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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 28

Amanda 0:00
The podcast goes out super early in the morning before noon, New York time, there’s multiple news outlets talking about it. So that was kind of funny experience for both of us to see that happen.

B 0:19
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. Be.

Amanda 0:39
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip

B 0:47
What’s up slots?

Amanda 0:50
Oh my gosh, it would anybody choose anything besides slots? I don’t know. And if you guys haven’t heard the combo from last week, you have to listen to last week’s combo.

B 1:00
That was so funny. Just kidding. What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 1:03
That’s okay, what a week, cocktailers so let’s start out with the officially official news that Ramona is out.

B 1:14
I mean, cocktailers knew this. I’m only half kidding. But obviously it wasn’t confirmed. But we remember this summer. Somebody sent us in fall that they were hanging out with Ramona in July in Ibiza, and Ramona had shared with them that she wasn’t asked back. At that time. She told them she was totally fine with it. It was her time to focus on her friends and her wonderful life. And she seemed at peace with the decision. We also more recently heard her on a pod. I don’t, I’ll try to figure out who’s or an interview. Maybe it was one of those interviews, where she called Legacy a trash show, or no a loser show. She said it was a loser show. So like we’re not shocked.

Amanda 1:58
To be her friends, is God.

B 2:03
But people will miss her. And it’s funny because Andy had a good point. He’s like, you know, before we made the announcement, it was get rid of her. We’re sick of her Baba, bah, bah. And the secondary announce that she’s not going to be on it. What’s legacy without Ramona he’s like, you just can’t please people. So true. I have to say and I even watching back like old seasons, she was always awkward for me. And I’m not discounting that. She had a lot of funny moments. But I never really, I don’t know, icon energy. I don’t know in the early days. Mabry Avery’s also unemployed from cameo, which sending love to all our tech friends. I mean, so many layoffs across Instagram and Twitter and you know, all the adjacent cameo and everything and, you know, just, you know, hoping that everybody lands on their feet. I know everybody will you guys are incredibly talented. I could never dream to do the work that you guys do. I don’t have the skill set. And I just, I just think it stinks. It’s bad stuff. But so you know, Avery’s laid off, she attempted a real or a tic tac about like being relatable. And I have to say, like, I find her to be one of the most unrelatable people in the world. You have wealthy parents who clearly have and can and would subsidize your lifestyle. It is not relatable to your average 20 something or 30, something tech professional who is laid off with a rent in Manhattan looming over them and without that support, that financial support system that she has, so like, you never want to hear anybody getting laid off, but come on. No,

Amanda 3:47
you’re not no. Not relatable. Agreed. And it’s so funny what Andy says, because I totally feel that way. I’m like, Ah, like, she was definitely becoming Ramona was definitely becoming an issue. But I am going to miss her because the best way yes, it’s totally she’s it’s kind of uncomfortable, but like, Curb Your Enthusiasm uncomfortable, right? Like, you’re laughing because it’s like, so awkward. Like she did a she did a post the other day because I do still follow her. Because she is so like, cringy awkward. It’s no, it’s always entertaining what she’s doing. And it’s been her birthday week, which, you know, she loves to talk about a lot. And she was talking it was a little montage of her like remota isms. And I was like, that kind of stuff is actually so funny. And production jumped right on that from the beginning. And I think it kind of helped shape some of the kind of funny moments in Roni and some of the other housewife moments. So I think we definitely have Ramona in large part to thank for that. So I don’t know. I you know, I think I think Ramona needs to go away. For a while, but I don’t think I would hate it if we saw her come back. And maybe she, you know, had a fresh perspective on on some things but still brought that kind of uncomfortable like funny energy.

B 5:14
And I think is in a general way change is hard, right? And for so many of us fans like of television shows, right? So we’re Bravo fans like, even if you don’t love a housewife, they’re on it for so long. There’s a comfort in that stability that they’ll be there, right? Yeah, I think there’s an element of that I did here too, which is an exclusive because I haven’t posted it. I did hear too that she was supposed to and slated to they were hoping to some cameos and pop in. And now that she’s running around slamming I wonder where that stands, you know, but I feel like I feel like Bravo expects that of Ramona. I actually just got an email. And it was sent me a couple of links to stuff fans are very unhappy about Kelly, Ben Simone.

Amanda 5:58
Oh, about her coming back.

B 6:00
Yeah, I mean, first of all, did you see did we discuss that that real estate we did? Because I remember you being like, I don’t even know if that’s legit on MLS? I don’t know. She’s got that kooky energy. I do hear people’s point that like, she’s not legacy in the way that Ramona is. But guys, they don’t want like Bethany doesn’t want to come back. And I think that they are trying to move away from Ramona because of the controversy. So you know, people were like, Oh, it should be Aviva. Okay. And then if they did Aviva to Andy’s point, the other half will be like Aviva why she back? She’s not a legacy. So you’re kind of like, Jill is legacy. Yes. Sonia is Luann. Obviously, I’m not mad at Kelly. I think she’ll give us funny takes. Yeah, I

Amanda 6:47
mean, she wasn’t isn’t somebody that I like, would pass my favorite housewife test. Like, I don’t think I would ever want to go and share a meal with her or definitely, probably not even a drink. But I think she would be she could be interesting. And I think she’s kooky enough, you know, I don’t think she’s going to be the like, go along to get along to steal a Salt Lake City term person. So you know, I think that’ll make it interesting. I don’t know, you know, I read I was actually reading some of the cocktail or comments on the website today. And somebody said, you know, what are you doing Bravo, you know, you have these iconic shows that you’re walking away from? Because, you know, there’s that rumor about married to medicine, and then, you know, Roni, God knows what’s been going on with that, which we’ll talk about in a little bit, but, and they’re like, why do you, you know, why are we putting budget into all these other new shows and all these other things, but there has to be something, there’s gonna be a next, a next amazing show that catches on and they have to keep trying, right, but I do.

