Kim Zolciak-Biermann and husband Kroy’s home is under foreclosure and set to be auctioned off this week. A restraining order against Randall Emmett. Our unpopular opinions about the Beverly Hills/Kyle/Kathy/Rinna drama. Winter House/Summer House: We have tea. Amanda talks on WWHL about Lindsay being mean to fans. Naomie Olindo has filed a response and counterclaims of her own against former associate, Ginny Cox. Amanda got the court documents and does a deep dive. And we talk Tell Me Lies from Hulu – but pause it if you haven’t watched yet.

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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 25

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She can also be coming off this way because she isn’t entitled privileged woman and she’s like, How dare these people make these lies up about me? And you’d get the same reaction from her. Right? So? Is she entitled? Yes. Does that mean that what Ron is saying is true? Not really. Does it mean I don’t know. Do you think Kyle is terrified of her sister and the breakdown of their? of their situation? And if so, why? If she’s really if I’m really scared, why doesn’t she stick up for her sister and tell Rinna shut the fuck up. That’s enough. I believe my sister

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds. Be.

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And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tip. What’s up caulk Taylor’s? Haycock tailors. So I just want to remind you guys, please do make sure that you’re following cocktails and gossip on Instagram. And then bees backup cocked? What is it Bravo and cocktails, ZZ that was three S’s because bees Insta, bravo. And cocktails underscore is still in limbo. But we have some really amazing people, hopefully helping, as we’ve been told that are being helping. And so it’s looking like it just needs the right person to kind of go in and fix what is wrong. It doesn’t look like it’s a shut off situation.

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Yeah, that we’re hearing and, you know, cocktail hours, I tell you we have we have some stuff in here from our lawyer friends, our lawyer followers, I have some tech followers that are helping me with this situation. Apparently, it’s a complicated situation. Yeah, you know, hackers be crazy, but we’ll figure it out, like we always do. But thanks, guys,

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for continuing to listen to the podcast and all of that, because, as always, we are still going to give a lot of exclusive tea here only. And then I just wanted to say so today, we’re gonna go off a little bit and talk about the show, Tell me lies on Hulu. We’re gonna save that for the end. Because if you haven’t finished it, we don’t want to spoil it for anybody. So then you can kind of pause it there and come back and listen, once you have listened, or once you have watched it, if you guys are not watching this show, you absolutely should be it is about a group of friends from college in 2008, and then flashes back and forth, you know, to current day on the show, which is 2015. So, there is a situation involving a girl who dies. And as the show goes on, we get more and more information about what really happened and how they are all connected to it. The reason I got into it is because the sex scenes are very graphic, like very Skinemax but like way more entertaining and less cheesy than Skinemax, if that makes sense. So yeah, talk about that in a little bit. Okay, so back to the Bravo verse. Earlier this week. We were the first to post about Kim Zolciak Biermann and her husband cry being in foreclosure on their home. As a matter of fact, months ago, we posted about how it looked like they were going to be moving and it would likely be shown as wanting a change, when in reality they couldn’t afford their home. So well. Here we are. Do you want to read or I’ll read it the post from the website foreclosure. This is from October 24. From a source a quick public notice search reveals that this former housewife who recently sold boxes to fans that never arrived is facing foreclosure. There will be an auction held on the first Tuesday in November. That home will be so sold at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door of Fulton County, Georgia.

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So Amanda and I know like I have to get over this. But I’m always surprised when I get something that isn’t like I haven’t heard before, like like Naomi’s lawsuit. Like the foreclosure. Listen, we all know they’ve been running schemes Kim and Co. But we had not heard in any media outlet that their home was foreclosing but I had received at the beginning of October one of my followers sent me this website from their county in Georgia. And it had the whole thing and I’m like, this is weird, so I gave it a Few days and still nobody posted it. So finally, on October 24, I was like, because it’s going to be next Tuesday, I’m going to go over the whole, I’m going to read the details. But I said, I’m posting it because I mean, this is a, you know, it’s like the county’s website. This is where they public record, right? Yeah, post obituaries, they post all these sort of, like, factual things. Right? So how Bravo and Caicos was the first one to pick it up and post it? I don’t know. But we were so shout out to us. You know, reach back at ourselves. Okay. So

Amanda 5:32
and to the reader and Taylor, who sent the link. Well, thank you guys. It’s

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always the cocktail hours because if I was left to myself, I’d be like, as a matter of fact, I got an email I posted today that a follower is like who is this? I’m like, I don’t know. And like we broke it down together and figure it out. So you know, I say all that to say yeah, I mean, but a simple search in this county brings up all of this info. Now I didn’t personally post although it was when I say it was simple, like every follower was sending me the link and I’m like, yeah, guys, I have the link. It had their address and I just didn’t want to post that because again, it was a simple search. So came across family home is valued at two point 5,000,005 bedrooms, 6.5 baths about 7000 square feet. This is the home we also are on Dolby tardy, beautiful home except to foreclose, it shows that Kim and X NFL star Croix failed to pay back $300,000 loan a notice of sale under power confirm that they had their home foreclosed it’s being put up for sale actually is going to be auctioned to the highest bidder for cash. And like, you know, very like old fashioned lingo it says but to the highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door of Fulton County, Georgia, on the first Tuesday in November, which is next Tuesday. So by this time, next week, we may have some clarity. Hopefully we are some clarity on my frickin Instagram account to the home being foreclosed upon is because of among other possible events of default, citing failure to pay the debt, the couple took out a $300,000 loan against the home and failed to pay it back. So it basically and I hate to keep repeating. But this is like how it’s worded. So it just kept saying this. I mean, the first thing that comes to my head is $300,000 is a very normal mortgage. Right? It’s about $2,000 a month, maybe if this interest rate isn’t but you know, these, whatever. So yeah, how does she not have it? I mean, even through her Instagram ads with her audience, I mean, off of his NFL money, and I actually, you know, asked my husband about this, these NFL players just off their interest, he should make at least that she had her cashmere company’s selling, according to her $25 million in profits. You know, maybe she should have participated when Atlanta was filming. I mean, I see the girl’s hair and her hair and the clothes and the this and that now, I get it. A lot of stuff is gifted, I know that just from just from the swag that I get, and I’ve gotten over the years, like people really are willing to be very generous when you have a platform. But like, it can’t all be free. They have to be spending at least 2k to keep up with their nails and their hair and everything. Yeah, yeah,

Amanda 8:18
I it was funny when you said that, because I actually had the same thought, which, obviously $300,000 is a lot of money. However, when your house is valued at 2.6, and they must have some equity in that house. That’s a small amount to lose the whole house for and you know, maybe it’s hard for them to get a mortgage, I would think that, you know, maybe they could find some sort of unconventional loan to just keep them afloat until they can sell the house and get something more affordable. Because I think if if they foreclose, they get they don’t get any of any of the proceeds. Right.

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Right, which leads us to believe there isn’t equity in the house, which could be a variety of reasons. And, you know, people in real estate and mortgages and all that would understand all that very well. I mean, there were many indicators that they weren’t doing well, financially. We know they had a lot of scam type things going on the beermen box was, you know, highly publicized by all of us accounts, the defunct bathing suit line, your speculated it was similar to Shin where like they ordered bathing suits kind of wholesale and just slap the tag on it. So I’m not I’m not sure if we’re surprised about the foreclosure. Like we said, we had, we had got a lot of blinds, and we posted a bunch of stuff about them, and they’re going to be moving, and all this kind of stuff. I’m more surprised about the amount of the loan. But again, we don’t know perhaps there was a much larger loan that they did pay off. And that’s why like the 300 is like the insurmountable apart like, in other words, yeah, maybe they have loans out for the value of the home and what’s left of it is 300. And they’re stuck because they we don’t know we don’t know any of that. Certainly, what I do know is we’re never going to hear the real story. Ain’t

Amanda 10:00
No, no, we’re not but it is it sad for the kids. I think I just hope. I hope that this means is this is there’s something that they have like in terms of hold back and that they can still take care of the kids. Well,

B 10:17
yeah, well, she still has, she must still make revenue from Instagram. And like I said, he has the interest on his, but I don’t I, in my mind, I expected Kroy to be more responsible, like, and, you know, and again, I know, you know, we make fun of her and everything, but I like I like him. Like, I always liked her on the show. Of course, I think she’s a character and wacky, but she does seem like a very loving person to her family especially. And so does cry. And I, I always saw it as like, he was the stable one. And she was the Kooky one, you know, right. I agree. Can you say to my marriage, but like, like, you know, I might bankrupt us, but people would be shocked to find out my husband did so. I just don’t know. I I’d said that’s a sad. It’s sad. I felt bad. I felt bad when I realized it was true. You know? Yeah. And listen, I’ll see you next Tuesday. So who knows? Yeah, maybe, maybe. I would say maybe she’s looking for the attention. But she’s not as a matter of fact, we weren’t. We were the first ones to post it. Shout out to us. But when Perez Hilton posted it, apparently they’ve been friendly. And she unfollowed him. So yeah,

Amanda 11:24
I mean, this is not you would never go to length, this kind of length just for a tension, because it is the wheels are in motion. I don’t even know at this point. If it’s hopefully something comes in and changes and happens. But generally, I think when there is a public notice like this saying this is happening. I don’t know if if you can stop that train. But I almost

B 11:47
want to go because like $300,000 for that house is incredible. Yeah. A lot of followers that live there are going by the way. Oh, are they? Well? Not a lot. A handful, like Yes. Okay, for $300,000 You’d be getting a mansion. But like, I would feel so guilty that I was like, profiting off of the spoils of others. I guess it depends. I don’t know. I don’t Yes. I cursed house. Right.

