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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 30

B 0:00
But she went crazy. She had to be Oh, namaste. She hangs up on them. Yeah. And then I think her PR agent got on the phone or James Yeah, that bootleg attorney that her and frickin Angelina from how from Jersey Shore us. They roasted her after they’ve been giving interviews about how she’s the rudest person. They also reposted. Like, I did a summary of it on the website, because everyone was asking me for the link. So I just put it all like whatever I knew on their website, they reposted my story, this radio show reposted the story, and I can’t

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welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. Be.

Amanda 0:57
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 1:04
What’s up cocktailers?

Amanda 1:06
Hey, cocktailers. So I just have to warn you, I have been at a holiday lunch, had a few glasses of wine. did my best to behave. So I’m rolling in a little bit high B I think you might have had a glass of wine to prepare.

B 1:25
I mean, I want it to be on somewhat equal footing. Don’t tempt me with you know, maybe you should have a glass of wine. I mean, it’s so

Amanda 1:34
hard because this is why I was like I love doing this thing that I do. It’s a ladies bingo afternoon.

B 1:42
Did you mean to text me the bingo card? Or were you telling that to somebody? Oh, okay, I got it.

Amanda 1:47
Because it’s so funny because it’s old school. Bingo. You don’t use the like stamps. It’s like a card. And like, there’s the little like sight out things and people sign on the back of the one. And like at this place that I go, it goes all the way back to the 60s and some of these cards so it’s it’s so far and old school.

B 2:08
I love that.

Amanda 2:09
I know. It’s so fun. You’ll have to come maybe next year. Like I seriously like put it on your list. Like let’s make it happen. Because

B 2:17
I love where you live where Amanda lives I’ve never been and it’s an incredible state and my husband and I and it’s funny. And I told you this when we first yes over the phone, obviously my husband always has said he wants to retire there. That’s like always been his thing like in his head and he’s never even been there. He actually wait, he may have been there for work. But like he was saying it long before that. Like yeah, he’s like, I want to retire. Where? Where Amanda lives? Yeah, that’s random. Like it’s beautiful. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. But yeah, so we’re gonna retire together.

Amanda 2:49
We’re gonna make it happen. I think we should

B 2:51
then we’ll have a podcast, a podcast empire with like, you know, all cocktail errs with their own podcast, you know,

Amanda 2:59
and you know what the best thing about podcasting is? You can roll in a little hot drinks.

B 3:09
It actually it’s the one of the few professions where you improve your

Amanda 3:14
performance. Well, cocktails, you guys be the judge of that one. I don’t know about that. But I’m still doing it. So let’s talk about should we talk about the great news about Miami?

B 3:31

Amanda 3:33
So this week, no, I’m sorry. Next week, we’re getting four episodes of Real Housewives of Miami. Surprise, all at once on peacock.

B 3:47
So by the time you guys hear this, well, cocktail party hears it earlier, but it’s coming December 8. So Thursday. So if you’re listening to us on Wednesday, tomorrow, there’s going to be for spanking brand new episodes of Miami. I’m so ready. I have to say they did the girls dirty in the intro and the photos. Did you see that Amanda?

Amanda 4:06
So I did and like so funny. Cuz I was like, What is weird? It looks I thought I just figured like I was looking on my phone. It was grainy or whatever. And then when you said that it was like, Oh my God, you’re right. And then I remembered. Do you remember last year or this year, I guess when Atlanta came out and the ladies did not like their picture. So they paid to have their own done? Yes. Yeah.

B 4:34
Oh my god. I didn’t remember that until you just said it. Yeah, she was very low budget. I mean, this cast is gorgeous. It’s very hard to make them not look gorgeous. But the photos were not the best talking him. So I’m talking to my source and he told me he’s like they don’t have a budget for Miami. Which really confuses me because it’s a great show. It’s shout out like a cannon. I get it was a reboot. But it did so much better than Dubai which like begs the question, why haven’t they moved it to Bravo? I know they’re trying to pump up Peacock, but they could have at least given them better photos. And these are all wealthy women. And I actually we have a, we’re gonna have an exclusive pod this week about some, some exclusive Miami tea, but I’ll leave it at that, you know, they’re all wealthy women, most of them are wealthy. Yeah. Why are you putting them on such a budget?

Amanda 5:23
I mean, also, though, like, the fat do we need to do a Go Fund Me? Like, like, like, we can help with this. I know, like, some people might not have the budget that they may be used to, um, due to changing circumstances, but like, we love these ladies. Let’s see it.

B 5:45
I feel like Dr. Nicole can totally bankroll that, and it would be not an issue. So maybe, maybe we should message her and be like, you could do better than this. Do your old photos.

Amanda 5:55
I agree. I mean, and like for God’s sakes, peacock like, if you want us to get excited and then you want your shows to do well enough that you then put them on Bravo and get people excited. And Bravo is then promoting them and your your stars are coming to Bravo Khan. Like, pay up. Like, let’s give these girls the good pictures. Let’s pay up for the good trips. Like that’s what we want to see.

B 6:22
Let’s not have it look like oshi circa 2009

Amanda 6:28
which is so good in its own right, but 100% agree like give these girls the good pictures. So did you watch was there like was there a preview because I don’t know that I I saw the one that was a while ago was her new one.

B 6:44
So there wasn’t a new one. But what we know just from the news and social media is that regardless of the crappy photos, we’re getting a jam packed situation. Here we have Lisa and Lenny’s very, very messy split which gets messier by the day. We have Julia and Martina seemingly in a bad spot. They sort of in that preview we got a while ago, they sort of set it up to look like Martina thinks Julia’s cheating on her or cheated or something like that. Alexia is newly married, and she’s always full of drama. Her son was arrested for domestic violence. I believe it was during filming or around that time. I don’t know if we’ll see that. I do know that. She shows us everything. So if it was during the time, I’m sure she will. He was already at odds with her new husband Todd. Yeah. So that probably can’t be great for their relationship. Todd and her son, Peter. Dr. Nicole, we’re going to see her getting gage we’re going to see the huge engagement party. We’re going to see her sell her insane mansion.

Amanda 7:57
I mean, I guess I’m looking for when I know I’m looking forward to seeing Alexius married life. I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Nichols new house and like what’s happening with that? Okay, who’s I don’t know like it’s going

B 8:17
well. I think they might be in a rental during the season. I think they bought after no get that I think they might be in their house still for most of the season. I

Amanda 8:26
think they sold after. Okay, well, okay, fine, because I could look at that house all day. So things are going well for her Larsa we don’t know.

B 8:37
We heard she was dating. Michael Jordan fun. I mean, which I was okay with until you reminded me that like he grew up like on her lap because they played basketball together.

Amanda 8:51
And All right, yeah. And it grows. I don’t know, like, General, generation generation dating fine. I am not cool with somebody like dating somebody’s kid that they saw growing up like,

B 9:11
just with my 25 year old son, which my son obviously is a kid but if my 25 year old son decided to date a 40 something year old woman that would absolutely be his choice, and I would have zero issue with it. If my son decided to date one of my friends, right that watched him grow up

Amanda 9:26
that Thank You, Lord. That is my point. That is like again, like I 100% That would be so weird. If it was like, oh, yeah, I remember like that time we all like we’re at our kids basketball tournament and blah, blah, blah and like the kids like, no, that’s weird. That’s really weird. Yes. And so Adriana. We don’t know much about what’s going on her yet, either. Well,

B 9:53
so here’s the thing. I have some exclusive tea. Speaking of Adriana, the network doesn’t plan on ever making Adri Jana are Marisol full time housewives. To me it’s a little confusing, but the source says it’s confusing because they’re featured as if they’re full time housewives. But the source says the producers like them in the friend role. It’s enough for them and they bring it. So maybe because I know and Adriana is case I don’t believe her son wants to be filmed. And I don’t know. I don’t know. But it’s basically a permanent decision, as far as my source knows, like, it’s not like up for debate. Well, I

Amanda 10:28
was just going to ask you about that because, you know, I’ve had like my little soapbox about Marysol or Marisol, and we’ve caught him mighty soul because that’s how you pronounce it in Spanish. But why she doesn’t have a mojito? That’s what they hold right in Miami? Like, is it because her fiance, or is it her husband? I can’t remember she’s married or not? Is that because she does he doesn’t want to be on? Or like, what’s the deal? Because she always is so great. So it must be something about her personal life that she’s not a full housewife, I think right?

