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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 31

Amanda 0:00
The network is not done with the sister in law’s. The one who has hinted at returning in the future will be appearing on the next season of the spin off. The other one will be back eventually, in some capacity. Oh, and the other sister and sister in law who wants me to come back to the show. She’s been approached as well, but

B 0:29
welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda 0:49
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 0:56
What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 0:58
Hey cocktailers so Okay, B. We got some news this week that we had kind of speculated about, but didn’t have confirmation on so what what’s happening with the summerhouse crew?

B 1:14
You know, I almost I we almost spoke about this on the pod last week. And I said to you, you know what, because we spoke about it off air. I was like, You know what? I feel like it’s I’m gonna get confirmation this week. So let’s hold it. And I don’t know if I regret that or not. But listen, the reality is we got confirmation, and neither party has denied it. So sadly, because I liked them together, Danielle from summer house and her boyfriend, Robert split. So they were together at Bravo con. And then I noticed shortly after he went to Italy, which in and of itself is an odd because he was writing like food research. And you know, since he’s a chef, it could have totally been a work trip. What kind of I found curious was, I mean, it was a little odd that she didn’t go for any of the trip, right? Because if it was a work trip, I mean, if my husband was going to Italy, I definitely would try to pop in for a few days. But it was that he wasn’t tagging her at all. And they are very much like a couple that tagged each other on social media. So okay, but then he gets back and they have a meal together. And she posts something like still researching. So I’m like, Alright, maybe you know, I’m looking too much into it. Yeah. Then the next week, it’s Thanksgiving. He goes wherever he lives. I don’t know if whoever Skyline chili originated because he always like

Amanda 2:31
Cincinnati, or somewhere in Ohio. Yeah.

B 2:35
So he goes there, and she stays in New York. So now you just were apart for a couple of weeks for this big trip. And now you’re spending the holidays apart. So that kind of confirmed for me. And they were not posting other than at one meal. There were no posts together. No tagging each other. So sure enough, we get an email from somebody from his town in Cincinnati, Ohio, or wherever he lives saying that they broke up. Probably this person heard it over Thanksgiving break. Right. What I hear is it’s amicable and like, it’s all good, but because of his work, you know, he lives half the year and Aspen half the year in Montauk. Because he works at those fancy Snow Lodge or whatever it is. They just decided to end it, I guess. So I totally think it could be a situation of, I don’t know, maybe split up and then they realize that they miss each other and get back together and ultimately get engaged. I could see it going in that direction. I hope it does. They seemed very happy together. And either way, I want what’s best for her and I trust her decision. She looks healthy and happy and thriving. And she’s at events every night. And you know.

Amanda 3:39
Yeah, I mean, it is it’s a bummer. I think, you know, she’s, she’s a smart girl. And, you know, it could be to like it. She also strikes me as somebody who knows what she wants, you know, and maybe maybe it’s one of those things where she just sees the writing on the wall that like it would be really hard to be married to a chef, you know that you don’t have a lot of evenings home or out together. It’s very physically demanding and exhausting on the chef. You know, and especially with him, you know, living in a completely different state half the time. I mean, I could see why they would amicably come to the conclusion that things aren’t going to work. It’s

B 4:23
like I even was thinking this afternoon. I went I stopped at the pizzeria before we recorded because I was like let me get my kids a pizza so they don’t start texting me that they’re hungry because Amanda and I deal with a lot of that, guys while we’re recording we deal with our children, even though their fathers are next to them somewhere in the house. They are texting us in our closet. I’m sure all the mamas can relate. And I was thinking to myself, because it’s a pizzeria. And I know, you know, I know the family. The boys go to school with my kids. And I thought to myself, like it must be such a hard life to be married to a restaurant owner. Yeah. I mean, first of all, it’s every day of the week, but it’s also weekend. And you know, when you have a party or a wedding or just an event, often you have to go by yourself because your spouse is working and hours. Unless you’re a stay at home person, the hours would be opposite, right? Because like the pizzeria, oftentimes, they don’t have to get there till 10am. So you’d have that time in the morning. But if you have a nine to five, you’re at work while your spouse is, you know, it’s hard. Yeah.

Amanda 5:24
Nobody wants to have quality time with their spouse at six in the morning, either, you know, and so that’s, that’s tough. You know, I, I kind of I just, I was thinking about when my kids were really, really little, and you’re just like, in the thick of it, to never have a break in the evenings. I mean, that’s, that’s just that’s tough. So it could just be one of those sad, but practical decisions, we don’t know. But then, so a couple days after, you know, all this kind of wind down, Lindsey post the picture, and we had a caption that said, karma is gonna get ya.

B 6:06
So, a lot of I shared it, and honestly, it was a beautiful picture. And I just often share things just for whatever. I got flooded. And people were like, Wait, is this aimed at Danielle? Now? Honestly, that would be very low. I do not see Lindsay doing that. I think that there has to be unless this Fallout is. I don’t know. Like unless somehow Danielle like it really insulted her relationship with Carl or like, you know what I mean? Like, did something unless the fallout somehow is different than just I don’t know. I just can’t see. Like why would Lindsey wanna write karma is gonna get if anything, I think it was more towards the winter house cast because you know, Austin was talking about how she grabbed his private part on the wedding and they’re all speculating when we’re hurting car you know, official so I feel like it was towards that. I do not believe it was towards Danielle. I think that would be first of all, from a PR perspective. That’s a bad luck like fans, Danielle people loved anyhow. So why would she want you know, that? I just think it’s cold. I don’t believe it was that?

Amanda 7:17
Well, I think I mean, Lindsay seems to be having some beef with a lot of people like let’s let us aspects of who else it could be because I feel like we’ve so now Shannon, who was one person I was thinking of? Right because

B 7:29
and now she’s in the press mad at Jason because of winter house. We saw him approach her talking about her miscarriage. You know about how she talked about it on summer house, but he wasn’t even talking only about that. He was saying like, you were quoted in the press and like Why wasn’t I asked my opinion. What she’s saying is she feels like he’s trying to stay relevant by bringing this up in winter house because he has no storyline. I don’t know. I find to me it’s it’s it’s a touchy subject. It’s her body. Right? Yeah. She is saying she did tell him she was going to talk about it. And you know, she feels like he had a heads up so

Amanda 8:06
and then there’s Amanda and Kyle, which we’ve been talking about for last few weeks because of the Watch What Happens Live thing

B 8:14
and guys this is something else Amanda and I have talked about off air I am trying to get a confirmation here I haven’t been able to I am aware that coral has not traveled since the Watch What Happens Live fallout with Amanda and Lindsey. I am also aware that in his bio it says Loverboy investor according to you guys, it used to say his job title as well. I don’t honest you know, I don’t stock profiles and remember well, so I’ll take your word for it. I have asked around nobody really knows if he’s still working for them. I mean, I feel like he must be in some good maybe he’s just not traveling right now. I don’t think he quit altogether maybe they maybe his role maybe he said you know what, I don’t want to be on the road all the time. You guys go on the road. I did it last year. You know, I don’t know.

