B has been experiencing a little Instagram drama on @bravoandcocktails_ – here’s an update. We have a bit of a Bravocon hangover – but don’t worry, we’ve got more post-Bravocon tea. We’re outraged at a Housewife’s snub of Mama Joyce. A wild theory on who is angling to be the next housewife in SLC. RHONY legacy and reboot updates. Potomac and SLC messiness. And we wrap with a deep dive on the lawsuit against Naomie from Southern Charm. Amanda got the lawsuit documents and shares info you haven’t seen reported.

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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 24

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The older I get, the more I know myself. The more I even like fashion wise, like I’m, I look back on, you know, I, of course, you know, you’re young and you have your hotbar. But I look on my fashion choices and I’m like, oh my god, that was terrible

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And, as always, is all alleged and just for fun. We do not verify our blinds.

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V. And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s teep

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What’s up cocktail hours? Did I jinx myself saying I’m a cat and I have more than nine lives. Amanda?

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Hi COC Taylor’s Well, if you guys are following, here we are Friday on the 21st. The Bravo and cocktails underscore account has been we don’t know Limbo mode, we’ll call it Limbo mode, we’re put on pause. It’s still there, but B can’t access it. So we are using all of our powers that be to get it back. We’re not like super stressing about it. But do make sure if we are still down to go to add Bravo and cocktails underscore and shake the phone, something should pop up. I actually did this too, that says report an issue and say hey, can we please have this account back? And don’t forget to also follow be at the backup which is at cocktails and gossip that were kind of just she’s running with and linking to the site as she would normally with Bravo and cocktails underscore. And then of course, we’re always here on the pod every week, sometimes twice a week, like this week. And we’re also at the website Bravo and cocktails.com.

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Yes, Amanda. So you know, a few people said to me, and on my Instagram, it wasn’t working. Now it does. So it must be some sort of update. The shake thing doesn’t work for everyone and the people that it doesn’t work for like be I think you’re losing it like I’m shaking my phone. Like in an Uber, I look like a psycho. And I’m like no, no, it doesn’t work for some people. But for those that do. It does. You shake it, you report a problem. And then it’s not that you’re reporting me. There are some who when you shake, it’s only negative things. Leave it alone if that’s the case. But if there’s a place to write you just right, please restore the account. Listen, Amanda, it’s all good. I have to say, I just I don’t know. Okay, so I did jinx myself. But I also don’t know if I should be flattered. Because I mean, I’m the only Bravo account that has this issue. Like, legitimately the thing that got posted was a link to a story on our website. And the words were officially out. And it was reported for selling illegal goods. Okay, that makes no sense. So okay,

Amanda 3:13
like guns and firearms and tobacco. And yeah, it was about Yeah,

B 3:19
I blame Amanda. It was about the edibles from that last pod. No, no, no, it wasn’t no, no, she’s kidding. Okay. Wait. So the weird thing, Amanda, is that I’m not locked out. I am in but I can’t do anything. Yeah. So it’s just weird. We’re hopeful that since we’re still there, and since I’m still in, this is going to be shorted out. That’s all I can really say about it. But listen, this, whoever it is, whether it’s a hacker, whether it’s people who dislike me, for whatever reason, whether it’s reality stars who are sick of me, spilling the tea, I’m still going to spill it. So always go to the website because no matter where I am, you’ll see my posts there. And the reality of it is when I stopped doing this, it will be because I choose to not because someone shuts my internet account down. That’s why I have the website. I took my power and I said, Listen, I’m a businesswoman, baby, you want to play let’s play. So game on. I’m here. I’m not worried about it. Amanda’s certainly not worried about it. So let’s hop into some Bravo T.

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Yeah, we know that the real ones know where to find us. The website has still been running strong. That’s why the whole section on the website is called too hot for IG because it just can’t handle the hotness, right.

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And I also I would be remiss to not thank my loyal cocktail errs, our loyal cocktail errs, and of course my other accounts who are reposting me and helping me find helping followers find me. You guys are the MVPs for real and we appreciate you. For sure. Okay, so

Amanda 4:56
let’s get into the tea. So this week has been a bit of a Bravo con, I’m gonna call it hangover because there’s still stuff coming in and you’re like, not that it’s it’s just it hasn’t quite ended. So it’s like slight hangover, that we kind of keep hearing more and more coming out of Bravo con. So why don’t you share some of what you’ve been hearing me?

B 5:20
Yeah, I’m just gonna spit out some stuff. And you’ll tell me your opinion on this stuff. Amanda. I actually I got to, I’m getting a lot of feedback from followers on what their experience was like and what they really liked. And, you know, that kind of stuff, which is always really interesting. And I want to share it because I’m fortunate that, you know, I get those DMS. But for everyone else, it’s good for them to know. So one of my followers had a really interesting take on Bravo Khan. And she pointed out that when tickets were first on sale, they sold out immediately. And then a few weeks in the last like couple of weeks leading up Andy mentioned on Watch What Happens Live and radio Andy and also on podcasts he was a guest on and he kept saying make sure to get your tickets, which to us, it kind of seems like obviously they added they released more tickets as Bravo Khan got closer. So this followers were saying to me like if that’s the case, then because the complaints, people loved it, people loved seeing the talent, they loved the panels they loved, but they complained about the lines specifically at the bars and the bathrooms. So what they’re what what this Father is saying is like, if you’re adding tickets, you should have added more bars should have added more bathrooms. People were waiting, they were saying for upwards of an hour to get a bottle of water or go to the bathroom. My sister in law and I actually found Well, my sister in law. Okay, this is true story. I didn’t tell you this, Amanda, flirted with somebody who worked at Javits Center. We found a secret kitchen bathroom. Even even the Bravo labs didn’t have access to it. So shout out to my sister in law.

Amanda 6:59
I know. I know, I need to meet her. She sounds like she would be just as fun as you are. So okay, so guys, I go to conferences at places like the Javits Center all the time, here are a couple of things that are different, right? One is, I would say, I don’t know, 80%, at least of the people who were at Bravo con are women. And that means you’re going to put twice as much stress on the ladies rooms. So figure out a way to designate some of the other men’s rooms as a ladies room to like, that would have been an easy, I’m sure there were probably women who are just running into the men’s room, there were Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s what I mean, that feels natural. And then obviously, don’t attach the bars to where you can also just get if you want to Diet Coke, or you want to water like those should be separate. But I think the other thing is too is like, they probably, you know, when I go to conferences, and big expos and stuff like that, I’m not drinking the whole time. And so they probably just weren’t even expecting, right, they have their like normal numbers. And then also, I guess, I’m betting the reason that they were able to extend tickets is because as they got more and more Bravo talent to sign up and agree to come, right, that meant they could have more panels running at the same time, which means they can handle a bigger crowd. But that, that that cocktail is 100%. Right? Like, they’ve got to make sure that all the facilities can keep up

B 8:31
that absolutely. And the other point she made was they needed to have more security because people, and honestly, I didn’t really experience a lot of this. But people said to me that a lot of the lines, there was no consistency. And people would walk in front of people or join their friends online. And the people behind them would obviously be frustrated. So you know, that kind of stuff. And remember, the first one was nowhere near as big as this. So I am totally confident that those kinks will be worked out. And then oh, this is some interesting intel that we got. So somebody shared with me that, you know, they referenced Lisa Rinna and her not selling at the bazaar, which we spoke about on you know, last week’s pod. And they told me that in 2019, Loverboy was available at Bravo con, which I wasn’t even aware of, because I wasn’t there at the bizarre and an add on events. So this person was wondering why it wasn’t available this year. But Kyle confirmed to this person that the reason there was no Loverboy this year was because he would have had to put up 8 million as a bond. Because gathering this as some type of insurance coverage, and it was it was I mean, $8 million. That’s awkward, obviously a lot of money to swing for a three day event. So yeah, yeah.

