Right when we started recording this episode, we got the surprising news that Lisa Rinna is not coming back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – so you will hear our live reactions. Lenny Hochstein’s new girlfriend bad for business? Amanda shares some shocking nuggets from Jen Shah’s sentencing memo that we haven’t seen reported anywhere else. Is it just us, or is the most interesting SLC tea happening off-screen? Love our tangents? We’ve got lots of them this week, including New Year’s Resolutions, what we really think about Rinna’s exit, and whether or not we’re doing Dry January.


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TRANSCRIPT: Episode 35


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Amanda: [00:00:00] 120 months. So 10 years of prison for Jen would be sufficient, but not greater than necessary.

B: Welcome to Cocktails and Gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat, reality tv, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds ambi. And

Amanda: I’m Amanda.

Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B: What’s up, cocktailers?

Amanda: Hello. Happy New Year, cocktailers. I hope you guys are all having a decently hopeful like okay, re-entry into reality. Cause I feel like I got. Bee slap not, not slapped by you bee, but be slapped by [00:01:00] life this week. Oh my God. Coming back from

B: vacation. So I posted on, I posted on Bravo and Cocktails.

I, um, you know, I’m always trying ways to like, eat healthy or you, you know, whatever. So I’m like, all right, I’m gonna start Weight Watchers. And I have had, I’ve, I’ve tried keto, can’t do it. Too big of a headache. I’ve tried . I just, I don’t know. I need carbs anyway. Weight Watchers has always worked for me, and that’s just because I’m not a person who can deny myself anything.

And if I plan, it’s like you just eat a moderation. So I’m doing that and I feel good.

Amanda: Well, that’s awesome. And that’s not an ad, guys, like that’s just real life , but if it starts to work to work for you, I’m gonna do it. Are you doing dry January or anything like that?

B: I’m drinking a glass of red wine. I’m not.

I am like, I’m basically like trying to take it easy. Right. I feel like December is like, give me all the cookies, give me [00:02:00] all the salami, give me all the cheese. And now it’s like my body is full of sodium, prosecco and guilt. So , . I’m just, I’m just trying to like, you know, like I’m trying not to drink during the week.

Like even my life. Yeah. Not like, listen, I’m not raging during the week. Let’s face facts. I’m mostly doing carpool,

Amanda: but Yeah. ,

B: you know, like my glass of wine or two at night, I’m just like skipping. I’ve been having tea, which is like, so not like me. I, I feel so, I feel so mature.

Amanda: So for three days, this is damp January.

Not it’s damp, it’s not dry. Are you doing dry January? I, you know, I’ve done it many years, but we didn’t get back until the third. And so then I was all like, kind of was like, well I don’t know, like I’m already three days in and of course I drank, you know, you gotta have the airport drink, right? So [00:03:00] then yesterday night I’m cooking dinner, which was the fourth.

I’m cooking dinner and it had to have wine in it. So then I was like, oh, I’m just going to have a little sip of this. So I think I’m gonna do the same thing, just like not drink during the week, keep it to the weekends. But yeah, I think naturally like stuff calms way down for us and it’s like, just like kind of hibernation and chilling out in January anyway, so, Yes.

So yeah, we’ll call it damp January for sure.

B: I, I, I think Cocktailers would agree it’s, you don’t have like the rush of the holidays and people visiting and, and like all the parties and so like, yeah. I’m just trying to take it easy, you know, I’m not a kid anymore. Just chill out a little this January. But Amanda Yeah, totally just announced that Lisa Rena is not coming back.

I’m literally just shocked.

Amanda: I’m shocked [00:04:00] by this.

B: You know, the thing about it is, is that, first of all, I don’t think that this was known back when we kept getting the emails that she’s out, she’s out. Yeah, she’s out. I don’t think that was the case. The reason I say that is because although she only was on one panel at Bravo Con, she was still there, right?

Yeah. If she knew she was out, I just feel like my sources were telling me that there wasn’t a final word on it and that there were still negotiations going on. , this statement says it was mutual, which leads me to believe that they probably lowered her salary or something like that. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know.

I mean, everybody says it was mutual so she didn’t leave on her own accord. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s fired. I think that sometimes they offer

Amanda: less money. Right. Well, and we know negotiations are happening right now, so that would make sense. And if, you know, and it could be also like a, a pause maybe they were trying to get her on to go on pause [00:05:00] too, you know, and it was more of a, it’s gonna be a pause situation.

I just, I don’t see her being gone forever. I think I agree that they’re, I, you know, maybe it’s it too, they were like, well, why don’t you go down to a friend of roll and, you know, she didn’t wanna do that. So, cuz I think, you know, the thing that kind of sucks about being a friend of roll is you’re still ha you still have a quite a commitment from time, but you have.

much less, you’re making less money and you have less spotlight kind of on your own side. Businesses and stuff like that that also make it more lucrative. So I could see, I guess if that were the case, I’m just, I’m absolutely shocked. I also

B: have to say that that’s happened. I also have to say that this last season really like colored our like version or picture of her.

She was really great for a number of years, even when she, even though she was always messy, you know, Tamara was very messy and people [00:06:00] called for Tamara to be off. And I would not in the least be surprised if we have a sort of boring season and everyone wants her back. Mm-hmm. . And I think that, I think she would absolutely do it because I think that she would want the vindication, right?

So I just can’t see her leaving the check on the table. I have to imagine that she was offered a lot less money or something of that nature. Yeah.

Amanda: Well, and if that happens, which we’ll see what happens, but it would also give her more leverage for a subsequent season to ask for more money. So, right. I don’t know.

I will miss her. I think she is TV gold. I know she had a rough season, but I will miss

B: her. Yeah. You know, I, I was at a point where I wanted her gone and even in just the few weeks break we took from them, I like kind of forgot why. Like I, when I saw this, I was kind of like, ah. Because now I’m looking at it and I’m like, [00:07:00] and you know, all those brandy rumors and I don’t believe that brandy will be back full-time because, My source says that that won’t happen, but I certainly can see where they can use brandy in a friend of capacity to bring the similar max mess that Renna brings.

And maybe a friend of without the strong alliance like Rena and Erica and you know, like that whole fear of Force five whatever, maybe that would bring enough of the mess without the toxicity.

Amanda: Yeah.

B: Yeah. I don’t know. I’m, I’m conflicted because, and like the people who want reneg are gonna be like, B how can you not have, but, you know, she made interest.

Should be interesting. We, they had the highest ratings last season. I don’t know, be careful what you wish for, myself included, I felt that OC when Tamara was gone, and boy, I wanted Tamara gone. I was like, get this one off, blah, blah, blah. I’ve regretted it and I, and I feel like we’re gonna feel that way about.

Amanda: I loved Tamara. I I never wanted to see her go either. So [00:08:00] yeah, I same.

B: And what does Andy always say? He’s always like, you know what, I can’t win because when the person’s on, they want me to fire them. And then when I let them go, they’re like, how could you let her go? And I think it’s, he’s right. .

Amanda: Should we now, cuz we weren’t kind of talking about this and then we didn’t, I don’t know if we were gonna talk about it tonight, but should we talk about that other casting rumor that we got?