B 7:53
The married to medicine thing was an email. So like, I don’t know the accuracy of that, that could be fat. It’s just sometimes things are so detailed, I find it hard to believe it’s fabricated, because like, who we get that creative, but hey, I don’t know what the motive would be

Amanda 8:08
something like the seven deadly sins.

Amanda 8:16
Oh, my God. Okay. So, I mean, an Avery, good luck to you, I hope you find something else. Let’s just, you know, focus, put your energy baby into that and not into telling other 20 year olds that it’s okay. So this week, you are weakened, actually, you got a few emails, and then news from a source that a New York housewife has been fired. And I want to say by the way, after sharing this on the website, almost immediately got an email saying that’s not true. Everything’s great. Everyone loves each other. It’s all going awesome. Which I thought was very funny. I texted you about that. I’m like somebody, somebody with a vested interest is watching or maybe the person hadn’t been fired yet. Who knows? But it is turned into quite the drama. I think you might be a little tired from this this week. I don’t ever really remember seeing something like that happen where somebody doesn’t work out before the show’s even aired. And there’s this much discussion about it because most people don’t know her Yaks. You know, they haven’t been on our TV.

B 9:29
So I knew that that email that we got was bogus about everything being fine, because yeah, the word that she was fired was from a very trusted source. So Sunday, early afternoon, I had had email a couple of emails that we posted before that so I knew there was trouble but like, I wasn’t exactly sure where like who you know what I mean. So, Sunday, early afternoon, I hear from my source that Lizzy was fired a few hours before that I had posted. It said Roni problems so apart Only the new Roni might be over before it starts. One of the wives made some comments to a co star production was concerned they had that wife call the co star to talk about it. Well, instead of apologizing the wife double down and it got worse, the CO stars husband is furious with that wife. Now we wait and see what happens. So like, honestly, guys, all of these people, they’re new to you. They’re new to me. I mean, I don’t know them, I can barely keep their name straight. So apparently, one of the ladies said something offensive and production stepped in had the wife call to smooth it over the opposite happened. So at this point, I post this and I don’t know who it is, and some eagle eyed cocktail errs. Let me know that Lizzie and Brynn were the only housewives not following each other. So that narrowed it down. Then I get another email. I just heard it’s messy or it’s about to get real messy stuff is brewing and about to explode. Your previous email is accurate. So now I’m like what the heck’s like who, what, when, where, why, at this point, I don’t know who it is. And then I get mid afternoon. My sources like be your people are fast because I didn’t even get a chance to let you know that Lizzie was fired. Mind you. At this point. Nobody was talking about this. I know it exploded. But we posted it. And it was one of those things where everyone was like, Oh, is this one of Bravo and cocktails far fetched things like the sloth. Now wasn’t one of those far fetched things, guys. So then this is Sunday. Dead Silence Monday, Tuesday Tamra tutees in a pod comes out. And on the pod she alluded to someone from Rooney being fired, okay. Now, oh, and I had an I personally had a second source confirms now this is three sources. By Wednesday, it’s confirmed by Lizzy. She says she quit due to antiSemitism. There were a lot of rumors swirling. So she’s saying she’s quit. The sources are saying she was fired. I will say bravo made a statement saying they mutually reached a conclusion. We know that Bravo lets their talent announced their departure. We had just seen it a couple days earlier with Ramona, even if they’re fired, they allow it to frame it in whatever way they want. I think you pointed out that like Teddy was the only one to ever really admit like, I wasn’t asked back. So there’s more to this story, right? Because they didn’t allow her to just run with this. I decided to be let go. They weighed in and said we had a say in her neck continuing right? I will not speak on the sensitive details. And a lot of people keep DMing. Me. And if you guys want I saw an account posted today it’s swirling, I was not there. I find all forms of anti semitism, bigotry, racism, deplorable. I will not shine a light on it. I think that there’s no place in this world for it. I’m a New Yorker myself. And the fact that it happened in my city is, you know, it’s upsetting to me. So that’s true. I don’t know who said what and what said what we know that they reached the conclusion that she shouldn’t continue. So that’s all we know, for sure. I am not interested in but you laboring a point. I hope that none of it’s true. I mean, but obviously she says she did experience antiSemitism so that that part, you know, it has to be true. from her point of view. It’s just guys it’s about to be 2023. Like I always say I’m an equal opportunity hater. If I dislike you, it’s got nothing to do with anything other than the fact that you’re an asshole. So that’s that on that? And like, yeah, right, like, who dislikes people because of what they look like or, or what God they believe in? Like, that’s so small minded and

Amanda 13:55
agreed, completely agree. There’s no room for any of that in anything I’m interested in. That’s for sure. You know, it’s so interesting on the topic of Lizzie that we were the ones to originally break that she was cast on Roni and we actually broke it here on the podcast, which the cocktail is no like that one was a funny one because literally, I mean, podcast goes out super early in the morning before noon, New York time there’s multiple news outlets talking about it. So that was kind of funny experience for both of us to see that happen. You know, we don’t reveal our sources we don’t reveal you know, so many of the emails we get in on our anonymous we won’t go into how we knew about that one. And then the website Bravo cocktails broke that she was fired. So interesting little lifecycle on that one, you know that I don’t think I need to say anything else than what you said because I agree with you about, you know, no room for any of that racism, anti semitism, but Good tree, but I guess kind of in the shade department that post you shared of is it Ooba? Is that how you say her name? Yes, Uber. Okay, so Ooba she’s sharing it’s like a her point of view shot. She’s showing this like, beautiful like plate of sushi and she’s tagged this restaurant, but you can hear two women fighting in the background. I mean, the absolute shade her I like, I think we’re gonna love her. I think I feel very hopeful about the rebill for her to do something like that.