Amanda 9:49
I mean, I think that would make sense. Generally there is whenever you’re serving alcohol, like there is a like a much increased level of liability. I think there’s Also a lot of weird complexities when it comes to large venues like stadiums and hotels and convention centers. I’ll just say I have worked with one of the two big soda companies in my career as well as a beer company. And when you know whether the venue is like a Coca Cola venue or a Pepsi venue is a really big deal. There’s a lot of money, a lot of negotiation, that kind of stuff involved. So it could also be that Javits didn’t have a relationship with Loverboy as distributors. So the distributor couldn’t help cover that, because I would think actually, the distributor would help with that. But if they don’t have the relationship, it’s a different distributor than they probably couldn’t. So what Kyle said I think, you know, or it could be that Javits has an exclusivity agreement with a Loverboy competitor as well. Who knows but too bad Bud Light seltzer was now that’s actually I’ll tell you what, that’s probably why. And because the distributor yes, you’re that’s exactly why. And

B 11:01
I have to say shout out to Kyle and Amanda and Carl because Loverboy is far better quality than Bud Light seltzer that’s like bottom of the barrel for me. I’m a seltzer expert, a hard sell to expert, you

Amanda 11:12
are a heartfelt

B 11:14
I love my teas. I’m not I’m actually having a glass of red wine because I didn’t have time to stop. And that was what was open from last night. I had a nice glass of wine. While I watched winter house, we’ll get to that later. Yeah, and then some other Okay, I want to I like I like to share the good and the bad. So I’m going to share a really good thing. So a follower reached out to me, a lot of followers reached out to share like how truly kind a lot of the Bravo celebrities are because people love to remember and point out the negative. So I wanted to highlight some of the positive. So this follower said on Friday when Shannon Vador got to her booth. She arrived without her own security or booth management. So you know, guys if you if you listen to us that everybody had a handler and a security for whatever reason, she wasn’t with them. And the booth was mobbed. Pure craziness and like Shannon legit looks scared. A lot of she said that a lot of the people who had been standing calmly there tried to like calm the crowd down and get things in order. But it was like beyond their control. It wasn’t working. She said Robin had just got to her booth, which was right next door to Shannon, Robin, Robin had come with her own booth management. And Robin was talking to fans taking photos being kind, stunning, which we saw last pod. And they said Robin graciously and immediately, almost like second nature asked her booth person to go help Shannon and to take care of the situation. Robin didn’t do it to look good in front of us. The follower says because to be honest, I don’t think she realized we even noticed her doing this. But those of us who witnessed both booths are exactly what she did. And it was truly heartwarming and impressive. It reminded us how normal and wonderful a lot of these Bravo labs are. It gave me an added layer of respect for Robin, we need more people like her in the world.

Amanda 12:58
So I have to say something just on that topic. Because you were reading this because I hadn’t read this before. I’m like, oh my god, the exact same thing happened to me. Not at Bravo con but at my kids school carnival. And I’m sitting up there. I think a couple of the volunteers didn’t show up. I always take this one. Like where all the initial like tickets and stuff are bought. It’s always nuts, right? And I was just up to other volunteers who didn’t show up. This other mom was like, Do you need help? Because she sees me like, parenthetically trying to like, put people’s credit cards in and then deal with the cash and like count out the tickets. And she’s like, do you need to help them like Yes. And she sat right down. So that’s Robin, right? Yeah, he’s just like another PTO mom and just like a good, decent person who’s like, you need help. I’m gonna help you.

B 13:49
I love that. I love that. I love that. And like we’re moms, if we don’t help each other, we won’t survive this. Okay, so and then I heard some not a lot of people told me not so much nice stuff about one of our favorites. Apparently Phaedra when she would get to her booth, she would purposely stand backwards facing the wall. Or sit in a chair facing down towards the floor, turning her body away so that people like wouldn’t get a picture or maybe even not notice her. I mean, I have to say I get listen as a fan. I would be like Phaedra Phaedra. And if she blew me off, I’d be so upset. It was so overwhelming. Amanda, I can’t I was overwhelmed. And nobody was like looking at me or noticing or I was just a spectator so I can only imagine how overwhelming it was. So I do cut people slack. But it just goes to show you that you know everybody’s a little different. And then these are just random tidbits. The guy who got hit by Jennifer’s drink is also the guy who does PR for margin, Joe. No. Okay. Yeah, so he’s all in the jersey mix. I’m sure he’s in an alliance too. Oh my gosh, listen to this one. Are you ready for this? This is like I’m we’re gonna have to pull that You ready? Mama? Mama Joyce? Okay. told a bunch of followers she’s so excited to meet Karen huger their rooms are right across from each other and she’s a big fan. Karen saw her didn’t acknowledge her and just close the door. Bravo cotton next year this beef is going to be at a Watch What Happens Live and I’m going to be there for this. Can you imagine the way mama Joyce is going to? I mean, she’s going to eat I don’t

Amanda 15:28
know Karen to live through it.

B 15:32
And I’m sorry it’s impossible that you don’t know Candy’s mom. I mean she’s on two shows she’s on Real Housewives of Atlanta and she’s also on you know oh LG the restaurant one and more to the point if you don’t know her that’s even more insulting to Bravo the Bravo world because Why are you watching like these other shows who only be an Atlanta shows Potomac so much love right? Well, I

Amanda 15:55
was just gonna say like candy and Mama Joey’s walked, so Karen could run like, and honestly and I killer knows who she is. And she was just that was that was very cool.

B 16:07
I want to say it was Candice who said that at a panel or somewhere recently because I saw a clip where Candace said let’s, let’s get one thing straight, you know, they came before us and they you know, so they do give credit what are some of them give credit where credit’s due Miss huger I you know, we’re gonna have to have a chat. We’re gonna have to have a little chat because you know, you’re a fan favorite. But these Bravo fans are fickle boy, and they will turn on you.

Amanda 16:35
I mean, I just say just just give her 10 minutes on stage with Mama Joyce and then things will handle. That’s one way to humble

B 16:44
a person. Okay, wait, I I have to point this out. I also love mama Joyce’s delivery. Okay, so it was the dynamic duo. Watch What Happens Live. And, and he goes, Okay, Mama, George, you gotta give Todd three compliments. And she says,

Amanda 17:00
Did you see this? No. Anything I ever had, literally the week from hell. So no, I haven’t seen any of this stuff. Okay, wait for

B 17:09
it. Okay, three compliments. Okay, he’s still short. candies like mama. Daddy’s like, like, you know, when candy makes the face like, yeah, you’re gonna cut this shit out right now. She’s like, All right, hold on, hold on. He cut his beard a little bit. And then Andy weighs in. And he’s like, Mama, these aren’t really compliments. And she goes, and then of course, she says she goes and he’s very nice to his children, which was good. And then she finished it because of course Listen, guys, they gotta give us a show. And then she did finish it out with you know, him and I our relationship has improved and we’re getting along a lot better and blah, blah, blah. But the reaction I mean, literally, I was cry was home watching it because they’ve been putting the watch what happens lives on, you know, on TV this week. And when she said he’s still sure I just I I screamed. My son was in his room and he’s like, Mom, Mom, are you okay? I’m like, Yes, Yes, I’m fine. It’s just the housewives. He’s like, you’re gonna give me a heart attack. You’re screaming like that about the housewives. Because it was just too much. I told you when I get excited. I scream. She is hilarious. She’s so good. God bless her. And you know, I really saw her out. And Mama, I would not ignore you like Karen did, because I love you. And I love her because she would walk right over and be like, Oh, it’s so nice to meet you. But you know, that outfit isn’t really doing much for your figure like she would just like give it to you. Or if you looked good. Listen, I have to say, I would I would want to get critiqued by momma Joyce, because whenever she would tell me I needed to improve. I would no. She’s not going to be like You look great. If you don’t look great. Yeah, yeah, I

Amanda 18:45
have this theory. Totally reminds me. You remember when the first time Jessica Simpson Oh, Kim Kardashian, another one to like both their first pregnancies, they both gain like 100 pounds. And I have this theory that they were just surrounded by people who are like, oh, yeah, you’re supposed to have, you know, like, a whole dozen donuts every day. And you look amazing. And whatever. It’s like, You’re not You’re literally supposed to get you know, like, I think have like another couple 100 calories. Not that I care, right? Or not that whatever. But I always have this theory of like, people just around them being like, Oh, you look great. You look great. Like keep you know, keep doing that. You know, and I’m like mom and Joyce would tell you like it is and I would way rather hear Wow, it really is and that’s

B 19:30
a whole lot. That can be a whole episode of a pod because the whole like weight gain and pregnancy. It’s like your body’s gonna do with my son who was my first I like you know, I went to town and then with my daughter, I feel like I was more careful because I only planned for two and I was like, alright, you know? Yeah, I’m going to want to bounce back from this and honestly, I gain the same with both of them like it’s kind of like your body does what it does. Although I guess in the case of celebrities, you can have a chef and a trainer and this and that, like I I was more conscious of my meals. But I would have the same activity level for both. You know, I still worked out here and there and I just had like less extra treats with my seconds.