Amanda 9:04
I mean, it’s if things got bad really bad off the scenes like it could be that Kyle and Amanda let him go I mean, there’s there’s so many possibilities and we just we’re just speculating completely at this point. But I mean, Lindsay back to Lindsay and RB

B 9:22
I don’t see Kyle doing that to him. Yeah, I

Amanda 9:24
would hope not I don’t see that I would really hope not because yeah, but when we’ve got we’ve got could be Jason suspect one Highland Amanda Austin

B 9:38
or could be a combo of all of them. Like I’m happy and you want to know what

Amanda 9:42
maybe it’s not that sinister. Yeah,

B 9:45
yeah, like it could just be first of all, it wasn’t winter house picture right. So that means it was about winter house dog. One plus one equals two. I just realized that Hello Earth to me. But the reality of it is they all want to be relevant. Okay. Yeah. Lindsay back in the press talking about the miscarriage and Jason. You know, I mean, I get it. Mama’s got to eat, you know, and she’s doing what she’s got to do nobody does it better than her. I mean,

Amanda 10:17
she has a PR background.

B 10:19
And exactly. And the other reality is is that until there’s a wedding and a pregnancy and a move in together, her and Karla pretty boring, which is a good thing. They have a nice stable relationship which equals snooze fest. That’s not the thing reality TV is made up of. Is she big enough? Do you think Amanda, do you believe that Lindsey is big enough star to command a spin off?

Amanda 10:47
Like for the wedding or like a whole show?

B 10:51
I could see maybe let me be a wedding.

Amanda 10:54
I could see maybe like a Wedding Special. Although Kyle and Amanda I guess that was wrapped into the show? I don’t know. I don’t think I don’t

B 11:04
show would be I don’t I don’t believe she still has her PR business. But a cool show would be her as the mama hen. And then like old, a little younger PR not younger, but you know what I mean? Like her PR team. Like that would be a cool show. And then we’d get glimpses of coral in her life. Like I could see that spin off. But again, I don’t know if she still has that PR company. Yeah. And I don’t know how big it is if there are people working for her, but like, remember, who’s the person I’m thinking of? Lizzie Grubman? Oh yeah, remember when Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley interned for Lindsay, Lizzie Grubman, but also Lizzie had some shell and she was in the Hamptons and then then it showed her PR firm I forget the name of the show something like that would be super cool.

Amanda 11:47
I agreed. I agree

B 11:49
to summerhouse thing is stale there. You can’t have married couples couples enough already.

Amanda 11:54
I know. I’ve been banging this no more couple house drum for a while now. So you know, I agree. But speaking of Austin, we got an email this week. That sounds like it could be him.

B 12:10
Here and cheer. Yeah. What a title. Okay. You ready? Yeah, guys, because I know you love to this. The beer mogul is seeing a gorgeous Denver Broncos cheerleader. When I tell you the comments lit up beer mogul. Question mark, question mark, question mark. I mean, so a bunch of people told me he was seeing this girl. She is gorgeous. She looks like a young Giselle Bundchen. When I posted the email, she started following me. So that seems true. I hear she wants fame. I mean, don’t have all these people.

Amanda 12:47
Maybe she sent the email in.

B 12:49
Oh, possibly. Olivia still seeing that happy school player. By the way. She was posting him I need to like look into who he is. I’m pretty sure it’s a minor league guy. He’s super cute. And like, you know what? Good for them. Yeah, they obviously weren’t a match. I always felt like it just didn’t vibe.

Amanda 13:07
How great was it by the way? You and I have not talked about this. But I think you posted about it that Olivia just totally opened up this week. To her like plastic surgery and like some liver fillers. I thought that was

B 13:20
love it super cool. So somebody like posted a comment and said, Wow, you look super different here. And she screenshotted it shared a tour stories and tagged her plastic surgeon she’s like, Yep, no job by so and so. And filler by so and so. And I’m like, You know what? Good for you. Yeah. And she looks great. She’s always look great. To be clear. She’s a beautiful girl. I mean, why the hell not? I am pro doing whatever makes you as long as it’s legal. And you’re a consenting adult, if you want to change your face at your absolute business, and in her case, looks great. Yeah. Agreed. And, you know, oh, and I didn’t post this yet. But I’m hearing that they’re looking at the Winter house cast, like who they’re going to have on it. Also, there was this whole rumor circulating around about some of like, they were trying to make it like some like scandalous thing that people weren’t showing up to the winter house reunion. And it was made clear to me by our source that it seemed like the source was a producer, but I don’t really know for sure but what I heard was it was kind of last minute they said hey, we’re going to do a Watch What Happens Live winter house reunion and three of the people who they didn’t even tell me which three it was but people are like blaming Craig or blaming page three of the people and remember like Paige is touring with Hannah SUE Yeah so whatever it is three of the and I don’t know know if that’s why but three of the people were like we can’t we have stuff booked like you know, we’re booked in busy so it was not the sinister like they were signed up to go to a reunion and they refuse to come because guys, they would have a contract if that were the case. Obviously a reunion wasn’t part of the contract. They tried to throw something to gather, and three of the people couldn’t do it. So you’re going to do it without three. I guess you could

Amanda 15:06
buy there. Yeah. Sounds like a lot of a lot of nothing. Yes. Which Berger, speaking of. We got an email this week about Katherine from southern charm that she is facing eviction. So we looked into it, and we actually had a cocktail or share some paperwork. And there were some stuff we found. So it looks like what I thought was really interesting, like some very, like landlord centric laws in South Carolina, where you can be evicted if you are five days late on rent, which to me feel sane, right? Like you’re like, Oops, got I’m back from Europe.

B 15:49
I see myself forgetting. For sure. Like you’re on vacation. Right, right. Yeah, totally. Yeah, yeah, ridiculous.

