Winter house knockoff…

Dec 26, 2022

From: Bravo Detective

Subject: Winter House knockoff

Spill It to
Went through this lookalike cast members profile and she deleted any comment mentioning winter house and restricted all her comments. Looks like she has major regrets and wants to pretend like it never happened. What a waste of a spot in the house.

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  1. MirE


  2. Girl Do Better

    Oh Jessica….. should of kept that mouth cute and mute while enjoying your first season. Tried to be funny with one liners against LH while obsessing over a man and just a mess all around. I’d be thoroughly embarrassed too….

  3. HubbHouse

    Obviously about Jessica but not true about her deleting comments. I just looked and her very first pic has several comments about WH

  4. Luz

    Old buck tooth duffus obviously. She should be embarrassed by her actions and thinking she’s better than Lyndsey. It was as if they brought Nell into the house. And I know that’s an insult to Nell.

  5. She’ll learn

    I feel bad for Jessica. We’ve all been there in our early 20s; just didn’t have to do it on TV.

  6. Jessica

    She was good tv, she needs to come back for a redemption season

  7. Lindsay

    We’ve all been young and dumb af. Sitting in judgment of a beautiful girl who lived a bizarre experience on tv and thinking we would’ve done it better, is hilarious. Comments about her looks only show how vapid some fans of the show are. Give her props for doing the damn thing.

  8. Dolly Plang

    Jessica! The only reason people keep referring to her looks is because that’s what she spent all season doing. Crying about not being complimented on enough and then proceeding to tell another woman that she will never be like her with the ass and tits. Have several seats maam.

  9. Muppet mouth

    Atleast Jessica was entertaining to watch. The other new girl gave nothing.


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