Amanda 12:14
I don’t think the energy transfer would be a good one. No, I would not want that. Okay, so this week, we also hear that Randall lawless acts from Vanderpump Rules, who we have also deep dive on has a restraining order against him from his other ex wife’s the one who was before Lala Amber Childers.

B 12:39
Yes. Oh, according to her petition, Amber’s sought the restraining order after discovering threatening correspondence between Emmet and his attorney. And, you know by now I’m sure you guys have seen this posted online. Amber said in her declaration that she emailed me last Friday, Randall last Friday to alert him that she had received nerdy notice from their daughter school complaining she was continually late while under Emmons care meeting late to school. She and Randall share joint legal and physical custody of the two daughters. When Emmett responded Amber said his message included copies of emails he had exchanged with his family attorney. And those emails the attorney wrote when you get some real money together so we can get one William, this is from the attorney when will you get some real money together so we can take this see you N Okay. See you next Tuesday. I don’t use that word. So I want you out once and for all. This is not good for you and your girls. Randall then roll back to him. Come on, you know, I don’t have any real money. So I guess he was basically asking this guy to do him a favor. Amber also said in her filing this week that Randall offered to pay her $50,000 to stand beside him and refute the LA Times June article about him. She’s declined. She said because she is just as much a victim as the other victims in the article. I mean, obviously we know he probably didn’t even have the 50,000 Lala has been posting in support of Amber. They actually seem to have formed a nice friendship and I think get the kids together which is really nice. This is very disturbing.

Amanda 14:18
I mean, they probably have this like survivor’s bond, right of surviving marriage to him. I don’t know that’s scary. Like did he just accidentally copy her on like parts of the email like that is what’s so interesting to me is how she got a hold of that it sounds like it was almost that like you know where she did the scroll all the way down. You know, nobody has

B 14:39
like Lala hasn’t come out and said it and neither has Amber. I do not believe this is an abuse situation. I do not believe if it was an abuse situation. The girls wouldn’t be with him. I think that he I think he loves his children. I do not think it’s an abusive, however, I do believe it seems to be that he’s on something, right that he has some sort of addiction. So the lawyer

Amanda 15:01
I mean, he could be disbarred for saying that, take this shirt see out that I mean to me if I read that, that doesn’t mean like, it’s like that means kill that means, like take somebody out

B 15:16
like it’s always incredible how the shady people find the shady people like I always find that incredible. You know, like,

Amanda 15:24
I hope that guy does get I hope I hope the bar goes after him because that is 100% 100%

B 15:32
as no Randall the lawyer.

Amanda 15:35
Oh, Randall. Yeah, well, it sounds like both right?

B 15:40
Because like Amber and Lala are alluding to something and we know it’s not physical abuse, because the court would take the kids away. But somehow why aren’t they able to get him drug tested? I don’t know. Parents have rights, you know, and California is a very liberal state. And again, I’m not making this political at all. I’m just saying, you know, there

Amanda 15:57
have been allusions to well, actually, no, this is actually in that LA Times article. The assistant remember how he got in trouble? Because he had to get the safe opened and there were drugs in there in Randall safe so I don’t that’s actually not I was gonna say and that’s not a blind that we got that was in the LA Times article. So

B 16:18
but why are these kids still allowed to have joint physical custody with her? I don’t know. Because I now you have two mothers. Yeah. banding together to stop that. Why aren’t they drug testing him?

Amanda 16:27
Yeah. And that’s, I mean, that poor girl to being late to school continually. Like that’s,

B 16:34
yeah, really? Nice. Kate, those those two kids are old enough to

Amanda 16:38
know what’s going oh, yeah, that’s absolutely old enough. Okay, so

B 16:41
sending love to Lala and tuba and, and the kids and hopefully he gets help or whatever he needs. I do think that he loves his kids. I think even though he’s an absolute whack job, it’s very evident that he loves to ski

Amanda 16:54
in California, California is lawyer listeners reports, this lawyer to the bar that is just 100% not something that you would want another

B 17:06
an email us and let us know why. If everything about the drugs and all that is true, like the LA Times article said, why is it that he still had

Amanda 17:15
maybe they’re not challenging it? Maybe Maybe Amber hadn’t challenged it? Who knows?

B 17:21
Maybe they you know, the other thing is for the older girls, not so much the baby. It’s like, it puts amber in a situation of the girls love their father. So you know that she’s tough? Yeah.

Amanda 17:31
Okay, so also Beverly Hills, part three reunion this week. It was the last the last installment. So ahead of the reunion we had posted that we heard Erica accused Kathy, of saying the slur that we have all been hearing about for months. So the email said that although Kathy’s legal team tried to get it cut from the union, it would still air for a union and it did. Cathy denied it. Kyle was crying. Erica was 100% standing behind it.

B 18:09
Like what do you think so you know, now that now that it has been said on the reunion now that it’s officially an accusation? You know, I posted back in, I want to say mark, the hunky dory blind that loyal cocktail errs will remember this has been a rumor since the beginning. So for those people that are saying Where did this come from? This has always been a rumor that Erica and Rana were running with. It got shut down. My source kept saying to me, it’s not going to make it on the reunion her lawyers are going to have it cut the night before the reunion. We got the email Amanda and it says OCE Oh shit, they did not cut it. It’s in there. That is the reason that Kyle is so upset. She didn’t expect Erica and rent it to go there. She didn’t we all knew about the braiding and calling them losers and she’s going to take over Bravo. That was all one that’s one thing for Kathy to argue her way out of, but a slur against you know, the LGBTQ community in Hollywood is a problem. Oh, I don’t care what your last name is. You know, do I think she said it? Right. That’s what everybody wants to know. Everybody wants to know, do you think she said it? Do I think she said it too. I don’t think anything is out of the realm of possibility with any of these women I I think that these women all have the meltdowns like Kathy had, except that they just don’t talk about it on camera. And Renner went there because she is super jealous of her wealth and her power and on top of that she walked on and had this cake walk she created this fun character that the audience eat up like like, you know, putting and run out is a covetous person. She is a person who operates says her central mode is jealousy and why Anyone others have I really and she’s great TV and I have loved her on the show. I have despised her on the show. But it is so obvious that she is one of the most jealous women we’ve encountered. And she will do it she will stop at nothing. Does that mean Kathy didn’t say not necessarily, but they’ve all said stuff. Look what Eric has said, I freaking camera. Okay. You weren’t traumatized by her not caring about dead PDF.

Amanda 20:28
I have to say, as be just said, we’ve been getting emails about this. And you know, there was a time a couple of weeks ago or is like there’s no way this happened. This is all a setup by Rinna and Erica, I was very much over there. And watching through Union last night and knowing the things that we get emailed about, I was like, okay, and cocktail hours. I know some of you are probably gonna get mad at me about this. But I actually I believe Rana and I’m talking about Ryna not what Erika said, because those are two different things. But I think Erica, I think something absolutely did happen with the DJ at the club, too. I don’t know about saying that word, because that is just that is a disturbing word. But I also I believe Rinna that Kathy raged and that Kathy went off. And like, I think I think what Kyle was so upset about, and is that not only that it got leaked on, you know, after the trip in March, but that also that Renna shared it again so publicly, you know, on the show, and then in the reunion, I think Kyle probably an online and I think Kyle thought her friendship with Reno was stronger than runas urge urge to kind of mention at all, and I think Kyle is like, oh, my god like this is what have we done? Okay, so

B 21:58
I’m so torn on the Kyle thing. So here’s the two, the two things that I say. On the one hand, I see someone who you can possibly say is like terrified of her sister terrified of the family breakdown. On the other hand, I see someone who’s so quick to be sharp, and cut people off and nasty. We saw it with Dory. On the reunion we saw certainly with crystal, we see her go for Garcelle, who’s a very strong character, I don’t mean to say character, but a very strong person. I think of them all as characters on the show, you know, so, so but yet yours. Yeah, but like, she doesn’t back down. She has gone at it with Rana over the years. So now, obviously your older sister, it’s a different animal. But the other side of me says she’s just playing a martyr. Because Kathy, very obviously, can seem unsympathetic, right, because there is obviously and we all watch the reunion there’s an air of who are you talking to? So I think that you can look at it from Kyle was playing into that knowing right being very savvy and knowing how what her sister’s read would be, let’s say there’s a world where Kathy, you know, did vent a little bit to ruin it, but it’s nowhere near what she’s saying. And she never said the slur, right, Kathy is, we all think she’s very savvy and all that, but she’s not as well versed in reality TV as Kyle is. So she can also be coming off this way because she isn’t entitled privileged woman and she’s like, How dare these people make these lies up about me? And you’d get the same reaction from her. Right. So is she entitled? Yes. Does that mean that what Ron is saying is true? Not really. Does it mean I don’t know. Do you think Kyle is terrified of her sister and the breakdown of their of their situation? And if so, why? If she’s really if I’m really scared, why doesn’t she stick up for her sister and tell Brenna? Shut the fuck up? That’s enough. I believe my sister.