Amanda 15:57
But from the stuff that we saw, plus another email that we got, it looks like it was actually an issue on the building’s side. Because I guess like, everything just automatically goes on the record. If they’re past the five days, it sounds like she is not in danger of being evicted.

B 16:17
That’s very good news. You know, it’s kind of like the opposite of New York where Oh, my God, like landlords cannot get people out. Yeah, really bad. And then in COVID, they passed something that like you couldn’t evict remember we should

Amanda 16:29
yeah, that was a national I think, where you couldn’t was it? People? Yeah, there were like, it was like a think so. But yeah, I know. I’ve heard I do remember that video of Joe Gorga. Freaking out on that guy, which I see

B 16:44
both sides of it. It would be I see both sides of it. Yeah. But oh, I can’t but listen, they make a lot of money. Yeah, but especially in New York City. But the thing about it is I see both sides of it. However, I know that in New York, and probably nationally, sure. Okay, the people don’t have to pay rent. However, the landlord’s still on the hook for the taxes and everything. So it’s kind of like, you know, a building in Manhattan or a building wherever in New York. The taxes could be like $100,000 a year. So like the property taxes, so, okay, it’s great that people don’t have to pay their rent, because I understand people are unemployed. It was a pandemic. But how was the landlord supposed to pay the tax bill? So like, You got to kind of give them a break too, in that case, and they didn’t so that I know that that was a lot of like the disgruntlement of the East Coast people because I do know people that you know, own properties and stuff like that. But yeah, so Catherine is not being evicted Much Ado About Nothing. Yeah,

Amanda 17:44

B 17:45
Well, I’m happy to clear that one up because we always root for Katherine to succeed. She’s a mom. She’s a young mom. She’s a young single mom. Her ex is a nightmare. By the way. You saw that email that he’s banned from everywhere, and everyone’s messages me they’re like be this is old news. This is why you move to wherever he lives like everyone hates him. Well, I

Amanda 18:02
think we know why he’s banned out of a lot of places. All you have to do is go back a few weeks, maybe a month and a half or till there was a blind don’t say it, but there was a blind about a person who Yeah, we won’t we won’t go and whip to work to go out

B 18:21
and a Mexican Mexican restaurant.

Amanda 18:25
Yeah, cool. So I can imagine that like better get you banned pretty quick. So Okay, speaking of things we’ve been talking about for a long time, I feel like we’re on week one 100 of trying to nail down the ultimate girls trip for cast. We’re still hearing pain

B 18:42
in the ass. My sources are nagging on me. And I’m so sick of putting out fake casts that I just stopped until someone gives me something farm.

Amanda 18:51
Yeah. So this, here’s the latest email that we got. The network is not done with the sister in laws. Well, here we are talking about it again. But whatever it’s so fun to

B 19:02
talk about. Well, this actually isn’t an email. This is from a source. Oh, okay. Sorry. So this this is it’s here’s my a one source, but it’s a good source.

Amanda 19:10
Okay. The network is not done with the sister in laws. The one who has hinted at returning in the future will be appearing on the next season of the spin off. The other one will be back eventually, in some capacity. Oh, and the other sister and sister in law who wants me to come back to the show. She’s been approached as well, but the client

B 19:34
so guys, I’m hearing that Caroline will in fact be on the next girl’s trip. Jacqueline apparently was approached for the ex wives one at a rynders I think but it didn’t work out. He’s definitely on the list, though. Like we can expect to see her at some point. And Dena was approached in a surprise to no one she turned it down. And so then the next question becomes Do we see? Like Carolyn and Caroline and Jacqueline making return to Jersey? Well, Jacqueline lives in Vegas, right? So no. And Caroline does not speak to her brother Chris. They had a big falling out. She does keep in touch with Ashley because Ashley is still in Jersey and she does occasionally talk to Jacqueline. From what I hear. Could Caroline come back? I mean, never say never. I first of all, I could totally see her meshing with Margaret.

Amanda 20:30
Yes. Grade.

B 20:33
She’s friends with the Loris. God knows Melissa needs an ally right about now.

Amanda 20:38
Yeah. I mean, these Jersey ex wives are honestly some of my all time favorite housewives. I mean, and even if we just get to see him on a trip, like Caroline, for the top voice of reason, the No bullshit kind of voice of reason. Dina, if she would ever do it for the like, calm but quiet shade. And then Jacqueline for the fun and I think our hearts like she’s just got to like, big heart. So I don’t know, I think I think the only thing I would wonder is how it would all pan out because they’ve been off screen like off camera for so long. And like how that would work from a chemistry standpoint with the other wives, but I don’t know. I like it. So we did get another little bit of Jersey tea that if you want to share that.

B 21:33
So some the same person said that the person that they were speaking with said the production loves Teresa, when I posted that a lot of people were like, What do you mean she was rude to them last year about the Louis thing but they said that overall over all these years. She’s extremely easy to work with. She’s very accommodating. She doesn’t say like, oh, no, I can I have this I have that she I guess she gives them full access. You can come to my girls soccer, my dad’s my whatever. She cooks for them. Like she’s just she’s very easy to work with. And they really liked her. And you know, just to Teresa’s credit, she’s had the same makeup, the same hair. I think that she is a really nice person. I always have thought that she’s a nice person. I think that her public persona and if someone comes for her and even even a little bit, you know, I mean, she’s on TV. She’s got to give us a show. But yeah, they like her. And also another thing is, this same person said that Dolores and Margaret production loves to like offer them gigs, which makes sense. We often see them like at openings and shows and this and that. So I think it’s because they’re easy. I know Margaret is very friendly and outgoing. And Dolores is too and also very easy to work with. So

Amanda 22:42
on the topic of Theresa was watching, watch what happens live, I can’t remember which shows after it might have been like Tuesday nights. I can’t remember but I don’t know. But she was on with Andy and I’m gonna I’m hoping I’m saying her name right. I go Noyon who is on Saturday Night Live. And anyway, they’re talking about truth, I guess truth is going to be in a TV movie. She’s saying that she’s going to be acting. And Andy was like, kind of shakily, kind of, like, poking at that. And she’s like, well, didn’t you see my ad she’s like, that was like kind of acting. It was it was a little bit funny. I don’t know she is never going to be my favorite. But I have heard that. Like the behind the scenes folks really like working with her and that she is has is very gracious, gives them all the access. You know, when she’s cooking cooks more so she can give it for them. And I can see like your easels people’s houses day after day out like and the people who do small kindnesses like that would that goes a long way.