B 15:37
I know was Aaron because somebody told me it was Aaron. I’ll leave that there. But who it’s worth noting. Aaron is also Jewish, and she is also Israeli.

Amanda 15:49
Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the other one is, it sounds like Lizzie, but obviously it wasn’t. Oh, she wasn’t

B 15:58
there in the Hamptons. You know what? That’s funny. You say that, Amanda because I said that. And I still have the video on my phone. I could send it to you. She was not there. She this was real time they were filming and they are out in the Hamptons. Got it. So it was Erin and somebody I think they were speaking about the Lizzie situation, but it was not Lizzie.

Amanda 16:18
Got it? Well, you know, even before Lizzie confirmed anybody confirmed that it was true that she was leaving. The second that Lizzy posted that like inspirational quote on her stories is like, oh, there’s your confirmation. I always say this, like celebrities, real people. Like it’s always a telltale sign that some real shit is going down in someone’s personal life when they post these very, like optimistic self help quotes on Instagram. I know that’s so cynical of me. But it’s so true.

B 16:54
I love me your self help quote. And I always get made fun of because like, I’ll have a few glasses of wine. And like start posting them and cocktails are always like, Oh God, here she goes. Care I make no apologies.

Amanda 17:08
No, I am telling you, if somebody doesn’t ever post that stuff, and then out of the blue posts it it’s like, oh shit is going down. Like

B 17:19
when I prove me wrong in my feelings about something. I’m agreeing with what you’re saying?

Amanda 17:23
I understand. But you do. You have a couple of glasses of Prosecco. Every once in a while. Let’s, let’s just say that and like, this is not this is something that you do. You know, on a weekend.

B 17:37
You saw this one, but somebody commented the next day I saw it. And somebody commented, did you get this from Joe Gorga I wrote the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of and not the circumstances. And I got played out someone goes okay, Joe Gorga.

Amanda 17:58
You liked that one though. I like your inspirational quotes and then we still have never found Louie Louie’s inspirational quote, Instagram, I would be very interested. I’m just saying when somebody never posts up stuff like that, and then all of a sudden does I’m like, Oh, there you go. Okay, so then in other Bravo cocktails news, this week, someone sent us the pictures of Madison’s legal wedding ceremony. So we know she’s getting married in Mexico this weekend. And when you posted everyone was saying including her own publicist, that it was just a photoshoot

B 18:39
that it was just a photoshoot. And thank you to our Charleston cocktail errs. They always get me the good stuff. So I open up my DMs I see the picture I immediately just screenshot it throw what my watermark on it. And I’m like, congratulations. And then people are like, What are you talking about? First, she accidentally put 2023 Which she fixed. She’s getting married on the 19th in Mexico and I’m like, Okay, guys, but she is standing at an altar with a minister and her fiance. This must be the legal ceremony. No, her son’s not there. It’s not the legal ceremony. And honestly, all I had was the picture. The person didn’t write back when I asked because I don’t think the person knew. But I still just felt like how could it be a photo shoot? Yes, she did show her very cute photos by the way, like buy this like antique car and these beautiful, but why would you be at an altar? I mean, yes, Madison’s Thursday but an actual minister. So a caught cocktail or message me and she was on the side of you’re wrong be it was just a photoshoot. Next day, I stand corrected. She is getting married in Mexico. And I looked up the registers information. And she was legally married yesterday by I blocked the person’s name out who did an online course to marry them before their actual wedding ceremony in Mexico. Getting married in Mexico because it was their first trip as a couple. So many people in this town. Were saying this in that yesterday. guy, and a lot of people were confused as hell, even Vinita was confused. I don’t know sometimes things are as simple as they seem. And I kind of always I kind of run browbone Cocktails by that mantra, like a lot of it is what you see is what you get.

Amanda 20:17
Well, I mean, first of all, I’m sorry, Madison is not going to get married. If she’s got to do a legal wedding. She’s not going to do it inside where nobody can see and possibly take a picture. Of course, she’s gonna do it outside so that there is an opportunity to get some press about it. But again, you gotta like the Charleston COC tailors are like extra on it. They have eagle eyes and quick fingers when it comes to the send button. So we love it. So then picking up from last week’s pod, we have some more summerhouse drama that’s kind of continuing with this whole. Amanda and Lindsay saga starting when Amanda and page were on Watch What Happens Live. And Andy asked them, Who isn’t nice to fans and asked Amanda, if it was Lindsay. So it really it was Andy who suggested it. But Amanda did kind of confirm it. Now, Lindsey this week went on Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules podcast, and literally went off. So I know you listen to it. I have not had a chance to but so from you know, just reading about it, Lindsay said there was drama, because Carl and Kyle over the summer had been fighting over something and it was not resolved coming out of the summer. And you know, we talked about this on the pod like way early, like before, before they started filming. So this would have been back in like June, and then a source had told us and we had posted that there had been close issues between close friends. But as we discussed at the time, it could have really been anybody we thought, you know, is it is it Paige and Amanda. Is it Danielle and Lindsey. So didn’t we also share. And this is one where my memory sometimes gets me that some of this drama started with Kyle and Karl when Lindsey found out that curl stake in the company is lower than she thought and then that caused issues with curl and Kyle.