B 11:04
It must be it must be maybe because I mean, as far as I know, Marisol doesn’t work. So I think back in the day, she was like a party planner or something. Yeah, or something. I remember a PR she was impure. He are just, I just think that. I don’t know, maybe because the other women have show their careers and show their families. Her husband is on it. I mean, he goes out to dinner and he’s filmed so okay. Maybe she’s not willing to dive deep. You know,

Amanda 11:35
maybe. And like, I get that, like, hold some stuff sacred for yourself. Like I get it. So did you watch southern hospitality lovers new show this week?

B 11:49
You know, I have to say, I really enjoyed lava in this boss, Mamabear LVP s roll a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it was I thought it was a great show. It’s entertaining. There’s beautiful people. There’s sexual tension. There’s love triangles, all the stuff that made Vanderpump Rules, a great show. I know some people speculated that these are just people that were hired to look like they’re on the show. But for me, I mean, it didn’t seem that way. They’re young. And young people make bonds quickly. Like if I think back to when I was in college, my friends became my best friends, like, within the first few weeks, right? So they’re all it’s clear that they’re intertwined. Now, right? Whether that’s fairly new, or whether it’s two years back, you’re dealing with young people in their 20s You know, so I thought it was great. I’m watching.

Amanda 12:42
I mean, like, I guess some of them are like, we’ve been working together for years, right? Like, some of them not so much. Um, right. I don’t know, I I’m still having a little bit of a hard time. And you’re one by the way, you’re 100% Right. Like, the people that you meet at certain ages in your life, like become, quote, friends. Like there are there are a couple of times in your life where it’s like, you know, elementary school, high school, college, when you have kids, you know, whatever. Those are the times in your life that like it’s it’s easier to make friends. But I don’t know I just I’m still having a hard time with love. I really probably want to like her as this like badass boss bitch. But I guess I’m just still holding on to some stuff from southern charm. And like, I’m liking her better seeing her on this show. I’m just still not 100% Like, don’t feel like she’s being all like, genuine like trying to like fit into this like, role of the like the boss lady. So I’m I but I am leaving the door open to like, give her a chance. And like really see more of her.

B 14:05
I mean, ahead of this. We had people had a lot to say about her and how when she was filming southern charm, she made it all about her show her new show, which is Southern hospitality. I mean, if we’re putting it in perspective, Amanda like we want to see her more there. I almost feel like I can relate to this version of her because I’m seeing her operate for restaurants, bars, which how many people are working for her and her husband, Lamar, right? He’s a mom to a young son. So it really it gave me the perspective of how busy her life really is. Whereas most of the cast on Southern charm don’t have children. They don’t certainly don’t have for businesses except for Craig, who has several businesses. Also insider info. I’ve mentioned it before. Craig is an investor in some of love as restaurants. I mean, like Austin pedals one beer. Shep lives off his trust fund and the rest of the girls are basically influencers. You You know what I mean? Like seeing her in this role allowed me. Granted if she was filming southern charm, she should have turned it on a bit more, right? Yeah. But it kind of allowed me to see where her headspace was at with like, I don’t want to go on that trip. Like I could see myself feeling that way. Which begs the question, does she have a spot? Should she have a spot on Southern charm? Like, I wouldn’t deserve a spot and I don’t really think everyone was so sad to see Cameron go. But I felt about Cameron. Not that I disliked her, I would have been happy to watch her in a show that was more appropriate to her lifestyle. But it would be like me hanging out with the southern charm people, right? And, like, just asking questions and not showing my husband and not showing my kid like, what’s the

Amanda 15:41
point? We’re like, What do you mean, you’re off to go to your son’s lacrosse game? Like, I want to go see my kid play or I want to go see my kid play basketball. Like I don’t get to choose they play at seven o’clock on a Friday night. Like that’s what time they play. So, right? Yes, I agree with you on that. And maybe you’re right, maybe her place is not on Southern charm. And that’s what I’m reacting to. So I think that’s actually something I never really thought about. Like, I do think it’s interesting course, they’re doing it this way, right? Like, of course they’re making it. They’re not calling it a spin off of southern charm, but they’re making it feel like an easy continuation of the world of southern charm, right? Like the music sounds kind of similar. And the editing is very similar, like how you see stuff get split up and slow downs, but up and slow down and they like go back and forth between the lake people getting ready and whatever. So like, that made sense. To me. And then of course, a show Naomi, and she Madison. Yes. Yes. So I’m like, okay, all right. So I am like 100% willing to like watch and I am I am definitely I like I say I really want to like her. I want to like love us. So like I am fully invested in giving her a chance.

B 17:13
You want to read that email that we got? Yes.

Amanda 17:17
Okay, so we got this this week. It’s called from Southern Ono subject southern jealousy over heard. Austin or fear person, drunkenly at 167 Raw, complaining about Southern hospitality. He was calling the cast members of southern charm are calling the cast members of the show southern charm wannabes and rejects. He said that TJ has been trying to get casted on the southern charm for years, but was never a good fit, made a comment that the network is forcing the current southern charm cast members to advertise the news, the new show, but he thinks they’re all losers. And then please,

B 18:09
I mean, I absolutely believe it. Listen, I get it. It’s not like he came out and publicly said this, right? Somebody overheard this, or is a bad friend. And he confided in it and they sent it to us. But either way, listen, there’s always there’s competition in all of these shows. And especially a new show with young people that’s going to draw people in. Of course, there’s gonna be some jealousy there. They don’t want this show to be so popular that people are like, who cares about Southern charm?

Amanda 18:43
Right. Right. And then what about Austin made it so that he was a good person charm?

B 18:50
I never got right. But the thing that stands out to me is that you should have a little bit more grace because you just end up looking petty. Right. You know, but again, he didn’t say this publicly. i i Actually, don’t file it. Well, I’m blocked by Austin and I also blocked him. I haven’t seen him support. Has anyone has he supported them? I haven’t seen much of much supportive. I showed a lot of Bravo cows.

Amanda 19:21
So look, I haven’t actually looked in a while. But I haven’t seen them his tough Hold on. Let me see. Oh, there Yes. No, I am not. He does. Obviously. He doesn’t know who I am. He’s reading Harry Potter. I don’t know. But I am in a good viewpoint because I follow so many people guys like I don’t know that the Instagram even the nights that I have insomnia and I go deep and Instagram and then I tax be the next day. Like he doesn’t show up in my Instagram a ton. So I don’t know, but I haven’t seen anything from him. So I don’t know. It makes him sound a little bitter. I think I think I agree with you. If If I were him, I would be following the company line and saying, yes, bravo, sir. And I was asked to promote the show. But I mean, I don’t know, I think, given a few years on the show, and given his access, then it’s hard for him to remember what it was like when he was coming in to a show that he wasn’t proven. And he wasn’t like a beloved character, which I know so many people love him.

