New blood Southern Charm ….

Jan 17, 2023


They are bringing 3 new people on for this season.Three guys, all around 40 years old.

One is a successful gay man big personality.

A Persian guy from Ohio who has lived in Charleston for over 10 years. He’s a GREAT addition! Friends with everyone on the cast, very smart, witty , kind but can hold his own.

The third is a guy from DC. He doesn’t have the best reputation around town. He thinks he’s hot stuff because he owns some rental properties. There’s some question marks on whether his businesses are legit.


  1. ToomuchbigDenergy

    So they lose 2 girls and replace with 3 men?? Are they trying to make this an all male cast?

  2. Asia Powell

    I mean Southern Charm was originally supposed to he an all male cast but then they added Cameron.

  3. AlsofromNoVa

    Lol McLean is not dc. He’s a rich kid/nepo baby from northern va.

  4. Amy

    The girls are the only reason this show was a success. I miss Chelsea. I think it would be hilarious if they got a bunch of Madison’s friends. Probably better tv too.

  5. Justin A?!?!?!

    Is Justin Anderson joining??? YES PLEASE!!

  6. G

    “The girls are the only reason this show was a success.” That must be why with the exception of Cameron and Kathryn, the show’s been unable to keep women on the show for long. The producers clearly feel the men are the stars and the women are secondary, and as such that’s how the show goes out. The women are not who most of the viewers are turning in for.

  7. Kim Lo

    Wait… is this where Justin lives? Bc if he’s on, I’m 1000% in.

  8. Jennifer Lyda

    Please tell me Ron Rallis is the 3rd new cast member? He fits the description and Madison reached out to him on behalf of Bravo several months ago

  9. Lisa Hogue

    Justin Anderson lives in Nashville. Don’t see how he could be on this show.

  10. Ugh

    They need to cancel this show already


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