B 22:30
Yes, we did. And again, that’s rumored I don’t that was an email. Yeah, we got so again, validity of it. But everything we say. issue was I don’t know. Yeah. But so yeah. So Lindsey goes on Katie’s pod. She goes on this rant. And she’s she says, And like a lot of followers were messaging me like why? She goes on this rant and she says she’s the only one on the cast that leave her house. So she’s like, I shop in supermarkets. I take exercise classes five times a week, I’m out for dinner, I’m out for drinks. I’m out. I leave my house 100 times more for every one time they leave their house. So she specifically says Amanda. So I guess she’s saying they’re homebodies I’m okay, so but she’s not necessarily denying I think our point was, I exposed the fan so much more that for me to have a couple of situations where maybe I’m not in a good mood isn’t as big a deal. Because you go out a couple times a week and it’s for events and you’re prepped and you’re right. Like you’re not caught off guard because you’re not, which I mean, doesn’t everybody go get a cup of coffee? I guess you can. Uber Eats everything these days. So maybe, maybe that’s it. My opinion. I think the two of them need to really sit down and just talk this out. I don’t think this is something so serious. They can’t move past. You know, they work with Lindsay’s fiance, Carl, and I mean, I always these names are too similar. I mean, Kyle and Amanda work with Karl and peace needs to be brokered. Carl’s usually the peacemaker. Also, Danielle, obviously, Danielle isn’t interested because of her beef with Lindsey, and crawls in the middle here. So I’m voting for Maya to work this out. I think she’s level headed. I think she’s friends with both. And I just think that they need to put this behind them. You know, Lindsay is in public relations. And it begs the question, how much of this is her wanting to keep it going? Because it’s good to have your name in the price?

Amanda 24:29
Yeah, yeah. I clearly if she was interested in squashing the beef and not getting any mileage out of it, then she would have but she doesn’t seem to roll that way. She definitely is. Seems to be one of the kind of people like if, if you’re ever in a fight with her, like you have to be the one to make the first move or like, you know, things might not ever happen. I wouldn’t but it could be a it could be a calculated move to.

B 24:53
The other thing she did say on the pod though, is that like, on the outside, you could say this is kind of a good thing to focus on because it’s frivolous. but she actually was like, this is very bad for my brand, like my brand is being a public figure and being out at events. And like, if the fans don’t like me if the fans think I’m not cool, like I suffer because people don’t want to do endorsements with me, and people don’t think that I can sell stuff. And that’s what I do. So I do see where she’s coming from, you know what I’m saying? Like, I do see where she’s coming from, like, if people don’t want to see her because they think that she doesn’t appreciate her fan base. That’s really not a good look.

Amanda 25:30
Yeah, well, I mean, imagine you’re trying to get to yoga class and somebody is like, stopping you on the street, and you’re already running late, right? Like, that would be a situation where it’s like, it’s hard to be always be so nice, because then then you’re going to, you know, certain workout classes if you’re not in there, but like, they close the door and you can’t get in and you’ve paid for it. So I understand what she’s

B 25:52
saying from the beginning. Like I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hearing that somebody’s abrupt sometimes. I mean, yeah, life, if your cup of coffee and you haven’t, you know, done your makeup. Maybe you don’t want to take a picture with a fan.

Amanda 26:06
Right? No, I just I think it’s so I just think the way that she said it by saying like, for every 100 times or one every one time Amanda leaves the apartment, I leave 100 I know, I know what Lindsay was trying to say. But it made it sound like she’s admitting that she’s being a shithead.

B 26:23
Like, Yeah, kinda,

Amanda 26:25
I don’t know. And I agree with you honest.

B 26:28
Like, maybe she’s just be honest. And she’s like, You know what? Yeah, maybe I’m caught off guard. And maybe I can be abrupt. But guess what? On an average day, I’m in a grocery store. I’m in a nail salon. I’m in a workout class. So there’s like, so many times a day, I’m stopped. And sometimes I’m just not in the mood. And I appreciate honesty. So I you know, it’s

Amanda 26:48
interesting, because most celebrities will never say that. And I think it’s because they don’t want to sound like poor little me or like, poor victim, but it would be helpful. If, you know, I don’t know, like, maybe if more celebrities would is I always think about this because I always think about like, try to always have patience with people when they’re being rude because you just never you never know, right? If they’re having a bad day, or or did they just get some bad personal news or, or whatever, but everyone, everyone’s got their days where they like can’t handle it one more second, the person in front of them at the stoplight has been looking at their phone and you’re about to miss the green light. Right? And sometimes you just kind of you kind of lose it but it’s just it’s interesting that celebrities never they never talked about that. And that would be such a relatable thing if you’re like, you know, like, you know, Barry’s Bootcamp closes the doors if I’m not in there on time and so I can’t stop and take a picture with everybody or else I will be booking all these these classes that I just never can make it to right and so that would be a really just honest way to put it. I don’t know but I agree with you. I think my ad needs to go in there. I think business partnerships can be hard enough without outside drama from girlfriends wives fiance’s I think you know, peace should be negotiated here. So my Why don’t you see if Camp David is available, or maybe just maybe the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse and just like get it done there and do it publicly and end it? Right. I

B 28:33
like that. Okay, so

Amanda 28:34
we touched a little bit on the Gerardi lawsuit last week because we had heard the CFO was arrested for wire fraud. Now our friends at face reality 16 and Bravo, bravo ducking Bravo have been deep diving, and there’s a lot so let’s talk through all of this. Do you want to read this stuff? Or do you want me to?

