Stole the show…

Jan 29, 2023

An email I received….

From: RHUGT News
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Gretchen Christine

Spill It to
In other news – Gretchen stole the show for the upcoming season of RHUGT. Producers told her that they want her back for more projects in the future (RHOC… more RHUGT… Spin-off with her and Slade for Peacock…)

You will see a new side to the boss babe and mama that is Gretchen Christine. Get ready!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Bored Me

    Is this Gretchen hyping herself to us. Not interested.

  2. Eye roll

    LOLOLOLOL at spin off for Gretchen and Slade on Peacock.

    Did Gretchen send this in?

  3. Slade smiley

    That you, Gretchen?

  4. Smiley Tea 🫖

    Thank you Slade Smiley for that blind 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. LT

    This has to be Gretchen sending this in. She’s the only person who would refer to herself as “boss babe” (gag emoji)

  6. Jen

    But we, the people, don’t want any of it.

  7. Kristin

    This is my nightmare

  8. Not Gretchen

    I always liked Gretchen on RHOC and hope to see her back. I like anyone who riles up the feathers of the OGs (that’s why I wanted to see Nicole back because she bothered fancy pants so much 😆). Anyways… but I don’t need to see her on a spinoff though. She wasn’t THAT interesting that she needs her own show, lol.

  9. Chicagoanontheloose

    No thank you, Slade is still thirsty AF.

  10. Negative Ghostrider

    They are so thirsty. Why can’t they just move on? Let it go and find someone else to bore.

  11. No one wants that

    Has this just become a page where bravolebs try to manifest their own narratives? Hype themselves and loved ones? Like this is totally Slade right….. I feel like all these blinds late are from the bravolebs themselves. Talking to you Kyle, Teddi, Rinna.

  12. Mk

    😂 😂 Bravo stars really do follow you!!

  13. The Nose Knows

    Did they filter her nose out of the show?

  14. No thanks

    Maybe you can filter some of these blinds. So obviously them that sent this in. Also, we will never need to see her weirs QANON conspiracy theories.


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