Update on the Kim Zolciak Biermann house auction; Exclusive tea on what really happened at Lenny Hochstein’s Halloween party, and why Lisa was there, but his new girlfriend wasn’t; RHOSLC – info on the company that fired Whitney’s husband Justin; What we’re hearing about the NYC reboot, The WWHL drama with Amanda, Lindsey and Kyle from Summer House and Winter House; Bethenny has a new podcast. 

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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 26

Amanda 0:00
There are some side effects. So guys, like just stay skeptical when you see this stuff and like this new ideal is this very, very thin know that there’s people who are making a very conscious choice to do that and like just stay grounded and pay attention.

B 0:15
What my mom always told me Amanda was if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

B 0:27
welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tee from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda 0:46
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 0:53
What’s up COC Taylor’s.

Amanda 0:55
Hey COC Taylor’s so gosh be what a difference a week makes.

B 1:01
Oh, man. Yes, I’m so happy to be back up in my natural habitat. browbone cocktails underscore is back. Please remember to follow cocktails and gossip. That is the backup account. It’s our podcast account, but it’s also our backup account and listen 1000s I don’t even know how many of Instagram users had a bad experience this week when they were disabled for no reason. Instagram was swift to correct that when they actually received a specific email. You know, Amanda, you’ve you’ve said to me maybe I was the first one to have that glitch. I don’t think so. Because I didn’t get an email. I was disabled. I was not disabled. I was locked out. I’m just gonna leave it there. I like to forget about it move, move forward.

Amanda 1:45
It’s it’s back. And everyone. We’re so excited. Because there what I can

B 1:51
say is all the

Amanda 1:52
tea that I have. Exactly, exactly. Well speaking of So, this also we talked about this last week, but this Kim Zolciak Biermann foreclosure has been all the talk into this week as well.

B 2:08
I mean, it’s a wild situation. We know that on November 1, which was this past Tuesday, there were public documents saying that it was gonna go to for foreclosure. And the cocktail hours, they had theories, they had, you know, I had real estate attorneys, I had mortgage people I had, you know, old people in the biz who know about this stuff much better than I do. weighing in. So I tried to like, I tried to, like, you know, comb through it. And what seems like, makes the most sense to me, I’m going to share because if I shared every theory, we’d be here all day. You know, we got an email that a certain country singer was going to be buying it and then the family would rent from them. I don’t know if that’s true, but this situation is from a real estate lawyer. Okay. They say the 300,000 was a junior lien, also known as a home equity loan. The home didn’t go to the official auction. You know, when we say official auction, we’re picturing like the guy going once going twice, like the fast talking guy, right? Instead, the primary lien, which is their first mortgage was given dibs, so to protect their lien and hand in the game, they worked with the secondary bank to purchase the home. So this person says, unless they have some sort of gold hand, and the bank feels that they are a good investment, the bank will take the home to protect themselves and their first lien. So foreclosure auctions are like auctions. You think of fast people talking people raising their hands, right? Right. Like Sotheby’s right where you hold that paddle up, and they bid with homes that get foreclosed on, when it’s a second mortgage, the primary mortgage gets dibs on the house in order to protect them. The first mortgage company would be notified of the foreclosure process and work with the second bank to protect their first mortgage. So technically, it doesn’t go to an auctioneer to auction. They just agree behind closed doors. Isaiah Georgia,

Amanda 4:16
yes. Okay. So just quick, because I think I think now finally, like because I saw this email, and I was I did not understand it. But what it’s essentially saying is, like, let’s say, Chase Bank has a million dollar or $2 million, you know, mortgage for this house, and then there was this $300,000 loan that was going into foreclosure. And so they essentially bought it for 257,000. Knowing that now they own the house. So if, when the house sells, they will essentially be able to pay off all of the debt essentially, and protect their mortgage. By right, because if do you mean the family will be able to No, no, no, the bank, the bank will bangle too, right? Yeah. So Chase is essentially, it who we don’t know who it is, I just made that up. But whatever the bank is, is essentially they know that their mortgage must be a lot more than $300,000. And so they know that that way, like they own, the bank owns all the debt, essentially. So they’ll get all of the profit when the house sells.

B 5:29
And then like other people said things like you get a certain amount of time. The next question is, I’m sorry, I have so many notes on this, you guys, you guys.

Amanda 5:37
It’s been like A Beautiful Mind behind the scenes. Like, I don’t think I even understand this.

B 5:44
So my question to this attorney, Amanda was like, Can they buy it back? And what she said was, you get 30 days, like if she said that the bank now owns the property so that 257 was bought by the bank. And that’s why that number is so low. And that’s why it makes sense, right? So they said that if it’s a situation where they have $2 million in the bank and three credit cards that have never missed a payment, and the first mortgage had never been late, right? So if it was just some random thing with the with the home equity loan, as an example, let’s say they forgot they, so people refinance, right? Because the rates are lower. So let’s say you’re in a situation where you refinance, and you kind of almost just forgot about it, but in every other way, you pay your first mortgage, you’re in good standing, you have good credit, there could be a situation where something could be worked out. Okay. So it’s not that it’s an impossibility. Yeah, they could choose to work with them even roll that money into the first or refinance. But if the bank says, which is what would likely happen, this, this is a real estate attorney says, you have to pay this whole thing, or we’re going to take the house, that would be probably the deal. So you would owe 300,000 plus any fees and tax that occurred during that time. So if this is the case, yes, they could pay and get the home back. If it was a situation where you’re a wealthy person who forgot that you refinanced if you were able to have money in hand and whatever, yes, you could absolutely do that. If not, in 30 days, they would need to be out. The person said, sometimes with children, you’re granted a longer stay. But in this scenario, it isn’t as if another actual person purchased, right, because it’s the bank. So they don’t need to immediately be out because what some people were saying is when homes are foreclosed on, they need to be immediately out. But this is obviously right. According to this theory. And guys, this is all rumors. These are all theories. Yeah. What we do know is that on the county’s public record, it would be like posting an obituary for somebody who was alive.

Amanda 7:47
Right. Right. Exactly.

B 7:49
Like, yes. So. So I will, it’s worth noting that a couple of media outlets reached out to me, because nothing’s filed in the Court. And this real estate attorney says because they looked into this right, that Georgia has a 10 day repeal process. This is a new COVID rule in the COVID era. Then the deed is issued. So this person know someone who works for that department in Georgia. And she said it definitely sold. This woman asked her for proof. And she said that it may be the COVID rule. So you know, 10 days, so this is 10 days from Tuesday, so I don’t I don’t know if we’ll be recording before after that. But I say all this to say, and then you have an interesting situation where this person is former housewife does alive. Did you catch that live? Amanda?

Amanda 8:39
I did not.

B 8:42
I did. I had just dropped my daughter at soccer practice. And I was sitting in the car. And I see that she went live. So this is my thing. It was a chaotic life. There were boxes everywhere. She said she was donating stuff she was going on about it’s all rumors. And I could sell my cars, which PS the cars are most likely Elise. So if you were to sell a lease, you might make a couple $1,000 or something you’re not making money to see. It’s not like you’re selling $100,000 car, you know what I mean? Right.

Amanda 9:10
So it’s like moving boxes, and she was saying this is just because she’s giving stuff away? Yeah, uh huh.