B 28:59
Sure I can read it. Go for it. So our friends are deep diving, and we’re trying to like make heads or tails of it. So this is from law. 360 I guess that’s like a legal brief title is Gerardi paid for house now owned by Los Angeles FBI head, the new head of FBI Los Angeles office. The same office behind the arrest of Gerardi cases CFO this month, owns a $1.2 million home that was paid for by the scandal plagued law firms. Tom Girardi so an investigation found this the FBI Assistant Director, Donald away or alway whatever owns half of a home worth more than 1.2 million in the wealthy Beach City of Carmel by the sea California.

Amanda 29:53
Hold on a second. I got to stop you right there. I don’t even believe for a second Carmel is one of the most expensive Carmel by the sea is specifically that little piece of it is one of the most expensive places to buy real estate. I would be shocked if it’s only 1.2 million but I’m but again

B 30:12
with all these connections maybe there’s also a connection with the person who values property so the taxes are lower.

Amanda 30:18
I didn’t I don’t know that before Carmel by the sea. Like if you’ve ever been there, it’s that’s crazy that this guy and a guy who works for the FBI has a house there.

B 30:29
Okay, so it gets Yeah, so maybe we should look into that next court document show that you’re already paid the mortgage for the home. On behalf of always mother, Michelle alway, who was Giuliani’s longtime personal secretary and administrator since moving from FBI headquarters to his new role in LA on August 29 2022. alway has not been involved investigation, which largely predates his time at the LA division. And FBI spokesperson said in an emailed statement on Tuesday, this is all very recent guys, this is all happening as we’re talking Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California. And the Special Agent in Charge is Brian gluey. The FBI reasonably yeah Gulia reminds me of gone Your Hardings husband who hit Nancy Carrie Yes. The FBI recently made what appears to be the first criminal arrest in the jewelry key scandal. agents arrested a law firm CFO Christopher cabin in Baltimore on November 5, after he arrived on a flight from the Bahamas financial records produced in July 32nd. Divorce showed you already made 131,000 in mortgage payments on Michelle always behalf between September 1993 and may 1998. During the same period, the law firm paid Michelle alway more than $212,000 in salary. However, Michelle left the firm in 1985 due to chronic illness, but she still collected this salary. So to highlight, this woman stopped working in 1985. But from 93 through 98, she received $221,000 as a secretary. Okay, so you’re going back 20 years, or 30 years, whatever. And by today’s standards now 20 years, that’s more than most attorneys would be making at that time. Right? So super fishy, then

Amanda 32:43
and she was paying the mortgage. So she was making that much money, and he was paying her mortgage.

B 32:50
Precisely. So this woman Michelle always handled communication, firm finances but then left when she became ill in 1985. Okay, and he’s paying her in 1993. Okay, so she couldn’t be reached for comment. I can’t imagine why. Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. alway, so this is the Secretary son was a deputy sheriff in LA County. He earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Southern California and master’s degree from California State and from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Okay, so this is a lot I want to highlight. The main points right now are the new head of the FBI office in Los Angeles investigating Jordy Keyes co owns a $1.2 million house that Tom Gerardi paid for. The deed was originally and one of Tom’s partners at the firm’s name. It was signed over in 2021. To Michelle and Donald, the FBI says he was not involved in the crew and the federal criminal investigation into the members of the firm. Okay, so we’re straight on that right. Yeah. Now, the FBI is Los Angeles Field Office, which is leading the high profile investigation into the rampant corruption at Tom Gerard. He’s now defunct law firm is refusing to answer questions about the relationship among the top agencies top local official, his mother and the disgraced legal legend. Donald alway the Assistant Director in Charge of the field office is the son of Girardi’s former girlfriend and secretary. His mother received hundreds of 1000s of dollars from Gerardi and his law firm during the mid 90s. According to court documents, the timing and duration of the relationship between Michelle allway and Gerardi is unclear. She was identified as a former girlfriend in a forensic accountants report in Gerardi second divorce so prior to marrying Erica, the attorney has been married three Time’s most recently, obviously it’s a real housewives star Erica, the investigation into his firm is led by the US Attorney’s Office in LA. And the Agent in Charge is Brian. Okay. I’m just repeating this because I’m trying to like make heads or tails. I apologize, guys.

Amanda 35:18
Hold on. I’m googling how old Dawn all the way is.

B 35:22
Well, that’s part of it. So get that because here’s the interesting thing. This is this is the real kicker. We got another kicker here. The guy leading the investigation into Tom is not the son. But he is. The sun’s boss. Okay,

Amanda 35:39
I’m confused. So the person who’s leading the investigation is not Donald alway. Donald alway is a person who’s in charge of that field office in LA, who just came in, in this year, right. So he was not part of the he has not been part of the investigation. But now he is the boss of the person or overseeing the team who is looking at over which, honestly, if this was just an oversight from the FBI, like Wow, guys, this

B 36:12
so you’re looking at his birthdate. Basically, the timing coincides with the mom was married to the person who is listed on the birth certificate as Donald’s father, although in later years, Donald changed his name to his stepfather’s name. Another guy, not Tom. Now, here’s the interesting thing. She was working for town. At the time, they divorced right after the kid was born, Donald. And there are rumors that I mean, well, it’s plausible based on information that people are saying, is this guy, a love child? Why such a close bond? Sure, it could be that he appreciates that he helped his mom and him financially. But it begs the question, which is possible, right? If the mom was just a girlfriend, and he’s not the son, but it begs the question, why did he help him so much financially? I mean, this case isn’t seen. It’s almost like Tom groomed Michelle’s son to be in law enforcement. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie, the departure, but Jack Nicholson groomed Mark Wahlberg, and like, it totally reminded me of that.

