New reality show!

Feb 10, 2023

The the reality show you’ve been teasing with Jax is a Villain competition show that will air on E!. Anna Delvey is hosting I heard. Started filming on Monday in LA. Mix of bravo-lebs and such. Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Johnny Bananas. Heidi Montag. Rachel Reilly. There are definitely The Apprenice, Big Brother and The Bachelor stars in the mix too. Will send full list soon.



  1. Alyssa

    Hosted by ANNA DELVEY?! As in, the woman imprisoned for serious fraud….? My lord are we this desperate for content? This feels like a new low!

  2. K Thanks Byeee

    I won’t be watching any show that has cast criminals, income tax delinquents or fake “rich.” Bravo just doesn’t get it.

  3. Bravo

    How embarrassing


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