B 9:16
Not packing general disarray. Yeah, this is my thing. And again, who knows? Could it be that somebody hacked this public record site and put this in all things are possible, right? Again, there’s that 10 day thing. So if in 10 days, nothing is filed, and it still belongs to them. I mean, I trust that the cocktail hours in the biz will give us the lowdown of what happened. But if I had to put money on something I would say in 10 days, we’re going to know that what this person said to me is pretty on point. Here’s my thing, if she’s gonna go on and say it’s not true, okay? And if it’s not true, why wouldn’t you explain? Like, I know that was when everyone was writing in the comments. Well, some people were like, of course, it’s not true. We love you. But what the majority of people were writing was, these are public records. We’re looking at public records on a county website. Why wouldn’t you say? Listen, this was a situation where we refinanced. And yes, it says foreclosure, it was an error on our part. All is good. And in a month from now, you can check in you will see that we still own the home. Yeah. In other words, if it really wasn’t true, why not explain what was wrong?

Amanda 10:30
Okay, and so, okay, now I’m understanding too. Okay. So there was one question that I had that I think I’ve clarified, because we were sent a link to a public website that said, this is going up for closure auction on November 1, right? That was public knowledge. What is not what nobody knows for? Sure. And we think it might be because of this COVID rule is whether the house actually sold?

B 10:58
Well, no. So on that site, it’s recorded that it was auctioned for $257,000. Right. But the deed has not been transferred out of the name of the family that owns it. Okay. Got it. So, is it somehow possible that we’re missing something here? And she somehow bought that foreclosure? Yeah, absolutely. What my disconnect is, with all of this swirling, going on live, listen, you don’t owe anybody an explanation. But since you went online, and addressed it in some fashion, why not say, Hey, guys, I’m the one who bought it. It was a second mortgage. And we just did it cash. Like, in other words, you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 11:40
Yeah, yeah. Or we, you know, somebody was late and paying us. So but you know, we got paid, and we just took care of it in cash, you know, relatively understandable reason for this happening. So yeah. And it’s the fact that there were boxes recorded.

B 11:59
So unless somebody hacked the public site, these two things are recorded on the site. Yeah. Yeah. So somebody gave 257,000 in the closed door auction, like that whole description I just gave you from the real estate attorney, right. Somebody was at the bank? Was it them? Was it somebody else that somehow other than the bank was able to work out an incredible deal? I think we’re gonna have answers fairly soon. And if the if it’s still in their name, in 10 days, my question remains, why not? Explain it? Why just call people haters? Yeah, like, in other words, shut it down fully. You’re allowing speculation? If it’s the case that it’s on the up and up, right. Why not explain it in full?

Amanda 12:44
Yeah, well, I just I hope it is on

B 12:47
the up and up. Nobody wishes this on anyway. And as I said, I like her. I think she’s a fun personality. And they certainly have a nice fan, a young family, you don’t want to see anything bad happen. I just don’t understand how public figures are going to address something as haters when it’s on a public site.

Amanda 13:03
Well, and there were some other documents that we did not share that were sent to us. But according to those documents, and this was like, record that you could look up I believe, again, I

B 13:18
didn’t share them is that I think you have to be a real estate broker to look at stuff. Okay. I didn’t share any of the documents because I don’t find that ethical. I’m not listing anyone’s home address and the neighbors names

Amanda 13:31
and yeah, and that’s, that’s why but, but looking at those documents, this is not the first time there have been liens or similar situations.

B 13:43
With their name is like a novel. It’s it’s a lot of stuff. Yeah.

Amanda 13:48
So, you know, I just I hope they get it sorted for their kids and agreed, I think she’s very entertaining

B 13:55
thing is all property records in this country are public. They’re not always as easy to find, right? But they’re all public. So you can see what anybody owes on their house, which is kind of like listen before the internet, who cares? No one’s going to the library to look up your block and lot, right. But in this age, I mean, if you know somebody’s last name, and what county they live in, you could see every property they own, right, you could see who’s on the deed, it’s kind of creepy,

Amanda 14:25
unless they buy it in an LLC, right. And some people write that just like

B 14:29
and now we know why.

Amanda 14:32
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Okay. And so again, big week, guys. You will also have some exclusive T on Lisa and Lenny coming out of their annual Halloween party. And I am saying that on purpose, their annual what’s the deal? I don’t why did they throw the party together? What What’s the set?

B 14:54
No, no, and they are not back together. You know, people will run With anything, and they were both at the party, but they were not there on good terms. So we will remember that Lenny’s girlfriend has a restraining order against Lisa. And yes, the restraining order is fully in effect it went through I know that there was a point where followers were saying, oh, that’s just a preliminary restraining order. It’s very difficult to get a real, you know, that whole thing. She has a restraining order and I will just say that I am hearing this from the reliable source is a reliable source. Connect the dots. Okay. So we heard that so Lenny is all about this party, allegedly very into the party very, very into this party. He was having it there. Regardless. Lisa, remember, Amanda, when you and I said that it looked like she was staying in a condo? Yeah. She’s still living with the kids in the house. Okay, that’s

Amanda 16:00
good. I think,

B 16:02
well, yeah, well, nothing is settled legally. Okay, their prenup is still being fought by her. Because she wants to remain allegedly, this is what I’m hearing. She wants to remain in the home. And he obviously wants to have the home. So that’s where they’re at. So legally, they both have full right to be in the home. If he chose to. He could still live there with her. Okay. Legally, they’re both entitled to be in the home. So he says to her, I’m throwing my party. And what I hear is she said to him, Okay, I’ll be there with bells on. So they basically like they’re not he

Amanda 16:38
threw the party in her in their house. Right?

B 16:41
Yeah. They had like, like, she had her friends there. And he had his it was like a dueling house. It was dueling Halloween parties in the same residence.

Amanda 16:50
Can you imagine? I mean, the tequila that must have been consumed at this party. I be just putting myself in those in the shoes of Lisa’s friend. I would be like we are we are drinking tonight.

B 17:09
I think I think that I would be like, Lisa, let’s just go to a different party. Because what? What I hear happened is that, so he shipped the girlfriend off because the girlfriend couldn’t come to the party. Because of the restraining order. Oh, right. The girlfriend kind of shot herself in the foot because had it not been for the restraining order. She would have gone to the party. You know, a lot of people in Miami Follow Follow me on Instagram, Amanda, apparently. And there were a lot of people that were there. A lot of our cocktails were at the party. You know, we have so many like, beautiful, young flowers, and they were at the party and they told me things. And he was very flirty with all the girls in the party. And now remember Lisa’s there. So like

Amanda 17:58
you I mean, just so strange. I I am I’m still getting over like the invitations did he just say from Lenny?

B 18:12
I didn’t ask. Maybe it was just a text invitation. But he was so angry. She was there. So I don’t know if he was rubbing it in. Um, so he was flirting around, but he was what I heard is that he was with one specific blonde, Lady girl, whatever, the whole night. And ultimately, at some point, he left the party with the blonde in his Rolls Royce and went to another party. Sources are saying he’s like doing things like, like, canceling leases, which is like, again, you can do that, right? You could be like, I don’t need this car anymore. And like she’ll wake up and there’ll be no car in the driveway. Like real like weird, real like petty, petty, and it sounds to me like he’s just pushing her to the point where she waves the white flag and she’s like, I surrender. Because remember, they have a prenup. She’s not going to be left with nothing. I hear that she’s really fighting hard to get the house but I hear that she doesn’t believe it’s gonna work. She thinks he’s gonna she you know, it’s being said that their prenup is pretty solid. He’s up he’s a bright guy. He’s you know, yeah. You know what, why do either of them want this house?