Amanda 23:55
Well, I think she did say that to a certain extent.

B 24:00
She no she did. She

Amanda 24:02
said I don’t think I do not think Kathy said that word. No,

B 24:07
I didn’t hear her say that.

Amanda 24:09
I don’t think she which is different

B 24:10
than her saying she doesn’t think she said it. And also, yes, Kathy went in about Kyle. But if she’s really terrified of her sister, she wants it to go away. She can say what my sister said about me Rana is between me and my sister. You have brought it to my attention. I’ll take it from there but out and I’m not saying that Kyle needs to do those things right. I’m not saying she needs to she can be angry at Kathy and she can decide that it’s too far. But like say that then in other words, say like you know Kathy, you fucked up and I’m not backing you up at all. You’re gonna take what Rena really hit me Rana and and Erica have and

Amanda 24:46
I do think there is a bit of a murder piece there. It’s really hard to tell kind of what exactly Kyle’s motivation is. But here’s the other thing. So I’m sure you probably saw on social Oh, that Kathy commented on a comment about Kyle. So I want to read this because she did this in writing and it was this week. So Kathy goes off on Kyle being actually the one behind the Rinna and Erica thing. So then about them speaking out about her meltdown, this is what it said to those saying, Why would Kyle, let Renda do this? Understand one thing. She meaning Kyle has not just let them do it. She is behind them doing it. It’s how she has operated all along, and people still aren’t seeing it. Ryna attempts to destroy her acquaintances, Kyle does the same thing to her own family and friends. She will do anything for money and social status, whether it’s laughing at a 14 year old black boy getting verbally abused and cheering it on with her husband, or destroying her sister Kim at her most vulnerable. There is nothing too low for Kyle Richards. If that was really Kathy, I mean, wow.

B 26:07
I think that when you put it like that, and you put all of those situations together, that statement makes a lot of sense. But then I also think of all the times that Kathy that excuse me, Kyle has spoke out for people and has I mean, I have to tell you, Marie to and Kyle laughing at. Yeah, what Erica did to Garcelle son is disturbing. And that really stuck with me. I think that Kim things more complicated. I don’t think Kim was innocent. I think that you know the whole thing with the house. And I don’t believe that that was what it was. I think that Kim couldn’t afford the house and they bought her out. And so that’s what it is. You know, certainly Mauricio and Kyle were not in the same financial position. They are now nowhere near it. And so if my brother and I inherited property and he can’t pay it, and I’m like, Okay, I’ll buy you out. Here’s your $300,000 Kim Zolciak. You can’t turn around and be mad that then I leveled up because my husband and I can afford a better property. Like that’s not fair either. So I think that when you look at all those situations, there’s more to it that blanket statement. Yes, it makes Kyle look bad. But the thing with with gar sells, son, because Kyle is very likable through and through all of the stuff that she’s done, done over the years, much more so than rent. I mean, she’s been able to really weather the storm. And I mean, even the Lisa Vanderpump thing, she turned on that that was her ride or die. And she turned on her because of a radar online article. I mean, what about that? Yeah, what I’m saying like that would be like, you know, so I’m very torn on Kyle, I’m very torn, because a part of me sees her as a victim. And another part of me agrees with what you just well,

Amanda 27:40
and I honestly, and both can be true. Yeah. But I also think even if none of that is true, then HOLY SHIT Kathy, like I look at that and like who would put something like that in writing about their own sister like, what does that say that changed my view on Kathy? Quite a bit.

B 27:59
But she didn’t she liked it. She didn’t know she wrote is

Amanda 28:02
she wrote that as a comment.

B 28:05
Oh, yeah, just like,

Amanda 28:07
the way that I read that article. So you guys correct us. But is it Kathy literally commented on a post with that?

B 28:16
I thought she just liked the comment. Yeah,

Amanda 28:19
well, let’s see. I don’t know. I thought it was I thought she wrote it. But so you guys tell us but you

B 28:25
know, I mean, either way it’s even liking it is media agree with it? So yeah. And how’d she find it? Unless somebody wrote it for her to like, she’s not exactly tech savvy. Um, what about they’re both rotten motivated by money, and they don’t have loyalty to each other at all. And their loyalty is to their husbands and their children? And if that’s the case, then then be strange. Yeah. I mean, siblings are strong. ashed for sure, you know, happens? Or if you don’t want it, then go to therapy with each other. Yeah. And really let it go. I don’t really need it on my television anymore. And that doesn’t mean that I want Kyle off or I want Kathy off. I like them both back. I don’t need this on my television.

Amanda 29:06
Yeah, the deep Family Feud stuff. I agree. Because it’s like, I that’s exactly what if you’re gonna go to therapy, you’ve got to really go to therapy and really let it go. And because it’s just like, you know, Teresa and the Gorgos. Like, they keep bringing up the same old shit, even though they’ve been through all the therapy. It’s like, at some point, you got to just just let it go.

B 29:28
But like, okay, so Kyle playing a martyr right and saying things like, It’s always MY fault. So if you really are a martyr and you really do feel like it’s always your fault, then wouldn’t you just do what your sister wanted? And I’m not saying that she should or that that’s the right thing to do. But the fact that she does it goes to show that she’s not her puppet and she’s not Cathy isn’t the boss of her like do you know what I’m saying? Like,

Amanda 29:53
this is my that I think we’re Kyle’s coming from is this is that she can never win because There’s people are going to be fighting with their sister and her sisters are always going to we’re going to expect her to take their side. Above All right. And so my answer to you, Kyle, because I hear you and I think that that is absolutely the dynamic that is happening. But if you’re your family is the most important thing to you, then you’re not on the show.

B 30:22
Well here and I have another thing. How about this? If Kathy thinks this about her sister Kyle, if Kathy saw her sister Kyle do it to her sister Kim. Why did Kathy go on the show and assume that she wouldn’t do it to her if this is who Kyle is? Why Kathy go on the show. Why wouldn’t she say I’m not going on that show? My sister’s wicked she turned on Kim. And I don’t need that sort of stain on my reputation. And so now I say Kathy clearly doesn’t believe that Kyle would have done this, which is why she’s so angry and upset more to the point. Kathy didn’t see Kim as an innocent Kathy saw that Kim had some wrongdoing in that which is why she felt that she could go on the show and be okay. So How about them apples? I mean, we could argue I could argue every point in this situation. I can make them both right. I can make them both wrong. The one constant for me is that rennet didn’t need to take it to the place that she did. Yep,

Amanda 31:14
agreed. And it’s like she almost liked and all over the place right on social media. I think she’s just really been embarrassing herself. Like it’s, she’s she is definitely coming off as unhinged in many ways and having I just I think it’s unfortunate because she I loved Ron out, but I am not so loving her. I’m

B 31:36
kind of happy to be but okay, this is the end of Beverly Hills for a while. I do have I do have you know what? I’m going to save that for our exclusive subscription because I do have some tea on upcoming filming. Just quickly, we’ll chat about Salt Lake City, right because I feel like I feel like we’re in the gearing up stages. It looks like next week is going to be a hot one. And I’m sure we’ll have a lot to discuss. So I’ll quickly talk about what we’re gonna see. You know, their ski trip was cute. The whole Angie Heron ting thing. I can’t stand her. First of all, I keep thinking it’s Christina Applegate. Anybody else? She looks just like Christina Applegate. Okay, she looks like her too, but I don’t know her as well. I don’t know. She just looks like somebody and she’s just a trihard.

Amanda 32:19
I agree. I think she’s definitely a trihard and also ran and it’s very interesting that heard that what Jen said about her husband having a website, exposing the Shahs like, I don’t know, I think this whole I was kind of honestly sort of bored by the whole episode. I feel like the Preview for Next week was literally the best part of the show.

B 32:45
I love that we see Whitney say that one of the reasons Justin was let go from his job was because she was a public figure. Newsflash, you’re starting filming your third season. So I think the employers know. I don’t know, maybe it was that random. sexing they did where they were rolling around in mind that they were like, alright, this is too much. Yeah. And she’s husband, we find out here’s a website. I want the cold shots exposed. I want to hear about that. It’s all looking good. It’s all looking good. And I’m very happy to see Meredith and sat in such a good place.