Oh, about Beverly

B: Hills? Yes. Yes. And I did post today because my source actually sent to me when I was in Florida. I didn’t see it because listen, I’m on vk and I asked him because we got an email that Christine Quinn was being whatever, was talking to people about Beverly Hills, like producers. It’s not true.

Oh, not true. Yeah. I think I posted that. You probably didn’t even see it because I posted it like a little while ago. I like Christine Corn. I think she’s a necessary, I think she would be great. He said it’s not true. True. And I, I feel like this person knows her, not just like, yeah. [00:09:00]

Amanda: You know? Yeah. She would fill, she could fill the shit stirring shoes pretty well though.

So guys, if you’re listening, she can, I’m

B: sure it’s not true. I think the reality is she doesn’t really have a connection to any of those women. Wo women. Yeah. I hate when people call women. I hate when people call women multiple women. Women and one woman women. So, and I just sort of, yeah. I hate it more in print.

Cuz when you’re talking, we all know my words get jumbled. I don’t know. I’m confused. I’m confused about how I feel, Amanda. And I’m sorry. I know I sound distracted. And I am distracted cuz literally we pressed record and this came in and I’m reading all people’s reactions. Yeah. So yeah, the reactions are that.

By and large, the reactions are that she wouldn’t leave a check on the table. And I, I think that that’s true. So who knows? Yeah. The source that sent me those emails a long time ago that she was out. Thank you. And please keep that true tea coming. Mm-hmm. ,

Amanda: how funny is it that this week, [00:10:00] like the spigot just got turned back on with like all the emails coming into the site.

Like the stuff coming into your source. Oh my stuff, my God. Happening. My God. Like all of a sudden this week it’s like all like back on. Oh, and

B: this is very important to say Bravo and Cocktails underscore on Instagram. That’s my main, that’s why I post right. Guys, it’s an Instagram glitch when you’re clicking and you’re getting some sort of error message.

It’s not exclusive to my account. A lot of, yeah, you know, all different types of accounts across Instagram are having this issue. The good news is, that’s why I have a website. I have been clearing the cachet every time I post a new post so that everything is updated on the site. So if those links aren’t working, please head straight to Bravo and cocktails.com.

I love you guys. Yeah, and you, all of my followers know I do my best to answer, but I cannot rewrite posts like, like I get a lot of dms and I can’t explain like, you know what I’m saying? Like I [00:11:00] can’t do it a thousand times a day. And I’m not saying that like I’m so cool a thousand people message me, but really and truly, I get thousands of dms and I try to read all of them.

And the reason for that is because I love my cocktailers, but the other reason is because I get a lot of tea through the dms. So if I miss a scoop, I miss it. ,

Amanda: right? Well you guys too, coming from the person who built the site, the site is meant to be scrollable. So if you’re on a post, then you just scroll to the bottom and then you can go to previous posts.

So then that’s the other way you can do it if it’s, you’re finding that you’re having that Instagram thing. Cuz I’ve had it like the only way I can get that Instagram thing to stop for me. And it’s not just on, it’s on a lot of different ins. I have to restart Instagram and I’ve been having to do it like restart my phone every couple days or so, which it’s just, it’s an Instagram glitch.

But yeah. And for some people that study, we built the site. Yeah, well we built the [00:12:00] site you guys, so that you can literally go in and go from post to post. So, and then that way too, you can read all the comments and do all of that. So I totally agree with B. That really should be actually, I think. The primary way you’re doing it cuz then you know you’re not missing anything.


B: And I don’t mind posting the links. I mean, I don’t care. I’ll post the links. But Instagram changes, we all know it’s algorithm the way it does things and every time it changes, like we try to figure it out. But it takes a while. So just go to the website if, if you see an error message, it’ll probably be fixed in a couple days.

Just go to the website. Listen. Yep. I don’t know about you guys, but I know Amanda and I were of the era before Instagram where we used to scroll Perez, Hilton and tmz. Mm-hmm. and E-News and there was no links. We had to like, I used to go, I remember being at work when I was like a teenager when Perez was like first big and the second my boss was [00:13:00] like not looking at my computer.

I had it open on the bottom and I would pop it up and refresh it. So just go old school guys. We don’t need Instagram for our site to

Amanda: work. . Yes. Yes. That’s so true. I would just remember out of nowhere to go and read the sites every day, like on my lunch break or whatever. Same. So, totally. Okay, so let’s talk.

There’s been so much Miami stuff this week and it’s been like such a fun full circle week like kind of thing, because I remember, I think it was that time that we recorded a couple of pods, or was it all three at once? I can’t remember the one. We launched with three at once, but we talked a lot about what was going on with Miami, and it’s so crazy because all of the stuff, all the tea that we had gotten, all the information that we talked about on the pod back in May with the information about Lenny’s mistress, it all seems to be coming true [00:14:00] if you’re watching the show right now.

B: Okay, so we say this every episode, but we have terrible memories. Amanda. I went back and I listened to our pods because I was like, what did we get right? What did we get wrong? I was so proud of us. Right? Like I was like, cause that was all happening in real time. I wasn’t, I was not proud of the audio.

Yeah, . But that is all.

Amanda: Yes. Go back and listen guys, but please don’t complain about the audio. Cause we think we fixed it mostly right? Since then. But

B: basically, so it’s our episode two and three. We are now on, this is our 35th episode. Hot damn. Holy crap. So our second and third episode were all about, and this was literally happening, happening while they were filming all the page six articles they’re talking about, you know, that I’m like hoping that they mentioned me, but then I remember when they did it on Jersey, they had it like, get my permission.

So I guess I’m not, but whatever. So the thing is, and we said this on the pods and I’m just gonna summarize, but it seems that Lenny and the mistress had been together far longer than he was [00:15:00] admitting to, right? Mm-hmm. , or that he’s admitting to now. So she had this huge wedding. The mistress was married to some diplomat.

And again, listen to the pod cuz I knew all the exact details back then and I’ve since forgotten. And she got her citizenship through him basically. Once she got her citizenship, this is what was reported. Anyway, she basically upped and left him and began social climbing, you know, modeling all this kind of stuff.

And then she left him for someone who she perceived as more wealthy. Now a diplomat can be just a regular person. I mean, yes, they make a salary, probably a decent salary. Usually they have money from whatever country they’re from, but they may not be millionaires like Lenny is allegedly. But the funniest thing is I keep getting pictures.

Her bio on Instagram says all natural. So all week. Mm-hmm. , because we’ve known about this mistress, but now that it’s public, I guess everybody’s looking into it, right?

Amanda: Like,

B: like everyone knew he [00:16:00] cheated, but now everyone’s really like getting to know who she is and she’s loving it. I mean, she posts the creepiest videos, licking her lips in all weird shit.

But it says she’s all natural. Okay. Her face is totally different. Filler eye lift. I don’t know. IG famous. Dana, we need you to look into this. I’m gonna ask her actually. Yeah. What has she had done? The boobs may be natural. That’s where it ends. A lot of people said it looks like she’s on ozempic. Not that she was ever, he heavy by any stretch of the imagination.

Do not mistake me. But yeah, she’s super thin. Although with, I think you can probably even Photoshop video now, right? So I don’t know.