Amanda 37:17
I honestly, we’ve got to dig in more to this, because so I am Yes, I agree. I think at the very least what this tells us is, I mean, Tom Girardi is clearly I mean, the fact that he had a different partner, who, but Tom was paying the mortgage. I mean, there are just layers upon layers, and I will not be surprised if we find other other children, other girlfriends. I mean, Eric even said it right that she that he had bought a house for somebody from one of the people he had had an affair with in Palm Springs that she wasn’t even allowed to go into. And again, yeah, the car mouth. I don’t know why I didn’t pick that up. But that is extremely extremely, extremely expensive real estate. So that’s shocking to me. I’m looking I

B 38:13
look into why it’s valued at only 1.2. And what that way now

Amanda 38:16
there’s there’s something weird about that. So I found somebody

B 38:20
who could be him and was born in the late

Amanda 38:23
60s 6956 years old. Yeah. Which would be 60s. Yep. So who knows? Who knows? This is I mean, everyone, we got to keep digging into this. And yeah, I want to look into this house because I don’t believe for a minute that you can even buy a postage stamp for 1.2 million and Carmel. Honestly, yeah. Okay, so let’s see here. All right. Let’s move on. Because yeah, the thing that’s been I’ve been kind of laughing about is here we go again with the Chicago and Winnetka housewives show talk. You know, we had we kept thinking we were going to hear about some new housewife shows being announced at Bravo con, but we were definitely admittedly wrong on that one. So now we’re hearing about Chicago and would not care again. And then somebody we got an email saying that maybe throwing out the NodeSource but an email saying maybe Meritus sister is a possibility.

B 39:26
Honestly, I mean, the info about this alleged show, apparently women were filming and production stopped and they have not heard back so I mean, people want Chicago I guess that’s the overarching theme. And we got an email last week about how Bravo pays attention to you know fan accounts and podcasts and so guys like if you’re paying attention, you know, people want freakin Chicago they’re even willing to take Winnetka Okay, so make it happen.

Amanda 39:57
I agree and I think honestly guys like What’s stopping them really from from trying another another show and I was reading the schedule we got another email about which was didn’t have a ton of new information just about schedule for Bravo and for peacock and it was essentially saying like, we’re not going to have anything new except for Million Dollar Listing this for the rest of this year. So no new show, no new show premieres, except for that. And then we’ve got OC and then jersey, you know, in the spring are in the early year, beginning of the year or in the spring, and I’m like, Why can’t come on can we put together another show here? Like, the winter is long and the nights are dark? We need some more Bravo. Right. i What’s like, how hard is it? I mean, I’m sure to on an early season like how expect can’t be very expensive. And I don’t know

B 40:59
the next girls trips gotta be coming out soon. Must be after the New Year, though. Well,

Amanda 41:04
bravo, so maybe not peacock. Yeah, I let’s hope my God, but I don’t know. I do think there’s some sort of we know something happened. And I can actually see because Winnetka is a really close in suburb and a lot of people are back and forth. So I could see a Winnetka, Chicago like women from both filming, it would be no different than Salt Lake City where some of the women live in actual Salt Lake City and some of the women live in Park City, which is 4040 minutes to an hour away depending like, you know if traffic’s really bad. So I don’t know, another week of these rumors. So you know, I think we’ll see. But Bravo, if you’re listening, you know, what’s the heart? Let’s try it. If it’s if it’s feeling like it could be a good show. Give it to us, please. And thank you. Okay, so the girls trip emails. I mean, like I said, hilarious, a lot of them are kind of bogus, which we laughed about last week, which loving the use of the sloth emoji, but we are hearing kind of that one of them does seem to be a winner. So remember, last week, were like, wait a second wasn’t the one about XYZ and current wives from same cities. So we heard from a source saying that there is something to that content to that idea, and that they loved the reaction to the recent girls trip cast and plan to continue to highlight some of those women along with some new but old favorites. So expect more of the ex wives than new on season four. It will be filmed overseas. And details plus contracts are currently being worked on.

B 42:49
And we posted this actually today. And already I see people like posting cast, I can tell you that this source would not give me cast because they said contracts are being signed. They said Tuesday so next week, which leads you to believe that they could like over like right now could still be deciding who they’re going to really give the offer to.

Amanda 43:08
So yeah, and if the housewives I

B 43:11
think it’d be so funny to have with current, especially from the same city will get a lot of drama.

Amanda 43:17
I totally agree. So what about that you want to read that Bravo land email that you texted me, thank you. That was so funny.

B 43:24
I can’t this this person was pulling our chain. So subject Bravo land, and idea has been floating around of doing an ultimate girls trip style show. And let’s say the Mount Rushmore of housewives. Since some may never work with Bravo again, it could be on a completely different platform. It’s still in early stages, because the ones still on Bravo might not be allowed to do it. Lisa Vanderpump. Nene, Bethany Teresa, Vicki, Ramona, and maybe a couple others. This sounds like somebody was drinking some Prosecco and wrote me some bullshit.

Amanda 44:02
Okay, Bethany, we hear you. Was it her that said that she’s one of the Mount Rushmore housewives? Oh my god. Imagine was it funny?

B 44:11
Or maybe somebody saw her say that and came up with this far fetched idea. Maybe Bethany

Amanda 44:15
had a few too many Skinnygirl marks and was like, I’m gonna write Bravo cocktails that email.

