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Feb 1, 2023

From: Potomac Housewives

Subject: Potomac Casting

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Producers are very unhappy with Robyn and Gizelle after this season and details being revealed about Juan’s Affair on their podcast production feels that the ladies are not all in on filming for a reality show. Robyn may be out and Gizelle might get a demotion as a “Reprimand”. Expect 2 new faces for next season.

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  1. CC79

    I can understand Robyn not wanting to talk about it on the show. Buuuut not only does she spill the tea on her podcast, but she says even more details will be given to customers who pay for it??? That’s where she messed up.

  2. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    This is some bs. They know that Gizelle is the reason why there is a show. If anything they’ll tell her to show Jason next season which I’m sure Jason will be happy to do

  3. Val Stevenson

    What Robyn did was shady. Her and Juan’s situation is shady. I have an unconventional marriage and this is still super shady to me. If Juan was going to be mad it was shared on the show, why wouldn’t he be mad she shared on the pod? I would be pissed if I were bravo. How you think you got that podcast???Bravo duh.

  4. Please let this be true

    Literally just made this comment on your poll!! Gizelle neecs a demotion she stirs up shit but hS zero storyline. Robyn needs to be goneeee 2 seasons ago!

  5. Pissedinpotomac

    I sure hope that this is true. Production/bravo needs to prove a point otherwise this will happen with other franchises. They need to prove that we deserve to see your whole life if you’re lucky enough to be a cast member

  6. Not ok robyn

    It’s ok Giselle just stirs up stuff. It’s entertainment at least and there needs to be that person, but Robyn not talking and putting it on her broadcast- one starts to feel how many of the other franchises hide . We know much is forced but to think all of it is bs – why watch it. I’ll watch good fully scripted comedy then

  7. drizzu

    Even if this happens Gizelle will go whining to Andy (who she know favors her) and claim she is iatrical to the show (she’s not). NeNe and LVP has taught the ladies nothing I guess. You had two of the most popular on their respective franchises who left/got fired and while the shows did take a dive for a couple of seasons they built back up again proving in the end that RHOA and RHOBH could go on without them. Gizelle is quickly going down the path of Lisa Rinna and we all saw how that panned out her last two seasons on RHOBH.

    Robyn needs to be demoted to guest or fired.

  8. Stephanie Prohaska

    I think Giselle as a friend of w/o Robyn would improve her reality game immensely!!!

  9. Gizzy

    Giselle is hilarious, I can’t believe how many people are hating on her!

  10. Torn

    I’m torn on this. If she’s generating money from their podcast, as a side hustle. Fine. I have to think the podcast inherently promotes the show and vice versa. (Doesn’t bravo get a cut of any provide from any money-making endeavor developed in the course of the show?) I can see Bravo wanting to get it on film, but can anyone fault her for saving it for the podcast where she has complete control to get the story out without interruption or real time misinterpretation. Years ago, Bravo required them to do blogs and I think the shows were better then because we could “hear” each side. And the meat of the drama was clear cut. All the franchises are suffering from the same problem with social media and podcasts interfering with story lines but production not really sure how to break the fourth wall. You have to watch the show, follow all the cast members on SM, listen to their pods, where they guested on a POD, watch WWHL, follow some bravo accounts just to track the narrative. It’s not nearly as easy or fun to consume anymore. Casts are also evidently, self-producing: trying to provide enough drama to be relevant on the show but not divulge enough to actually derail their real lives and reputations. Mostly because bravo has allowed a formula for the show of cast trip, drama, side gossip over lunches, party, smaller trip, gossip, finale party. The early seasons of the show were just lifestyle and compelling personalities. The need for formulaic drama and showdowns between the women is the death knell of the show and the sooner everybody realizes the sooner HW will be bingeworthy again. Also, the network and the fans need to chill about thinking being on a reality show means nothing is off-limits for the show. “You’re on a reality show you need to show your whole real life.” But we know so many of these friendships are just while the cameras roll. Why as viewers do we pretend that’s not true? Andy can chide her but does she need to be made an example of compared to any of the other HWs who’ve done worse? No!

  11. Robynisawhitelady

    I just want Robyn gone. Gizelle and her neck can stay doing whatever

  12. Carol

    It is total bs and producers need to axe both green eyed bandits!

  13. K Thanks Robyn

    This is exactly why reality TV is dying – allowing cast members to hold back on what’s going on in their lives. It ends up dull an inauthentic. No thanks! Also, the cojones to hold it back and then try to charge for it is a hard nope. It should be in their contract to share EVERYTHING, and if it’s not Bravo is dumb.

  14. Stop hating

    Everyone needs to relax and stop taking these shows so seriously. Part of the problem with housewives is the online fandom takes every single thing these ladies do so literally and seriously. Housewives used to be fun when we laughed at the dumb things they did. Pro tip: I watch the Robyn RMZ episode high and found it hilarious. Try doing that people and get over thinking it’s cool to hate on these people. Robyn and Gizelle can’t and shouldn’t leave the show and I’m sure the network knows that

  15. Lala

    Some of these comments supporting Jizzelle for “stirring stuff up.” That’s actually laughable. I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying that had your entire reputation been ruined by some rolly polly neck and ankles false accusation. It tarnishes the stories of actual victims and survivors. She rides off the backs of all her co stars. What Robyn did is horrible to us and Bravo but at least she’s not spreading false stories around just to stay relevant on the show. Both of them need to be made an example of

  16. Relax people

    Why is everyone freaking out about Robyn and Juan? I seriously don’t get it. Lisa Rinna has kept her relationship with Harry and the many accusations against him off the show for how many seasons? Not to mention, RHOBH and SLC had half of their seasons storylines about an event that happened off camera?

  17. over it

    good riddance. plus do we really need a story line about her fake/PR relationship with Jason??


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