B 23:51
She also doesn’t filter herself because she I don’t even think she knows how to she doesn’t have the capacity. So that’s also you’re getting good bites. It’s somebody like Margaret is an example. She’s gonna craft what she says she’s gonna think about it. Jackie, Melissa, they’re gonna like, get an angle there. Melissa, I mean, Teresa’s just like this is what it is. This is like, it’s just what you see is what you get. There’s not there’s not a ton of wood burning up there. Right. Like, it’s there. It’s just boom. Oh, I kind of get I think that Danielle is that like, I think Jen is that way. The new Danielle? I mean, because if you ever watch her Insta Stories, it’s just, you know. And listen, those people are fun to watch. Say we will they’re fun to watch whether you personally love them or not. It’s good TV. It is. It is and then I Oh, also about Caroline coming back. Oh, yeah. I mean, Lauren has a kid now and you know, so there’s there’s a lot they can do with her. If she if they paid her. I think it would work great.

Amanda 24:52
I mean, I would love to see it. I think most fans absolutely wouldn’t I do kind of feel like that would shake things up in a good way on that cast right we and we obviously haven’t seen the new seasons we don’t know how the new housewives are but like to have somebody like Caroline kind of come in and again be that kind of no BS. And like I think everyone’s like a little bit scared of her kind of situation it would be I think very entertaining training.

B 25:20
I think it would be interesting to see if her and Marge hit it off or if they clashed because they have similar alphadog personalities and that could go either way. I feel like they would get a lot would be interesting. I think they would get along to I think are smart enough to befriend her.

Amanda 25:34
Exactly. That’s exactly I was just gonna say like, I think she would be like we we would be better off as friends. And yeah, so Okay, so speaking of good TV, the Potomac you know, I love a midseason trailer. So Potomac midseason trailer is up. What do you think?

B 25:54
I mean, you and I have been talking about this and wondering when someone anyone would finally talk about all of the one rumors. I mean, guys, this was all over the internet during filming. Yeah, Amanda and I and you guys, that listen, every week have heard us week after week be like, what’s the story is production protecting her? Like, why are we not hearing this? Well, we’re gonna hear it. All right. Karen comes out. She says she knows one other girlfriend. She’s blonde. She can go she looks like me. She was telling. The person was like, she looks like you. She’s like, Yeah, she’s blonde. That made me laugh. Only because, I mean, I love I love a woman with confidence. But the odds of one dating somebody older than him are slim. So when she says looks like her, it’s a little. You know, it’s a little funny today. Okay, so then she so she calls it out at a dinner we see her be like, Oh, this whole thing with marriage is frickin fake. You guys aren’t even really together. So then you see sure Reese turn around. And it seems like she’s saying caring is Karen’s cheating. Then you hear one on the phone screaming and yelling. I’m just like, what? Like, is Robin just trying to cover this up? Does she know he did something? Does she not want to talk about it on television? Understanding her kids are, you know, school aged older? They know what’s going on? Is the relationship fake? Does she know about this? Are they not really together? What is going on? I need the truth. People. I want the frickin truth.

Amanda 27:25
i It’s now all adding up for me because Robin has been so open. I mean, talked about her mess up with taxes talked about how they lost all their money. talks about how, you know, the reason that she and one broke up the first time. Right? You know, I just it’s confusing to me, as well, just because she has been so open in the past. So and I just I have to say like, I

B 27:54
just maybe they have an open relationship. And they don’t want to say that. Yeah, that could be I don’t know, very interested in those boys on the beach in Miami. Yes, that’s true.

Amanda 28:03
I mean, I would have been to but not not that, like I would have been looking, I would have been looking I couldn’t I wouldn’t be chatting.

B 28:10
I don’t think I don’t touch. I don’t touch.

Amanda 28:13
But I would have been definitely been looking as well chat.

B 28:16
You can look you could chat, but you shouldn’t touch God. No, I don’t want to meet to a 20 year old. It’s inappropriate.

Amanda 28:23
It isn’t appropriate works both ways. Right? So I don’t know. But like, I just hope for her that there is something more going on. And that we just don’t know, because I just hope she’s not getting heartbroken. For the second time because I randomly imagined it’s kind of hurt more the second time because then with the second time she’s gonna then be questioning her own judgment and lamenting the time loss investing in this, you know, somebody who won’t stop cheating on her.

B 28:49
So it’s really over like, Yeah, can’t you know what I’m saying? Then it’s either you accept the relationship for what it is. Right? And you stay there. Which baby she’s done. We don’t know. We want to know that. You owe it to us. Maybe Robin, come on, we’re invested in this. Well, you gave us this engagement.

Amanda 29:10
That’s true. I mean, that she’s given us everything. That’s what’s not adding up

B 29:14
allegedly. Yeah, I think she’s gonna given us not everything. Well, she gotta give us really gotta give us the whole scoop here.

Amanda 29:21
Well, and then Sharise we know she’s been beating the drum of Karen having a boyfriend for quite a long time. So and I think that’s been why Karen has been uncomfortable with her this season, especially and the last season when she kind of popped up too. And so, you know, it seems to me like, you know, though, I did watch the first season of Potomac, and it did seem like they had some of the same original circle of friends. So it’s not all the realm of possibility for me that that could be true. So

B 29:54
I don’t I mean, this has been speculated in the past. I don’t even think this is a current thing, but and I felt so bad when Karen got so upset when she heard that Candice had said that she was running around like she started like crying kind of at the table. And she seemed genuinely hurt about that. So, yeah, but you know, listen, and the thing about it is you can like a person you can like a couple, but if you’ve done it, it’s gonna come out. I mean, when are people going to learn that they can’t hide their lives if they’re on television?

Amanda 30:31
You know, and Potomac it for me is an interesting one because I generally I am on a specific, I always pick sides with housewives, right? Like, with all of the all of the drama, but with Potomac especially like I, I really like Karen. But I also really, like kind of like, she has some, you know, inadvertently but still funny moments. I like Robin, I like Giselle, I like Ashley, you know, and like, all of them kind of do stuff, but I kind of I just I really liked them all, just as housewives and people and somebody that I like to watch. I’m not as crazy about Wendy. I don’t care for Candace. Although Candice has been

B 31:16
I like her this season. And I really I really disliked her. Yes, but you know what’s interesting about what you’re saying? I feel like I’m the same way. But I feel like the Potomac housewives are like that with each other. Like, yeah, there’s an undertone of friendship amongst with the exception of Mia and Wendy, the rest of the women, even when like even you see Ashley and Candace, even though they they’re at odds a lot of times, there are there is a friendship there in a weird way. There’s a sisterhood amongst those women with the exception of me and Wendy. You want to like me? I really don’t like her. I think she’s really annoying. But do I want her off the show? I don’t know. It’s the only one that’s gotta go for me is Sharif the rest? I feel like it’s really good combo.