Amanda 33:16
I think they’re so cute. Like she was playing with his hair. I don’t know what it is about him. But I find him to be very sexy. I don’t know why. Gorgeous.

B 33:27
I know. It’s kind of like crazy. They were separated so long. Yeah, I think they’re beautiful family. I mean, Brooks the face on him. I just look at his face like the only other kid will know there’s a lot of good looking kids. But the other kid who makes me just stare at his face because it’s so perfect is Frankie Catania, Jr. I just look at his face. And I’m just like, it’s such an incredible mix of Dolores. And Frank like he doesn’t look like either of them. It’s like the best possible version of them together. Agreed? Yeah.

Amanda 33:56
Um, okay, so let’s talk about winter house because we didn’t get a chance to talk about it last week. And I know that the COC tailors are loving it and want, they want to chat about

B 34:08
it. Everyone keeps asking my thoughts on Craig, because everybody knows I’m a big fan. And listen, we hear Paige say it in her confessionals. I get it, I get that Craig is acting like a petulant child in some of the scenes. And he’s aggressive and he’s drunk. I also think it’s a very weird it’s very weird to be placed in a house with people that there’s lingering issues that you don’t live near that people are get to see them. So it carries over from months, right. Like he had that full out with Luke in July. And this is probably the first time he’s seeing him since then. So there’s no like time to work things out. Everything is so aligned based. And I think that I think Craig’s honesty gets him in trouble as an example, just was very clearly uncomfortable. And I mean, Shouldn’t somebody stepped in? If a woman is saying, as she said to Amanda and Kyle, like, I don’t feel comfortable, right, like, I need to say something to him, I don’t feel comfortable. And then he touched page, which I don’t think he meant. And he said on that, watch what happened last night, watch what happens. Like last night. She’s like, I know Luke a long time. I don’t think he meant I would have let it go. It wasn’t a thing. But it was Craig being drunk, wanting to say something about jazz, but like, he doesn’t even know just that well. So it was kind of I guess he was, he was like, going between Is this my place? Like looking around at the other guys? Are any of you guys gonna say anything? And then when he when he like rubbed, he just had or whatever it was, it just like clicked. And he was just like, What the eff man? And I kind of feel like you’re damned if you do damned if you don’t, right? Because if none of the guys would have said anything, and we would have been watching the same show, and just would have been increasingly getting upset, right? Because the behavior wouldn’t have stopped weak. They’d be saying, you see the old boys club, the good old boys. They don’t even say anything when the girl is expressing that she’s uncomfortable. Right. And so did she Craig threatened to throw Luke through a window? I mean, obviously, no. I think it was kind of sad to see like, from Luke’s perspective, because I definitely feel like they all were like, Luke just doesn’t get certain things. And like, I do believe that like, I don’t think he’s some predator. Okay. I don’t think he’s so bad. I think that it’s a case of I saw him in Bravo Khan. You know, he’s tall. He’s built like he’s carved like a statue in Florence. I mean, and his face is beautiful. So I don’t think it’s often that he flirts with a pretty girl. And let’s face facts, she was flirting back initially, right? And we know were women. It’s okay to change your mind. And I think that alcohol and everything got got lines crossed. I certainly don’t think he’s a predator. And I don’t think he’s a guy who was used to hearing now. Yeah. And she never said,

Amanda 37:04
but I mean, she was not leaning into him. She was leaning away, her arms were crossed, like, yeah, it was very clear to me. And I think, you know, I think the other thing that happens, too, is

B 37:16
also when you edit, and I’m sorry to interrupt, but when you edit something, right, it can seem that way. But all of these things were literally happening in an hour window. And if he’s drinking, I don’t know. Yeah. Or maybe it was obvious. And maybe he’s just not used to girls not liking him.

Amanda 37:32
I think it was probably made a bigger deal of, you know, I think he did not cross any line, you know, like he was he had his arm around her right. And it wasn’t I it’s just one of those things where I think it’s probably a lesson for everybody, right? Like, if you’re uncomfortable, say you’re uncomfortable. If somebody is acting uncomfortable, you need to learn how to read those signs. And back off,

B 38:00
I have to tell you something, and my son is not is young, and he’s not up to dating, but it was funny, we were having a conversation, my group of my friends, and we were talking about like, Oh, who’s going to do the birds and the bees talk? And I was like, listen, the very first thing we need to talk to these boys about because it was a group of my friends who have son, or sons of friends, is consent. That is the very first thing that parents need to focus on is consent. And reading cues and asking, even if it’s weird to ask, Can I kiss you? Is it okay? If I touch you here? These are very real conversations that we need to be having with our boys and our girls. Yeah, right. But but especially our boys, you know, I mean, the way the world is our boys need to understand

Amanda 38:46
consent. And consent isn’t just one time consent is a continual conversation, as well. So I agree with you. And I think that that’s a good a great conversation and then also just respect to that will

B 39:00
be for more parenting, as you know.

Amanda 39:04
Okay, so speaking of Paige, and what about, what about Watch What Happens Live last night?

B 39:12
Oh, my gosh. Do you want to recap it quick for those people who may not have watched it? I mean, if you’re listening to this, everyone has seen

Amanda 39:18
Yeah, and if you’re following us we were definitely talking to be is definitely been posting about it. So Paige and Amanda are on Watch What Happens Live last night. Andy asks Paige and Amanda, who is meanest to fans like not exactly those words, but along those lines, Paige laughs and says no one from winter house, which was a great answer, I thought, and Andy says Lynn’s. I’m Paige laughs And so I never said that. And then Amanda just says Lindsay. So pan and Paige goes Ooh, you’re getting an uncomfortable tax later.

B 39:55
Yeah, and so Amanda. So Andy goes really Abramo con and I mean and is like, no, no, she was great at BronyCon. It’s more like when she’s caught off guard or she doesn’t. It’s not like a meet and greet. So, of course, Lindsey takes to her stories and she goes off. She’s like, you know, how dare you drag my name through the mud? I went to over 30 events for Loverboy. Yes, it’s my boyfriend, but I’m not a paid employee, I support your brand. And yeah, and you know, she’s She also showed screenshots of her posting with Loverboy. Well,

Amanda 40:26
and she’s getting hair and makeup done out, I’m sure out of her own pocket to be, like, make appearances at these events. So I hear ya on that one, Lindsay.

B 40:37
I hear you and more to the point, I think that maybe the bigger conversation should be that maybe Lindsay should and I’m not saying make her a paid employee. But you know, Loverboy is a very successful company. And Lindsay does draw a crowd, right. So if I see the if I see the flyer, and they’re coming to my town, and I see that, Amanda, Kyle and Carl are going to be there, maybe I’ll go, but there are some people that when they see Lindsey, they’ll go because they’re like, Oh, I gotta meet hubs, she’ll be activated. Right. So, you know, maybe maybe she should get an appearance fee. Maybe that should be the conversation. So there there there are no hard feelings. And you know, Amanda, I heard from a lot of followers today at the meet and greets. Absolutely. She’s always been kind. That’s what I’m hearing. I heard from people who have bumped into them in this city. And I’ve heard different things I’ve heard, you know, she’s not the warmest. She’s not the whatever. Here’s my thing. Everybody can always be on Yeah. Okay. And so like, I’m anonymous, and thank God for it. But if I ever was like a person, like a public figure, I like have many different moods, right? I mean, I’m very honest about how I am. Like, if I’m sitting there with you, and you and I are like, in an intense conversation, let’s say something happened with you, right? And you’re like talking to me about it. You’re downloading me. And, you know, we’re in a moment and somebody just walked over to me, I might be like, Hey, what’s up? I’m sorry. Or like, honestly, there are times like I was at work the other day. And it was like, we know that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you’re supposed to wear pink, and I was wearing pink. But I just was having a day, I didn’t look great. You know, and a coworker was like, Oh, let me get a picture of you. I was like, ah, honestly, really not today. And like, I think that was kind of bitchy about it. But if I were a celebrity, that simple thing that many people would do would be like, Oh, my God, she’s such a bitch. So I just feel like anybody can you could say that about anybody. And sorry, I find it hard to believe that Amanda’s always Oh, yeah, she’s always on even on TV. I mean, everybody’s moved on.

