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Feb 10, 2023

From: Mary Cosby

Subject: Heather Gay Book Tour Talk

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Heather Gay spoke Wednesday night at 6th and I synagogue in DC for her book tour.

She literally started by talking about the black eye. She didn’t 100% confirm that this is true (I got the sense that she still doesn’t know for sure?), but she “thinks” she hit it on the counter in the bathroom in her room. She said that she spoke up about it during filming, but production didn’t include that part because she apparently said it in a disparaging way, like “that bathroom counter must not have been made up to code!” And they (not sure if she was talking the production company or Air BNB or what) have a non-disparagement clause. And so, none of that footage got aired. [Not making a statement on whether I believe her, just relaying facts]

Also, she’s filming some kind of documentary or TV series. Not sure if it is about leaving Mormonism or just her in general. But if you go to one of her talks, don’t be surprised to see cameras around.

She said a few times that she is trying to soak all of this in because she knows that ‘she’s on borrowed time,’ which seemed shockingly realistic for a housewife to say since some think the show will never end. She got the most applause when she talked about how she used to live for whatever her husband thought about her, and now she does not. It was a very real and touching Season 1 Heather Gay moment.

I soured on Heather a little after Season 3. But she was very nice and gracious and upfront – and she acknowledged her flaws. She stayed and took pictures with every single person who wanted one. I recommend seeing her if she’s in your town, if only to meet other HWs fans. And there are streaming options too, I think? I guess I’m back to being a Heather Gay fan?

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  1. StillGay

    Thank you for sharing!! Needed to hear this

  2. D

    I’d honestly like to think this is half damage control, half reality check. I’m not naive enough to believe that she isn’t out there trying to get on the viewers good side again and sell books, frankly it was a terrible time for her fall from grace from a financial standpoint. She knew the show was going to focus somewhat on her book and she was nuts not to at least fake being nice this season. I imagine her book sales, while still probably good, aren’t nearly what they would have been had she had a better season or what they were anticipating after seasons 1 and 2. So damage control, sure. But it is also pretty realistic of her to know the clock is ticking. If this franchise goes the way of Dallas or even Miami 1.0 and only has 4 seasons she knows she needs something else to earn a living. And she just upgraded her house so I recognize the hustle and the acknowledgment that the show and visibility and fame and money may not last as long as they all hope.

  3. Matt Buskard

    I think sometimes we as fans can be a but hard on people we see on TV. Season 1 and 2 were great… she had a rough 3- that’s being a human ya know? I can’t tell you how many times in life I’ve felt like I was the most confident version of myself, and there’s been times when I’ve felt like I’m just faking my way through. We all are there- we can’t expect other humans (tv or not) to be different then us.

  4. Carol

    I love Heather and don’t think how she acted last season was as horrible as everyone as everyone is saying. Dealing with Whitney and Lisa has to be exhausting!

  5. Kim

    Who cares about her eye lies…it’s the way her and M were at reunion about Jen to me. Literally ridiculous imo

  6. Heather.. that you gurl?

    Damage control. I was a Heather stan and after last season, she moved to the bottom. She is constantly deflecting, deferring and talking over other people, mainly Whitney and it became too much. The toxicity between her and Jen and how much of a flip flop Heather has been in their relationship had me question her character. So paleaseee, until there’s some consistency, authenticity and you arent caught out lying every other minute..then we’ll chat!

  7. Mitzi Baker

    I was there too and she was very charming and funny, and talked about the show a looot. Answered all the questions the audience had for her, and yes, took pictures with everyone, even if you didn’t buy the book.


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