About the delay…

Jan 23, 2023

From: bye wig

Subject: DUBAI S2

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Dubai season 2 starts filming in a couple weeks around the same time as RHOBH, this is because Bravo wanted Dubai to air the same night as Beverly Hills again, they are hoping the media push for Dubai has increased interest and think this time slot works well for them. That’s why filming was delayed…

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  1. Idk about this

    Idk…just because they will air at the same time doesn’t mean it has to film at the same time. Not sure i believe this

  2. Bye Dubai

    Won’t be watching. I was so bored with Dubai. Dumb fights. The friendships and personalities seemed inauthentic. Some of Ayan’s outfits were ridiculous. Cool to look at but impractical to wear out. Her personality also seems over exaggerated. Where some of the others lacked personality. Cancel and bring back Ladies of London


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