Amanda 42:38
And you know, the other scenario, I always think I’ve been I’ve seen this happen is, okay, same scenario, except, you know, you and I are both celebrity, whatever, or you’re a celebrity, and we’re having this intense conversation. And somebody at the next table over is just blatantly filming you. I have seen that happen. And it is like, I don’t know how people handle it because it is very disconcerting. It feels very, very, it’s huge invasion of people’s privacy. How can how can I tell you this intense story, as this person is just sitting there blatantly filming like, I would be so distracted? It would I mean, they would ruin my night. So I think with celebrities, I always give them a ton a ton of room on that kind of stuff. Because again, like and then it’s just like anybody you never know if somebody is just literally having the worst day but I think also

B 43:33
the thing that I find funny is that like Lindsey got so offended by it because I don’t think what Amanda said was such a big deal because she said it’s when she’s caught off guard, but also, I don’t know maybe it’s just my opinion, but I don’t see a man I don’t see Lindsey as this like sweet lovable person. Like I see her as kind of like a tough pitch. And I don’t mean that as an insult. I consider myself a tough like I’m a nice person. I’m a friendly person, but I’m not necessarily a saccharin sweet person. Yeah, like you know what I mean? So so like, and that’s okay, but like, why are you so offended it’s out of the realm of possibility that you’re kind of fresh I don’t know you kind of fresh until you really like you’re kind of fresh on watch which I’m slowly

Amanda 44:11
love her. Yes. Yay. Oh, great. Like,

B 44:15
there are people that would be surprised if I heard that about, like Stephanie Holman as an example she comes to mind is like a saccharine sweet person who’s always nice and sweet. If somebody told me she was a bitch repeatedly in person. I’d be surprised by that because I’d expect her to be like hi honey love.

Amanda 44:30
Yeah, agreed. Okay, so while we’re talking about all of these folks, how about a little shady and fun tidbit for our southern charm ladies?

B 44:42
away but know before we move to southern charm, I wanted to say about the Danielle and Lindsey.

Amanda 44:49
Oh, I forgot you have that email you want to read? Sorry.

B 44:53
So we got this email. And I didn’t post it. I was planning on posting it today because I told you guys I timed my post and then let Last night, Amanda and Paige both said like they’re definitely never being friends again. Like it’s not just a small fall out. So we had this email summer house fight former besties. So last night I watched what happens. Oh, no, I got this today. So let’s watch what happens live. But I have gotten stuff we have for a while, but it’s not some. We said a few times on here. Oh, they’ll move past it. And I keep hearing like, oh, no, no, no, they’re not moving past this. So last night, I’m Watch What Happens Live. You heard that fellow cast mates don’t think these former besties will ever make up. Best friends know everything about each other. This summer, they both said things share things that we’re told by the other in absolute confidence. We’ll see it all play out on our screens. Yeah, there’s no going back for these two former besties. And Amanda and I have received a lot of stuff like this. We don’t have specifics. But the general gist of what we’re getting is that when they had this fall out, they both sort of like, basically listen, what do you tell your best friend, you tell your best friend stuff that you don’t want anyone to know? And it seems like they both let out a lot of that kind of stuff. This is what we’re hearing.

Amanda 46:07
Yeah. So I mean, the way that I’m reading that, and we haven’t gotten a ton of information about exactly why or at least not in through the emails, exactly why they fought. And so this is you know, where it says best friends know everything about each other. Clearly, there’s, you know, been some confidences broken that you can’t go sounds like on both Yeah, it’s

B 46:31
I guess we’ll see who did it first and then I guess the other retaliate? Well,

Amanda 46:35
you know, we’ll be talking about it. Okay, so now moving on to summer house in winter house. No and southern charm. No, I guess it’s just,

B 46:49
it’s not our fault. It is not our fault. They blended these three shows down

Amanda 46:53
on each. I was so confused watching winter house the other day, I was like, is Austin like staying there staying there? Or is he just visiting? And then then I was like, Oh, that’s right. They did say at the very beginning that he’s he is coming late, because I was legitimately confused about why he was hosting a party when he was just staying with them. I it took me a couple of minutes.

B 47:17
And I also have to say before we leave when our house I think that Rachel and James and I know we met James before Jason. Jason. I always call him James always. Rachel Jason are such a breath of fresh air. And honestly for everyone saying that like oh, Fein goes to their heads, and Craig with the new money. Yeah, no shit. And you want to know what what I had 1000 followers, whatever. Maybe when, you know, I it goes to everybody’s fucking head. Okay. Goes to everybody’s head when you’re like, Oh, my God, Craig. Oh, my God. And I mean, so what like, and like, I don’t know, we live in America where like, the American dream is to make money and now he has. You’re shocked that he gets drunk and brags a little bit? I don’t know. I don’t find it offensive. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe I’m that way. Maybe. Maybe I’m a bragger. And I am. I’m the first one to admit I am. Oh, look my blinds right or whatever. I don’t know. I don’t find it offensive. Is it a little obnoxious? Sure.

Amanda 48:13
It’s, I think of it as marketing. Yes, yes. There you go.

B 48:18
All right. Let’s go to southern charm. We just We can’t.

Amanda 48:22
Okay, do you want to share this, this little bit that we got?

B 48:26
This is funny. So before Amanda moves into more deep diving on Naomi, because there’s more so our boy Justin Anderson, who for those of you that don’t know, Justin Anderson, you have to follow him. He’s a celebrity hairstylist. He has an incredible line of hair products. And it sounds like an ad. It’s an advertisement for Justin. He’s actually Christian capillaries, hairdressers,

Amanda 48:46
and sorry to interrupt, but you should really should follow him because when he shows up on live in the evenings, chances are he’s been into the liquor with his boyfriend scoot. And I mean, some of the funniest shit goes on on his lives. Like he will get just drunk and say the funniest and do the funniest stuff. And half Yes, I highly, highly recommend. They’re

B 49:09
both beautiful. They’re like, Yeah, beautiful. So he associated I love him. So Justin was very friendly with Madison Lacroix. And like all the southern charm people, but what happened was, we remember that when Kristen broke up with her husband, Madison had a fling with him, which I don’t know that Madison and Christian were friends. They were acquainted acquaintances, certainly because Justin’s friends with him. But he was associated. He was in Charleston filming something for his haircare. It was I think it was for an extension line. But he I don’t know if he Oh, whatever, some hair situation. And he was there with Austin, of course because you know, Austin, there’s not an envelope that opens in Charleston that Austin doesn’t attend. And then Olivia Lavon and Taylor. And he basically was posting them like hottest girls in Charleston, all this all that. I mean, it was very obvious that yes, he was happy to be with them. But you know, it was it was shade at Madison because it was his girl and he disowned her because Kristen is his best friend. And it’s funny because we forget what a mess like mad is prior to meeting her fiance after Austin. We had the a rod debacle. Then we had the Jay Cutler debacle. Like there was so much mess with Madison.

Amanda 50:26
I mean, I think it just kind of follows her. You know, I think I think she’s just one of those people who is just part of, of her persona. Okay, so All right, we got to talk about this. So last week, we did a deep dive on the lawsuit against filed against Naomi lendo. by her former we’re just gonna say associate because and you’ll see why here in a second. Jenny Cox, the Ginny Cox is alleging fraud and other kinds of charges against Naomi, if you haven’t listened to last week’s definitely go back because we share we got the court documents in both cases, and shared a lot more information than we have seen reported elsewhere. It’s just a matter of having a sit down through like, I think one was 32 and one was 41. Page court document. So thank you, I love this shit. Okay, so but in a very super summarized sentence, Judy Cox is alleging that Naomi told her they were 50% partners, but then didn’t pay her 50% of the profits and ended up locking her out of the business. So last week, when we talked, we said, you know, of course, this is just the one side of this case, we look forward to sharing both. So that had been the case had been filed in September, late September, and so had not really come to light publicly until before that, so Naomi has now responded with and filed a counterclaim, which came out yesterday. So I got the text from B I was like, Okay, I’m on it, go find the court case documents, which I’m getting to be really good at, gotta say. So and then went through all of that countering the key counterclaims. So there are literally 41 pages of the document. So I’m just going to go through the highlights from the and this is again from Naomi counter claiming against Ginni Cox, so the document starts right out by saying that Ginny is a disgruntled former employee of lebay. The store that is at issue here that she was terminated for employee theft and other misconduct and that Ginni filed the defamatory lawsuit with intention of extorting money through a set of claims that are knowingly false. It says that Ginny hacked into a private account belonging to Naomi, and that company and stole credit card points in order to book a personal trip to Boca Aton that she got caught and was told to cancel it. So then she was she’s Ginny started to this is all allegations from the document guys. She started to steal items from the company inventory to sell for cash at a local consignment shop that the company discovered other incidents, instances of misconduct and theft, but doesn’t list them. It says that Cox was never an owner that she contributed no money, no financial risk and was placed on salary because she couldn’t afford the investment or risk required to be an owner. We’re going to come back to that in a minute. It says that Cox was the first employee and on occasion was referred to by Olindo as partner, but that Ginni suggested that Naomi call her that so that she would have more respect. We’re going to come back to that in a minute too. And that Cox that Ginny also had business cards that said, owner slash buyer, but that was only because they want to Ginni to be able to place orders on buying trips, and then I’m going to quote you exactly quote this exactly. Cox and her attorneys do not understand what being an owner of a company really means when you consider the facts and stats from now this is this is what Naomi attorney put in this response that Coxon her attorneys do not know what being an owner of a company really means when you consider the facts. So this is what I think is this is where we’re going to start to get into some interesting stuff. And I want to come back to all of this stuff because I have opinions. Okay, the facts that were listed after that quote, CoCs never invested money which is inconsistent with claiming to be an owner. Okay, I got to just say this right now, that is not true. You do not have to invest money in a company. There are companies where nobody invests money and It’s all the company you know is makes money right? So I just have to say that I

