She might be out…

Jan 31, 2023

DM with a source:

Source: I think Robyn may be out

Me: Yeah?!

Me: Like they’ll fire her?

Source: Yeah

Source:think so

Source:There were rumblings before this podcast drop

Me: Oh wowwww



  1. Adriana Vasquez


  2. Nancy

    Robyn really didn’t think this one through. Terrible decision making on all fronts of her life.

  3. WYKYK

    She should be. Always been a little boring, now she’s shady. Shake up the cast.

  4. Katie Beyer

    Please let this happen! She’s the most boring Housewife. Beige walls are more entertaining to look at.

  5. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    This is more wishful thinking from Potomac haters. She is the Cynthia of the cast and they won’t make the same mistake again

  6. Kari

    No! We can’t loose half of the Green Eyed Bandits!

  7. Loose lips

    As she should!!!! *most* These women give glimpses into their lives and poor Candiace/Chris and Wendy this season … for Robyn to hide this and act like “No big deal”. Girl, bye!

  8. Macie

    I liked Robin up until this point but seeing how she’s handled this situation and this season… she can go. Don’t expect to be able to hide your dirty laundry when you’re constantly trying to out your cast mates with made up drama.

  9. KWoww

    I have never been a Robyn fan. She’s always given off “scammer” vibes, in my opinion.

  10. Bye Robyn!!!

    If it’s not a breach in their contract BRAVO needs to add it asap!! You can’t be a paid reality star & then leave the story for your private podcast & patreon!!!

  11. Asia Powell

    If we’re being honest from the beginning of Potomac Robyn has been the only one to truly talk about things going on in her life. One thing & she’s fired. None of the other women share whats going on Karen, Gizelle, Candiace, Wendy. The only other person might be Ashley bc she has shared it all.

  12. DJ

    That is something if they fire her for this. Honestly. She didn’t share ok but no one handed her this on the show and said here you go. It wasn’t brought up and now people are mad she didn’t disclose it? I get it’s reality tv but shade bravo too for not doing their due diligence. It’s been all over the blogs for a long time so shame in the rest of the cast for not digging if they wanted dirt.

  13. Titsmcgee

    At least Robyn has something to talk about. Giselle has shit and hasn’t given us anything except lies for every season now. She rides off the backs of the other housewives. Time for both the GEB to get demoted to friend of. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  14. BS

    Are you kidding? She just guaranteed herself a spot – this will provide a full season’s worth of her being called out.

  15. M

    Karen has shared nothing this season. I love Gizelle, but she never shares anything except a cute scene with her girls once in a blue moon. Robyn’s shared more of her life than those two combined. I still enjoy the GEB antics and love the history the OGs have together. It was a bad season for her, yes, but shouldn’t be her last.

  16. Bravoholic

    Ya’ll are rediculous calling for her to be fired for wanting to keep her family together. Karen NEVER owns up to her stuff. At least Robyn owned the whole mess and said she expects to address it. The show needs her and this is setting up to be a great season 8. I can’t wait to see more of the Karen vs Robyn.

  17. Hello

    At least Robyn didn’t go along with the chris rumour and tried to nip it in the bud. She told both garcelle and Ashley they where wrong. Don’t fire her.

  18. Hello


  19. C G

    Do NOT fire her. She literally is the closest thing we have to a sane person on the cast. Karen is too nuts. Wendy is too conceited (and tries too hard). Gizelle is too evasive. Candiace is too delusional. Ashley is too woo woo. Robyn is the closest thing we have to sane. Every RH show has to have a vaguely sane one.
    And so, Robyn has to stay. We can talk about ALLLLL of this on Season 8. I’m in for THAT!


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