Amanda 20:07
Yeah, yeah. And again, I’m not like being critical about no. Because I’ve been there. There is no frickin control. I was just using that as an example for like, absolutely. You though people that you ask people around people like you. You need somebody like a mama Joyce in your life. Everybody does.

B 20:25
Everybody does my sister in law. Would you know this? Because I always tell you like funny things. She says my sister in law is my mama Joyce. And I have to be honest, I get mad at her. Because she will tell me if I’m like, Oh, I feel like you know, I feel like I’m putting on weight. She’ll be like, yeah, why? Not a lot. But you know, like, Yeah, from like, the summer you put on a couple pounds, but it’s normal. You know, it’s sweater season. And I’m like, what the AF. I mean, you’re supposed to say no, you look great. She’s like, you do look great. But you put on a couple lbs. I’m like, Look, you but it is good. Because you know what? No one else is gonna tell me that. And if somebody doesn’t check me, I’ll just keep eating this Sunday’s. Nothing wrong with it ain’t nothing wrong with a Sunday. Okay,

Amanda 21:09
I need a Sunday after this week’s little sun. We

B 21:11
got here too from Bravo con, which I haven’t heard anybody mentioned by the way. So Maya, was there day one with qua may now will remember Qua Mei is her ex fiance, who was on Top Chef. So the person was like, maybe not. Now we do know that she was with Oliver for quite some time, I believe during the season of summer house. So the person said that it isn’t that they saw anything romantic. He was carrying, I think, okay, he didn’t the person didn’t see them kiss. But he was carrying her stuff as she was taking pictures. And he was there with her. So what is this mean? I would imagine that her and Oliver are no longer together. I’m going to I’m going to confirm that. Right.

Amanda 21:57
I would guess I mean, I think if Oliver is still in the picture, he probably wouldn’t be okay with Kwame being there.

B 22:04
Right. And it’s not like he happened to be there because of his Bravo stuff. Oh, okay. Let me take a step back from that. It is possible that he was there because he didn’t pan on Top Chef thing. With that said with her like throughout the day and holding her stuff is different than them. Like, Hey, what’s up? What’s going on? If you have okay, if she was with Oliver, he would now she would not have been seeing him since summer. 2021. So you’re not going to be spending the day with your ex fiance. I don’t care how cool your boyfriend is. You’re not? Yeah, nobody’s cool with that. I wouldn’t be great. Would you be cool with that?

Amanda 22:40
No, of course not. So that’s why I was saying I think you’re right.

B 22:44
I think they’re probably done but that doesn’t mean that her and Kwame are back together.

Amanda 22:50
No, they could just be friendly. tailors and the Bravo world

B 22:52
pack tailors report back we need intel on this. Send me a message everybody.

Amanda 22:59
Yeah, yes. via the web website via the

B 23:02
website. Don’t send it to Bravo and cocktails. I can only imagine what’s in that and read it over Don’t worry. Because when that inbox is online, bam. Yeah, god I’m gonna have to hire an assistant to go

Amanda 23:14
through Unleash the Hounds.

B 23:17
Oh, last Bravo kind of Episode What we didn’t discuss to be discussed Lindsay and Danielle I don’t think we did.

Amanda 23:21
We did last Yeah, Sydney

B 23:26
we did about Danielle saying that it was unfortunate on the panel. No, I

Amanda 23:30
don’t think we did. I know we talked about them a while

B 23:33
on the panel. They asked Danielle to describe their her relationship. And she said the only word that comes to mind is unfortunate. And then Lindsey said same. So they left it there. But in an interview Danielle said I feel like we did say this but whatever guys, you’re gonna get repeated 30 seconds at Lindsay said that Danielle said a lot of hurtful things and it’s going to take her a while to process. So Lindsey is whatever went down. Lindsay isn’t taking accountability at this moment. She sees it as Danielle’s fault. And clearly Danielle sees it as her fault. Yeah. So

Amanda 24:10
out it also doesn’t sound like it’s a blood feud for the ages either. It seems like there’s like a crack in the door. So that’s a good thing. I think.

B 24:20
I think it’s a good thing. I think it’s hard to get back to bestie status when you have a fallout like this. It’s possible. But you know, yeah, something something socially, when

Amanda 24:33
when somebody doesn’t kind of acknowledge that they had a role in Yeah, that’s the tough part. I

B 24:39
think I didn’t Yeah, I was the kind of guy that’s going to need to see some accountability. Yeah, yeah, that’s what most people wait. Oh, Jean is boyfriend was asked when he would propose and he like, had an attitude and said, I don’t want to talk about this. Guy’s he’s still married cocktail. There’s no he’s still married. Obviously. He’s not with his wife. They were separated when they got together. Gina looks incredible.

Amanda 25:02
She did. And I mean, you saw her in person, but I just saw the pictures that like Pink Velvet, one piece, like strapless jumpsuit was adorable. And she looked very thin.

B 25:14
You know, I find so interesting. I think it’s so interesting that women, so many of us, like come into our own as we get older, like so many women fear aging, I’ve never really I feel like, the older I get, the more I know, myself, the more I even like fashion wise, like I’m, I look back on, you know, I, of course, you know, you’re young and you have your hotbar. But I look on like fashion choices. And I’m like, oh my god, that was terrible. Like, I know, my body. Now I know my face. I know what makeups and we’re colors and what outfits like, you know, and I feel like we’re seeing that with Gina. And also. And for those people with young babies, you know, Amanda and I have school aged children and like Gina’s kids age, like, you know, like young school age. And I feel like we I know myself, I can only speak for myself and I saw this in Jena watching the show you sort of lose yourself in the baby situation, because it’s so hectic and they’re close in age, and you’re working and all this kind of stuff. And then I know for me, once my daughter was no longer a baby, like when she was a toddler, it was when I got back in the gym, like, you know, real back in the gym and really was able to pay attention to me and that kind of stuff. And I felt you know, I don’t know, for me, I felt like I got myself, I get myself back more and more as my kids get older, like I wouldn’t have been able to do this podcast when my kids were younger, because I had that working mom guilt, right. And I felt like when I got home, I had to get them from where they were, whether it was their grandparents or daycare, and I had to spend that time with them. And now they don’t want to be with me. I mean, they have soccer and basketball and gymnastics and their friends. So I get to have this space for myself.

Amanda 26:53
Yeah, they start to get lives of their own. And I totally agree. I feel like you know, I don’t think I really even like knew how to do my hair until I was in my 30s you know and just like figuring so and like figuring out kind of what would work for me and kind of what my style was so I totally agree and plus like I plan to use whatever medical intervention needed to stay younger as I am getting older so hard Gina I think worked great hard

B 27:28
same and that is one thing I can tell you like I always hate when people are like oh she’s had so much work done like just like in normal life I don’t even mean in relation to reality television it’s so hater like to me if you want to get work done, and it looks good. Anyone who’s saying that is a frickin hater. And I’m not and you’re not at the age where we need anything beyond Botox but believe you me when I am I will

Amanda 27:53
Oh hell yeah, I’ve said this on the podcast before like and I think now I have recruited me to come with me there will be a time where I go away on a trip and I come back looking very refreshed a couple of weeks later right and I’ll just say I’m going to camp

B 28:09
that’s it. That like camp later uses camp like camp like

Amanda 28:13
no, I don’t want to be thrown into a six foot hole I am talking about Bullen euphemism for I will go and I’ll say fuck me up plastic surgeon do your best.

B 28:25
Well, my sister in law already have and I already have plans because we have a condo in South Florida and that’s like the Mecca and we’re not going to you know who in Miami but that’s the mecca of you know, plastic surgery on the east coast. So I feel like I would go there and then hire a nurse to take care of us in the condo.

Amanda 28:41
I don’t want to go to Sonia’s person or tamaraws person because but I

B 28:46
have a new person. Because I want to do I want to discuss so Meredith marks everybody was like, oh my god, her pictures are so filtered. Uh, no, no, I was watching Salt Lake City last night and her face is flawless. And she’s listening. She’s I don’t know how old she is. I want to say mid 40s. She may be late 40s Her face it. She’s got the skin of a 19 year old who did that to her?