B 20:34
Well, and it’s not just that, I mean, there’s also winter house on the line as well. Right? You know, like, Yeah, they’ll be on Southern charm. And maybe they’ll put these young kids on winter house, and that’s a loss of a check. So listen, there’s reasons why somebody would be why he would be better. And I mean, I’m not going to begrudge him that. Yeah.

Amanda 20:54
Okay, well, speaking of the young, like, the young kids, let’s talk about BPR. So,

B 21:03
oh, yeah, the 40 year old young kid.

Amanda 21:06
Like, actually, it’s Let’s restate that the people who mostly are our kids and work at the bar, and who are very entertaining, so love Vanderpump Rules. So there was an email this week, that basically sounded like it was Raquel and Tom were made to be like, essentially bullshit storyline and that he actually has a girlfriend who is Kristen’s friend who Tom practically lives with and all the like stuff that he was saying like I had Watch What Happens Live and it Bravo Khan saying like, I’m so sad about Katie, that it’s all kind of a lie. And like he’s had this other girl the whole time.

B 22:00
Yeah, so apparently he doesn’t want to lose his good guy image because I guess we were right. We initially said the Raquel Rochelle Rachel situation was a storyline. I think you called her I think you called

Amanda 22:12
Michelle. What’s her name? Raquel. Okay, well,

B 22:15
her her her government is Rachel but she goes by Raquel but you go home shell, you can

Amanda 22:20
usually do color wash. All right. Well, I don’t know what. Okay,

B 22:24
so we heard a long time ago. And then with Raquel being so extra Bravo con wearing a tom tom shirt. Like you and I were confused because our source told us it was bullshit. And actually, somebody told me that Jax Taylor came out and said it was a bullshit storyline. So they may have made out but it was never a thing. So Raquel even posted a picture of Tom and the girl whose name is Joe, holding hands at a concert this weekend. Not surprised. The biggest takeaway for me is that Tom just seems lazy. I always thought he seems sweet. But he didn’t seem to have. I mean, he just expected to coast through his relationship with Katie didn’t give her much thought. It seems like he’s fortunate that Sandoval kind of drags him along on these, you know, bars and stuff because he doesn’t seem to have much drive or ambition. He can’t even muster the energy to date outside of his group. I mean, you know what I’m saying? Yes, girl is his stylist and Sandoval stylist I found out today. She’s very good friends with Kristen,

Amanda 23:26
right? Because I saw the stuff about her being friends, Chris. And then I was like, Wait a second. I also saw that Kristen was at Jackson Britney’s for Thanksgiving because they had a lot of the Vanderpump Rules people. And like Kristen made a like big deal of like being on a live to be like, we’re friends again. Everything’s good with Jax because they had their like thing. So now I feel like I wish I could go back and like look and see who else is in the background.

B 23:59
And people are saying Oh, but Katie did have a boyfriend. It’s my understanding that she was casually dating but it wasn’t an actual boyfriend and like, why is time in the press crying about her moving on when he in fact has somebody who’s sleeping in his house most nights?

Amanda 24:12
Maybe he’s smarter than we all gave him credit for?

B 24:15
Well, he knows that this dude through through through Oh, um, this week you dopey guy has, you know it’s gotten him this far. And of course, he doesn’t want to get slammed. He’s happy to let Katie look like the crazy one. But obviously, this is the sort of shit and I don’t mean to cheating, but just like the acting like one person in public and actually being another person at home. Clearly he’s capable of doing that. So yeah, there we go. Yeah,

Amanda 24:41
I totally agree.

B 24:42
Anyway, this season will be great.

Amanda 24:45
Now I am actually really looking forward to it. Like I didn’t watch the last season but like knowing that Lala and Katie, like so much is going on them like I am actually very much looking forward to seeing this and I’m looking forward Just seeing Sheena’s wedding and all of that so and like the the new bar opening and what’s it called again? Taman shorts these shorts and Sandy. That’s right. Yes. Sandy’s

B 25:12
in shorts.

Amanda 25:13
Goodness gracious. Like To be honest to you, like, we need to make an La Tour like that should be our first stop like right go do an La Tour go to all of it like fill a blank like is full Blanca so open, I don’t even know all of these. And like go and have drinks and report back to the cocktail hours. I would love that. That would be God’s work.

B 25:36
Speaking of Beverly Hills. I mean, I’m sure you heard this rumor and apparently she came out today Kim K Balenciaga is trying to get her to accept more money to to keep their business relationship. I think she’s saying she’s not doing it. But I heard on Heather MacDonald’s podcast that they own 20% of skims. So Nordstrom accepting all their products without tags. Like I don’t I don’t know, the whole camp thing. I mean, to me, knee jerk reaction and what’s really bothering me, I get that there’s probably monies involved. I get all of that. But I’m sorry. There are very few things left that we as people agree on, and the safety of our children should be number one, period. And if you can’t, I don’t care what celebrity you are and what money is involved if you can speak out in favor of protecting children, then fuck you.

Amanda 26:30
Yeah. And like I This isn’t

B 26:33
political. It’s not political. There’s nothing political about it being disgusting. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. I don’t believe in all these crazy conspiracy theories. I never have. I never went down those rabbit holes. This is blatant. This is proven. This is facts. We all saw this with our eyes. The New York Times had to change the title of one of your articles because they tried to link it to Q anon. Yes, shit. And once.

Amanda 27:00
I saw that on howison habit, and I’m like, fuck that shit. Am I just gonna say it? I really do my best to not cuss on this, I’d still do but like, fuck that shit. People. You guys are kids. I said this last week, I was listening to it again, because it was like, What exactly did I say? Because I was so heated about his like, again, if we are not all speaking out for the safety of our children, all of our children are at risk and write this and like, I love the way that house and habit says it. She’s like, this is something all of us should be able to get behind. Right? Doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on.

B 27:43
And that’s a bigger conversation and something that somebody can dive into. I don’t want to go there because I don’t feel like being infuriated. And for me, this podcast is fun and light, and so is the account, which is why I don’t talk about my political views. Now great interested, I’m not changing anybody’s mind, if I tell them who I’m voting for. And that’s not the point of this podcast, but

Amanda 28:03
say we never stop talking about fucking like standing up for children. They don’t have a voice. And I’m sorry, I had a few glasses of wine. As I’ve mentioned, I just get really pissed about this, because I was actually thinking about this. I’m like, okay, like, I’m Kim Kardashian. And like, I clearly do not have the resources that she does, right? But I’m like, Okay, let me just try to put this into perspective. For me. I have a 401k What if, like, today I find out like, the 401k is, like money that is, you know, from a, you know, child blends Yaga right, like, Am I willing to walk away from that? In the name of like, protecting children? 100% 100% I feel that strongly like, this is an I don’t understand how anybody could choose money over the protection of children.

B 29:03
No, I agree. I agree. And you know, a lot of our listeners messaged me, and they were like, thank you for talking about this. I don’t know why mainstream media isn’t. And I have to be honest with you, it makes me and I know it makes all of us or it should make all of us very uncomfortable and very nervous about, like, some sort of underbelly that maybe we are naive to and you know what, I’m just gonna leave it there. Because again, this is not what this podcast is about. And I’m not interested in that. I want to keep things light. That’s why I have this. Yeah, my life.

Amanda 29:36
I agree. But look, I mean, New York Times did change their title of that article, and they changed the first paragraph and a little of the way they handled the article. And that was interesting to me. But I also know the way that things can work and people can influence the way things are put out in the news. And so I don’t know if that was more of a Let’s try to not make the Kardashians look bad kind of situation or if it was more of a who knows like I truly don’t believe that there is like a world order that is hurting like I think there are some bad people out there and I I’m trying to give everybody grace with this but like for Fox eight people like this is something exactly as house inhabit Chad said like we should all be able to get behind like protect your children speak up

B 30:29
what’s left if we if we can agree on this what’s left? I can get really depraved if we can all agree on this

Amanda 30:35
agreed I looked up and like there was a term that I didn’t even know was a thing. I don’t even want to say the word that is like a word for like child abuse that people who are pedophiles use that I just thought was like a description of the way a certain Chinese Baird looks that I did not know that is like a slang

B 31:03
for even know what you’re talking about. Text me?