B 44:21
Teresa is not going to be allowed any current housewife is not going to be allowed to go with Nene. I mean, he’s suing the network or was or is again or whatever. So come on. I think

Amanda 44:31
anybody who makes a step like that out of the network would be very either sure that they can never come back or know that if they do that, that they can, you know, be comfortable with the fact that they could probably never come back to Bravo because I don’t know. But if there is any truth to this, and anyone does pull this off, I mean, you and I won’t be laughing anymore. We’ll be watching. It would be great TV. So I say game on if if someone can make this happen. Oh, I agree. i Let’s do it.

B 45:02
So there was some salt lake city drama in the last couple of days. And it was like online drama right so Lisa Barlow is claiming. She recently found out that Whitney invited a man she thought Lisa had an affair with to the season two finale party. And Lisa is claiming that all of the ladies were in on it. Lisa, of course denies having an affair. Her and Meredith were going at it on Twitter. Meredith like the way Meredith was wearing, it was very clever and cute. Like Meredith said, I did not know that this was a guy that you had an affair with. And Lisa’s like there was no affair. It was a rumor. So she so Meredith isn’t calling them rumors. So Meredith, like I didn’t know about this until we were filming season three. Lisa points out that Whitney started this rumor. And she knew about it this season. So this is Lisa’s claims that she Whitney knew about it. She started the rumor, and they all knew about it this season to wrap party. And if you remember, you know there was Lisa was very much ostracized, and she claims they were all in on it.

Amanda 46:09
I met a beauty lab party. I’m trying to remember what that what that party I was just one

B 46:13
I forget picture in my head. I just I remember Lisa in the dress and like her and Meredith fighting and everyone kind of shunning. Yeah, Lisa, I think all but Meredith may have been on it. If we remember, Meredith. In season three, Meredith is seeming to delight in these rumors. But the Hot Mic moment she wasn’t aware of at the time of the wrap party. Remember, she didn’t write about that until it aired. So she wouldn’t have had that moment in time. And although she was clearly annoyed with Lisa at the wrap party, it’s not how she was now after the Hot Mic moment where she really you know, she did bring up the rumors of sexual favors for VITA placement on camera, and he Meredith brought that up, but that was after the Hot Mic moment. So I do think there’s a world in which the Whitney part is true. And the other women being in on it is true, but I don’t I think Meredith has been truthful that she was not.

Amanda 47:01
Yeah. Well, and I think yeah, because at that time, Meredith, I think, thought she and Lisa were just in more of a tiff kind of situation. Not a friendship ending argument, because she hadn’t heard what Lisa had said. So I don’t know I was watching Salt Lake. And I just, I am just loving that show. Like, there were some great moments this week. We’re Whitney and Well, not yet Whitney. But we’re Heather and Lisa are like trying to whisper over the warmups for the choir. The choir is getting louder, and they’re getting louder. And like everyone’s looking at it, like I mean, and you know, like stepping a foot away, like, you know that the producers are like, keep going. This is hilarious, do it. But it made for such great TV. So I mean, there’s, you know, just even the like, the music where it sounds like a choir, which is different from any of the other housewives show. I just, I just think it’s, I think it’s so good. So So we saw in the preview, which I’m sorry, I think one of my favorite things in housewives, anything is the midseason trailer, it’s always so good, right? So so back in the day, like I don’t really watch The Bachelor anymore, but like that first season, where it’s like this season on The Bachelor, like that was always like one of the best trailers to so anyway, in the mid season trailer, we see this that there is this conversation about crowdfunding that they show a text on the screen and so if you pause it, it’s exactly the email that we posted. I wonder if they got it from us. What do you think? I wonder if they sent it to us? Or they if they sent it to us? Yeah, that could be don’t forget that we after we got that. I was like I want to know more about this. So we did at least so Barlow deep dive rabbit hole on episode 21 If you haven’t listed we’ll post a link to it but maybe listen before you watch next week’s I think I’m going to again as well just so that I can kind of have a better understanding so that we didn’t find anything like super crazy. We just found that there’s been a lot of businesses a lot of LLCs we did find the SEC filings again. Not that weird to do but it definitely makes you question why somebody would give up a significant amount of ownership for 25,000 bucks that’s crowdfunded. But anyway, what did you think? Did you watch Do you watch the show?

B 49:44
I watched it. I agree with you on the midseason trailer. I mean, I thought stop trying to make the Salt Lake City husbands happen. You know, eventually they’re all okay but stop putting in I’m in a room together unexpecting that jersey energy. It’s so awkward.

Amanda 50:05
Yeah, I mean, I liked what coach did though, like, again. I liked that he got everyone together and you know, is telling, you know, but again, what I thought was so strange to write is, and those husbands have always been kind of good. But even Seth, before, you know, he was like, Oh, this is so great coaches doing this barbecue, and he’s doing his interview. And I’m looking at it. I’m like, how are you? So like, also, just so just jumping on this bandwagon, when you had just a year ago been, you know, accusing Jen and her family of doing, you know, Jen doing this stuff, too. You know, it just it is it’s, it does feel a little bit forced. And I feel like that whole makeup scene between him and John, what was that? Would you walk out of that feeling like you had resolved if you?

B 51:03
Like, you guys have to have this conversation. And they’re just faking the funk. They don’t actually like each other at this point. They both their wives have such a contentious situation that it’s done. But they’re filming a show together. You know what I also feel like we haven’t spoke about and I want to mention, like, how do we have Heather and her expanding business?

Amanda 51:24
That new facility? Lois.

B 51:27
I also want to note that like, I haven’t heard any of the ladies congratulate her in any capacity.

Amanda 51:34
That’s such a good point. I mean,

B 51:36
she’s mad at Whitney. Like, I understand Whitney is having a tough time in her life because Justin was let go from his job. And clearly the Whitney rose creams are not selling that well, because she doesn’t really mention them. But like, I don’t know, why not support your family? Your friends? I don’t know. But I’m so proud of her. I think it’s incredible. That huge facility. It’s great.