Amanda 29:08
I know. I was noticing the exact same thing. I’m like her face looks airbrushed. Yeah, now Yeah, it is amazing. I know. I noticed the same thing. Some of its good

B 29:17
jeans, but she definitely looks younger than she did even when we met her not that she ever looked old. But you get my point.

Amanda 29:24
Yes, totally agree. I

B 29:26
think we need to look into the skin tightening.

Amanda 29:28
I’m coming. Yeah,

B 29:29
I’m gonna look it I’m gonna do the research you

Amanda 29:31
and your sister in law like I’m you know what? It isn’t. Myself. We

Amanda 29:35
have so much time on our hands to research this.

Amanda 29:40
I mean, yeah, sure. I mean, you guys. You’ll see later I have a we did a deep dive. We’re gonna do it but took some time to research and go through everything. So this is why we need Meredith marks. So we need Meredith we need your PI please to help with the deep dives. And we need You’re like, whatever you’re doing boats, like all of it, all of those. So if you can just call us and give us that, that would be great.

B 30:07
That would be great. Let’s talk Miami quickly. Yeah. So we were the first ones that posted that Lea Black was making an appearance. We posted that. I mean, we posted it when they were filming. I don’t remember sometime early summer, late spring. And we saw that in the trailer, which was fire at Bravo con. Makes perfect sense, right? Because Leah’s husband’s a divorce attorney Well, I don’t know if he’s a divorce attorneys and an attorney. And she’s also like, the matriarch those girls, and it’s a great tie in and people love to see them suddenly a black. Yeah, so right now I’m hearing it’s just like, you know, a pop out a pop in but who knows? Who knows? Or she? It ends up turning into more? Maybe not this season, maybe next, also. So it looks like Lisa’s living in an apartment. And it’s a fancy one. And Abramo con she did confirm that Lenny was gonna get the house. Ah, like,

Amanda 31:06
I don’t know is he is he’s still doing this 5050 Bullshit, where he thinks he’s gonna be able to take care of the kids the 2% of the time.

B 31:15
I don’t know that. You know, Amanda, I feel better if he sold the house. Right. Like, okay, my, my first my first choice would be her to raise the kids in the house. My second choice would be him to sell the house and then both to have separate properties but him staying in the house. I mean, I know it’s legal. I understand that. There’s just some things that feel icky. And it feels icky. But it’s not surprising from him. Agreed. Happy news. Dr. Nicole. You know how I love Dr. Nicole. I mean, yeah, she’s so cute. She’s so cute in person. And she’s such like a little itty bitty thing. She isn’t wedding planning yet, because you’ll remember they had got like a record price for their house. And Oh god, I’m gonna forget. I think it was Jeff Bezos parents or somebody like that. Like, I think Bezos I’m almost positive or maybe it was him. It was some I don’t know, I I want to say 35 million or 65. Guys, I have to research it. You know, everything with me is off the cuff. I’m not the deep diver. But so the reason they had this big engagement party, which we’re gonna see this season, they had like those those dancers in like the metal circles, you know, I’m talking about

Amanda 32:25
Yeah, it’s like pink does and like Go Go dancers. No, but more about oh, like the trapeze kind of thing. Yeah. Yes. And

B 32:34
it looks like a wedding. But it was an engagement party. And what she said was, so apparently someone like offered them Bezos, or whoever it was offered them this amount of money. And they were like, Let’s go. So she said that they’re settling into their new home and they’re gonna plan the wedding. I mean, come on. Who you kidding? You want your wedding films? I love her. But come on. You want your wedding film? So you’re waiting until it’s filming time again. And for that? I say thank you, Dr. Nicole. Yes.

Amanda 33:00
I mean, we’ll take we’ll take more of both an amazing engagement party and an amazing wedding. Thank you.

B 33:06
Absolutely. Oh, God, David and Lesley. I have to update though because we find them comical and our followers do too. They do. There’s always like these niche people that aren’t relevant, but somehow like cocktail hours can’t help pick fun at them. I feel like David and Leslie are the new Jack’s. So buying some fancy house I completely forget where but maybe it was so it likes it. Oh, I think it was Salt Lake City. I think you told me that. And

Amanda 33:33
okay, well, well, we saw that they were in Park City. So that’s where I was guessing. I don’t know if we heard I don’t know if we heard where they’re buying a house. But I we saw there in Park City.

B 33:44
Oh my gosh, I wish I would have paid more attention at the time because we know that Salt Lake City is currently casting and we know that Lesley wants to get on a housewife show that oh

Amanda 33:52
my god. This is exactly what I was thinking. Like, this is her theory. Like this is my theory. Like she’s going for Salt Lake because we know that there’s an empty spot on the cast. Oh,

B 34:03
you heard it here first. This is a theory. This is not obviously not checked at all, though. Bravo loves maths and they know that we would love it. I can totally see this happening.

Amanda 34:14
I could totally see it happening too. And maybe that’s why maybe the divorce

B 34:17
was to make a splashy headline to get attention because they legitimately I follow the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City casting, which also is the new Roni casting and they just were posting like fill out your survey said this and this because we’re like Final Days edited. So like that almost makes the divorce make sense? Maybe the divorce is total bullshit. Just to be a relevant person. Yes.

Amanda 34:44
Oh my god. I don’t know. I think it makes sense because I don’t think she would ever be on it to see hmm. So and she we know that she is dying for the spotlight right because she’s constantly reaching out to try to tell her side of the story. Is it bad?

B 34:57
Is it bad that I want her to be yawn.

Amanda 35:00
I just want to see, like, I do want to kind of see a little bit more of what you know of what she’s like.

B 35:07
I think she would her and Whitney would clash in a way that would be fantastic to annoying people. This person said that she said, I have many friends who work at Fashion Island and Newport. Everyone in the store can’t stand her. She’s entitled she thinks because she married money. She should have special treatment. She’s like maybe in a small town but a Newport everyone has money. So Better luck next time. Hmm.

Amanda 35:33
Okay, so we have been talking so much I feel like about New York for the last few months. Did you see Ramon as Instagram posts, with like the video of all the women and it was put to Moon River and then it had the Carrie Bradshaw, like voiceover Did you see that?

B 35:55
cried, Oh, my God,

Amanda 35:57
I got goosebumps.

B 35:58
Like, I was like, Ah, I mean, for Bravo fans, this this franchise, they’re all there. They all have their own place. But for us like Roni is, it’s so iconic. And that’s why they’re trying so hard to do. And I’m confident I’ve been following these ladies on Instagram. And I’m confident it’s going to be good. But I you know, it’s never going to be what it was. And you can’t. It’s the same as Sex in the City. We you know, we have this conversation a couple of weeks ago, like you have to appreciate things for what they are right? They’re never going to be as hairstyle says, you know, it’s not the same as it was. So I take it some interesting stuff on the legacy. My source says that. I mean, we’re all assuming it’s Luanne, Sonia and Dorinda, because it Bravo Khan. He said she was coming off pores, which isn’t exactly a confirmation, but we’re assuming, but what my sources saying he’s hearing, it’s going to be on Peacock, and not even Bravo, he feels like they’re basically phasing them out. I guess that’s also dependent on the success of reboot. The other thing is, the new contracts that he heard were being offered are much lower, like going from a million a season to like 200k. So he thinks some of them are going to reject it. And maybe I mean, I don’t know, but maybe Ramona rejected it. Maybe it wasn’t that, you know, they didn’t want or maybe she was like, 100 to 200,000. audios. He hears that he thinks Kelly Benson moment, do it? Yeah. I mean,

Amanda 37:29
the very skeptical part of me wonders if this was kind of always about money. Right? And if it was about, you know, I mean, people say that’s part of why Vicki was like go to, is because of money. So I just have to wonder if if it’s a little bit about that. And then part of the reason they go to Bravo, or go to peacock. That’s another reason they can say, you know, it’s it, we’ve got to give you a lesser salary. But we also know that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually end up on Bravo. So the skeptical part of me just wonders, it’s partially about money. Right. Right.

B 38:11
I agree. I mean, I think I can see the money aspect. But I also think, listen, if it was if they were hitting it out of the park, they pay the money. They weren’t getting the numbers, they needed to justify the money. And at the end of the day, yeah, it’s always a business. You know, as fans, we like to look at things from a sentimental place. They’re not looking at it like that. They want to know what’s going to make their money.