Amanda: So, but isn’t that bad for business for Lenny? If. if she’s his girlfriend and she’s saying she’s, she’s all natural, like , I would think that she would be saying, you know, here’s what I’ve had done.

And look at the difference, right? Because she does look so different.

B: So [00:17:00] different. I don’t know, but this is really crazy. So this is exclusive. Somebody in and, and again I am just saying that if you Google it, it’s very deeply buried. But apparently a long time ago he was arrested for possession of ecstasy, which I guess isn’t that shocking because of the parties he throws in stuff.

I am not insinuating that he was selling it or he was doing it. But when you’re at those kind of parties, so I, that’s the word in Miami. .

Amanda: Well, interesting. And you know, there are, well first of all, somebody who’s gonna be in the press a lot like that, that helps to bury it. But there’s like companies you can hire if you’ve been arrested.

Oh. To bury that by like having all these other news articles and links and all this other stuff so that it Do you like pretty much have to Google like. So-and-so arrested to find it. And I can only, I can only tell you that because I [00:18:00] had an experience like that. I won’t go into de too much detail, but somebody that I worked with, we ended up finding, had a record but didn’t show up.

It wasn’t somebody that had been, had, we didn’t, they weren’t in a position to have a background check done. Oh. And so we find this out later after we’d been working with them. So, and then that’s how I found out that there’s these companies that you can kind of bury stuff essentially on the internet so that your mugshot isn’t the first thing that shows up.

So, anyway. Interesting. I mean, and I guess alleged, we’ll, we’ll remind everybody. Definitely

B: alleged. Yeah. That’s alleged. I mean, yeah. You know,

Amanda: and then Lisa, this week, so we saw her out. With a good looking guy who seems closer, you know, closer to her in age, a tech executive. She was out with him on New Year’s Eve, and

B: as chances would have it, a cocktail [00:19:00] on her way, like arriving in Cancun herself at the airport, sees Lisa luggage and tow with the new boo, all booed up, strolling through the airport and sends me a picture.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that exclusive pick. So we post the picture, and then of course, everyone wants to know right away. Someone messages me, they tell me who the guy is. I followed him. He followed me back. . He appears to be a single dad of one girl who looks like she’s a preteen. In his Insta bio, it says he’s the founder of Intro Hive.

50 fastest growing companies, four years in a row. , it’s the software helping world’s largest brands fine. Win and grow. Okay. So I guess he’s got money according to his bio. Very cute.

Amanda: It’s a big company. It’s a significant company. So should we, should we read that email about that we got, yeah.

B: It like

Amanda: hurts me to do it or skip it?

Maybe let’s say that for exclusive Pod, I feel like. Okay. [00:20:00] Yeah. What do you think?

B: Yes, because I, you know what? I wanna do it exclusive because bef I, I wanna, I kind of wanna like Yeah. Hear more about it before I put it out there because you know. Yeah. You know why

Amanda: members only. Yeah, I agree. The other thing I just wanted to bring up that a cocktail emailed us today, I did not know this.

Did you know that Adriana, Adriana did the theme song for Real Housewives of Miami?

B: Not a clue. I mean, I may have known it 10 years ago when she did it. No, I think she did it for this one. I think I have to tell you, have we said this? Adriana is like 58 years old. The woman when she walked in. You probably have not watched today’s episode yet, cuz I know you had a crazy day.

No, I just like got it in because I was able to push soccer practice off on my husband . I was like, I really, this is like, this is work related, babe is work. I have to watch this or I’m gonna be unprepared for my podcast. The look I got was totally fantastic. He’s like, okay, let me [00:21:00] push you off my calls so that you could watch a show.

I’m like, and here we are. I am a journalist, . This is what I say to him. I’m a journalist and he just laughs in my face and just like, I’d rather just leave this conversation so I’ll do it anyway. So totally forgot what I was gonna say. Oh, she, we were

Amanda: talking about Adriana.

B: She, she was wearing this dress and it was hot yellow.

Is that a thing? Bright yellow? . Yeah, Canary. Yeah. So not even the sides on the hip, like the middle, the middle of her body is covered. It was like to the knee. And then on either side of her was like, netted, not even netted just like top, her whole body was out. The woman has a body from the gods at 57 years old and her face like incredible.

Amanda: I mean, God bless her. And I say, you know what? If you wanna start your pop career at in your fifties, good for you. So after we got that email, I, I looked it up and sure enough, and like she has a [00:22:00] video and I don’t know if it’s the same video as one that they’re like rehearsing for or not really rehearsing for on.

Well, that

B: situation last week show bananas, these girls, and again, you haven’t seen it yet, so, so much happens at that video shoot. I mean, other like, Salt Lake City hasn’t given us this much. In a season these people delivered. There was a fight between Alexia and Gerdy. They went from ready to ring each other’s necks to hugging, kissing, loving each other.

Then Adriana and Kiki got into it. Larson and Julia got into it. L Kiki was uninvited to Julia and Martinez housewarming by the way. She did make out with the guy, but apparently it’s not a big deal cuz they’re friends and they were just kissing and Martinez like I’d only be mad if it was a woman. Which we said that last pod, by the way,

So there’s a little bit of an open situation there as far as Julia I think is allowed to fool around with men. But then Julia’s like, oh, I’m too jealous to let her do anything with anybody

Amanda: about Martina. Well, and then, and like even [00:23:00] that scene where they’re all sitting around the fire with the shaman and they’re all crying and they’re all sharing this.

Stuff. Like, I’m like, you’re so right. Like they’re, you know, the, they tried the shaman thing in like with Salt Lake City and that went over like a lead balloon. So I agree. I think, I think Miami is, I think everyone is agreeing that they’re, they really are bringing the fire this year. Oh,

B: I mean,

Amanda: Fugo. Okay.

So what about the nineties announcement or I guess flashback to the nineties announcement

B: that we heard? I’m gonna stop after this being distracted, but my source just got back to me. I’m asking him like, did she leave on her own whatever. He said that it was not about money. It, they left mutually. So maybe her companies are doing better than we think and she wants to take a break.

God bless. You know what,

Amanda: make a miss you, Elisa. I agree, right? Absence makes the heart grow [00:24:00] fonder and I think, I think we’re gonna miss her. You know what?

B: Okay. , I’m, I, I, I have to say, and I trust my source. And it’s not like he’s a friend of hers. So I have to say that if he’s saying that, I, I tend to believe that that’s the case and good for her.

Okay. But let’s get to the nineties. . . Let’s go back. .

Amanda: Okay. So we heard this week, I think they, they, as the kids say these, these days, hard shipped the relationship by posting on Instagram. So Chili, the singer from tlc, and then the child actor, Matthew Lawrence, who had been previously married to Cheryl Burke.

And then I feel like you know this better than I do as far as the whole history, so I’m gonna have you take through it. But Cheryl Burke was on Dancing With the Stars. They got divorced. Okay. So I’ll little

B: synopsis, take us through it. So, okay. First of all, Joey Lawrence is the one in my opinion who was better known, was he on [00:25:00] Blossom?

Yes. Yes. God, you young cats don’t know about Blossom. Like I was very young at Blossom. Whoa. Okay.