Amanda 52:00
Yeah, I know. It’s, it is daunting to when you see them go into their into the new location with the hard hat I mic that takes some box, right? Do a huge build out like that. That’s huge.

B 52:13
It’s huge. And she says she’s like, I am running a business. I am opening a huge second location. And these women are calling me and wanting me to talk about nonsense. Like, yeah, if she lost

Amanda 52:25
her father, right to I mean, yeah, it’s her daughter went away to college, which to me would be a hugely traumatic feeling right to like, you know, have one of your children not there all the time. I mean, it’s it’s been a big year for her. I agree. And yeah, it is strange. And maybe maybe this is happening all on camera, and we just, they just haven’t shown it. But I definitely think there’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins happening of jealousy when it comes to her business.

B 53:00
I mean, because in the face of it, you have poor Jen. I mean, Jen situation is dire. And I know I shouldn’t say poor Jen. And you’re gonna be like poor Jen. I just mean, it’s hard not to I mean, come on. She’s got two kids. And this is, and then you have Lisa, who I’m not saying that there’s any issue with her business, but obviously, it’s being critiqued on the show. We’re gonna see that soon. And then you have, of course, Whitney’s, you know, not doing well, because her husband was like, oh, so, like, I don’t know, you know what, it’d be nice to see maybe a third of the applause when someone’s successful as we see when someone’s failing. Yeah, you know, like, they love to shine a light on failure. These friends, but let’s celebrate the success guys.

Amanda 53:46
Yeah, that’s how you know who the real ones are. Oh, yeah. Okay, so I am very excited for us together to be able to announce that we’re having a baby. A baby called cocktail party. And you’re invited. Santa’s and Sanchez elves have been very hard at work getting this membership site ready. And we are we are launching it. So as of when this podcast is launched, assuming everything goes well, we will be launched or we are so excited. Not sure about this. Yeah, knock on wood, everybody. And your heads anything

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you guys can go right now. And you can join at Bravo and cocktails.com backslash join J. O. N

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BIA. And what’s cool is we’ve been really working hard to preload it with content because we’ll be continuing to do so you know, very frequently, just like we have with website but we are pre loading it with content. So there’s already some great stuff to get into right away for anyone who joins As of this week, so included in the membership will be. So access to the regular blog. Without either all of the ads, or most of the ads, we’re still working on that there’s some technical stuff, but the level of ads will not be there. For members on the regular just the regular website blog, you’ll also get the regular podcast, so both, it’ll be ad free. And you’ll also get it early. So sometimes, if we don’t get our shit together, it might be raw and unedited. So you might just hear us like stopping to get like a cocktail refill or hear us go off on a rant that we would cut out of the normal pod. I mean, it’s if only you guys could hear some of our conversations,

B 55:48
that makes me nervous. But like real cocktails, I think they’ll enjoy our psychotic rants,

Amanda 55:54
or something like Oh, my God, the kids somehow broke through my three locks that I have the three doors that I have, between me and them. You will also get an extra episodes, we’re client like a mini podcast because it won’t be an hour. But this is where we have like the really, really exclusive content every week. So one of my favorites, which is actually one we just loaded today is the story about how B went to Sony his townhouse. So that’s definitely one that you’re not going to want to miss will have an exclusive blog for members only. So we will post stuff that we can’t post or don’t want to post for whatever reason on the regular site, plus some like fun stuff. So some behind the scenes content will maybe show you guys some screenshots of the texts between us and some behind the scenes kind of stuff. And then we’ll have a community. So cocktail hours can, you know put up their own posts and interact with each other as well. And then we’ll be doing a monthly zoom with both B and Thai. So we’re super excited. And then all of this, you’ll get for 750 a month, which is I was horrified when I looked at my Starbucks bill yesterday, because seven like that’s I paid more than 750 for my triple. I needed an extra shot yesterday for my triple blind espresso with oat milk latte yesterday. So just think about it as that right. It’s lesson a coffee, but also for a limited time because we really want to reward you guys that have been with us since the beginning, we’re gonna do a discount code that will get you all of that for $5 a month. So as long as you stay a member, your price will stay at $5 a month. And that code is charter member, which is all caps. So all caps c h a r t e r, M E, N B E R. So go to Bob and cocktails.com/join and use code charter member to join our cocktail party. And you’ll also see it in like the website navigation. You just can’t see it right now because we have it hidden so we are super ready. And the other thing Oh, go ahead.

B 58:21
I was gonna say and should we tell them about this week’s a cocktail party podcast?

Amanda 58:26

B 58:27
we have some extra juicy stuff about some southern Bravo stars. We can’t share it here. So you’re gonna have to join to hear that. And to Amanda’s point, we did preload stuff, but right now because it hasn’t been live it is right now. I am as I get stuff, I’m choosing to just put stuff on cocktail party. So there will be stuff that you’re only going to see if you’re in the cocktail party guys.

Amanda 58:52
Yes. And thank you be especially but thank everybody for your patience because adding this piece to our existing website has Santa and they’re all of us have been real busy.

B 59:06
Oh, yeah. And thank you, Amanda, because it’s been a lot of work. The time of the email you sent me last night was ungodly.

Amanda 59:14
I mean sometimes when you just get on you know I’m a diamond I work best under pressure.

B 59:21
I like that.

Amanda 59:23
Alright, well thank you guys so much for another for listening to another great episode be it’s been super fun.

B 59:30
Till next time

Amanda 59:38
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea Even like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening everybody.

B 1:00:19
Bye guys. See you next time.