Amanda 31:06
Well, I’ll just say like, No, I don’t even want to say it’s so fucking awful.

B 31:10
Let’s switch gears because yeah, greed hot and bothered,

Amanda 31:14
please God because I will not get off this topic because I’m so pissed about it. Me too. Okay, so let’s yoga. Let’s talk about Theresa.

B 31:27
So she calls in to a radio station in Boston from her vacation in Paris. And can I tell you the way my phone was frickin booming. The morning this happened. So she’s calling up to talk about an appearance in Boston. Mind you. We learned after the fact that she had a very long list of things that the radio show hosts were not allowed to talk about her wearing Balenciaga was one of them, which to be completely fair. I appreciate that Barlow and Tamra spoke out about Balenciaga, these aren’t a list people guys like there. If there’s some crazy weird thing going on. It’s not Theresa doing it. Okay. She probably packed that stuff to go on a trip, it all went down while she was in Europe. I’m gonna I’m gonna give her a pass on the Balenciaga.

Amanda 32:07
So you think that she had a like, contractual obligation to wear shit?

B 32:13
I don’t think she’s high enough level to have any contractual obligations. And

Amanda 32:16
then why wouldn’t she talk about out about it?

B 32:19
Because she probably didn’t know what to say. And she probably just wanted to avoid it because she wore it after the scandal broke. So it made her look misinformed and like uncaring to kids like she should have known. I think it just goes back to like her being Dopey and in her love bubble like I don’t think that she had I think she wishes she had some sort of contractual obligation to powerhouse like Louis Vuitton, half the stuff she wears, it’s fake. There’s a great account, Real Housewives fashions, or whatever it is. I’ll tag them in my stories once this airs, and he always put side by sides of the real products and Teresa and like some other housewives wearing them. And it shows like The letters are all off and they don’t line up properly, and all that kind of stuff. Okay, so on that list was Balenciaga was talking about her brother. So the radio host we’re not allowed to talk about these things. Yeah, the guy mentions prison. And he’s just like, well, I know. You know, we all know you did some time in prison. And then you wrote a book and she just flips out.

Amanda 33:13
It was shady. Like, did you write anything in your book about food or prison outright? Yeah. But it was kind of funny.

B 33:22
But she went crazy. She had to be Oh, namaste. She hangs up on them. Yeah. And then I think her PR agent got on the phone or James. Yeah, that bootleg attorney that her and frickin Angelina from how from Jersey Shore us. They roasted her after they’ve been giving interviews about how she’s the rudest person. They also reposted. Like, I did a summary of it on the website, because everyone was asking me for the link. So I just put it all like whatever I knew on the website, they reposted my story, this radio show reposted the story. And I can

Amanda 33:52
I mean, the Bravo and cocktails like send us tea hotline was also lit up and we kept getting allergy emails. So like I finally I like looked it up to is like, here’s the link to the actual interview, like started at whatever I’m like, it’s so good. It really was. And then I mean,

B 34:10
I don’t think she was just rude. So what I found out was the host, I think it’s Bill caster. I don’t live in Boston, but I’ve definitely heard the name. He’s definitely like a well known guy. I don’t think she was like, she did hang up on them. But I don’t think she was as rude as No. I mean, and somebody like a lot of people said like she was in prison in 2015. It’s 2022. But you’re going on a radio show. They want to say stuff that people want to tune in for if they just talk about your appearance. You know what I’m saying? You can’t talk about Balenciaga. You can’t talk about the beef with your brother. What’s left to talk about the crown that you were at your wedding again?

Amanda 34:49
I mean, God point but like if you’re a Teresa’s people, like also say like, she’s gonna like Andy Cohen was even like, Well, what did you freak out? What about and somebody was like, Oh, they brought a prison. He’s like, Well, no shit. Like, I personally blame Teresa’s people for not being like, Please don’t bring out prison. Like, let’s not talk about the divorce. Like, let’s talk about the podcast. Let’s talk about the show. Let’s talk about right. They

B 35:15
could have been like, are we gonna reach this season without mentioning her brother? And you know, she mentioned it because, yeah, she may forget

Amanda 35:23
her own list. Yeah. So I mean, I get it, and I listened to it too. But I think if you’re listening to it live, and you, you will be like, holy, oh my gosh, like you don’t usually hear people talk back to the hosts like that. And then what was funny is then the hosts talked about this for like, another two to like, two hours. And then like the next day, again, like, they got a lot of mileage out of it, too. So again, this is the way the media came

B 35:51
from all over and streaming it to don’t live in Boston that are housewives fans, and yeah,

Amanda 35:56
all of us are reposting it. But you know what, you

B 35:59
know what? Theresa does clickbait on nonsense, just like everybody else. Like, I love when people like, oh, and they’re taking advantage of her. She made her wealth off of a show that exploited her own family. She does clickbait like whenever anyone’s like you post so mean about her. Vicki gunvalson as an as an example. Hi, clickbait today, with Lisa Reynolds face saying terrible news she’s finally caught or something like that. I didn’t click it. I don’t need to click it. I know it’s not true. Because I know it wouldn’t be a clickbait article. It would be in people or excuse me, TMZ who’s number one to drop? You know what I’m saying? Like, come on. But so these people do the clickbait for other housewives who are essentially their colleagues and then they want to be salty with a radio show host or a blogger or a podcast or get the hell out of here.

Amanda 36:48
I know. I agreed. I agree biting the hand that fighting the hand up Zoo.

B 36:52
Totally. You do the same shit yourself.

Amanda 36:55
100% I’m sure Vicki has something to say about that. I mean, Teresa, beef, frickin pests. So, see, look, I’m trying to use freq. Okay, so but I also did I tell you, I looked up the like concert hall or wherever where the show was, because I’m like, I wonder if this has helped the publicity or heard it. And I looked it up and there’s a lot of tickets still available. I don’t remember what day they’re doing it. I want to say it was like December 3, but I I might be wrong about that.

B 37:24
A lot of followers told me that this is a very popular morning show. And I know Boston people are like New York people but like even fiercer in the way yeah, they’re fiercely loyal. And they are basically they said that the people who already bought tickets likely won’t show. Whoa.

Amanda 37:40
Yeah. Well, it doesn’t I mean, based on the ticket sales, because I will like be quite honest. I was looking at a giggly squad show that is months away from now on there. There are only like 43 tickets left and this Teresa’s show is like days away. So like it like Keighley, squatters the

B 38:03
whole act and stuff they do. Where’s Teresa’s gonna go? There. We’ve and not let anyone ask her anything the same as on the talk show. So why am I going? Yeah. Why is anyone just to see her? Well, we

Amanda 38:14
got an email that seems like it could be about her. curious to hear what everybody thinks. So it says it’s from a non subject is setting her up. And it says he’s laying the groundwork for her being the bad guy coming out and saying her brother is a good person. I think the radio interview shows she’s clearly unhappy and in distress. This is typical. Nar See, I think it might mean Narcissus. Not narc as in like, right, right, yeah, narcissists behavior. He is prepping for the season to be his season, and laying the groundwork to make her the villain after that. He gets his quote unquote, vindication this season and makes it a point to come off as a hero. It’s all a con.