Amanda: He had a catchphrase. You guys like back at, this is like the golden age of tv. Whoa. When people had catch. Whoa. Yes. The whoa Guy . Oh my

B: God. That was Joey Lawrence. You know what’s so weird about memories? Like I would not have remembered that.

Like it would’ve, like there’s things in your head that you don’t know. You know, brains are amazing. , okay, so he, Joey Lawrence was on Dancing With the Stars. I’m unclear if Matthew was on it or if it was Joey. Anyway, so they started dating in 2007, I think, when his brother Joey was on Dancing With the Stars.

They dated for a year. They broke up, they reconnected. In 2017, they got engaged. This is Matthew Lawrence and Sheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars. Okay, engage 2018, married 2019, filed for divorce February, 2022. [00:26:00] divorce, final September, 2022. Little cool tidbit. Leah Rey was their maid of honor. Now, during the time they were breaking up, once it was announced, she was all over social media making TikTok and, you know, posting on Instagram.

Some of them with her bff, Leah Rey. She said Matthew cheated on her. She did something saying she never had an orgasm. All this kind of stuff. Mm-hmm. . Okay, . So now divorced final September, 2022. Chili from the band tlc. Okay. Like, I guess I don’t, I, is it regional? Because to me, I, I’ve said, we said it last pop and I was talking about Karine Steffens, big hip hop and r and b fan.

This is my arrow. TLC was probably one of the first CDs I ever had, if not the first crazy, sexy, cool. Mm-hmm. . So, Chili and Matthew were first [00:27:00] spotted together in August. At the time, her publicist said they weren’t dating. They were just friends hanging out. This week, her publicist announced their relationship.

The publicist says, I’ve been working with Chili since 2005. I’ve never seen her this in love. They’re really cute. Together. They spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together. But now because all roads lead to Bravo, in addition to the commonly known fact that Kandy wrote TLC’s, Kandy from Atlanta wrote Scrubs, right?

Their Grammy winning hit. Mm-hmm. . Also chili is the ex of Dallas, Austin, who you’ll remember. Amanda worked with Kim Zac . Remember Don don’t retire in Dallas, Austin,

Amanda: her country. Okay. Yes.

B: To his credit, he’s also worked with Ti Gwen Stefani and Pink. So he does have some legitimate clients there Now. This the reason Usher and Chili.

So remember Cheryl said Matthew cheated on her and by the way, right. Okay, I’ll get to it. The reason Usher and Chili broke up in [00:28:00] 2003, it was because Usher cheated. I was always under the impression that Confessions was written about her, but actually I found out from followers. Jermaine Dupree wrote it about his situation.

Well, as Chance would have it, usher was also cheating on chili, although they were together while he was recording it. By the time it was released, he had been caught and they were broken up. So the album applied to both him and Jermaine Dupree. Hmm. Now the part that annoys me, Cheryl, is on, is back on social with TOS and videos.

She’s trying to insinuate that Matthew cheated on her with Chili. It isn’t true. Okay. Sources say it’s not true. Chili herself has commented on Post saying this is not true. They’ve been split a year right now. , I get it right. You’re a CD List star. Dancing with the Stars. I don’t even think she’s going back, if she was even back this season.

So she’s looking for an angle, [00:29:00] right. To be relevant, but like mm-hmm. at Chili’s expense. Mm. Don’t love it. I mean, I’m a big chili fan, so I don’t love that.

Amanda: Yeah. I think she’s just, I think Cheryl’s just, yeah. Trying to get as much attention as she can. And we heard right, that a source confirmed that they didn’t cheat.

At least he didn’t cheat with chili and that this is just a Cheryl trying to capitalize

B: situation. Right. He may have very well cheated. I don’t doubt that he did, although who knows? We don’t know. Yeah.

Amanda: But I also kind of, I don’t know, I say good for them, like everybody should move on. I mean, I’m not saying good for him for cheating, but I’m just saying like, Hey, like go have some fun.

Salt Lake City. Oh wait,

B: but one more thing about Cheryl. Somebody who worked on Dancing with the Stars about 10 years ago said, Cheryl isn’t nice again, this is this person’s opinion that she didn’t talk to anyone on production unless it was an actual producer and she was just [00:30:00] generally stuck up. It doesn’t surprise me.

I used to watch Dancing With the Stars back in the day. Mm-hmm. and I never liked her. She was, one of her partners was Nick Lachey’s brother Drew Leche. Mm-hmm. . And I was like young at the time, and I mean, not like a kid, but I’m just saying. And I remember he was married and I just always found her to be like overly flirty.

Like I understand the dances themselves are sex not sexual, but you know, they’re hot, right? Yeah,

Amanda: they are

B: though. Yeah. But like, like when they show, like the practice and when like after like I just found her too, like hugged up on him and there were some like tabloid rumors that the wife didn’t like it.

So I don’t know. I always kind of got that annoyed vibe by it. Like, I don’t know. Whatever.

Amanda: Yeah. , move on, Cheryl. Yes, I think maybe find, find a new, find a new friend and go. Go find something to be happy about. Totally. I know. Okay, so back to Salt Lake City, . Oh, brother. The stupid Heather’s eye thing, which now we’re all just [00:31:00] agreeing, like is just being stupid.

But you got some confirmation about the post that we will see on the reunion that it was just an accident.

B: I mean, you know, I have to just say that Heather Gay, who I was a huge fan of, is falling victim to the curse. And the curse is you come out of the Gate hat fans love you. We saw it with Lena Mc.

Liam Mc Sweeney is the most recent and you just fall from Grace very quickly and people turn on you. And that’s kind of what we’re gonna continue to see. Cuz on socials, everyone’s down on her and after the reunion mm-hmm. , when she actually verbalizes it. Ah, they’re not gonna be happy. So,

Amanda: I mean, really quickly, I knew like the second I watched that, the la so the last one before Christmas, when you think you’re gonna find out why and we still get nothing.

I texted you right away and I was like, people are gonna be, I’m [00:32:00] pissed. I’m like, people are gonna be pissed. This is gonna, this is gonna splash back in a bad way on her. And sure enough,

B: totally. And overall, salt Lake City had a weak season Duo put out a rumor today, not a rumor. And he or she, excuse me, got an email that they’re hearing they may be paused or canceled.

I have my source looking into that. I haven’t heard one of my sources, my Salt Lake City source, I haven’t heard back from them. I mean, makes sense because it does. So the people who are casting Salt Lake City have been posting that they’re going to be filming soon, but, Hmm. I don’t know about that. I just don’t know because they have so many other.

they have so many other options. We know they’re testing other places that they may just put it on pause for now and, and like, you know what I’m saying? And see if they can come up with something. Yeah. So I guess that’s, that remains to be seen. But I, I tend to think that that’s a possibility.

Amanda: Interesting.

I mean [00:33:00] if unless they can come. Yeah. Well cuz so Mary is not coming back

B: confirmed. Not coming back. That was all bs. Yeah. Even Meredith take into that. So what you see is you see a lot of them reaching Right. You know what I mean? Like trying to stay relevant and it’s just not going well.

Amanda: You know, I don’t know.

Back to this Heather thing, cuz I was the same way. I really liked her. I haven’t liked her so much this season. I do think some of this I thing like. Should really go to the show Producers too. I think anybody could step in and be like, the fans are gonna be pissed. Like we could see them kind of smiling through like, like why make, why make such a big thing?

