Girls trip scenario…

Feb 6, 2023

received this email… don’t believe it’s true but funny that I saw Eboni talked about this girls trip scenario!

From: RHUGT Casting

Subject: RHUGT 5

Spill It to
RHUGT 5 has been cast and will be filmed this April in Greece. The theme is one season wonders. Eboni hinted it at it on WWHL (that she’d like to be apart of it) which was pre-taped to get the audience reaction since it’s already been in the works.

The cast isn’t finalized but hearing it’s:
? Peggy S. (Season 12)
? Elizabeth (Season 15)
? Jules (Season 8)
? Eboni (Season 13)
? Joyce (Season 4)
? Carlton (Season 4)
? Claudia (Season 7)
⭐️ Tiffany M. (Season 5)

Noella Bergener (who fans love) won’t be asked due to bashing Bravo after being fired.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. karlee

    oh god idk if this bad or cringe

  2. Anon

    Does fans love Noella?

  3. No

    Noooo. This sounds so boring. They were one season wonders for a reason ? Carleton and Tiffany are the only ones who deserve a second season

  4. P

    I see at least six cat fights in this list. But do we really want to see some of these rejects again?

  5. Dan

    Half the cast are good but the OC picks are dire!

  6. KWoww

    Well this is either a straight up lie, or someone got a little creative because fans DO NOT love Noella, lol.

  7. Natalia

    This list has me until the erroneous “Noella (who the fans love) comment. WHO SAID THAT?!

  8. Joy

    Oh I absolutely love Tiffany M! I will definitely watch. She’s the only one from Dallas I’d care to watch.

  9. Alyssa Allen

    Peggy was awful. Please not her. ?

  10. Twinning

    Can we get the twins from New Jersey!

  11. RealOC girl

    There’s no way this is real, it’s a snoozefest except for Carlton.

  12. Courtney

    Tiffany would be the perfect comedic relief to Carlton’s dry serves. If the two of them were to buddy up, this would be the best season!!!!

  13. Doubtful

    Andy hates Peggy after the way homophonic way she treated her own brother. Not forgotten ? bye Peggy bundy


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