B 39:13
So if this is who we think it is, it reminds me at the reunion when she was feuding with Marge, and he, Louis made up with Marge at the reunion. And you just see Teresa’s face like shocked. He calls Marge a wonderful person, he hugs her. And like Theresa sat there confused and shocked, like obviously he totally derailed from whatever they had discussed. And most recently, he was on her podcast followers told me this and he, Louis praised her brother, who she’s currently not speaking with, okay, who didn’t attend their wedding. And the reason they didn’t attend we don’t know specifics, but it’s because Melissa and Joe had it out with Louis Right? But he goes on there Are and he praises him and says, I know when I met Joe we bonded and even though like we went through things in my heart, he’s a really good person. So he didn’t attend your wedding. Teresa is very unhappy with him. Yeah, why are you saying these positive things about her brother? Why are you making Joe Gorga look like a good guy and yourself look like this wonderful, forgiving person. Is he going to paint her as some irrational woman down the road? Like his exes? claim he did to them and this is all if you follow Instagram me even on this on the on the website season. But last season he was saying, Oh, my exes are crazy. And yeah, you know, he painted them to be these crazy people. But I gotta say, We got to see how this plays out because in a general way something is off about him from being so successful to at the reunion saying he was fired from the company he owns, then publicly finding out that there are SEC lawsuits. Recently, Theresa Jen and the new housewife Danielle were with Louis at a Thanksgiving like kind of like a soup kitchen type of thing with domestic violence victims. There’s also documentation that has been shared all over the internet. I do not share it about domestic violence charges against him from his ex fiance or wife, or both. His ex fiance actually commented on Jen’s picture, and she wrote, Are you effing kidding me? I mean, the whole thing is not adding up with him. It’s like there are police reports and domestic violence reports. And I do acknowledge that he says on the podcast, I’ve done a lot of work on myself. So that’s one thing but Teresa is not a forgiving person. She’s not willing to look past Joe Gorga and Melissa the fight so why is he saying that on the podcast? Clearly she doesn’t agree with that the same way she didn’t agree with him saying Marge was wonderful and forgiving her.

Amanda 41:51
Did you hear what the word of the year is? It’s like Webster’s Dictionary it was so it’s like a word of the year. Did you hear what it was lighting? Gas lighting? Yes. Like this could be the ultimate gas lighting setup. Right? And he’ll be like, Well, no, I always said he was like a good guy. And she’s the crazy one. Right? Like, right. I don’t know. I just It does to me sound a lot like the way that he totally to steal Teresa’s word turn the tables on her during the reunion when he was like, oh, yeah, Mark, like, like, goes on March 7, you could tell it’s really pissed. Teresa up like this seems to me like a pattern. And it just makes me sad for Teresa that she didn’t see it coming like

B 42:38
and to be clear, because everyone always says like that my account doesn’t like to reset. I do not dislike Theresa. I’m rewatching season six which by the way, is very underrated. Everyone hated the twins and Amber. It was a great season. I think. I always like Theresa, I don’t like what I’m hearing and the situation she’s in like, I don’t like that. And I’m sorry to say a happy newlywed doesn’t typically flip out on a radio phone call, like something is going on. They’re married. Now. The gaslighting was successful. It’s all happening now. If if the speculation in the rumors and what the exes claim is true. She’s in that phase of Listen, thanks be to God. I have never dealt with a narcissist in a romantic relationship. But I see it all over the internet. We all do. It’s a very hot topic and it’s insane. Apparently it’s malignant and forget the other one. There’s a malignant narcissist and a follower told me a malignant narcissist is worse because they go for financial ruin. Oh,

Amanda 43:43
I don’t know. I have no

B 43:45
other time. cocktails are all gonna flood me and be like, be you don’t know that. It’s a blank narcissist.

Amanda 43:50
Okay, well, let’s you guys tell us and we’ll repost it because

B 43:55
so I don’t know that it’s not a hit at Theresa. I’m just yeah, I’m sad for the situation. And I hope it’s all wrong. And it’s just editing and it’s the way that the exes have put it out into the media and that none of this is true, and that they live happily ever after. That is my hope. I’m just want to say saying it’s not looking good.

Amanda 44:15
I 100% agree. But I also like just a little tip for Theresa. I mean, next time that you’re in Paris, and you’re calling into Boston for a call and you don’t like what said you’d be like what’s up I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I think I have a bad connection. Click

B 44:34
right and conversations such anger there you know. Yeah,

Amanda 44:39
like she clearly had something else going on and like could not pull the NAMA say together. And yeah, like just just end it. Like I was so sorry. I lost my connection. Oops.

B 44:54
I agree with that.

Amanda 44:55
Yeah. Um, okay, so I also wanted to share with you guys kind of changing subjects because we talked a lot a few weeks ago about what’s going on with Naomie Olindo. And Ginny, Virginia Cox. So if you guys remember, Ginni filed a suit against Naomi saying, Hey, we started this business together as partners, and she essentially locked me out, look it up, go back to the stuff that we talked about, I won’t go into too much detail about it. But I wanted to share an update for everybody. And this is not something I don’t know be if you’ve seen anywhere else reported, but so I looked it up last night. And according to the court records, they are going to ADR in April, and ADR stands for alternative dispute resolution. So alternative dispute resolution means anything, but essentially like going to trial. So that could be not anything, but there’s a few different things that ADR could mean. But it could mean generally it’s arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and usually if they’re gonna say, in a court record, ADR, it’s going to mean arbitration or mediation. So I am very willing to bet that it is mediation, which what I think is interesting is that it has a date on it, which is April of next year. So what I think is strange and little interesting is that they’re not trying to get it done sooner. So I’m wondering if that’s because southern charm will be Filming Filming until April and so name is that nope, I’m not going to film until then.

B 46:51
I heard southern charm is starting to film in January. So they would still be filming because they film for four or five months. So yeah, that makes sense. Basically, they’re going to settle, which means she recognizes that she’s going to have to do a pay off here. And it’s not worth her time to try to fight it because there’s enough evidence that she’s going to have to give her a settlement. So it’s better to try to get the plaintiff to agree on a number then go to trial and have everyone look at evidence and be like, Oh, shit, she deserves half of whatever you have, you know, settle or,

Amanda 47:29
or they both are like, Oh, my God, this is getting real expensive. We’re paying

B 47:34
lawyers are no or love a personal injury attorney, you will know that settle out is always the goal. settle out. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Because, you know, the plaintiff can lose it all. Because the jury can be like, this girl worked for you. You gave her a flattering title. She’s not entitled to anything, right? There’s got to be you always run that risk. So you always want to just settle and on the other hand, Naomi wants to settle because the jury could say, oh, my god, she totally blindsided her best friend and give her half the company. Yeah.

Amanda 48:07
So this is one of those things guys, like this might be the last update we have. Because if they do settle and they don’t go to trial, we all will hear maybe is that they did settle out of court. And that’s it. So

B 48:23
it’ll be written in that Ginni can’t disclose what she was. Yeah.

Amanda 48:27
Yeah. Which is, I mean, that makes sense. So, anyway, I wanted to

B 48:32
share the topic of these folks. I would like to insert here, a winter house clip because we’re recording on Thursday, so we actually haven’t watched it yet. But Carl is at winter house with Lindsey and he’s basically talking to his best friend Kyle about how he’s so excited. So in love and flipped to Kyle in a confessional being like, Oh, this is bad for Carl because Lindsey is not drinking now. But that’s because Carl told her they couldn’t be together if she didn’t stop drinking. And when she goes back to drinking, they’re going to break up like I have to say I understand you’re on reality TV and I have been very pro Kyle recently but do I mean your friends are happy? How about being happy for them and not worrying about like your wife doesn’t get mad when you drink too much? Like pump the brakes with analyzing their five month relationship?