Amanda 32:05
Yeah, me it has been like it’s just been and then I’m looking and

B 32:10
it’s just a phony man. None of it. None of its legit. The whole thing with her is weird and

Amanda 32:15
dig up what’s going on with her business? I’m gonna make myself a little note. To do that. Let’s because we talked about that a while ago, and we need to follow back up for for everybody.

B 32:25
She does this. She’s outrageous on social media. And then she just doesn’t mention it again. It’s so annoying.

Amanda 32:29
Yeah. Agreed. We need to know how the story ends always. So okay, so Netflix. reality shows. I know a lot of cocktails, watch my unorthodox life. There’s been a couple of little things coming up. You know, last year we posted that thought Shiva was getting that was one

B 32:49
of our first like big stories, because that’s when we first started the website. Yes, yeah. And then a couple days later, we found out Julia was divorcing and I remember calling you like, oh my god, imagine this stuff is true. And it was um, yes.

Amanda 33:00
Well, yeah, like, I mean, talk about soap opera life, my goodness, like, people are shocked by one thing is like, and by the way, two of us are getting to force. But you know, we knew we had a good source on that one. And now there’s been some more intel kind of trickling in about that whole situation.

B 33:20
And if you guys have been visiting the site, you’ve been reading it, I binged it. I mean, she is addicting to watch, you can see how she like swindles, people. But does anyone actually believe her? I mean, I’ve had many sources tell me that she greatly exaggerated her escape from Monsey. They claim that it was not as she describes. One thing that’s very telling to me is on the one hand, she paints her ex husband as in a very negative light. But unless he’s evolved in a way that she has, they have a very nice relationship he’s very supportive of are we even see with the youngest son, you know what I’m saying? So are we expected to believe that this man who was so rigid, all of a sudden is so accepting, I, you know, modern Orthodox is not radical, or fundamentalists and what the what the source is. And when I say sources, it’s people from the community have messaged me, and said that they were modern Orthodox, which is again, not radical. Beyond that. I do find it interesting. I enjoy I know you do learning about the culture and the religion, whether she’s authentic or not where, you know, we’re learning a lot. I myself am not Jewish, so I’m learning a lot. But the thing about it, that’s bananas, is that a billionaire, married her, took her fake last name, and gave her CEO position. I mean, these are all things that happened. She convinced this dude is

Amanda 34:49
the for me, that was the biggest thing because I’m like, hold on a second. I actually went before like I started doing deep dives on stuff for Bravo cocktails like I did my own little Deep Dive that was like, this does not add up. I’m sorry, having that had a career, like you have had a career, I’ve had a career. It does not make sense to me that you don’t get to go to college that because of your religion, which is what she said, right? That you bust out of it. And then you start a shoe company. And two years later are or however many, five, three or five, three years later after you’ve busted out of this religion, that you’re now the CEO of a company like it doesn’t the it just doesn’t add up. So Mike, something happened somebody gave her this position. Some money came somewhere to even start this shoe company. Like, I could not agree with you more That to me was the craziest piece of it.

B 35:50
Yeah, Silvio came. The fact though that she convinced this billionaire to marry her is incredible in and of itself. Currently, we know she’s losing every lawsuit. The judge did grant her that she is allowed to stay in the penthouse, which she rents out. I heard for forget what it was like $125,000 a month, I’m going to assume you know, she needs that income. That’s why she does it. I don’t know where she’s living. I guess she downsize to a regular apartment. The thing is, she’s, oh, by the way, he’s already remarried. And he married somebody with younger children than hers. Also, the other like grifter. When she’s nervous about them coming the apartment, you keep saying there’s children here, her children that are they’re all in their 20s are on does not live with her. And he’s not there when she’s saying this. So what children? I mean, Miriam is 23 years old. That’s not a child. It’s your child, but it’s not a child. So that to me, that’s like, it shows how she can just roll things off her tongue, right. Like, yeah. I mean, she turns around and says that he was mean, and he didn’t include her children. We saw none of that last season. Could they have hid it from us? Sure. But then why did he marry a woman with two school aged children? Just now like he just remarried? And the kicker is the woman has like a huge diamond, and it’s in the shape of a heart coincidence? I think that

Amanda 37:09
I didn’t know that. Wow, symbolism. Yeah, I have not I have not watched his season yet. So I definitely going to add it to my binge list for all the shows that I’m going to watch. Kind of after Christmas, I definitely did enjoy watching that first season. That’s kind of when I went into that little investigative mode. I just, you know, hearing about this, right? And when all this started to go down, it just, it maybe was like, are we just see, is this a pattern like, is this? Are our producers just looking for somebody who’s living above their means? You know, like, are people living above there? Is it a chicken and egg thing? Right? Are people just living way above their means so that they can get on to reality TV? Because I mean, we’ve seen it with Theresa. We’ve seen it with a Chris Lee’s. We’ve seen it with Jen Shah. We’ve seen it with Julia Hart. I’m sure there’s some other people that I’m not even thinking of,

B 38:07
with the exception of Beverly Hills ensemble casts in general, don’t really have wealthy people. And what we’ve learned is that people who seem wealthy actually are swindling the governor. So and again, with the exception of Beverly Hills, because we know that Kyle’s really wealthy we know that Cathy’s really wealthy I’m on and on, there’s plenty of them that have you know, before the old seasons, they are real wealth, but then again, that’s set in Hollywood, and that’s the whole thing. But the rest I mean, you know, yeah, it’s, it’s a lot. It’s interesting. Speaking of, of wealth, coming and going. The restraining order that Lenny’s mistress attempted to get against Lisa. The judge threw it out. He said there were no indication that Lisa was stalking or harassing the mistress shocker. And then watch what happens live. Did you see Lenny’s ha moment? Oh,

Amanda 39:04
my God, if you guys haven’t seen it, go and google it and like, look it up and watch it because it is. My heart dropped.