Amanda 19:20
Well, right like, I just he seems like he is just going the completely petty route and then just bury I think just classless like I think it’s honestly it’s one thing to cheat and then like, once you’re getting divorced be like look at what I’m what a womanizer I am. But to kind of torture Lisa like this. It just feels sadistic to me like, and I’m I too am surprised that Lisa went to the party. But if I release this friend and she’s like, we’re going to party I’d be like, Okay, I’ve got you back girl like I’m there with you. But yeah, I’m not sure that she would torture so Trying to. Yeah, sorry.

B 20:02
And I would imagine they tried to talk her out of it like, oh my god, so and so’s having a party, it’s gonna be great. Let’s go there. And she was probably very determined, and was in her knowing that the girlfriend wasn’t there. And I’m just thinking as like a woman who was cheat like she’s just been cheated on. Like, it probably gave her satisfaction for the girlfriend from Austria to be looking online and seeing Lisa posting from the party like it must have burned her. Because now how do you explain that to the girlfriend? My Halloween party is more important than my relationship with you. I like it. Are you five? Is this Chucky? Cheese?

Amanda 20:35
No, I think this girlfriend just knows. Like, she’s probably pretty easily replaceable, and is probably just going along with it. I don’t know, it just seems it just seems like a lot of it feels like the race to the bottom in this divorce. And like, it would be just so nice to see them just say, Okay, forget it. Let’s just Let’s sell the house. Like, let’s just both start over clean. Let’s leave each other alone. And let’s, you know, be great co parents to the kids.

B 21:06
I wonder. And again, I didn’t hear that Lisa was with any guy at the party. But like, I wonder how he would feel if she had some hot guy on her arm? Like, would he care? Probably right? Because he’s all about him.

Amanda 21:19
I’m sure he would care. But I’m sure that he would pretend like you didn’t. And then just do something based on what he’s been doing, just do something even worse, right? Like, make out with some chicken in front of her or something, something terrible like that, it just

B 21:34
looks, you still have two very little kids to raise with this person,

Amanda 21:38
right? And guess what it just gets hate you it gets harder and harder as those kids get older and have more stuff. And you know, they are going to have, you know, basketball games on days that are not your days that you’re still going to want to go to and like you better. You know, that’s the kind of stuff that people don’t see it when their kids are little and they get divorced, that they don’t see down the road, that becomes really tough. And so if you’re, if you think you can get away with it not being amicable, then you’re going to be cutting yourself out of a lot of stuff in your kids lives later on. If you can’t physically be in the same room together. Absolutely. So

B 22:20
I all I can say is as much as this season is gonna suck for Lisa to have to live through because I mean, this all and we heard her say this I watch at Watch What Happens Live at Bravo con. Like, she was like, Guys, I went into this like thinking my marriage was solid. I’m gonna have a fun season. And he literally does this. I think she even said at Bravo con, like, he could have waited until the season was over. Like, why? Why did he do this to me? Like, it’s a whole other level of embarrassment, right? So there’s that. But what he fails to realize is the power of Bravo fans. And whether you liked Lisa before or not, the vast majority of Bronco fans are women. And they are going to rally behind her in a way that I mean, in the court of public opinion, he’s going to be the worst on an even greater scale than he is now. Because once it’s on our television, right we have so does he realized what that’s gonna do what that’s gonna do to his business? Yeah, why would he even do it from that point of view?

Amanda 23:27
I don’t know. I think he he his ego must be at such a level that he thinks he’s untouchable. And who knows?

B 23:36
I think it’s gonna be I think it’s gonna be you know, yeah. Hard dropped to the bottom because that everything’s gonna suffer, including his court case.

Amanda 23:45
And including, like their kids, right? If he keeps acting like this, and his business is really affected. The you know, the, the people that end eventually will hurt is his kids to, you know, so? I don’t know. Okay, so moving on to a blind that we had from a while ago. That I know there is an update on so let me read the old one. The email is from [email protected]. Subject is country football affair. So there’s a lot of rumors that this former quarterback who was married to a well known reality star is being outed as cheating with one of his friends wives. Yes, it’s the country singer’s wife. And here everyone thought he was the only one stepping out. I think they’ll all try to keep this hush hush but good luck.

B 24:48
Wait a minute.

Amanda 24:50
Is this the right one? No.

B 24:52
Oh, sorry, cocktail. The wrong one. This is another one. Okay. I’ll summarize the one that actually is that Very funny. Oh, I

Amanda 25:01
know the one you’re talking about, you know what we can just Yeah.

B 25:05
So okay, I’ll sum it up very quickly. So the top part is, I think it’s the same guy, by the way. So this guy when he split from the reality store has hooked up with a lot of different people. Well known people. So it’s the same guy. Okay, it’s he was a football player. This update that I wanted to note was about the wife, okay. Is her husband is best friends with a well known Popstar who was formerly in a boy band.

Amanda 25:34
So the wife who cheated with the NFL player, ex NFL and ex NFL player. Okay, her husband that she cheated on? is friends with a passion.

B 25:47
Yes. And like more than friends, their business partners. I believe they had a clothing line together, but they grew up together. Yeah. So her husband is not as well known. Like, he’s well known in the industry, and he’s wealthy. But he’s not. Like, your average person wouldn’t know him. But anybody I mean, even your grandma knows his best friend, right? That’s how well known he is. Okay. So the ex football star was with was married to a former reality star, right. So this came out, they were on vacation together. The families, so the ex NFL star, he was already divorced at this point. So he was just there with his kids. Went with his friend who’s the pop stars best friend. And the friend’s wife and the kids are friends. They all live in somewhere in Tennessee. Okay. goes on vacation is caught red handed cheating with the wife. Gross. It was like a media blast. And then it was very quickly quieted. Okay. Right? You didn’t hear much. If you went to the husband’s page, the husband that got cheated on? There were some comments. And he said that will always be my that will always be my children’s mother. No negative comments on her. I think we spoke about this on like our very first pod in May, if not our first our second or third because we were still in our basements back then. So what’s interesting is a while ago, and I meant to update this, but our pods have been so jam packed. But I wanted to update this because the married couple has not been posting together at all. And formally, they always report posting together. He posted a video that his houses he’s got this like huge property in Tennessee and houses for sale. Yes. So and somebody like commented and said, like on the that actually what reminded me and probably while I why I pulled this post is because somebody made a comment, like somebody must have been scrolling through Bravo, and cocktails.com. Like, maybe it was a quiet Friday night. And their in laws had the kids and they were just scrolling, scrolling through old posts. And they said they’re from the town and it’s like a whole thing. And everybody knows it. And they don’t know why it’s not picked up more in the media, but they think that it’s because like, if it was the pop singer himself, obviously it’d be a huge deal. But since it’s like a business partner who’s not really a public figure, you know what I’m saying? I mean, yeah. But we said back then, that they would be divorcing and if you’re selling your large property, and you’re not posting, yeah, what do we think that means? So what this person commented was the four of them. So meaning back when he was married, when the ex footballer was married, we’re all close friends for years. They live very near each other. It’s and it’s a very ugly situation. Because even though she’s divorced, I’m sure the ex wife of the reality the reality star, the ex footballers, wife is like, What the eff girl? Why are you screwing my husband on family vacation? My ex husband on family vacation.