Amanda 38:38
Well, and we know to from other t that I think is very credible. That’s come in, that’s one of the things that Bravo’s looking for is people who will have something to sell that they can enact the Bethany clause and make a percentage of it. Oh, yeah. So and we’re seeing that with the new cast. A New York Oh, my gosh, but by the way, before we talk about the new cast, the email tip that we got saying that the Legacy New York would show would be called either the golden Housewives of New York, or New York forever. I don’t know why but hearing the golden housewives made me field.

B 39:20
There. Okay, so there is no way that that’s gonna go. Sonja Morgan is not going with that. Although she is the Blanche of The Golden Girls.

Amanda 39:31
I do love the Golden Girls, but it’s just no girls. You know, what’s incredible.

B 39:35
The Golden Girls were probably their age. Yeah, it’s just the difference between the way that we women present ourselves today versus in the 80s. I don’t know. They were, I mean, I’m not gonna Google it right now. But I know it to be true. They may even be younger than some of them.

Amanda 39:51
Well, I also think that like, that’s why when we all go down to Florida to get our plastic surgery, we just can’t live in the condo together. For too long, because that clearly ages you.

B 40:03
Oh my god. Yeah, we’ll have to just do clips here and there. Yeah, no long stretches. Okay, so speaking of the reboot, there’s already some drama. A tic tac went viral. It was this young woman saying that, Oh, you heard about the Roni reboot? Well, one of them didn’t pay me at my first job. A source tells me they’re talking about Aaron, the real estate broker. Guys, this is alleged This is rumors. I don’t know this to be true. Others say that it was Aaron, but it was an internship. Apparently, it was a paid internship. They say it wasn’t a paid internship. Whatever the case may be, what it reminded me and what it made me excited for you guys, is that when housewives are new, we learn all their dirty little secrets, it all gets revealed. It’s all exciting. I mean, in this day and age, where Instagram influencers curate everything and make us all envious, we can always count on a new housewives show. To bring us back to reality. The cameras are not going to allow that to happen. Bravo loves mass, and I love these women for putting their necks out there to put it out there. But we’re gonna get to know the real real hands. So yeah, I’m excited.

Amanda 41:20
These women have huge shoes to fill. But I think they can do it. They seem like they each of them stands, you know, very tall on their own. So I think it’s going to be I think it’s going to be really interesting.

B 41:35
And in that vein, you know, Bravo and cocktails.com posted a blind about a housewife doing tic TOCs about makeup. Now, she responded and said she’s creating an ad we said, You’re not she’s not doing well, what the person told us and we posted was that she’s not doing this for nothing. She’s creating a beauty line. This was a few months ago at the time she denied it because where it gets out. And we know it takes a long time before these things are solidified. So you’re not going to want to announce it before I never believed this was some random eccentric hobby. She picked out trying out like all these different beauty products. So

Amanda 42:11
doing it as a service for us to show us the the better. drugstore product versus Lamere i Right. Yeah. And

B 42:18
I’m here for it. And I’ll buy it and it’s all good. And I get what she didn’t tell us but check in the cocktail Winbox

Amanda 42:26
que I totally agree. So did you watch Potomac this week? Yes. Okay, so first of all, I just have to bring out the shakiness of the ladies and the editors which Potomac? I feel like one of the best characters on the show as the editors and calling out Karen. So you know, she said that it was spring cleaning celebration of life and Taco party, but I’m like we insisted they all kept all the girls kept saying it and I’m like, Oh, she was trying to have a Cinco de mio tacos and tequila party, but somebody made her change it now so they kept calling it out. I was laughing about that one.

B 43:06
Oh my god. Guys, I’m just going to real life you right now. I’m texting my husband not to forget to get my daughter. So sorry. I lost my train of thought Amanda. Excuse me. No, no, I was listening to you. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t articulate my thought until I got that out.

Amanda 43:24
I hear you agree about my mom. Right? This is the shit we all have to

B 43:27
do. Right? You listen until I until I can afford that live in hope that we spoke about a couple of weeks ago. I love the shade of the editors love it. I love the atomic being back. I always say it wrong Potomac, Potomac, whatever it is, guys, none of us heard about this town until a couple of years ago. I gotta say this Giselle is a mess. And you know, I typically enjoy her mess. And I and I know we can all agree that Candice can be a lot, however, to sow insinuating that Chris is a man who tries to hook up with her friends is really low. I mean, so low, even Robin Robin tried to shut her down. Robin was like Giselle, like he’s trying for her to be solid in the group and build friendships. Also, which she couldn’t break the fourth wall him telling you are actually to go is just him promoting his rooftop. Yeah, because you guys are on a reality show. And the fact that she’s well, first of all, the viewers are not stupid. I now I’m very curious about who sent that blind into me. I’m just saying all that to say like, come on. It was totally innocuous. All of the situation she named even Robin said it. I don’t like that. I really really don’t like that. We’ve all been hit on

Amanda 44:49
inappropriately and you know, and that does not that is not an inappropriate. I agree. I was looking at that. The screen at the tech sticks change or the dynamics change? And I’m like, No, that’s not an inappropriate,

B 45:04
especially knowing that these are famous women who if they’re there, whoever sees them is going to say, oh my god, Ashley and Giselle were at the rooftop. I know if I lived in that town. I would keep going there hoping to see them. Right? That’s all he was doing. Like, he never said anything sexual. He never put his hands or jet. What is she talking about? And Qantas is reaction? She’s like, what we’re not going to do. And then of course, you got to throw Michael Michael Darby under the bus and actually just about I kind of do it this.

Amanda 45:36
I don’t know mountain out of a molehill, I think, Do we know anything about me as health status as of like, today?

B 45:45
She didn’t mention it at all at Bravo con. So I assume she’s okay. God willing. She’s okay. Yeah,

Amanda 45:53
I mean, I just think it’s a strange thing. Because if I feel like if you’re afraid that you might have cancer, the last thing you would do in the frickin world is put a word put words to that and speak those words out loud on social media. Absolutely. I just I just think that’s, I think it’s it’s extremely strange, and very questionable. And what’s the deal with Katie just popping in real quick, the squeezed he’s been like, have we been hearing? I don’t think I’ve seen anything else about her coming in, at least on the tea on the site about being on the show.

B 46:26
I think that she is not in a place where it would be a good decision for bravo to put her on television. I think that she did film some stuff. I think it didn’t make the out. You understand what I’m saying? Yep. We also, you know, Monique, and Chris announced they were separating during Bravo con.

Amanda 46:45
Yeah, I mean, we did talk about this last week. I don’t think it’s a stunt. No, I mean, yeah, I think they just weren’t ready to tell the world. Yeah. The or they’ve changed their minds, and they’re just trying to reconcile they’re

B 46:59
saying they’re living separately and I think it’ll be announced, but

Amanda 47:03
yeah, they just weren’t ready baby. Okay, so I texted you about this, because I didn’t I didn’t think you had seen this at your panel. I don’t remember which panel they showed it but I happen to see this on social media. The trailer for ultimate girls trip three. So play it at Bravo con so you like you see it on social I’ll try to post it hopefully we’ll have like a better one. But this is literally somebody took this with their phone and posted it on social. I laughed so hard watching this. I think it’s gonna be so good.

B 47:33
The guy who is like their concierge or whatever their Butler Pepsi Pepsi, the butler. I mean, he is an instant star he doesn’t even know he doesn’t know what he’s in for he is the memes that are gonna we’re gonna get from this guy. I don’t like them. There. I don’t like their mean ladies. Dave

Amanda 47:54
better when they’re gone.

B 47:58
They speak very unkind words about each other. Like I was rolling. Rolling. I love him. He’s already my favorite. I know. So it looks incredible. I was really happy to see Leah’s clips. You know, I have a lot of sympathy for her second season. She came, you know, she like shot out of a cannon. Everyone loved her. We were all sitting home and COVID I guess and we were like, she’s great. And then second season, we were like, Who is this? We don’t like her that? Yeah, so I think she’s gonna get some love. And we always say these Bravo fans, man, whichever way the wind blows, myself included. I know. I left Bravo Khan, liking people who I saw on panels that I previously it was like an, you know, so we’re all fickle, where you know, I think it looks amazing. It’s an amazing case.