Amanda 49:25
I mean, is Kyle just running out of shit to talk about like maybe let’s let me blow. I totally agree. But once again, again this is why I’m I am not a Bravo producer because I feel I have been worried about this couple of House saying and I’m losing a little interest in winter house. I worry about summer house being the same. I truly hope that’s not going to be the case. But I don’t really want to see a summer about Lindsay and Carl and issues. You’re in gear she not like I don’t I want to see fun, like outfits and people partying and people hooking up. And I don’t want to see a lot of couples drama. But that’s just

B 50:14
the sad truth is, is that on an ensemble cast like summer house or southern charm, or any of these shows, you’re only going to get one or two possible breakout stars that can continue this. Eventually it’s going to be new people or cut the show altogether. Like you know what I’m saying? Yeah, and I guess what we are seeing people cling to cling to their check. Yeah. Quick note on Bethany. Okay, because with Bethany’s podcast, this is a shout out to all of my fellow content creators. So many good pods. Yes. And when this airs I actually I’m going to do a story and I’m going to tag all that so many people that I know other travel accounts do awesome rewatch podcasts where they either watch a current show and they just go over it like you know me and Amanda talk about it, but we don’t like exactly rewatch, right. We speculate we spill tea, we, whatever. This has been a thing for years. We have all been listening to Bravo content creators do this fantastically. My Edie for years. Yeah. Bethany was just I don’t even know what morning show she was on. Who cares? It’s like she invented the wheel. It would be if Bethany opened a pizzeria. It would be like as if she created the Sicilian pie. Like I like Bethany. I think she’s very engaging. I know her podcast is doing well because somebody who works for I how I heart reached out to me when I posted some stuff to say her numbers are great. I don’t doubt it. She’s engaging. You can do all that without acting like you’re the person who created

Amanda 51:50
this. Yes. And Bethany has never heard of office ladies and she’s never heard of back to the beach, or kind of trying to think of all the other ones that are not even Bravo related, that are all about going back and rewatching

B 52:06
and as a matter of fact, I’m looking for it because I screenshotted it a follower messaged me and they were like, you’re so spot on because I posted this on my stories. And they messaged her when she apparently on Real Housewives of New York. At one point she said that she had created the ready made cocktail. And they messaged her and they said, you absolutely did not create this. The girl is married to a family member that created it. And of course I can’t find the message. I apologize guys. It’s we’ll post it later. We’ll post it later. Long story short, Bethany blocked them. Like, come on. I mean, you can be good at something. I didn’t invent spilling tea, right? Oh, Auntie DuBois. So many. I mean, you are my title like Radar Online. There’s a million people Wendy Williams my number one inspiration TMZ they’re on the early

Amanda 53:00
2000s the awful truth by Ted Casablanca Hassan II online like Rao was like what I would read during my lunch break when I was like a very young 20 person like that was the ultimate tea back in the day so just

B 53:16
create this by any sense of the imagination. I’m doing my version of it my spin on it I hope people tune in I hope people like it I didn’t create the fucking wheel. I know Amanda tries to not curse cursing is part of my it’s just part of my vibe.

Amanda 53:32
I try not to curse on the pod as much I have explicit and minutes like God are people even think we’re born and we’re not

B 53:41
and I always say to like my kids I’m like, do not use bad language because it makes you sound like you don’t have a good vocabulary and here I am throwing out F bomb i I say all that to say it’s I find the Bethany thing particularly annoying. I really do because you’re going to be successful you had a full frickin Ed you’re making a million dollars off that pod before your your spin ever hit your mic. Okay. Yeah, don’t don’t act like you invented it though. That’s That’s what bothers me well and

Amanda 54:17
like exactly like I wish her all the best and I do like her. She’s super funny. It’s like, just don’t shit on everybody else. Like there is room for all of us. Like let’s all lift each other up right in Amen. And that’s what we’ll do this week like we’ll post all the other people who all have other stuff that is like in your soul always so great about that on your on the Instagram account. So

B 54:45
listen, when you start an account and all of my fellow content creators Now you repeat you repost each other’s stuff. That’s how you get followers, you know, and it’s always a stroke of luck. You know, it’s always having a cool name problem. Cocktails is a cool name. I always say that it’s a little bit being funny. It’s a little bit trying to find an innovative thing. But at the end of the day, a lot of it is a stroke of luck. And to act like you created something is it’s just not true. Right? It’s just a stupid narrative. And I think what pisses me off is when she was sending, you’re sending cease and desist to tick talkers, but you’re also trying to infringe upon content creators and do what they do. Right? Like your show wealthy. Leave this to us. Let us earn some frickin money. Let us let it count, talk about or do it, but don’t act like you created it.

Amanda 55:36
Exactly. Exactly. And like, I

B 55:39
sound like Austin now about Southern hospitality. I hope not listen, I don’t do a rewatch pod. I listened to them. No, I think they’re very cool. But I don’t know on Oh, we talked about how many lies and also we’re gonna get to White Lotus. Oh,

Amanda 55:53
okay, good. Well, we do have a quick update for everybody on so a lot of people are invested in this South Carolina socialite and the politician story. So again, insomnia this week. So I was like, I want to see what’s going on with that. We haven’t talked about it in a while. So I have to shout out to Fitz news.com. Fit s news.com. Not like saying like, this is like my favorite news source. But they have been covering this story. So I just wanted to credit them. You’ve done a lot of detail on it. So quick recap for everybody. A woman named Paula dire. As at the middle of the story. She lives in South Carolina, she’s close friends with multiple cast members of southern charm. She was married to a man named Ron rallis had an affair with a congressman named William Timmons, who is from this old established South Carolina family according to this news source. So according to Ron RELLIS, who is the husband of Paula Dyer, who allegedly cheated on him, he also Ron Wallace also had some pretty outrageous behavior, I think on like, both online and then in real life, he painted this church pink, to raise awareness, we have to post a picture of that, that they called the trap church, but also had some like, pretty outrageous Instagram posts. I think his original Instagram got like, totally shut down. So I’m only saying this to just say like, Guys, we’re not taking any sides in this, like, take each side of the story with a bit of a grain of salt. But this new source is what I’ve been reading about. Ron Wallace has that Paula his now ex and William her affair partner used William’s power as a congressman and just generally established family in South Carolina to jail Ron for falsely abusing her, which he says that he is innocent. I have no idea whether he is or not. But the thing that he goes on and on about is that his daughter was wrongly taken from him. And that’s why he’s been trying like he’s been so loud about were raising awareness about the corruption surrounding this case, which makes me a little more believable in my eyes, because he’s, it’s, he’s making it about his daughter and like wanting to be with her, but again, no, like big judgments. The last update we had was that there was some interesting information about property changing hands between William Timmons and his wife, Sarah, where William sold Sarah some significant like acres and acres and acres of property for a few dollars. So there was speculation at the time. This is back in like September, October, that they were splitting up and that this was part of them handling the divorce, but they just weren’t saying that. Well, we just heard that Sarah Timmons. William Timmons, soon to be ex wife has filed for legal separation. This is the crazy thing in South Carolina, you have to be legally separated for a year before you can get divorced.

B 59:22
So I think it’s the same way in Virginia as a friend of mine.