Amanda 28:48
It’s kind of embarrassing for the reality star to

B 28:52
and it’s a very tight knit peaceful community. She says and everyone wants the ex football player to move away. But unfortunately, that’s not what they’re getting.

Amanda 29:00
Yeah, sounds like the other family is moving. But probably. So

B 29:06
is that too complicated? I hope I explained that. Well. It’s a situation guys where I just you know, there’s some names that we can’t say

Amanda 29:13
so well, and based on the wrong lines that I wrote that was about the same guy, the guy gets around, guys. That’s the bottom line. Like,

B 29:22
you know that I’m trying to remember who the country singers wife was. We got to go back and read those comments. As you guys know, me and Amanda rarely know what these things are about until you guys tell us Yeah, and you guys already know the date the minute when this drops on Wednesday. I am most definitely getting an email completely explaining the blind that we read. So so I know you’re all curious about that blind will talk to you about it next week. Yes, somebody will fill us it

Amanda 29:46
will follow. Yeah, we’ll follow back up and Bs right. The gold is in the comments. Always. Okay, so Teddy and Tamra who I listen to their podcasts and I very much enjoy worry, especially with the stuff he did around Bravo con. So they mentioned a post from Bravo and cocktails.com. This week on their pod.

B 30:10
Thank you ladies, listen, I appreciate it. And people are like, Oh, they said it wasn’t true. Just a reminder, okay? When we post from a source, if it says from a source, that means that somebody in the know told me it, and I’m posting it from a source to let you know that I believe it to be true. It’s not foolproof, but I believe it to be true. When we post an email, and I get so many ridiculous emails. I actually got one today, if, if this doesn’t turn into like a 90 minute event, I’ll read it because it’s very clearly obviously bullshit. And guys, people are gonna send me that I was locked out of my account for two weeks. People want like, they think that me posting something that isn’t true is a fail, but it’s not a fail because cocktail. There’s no, that it’s all in good fun. I never believed so the post was that Cynthia and Teddy, were going on Beverly Hills. Personally, I know that it’s been said like, oh, Cynthia should move to Beverly Hills because she lives in LA. I never believed it would happen. I personally don’t even see it as like a good fit. Could I see Teddy being back in some capacity? 100%. I mean, she’s very good friends with Kyle. She’s friends with a lot of them. And I’ve said this a couple podcasts ago. Hindsight is 2020. I really see Teddy’s value. And Teddy said something like, oh, what’s next Radar Online, like as if to say, Oh, bravo. And cocktails isn’t a true, like a news source. Here’s the difference between me and Radar Online. I didn’t post that as truth. Number one. I post rumors that I hear and then we figure it out. And we announce when it’s confirmed, or we laugh when it’s bullshit. So that’s the difference. Number two, I would like to remind Teddy and Tamra and I am fans of you both. And I would like to remind you that I was the first person who said Tamra would be back, my top source told me it wasn’t true. And Tamra is back full time. So I post plenty of true stuff too. So let’s give credit. I love the shout out I get lots of followers when I get shout out. So keep them coming.

Amanda 32:14
Well, and if you’ll remember exactly that situation, I was gonna bring up where we had we kept getting all these tips about Tamra coming back and then your top source was like no, not true. Not true. It could be that Cynthia is coming back to a housewives show or to a Bravo show in some capacity. So you know, there’s there’s often they’re, you know, if all the details aren’t there, there’s some details in there that are true. So we’ll see.

B 32:46
And the reason we and the reason that it would make sense for Cynthia to come back a she’s got a storyline right now. B. People really like Cynthia. Yeah. Cynthia is somebody who people root for and they really like. And as far as Tamar and Teddy’s podcast, which I also listened to, and I think it’s fantastic. They need content. And what I appreciate about them is they don’t just read stuff and say they saw it online, they actually credit the people, you know, whether it’s a big account a small account, whether it’s Perez Hilton, or you know somebody smaller, like myself, and that’s why you know, it’s a good it’s, it’s a good look for them. And honestly, we see more of their real personalities. And the thing that I appreciate about Teddy that I think didn’t come through as much when she was a housewife is Teddy really tells it like it is and so many people don’t I respect that about her and it makes me like her a lot. She says things even if she knows that it’s not popular opinion, and she’s gonna get backlash for it. Yeah. And she does I think that she gets a lot of backlash that’s unnecessary.

Amanda 33:52
Who is it? Yeah. who’s always been a teddy fan? You have you know, I just perfect case right? When she got fired she said it she’s the only house that that I can really even think of that full on said yep, I got fired. And she went on social media that day. And even though it was embarrassing for her, she told the truth. So So yeah, I I definitely see Teddy returning in some capacity. I think, you know, it’s no coincidence that Bravo is keeping her you know, they gave them all this exclusive access at Bravo con. They had her in the runway panel as well as some other panels. They were more

B 34:36
Justin Anderson was interviewing people with her. Yeah,

Amanda 34:39
so I definitely don’t think they would be investing in her unless they, you know, had her as a possibility at some point down the road. And I think

B 34:51
Oh, go ahead. Go ahead.

Amanda 34:51
I was just gonna say also, I think they see the value in two housewives or a former and a housewife. You know, having a podcast that kind of shows the other side and talks about, you know, but but that’s still within Bravo’s reach where Bravo can say no, don’t talk about that. Or you can talk about this like it’s, it’s it’s like a another extension of the show that is not going to be as obvious to a lot of the people who don’t realize that you know that there’s a Bravo relationship there. And that it Bravo wants to break some news, but do it in a way that it doesn’t look like Bravo is doing it. That’s a perfect way to do it.

B 35:35
It was actually a really smart chest move on Bravo’s part because we remember when the podcast first came out, and neither of them were on shows. They were saying some controversial stuff that, you know, that was the rumored reason why Tamra wouldn’t be back, right. And I think it was very smart, because by them putting her back on a show. They’re sort of like keeping them calm. But I will also want to point out when I originally heard two T’s in a pod, I thought, Tamra and Teddy it didn’t make sense to me and whoever their producer or agent or whatever it is, that put the two of them together is a genius because they mesh so well. They complement each other so well. They have enough similarities, where they have a very natural organic chemistry, but yet they’re different. And they have different opinions. And listen, these two are going to end up wealthy off of this podcast.

Amanda 36:24
Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, they already Well,

B 36:26
I think Teddy already is wealthy and Tamarit as well, I’m just saying this podcast is going to be a very good stream of income for them already is, but it’s gonna continue to be more so

Amanda 36:35
I agree. And then on the topic of all of these tips and things that we get, Bravo and cocktails.com also broke the news that Beverly Hills won’t start filming. And when we say news like that, we don’t mean actual like we called and confirmed guys, like we broke the info, that the rumor that Beverly Hills won’t start filming until January, when we know they were supposed to start filming in November like they always do kind of right before the holidays.

B 37:07
Amanda I just got something right before we started recording, let me go to my other inbox. The hardest part about this guys is like keeping everything open. So I don’t read the wrong blind again. So we did get that news. And what I got from a source a source is that they said I have it on good authority from a friend of mine that knows A close source to the fan favorite on the cast, they informed me that the stress of the job was getting to her and she strongly considered leaving the extended break is productions way of easing the tension for the cast. We originally had heard or posted that, like production was like we like they were kind of like we have to just there’s so much heat on all of them right now. We have to calm this down. But that, that what I just read is an interesting thing. I’m gonna go and get ahead and guess the fan favorite is Garcelle. Could also be Kyle. But that part is garsdale. I think that Kyle may be too. So what do we think about that? What do we think about them? Because they’re only taking a beat, right? So it was supposed to film on November, which is like so soon. And there’s no time like, I kind of agree get through the holidays and start, like in January like I think that’s a smart move. What are your thoughts on that?