B 55:06
can’t think of one company that started with just sweat equity and I can’t do that Bravo and because Amanda and I went into it and I said, All right, all you we make profit, here’s your share, here’s my share my skill was getting the T her skill was the website and obviously all the technology and stuff that goes into it, and now it earns money. And we started without $1 So it was just time and skill and an attorney wrote in a follower all like really interesting stuff about that. I’m sure you

Amanda 55:41
did I did and so it’s hard for me I’m like trying to not insert my opinion because I’m still reading kind of the stuff here but like I had to because that is that’s just not true. And that’s why I said quote unquote

B 55:55
our example isn’t it it’s a fact fact we you and I created a business without putting any doubt exactly well, okay, okay. Okay, we pay we when we started what are we paying 12 bucks 12 bucks a month for our site fee which came out and by the end of the month may be profitable

Amanda 56:13
from month one peeps, so call me because I’m good at this shit. So Naomi’s lawyers put this in writing in there and the stuff is it’s it makes me question how good Naomi’s lawyers are honestly. So it says that funds needed to start before the business came through Naomi and her family, Cox insisted on a salary. If Cox said she was an owner, she committed tax fraud unless you claimed ownership on her annual tax returns. 2021 Cox was told by the company she had to give up her salary and invest in the company if she didn’t want to be an owner, that Naomi and Cox discussed a profit sharing plan. That’s not the same as right to ownership. Which that’s true. Cox’s salary was not adjusted based on profits or losses as would have been if she was an owner. There’s a Shades of Grey on that one that I won’t even take time explaining clocks has no responsibility for the company. That’s all corporate documents and tax returns confirm Olindo is 100% of the owner of the company. And actually, Jenny’s Ginny has been saying that too, but that it was done behind her back. Okay, so the thing that’s interesting is so as part of this, Naomi responded to the claims from Ginni right, but then also makes her own counterclaims as part of this. So, in the counterclaims, Naomi says that she didn’t take a salary and that she loved us savings, but she paid coxa salary as an independent contractor, out of Naomi’s own pocket while they were getting the company going. We’re going to talk about that in a minute too. This is something I thought was interesting though. So Naomi has an affidavit in the document from a prior employer of Cox’s saying that she stole from her the lady’s name is in there, it’s Lydia and Belle Mac owner of shop buy on a Mac. Mac says that when Ginny was employed at her stores, she found discrepancies with the inventory that was unaccounted for or missing, and then saw Jenny wearing those items on social media and that Ginny said she forgot to pay for those items, and that this was 1000s of dollars worth of items. So again, guys, when somebody makes counterclaims that doesn’t zero out other claims. So if, if what they’re saying is true if if Ginny did steal, but Naomi did something shady with the ownership or whatever, those two things wouldn’t cancel each other out in a civil suit like this. So just wanted to kind of point that out for a second. Let’s see here. Naomi says it Ginni was aware that the LLC was filed as a single member LLC because Ginny had access to a binder called legal that she would use regularly for other stuff. This I thought was just kind of a funny detail that in November of 2021, Cox broke up with her boyfriend and stopped really working, but she came into the store and spent entire days lying and lamenting on the couch in the office and complaining about her relationship. shopping online, reading Reddit threads and passing off work to other employees. I was like, I love the shade and the lawsuit.

B 59:31
I mean, sounds like a Saturday after.

Amanda 59:37
Oh my gosh, okay. So and like,

B 59:39
okay, so I know like anyone who wants to sell their Trump knows that that’s basically like, every single person on Southern charms. Oh, I mean,

Amanda 59:47
it’s true. It’s true. you’d ever see a lot of them really hustling that hard. Let’s see. What else here some more details. It’s kind of more of the same. There. Here’s one. That’s good, though. That nice afternoon. We realize that she thought Cox was stealing. So she went in and put a ring camera in the office. And then right after she left Cox disabled it within two minutes that Cox so this one was interesting too that Cox broke into with, you know, on Naomi’s computer and then looked at Naomi’s mom’s accounts, printed them out, put them in her car and talked about what was in the accounts to their mutual friends. Okay, wait,

B 1:00:27
wait, wait, stop. What kind of account a bank it didn’t. It didn’t say bank accounts.

Amanda 1:00:31
I don’t know if it’s credit card accounts or what but it was clear. Okay. Yeah, that is this financial stuff. Here’s the thing.

B 1:00:36
Okay. There’s so many opinions I have. But like, nobody has access to my accounts being a credit card via Facebook, be it a checking, savings, Ira bond? Retirement? What the fuck have you? Nobody has access to those accounts except me. Yeah. Why would anybody be in a situation where it is that easy? Why does somebody know your password, but your mother’s

Amanda 1:01:07
information? I just don’t think I’m

B 1:01:09
very smart. To me. That’s negligence on your part. Like, obviously, you know, that’s like, listen, it’s like, nobody should take what’s not theirs. But I’m not gonna leave my wallet on the sidewalk. Right?

Amanda 1:01:23
Exactly. I totally agree. It says that she charged 1000s of dollars for personal things with the company Amazon or AmEx, including Ubers, Uber Eats groceries travel, she took and gave away inventory. And then the last thing is there’s a deposition from a girl named Madison EC. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right, who is a marketing director of lebay saying that she herself witness Ginni filled gas in their own cars, that Naomi would never notice that she she saw her locking the door of the office and getting on Naomi’s laptop when Naomi wasn’t there. And that she also saw her taking clothes to a consignment shop to pay for a truck. So okay, so that was with a few of our opinions sprinkled in hopefully that was clear. Wouldn’t we had an opinion and what was in the court case? I have a few opinions on this. So now that I’ve read both sides, I think the biggest thing that I think is very strange is in business. You don’t ever use the word partner with somebody who is an employee. That is just not a like, that’s not a thing. Like that’s not a like I want to get a respect kind of thing. If you wanted to give her respect or respect thing is an associate. Yeah. Or call her this is my you know, had buyer or vice president of merchandising or president of merchandising, right? You don’t call them partner, family

B 1:02:49
member? I have family member who, who has their own law firm. And they refer to the attorney to work for them as their associates, right? There is no partner because they are the owner of the law firm everyone else is there.

Amanda 1:03:04
And when there are partners at a law firm, but that is also not in your family members law firm but in other when you hear somebody like say I made partner, there is a whole other financial piece and then a lot of times too, like law firms, other companies, when somebody becomes a partner, there’s usually a financial output that they have to do to buy in because there is a financial, there is a responsibility loss, right profits, or it comes with that word, right?

B 1:03:31
Or there’s an assumption of you assume, you know, salaries for secretaries and assistants and all that kind of stuff. So it’s not just like oh, hey, our partner congratulations. It’s like yeah, you may earn more but sometimes it’s better to be an associate depending on anyway what you and I with our tangents call us for advice when seeking legal jobs also. Neither of us have passed the bar in any state or country however we have a lot of opinions on it.

Amanda 1:04:02
Yeah. Yes. My whole hour I’m telling you guys so there is something very significant. God oh my gosh, no. Right. And we both have like family members who are in the legal profession, which makes us experts. But again, you guys like you also don’t put the word owner on somebody’s business card unless they’re a freaking owner like that is I just think that is the biggest red flag is that that you would never do that as put owner on somebody’s business card. You could put hide buyer and that would be enough for the purposes that they said that they weren’t doing.

B 1:04:45
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, last week I was like very much more on Niomi side. And again, guys, this is all opinion, right? And I still stand by what I stand by, which is our follower Who’s an attorney had a really a lot of good insights that may He kind of

Amanda 1:05:00
yes, I’m going to share that in like a minute. Yeah, what I’m saying, but my opinion on it

B 1:05:05
is and again, because it’s an I was raised by attorneys. Okay, let’s just leave it there. Your names got to be on the documents. Yeah, that’s the number one thing that I learned being raised by attorneys. And the second thing I learned is, you have to read the documents before you sign

Amanda 1:05:20
them. Yes. 100%. This

B 1:05:23
is basic stuff, right? It is. So like, at a minimum, Jeanne was naive. Well,

Amanda 1:05:28
I absolutely think that that is 100% the case, I get the feeling to that Naomi didn’t know as much because so here’s the other thing. So when they say in the lawsuit, you have to invest to be an owner and the Ginny’s lawyers must not know much about being an owner. That’s, that’s actually Naomi’s lawyers are wrong, you do not like like we just talked about, you do not have to necessarily invest in a company to be an owner, I could, you know, start a business tomorrow and give half to my kid. And that would just be my choice, right? And sweat equity. And so our cocktail or isn’t talked about this, too. Sweat equity is a real thing. I mean, there’s a lot of startups, you know, look at Shark Tank or any you know, Airbnb, a lot of those were the founders went and they had to get capital, like, just because they didn’t put money in or as much money as invested didn’t make them no longer an owner of the company.