B 39:14
So apparently, he says that he like is saying to a guy. He’s in the kitchen. And he’s miked. And he’s like, Oh, I’m going to be single soon. And the guy’s like, What are you talking about? He’s like, Well, you know, I’ve always done whatever I want. I’ve always done my own thing. But like, it’s time for me to just be fully single. And the guy whoever the guy is, is like, Wait, does Lisa know this? He’s like, Yeah, we’ve been talking about it forever. We talk about it every day. Like I’m done. I want out. And, like, what? You have two children, like they’re gonna see this one day. Trash, trash trash.

Amanda 39:52
Let’s just Let’s just I think something we can all agree on. I don’t think anybody is thinking Lenny’s gonna come out of the season. with anybody liking him, it’s pretty clear he is being a piece of shit. And you know, just not again, you got to think about your legacy letting Here I am, I’m talking to you again. But you got to think about your legacy. You got to think about how things are going to be 567 years down the road when your kids are out of this like little kid age and are like, become really people with phones and who can Google stuff like, God? Like, right now? It’s just it’s insane to me. And then, you know, there’s I guess it just it’s one of those weeks where just affairs come out because then there’s the whole TJ Holmes and Amy Robach the two I think both anchors on GMA they are right oh,

B 40:47
I don’t watch I don’t watch this stuff. I mean, I’m, I am not available in the morning. And if I was I’d be watching like reruns of housewives I’m not into I’m not into news I especially Morning News. I find it irritating and like fake and the only one I do like Kelly and Ryan shell like I like them but outside I don’t watch like morning news. I mean, every

Amanda 41:10
once a while because I work to so Right. Like it’s just there’s I don’t see it very often. But yes, I don’t watch GMA I just didn’t, I don’t, I don’t watch it very frequently to know kind of generally who everybody is. And I will turn on the news here and there. But again, with you know, work and kids and whatever, there’s just not a lot of time

B 41:30
spent again, this is something that we had had emails on that I didn’t even know who it was. And I sometimes we don’t post stuff because we get I mean, we get like stuff about like real random stuff, like forget about golf tee. And I’m like, I don’t think anyone’s even interested in this. But when this kind of came out, you know, I dug through and we got some more stuff. But so on the surface, you have two consensual adults having an affair, right? It’s not so groundbreaking. However, what we’re learning is time goes is TJ seems to have a pattern of this because it came out that he was also having an affair with a married producer at the same time. Right. So he was cheating on his Wyoming. Yeah, tripled timing. I think it was an effort to avoid a Matt Lauer situation they took them off the air because they were being cautious. Our followers by the way, love the email that we got that said the grandmas in the Bible Belt were unhappy with the affair. Listen, not my words, but it was funny. Now this is what I was reading today. Or someone sent me the real juicy thing is apparently Amy Robach right, that’s her name is blaming Lara Spencer for her removal. And again, guys, this is from cocktail hours, because I don’t I don’t watch these shows. But Amy and Laura have attention since Robin Roberts took a break from GMA to recover from her bone marrow transplant in 2012. Lara was livid that Amy was seen by the bosses. As you know, the next in line, it was clear that Amy would be the one to step in Lera one of the gig, she’s never forgotten it. I’m sorry, hold on one second, gonna take a sip of seltzer. Regular seltzer. However, somebody else claims that that’s not true. She’s always been supportive of Amy and TJ that someone else is probably Lauer’s rep. So, you know, they took them off the air. Yeah, they took them off the air. What I’m hearing is that people are thinking that they’re going to let me come back and he’s going to not come back because there’s more to it with him.

Amanda 43:34
Do you watch morning show on Apple TV?

B 43:38
I don’t even have Apple TV. Okay,

Amanda 43:40
that is such a good show.

B 43:43
So it’s like a sitcom. I mean,

Amanda 43:45
no, it’s it’s a drama. It’s Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston and the premise of it. Yeah, it’s so good. There’s two seasons or three seasons. The loose premise is it’s kind of loosely based on the aftermath of what happened at the today’s show. Like it’s like an alternative universe right? And like so that Steve Corollas and and Steve Carell was like the Matt Lauer character it’s just it’s interesting watching it because it makes it clear just how cutthroat and how just insane the morning TV show businesses. Really Yeah, even just get Apple TV for like a month just to watch. It’s that good. I probably want to get it

B 44:29
going. In the deep winter when I’m leaving my house.

Amanda 44:34
Yeah. No, I That’s my I have this whole big list. So I don’t know. You know, it’s pretty clear that there’s all kinds of stuff going on. I can’t imagine. Amy and Laura being like the besties for the RAS ease when there’s one spot and they’re both competing for it. But rhinos

B 44:57
I just just just now my time source sent me because people are people are saying Erica and I didn’t even see it. But people are telling me Erica posted that her and Reno were both asked back my source says, Guys, this is as of December 8, no one has signed yet filming slated to start at the end of January though, contracts in holding pattern discussions ongoing, nothing finalized. So he’s making it

Amanda 45:23
very clear. That doesn’t surprise me. I highly doubt Ron is not coming back. I think. I don’t see that. First of

B 45:32
all, we just saw them at the People’s Choice Awards. They were all sitting together. You know, you kind of wonder how much of this is all bullshit and it’s just for TV

Amanda 45:40
to see Kyle’s post though, where she’s like doing the video. She’s like, awkward. pans around to all of them sitting together.

B 45:50
And then Renta did a post and she was like, not awkward and was like smiling to Kathy like wasn’t looking at her and Kathy’s legs were also like she was seated awkwardly and I was like, this is not flattering pose. Yeah,

Amanda 46:04
okay, so another thing that has been like quietly blowing up for a while but then especially this week is the story about Arielle charnas of something Navy and her husband. Brenton

B 46:19
disclosure, Amanda and I are not really people who follow influencers. I have a couple that I do follow. But in other words, I’m not like I don’t know their life stories. I the whole influencer world to me is it’s mystical. I don’t know how these people do it. I think it’s great. I want to be one. I want to like, I want that to be my job. Like I want to put on a sweater and make like a million dollars a year. So good for them. But I don’t really get it. And I don’t follow like the politics of it. Yeah, I don’t know. But apparently there are a lot of that going on. And Amanda’s dove in.

Amanda 46:57
Yeah, well. And also apparently if you’re an influencer, like the camera eats first when you go out to eat and I’m like, I’m not having any of that.

B 47:05
You meet? Oh, you have to

Amanda 47:07
say yeah, you have to take pictures before like of the food once it arrives and whatever before you can eat. I’m like, screw that.