Amanda 38:31
I think so too. I think we’re all tired, too, right? We’re all feeling this, like slight exhaustion from that season and not exhausted as in like, we hate it. But it’s just been a lot. Right. And there’s been so much drama. I think it makes sense. I think if I were one of them like they would you know, the last reunion literally just aired last week. And here we are first week of November, I’m sure. You know, I’m sure all of them are feeling like they need a break. I also am wondering to have part of the reason, you know, not just to defuse the tension, but to just give it a little time to make the decision on who they want back because I think I think there’s probably a pretty strong contingency within the Bravo back offices for wanting to keep Lisa Rinna. But they’re probably kind of waiting to see what she does and like, you know, how things how things go? I don’t know. I think I think it makes sense. I think it’s a smart. I think it’s really a smart call. And it’s like, Can you even imagine trying to shoot a TV show like that? And have cameras I mean, during the holidays? That’s gotta be just such a hard time to shoot anyway.

B 39:56
Nightmare. Holidays are stressful enough trying to figure out What to get and Betty but what what fans are also saying is like to that point like they’re fearful This means there’ll be no shake up in the cast. You know, it’s Be careful what you wish for sometimes, yeah, it had the highest ratings right and maybe some distance from this Rana has always stirred the pot. And I think obviously, her this season was a lot. But like if we if we take space from that, and we recognize that that storyline or those incidents are not going to come in to this season, then do we want her gone? I mean, if we really take a break from it, and we realize that this means we won’t be getting it to like, spring or even the summer, right? Do we want that long of a break from her? Like, do we want her gone? What would the show look like? I don’t I can’t I can’t decide for myself. I’m certainly not in the camp of I want her gone?

Amanda 40:59
I don’t know. Well, Ty, I

B 41:01
know a lot of people are in the camp that they want her gone. But I think that I don’t know if they would like the result of that. Does that make sense? Like you don’t have to love a housewife to recognize her her you know what she adds to the show?

Amanda 41:14
Absolutely. Yeah, I think I think time just can help with that. I don’t think this would be I don’t think this is going to be a New York situation where they, you know, went on indefinite pause right. I think it really would be just let’s get through the holidays. Right.

B 41:33
The New York wasn’t making wasn’t making the ratings New York wasn’t wasn’t providing for them financially. Okay, that’s what it is. Beverly Hills, we don’t have that issue. Right. The issue is retaining the fan favorites. Yeah. Garcelle. Even Kyle, although a lot of a lot of people are like Ben Kyle’s bad. Nobody wants to see Kyle go You do you? Anybody does a poll. People want Kyle back. And Kyle has an incredible way of doing bad things and still liking her. I mean, myself included, because she’s got. In other words, there’s nothing about her that I feel like is a bad person. Right. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. But

Amanda 42:14
I think yeah, and I’m 100% with you, because I’ve always liked Lisa Rinna. I feel like I’ve given her a little bit more of a break. Because she went through the passing of her mother. I think she definitely can sometimes not turn off the soap actress piece of it. She’s definitely been acting out. But I agree, I don’t have to love her to still feel like her presence would be greatly missed. If she’s not on our TV, so it’s just a good, I think it just gives them a little space to make the decision. And get out of the kind of heat of the kitchen to just take a break, take a breather, and just make a decision. So I think we’ll see.

B 42:56
And then this week, we see that the California State Bar released information past complaints about Tom Gerardi. Yeah. 105 disciplinary matters opened over 40 years. And he was only disbarred this past June. That is insane. 205 over 40 years. I mean, I don’t think we need an attorney to weigh in on this. I think we can all obviously see that there’s something fraudulent about that. But this person said, I’m an attorney in New York, and they don’t eff with attorneys who mess with escrow accounts here. I can’t believe he’s had this many complaints with no discipline, he must have paid people off, or they were friends of his and I mean, agreed.

Amanda 43:37
Yeah, I mean, I read through the documents. It’s sickening and shocking, because you read through it, and it’s over such a long period of time. And it’s not all just it is a lot of yes, this escrow stuff. But then some of its like that just p abandoned cases and other stuff. And so knowing a little bit about how all that works, it’s very interesting. What I found most interesting about that, is that over 40 years, you’re not going to have the same authority in place at the bar, right? It’s generally one of those things where you’re, you are voted in and you’re on a committee for I forget how you know, and every state might be different, but for a few years, and then you’ve got a whole new set of people. So Tom had to be tap dancing to get I mean, over a 40 year period. Right. And like, it’s, it’s a little sickening to think about, if you think about it, in terms of people with power and money, the kinds of things that they can do. So

B 44:40
yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, we all know it happens. Yeah, yeah. When you see something like that, it is. You Yeah. And so many people look, I mean, you know, we are not in that world to know, but I would imagine so many people’s names are in there that Now look like not good. Yeah, good at all.

Amanda 45:03
I can. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so Salt Lake City this week I’ll find this shelf husband and the Finn stir. I just

B 45:17
there’s Is this real life that’s that is really like tweeting obituaries you have these random choir choir Idol auditions with like three people on the line. You have you have an actual felon facing jail time and somehow Whitney is still the most unlikable housewife on the show. You like it’s so messy. It’s so good. Yeah, I’m excited to see Angie Kay more. I think she’s gonna give us good TV. I just have a feeling. I think it’s funny because it’s, we’re seeing these new ladies really go for the OGS like we’re seeing what’s coming up and I posted something on the website. We want to read that quick like about so what we got was season three will be wrapping soon after Episode Seven viewers can expect a mid season trailer before mid season there will be an event and GK squares off against Meredith. Meredith says that Angie, support for Lisa is dubious. There she goes with those big words and questions how she would feel if somebody attacked her family like that. Angie is not afraid to go low and accuses Meredith of weapon weaponizing her law degree. Dana confides in Whitney at this event and talks about people who have worked for Jen Dana’s another new one. She questioned the nature of her spending money and why her behavior is the way it is. Even though she’s facing these charges. Jen comes for her. What is seen in the trailer is only the start of the finale party. The rest of the party gets very heated. Dana holds her own, but Jen eats her up. It is scary to watch season finale will be episode 13. Most likely, Jen’s trial will last for two episodes, making a total of 15 episodes. So we’re gonna see the trial along with a two to three part reunion production wants Jen for the reunion expected to be filmed in January. All this stuff about her than filming her trial. Obviously, that all remains to be seen, right? Because if it gets postponed, then that clearly can’t happen. For Season Four production is thinking about Angie Harrington. Dana does not want to be on Season Four. This is what this emails and guys, this is an email right for somebody sending this and I don’t know the validity, validity of everything. But as Amanda said, some of it’s gotta be Joe. And GK is fine with recurring roles. Get Angie Harrington off my television.