B 1:06:26
But our website is a perfect example. Yeah. Because when you and I met, you said to me, it would cost you X for me to build this. Yeah. And I was like, wow, that’s a lot of money. Yeah. On something that I didn’t know if it will be profitable. Or you said, uh, but I think what we should do, because I believe in it, and you believe in it, is we’re gonna make it and you get this percentage, and I get this percentage. And so, like, the reality is, is that if Amanda had come to me, right, and said it, it would have been the same thing, because yeah, she’s building the site, but she needs the tea, which is my skill,

Amanda 1:06:59
right? Yeah. Yeah.

B 1:07:01
My skill is nonsense.

Amanda 1:07:03
No. I don’t know. I think it’s, it was a great meeting of the minds.

B 1:07:08
Because yeah, it’s just, I mean, listen, people assume things like, right, I just find it odd that in a lawsuit Niomi has things that aren’t legally true. It’s weird,

Amanda 1:07:19
because who’s your attorney? Even so even the cop Taylor, who reached out had said, she’s like, you know, generally when you say partner, unless it’s if it’s, it implies 5050 Unless it’s on paper, otherwise. And then she also said the same thing about sweat equity, sweat equity, is like a lot of partnerships that have unequal monetary contributions will start when somebody one person, one party provides more sweat equity. Okay, I have a couple other things that I want to get back to what the cocktail are said to. But even outsiders and, guys, I am not, I don’t have an MBA, I’ve just been in business that long enough that I understand how this stuff works. I know that some nice things these lawyers are saying is not true. That is concerning me.

B 1:08:09
I have a PhD play here degree.

Amanda 1:08:14
Okay, and then oh, this is the other big one. So this is another thing I just know from having been in business, where Naomi alleges that if Ginni was an owner, she committed tax fraud by not claiming it on her taxes. So here’s the thing. So when you’re a partner in an LLC, or even a sole owner, so you have to wait for the company to close its books and file its own taxes. So the thing with LLCs, and we won’t go too much into this, but LLC is don’t actually pay their own taxes like a corporation does. The owners, it’s passed through to the owners. So there is a document that is called a k one, you can’t get that document until the company closes its books and files, its tax paperwork. So then you get a k one, but if you don’t have a k one, and you don’t have the books, you can’t just claim on your taxes that you’re an owner, you have to know Okay, out of the prop, like exactly how much profit Am I claiming towards my taxes? So there’s no for Naomi to even say that in a legal document is extremely odd to me, because in my company, I couldn’t just be like, Oh, I think it’s somewhere around you know, 30k is what I’ve got to pay. No, you have to have a k one. Like it’s, it’s insane to me that they would have put that in there. And then this is another thing that is very, very interesting. So in the document, Naomi uses words are the lawyers use the word independent contractor, employee and salary, interchangeably recording Jenny, those are very much not the same, like you. An independent contractor does not make a salary. When you pay a salary you have to pay payroll tax, Social Security tax benefits. Only salaried employees get that and that is a big thing in HR and tax and all that stuff. You never use those words interchangeably. So again, not a good sign for Naomi’s lawyers to have that in a written document, I want to share the other stuff. So we have our legal evil cocktail her, she pointed out that if Naomi said she would take out a salary in a lump sum equal to Ginni, this also indicates that the partnership is 5050. She said she agreed with our comments from last week that a lot of partnerships start with unequal monetary contributions when one provides more sweat equity, that if all the initial this is what I was trying to say, and I think our cocktail color says it way better than I the way I was trying to say it, if all the initial capital so we remember there was a loan from Naomi’s dad was from the dads. And that would actually mean that neither Naomi, or Jenny nor Jenny made that initial capital contribution, which would mean that, you know, unless the money was loaned to Naomi directly, and then Naomi, put it in the business, that would be a slightly different situation. But anyway, there’s a lot of things that are just really interesting. And we would love to hear more, actually from our legal Eagle correspondent, now that we have been talking about the other side of the lawsuit, and where I would love to hear what her opinion is on all of this. But yes, anyway, that is the deep dive guys. So

B 1:11:36
I think, Okay, I’m gonna give my opinion very quickly.

Amanda 1:11:39

B 1:11:40
I think I stand by what I said last week, which is that friends can go into business together as long as they treat it like a business and not like a playdate. So I think that both ladies are guilty of not handling things properly from the beginning, and I get it, you start an online thing you don’t really, first of all, Naomi is a public figure. So she should anticipate that it’s going to be a big success. And as a public figure, I think it’s okay. If she said to Ginny, listen, we’re partners, but I’m 60 or 40. Over? In other words, yes, obviously, her being a public figure may drive more traffic to the site, right. So if she wanted to work that into the deal, and Ginni agreed to it, that’s one thing. I think, Jenny, just assuming that she would get 50% with it not being in writing is naive. I think that I only referring to her as a partner and leading her to believe in other words, it was on her business card. This girl believed she was a partner. So do we lie to her? Yeah, or she changed her mind. But it all ends in the fact that then she deserves a buyout, or whatever it is. And I think that it’ll be a settle out of court sort of situation, I think that there’ll be a number on it, and it will start low. And depending how gangster Jenny wants to get, she’s gonna get a lump sum.

Amanda 1:13:09
I agree. I think it’ll cost either each side at least 100k. To see all this this all the way through to trial. It is so expensive.

B 1:13:19
They’re not kids either. And I don’t know, Jenny from a campaign. But I know that Naomi’s mom is a very established woman and her and her father owned restaurants and several businesses. So she may have known what she was doing. And if that’s the case, she really took advantage of Ginny. And if not, and she really thought, oh, let’s be partners, and then Ginni took a couple of dresses and she got pissed off, she went in her computer, she got pissed off, and she cut her out. Well, guess what? You’re gonna have to buy her out. Now you’re gonna have to do something, because it was on a business card. It’s in text messages. It’s an email. So the girl worked for you. You know, I just?

Amanda 1:13:59
I don’t know. Yeah, agreed. Because even if Jenny did do what she did, even if she did steal, that doesn’t change. That’s why I’m trying to say there’s we got to separate those claims, right? Because if Jenny did what she Jenny stole, that doesn’t erase if Naomi lied about the partnership, those are two separate issues. But I think you’re right to they’ll go to mediation or whatever. And there will be a lump sum, and the amount of money that Naomi, or that Ginny stole in terms of merchandise and whatever, will probably be removed from that. And then there’ll be some sort of lump sum because I think,

B 1:14:39
I mean, the moral of the story to me is get it all in writing, even if it’s a far fetched idea as Bravo and was get it in writing. Amanda and I have a real legit contract. We really had attorneys look it over Yeah. And it was worth not $1 At the moment, but you have to do this because you know, Charlie familiales got 800 million and followers on Tiktok. Why not us?

Amanda 1:15:02
I gotta say, I think based on what I’m reading, and again, me and my non legal degree. I think Naomi is very exposed with this. If Jenny has the proof that she says, yeah,

B 1:15:14
the settlement, what it’s gonna come down to is how big of a settlement. Yeah. And if Jenny really doesn’t have much money, right, obviously, Naomi’s playing with a fuller deck, right? You say to yourself, you know, is she going to settle for 25k? Is she going to push it? And then go to trial, and then have a jury decide that you know what, this girl was stupid and she doesn’t know or anything, right? That’s always what is the thing with settlement? Yeah.

Amanda 1:15:40
Okay. We’ll stay on this one. Okay. So guys, we’re coming to the part of the show where we are telling you we’re going to talk about Tommy lies. So if you have not finished the show, pause it right now. Come back, when you like, Come back when you’ve watched it, because we don’t want to spoil this for anybody. I am dying to know what you think of the finale be.

B 1:16:04
I wish you would have covered every episode. I know. Okay. So I wasn’t surprised that Stephen was driving. I totally assumed that like the moment he was telling Lucy and I had I was like, he was driving. I wasn’t surprised of his treatment of Macy. Like, you know what I’m talking about. He just goes in the room and dismissive. Yeah, I was disturbed by it. But I wasn’t surprised by it. I think Lucy got what was coming to her when he walked down the stairs with Diana. And a lot of my followers were like, playing what was the song Brightside

Amanda 1:16:39
by the killers? I killer, just so funny that the followers are saying that because like that, to me, it was the standout moment. Like you see them slowly walking down and that people were really taken

B 1:16:51
by the song choice. I don’t think I noticed it. I’ll be honest, I want to rewatch that. Because what I was thinking Amanda was I was thinking Lucy was going to walk in on them hooking up. Were you thinking that? I?

Amanda 1:17:02
Honestly, I was not even thinking about that far ahead. I was just because I was watching Diane, I’m like, what Diana? Like, what the fuck are you doing? Like, go move on. There’s so many more interesting people, I’m sure at this party than Steven.

