It’s legit!

Jan 24, 2023


This is legit!!! I worked a wedding the day after Juan and Robyn’s. They told me they had a small intimate wedding where I was and they got married on a Wednesday!!


It was back in August, Sparrows point MD at the Bayfront Club. It was super small. Just family, no cast but there was a camera crew.

allegedly written in cursive font


  1. Crystal

    Hmmm the wedding is legit. But is the marriage???

  2. Bravoholic

    So happy for them. Let them do it the way they want to! They have 2 boys together and do what’s best for their family.

  3. Carol

    I need someone in Maryland to see if they can find the “marriage certificate” and post stat! If it actually exists!!

  4. Mindyobiz

    Who cares what type of wedding they had, or who they invited? They’ve been married, divorced, decided to get back together and do it again for their family…why would they want to spend a fortune for a ceremony to prove anything to anyone?

  5. I’m going to need more proof

    A ceremony isn’t the same as a certificate. Is it legal or was it to get people off their backs? With the recent alleged news and one of the girlfriends coming forward with actual receipts, I’m finding it hard to believe this is a legal marriage. Js.

  6. Nels

    A wedding does not a marriage make!!

  7. Mrs.

    They had a ceremony. It’s not a legit marriage until the license is filed… c‘mon people.

  8. Gizelle's

    They got a marriage liscense in august…check people magazine


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