Jan 26, 2023

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One of the Jersey Housewives is going to look a bit different at the premiere party. She should be just about healed from her Buccal Fat removal surgery (and she stockpiled a bunch of photos this last month to make it appear she hasn’t been off healing).

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  1. DrAidan

    Jen all the way. Can’t wait to see I bet she looks fantastic

  2. Beverley Zempic

    I just really hope it’s not Dolo, she’s so pretty ?. I’m guessing Marge from her recent weightloss ?… oh oh oh

  3. Amanda

    From the recent release of confessionals I think it is Melissa

  4. Krys

    This is Marge, she looks so skinny now.

  5. Luz

    From what Jen looked like in her recent photo she has accomplished her transformation from being so far up Teresa’s ass she came out looking like Tony sopranos sister.

  6. Kelsey T

    Jen for sure. Melissa & Dolores have both been on Jeff Lewis recently and nothing looked different with them.

  7. Tarnie Reville

    Why is everyone saying Jen she’s loud about her procedures why would she be trying to hide that’s she’s healing from another lol that’s just doesn’t seen very on brand. I’m going with ‘no this this definitely my real nose’ Smelissa lol

  8. RHOBravo

    Melissa! She really aged herself, she was so beautiful before all the work. It was not necessary.


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