B 1:17:18
I know. But when you’re 19, you want to win? Yeah, I think it became about that for her. Yeah, but here’s the thing. And I want to see what you think about this. I think that Lucy walking in on him and her hooking up, wouldn’t have been as bad as him holding hands with her publicly and leaving her there. Because if she walked in on him, it’ll be oh my god, he got caught cheating, which is no surprise. What he did was like such a burn. Like it took me aback. I was like, wow, like, I knew he was going. I mean, we know that he uses them interchangeably. So it wasn’t wouldn’t have been a surprise if they hooked up. But when he just did that, I was like, he wasn’t even trying to hide it. Knowing what Lucy has on him. Although we know that she won’t because he threatened her back. So yeah, your thoughts before I say too much?

Amanda 1:18:08
No, I mean, same on all of that. I think we underestimated Diana, by the way, I think. I think we all just under awesome. I did not I really did not see that coming. I saw maybe them hooking up again. But I did not see her being so manipulative.

B 1:18:27
I don’t know something about her. She’s got boss energy.

Amanda 1:18:29
I don’t know. And then honestly, it didn’t surprise me that Lucy slept with Evan later that night. It didn’t surprise me at all, because I don’t have the highest opinion about it.

B 1:18:41
Right. And they’ve been teeing that up for a long time. Yeah. Evan and her Yeah. Okay. Okay. So here’s Steven sociopath, psychopath, whatever he is. Lucy, I want to say I don’t like her. But then I tried to say to myself, remember, she’s 18. Remember, she’s dealt with the traumatic thing with her mother and her father passing away, right? So I try to give her grace because of that. The Evon thing, I just I was more mad at him because I feel like he’s just want to talk with Lucy. And then he got with Bree. And he like, fell for her and was so into her and the fact that he still did it like, yeah, Lucy had a traumatic experience. Yeah, Lucy got really drunk. What’s his excuse? And like, you know, that Bree, like opened up to you and yeah, about foster child. And what’s his excuse? Like, I don’t want to hear he got too drunk. That’s not an excuse. He didn’t go through a traumatic experience. Well, I don’t know what his family life is like, right? I’m just saying it’s not okay that Lucy did it. But why did he do it? I think because of because Lucy is hot and he wants to hook up with Lucy. And if Lucy turned around and said I want to date you fuckery what would you do? Like screw British she’s out of the picture. He probably Go with Lucy, when you’re 20

Amanda 1:20:03
years old and you’re I mean, not that I am excusing it but I think that’s partly why this show is so interesting is you don’t cheer for any like, you’re kind of all the people are like have except dirty underbelly is Yeah, yeah, except for Bree. You’re right.

B 1:20:20
And Pippa doesn’t really have a dirty underbelly. She shared that she was like bullied, which I found I found that a little exaggerated and honestly, it’s kind of hard to believe Right? Like that. She never had a friend like that was too much. But okay, that’s the storyline that they’re going with. So I don’t find that she did anything wrong other than keeping the secret about drew for Wrigley. Yeah. Yeah, and I think her intentions are kind of pure, I think. I mean, Lucy also wrote the letter and is just letting Pippa take the fall. Yeah.

Amanda 1:20:51
Oh, yeah. Oh, my God, Lucy and Stephen. That’s the thing. It’s so interesting is like they’re doing the same shit, right, like Stephen completely let drew take the blame for this accident and let it get in between his relationship with his brother. It’s, it’s they’re doing exactly the same thing, just with different people. And they’re being just as manipulative and letting other people take the path to I mean, I kind of think so. And that’s what I think is so interesting. It’s like, but why am I cheering for her? Kind of like, because I guess the show her,

B 1:21:28
I guess is that I always sympathize with the woman more so Right, exactly. Looking at when it’s a situation of her and Steven Yes, I’m more on her side. But in every other relationship, I’m not on her side. And even with her mother, like, I hate to say it like that. Her mother. Her mother is a good mother to her. And she’s so mean to her. I understand it’s trauma and her father passed. I understand all of that. But I just remember when she first got there in the beginning, and she was just so mean. Lucy or the mom to

Amanda 1:22:03
Lucy. Yeah,

B 1:22:04
she was even mean to Macy. I don’t want to go out like yeah, she is just gluttonous person. Like she’s gluttonous about her feelings. Yeah. If she feels that nothing else exists, and she’ll burn the whole house down. Yeah, totally. And like, it can’t all be youth and trauma. Some of that is like who you are.

Amanda 1:22:21
Yeah. And I think that is why again, like, why I think the show is so interesting is because there is no perfect angel, you know, other than Bree and you know, even the mother, right? Like, awful thing that she went through, but again, like having a sick partner. I mean, that’s gotta be like, right? It’s just it’s life is complicated is the theme, I guess. So I had to text you, cuz I was watching it last night. I’m like, Who? Wait, who is that? Who was that? They were supposed to know who this is? I didn’t. So

B 1:22:52
I didn’t know either. And I posted I was like, Who the fuck is this? And everyone’s like, Lydia, her childhood friend totally forgot

Amanda 1:22:58
about her. Oh, okay. So but interesting. And that makes sense. Because it was like, why are they spending all this time on her calling? Her friend and her friend being like, I’m going on a road trip with my friends and blah, blah, blah. But other than to make like Lucy, like, just seem a little bit sad or more sad and more pathetic, right? Like,

B 1:23:18
right. And so many of my followers have sent me theories on what they think happens with that somebody said, they think that Lucy goes on the trip to India that she had been talking about. And since they’re a town over, he seeks her out and the friend doesn’t even realize it’s the same person at first.

Amanda 1:23:37
Which tracks there’s something interesting remember how on Chris, why are you the friend

B 1:23:42
so friendly to her? Like obviously Lucy’s mad about this? Or just Lucy play it off? Or just Lucy do something fucked up? And

Amanda 1:23:49
yeah, we’ll remember how during Christmas break. Lucy is hanging out with Lydia and lies that because you know, she went to the hotel with that other guy, the bartender that lies and said that it was Steven she lies to Lydia about that. I’m like, There’s something going to be about that. That’s going to come back up to so

B 1:24:07
yes. And also the bartender is the same guy. She’s with present day you know that right? Oh, no, I

Amanda 1:24:13
realize that the tattoos it’s

B 1:24:15
the same guy. Oh, he’s kind of like she’s a fucking sociopath. You’re right.

Amanda 1:24:20
I mean, they both are. So anyway, cocktail hours. We got to talk about this. I’m very curious to hear what everybody else is thinking about it, but I

B 1:24:27
almost want to rewatch because I watched things so half assed because honestly, I’m checking DMS Yes, I’m doing that I need to like really invest my time. I am

Amanda 1:24:35
telling you guys like, like raw in like the ways like he like puts on a condom. I mean, there is like, fear stuff that you don’t usually see that side of it on TV. And it’s it’s good. So just watch out for the sex at the very least. Yes, the sex

B 1:24:55
is good. I mean, I don’t know I he kind of skeeves me out I don’t his body’s great. I don’t think his face is great. I think I think it’s because he’s he makes those crazy eyes. You know what I’m talking? I agree when he’s intense. Yeah, by the way, he’s pegged. Bundys real life, son.

Amanda 1:25:11
We say that already. Oh, I didn’t know that. Yes. And she plays his mother on the show. Yeah. So I knew that, but I didn’t know their real real name. Yes.

B 1:25:19
Oh, me and Lucy and Steven are dating in real life. Hopefully, they’re more normal in real life.

Amanda 1:25:24
Yes. Well, we didn’t know that. There’s something about her. And you know, it’s so funny. I was watching it last night. And I’m like, a perfect example right there of what we’re talking about, about remember when I was like, I didn’t know how to do my hair really, until my 30s. Like she comes, you know, in the modern day, and her hair is like done and like before, it was always just like, kinda like kinky. Like, she slept on it, whatever. And I’m like, That’s exactly like just a nice little Visual Insight in there guys about like, what it really means to come into your own when you’re kind of in your 30s. So anyway, well, I guess it sounded like there’s going to be another season so that’s good. There’s gotta be another season for sure. Well, I think that’s all we have for today. But thank you guys so much for hanging in there. Definitely want to hear your thoughts on the Naomi court case and hang

B 1:26:13
in there like they’re all like injured.

Amanda 1:26:16
Oh, no, I just Oh, did I say that I met more hanging in there with the whole Instagram account is what I met Yes, follow

B 1:26:23
cocktails and gossip. I mean, listen, if it’s not fixed by now thanks for letting

Amanda 1:26:27
us torture you for an hour and a half every week guys. Oh God sometimes this is why I could never be on housewives because I never remember like I think I’m saying something that I’m not saying and then I remember things being said slightly differently than they really were like with the whole Kyle saying that she didn’t or thought she didn’t or didn’t hear it right the the slur So anyway, thank you guys for your the best great cocktail hours. Yes,

B 1:26:59
we appreciate if you work for Instagram, call me by Guy.

Amanda 1:27:13
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because once you don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:27:54
Bye guys. See you next time.