And it’s like, here we are. I’m even mad that we’re talking about it again. But even Andy could have stopped it and being like, dude, you gotta, you gotta tell people. Well, her claim

B: is that she did say it and it got [00:34:00] cut. I find that hard to believe, but

Amanda: Mm. Yeah, I don’t know. Then why would they keep talking about it and talking about it?

Right. And talking about it. Right. That doesn’t add up. Okay. So today we’re recording on January 5th, Jen Shaw’s sentencing is tomorrow. We are very

B: goal, by the way, guys, I can’t take off of work. Okay. , if enough of you join the subscription site, I can, but currently I have to work .

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, seriously. So, yeah, I mean, this article came out in tmz.

Do you wanna share some of that? I mean, about

B: what’s going on? Shout out. Shout out to tmz. Uh, to me. Yeah, they’re, they’re always first. I, someone else had a restraining order against Joan. She came out of the woodwork. I don’t know how TMZ uncovers this shit, but they do. She asked that her statement be considered [00:35:00] during sentencing.

Some of the things the restraining order said Jen had been having an affair with this person’s husband. She says Jen kept trying to contact her, which she ignored. So Jen came from Utah to wherever the woman lives that I guess is concealed and showed up at

Amanda: her, but a different state cuz it said across state lines, I think.

Yes, so far.

B: Yeah. And showed up at her house at two in the morning. She threatened and said she would kill her and that she wouldn’t leave. So the woman called the cops. The woman got video and showed the police that, and screen grabs of text messages shortly after the woman called the police. There were attempt, there were attempted hacks at the woman’s email.

The woman obviously got a restraining order against Jen.

Amanda: I mean, it all adds up in my mind to a pattern of Jen being ill legit, like having, [00:36:00] having obviously a screw loose, but also just having outrageous acts towards other people. So, I mean, if you’ll remember a, like, I think it was after the first season how a few of the cast members said they were getting threatening texts from an unknown number and they all thought it was Jen cuz of the way that the texts were coming through.

Like, this is not guys, this can no longer be chopped up to a series of coincidences. Right. I have some more to share about, a lot of about some stuff, but I mean this is not no longer a coincidence and I think everyone around her is just scared of her. Cause I think she’s unhinged. Totally. So what’s funny, so we had an email Anna DM saying that we should deep dive into this.

So you guys Cocktailers, thanks for encouraging me. I had to laugh about that, but I actually wanted to share some stuff because I dug up the prosecution’s [00:37:00] sentencing memo. So that came out before Christmas and then Jen’s team did her sentencing memo on her behalf, which came out on like the 23rd of December.


B: actually have not seen published anywhere, so keep your ears open. Yes,

Amanda: don’t tune out now. I’m actually. . What’s that?

B: I’m telling the cocktailers not to tune out at this point cuz this is good.

Amanda: No, don’t because there’s, I was shocked that nobody has talked about some of this stuff. So going through the prosecution sentencing memo, I’m not gonna go through the whole thing.

I highly recommend, maybe we will link it. I have to look at the document and make sure we can, so I can’t promise that. But there is a lot of information in there about how the crime was actually committed, which I think was really fascinating. But we won’t go into detail about that. I just had a couple things that I wanted to pull out from that document.

So, first of all, I’m just gonna say she was a messy criminal because she texted a lot. There’s a lot of text message evidence that cited in this [00:38:00] document. So in one text where she was pissed that her employees didn’t quote unquote sell enough, cause we know. , they were essentially the, the, the crime was, they were, they had a whole team of people, quote unquote selling services that they never planned to actually fulfill to elderly people.

So she said, get my 24 carrot gold headset with diamond en crusted head piece. I’m gonna set appointments for these guys. Poppy needs money for the weekend and blank needs baby mama money. ,

B: I mean, who’s Poppy? ?

Amanda: I don’t know. Is she talking about her husband or is she talking about

B: herself? She’s probably talking about her herself.

She’s talking about one of her various boyfriends who God know,

Amanda: jump off. Excuse me. Who knows. So in another text, so the, when her salesperson texted that he had convinced a victim to pay more [00:39:00] than a typical sale at $10,000 and added. The person’s, you know, the victim is laughing and excited, and I think she’s in love with me.

Lol. Jen Shaw responded, callously, if she’s in love with you, then you better make sure she loves you for at least 16 weeks. So she doesn’t charge back. Lol. So a chargeback is when you call the comp, the credit card company and say, this is a fraudulent charge. You know, like, please do not accept the charges.

Oh, wow. So, so that’s what she’s saying. She’s like, if, if this victim’s in so in love with you, you better stay on her for 16 weeks. So she doesn’t charge back. So then Jen says, she says, close this lady solid. Send a selfie, do whatever you need to do. So she stays in love with you. L o. This is pretty clearly like she knew what the fuck she was doing.

Yeah. Also sounds like another day

B: she’s the boss and not influenced as

Amanda: Sha wrote in his story. [00:40:00] Yeah. Another day she praised her employees because they had a day that was, they scammed $15,000 out of seven people and one day another tibit I just thought was interesting cuz I, real estate is fascinating to me.

The s sh chalet that we saw in season one is currently they were renting it is currently listed for $7.4 million. Be home. It was a beautiful home. Real

B: estate’s very interesting to me as well. Another adjacent. . So

Amanda: this was, I know it is. I I love real estate. So on page 15, in that 22 page document, it lists her co-conspirators.

So all of the other people have been convicted. So they are getting anywhere from like time served. So if they were jailed at all, like that would count to seven years. Yep. In the document I posted that it notes that. [00:41:00] Yes. So it notes that anyone, and this is where, this is where one of the cocktailers was like Amanda deep dive.

So. This. That was what inspired me to grab this document, and I’m so glad that you did that because there was some gold in this thing. In that document, it said, so anybody’s name that was followed by an asterisk received the benefit of a shorter sentence due to us SG 5k 1.1. What that means is the people, those people who have the asterisks after their name worked with the government, worked with prosecution and gave them information to help bring down Jen.

So in that list, there were four men had asterisks after their name. There was a Jason, there was a, I won’t say their last names, but you can see it in the document. There was a Jason, there was a William, there was a Peter and a Daniel, Daniel Stuart Smith, or Stew chains as we knew him from. Salt Lake City did not have an asterisk to offer his [00:42:00] name.

So either he didn’t cooperate with the government to bring her down, or they got him too late in the process for him to give any information that they didn’t already have. Interesting. I thought that

B: was interesting. I feel like they probably went for those other people first cuz they knew that he was so in her pocket.

Amanda: Yeah. I think you’re, I that’s, I think it’s the latter too. I agree. So they didn’t even need him and they were like, fuck

B: him. Let him go

Amanda: down like her. Right. Right. So it says that 120 months, so 10 years of prison for Jen would be sufficient, but not greater than necessary. It looks like she could get as much as 14 years.

I did a little checking and read that. While judges in federal sentencing don’t have as much leeway as they do in state cases, they generally don’t decide on a sentence lower than recommended. Listen, if people, unless

B: doing her victim statement, got seven and a half and six and a half, I have to [00:43:00] imagine she’s getting close to

Amanda: 10.