Amanda 59:27
Interesting, I think, sorry, I also read like, if they find fault in the divorce, then you can have a faster so if like they can prove it, somebody cheated, then you can get a faster divorce. But if if nobody like nobody proves that you have to just be legally separated for a year. This article also said that William Timmons wrote a $16,000 check to Sterling Paula’s daughter the like she’s like a toddler, and that that’s the limit you can legally give to a person without it being attacked. horrible situation. So because of the drama around this affair, which has been going on since last summer William Timmons, the congressman has lost a lot of staff. He lost his chief of staff, his senior policy adviser and his scheduler. Wow. And basically

B 1:00:16
the three main people you need Yeah,

Amanda 1:00:19
so the crazy thing is also says that he is under preliminary inquiry so not official investigation but a preliminary inquiry and to allegations that he may have misused taxpayer funds in pursuing his extramarital affair with Paula dire

B 1:00:40
Oh, snap, so we’re gonna need to follow up on that. Miss deepdyve

Amanda 1:00:45
Oh, constantly. I mean, this I don’t know why I’m so invested in this story, but I am very invested. So I will like cookie. Yes. So basically

B 1:00:55
children who grew up with their mothers watching soap operas, and now we’re drawn to that.

Amanda 1:01:02
I mean, it’s corruption or sex I mean, all the things that are interesting to me

B 1:01:08
speaking of sex and corruption spoiler alerts if you’re if you are not up to date on the second season of white lotus turn your whatever the hell you’re listening to this on off yes. Let’s get into this. Okay, because I had to I did a post and this was from a follower like one of my girls our cocktail is just sent us something and I was like, holy and I asked her I was like, Can I post this like, I just want to make this a post that I want people to sound off and Amanda what is happening in this show?

Amanda 1:01:37
What you need to tell me is I don’t even I haven’t seen the post. I’ve been at this like boozy Benko things today, so I don’t even know what it’s about. I have

B 1:01:45
a couple days ago, okay. Oh, okay. Central. Okay. I discussed it with you. You said that the villa that the gays brought Tania to and yes, shop. Yes. Was the same Villa that Harper and

Amanda 1:02:01
oh, yes, that theory. Okay. So yes, but no, if you remember he said it’s

B 1:02:05
not because they said that this villa is in Palermo, and that one was in Nito, nito nito. Oh,

Amanda 1:02:13
hey, looks like the same Villa to me like had the same like Pilates like I forgot what it’s called. Like when you seal the stone. I don’t know. I

B 1:02:24
so here’s what we got. We got it says some white lotus theories. Quinton talks about being in love once with a cowboy from Wyoming. The cowboy is Tanya’s husband gray are they scamming her together? He says about the cowboy. I do anything for him still would next Daphne’s kid Daphne, that’s the girl’s name is not Cameron’s. When she showed Harper her phone after talking about her blue eye trainer and a picture of her kids. Let’s discuss

Amanda 1:02:50
Yes, 100%. She was like my trainer is blue eyed blond haired look at my trainer. And then Harper is like that’s your kids. And she’s like, Oh, oops. Like, clearly she was trying to say,

B 1:03:02
I totally did not get that. Yes. Okay. I read that. Can I say how I read that? Yes, I read that as her saying, This is why I put up with all his shit. And I have my fun on the side because of these two kids. That’s what I took from that on that. Now I’m convinced it’s the trainer’s kid, because of the description of the big blue eyes and the kid but that when I was watching it, that’s not what I got from that. Okay. We stay together for the kids, and we allow each other to have fun and it works for us.

Amanda 1:03:31
I’m gonna throw you because you and I have not talked about this one. I was talking today to a friend about this. And she’s like, Oh, no, she’s like, I think Ethan and Cameron. were lovers in college.

B 1:03:47
Somebody else said that in the comments.

Amanda 1:03:49
I know, Mike. Oh my god. That could be very interesting because like, he doesn’t want to have sex with his wife. Ethan doesn’t want to have sex with Harper. Like he’s just she’s like, he’s always just more interested in corn. Daphne was always

B 1:04:04
his porn is very clearly big breasted women. So

Amanda 1:04:09
in that case, but we didn’t see it, and we just heard a little bit of it before he was interrupted.

B 1:04:15
We saw a little bit of it. We saw the big booty hoes. Oh, did we? We did

Amanda 1:04:19
oh, maybe I missed that part. Chet, why did I miss and I also apparently miss it. Cameron has a giant dingdong and I miss that. Apparently. I’m like, I need a real why.

B 1:04:29
Oh, that’s the first No, maybe that’s the second episode where he’s like changing

Amanda 1:04:32
in the room is like how did I miss like, Why did I miss that? I need to go back and look clearly there’s a couple of things I need to go back and review but shine.

B 1:04:42
Somebody commented and said why would Tanya’s House been used for money if his husband’s as loaded as Quinton and I roll back under my username Prosecco. Princess Quinton isn’t loaded the villa. So I said your theory the villa is the same one Daphne and Harper rented which I don’t know that that’s true anymore because it’s two separate places. But who knows? Is NATO in Palermo could be like, you know, like saying like SoHo in Manhattan, right? Quentin is broke remember when his nephew ran out on the rice bowl bill with Portia. Yeah, right also, and I again I’m very you know for like a tough New York City Girl. I’m so naive. I was frickin shocked when the nephew was banging Quinton.

Amanda 1:05:20
I knew. I knew they’re like the second know that they are for sure scamming her. They’ve seen her they’re scamming her. And like the nephew is not just a nephew, like the nephews in on this con. And I was not 100% not shocked.

B 1:05:39
So I guess I find it weird because Quinton. So okay with the nephew having sex with Porsche on the boat and like, I just didn’t get the vibe,

Amanda 1:05:47
because it’s all part of the deal. Right. And quietens. Like, let’s start at the beginning. I am so interested in you and I, I have this fabulous life, but I really want to know everything about you. I’m like, Huh, that’s interesting to me.

B 1:06:01
Well, so somebody said that they had a feeling Quinton was broke the minute his nephew said they kept hanging out with old rich ladies. And when she said it was nice to know someone else had money so they don’t try to take hers. I agree that was very telling about the scheme. Listen, I wasn’t too naive to the scheme. It could be Greg it’s almost like Greg left and then remember that night when Greg had left he she was sitting at dinner and those gay guys were looking over and smiling at her. Oh, I don’t know when when she goes back a queen of Sicily. I just about went to bed. I mean

Amanda 1:06:34
that’s what makes her so endearing. Right. Like he takes like, I have seen, I think two operas in my life. And Madame Butterfly is one of them. And it is stunning, right? And so like to see that in Palermo, like amazing. And see that from a box and like he’s really clearly set it all up, even if I’m wrong. And that’s not the same Villa then clearly Daphne by kidnapping and Harper for the day and saying like we’re staying here you can rent this villa for the night is establishing that this is a thing that can be done. Right?

B 1:07:10
Yeah, absolutely. Also going a little bit off topic. Somebody thinks the pimp that loot. Lucia Lucia Alby sir on the street is a plant so that Lucci can ultimately squeeze a lot of money from Alvie like 100% of AMI, she knows that he has access to his father’s bank account, and that that’s actually her boyfriend and it’s all a setup. Yeah, someone wrote cameras the worst, but I’m still down to DTF. Which down to you know,

Amanda 1:07:36
all right, we’re recording this on Friday, the next episode comes out and suddenly there will still be one more Who do you predict who will be the person who shows up dead on the beach,

B 1:07:46
so the leg looks like a man’s leg. I don’t believe that the guy who grabs Daphne when she runs out is her husband, although they want us to think that. I think it’s quite possible. It’s Cameron or Ethan. It was a tan like It looks like a man’s line. But I mean,

Amanda 1:08:03
so I need I feel like again, I need to go back because I don’t remember the leg. But here’s an interesting theory. What if, like, the thing with white lotus is it’s always and sorry guys against spoilers if you haven’t watched the first season, but what if it’s always the person who runs the hotel? Because I feel like the girl who’s writing the hotel like she is running into her own character arc and like something’s gonna happen with her

B 1:08:32
to know but she’s there when they’re pulling the bodies from the ocean.