B 47:14
So there’s the first reason we’re not going to become

Amanda 47:16
a go. That’s like

B 47:17
the main reason I mean, dollars a year Amanda we could I don’t think

Amanda 47:21
so. I like my food hat. So anyway, as soon as all this stuff started to happen, I was like, Okay, I think we gotta do a deep dive. So I want to start out just by like explaining because I don’t think everybody like, you know, quite follows her. But I knew who she was. I had seen her stuff. She created this brand as a blog. So she created something maybe as a kind of fashion blog. She also has a very big Instagram following. She has like 1.3 million followers. She posts her outfits, like she was very big on like street style, you know, post her outfits, almost daily shows a lot, a lot of her personal life, her kids, her husband, all of that. So she turned it into a brand by doing a limited edition clothing line with Nordstrom. I want to say

B 48:10
and this is how I know her. I remember when she got flack during COVID. That was over. Yeah, exactly. That’s how I know her name. I did not know who she was

Amanda 48:18
before that. Exactly. And that’s that’s the other like one other big reason is because she got a ton of bad press in 2020 because of some of her behavior. You know, she lives in New York City, she flaunted that like like right after she said that she had COVID Then she wanted they went to The Hamptons, which was obviously a huge nono because I think we were supposed to quarantine for like three weeks back then she went to Miami when everybody was supposed to still be staying at home. So and

B 48:47
I just want to take this time to interject and say she experienced this bad press which got her a lot more followers because again, not that I even follow her but I didn’t know who she was. And then after that I looked at her page. So now I do so we say all that to say this could all be bullshit. And she could be putting this out because listen, the girl knows what she’s doing. She’s got 1.3 million followers out of nowhere. She’s never been on a show or anything. So yeah.

Amanda 49:14
Yeah, and like this guy is all the stuff that I’m sharing, by the way is all stuff that we don’t have any specific sources. This is all just stuff that we are kind of pulling together around multiple places. Yes, you can look

B 49:29
on Tik Tok and also people are very jealous like me.

Amanda 49:33
She’s very thin.

B 49:34
She’s very no people. I mean, I don’t I don’t care about that. That’s been established. I don’t care about but I would care about like I’m reading that you have $45 million shit. I could do some streetwear for $45 million.

Amanda 49:50
I know I just was laughing at myself because like I know what she said then because the camera reads first. With me, you shouldn’t be an influencer. Just kidding, but no, she’s she has a great style like great taste. So she’s got like fun personality like she she plays the Instagram game very well. So she and her husband after doing the Nordstrom thing, they took the brand to a new level by creating like a full on fashion brand that has an e commerce Store and flagship store on Bleecker Street in New York and other stores in other locations and South Southern California. So the name is something Navy, something Navy, a catchy

B 50:31

Amanda 50:32
I like I don’t know, I kind of like it.

B 50:34
One of our kids is named Navy to show her youngest.

Amanda 50:37
Yes, I trust me. I did a deep dive I went in and was looking at all of her stuff, because I had seen her stuff before and would look you know, I don’t know, just wasn’t super into it. But she so the brand. So they got a big investment of $10 million in 2019, which then valued the brand at $45 million. So big right? Some of those investors were Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and this company called a venture fund called M three ventures that specializes in working and investing in fashion and lifestyle brands. So here’s where things started to get interesting. This this week, or I think it was maybe a little bit before Arielle turned off her comments on her Instagram, which if you’re playing the Instagram game, you’re always looking for more followers. That’s a huge nono. Because you’re, you know, if you’re an influencer looking to grow, you’re cutting all your engagement off, which means your stuff isn’t gonna get showed as much. And she had a weekly podcast that she just said, suddenly stopped. On November 8, on November 30, she put out a bonus episode saying she’s taking a little break, but doesn’t say when she’ll be back, which again, like if you’ve got a podcast like, and you’re not, if you’re not going to post on your normal schedule. It’s very, very unusual to just be like,

B 52:01
Well, yeah, I’m sure. Tons of advertisers and she’s giving up a lot of revenue.

Amanda 52:06
She’s, yeah, because I mean, just for behind the scenes kind of thing like revenue or advertisers by Rep, like by ads up to a year in advance. So yeah, I would definitely say she’s something is up. So you know,

B 52:21
I would be anything, right. We, God forbid, we don’t, you know,

Amanda 52:25
you don’t know. But I think I guess I’m making a guess here that. That’s a lot to kind of walk away from unless there’s something going on, especially when you’re not brewing Instagram accounts, write comments, because why would you turn off your comments, unless you know something is kind of coming. And you kind of just don’t want to hear what people have to say. And interestingly enough, Brandon has been in Miami the last week or two. While all this is kind of going on it looks like he’s back because she posted a picture of the two of them together, but you don’t know for sure that that’s from today. I don’t know. Right? Um, so then since October, there has been this rumor going around on Reddit saying that Brandon is being investigated for fraud and embezzlement for stealing from the company. There has been nothing put out there to prove that this is true. So I just want to say this again, guys. Like this is just a rumor and it’s Reddit. So you know, we can really take Yeah, it is. But also according to Reddit investors did not receive their q3 reports from the company that they have been notified that the company is going bankrupt. And apparently employee paychecks bounced last week. Again, we don’t confirm any of this stuff. This is what this is some of the stuff that we’ve been pulling together. So there’s been talk about this big article coming out from Business Insider that is going to expose a whole situation so it was supposed to come out earlier this week. As of today is the the eighth of December it still had not come out last time I checked which was a few hours ago. Arielle has not been wearing her wedding rings and pictures which is a departure because she used to before there have been some rumors running around about Brendon you guys are welcome to Google that but a lot of people are speculating that they’re getting divorced. So what I think is interesting it’s like this could be about a business thing this could be about their relationship thing is with Arielle the whole family is her branch right and like her husband being part of it, so you know there’s definitely something up but yesterday a representative for Arielle came out and denied the divorce. So they’re still in love. Everything’s fine. And the something maybe CEO came out and said, There’s nothing true about the rumors about Brett Brandon being investigated. So I don’t know like there’s an interesting voice record Getting going on Tiktok just Google it not couldn’t bring up what that’s about. I also just wanted to share to guys that like, whenever we do get some of the stuff, I do want to like look and see if there’s anything I can find and get my own eyes on. And so I have now because of my side hustle as a private investigator, I have gotten access to this government database, that just takes a couple steps to do it. So it’s not like anybody can just go on it, you have to sign up, and you have to get mail and then you have to sign back up, you have to give it credit card. So you don’t have to pay a certain amount of money. It’s nominal, but you have to, I looked, there is nothing current. As far as any kind of court cases involving him, nothing has been filed, nothing like that so far. So nothing official, at least from a court case standpoint, has been filed against him. So again, I think this is just a wait and see. And we’re definitely going to keep you guys posted as soon as stuff is happening. But like, like I said, I think it could be about the company. It could be about the marriage, or both. It’s hard to say. So what do you say?