Yeah, exactly. And I also read that post-arrest behavior. So how you act after you get arrested has a big role in sentencing. And the government noted that her post-arrest behavior, including how she went on a public offensive against the charges and tried to profit off the charges by selling justice for Jen merchandise, should warrant a large, a longer sentence.

I mean,

B: obviously it says has ha have these people have, has she never watched Law and Order? I mean, or any, I don’t know. Come on.

Amanda: Yeah, you’ve gotta look like a model citizen. And she definitely did not. I mean, I

B: also can’t see her having, she’s been living at all behavior once in the clink and like getting out early because of that

Amanda: No, and I don’t think you can, I don’t think you, there’s no, I don’t think they have such a thing as good behavior, not significant for federal [00:44:00] sentences. So, . Let’s see. It also sa oh, this was, I thought, very interesting. It says, in addition, unlike, so, unlike some of the other people, so in her document, she mentions other people and like hardships for why she shouldn’t have as long of a sentence.

Like the fact that she’s got two young kids, which they’re not young, they’re, they’re pretty much grown as the document says. But it says the defendant. So Jen had a spouse who made a very good living. She had no need to commit the crime to support herself or her family. She did so out of pure greed.

Although the defendant does present some mitigating circumstances, a below guideline sentence of 120 months in imprisonment is a sufficient variance to account for those circumstances. So what that means is it’s saying like, if like there are, yes, there are some mitigating circumstances, which is why we’re saying we think it [00:45:00] should be 10 years.

Not because there’s like a whole formula that they decide how long the sentence should be based on how bad the crime is and like where you are in like the crime gang. And she was clearly the leader. So

B: anyway. How old is Jen Shaw? Like 48, 45. Gosh, I don’t know.

Amanda: How old is she? Let’s, let’s

B: look it up. And here’s the thing.

Side note, as much as I am into anti anti-aging face creams and a little Botox, and certainly when the time comes a little, a little, uh, lift, sometimes when you have too much plastic surgery, you see these young girls, it, it’s rampant in housewives, young women, and they’re like 38, 42. And to me, I can’t tell if they’re 50 because they’re just so stiff, right?

So she’s 49 years old, like 43, but I feel like shes 50.

Amanda: She’s 49. 49, okay. So you’re [00:46:00] right on. , but you know, I actually looked it up

B: and not the fifties old Lisa. Don’t mistake me. I’m just saying like, no, you, I see on Instagram a lot, like these beautiful Insta models, whatever. They just get so much done to their face.

Yeah. They’re young girls and they look like, you know, they’re 40 because Totally agree. They’re like, why would anyone be so tight? Unless they were trying to not have rink, I don’t know, tangent. Sorry. I know

Amanda: she’ll get her fillers and stuff dissolved before she goes in. I wonder.

B: Oh God. She will look so wonky when she gets out.

When it falls and stuff.

Amanda: Yeah, because doesn’t it like, I don’t know. You can

B: migrate. Yeah, yeah,

Amanda: yeah. Oh, well we don’t know. So that’s the other thing I was looking to see if, if it’s common, like if they get time after the sentencing hearing or if they have to report right away. So

B: we spoke about, and it said it could go either way.

Yeah. Can go either way. And Covid changed some stuff, but even if they get it, [00:47:00] it’s usually like, 30 to 60 days or something. It’s not much time.

Amanda: We’ll see. We’ll see. So besides all of that, in terms of real housewife shows, it’s been a little quiet, I feel like, other than Potomac, which Potomacs been good, but we’ll get a bunch of new stuff in February.

So we get Jersey, we get summer house, we get Vanderpump rules, which it feels like freaking finally, it feels like that one’s been coming up for so long. But we got a little bit of scoop on Vanderpump.

B: I mean, the MVPs in the game are the Vanderpump rules pre past and present for keeping themselves relevant through social media because they post stuff, they get us talking, it’s great.

But Katie posted a picture with the actor, Lucas Gage. I recognized him right away from season one. White, Lotus? Mm-hmm. . I didn’t watch Euphoria, but he was on that. They were in bed together. [00:48:00] So, you know, they’re just friends. Apparently my source confirms. People were hoping for more. I don’t know, I think he’s fluid.

I know he, he’s played characters that are gay. I don’t know his, I think he’s said something like, you don’t need to know my alphabet publicly. Which leads me to believe like, you know, maybe he’s fluid or whatever, if that’s none of my business. But we were hoping there were a couple. But they’re very good friends.

Katie also posted like these cryptic things that indicate she’s fighting with some girls. So we know Lala’s been spending tons of times with Sheena and Brittany. Now Cocktailers keep saying, okay, we know about Sheena. We know that she went to Mexico but didn’t go to her wedding. Like, what’s the beef with Britney?

It isn’t that she has like a specific beef with Britney, but when Jax and Britney. Stasia’s wedding. Like there was more to it leading up. They led everybody to believe they were going, including Katie. And so then when they like mm-hmm. texted a couple days before, like, we can’t go. [00:49:00] It was like we, we told you about passports.

Like everybody knew there was a Covid delay with passports. Like what the heck? So mm-hmm. , it’s more like she’s just like annoyed with them and I think she’s just kind of like whatever. I think Katie could cut people cold, which that’s fine. Mm-hmm. . So it’s gotta be Lala.

Amanda: Yeah. It’s gotta be Lala. I agree. By the way, how fantastic is Katie?

I mean, I’ve said this before, but I feel like she keeps even getting better looking like she is looking so fantastic. That was the first thing actually in that picture, she posted her Lucas that I was like, holy shit, she looks amazing, but she’s got great skin. Yeah. Yeah. But I, Lucas Gage, I’ll never forget because he was, he was the bellboy.

in White Lotus, which remember the head guy from the hotel goes on that rampage and the, he has a fairy, like if you guys haven’t seen

B: the First in White Lotus, it’s, it’s different than [00:50:00] two and I can’t say, oh, what’s better? Whatever. They’re both great. You have to watch it. It’s

Amanda: wild. They are, they are.

They’re both so good. What about that message? We got about Jackson Britney’s Nashville party, their New Year’s Eve party. I guess it was only like 30% full . I mean

B: like, you know the ship has sailed. Mm-hmm. and I also heard that he was very rude to people, but like with the camera was on to me smiled and that Britney was very gracious and nice and she was like embarrassed by his rudeness.

There’s so many rumors. . I don’t know. I think that, yeah, I think that they had a tumultuous relationship before a baby and when they had money, and now that they’re hard for cash and the stress of having a young child, I can’t imagine things are better.

Amanda: No, I can’t either. Okay. So

B: Summer House. Oh, oh, wait.

But no. Who do we think so? [00:51:00] Oh, I think it’s

Amanda: Lala. Oh, who do we think she’s right? Yeah. I think she’s fighting with Lala. I don’t think,

B: I think she’s mad that she’s hanging with Sheena because Lala’s always maintained the friendship with Sheena. They have daughters the same age. It makes sense, right?

Something went down. Guys, I’m gonna try to figure out what the it is, but again, they’re masters at the social media game, so if she’s just a little annoyed with Lala posting, that gets everybody talking and it’s good for the both of them. I don’t think it’s anything where they can’t make up. That’s my opinion.