Amanda 1:08:36
Oh, she is Oh shit. Yeah, nevermind. Okay, so,

B 1:08:39
this and this is an interesting perspective. I think Daphne snapps Did anyone else pick up on cam saying Ethan and him were in different dating pools in college? That had me thinking one of them might be hiding something maybe being gay. But then again, Ethan and his porn because I’m telling you it was like big breasted woman, and cam with Bucha. Also, I go back to the statue from episode one about cheating and cutting off the head. Suicide seems to be a big theme this season. Little comments from Tanya and Harper staring off the cliff after finding the condom wrapper, Madame Butterfly, all these theories combined. This could end show many ways obsessed. This is from tea tea.

Amanda 1:09:22
It’s so good. It’s so good. And like the ocean just looks frightening. Every and then in between every scene. It’s like threatening OSHA and it’s it’s so good. I can’t wait to like okay, well, we’re really want to

B 1:09:36
go to Yes. So I have to tell you something. I have been to tower Mina. I was a study abroad student in Florence. As were you i My best friend came to visit me. All my roommates went I forget where they went. But it was somewhere like not desirable. And my girlfriend’s dad is Sicilian. Sicilian American. She’s like, does your train pass to Sicily? I was like, yes, she’s like, let’s go. Tara Romina it was the most incredible and listen, I mean, I was studying in Florence, we were traveling all over. It was incredible. The train literally went on to the boat. It was I can’t even explain why it was otherworldly. Yes. So I don’t even know how it happened. To be honest. We had drank like a gallon of Kiante it was an overnight thing. We didn’t sleep. Maybe I was delirious. Anyway, when I got married my husband and I honeymooned in Italy. And we did you know, Venice, Florence, Rome. And then he was like, Let’s do Amalfi I made us pay a significant amount of extra money to fly to Tamina. Because that’s how important it was for me to go back. And my husband when he got there was like, totally get it. Like, oh, so. And when this came out, my first thought was, Are you freaking kidding me? They’re like pricing us out of Tamina. Because it was always obviously a popular place. But it’s going to be so much more like you definitely can’t go this summer or next.

Amanda 1:10:52
No, for sure. Not. I know. I that I exactly. had that same thought. Because I’ve had so many amazing Italian moments. And I’m like, God, that’s like one of the places I haven’t been that I’ve wanted to go. And I’m like, love white Louis, but I hate you too.

B 1:11:08
If you are a young person and you are listening to this, and you’re like, not tethered to anything, stop buying your dunkin donuts or your Starbucks in the morning, save your money and travel. Yes, travel, get yourself on a plane. I went to study abroad all by myself. All my friends went to Russia. I was the only one from my, from my school from my college. And I was like, I want to study in Italy. I want to live in Italy for six months. I and my mom was Italian. I mean, she was Brooklyn Italian. Let’s be clear. She was not an off the boat. But I wanted to live there. I did. Do it. Whatever sacrifice you have to make in the short term you like Amanda? Yeah, it was man. Encourage your kids to do it too, guys. Yeah. Oh, my kids. My brother studied in London. In the parliament. He’s an attorney today so so cool. Yeah. And like I’m not saying this from like, a wealthy person’s perspective. Like you know what I mean? Like there were sacrifices made to do these things. So this is not like for the

Amanda 1:12:08
elite. No, but like there’s things that come with your like tuition, one of which is a trail Pat like the train pass like yeah, we should talk about this like a whole

B 1:12:18
bike vouchers we got for meals. Do you think they still do that? We had vouchers where we could go to cafes, every meal try to RE is Oh,

Amanda 1:12:28
you did? I did not have this? What was this? Okay,

B 1:12:32
shall we had vouchers? Okay, I’m going to tell a quick story. I feel like maybe I’m boring the cocktail or sign off if you’re bored. cocktail party. We have some great extra tea coming up. Okay, very quickly. So we did a three week immersion program in Siena, Italy, which was incredible to very little town. If you’re going to Italy, please go. And then we went to Florence. So I had done this immersion course Amanda. So basically, I was fluent in Italian. I walk in for breakfast before my first class and I order Cheerios because I don’t know, I guess I was sick of croissants. Or I was watching my waistline, and a cappuccino. I get a cereal bowl of cappuccino with Cheerios in it. I’m like, Alright, this is what they do in Florence. Right? So I stand at the counter with all the other people who are Italian that are foreign, and I’m eating my cheerios in my cappuccino. And they’re all like looking at me and whispering and I’m just slowly realizing very slowly because I’m a little slow to the jump sometimes. And I look over at the girl standing next to me and I’m like, I ordered this wrong. She’s like you asked for cereal in your cappuccino. And then I remembered that the young man that was helping me behind the counter serving me was like like, Are you sure but like I didn’t I don’t you know I don’t speak Italian so I was like Yeah, yeah, yeah. And she’s like yeah, you can just you know if you can go back and switch and I’m like no, no, that’s okay. So I continue to eat it because now at this point like I’m all in okay in this is what I ordered.

Amanda 1:14:00
Like at that point like I couldn’t I like like just jump into this like it was so important when you’re sitting around to try to fit in and like look like you are like part of the to look like you live there right or at least fit in what the funny thing was for me I didn’t

B 1:14:18
open my mouth I look very Italian so if I don’t open my mouth nobody would have been any the wiser. But you know what a dead giveaway is eating chewing North

Amanda 1:14:27
Face jacket. Oh the college kids like northeast jackets and like all committed

B 1:14:35
not me I diesel I committed to living in France. Okay. Cheerios in a cup of cappuccino. Oh, that was a dead giveaway. No baby. No sneakers and no North Face jacket however sure

Amanda 1:14:50
did not wear a beat but like the no I didn’t know like I didn’t know that you have to wear like your fancy jacket. Like I learned and like Bata fans The jacket when I was there, but anyway, that’s to

B 1:15:03
still pay my bills from my semester in Florida.

Amanda 1:15:07
That’s so cute. It’s so worth it. I love it.

B 1:15:09
Travel cocktail. There’s

Amanda 1:15:10
Do it. Do it. Encourage your kids to i Yeah. And always talk to my kids about how amazing it is that I did did that and you’re

B 1:15:20
doing good. They’re going away to college and you’re studying abroad, for sure. When I mean, like, I’m not going to, I’m not going to force them. But I’m going to encourage

Amanda 1:15:27
Alright, so cocktail hours we want to hear and of course, you’re going to be hearing this after the next episode. So things will change a little bit. But like, let’s hear your theories about what’s going to happen in the finale. Because B and I are very invested in the show.

B 1:15:44
Sidenote, Tell me lies just coming out with a second season. No, I don’t know when but

Amanda 1:15:50
I know that was my first question. I’m like, do you know when when when you when this is happening, I could look into it. I know, we need to know because it’s gonna be good. So good. Well, thank you cocktails. And by the way, I just wanted to say, and B and I both wanted to say thank you guys, for those of you who have joined the membership, emailing with some of you, like, you’re all so fun. And we’re so excited, this community is just building into this just really fun place that we all want to be all the time. So like, it’s so fun. So thank you guys, for those of you who are joining and those of you who are thinking about joining or thinking about giving it as a gift. We look forward to having you part of the community as well.

B 1:16:33
I mean, I have to tell you, we had quite the launch. And I was like surprised and so humbled that you guys, you signed up for us and with us, and we just we’re gonna keep pumping it out. We love our community and you guys are the best. And listen, you can always join you never have to feel left out. That’s the good news.

Amanda 1:16:54
very inclusive. Well, we’d love you guys Till next time, till next time

Amanda 1:17:07
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:17:48
Bye guys. See you next time.