Amanda 47:56
I don’t see what she’s bringing to the table. Honestly, she’s not that likable. I mean, and she’s not she’s not putting much into the story. So something’s telling me that there will be something more with her or else we just wouldn’t even be seeing her at this point. So I think there’s going to be something more with her. There’s got to be because I agree. And there’s so much else going on with all the other housewives. So I don’t know that’s that’s just my That’s just her

B 48:28
storyline, her husband making a fence to account named shot expose that also attacks Lisa Barlow, like, grow up.

Amanda 48:37
Yeah, well, and maybe that maybe that is exactly why she’s on is because that says that’s good enough. And that’s an interesting, whole piece of this. You know, I think I’m very interested to see somebody go after Meredith because Meredith has been a little Teflon, right. You know, kind of nothing has really stuck with her. I watched her on Watch What Happens Live. Was it last night and see too? Yeah, and

B 49:06
that wasn’t last night. Last night was okay, winter has Luke. That’s right. Kayo, which we’ll get to because we got some scoop. Hola.

Amanda 49:14
I watched a bunch of stuff last night catching up. So you’re right, because, but what was interesting, and I’m curious to hear what you think. But I mean, Andy straight up asked her and had he read it was a reader question or a watcher question like, Meredith, why aren’t Have you come to peace, essentially with Jen, but you won’t come to Pete You know, and Jen has now you know, Jen was Jen did this stuff to your family as well. Like, why are you still giving Lisa such a hard time? And I don’t know what you think. But I don’t think Meredith really gave a very good answer. She just was like, Well, I just knew that Jan was going through a hard time that she didn’t need Meredith marks in her face. Essentially.

B 49:59
She He’s not going to say because I’m currently more angry at Lisa and I needed to Jen as an alliance. Yeah. And that’s the truth. If you ask me my opinion. Yeah, I mean, listen, I, it’s the whole gender thing is so hard to watch. It’s so hard to wrap my head around. I, you know, I must be a naive person, because I’m like, the person who watches true crime. And I’m like, oh, there’s no way that they did it. And my husband’s like, be somebody’s dead. Somebody killed that person.

Amanda 50:31
Yeah. Totally. You know, I think kind of going back to one of the other things you were saying about the choir? Like, I actually thought that was a kind of a poignant moment. I think Heather is really struggling with missing the community and missing, you know, that that feeling. And to me, that was really poignant that she’s like, well, maybe I can start to sit there choir, and it’s a more welcoming place. And, you know, I can I cannot even imagine what that’s like, right? Not only just to go through a divorce, but then, you know, kind of publicly come out and say that you’re no longer Mormon and, and be shunned by so many people in your family and some of your friends. And, you know, I think we see a little bit actually with Whitney too. So that whole Justin, Whitney’s husband being fired. What did you think of that?

B 51:28
I think it’s bullshit. Because I think if we remember back, there was an article somewhere, I really don’t remember, but he was fired for like fraudulent activity at the company or something. They’re not going to say that on television.

Amanda 51:42
Well, I so I don’t know watching the show, because I know what you’re talking about. And I can’t remember what that was. But I feel like it was almost more about the company than it was about him. So I feel like Justin and Whitney kind of had their

B 51:56
maybe it was but that yeah, I’m sorry. But then like, you’re not gonna say like, the company I was working for was a big fraud. Bullshit situation. Yeah, there it’s dissolved. So we’ll just blame it on the fact that I’m a public figure. Like I said, last week, you’ve been a public figure for two seasons, if they were going to let you go, they would have so it’s just that part is, I don’t find anything about them authentic. I’m sorry. So can

Amanda 52:20
I feel like that moment was the first real moment we have seen of them? Right, where he cried? I think. So. What I think is, I do think he was probably fired. So one thing that a lot of people might know, and I don’t even know how I know this. But in Utah, there are a lot of supplement companies that are formed in Utah,

B 52:44
the company because you because you studied Mormons,

Amanda 52:47
yeah, my rabbit holes, but it’s, but it’s true. And like, just look it up. And you’ll see. And like, if you look at the back of a lot of supplement bottles, you’ll see that they’re either bottled in Utah, there’s just there’s a there’s a big infrastructure there, too, so it makes sense. But the company that Justin worked for is called LifeVantage, based in Utah, and I looked it up, and it is a multi level marketing company that sells supplements. And he was the chief sales and marketing officer. So you know, I also had heard those rumors about the company being shady. And I just generally generally tend to be kind of skeptical about a lot of MLM companies. But here is an example of a name of a product that they sell. Protandim, try synergize ER with NRF. Two, and it sells this is something you literally ingest and it sells for $134 per month. I mean, what does that even mean? So very questionable, Botox,

B 53:50
that that goes to your forehead and crow’s feet.

Amanda 53:53
I mean, if I wouldn’t be buying that in that case, right. I don’t know. I think I think what they’re really trying to say that they couldn’t quite come out and say is that Justin got fired? Because Whitney and like they, as a couple don’t uphold the Mormon values. And in a lot of those companies in Utah, they I mean, because the majority of people who live in Utah are either Mormon or have ties to the Mormon to the Latter Day Saints Church, and so 100% I think that he got fired because of that. And so I do think that that was and they just couldn’t quite come out and say it although she kind of did say I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when we had the art sex with the mud or whatever it was that you want to call that. So we thought

B 54:45
it was the reason as well. Yeah. Less. Yeah, I Yeah, you know, I have to be honest, I really I don’t. I barely listen to their scenes. I’m just I just can’t get into it. He doesn’t bother me as much. It’s her

Amanda 55:01
matters I don’t know Salt Lake City. It’s just been so good.

B 55:04
Alright so Lake City I love Salt Lake City is so good. I love every like after a commercial when they zoom into the this the the mountains with the snow on top. I just there’s something about it that’s very comfy cozy and then you had these wild women.

Amanda 55:20
I know. You know, you say that too, because it’s like, you know so many good moments even already this season. I was watching like catching up on everything last night. And it struck me I was like cat, there’s only five women holding the snowflake. That’s, that’s a lot of drama for five housewives. And then plus some friends who are in and out.

B 55:43
These women came prepared. They watched every housewives show and they made sure they brought it and they’re doing a good job.

Amanda 55:49
But they have real shit going on, too. You know, and I do think I think this whole other piece of the church and

B 55:57
kudos to casting man. Yeah, kudos to casting.

Amanda 56:01
Love you Heather gay. You’re my favorite. Yes. Okay. So, New York. We started talking a little bit earlier about how they went on indefinite pause. So we got that. Mother Apple blind, saying that one of the OG housewives will take on a friend of roll with the new cast in the reboot show. What do you think?

B 56:23
I don’t hate the idea of it. A lot of people in the comments think it’s Jill. We know she’s been hanging with the new girls. She’s been posting with them on social. Others say other followers have said to me, they feel like Sonia would make the most sense because you know, Sonia loves her some young energy. And then other people say what about Luann? You know, Luann, if you remember was always very close with her nice, right and like, could totally see Luann and Sonia like vibing with like, a 30 set of you know, women in their 30s and doing the whole thing. We also when Hannah Berner was on summerhouse. Luann was like kind of like a mentor to her if you follow them on social like she would they would go to lunch and they both lived out east, so Jury’s out on who it is. I really don’t know. I would think Ramona would be the least likely. Yeah, because she’s kind of the least. Like, I don’t know, like a ball touring.

Amanda 57:20
Yeah, yeah, the least likely to give her time. Great point.