Amanda 48:43
Yeah, yes. I think the cast is awesome. I’m very curious to see how the whole Heather Whitney thing goes like Leah saying Heather wants her to relapse for her entertainment like, and then the yacht when she’s on the yacht. And she’s like, You guys gave me my period. Thanks a lot. Does anybody have a tampon?

B 49:04
Yes, yes. That was so good. That was

Amanda 49:08
I like took some notes because I was like, This is so funny. So Candice called Portia she’ll take a man

B 49:16
Oh my god. That’s right.

Amanda 49:18
Yes, I was like we I had to rewind it and I’m like, oh my god, like that is just full line like war. And then no lies. Yeah, well, apparently Leah and Porsche get in that fight. And so Leo’s like Porsche by and then the FBI. Porsche by Yes. Lee up but I’m like, Oh my god. Can you even imagine sitting at that table? So funny. I mean, it’s we are in for it with the show and I can’t wait. We need it. We need it. Okay, so jersey. I feel like you know, there’s just been a lot bubbling with that with the whole fight and everything last week, and we saw Caroline Manzo at Bravo con in pictures, so we got an email about it so let me read it from the cars thieves. Subject Why won’t she return? New housewife Danielle and Carolyn Manzo have family ties Danielle stepsister is Caroline’s niece, Candice who brought back brought the oh, she’s the one who brought the book to the salon. First season. Caroline wants to go head to head with Theresa. But Danielle will be 1,000% Team Teresa. Caroline was asked at Bravo on Bravo con, and she said she won’t return is that the reason why Candice has also answered q&a About Danielle saying Danielle wanted to be a housewife for a long time.

B 50:53
Okay, so first of all, Amanda, we knew about the relationship. We knew that there was a Manzo relation. It’s actually a Little Reader. So it’s Caroline side. We knew that I posted about it. Here’s the thing. Number one, Candice and Danielle, Danielle is the new housewife Candice is the man so cousin. Their parents got married when they were already adults. So this isn’t like it’s a stepsister that she grew up with. Right.

Amanda 51:19
Yeah, so family like holidays, right? Yeah, so

B 51:23
she does not know the Manzo as well. Not that they haven’t met. Of course, they’ve met and they’re acquainted, but they’re hardly friends, is what I gather, like, based on what I know. They’re not super tight. Also. I believe what Caroline says, when she says, Show me the money, she has been very clear you you give me whatever she’s asking for she feels she’s worth it. She said it many times publicly. And if she’s gets her number, she will come back on. And I for sure, don’t think that Caroline is intimidated by some 30 year olds. 36 year old step. Nice. You know what I’m saying? I 100 And I also think it’s in y’all would be able to be friends with her. I mean, this is how those be friends with Teresa while also maintaining her respectful account. acquaintanceship with Caroline, it’s not like this is her and who she was at her house eating meatballs with every Sunday, she met this woman when she was an adult. And it’s Candace is, and it’s not her mother. You know what I mean? It’s not a close relationship. It’s not a long relationship. It’s a newer adult. acquaintanceship Yeah, it’s like an inlaw. Yeah, I

Amanda 52:29
don’t think there’s there’s any smoke or any fire.

B 52:33
I disagree with that email. I appreciate you sending it but nope.

Amanda 52:38
Okay, so Salt Lake City. What did you think of this week’s episode?

B 52:41
I mean, you know what I’m gonna say Whitney is so fake. So phony. I don’t know what her deal is. Going over the top about Heather lying. Heather didn’t hear it. Enough. Whitney is trying so hard, in my opinion, to be a breakout star to have a story. I just, it irritates me. I’m not on board with it. Um, Team Heather Whitney’s acting when they were out to eat and Heather’s like, what are you I set it in here. Like what are you talking about? And Heather even said, Stop trying to make this about you. And what she means is stop trying to create a storyline about bullshit. This is what confused me, Amanda, when you turn to Lisa’s confessional, Lisa says Heather’s missing a sensitivity chip because Whitney is going through a lot. Like excuse me, Lisa, Heather’s actually helping you by saying she didn’t hear this rumor. So yeah, I don’t understand. You know what I’m saying? Like,

Amanda 53:34
I have a like slightly different perspective on this because I was watching it. I agree. I think that’s it’s all there’s a lot with Whitney. That is just not making sense. However, I do think Whitney has been and probably was the puppet, right? And the one who’s like, we’ll have Whitney say it. And I think it was pretty clear what Meredith was doing when she went over to Whitney’s house for the first time ever. Right? And throws out this rumor. Right? So putting aside the abuse situation, which is just her like, let’s just put that aside. Right. I actually think this fight actually had nothing to do with that. I think it was because Heather was pissed, right? Because Whitney got drunk, went rogue and told everybody that she was tired of being the puppet whether or not like her mother had told her to say anything or any of that. She’s like, Whoa, you’re you know, you’re you’re going off script here essentially. I think she’s mad about that. And for making Heather look like the puppet master which by the way, why wasn’t Meredith getting the heat for that? Because Meritus when we saw go over there, and plants this rumor with Whitney. Yeah, and Heather was also like, come on, like, let’s be let’s be realistic care. You know, Lisa’s not giving I blowies for courtside seats that the jazz right and I think

B 55:04
this is what we always like start to see right this is what we start to see a couple seasons and you start to see the tomfoolery and then we watch it there we watch the alliances and the plan storylines fall apart. And because we’re seasoned viewers, we know exactly what’s happening. And I personally get annoyed by it and Whitney’s not pulling it off for me. They also so then they go from that to like, oh, well, and I also find it weird how like Lisa and Meredith are now just like sitting in front of a fireplace smiling at each other but whatever. Again, man, these people on TV. So

Amanda 55:37
in their like prison jumpsuit. jammies, by the way, I texted you I was like, Is this just my bad color TV in my like, kitchen but doesn’t look like prison jumpsuits? Sure

B 55:47
do. But quickly, because I know we have to get to your deep dive. Yes. The when they say that Jen can departmentalized I want to like tap my screen and be like, Um, guys, you shouldn’t be able to shut off the fact that you have a federal trial coming up a trial where 2% of the population is innocent and 98% is convicted. Meredith playing like oh coy about it. You’re a lawyer. You know what’s happening. They all knew she was guilty. So whoever turned on her after the fact is phony as fuck, because at least Heather knew she was guilty and wrote it out. They all know she’s guilty. There’s a 2% chance she’s not. Yeah,

Amanda 56:27
I do think obviously, Jen can clearly compartmentalize, because now that we know what we do, which is that she has admitted to doing some awful things under oath in court, which means she did them. Most people would be wracked with guilt, right. Like they could not live that way. Right. So I of course you can compartmentalize. Okay, so should we. Let’s talk about dive in. Naomi. So news broke yesterday. I’m surprised it didn’t break sooner. Because

B 57:02
we posted a Oh, me first week of September. Wow. Yes, we did. And we actually received it much

Amanda 57:08
earlier than that. Yes. So there was a court case, there was a lawsuit filed against Naomi from southern charm. She got sued for fraud regarding the online clothing store that she started with a well, allegedly a partner. So we’ve been getting a bunch of tea about this. But since there hadn’t been anything filed, we just didn’t really want to. We didn’t talk about it much. But now that the case has been filed and is being reported on. We figured it was time to go and do a deep dive. So I actually went and got the lawsuit. Well, let’s talk about it first, because then I was thinking you could read some of the tea we’ve gotten and we can have a chat about it. So I went on to the like court and got the document and read through it. It’s a 23 page lawsuit, her Naomi’s former business partner, Virginia, Jenny Cox, we’re gonna just call her Ginni is suing Naomi for fraud and breach of contract after she was allegedly kicked out of their fashion company law Bay. I looked it up. It’s lob a I don’t know. I

B 58:18
always wondered how you say that. Because I you know, on Instagram, I see it. I’m like, Yeah, Abby. She’s French. Right. So

