Quinner

    Maybe they had it set up to avoid paying tac by ‘setting up ‘ franchises. That is bot how u create generational wealth mia….

  11. Drizzu

    She said a lot without saying a lot! A family member challenged her on her posts and now her friend who she brought on the show (Jacqueline Blake)has just posted some real shade towards her

  12. Mad Money Honey

    Yes business accounts are 1000% different than personal accounts. Depending on the entity type, you just need a Secretary of State filing or legal document (whatever the banks policy and procedure is) in order to remove a signer/owner from an account. UNLIKE the policies and procedures with consumer accounts. It’s a world of difference

  13. What a mess

    Mia stays lying.


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