B 56:10
I think that I hope it’s not true, because it sounds awful. I mean, there’s also rumors about like the husband and what he was doing down in Miami or basil again, Google it. I wonder, is it possible that this is all nothing? The reason that that gives me pause, I think something is happening is because to your point, taking your podcast off, when you’re at that level, and you have advertisement, and you’re breaking a lot of contracts, and you’re giving up you’re leaving money on the table. Same with your Instagram account. Something’s happening. Yeah. But is it everything that is being speculated? Probably not, but something something’s going to come out? So this time next week, we may have more to that. But I think that she’s given clear indicators that something’s going on. Now. Could it be a family situation? God forbid, something’s going on in their, you know, health or something like that? Of course, it could be. But it just seems odd that there’s all this speculation and that he wasn’t around and he was in Miami, like, even if it’s all rumors, let’s say this is all a rumor, like, you know, you would support your spouse through it. Because in the public, that would be very hard to deal with. So why aren’t you with your spouse?

Amanda 57:28
Right? Yeah, you get your ass out of Miami. And you go to New York, and you’re seen publicly? And yeah, because that’s what matters the most that things are fine. And at least for a little bit. He did not do that. He did maybe he did as of this morning, but again, yeah, I think there’s a lot of smoke around this one. So I think that we’ll be definitely talking about

B 57:52
more. And there’s a bunch of emails on the site that I’ve gotten received that are hinting at things again, their emails, I have nothing from a source, you know, so it could be someone reading Reddit and sending it to me, You know what I’m saying? So I’m not vouching for any of that stuff. I’m just sharing it because the people want to know, I mean, as I say, I don’t really follow the politics, but a lot, a lot of cocktail errs are into this influencer world. So

Amanda 58:15
based on my Reddit snooping, I mean, people are going on, there’s this one specific subreddit that people keep going on over and over again and saying, Here’s the article, Carmel has the article come out? And then there’s been like, screenshots of, you know, confirming that Business Insider says, yes, there’s going to be an article but again, you can’t trust that that’s true. You know, it could be something doctored. It’s you never know. But people I mean, just the amount of people just saying has there been anything posted like it is? People are very invested in the story. So we will see something something is listening to

B 58:52
the divorce, they can control. They can choose not to announce that announce it later. Not divorced. That’s in their control. Yeah. Embezzlement. Not so much. So if that’s gonna drop, there’s nothing they could do.

Amanda 59:03
Yeah, absolutely. Well, interesting. Well, we’ll

B 59:06
keep you guys posted Jen shot of it all.

Amanda 59:09
I know. All these people. Maybe guys, well, we don’t know. But you guys, thank you so much. I just wanted to wrap up just by saying that actually, as of tonight, because this will come out next Wednesday. We are going to be doing our first monthly zoom with the cocktail party crew at 8pm. Eastern Time on Wednesday. What is that the

B 59:35
13th or the 14th? Or 14th 14th? I will say I think that that Yes. It’s the 14th I think a follower messaged me and they’re like be that’s when Salt Lake City is on. Eight o’clock is a good time. It’s not too late. It was eight o’clock New York time. It’s not too late. It’s not too early for people who are, you know, on the west coast. And again, you know, Amanda and I, we listened to you Your feedback if we decide that that’s not a good time, it’s a work in progress, but we want to get it in and we want to do it before the holidays. Because first of all, we’re all freaking stressed. Are you guys freaking stressed? I am stressed man.

Amanda 1:00:14
It’s a lot fizzy.

B 1:00:16
I hadn’t having nothing to do with this. I just mean like the gifts and the this and that. Yeah. And who do you got to get for? And what is Aunt Susie need? And do you even got to get random Ron and people?

Amanda 1:00:30
Yeah, and then the random line? Oh, here I got you something. You’re like, oh, shit, now I’m gonna get that person.

B 1:00:37
Is such a huge stress, though, Amanda, is it not like, Okay, do you know what I do? And I want to know what you do. I go to Yankee Candle, I go to bed bath and beyond. Or when I say I go, I mean, I order online. And I buy like 10 candles and like, a few sets so that if I’m handed a gift by somebody that I’m not expecting, I have something to give them. Also, I always have a case of good wine on hand. But not everybody drinks, right? So you can so so those are those are what I do, I always have candles. And then I have that. And then I have some sort of booze so that when someone shows up or rings the bell and hands me something, I have something to give, what do you do,

Amanda 1:01:17
I do something similar. So I do tend to buy up on I buy up on nice bottles of wine and champagne. And just have little like bags and bows and everything kind of ready for that. And then I just plan a little time in you know, the 22nd or so right around then to have like a last minute just run to go grab stuff if needed for that because usually by the time we get to 23rd 24th it’s just family stuff. So there’s no more surprise gift giving. So that you know and then I handle stuff, you know, for like work gifting and stuff. I handle that ahead of time, as well and just have like I said extra bottles of wine and that kind of stuff ready to go. So yeah, it’s a lot but and that’s definitely something guys like with us trying to do a zoom time, like there’s never going to be a great time for everybody. So maybe we’ll try it one way one month, and we’ll try it another time another month and just see what we’ve had the best kind of turnout But the worst thing for us to do would to be not do it at all because nobody can agree on what the best time is. So anyway, and you have

B 1:02:38
a question, are we gonna record it and like, now, right, it’s like live there or be square.

Amanda 1:02:45
If we

B 1:02:46
feel about importing it, because I kind of plan on going off the cuff.

Amanda 1:02:49
I know I was gonna say if we do recorded it would obviously only be cocktail party only. I don’t know, we got to let’s maybe see what we say and then see if we release the recording.

B 1:03:02
Not trying to get canceled, you know?

Amanda 1:03:05
I know. All right, tailors. Thanks, guys.

B 1:03:09
Thanks, guys. See you next time.

Amanda 1:03:18
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:03:59
Bye guys. See you next time.