Amanda 58:25
she’s French. I put in literally, how do you say this word in French? On Google? So it’s a little bit. Okay. So the suit was actually filed on the 19th of September, which is why I’m surprised we’re hearing about it. Now. You posted it on like September 4, September 4. Yes, we did. So it claims that Naomi used deceptive tactics in order to maintain control of the business that she misappropriated funds and kept Jenny from landing a new job after they parted ways. So long story short, and I remember Naomi even saying this, I can’t remember it was on social profiles on the show, but she had this partner Ginny, and she is so the lawsuit says she approached Ginny to be a 50% co owner because of Jenny’s background in fashion and fashion buying. But before that Ginny had never owned a business and did not have experience with the financing accounting or legal aspects of the business ownership. But now we had and had multiple sides of the business. So it kind of made sense. They decided, you know, Ginni is going to do a lot of the fashion and the buying and that kind of stuff. And Naomi is going to do the business and finances that sort of thing, but this is where it gets interesting. So according to the lawsuit, Naomi said she would have her lawyer draft up the LLC. And when Naomi and Jenny went to LA on a buying trip, Naomi’s attorney. filed the Articles of Organization with the South Carolina Secretary of State who officially formed the LLC. Then when they got back, Ginny showed Naomi how to a lot of the ropes, right of how to run a retail clothing business, including getting a tax ID and seller’s permit for wholesale, because that’s how the fashion business works, right? You buy stuff at wholesale usually market up by 100%. So take it times, you know, twice times what you bought it for, and then sell it. She also showed Naomi how to set up and manage a Shopify website, right, we’re gonna get back to why Shopify is interesting in a minute. So Naomi also got a $50,000 loan from her loan from her dad, for a startup capital. And after they got the money, both Naomi and Jenny went to the bank to open up a bank account. But at the bank, Naomi told Jenny, she could not include Jenny on the bank account. Because Naomi owed her father the money. I’m inserting

B 1:01:01
myself here to say, it is at this point that Ginni should have gotten writing that they were business partners.

Amanda 1:01:08
I agree. I mean, I have all kinds of things to say so. So, Naomi, then the lawsuit said, frequently use the loan as a reason why profits couldn’t be given to Ginny. In line 19, we find out that Naomi had told her attorney remember when he went to go set everything up. While they were in LA, she told the attorney to set up the LLC, with Naomi as the sole member and owner. So when you have an LLC, those are two different kinds. There’s more multiple different kinds. But a sole owner LLC is very different than an LLC that with partners, like you find them legally different, right? So that says to me, was Judy aware of that? Well, no, because I don’t think she probably knew, and this is why cocktail hours, guys, you got to look, and you got to know what your operating agreement said, you have to have an operating agreement. I mean, I’m not giving legal advice, please don’t take it as that. But just there’s a couple of things when starting a business, if you really are a true partner, you should be able to see the books, you should be on the bank account, you should, you know, be part of understanding what how your business is legally formed. I mean, there’s all this kind of stuff what

B 1:02:26
I want to say to that, and I know there’s more to it, but I want to pop in here because you know, goldfish memory. And when people say don’t go into business with your friends, it’s not that you can’t go into business with your friends is that you can’t not treat it as if you’re going into business with a stranger where the meat and potatoes is concerned. Okay, yeah, if me and my best friend decide to open a shop, I’m not just going to be like, alright, girl, you go to the bank, you go to the LLC, like, I’m going to be there. I’m going to have my attorney read the documents, both of our names are going to be on it. These are things that you can overlook me as a person, I would always do what I say I’m going to do, but it’s not legally binding.

Amanda 1:03:10
Yes. And I agree with you. 100%. I think where Jenny was probably so I think it’s it’s definitely some inexperience right. Naomi publicly said, we are, you know, we are equal owners. And so I think Jenny took word. You know, I think it’s the money investment that probably clouded everything. And so I looked up bluebay on the Secretary of State, it doesn’t give me homies name as an agent. But that isn’t, that’s not like, that’s pretty normal. So Jenny says in the lawsuit, she has no knowledge of the way the LLC was set up, and that she was not listed on the documents, but the both of them, including Naomi sent text to mutual friends, saying that we’re partners and CO owners. So again, very publicly and telling people this is I think, very compelling evidence, right? That Jenny would not be mentioning, you know, in the lawsuit so guys, like I literally went through the entire lawsuit, and I’ve read a lot of the articles, we’re talking about a lot of stuff that the articles are not covering, just so you guys know, but

B 1:04:21
here’s the thing, too, that Amanda, yes, you have those text messages. But what we don’t have is maybe the text message or the verbal conversation because reality is we treated the same saying you know what, you’re not on it. And I’m doing the LLC and the bank account by myself. Right. So it’s like, I could text and say anything and then a week later, whatever I file legally is what binds

Amanda 1:04:49
Yes, but if you are, if you are having somebody work for nothing and saying that you will be giving them 50 percents right Okay, the business. Okay, then she has AI absolutely grounds for the fraud claim, I think, who knows about the breach of contract? Right? That’s a cloudier one. But 100% on fraud, especially with Naomi going out and saying, not just there, but also in like a couple of different podcasts that they are partners. So Oh, okay. Yeah. So Jenny, then after the business had been going for a few months as I need to draw a salary, like I’m spending most of my time here, like, I need money to live, Naomi tells Jenny to quit her job, her part time jobs, snap at another place, and says, spend more time here working on the business, my new season of southern charm is about to start. And you know, we’ll give you a salary, I will take an equal salary, but probably just in a lump sum leader. But maybe I won’t even do it. Because I you know, if I end up spending more of my time filming that I won’t even do it. So then the business starts to do well. And the reason I know that Ginni doesn’t say this, but I know how Shopify works. And if you’re in Shopify, you can see what your revenue is. Right? So, and Ginny is the one who set up the Shopify, all of that. So she can see, there’s no reason to think that she can’t extrapolate what the business profits are, right? Because your overall revenue is not the same as your profit, you have expenses, you know, you’re buying these this clothing on at a wholesale price, but Jimmy could sell know, roughly, okay, if we’re making a million, and we spent, you know, 300, then that’s a lot of profit, I’m totally throwing those numbers out there. So the lawsuit also says, because Jenny couldn’t see the bank account, she couldn’t see that Naomi was taking substantial money, some sums of money out for her personal expenses. And we actually have some tea on that, that he’s going to read in a second. So another interesting thing, Jenny started to get frustrated. And then they started, because she wasn’t making the money. She they started to discuss separating and buying out the each other’s interests in the business. On May 19 2022, Naomi, quote, unquote, terminated Ginny from everything with eBay, and said that she was no longer an employee and never had an ownership agreement. Wow. So in the lawsuit, so like, the last piece of it is kind of like, here’s what we’re asking for. So she’s asking for damages, in addition to her 50% of the business value, for a legal order and stating her as a 50%. Owner, she’s also seeking damages on top of that, because she’s saying, you know, Naomi committed fraud. And you know, that she’s also saying that Naomi lied as Ginni was trying to get other jobs went to these other clothing store operators so that Jenny couldn’t get a job. So the other thing you guys should know, like, this is a civil suit. So even though you hear the word fraud, this is essentially Ginny suing, suing, it’s just

B 1:08:10
about dollar bills. Nobody’s doing jail time. Right?

Amanda 1:08:15
Unless the state decides to do something, which I mean it depending on how egregious and how big the evidence is, they could Wow, but Ginni is asking for a trial by jury which a suit that tells me to like, there’s got to be some pretty good evidence here. So my thoughts just case alone, not with a T that B is about to read. The you already sent it. But you know, if somebody’s never started a business before, they might not know, you know, if you’re a business owner under an LLC, you have to put it you have to do an operating agreement. When you open a bank account, the bank account, the bank will say all parties listed on the operating agreement, as partners or members must be present and sign the paperwork right together so that there can’t be any shading is with people looking each other out of the bank account. I’m betting they didn’t have an operating agreement. Why do you need didn’t ask to be on the bank account and see the books? I think I just I wish he had gone to somebody with some legal knowledge. Even Craig, who knows? I don’t know Craig in the mess. Sorry. Okay. So usually, yes, a loan repayment does take priority when it comes to like taking profit out of the business. Right. And we definitely don’t know what interest alone was at. But wait, wasn’t her dad. It was a blown from her dad. Okay, so

B 1:09:40
$50,000 and Ginny saying it became a multimillion so that loan paid off.

Amanda 1:09:46
Exactly. And so that’s where Jenny was like, okay, and you know, even at if it was 100% interest, we still should have

B 1:09:53
been what happened here was Ginny felt like okay, her dad gave her the loan, so I’m going to let it go and she shouldn’t have done that.