B 57:25
Speaking of Hanna burner, there’s this other thing that’s floating around. There’s something some rumor that something’s brewing with Paige and Hannah may be announcing a reality show I you know, they ever very popular brand, the Geek Squad their podcast is fantastic. Yeah, I’m sure a lot of our cocktails listen to it. They have a very natural chemistry and I watch it.

Amanda 57:47
They poke. I mean, I think it’s more than just a rumor because they posed literally wearing the same outfits as Nicole, Richie and Paris Hilton. I’m not the only one that gets us.

B 58:00
You know, what’s funny is that I wasn’t I didn’t see that picture. But I heard the room are separate. And apart from that, so

Amanda 58:07
Oh, okay. Well, there you go. So yeah, I’m guessing not the only one who’s guessing this, but that it will be a simple life. Reboot. So okay, then cocktail. So I feel like there needs to be like a division of cocktail colors that are the cocktail are investigators, because they are seriously the best this week,

B 58:30
a cocktail specialist, and those are our cocktail errs, who take their trade, be it law, real estate, bar, Ted, whatever their trade is, and they give us information. And then we have our investigators.

Amanda 58:45
Yep. And the online investigators. So a cocktail are found laws, new man.

B 58:53
So this girl messages me with a picture. And I thought it was the picture that I had posted. So I just like liked it because I didn’t really know why the person was resending my picture. But sometimes that happens and cocktails will giggle when they hear there’s like people will mean to send something to their friends, but they’ll send it back to me and I always just like it, and then they’ll write Oh, shoot medicine is my friend. And I’m like, Yeah, whatever. Oh, good. Yeah. So she writes and she writes, wait, this guy is a guy that my best friend dated in high school. Here’s his Instagram lineup, the tattoos. All she had to go with was his tattoos, which obviously are quite unique. Yeah. So I’m like, Barry. I’m Amanda picture it. Got my face mask on laying in bed. And I’m like, This guy so I look guys a model. Okay, modeled for Fenty as well as other large brands doesn’t have a blue check. I know on a podcast and I knew this at the time that lava had said he’d be on the show. And I was like, You know what? Although I’m sure that he would love the fame and the off chance that he wouldn’t. I’m not going to print his name. Yeah, because Somebody else is going to do it once I once I post these pictures, right, so I post the side by sides. And it was so great. And then I did you know, I was couple of media outlets reached out to me I’m actually we were mentioned Bravo and cocktails was mentioned in Page Six as figuring out who it is. So yeah, he’s a model. He has a young daughter, a toddler like Lala. And I think they’re cashew says they’re casual. We may see him on VPR I don’t know if he’s gonna have like a role, right? Because if they’re casual, he may just kind of be in the background. Maybe she leaves a party with him that kind of thing. Yeah. But we found his man.

Amanda 1:00:35
He is super hot. I say good for you. Lala. I mean, Get it, girl. Okay, so another thing we talked about a couple of weeks ago that a list divorce that is now also seemingly the world’s quickest divorce. So we got this wind saying that it’s actually about politics. So everyone was thinking it was because of you know, he had said he was going to retire and then he wouldn’t. But now it looks like there could be another reason. So here’s the email from a non subject. It’s political. That recent Ailis divorce. Don’t believe what you’re hearing in the media. It’s about politics. She is super liberal, and he is planning a run in Florida. She was not down with that at all. If you Google that you will see articles mentioning this. That is what caused this split.

B 1:01:33
I don’t even have a comment on this. I guess we have to just wait and see.

Amanda 1:01:37
I can see it happening. I can totally see it happening. So interesting. What else we got here? Should we tell him we got

B 1:01:46
winter house? Yes. I have to tell you and you know, Amanda, admittedly, I’m not like Tom and Tom Stan. But boy, were they a brush breath of fresh air this week. They lighten the mood. Maybe I forgot how like fun and easy it is to watch them in their chemistry. And they’re both nice guys. And I feel like it was so tense last week. Yeah. And it was just like, it was a fun episode. It was a very fun episode.

Amanda 1:02:13
I totally agree. I think I you know, I don’t know why, cuz the show’s only a couple of episodes in. But it was already kind of feeling a little stale to me. Or maybe you’re right, it was just tense because of the whole Luke situation. Or maybe that I’m just getting tired of the formula, which is like, let’s throw a theme party and who’s doing the chores in the house. You know, like, it was good to have the times in the house. And I thought it was so funny that they slept in the same bed and watch movies together and cuddled. That was really

B 1:02:43
cute. And we know that Tom Schwartz was going through a hard time and I think that like it was probably great for him to be with his best friend and just have that space together. And I’m sure they had you know, so it was awesome. And then last night on Watch What Happens Live we started looking Kyle, Kyle actually called Andy out also loving Kyle on winter house loving this side of him. It makes me realize obviously we see him on weekends in summer house and I call it summer house. I meant winter house. We see him when we can just summer house and he’s drunk and whatever. But I feel like in winter house, we’re getting a glimpse into how he’s like, really a good person and a smart person and things that we know, but we don’t see as much. So I respect somebody with some colonias. Okay, and he freakin calls out ad Yes, he’s

Amanda 1:03:28
so good. It was so good. And Amanda. So if you haven’t watched it, Amanda and Alex and Rachel were in the audience, like front and center. Just Just so you guys know this in case you didn’t watch it. It was Kyle and Luke. Yeah. Yes.

B 1:03:47
And Andy goes trying to stir some shit. And he’s like, Oh, Amanda, have you spoke to Lindsey and Amanda like being like, very coy. He’s like, No, and Kyle’s like, you know, and you know what, Andy, I got a bone to pick with you. You’re the one who sent Linden. And he’s like, wait, what? And then they kind of talked through that. He was like, Was it me really? And, and like, then he kind of put it together? And he’s like, Well, you were very quick to say, whatever. So then, Kyle says, Andy, because obviously something happened at Bravo con. And that’s apparently why Andy said, How was she at Bravo con and mantle’s like, no, she was great. It’s just like when she’s caught off guard. And Kyle goes, Why don’t you tell us what you saw at Bravo con. Did she treat staff poorly? And Andy goes, I plead the fifth. Yeah. So I mean,

Amanda 1:04:35
obviously, he definitely called Andy out and he was like, he was definitely defending his wife, which I thought was awesome, too.

B 1:04:45
Absolutely. I was kind of surprised that they hadn’t spoken so this is just lingering. I mean, honestly, I feel bad for Carl in this situation, because it’s just he’s in the worst spot. As a fan, get those cameras rolling. Why? Like, you know, Bravo Why can’t Bravo like film a special? Okay? Hey, any producers are probably listening film a special in Manhattan where we get them together in their apartment and they will argue and hash it out and just throw out an episode.

Amanda 1:05:17
Absolutely, there’s no reason they couldn’t do that they’ve done that in the past like when Theresa got sentence and you know, there’s a reason they Yeah, they can totally do.

B 1:05:27
And like we’re also invested in these relationships which have become so much more complicated as they’ve all engaged, married, and they’re gonna have children like, why can’t we do check ins when stuff like this goes on and put some cameras up? Come on. You know, I watched this episode, I thought it was really weird that they didn’t mention the fact that Luke Luke back to Lindsay so hard, so he’s sitting on a couch with Kyle. And he’s backing up and all online, he had all these stories, which were on Lindsey sigh, which fine, he’s better friends with her, but no mention of that. And he just there was a lot of it seeming like it was trying to clear Luke’s name.