Amanda: Yeah, and I mean, they were just recently. Together in New York. I can’t remember what they were doing, but they were in New York Bravo Con I, because Heather, they Oh yeah. And like Heather McDonald was hanging out with ’em. I feel like it was a different New York thing, but maybe I don’t, I don’t remember.

It wasn’t too long Now. I was just to remember

B: how caddy they all are with each other, and even though they’re older now, that’s still a thing. Like, you know, maybe when they were together in New York, it was like Katie and Team Katie and Lala and they weren’t like [00:52:00] with sh, like Lala wasn’t hanging with Sheena and now she’s back to being Biffy with Sheena and Katie.

Feels like snub. Yeah. Speaking of feelings.

Amanda: Yeah. So while, let’s see here. First of all, I just wanted to say, Thank you Paige, for posting that that video in Craig’s bathroom. Cuz the second I saw it, I was like, oh my God, you and Larry must be so happy cuz now you won’t get the question about whether they’re together or not.

I mean, Amanda, we

B: even get emails, guys, they’re together. They don’t want to constantly post their relationship. Also, here’s the thing, you guys, and I’m not, I’m not saying this in a mean way cuz it’s me too, because I keep checking like, wait, maybe my source is wrong. Mm-hmm. , we are going to their page more.

We’re seeing their sponsorships every time we go to the page. We’re more inclined to click and buy. They know what they’re doing. Same with Amanda and Kyle. Amanda and Kyle were not together on New Year’s. [00:53:00] Kyle went to visit his brother. I forget where, somewhere where there was. and yeah, it appears Amanda wasn’t, there could well have been that Amanda was there and she just only posted from inside the house and didn’t go skiing like we’ve seen on Winter House fans convinced themselves, right.

They broke up. I’m like, if they broke up, they wouldn’t obviously post them. Not together. They’d either be quiet, like they’d be quiet, like, you know what I’m saying? They’d be quiet about it until they were ready to announce and then New Year’s Day, they posted a picture of the two of them. Happy New Year from Loverboy.

Noticeably absent. As you pointed out, Amanda was Carl.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. There’s so something there and it from all of ours to all of yours or something like that. It was very, the way it was worded and the fact that like, and it was, it was on the Lover Boy page, not on Kyle or Amanda’s page. It was on the Lover Boy page and the dog, you know, like the dogs were in there.

It was just, it [00:54:00] was very like Carla’s. It was very clear, like it was a. And yes,

B: it’s still like some kind of message. Yeah. But other than saying investor lover boy on his Instagram, I almost had Facebook , his Instagram profile. He has had zero posts about Lover Boy since the watch What Happens Live where Amanda made the comment about Lindsay.

Yeah. So signs are all, signs are pointing to the fact that that, you know, is a thing. I, I, I mean, or maybe we’re all being played all know, but I think there’s a, there’s something happening there. There’s definitely something happening.

Amanda: They’re all good at social media too, so maybe we’re just being played because Summer House is coming out next month.

B: Yeah. And then we have Lindsay, who, as we we’ve said, she’s on the outs with every female on the class is posting from Larry’s bootcamp with Rachel who was on Winter House, [00:55:00] you know, . I have to say I, I find Lindsay’s attempts pretty obvious. . Yeah. And Rachel, we know we watched her. She’s smart. So yeah. You know, Rachel also for business is very good for Lindsay because she works with a lot of brands.

And if Lindsay is wanting to rev back up her PR firm, that’s a great friend to have because she works with Vivre events, she works with liquor brands, she works with fashion brands. I mean, she does florals for all those people. So yeah, I mean, hello. It’s like, yeah, it’s like Lindsay’s never without motive, which isn’t a bad thing.

Like, don’t mistake me. Like there’s nothing wrong with being a person who’s business minded and who’s savvy and who’s shrewd. I’m not holding that against her. I admire that. I am, would like to think that I’m that way, however, . Like [00:56:00] real friendships are real friendships and I just, the Danielle falling out and again, well let’s see how it plays out.

But from what I’m hearing, like it can’t all be about you in a friendship.

Amanda: Right. And I was just gonna say that because you know what, again, sometimes it’s the absence of what we’re seeing, right. And we’re still not seeing Lindsay post with Danielle and it’s been months and months and months, and then all of a sudden she posts Rachel.

Like, I mean, we’re not dumb. And we definitely like That’s right. Something is different. Lindsay is, has never been a girl’s girl. She’s always the first one to say it. So it just, it just seems off and we can kind of see through it, I think.

B: Totally. And I think the note we have to wrap up on is the, we started with, which was Lisa’s exit.

Cuz this is big news. Eight years on housewives guys. Yeah. And [00:57:00] so I, I I put up a poll, I’m pulling it up. What do you think the results are? The options were she, she quit, she was fired. She didn’t accept demotion.

Amanda: So you guys, I don’t look at anything when I’m doing this cuz I’m so a d d I have to like put blinders on.

So I have not looked, I think the majority of people, I think so many fans have gone against her this year that I think people, the majority of people said they think she was fired. Correct.

B: 58% think she was fired. 39% think she didn’t wanna be demoted to friend. 3% think she quit. Now, I told you what my source told me and we’re talking, I’m looking at the numbers.

We’re talking like over 10,000 votes. Shit. Okay. I just, I posted this half an hour ago. That’s one of the votes. Wow. My source says that she left on her own accord and not on her [00:58:00] own accord. I, I, mutual. Mutual. It’s said Mutual, which is, yeah. Are things ever mutual?

Amanda: I mean, I mean, I think, but let’s talk a breakup.

I think it can be mutual if you can’t make it work. I think if you can’t come to a deal, so, but what’s the it?

B: Right? And, and for a long time, the same source was said. They’re in negotiations. Maybe she didn’t want Kathy back. Maybe all that shit she spoke about I can work with anybody wasn’t true. If Cathy comes back, I mean, there’s so much to flush out here.

Maybe they wanted Cathy back over her because they want the Cathy and Kyle stuff. They feel it’s a better storyline. And maybe Kathy said she’s gotta go, because remember ca, oh, here we go. Remember Kathy said she won’t come back if certain people are there and now run, isn’t there? Yeah. Did Kathy fucking win?

Who’s got more power? Maybe Kathy said, I won’t sue your ass if [00:59:00] you don’t come

Amanda: back. Or maybe, maybe it’s Kyle. And maybe Kyle was like, look like this stuff. It’s just too, it’s too much right now. Like, and it’s gonna kill the relationship and Kathy won’t come back and the show wants her back. And maybe it, maybe Kathy was like one of ’em like, or maybe Kyle was like, somebody’s gotta go.

It can’t, both of them can’t stay if I’m gonna stay on the show. Right. It could have been something like that, right? You guys were totally guessing. We don’t know. But I will tell you, we will do everything we can to find out, and I think that we’ll, , we will be able to piece it together once we figure out who the cast is, is

B: Kathy said she won’t go back if certain people were there.

And now here we are. So if Kathy’s back. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Damn. See, I’m surprised. This is a big thing. It is huge. Oh, Bravo da. Just posted something about [01:00:00] Jen.