Amanda 1:10:00
Yeah, cuz she was like, Well, my sweat equity doesn’t isn’t as much as the money equity, which is bullshit. Probably not true. Yeah. So if there is written written proof that the intent was to make the partnership 5050, which I’m good, I’m betting it’s not just text other people I’m betting there are emails between them as well.

B 1:10:22
I mean, man, though, because you don’t email each I don’t email, you know what I’m saying unless you have a binding contract. I mean, maybe, let’s see, I would imagine

Amanda 1:10:31
there’s some pretty damning evidence here. So I think based on the allegations alone, this is not looking great for Naomi. If Jenny has approved that she says she does in the document.

B 1:10:44
So here’s what I want to say before I read what we what we posted a while ago, on September 4, what I want to say is, Naomi knew this lawsuit was coming, she’s back in the public eye, if you’re making multi millions by this girl out, shut her up. I mean, I think that’s what will happen, even if somehow you don’t have the money liquid, you know, put it on a plan, say, Listen, for X amount of months or years, I’m gonna give you X amount of dollars a month. And this is my business. But this is I’m going to give you what you know, like, come on, value the business at whatever and to make it get to make it get this messy. I think on the face of it. Naomi looks very guilty. Having said that, the fact that this lawsuit is out makes me believe maybe where maybe Naomi’s being misrepresented. Because remember, this is Ginny’s try. Right? This is her try. We haven’t seen what Naomi comes back with. And it’s hard to believe when faced with everything we’ve read that Naomi wouldn’t just do a buyout situation. So she’s allowing us to go public without a bite unless Ginny’s bio became very greedy and only was like, take me to court because it’ll be less for me to pay. Well,

Amanda 1:11:56
I think so. Yes, I think that totally could be and you guys we just be is exactly right. We only see one side of this lawsuit, however, also reloading I have. Wow. Yeah. You know, clearly, it’s me and my, as you said, WebMD. Yes, legal degree. But I think what I think could have happened to it’s extremely expensive to go through a lawsuit to even just get to this point of filing. It’s so expensive. And so I wonder if Naomi was like, I’m just gonna call her bluff and just see if she’s really you know, she was threatening, threatening, threatening and like, I think she was fine. Like, I don’t know, she’s really going to do it. Very good. So

B 1:12:37
very good point to all of you who say me and Amanda don’t agree. We always have different points of views. We just don’t yell at each other about it. Or she doesn’t yell at me. Maybe I yell at her.

Amanda 1:12:47
Alright, so we get overexcited sometimes. Yeah. But nobody’s yelling at anybody.

B 1:12:52
All right. So this is these are both from September 4. And when it’s flooded, and I’ll be honest, I was like, you know, I haven’t really heard about this. This was before anybody was talking about it. And then when I started to act, I got stuff. Excuse me, I got stuff before September. I got stuff around the spring, which is when this all went down. And I was like nobody is talking about this. I’m not going out on this limb and guess what I should have? Okay, so September 4, what’s in the water in Charleston good authority that one of the cast members who runs an online clothing company basically screwed over their business partner. This cast man essentially tried to ice out their business partner changed the locks without telling put cameras in the office without telling. Although the star had given multiple interviews stating this person was their business partner. They had never had a formal business agreement. So the partner decided to file a lawsuit against said caskmates Next T. Luxury Car. Anonymous. Also heard she put her ex boyfriends luxury car on the business card without letting the partner know from October 7. petty little Bravo B. I was at the southern charm finale, the event was at least four hours long. There’s a lot of other stuff we cut out, by the way, because it wasn’t about this. I didn’t see Naomi much. She seems to be laying low in town recently. I think it’s because everyone knows she screwed over her business partner slash best friend. From what I’ve heard. She will be toast when the court documents go public. If I were her I’d be moving out of town very soon because she’s about to have zero friends left. My first thought is wow, that this came out after Bravo con and how didn’t I only make that happen? Hmm.

Amanda 1:14:25
I don’t know. She just got lucky. I think I yeah, I’m shocked honestly, that it didn’t come out sooner, like on September 19 When it was filed. But again, it just tells me that this Jenny person’s kind of inexperience and didn’t realize what big news this would be and all she would have had to do is you know, send it to somebody like us or anybody on page six or anybody and it would have become immediate news. But can I

B 1:14:49
ask you a question Amanda? Because again, like I what we read, it’s not the demand is on Jenny side and on my Naomi side, right, Amanda? Just read the piece that was from Jenny. So Yes, my question for you is, I’m opening a business with my girl. I’m putting all the capital in why am I making her 50% partner?

Amanda 1:15:08
But here’s the thing, like, if it was a loan, like if the dad loans Naomi, the money and then Naomi, that’s this is exactly I have the exact same thought. Because if then Naomi lent the business the money, then generally she could say, Okay, well, this is gonna get me cloud unless Ginny, you can come up with the same amount of money, but who knows? They could have had like,

B 1:15:32
but wait, but yes, but yes, there are taxing we’re partners. But we’re partners doesn’t mean 5050 We’re partners could mean 8020. Were partners could mean, you know, you know what I’m saying? So like, it could be an I don’t know this girl Jenny from a can of pain. I’m saying the expectation when you start a business and Amanda and I know this quite well with our Bravo and cocktails, I certainly never expected us to have a website that gets 4 million clicks a month. But we do what we did at the very start, was we signed a contract because you know why? If we made $0 or $800 million, we wanted to know how everything was going to be handled. With that said, you can’t tell me that? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know, I want to see how this plays out. Because I find it astonishing if it is it was said in any capacity that you that they were 5050 partners, as far as the return. Okay. So we’re in this together? Isn’t, you get half the money, I get half the money.

Amanda 1:16:37
I agree. I think Could

B 1:16:39
it be that initially, and I only said that. And then the thing had so much success. And she was kind of like, you know what, I’m the one who had the money. I’m the one who started this, like in other words, she never it would be like, if you made this website for me, and we didn’t have a contract, and you were just helping me out. And then it blew up. And you were like, listen, ultimately, it’s my website. I built it for you. And unfortunately, you didn’t sign a contract. And so then I was out on my ass. Do you know what I’m saying? Like, it is quite possible that Niomi took advantage. But knowing that she was going to file the lawsuit, I get your claim calling her bluff. But I don’t know. Why not just by I don’t know, I’m very I’m very conflicted.

Amanda 1:17:18
I think it’ll be interesting to see what comes out. I think having read the document, write the lawsuit. Like there is, you know, there is evidence. So I think the 5050 thing is very clear. Because I think that’s what she’s she’s got to have evidence to back that up. Because if it was any other number, right, then they wouldn’t have put 5050 in the actual document, they would have said partners and partnership or something else without right. In other words, so lawyers

B 1:17:51
wouldn’t have done that. Right? Well, ability, but not all lawyers are created equal either. And to your point, she obviously doesn’t have a ton of liquid funds to put towards stuff if she did. Listen, if I’m starting a business, if I’m able to match you where you’re starting with 50 I would say Amanda, you know what, we’re really going to be 5050. Here’s my 25. Here’s your 25 I want my name on a bank account. So it leads me to believe that God doesn’t have a lot of funds to put up, which may mean that she had a retain counsel looking for a splashy headline, and I’m just saying, there’s a lot of ways this could go, go. I get it.

Amanda 1:18:30
Yeah, I agree. Okay, well, I have to end our conversation because I have to go drive kids, which is my other job. It feels like lately, but I did want to just say you guys thank you so much for listening, you know if you know we know things can change but we know that you guys have been showing up for us because we can see the numbers you know, we know that you guys have been showing up even though he was not able to use the biggest promotion tool to promote those you know, the all the different podcasts this week. So just wanted to say thank you and if you are enjoying this, please do click those three little dots and share it with friends because you know, as we continue to grow, hopefully we can have more time that we’re not having to drive kids and that we can do more deep dives like those because I love it

B 1:19:22
Amanda that’s never gonna have I mean we will have more time for her but thank you for that glimmer of hope you guys did the best. I appreciate you appreciate you. Please follow at cocktails and gossip. Check out Bravo and cocktails.com My hope is this time next week problem cocktails underscore is back. But we know how fickle Instagram is. You can also find me at Twitter Bravo n the letter N guys. You guys are the best till next time

Amanda 1:19:59
thank you guys so much for listening, I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody. Bye guys.

B 1:20:40
See you next time.