Amanda 1:06:06
Oh, you mean I’m Watch What Happens last night, just trying to make him look like a better person. Yeah. And

B 1:06:11
you know, I got some emails on around the time that that all went down. I don’t know who they were from. And I don’t know what the intention was. But, you know, he left the house and he came back and apologized. And then now present day, it’s kind of like, let’s blame Craig, let’s blame this. Let’s blame that. Let’s I don’t know. But you know, what I did get? I did get a little email called bad behavior. And just quickly, it says she was screaming at Andy staff before the Watch What Happens Live on Saturday night, and Andy pulled her aside and yelled at her, basically was like, if you ever talked to my staff that way again, you’re done. But she also was known internally as one of the difficult talents crew wise.

Amanda 1:06:53
Hmm. That is interesting. Timing.

B 1:06:57
Interesting. It could be anybody but the timing was was a little suspect. So yeah,

Amanda 1:07:02
I mean, it could be Lindsay could be Ramona. But when there’s smoke, there’s fire usually and there’s a lot of little smoke right now.

B 1:07:12
Agreed. So also random tidbit. Bethenny announced today she’s doing a pod where she has celebrity guests, they talk about iconic housewives moments. People are dragging her including our girl, Heather McDonald, because she talks so much about how she doesn’t need housewives. And listen, she doesn’t the woman has a lot of money. Yeah, she doesn’t need to do anything but sit there and cash checks. But obviously, she still likes being a public figure. So to come out with a podcast talking about iconic moments when you’re constantly slamming housewives and acting like you’re better than people are having a very strong reaction against now. Will I tune in? I’m sure I will. Because Bethany is great. I like she’s got great content. I know. It’ll be entertaining. She’ll have top, you know, stars, his guests. Do I feel like it’s a little bit hypocritical of her. Yeah. Yeah.

Amanda 1:08:05
I agree. I’m still gonna listen, because I’m very curious about how she’s gonna handle that. Right. I feel like she almost has to come out and say it like, Look, I know I bagged on it, but here I am. And maybe she will. So no,

B 1:08:24
I don’t know about that. She’s not one who eats a lot of crow Lu. Oh, Luann was just on I think it was Danny Pellegrino was packs, I saw it when I was scrolling. And she dragged her. She’s a girl she loves to talk about us. But here she is talking about us. And if I guess

Amanda 1:08:40
you know, interesting. When you’re right, Bethany is very entertaining. So we’ll see is okay, so I thought you guys would want to hear I know you guys the cocktail is love a tangent. So, B and I have been texting you about something this week. So I thought we would share that. So not sure if anybody else has been noticing this but a lot of housewives and a lot of celebrities who were already thin are getting like really, really, really skinny. So I texted B about this because I just read this big long article about it and asking her like if she had heard about it and there’s this new medication that is it goes by a bunch of different names. I don’t even know if we need to say what the name is but it was originally created as a diabetes medication but it’s really blown up and popularity as this off label weight loss drug I think it’s technically a weight loss drug too, but it’s off label if you’re not obese, so all these people that are using it and be so I know you’ve been following about this. What’s that you

B 1:09:47
had a couple somebody sent in a blind about how a lot of reality stars that we know and love are doing this and if you think of stars who you saw either in person or on television at Rival con looking super trim, you have to wonder if they’re doing it. There’s rumors that the other very famous reality television family is doing it. And if they’re doing it, they’ve probably been doing it for a long time because they know about things first. So I remember and was it like the 90s when heroin chic with like Kate Moss like that was in apparently that’s like the new vibe, a great Instagram account that I love IG famous by Dana She’s actually doing it. She’s sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram.

Amanda 1:10:29
Yeah, I’ve been watching her too. And actually, I told her not gonna lie, like I looked into it too, because I was like, Well, I’m not. Luckily I’m not into in the, in the situation where I need it. But of course, everybody wants to be a little bit better. So I looked, I’m like, Well, what does it take to get this? So depending on where you go, and which version of the medication you get, it costs between 615 $100 a month. It’s a shot. And there it seems to be that like there are a few risks associated with it. One of which is pancreatitis.

B 1:11:10
So I immediately when I got these emails, and when I was reading about it, I messaged my friend who’s a nurse practitioner, and she was like, be absolute. There’s like real bad side effects. And like that everyone gets the side effects, but there’s like real strong risks of cancer. Yeah, that was found when they tested in rats. So unless you need this drug because of other health issues, yeah, Put your fork down and get your ass moving. That’s my take on it.

Amanda 1:11:38
If only it were that easy, though, right?

B 1:11:40
Oh, my God, obviously. Well, the

Amanda 1:11:42
reason we brought this up is because like, it’s now that, like we know about this drug, right? I see this everywhere where there are so many people who are getting fair, like, like I’m saying people who were thin to start with who are getting right super skinny. And like, it’s one of those things like once you see it, you can’t unsee it. So it’s like now you just open your Instagram account, and you’re like, oh my gosh, I bet that person I bet that person. And I just I thought we should talk about it. Because I feel like this whole heroin chic thing. This very, very thin ideal is just one of those things like people need to know there are people who are choosing this. And this this taking a drug getting it injected in your butt to yourself, injecting it yourself in

B 1:12:35
your budget yourself.

Amanda 1:12:37
No, and like there are some side effects. So guys, like just stay skeptical when you see this stuff. And like this new ideal is this very, very thin. No, that there’s people who are making a very conscious choice to do that. And like just stay grounded and pay attention.

B 1:12:53
What my mom always told me, Amanda was if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Yeah. And also like bones are for dogs. Unless you’re naturally very skinny, then I take that back. But if you’re somebody who’s like struggling with the extra 10 pounds, put on a pair of Spanx and keep it fucking moving.

Amanda 1:13:09
I mean, I’ll just sit over here in my jeans and sometimes feel a little bit too tight. And as I think

B 1:13:16
about what pizzeria I’m ordering my dinner from

Amanda 1:13:20
Yeah, and what bottle of wine I’ll be opening tonight. So Oh, hell yeah. Well, thank you guys.

B 1:13:26
By the way, Amanda Yeah, celebrated a year on our website. Shut down. And Amanda of course is so thoughtful and I’m not. But she sent me the most delicious bottle of champagne. That by the way, I drank to my head.

Amanda 1:13:42
Did you love it? i I’m sure you could have ever had. Oh, and your I know that you like you love.

B 1:13:49
Prosecco and champagne. Yes, I’m a bubble girl. It was so listen, it’s more expensive than I would. What’s the name of it? You remember?

Amanda 1:13:57
I have to look it up. It was one that I didn’t. I had done research on it.

B 1:14:02
Like it’s like, obviously for a special occasion. Yeah, but definitely and I’ve drank all the fancy ones guys. Yeah. At some point throughout my life. Better than all of them. It was so tasty. It was a Rosae I was so good.

Amanda 1:14:13
I love her rose a bubble. And oh, you did what it is. I

B 1:14:18
did? Well, I was like, he wasn’t in that. He was like whatever. He was having a couple beers. He was watching a game. It was like a Sunday and I was like I’m drinking this. He’s like, all right. And he tasted he’s like wow, that’s really good.

Amanda 1:14:29
Well, it is a special occasion. It’s been a year and like look at how far you know everything’s come so it’s definitely worth celebrating.

B 1:14:39
Yes. Thank you Amanda and thank you cocktail hours till next time

Amanda 1:14:51
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do As a podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:15:32
Bye guys. See you next time.