I don’t know if this is new stuff. Jen’s council chastises the government for wasting judicial resources while embarrassing Jen. 36 hours before her sentence, they write, this entire escapades proves, while this sort of unreliable salacious nonsense has no place in a federal criminal sentencing. Oh, this is about, mm-hmm.

the government allowing the wife the restraining order. Yeah. The wife, yeah. Of the person shed an affair with. . Oh my God. Which

Amanda: I ac honestly, again, I am not a lawyer guys, but I kind of agree with what they’re saying, that it’s a little on the salacious side, they had what they needed and Jen’s counsel is saying like, it almost sounds like it’s getting personal now, right?

Because what her counsel is saying is like, was this really necessary 36 hour, [01:01:00] 40, 48 hours before the sentencing? You know, didn’t you guys have enough? Like why are you embarrassing my client by putting this out publicly, which,

B: and Jen’s counsel states that the individual who made the accusations recanted her statements via an email in March, 2019.

They submitted that email to the court, it’s sealed, so we can’t see it. The state, in that email, the woman admits that she was wrong in accusing Ms. Chav having an affair, and further admits that her allegations were the result of P T S D in an emotional state.

Amanda: To generate? No, I, okay. I don’t believe that.

I don’t, I believe that she recanted her statement, but I bet it’s cuz she wanted to live and she thought Jen was gonna try to go after her because I think it said too in the, in the restraining order and in the statement that she had video and text evidence and it showed some of it. So it referred to it.

So just cuz she recanted doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I don’t know not to

B: go a Beverly Hills. Interesting tangent. But I’m gonna say, ask one more thing. [01:02:00] Do we think with Renegade Denise comes back, do we think producers want Denise back? Didn’t we

Amanda: see Kathy and Denise? Yes. At lunch or

B: something? Or at a party together or something.

What is

Amanda: Erica gonna do on an island by herself? I think she’s gonna lash out. Oh, shoot a sores message Sucker fish herself

B: to a sores. Messaged me and said that. again guys, this is, this is alleged, this is not one of my top sources. I shouldn’t say that publicly cuz that’s kind of insulting, but some stuff has been true.

Apparently word is there was a $2 million contract war, and I guess, you know, they kind of got her bluff. They’re like, all right, then

Amanda: walk. So she said 2 million or nothing after a $2

B: million, and they said nothing war. And I guess they were like, all right, [01:03:00] whatever they were, okay. So what he’s basically saying is her number was two, whatever they were offering her, she said, if I don’t get two, we don’t have a deal.

And they said, then we don’t have a deal. Wow. Guys we’re literally like getting this information and I’m, I feel like the podcast is just, I have to tell you, whenever we go over our cocktailers are always like, we love it when you go over. Don’t like stop because you feel like you’re taking our time. I guess.

I mean, I guess it’s true. They could just shut it off if they’re sick of us.

Amanda: Oh yeah. Well, but the stuff’s ki, I mean, literally, like I said, like the spigot got turned on and it’s literally coming in as we’re recording, not to be

B: Lisa Barlow, but roll footage. I think at the top, what I said was it was definitely about money.

Right? Wasn’t that my original thought? Either they didn’t offer her enough or they offered her a demotion or she wanted more. Yes. I think they called her boss. Yes. But I do a agree. I do stand by what Amanda and I think, which is she will be back, they’ll regret it [01:04:00] and then she’ll get her money. Aah, tamer.

Who shout out to Tamara Judge wishing her a speedy recovery. She had a hernia surgery. Uh, some sort of abdominal surgery. Maybe it’s

Amanda: not exactly what hernia. Yeah, she had a hernia.

B: Sending you love and well wishes,

Amanda: mama. Sounds painful. Yeah. Well, thank you guys. This, it’s, it’s good to to have the spigot turn back on and get everything, even if it’s while we’re recording.

So the podcast, gods came and, and gave us all the tea literally this week. So thank you guys for taking a little time with us. Happy New Year to everybody and, and healthy.

B: We’ll see you next week. Don’t stress yourselves out. Yes, you can’t do it all. Put a face mask on and pour yourself a glass of if you’re not drinking sparkling selzer.

If you are, you’re a drink of choice, . Till

Amanda: next time. You, you know what I had, I was just gonna say really [01:05:00] quick. I had somebody tell me they’re like, Focus on adding things instead of taking things away for your, for your New Year’s resolution. I’m like, I like that. I’ve been trying to

B: get on my Peloton more.

Good. Okay. The thing about, the fun thing about working out, and I’m sorry to keep going on tangents, but I wanna know if you agree with me, Amanda, and we’re gonna pull this on cocktail party cuz you guys care. The rest of you, I don’t know, you just tune into hate on us now. I’m teasing. When I get on my bike or when I put on a Peloton, wait, whatever, hit class, whatever it is, I say to myself, you see B, you don’t, you like this?

You feel so good after. And the shower after you work out. Yeah. And the feeling when you wake up the next morning and you’re a little tight and then the next day I’m like, me. It worked out yesterday. I’m good. .

Amanda: Anyone else? Just me. No, it’s so true. Oh, I don’t, I, I don’t know. I blame, I blame, I don’t know what, but I used to be such a consistent worker outer and.[01:06:00]

I have, it’s just been a struggle since, since I actually had covid in May

B: last year. Amanda, and this is not, don’t not go on any covid conspiracy theories, but truly Me too. And I don’t know if it was just that frame of time that like got us out of the habit. Like

Amanda: during lockdown I was actually even better.

I was, yeah. That’s what it is, is I was so, I just, it really, it knocked me out and I was so tired and I just got out of the habit. So it’s this that could, it’s just I got really sick and then I got better and I just haven’t gotten back in the habit. But I’m gonna try to just add more weight lifting and like doing more of that.

Yes. Back into like, that to me is like, I, like I miss feeling strong. Yes. And like that is what I’m trying to do more of. Just do, do more. And I think that,

B: and I dread the cardio more the food. Do you dread the cardio? .

Amanda: Yes, I totally do. I like weightlifting way more

B: and honestly I see, but I can’t say I see better results cuz it’s not like I’m like a, a workout [01:07:00] fitness expert, but when I’m lifting I, you do see the definition and stuff like that.

So if you’re eating well ish cuz I’m never phoning eating well yeah, I mean I’m always drinking Prosecco so you can’t really , but, but if you’re eating well ish and you’re getting some cardio in, cuz let’s face it, we’re always running around between work, kids, whatever. Right. And the weight could, could be the it.

Amanda: So that’s, that’s my ad. I’m adding that and then kind of just trying to give myself a little more grace cuz I’m, I think we’re all really hard on ourselves. Totally. It’s hard to not be if you’re a mom, you know, so. Totally. Well thank you guys. Happy

B: New Year. This may be, and this may go down, episode 35 may go down as the most chaotic.

Amanda: most tangents ever ,

B: but I can’t help it. I don’t care. And, and guys, literally, I’m still sipping that first glass of wine that I poured myself. So it’s not, I’m just, I get high on tea. [01:08:00] I’m like, it’s a thing for me. It’s a natural aphrodisiac. It is. So fun. . Till next time, cocktailers.

Amanda: Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe and if you’ve subscribe, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like good tea because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them.

And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram . So thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys.

B: See you next time.[01:09:00]