We share the funniest behind the scenes tea from people on the scene at the Gansevoort, where all the Bravolebs were staying. Who was overheard calling another Housewife a douche? And because, who doesn’t love a tangent, we go on a little tangent playing Would You Rather. More tea about the rumored Real Housewives of Dallas reboot. B has exclusive podcast-only tea about the NFL divorce. We’ve got inside info on what actually happened with Crystal from RHOBH and the 14 friends – allegedly, of course. Salt Lake City – what’s going on with Whitney? And why we think Meredith makes a great housewife.

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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 23

B 0:00
If I could afford any of these things, I would probably have money so I could call an Uber. And I could probably just keep ordering healthy takeout, right? Because we can’t eat like pizza every day. But we can order like healthy like sushi or like salads, right? So I’d have to go with the pristine house

B 0:23
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, is all alleged and just for fun. You do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda 0:43
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s teep What’s up cocktail hours? Hey, everybody, it is Friday of Bravo con weekend and stuff is getting nuts. Let’s just put it that way. I mean, all the just stuff coming in between like yesterday and today. I can’t even I can’t even keep

B 1:09
up. I mean, you and me both.

Amanda 1:13
So it’s Friday of Bravo con. Right. So today is the 14th. So you’re going this weekend, we won’t say which day, I will tell you I am going away for the weekend to not to Bravo con but do not have to drive any kids tonight, or really a weekend. So I have started by you know, opening a cocktail as well, which is just the perfect way to start the weekend

B 1:39
off. And much deserved my dad.

Amanda 1:43
Okay, so let’s talk about all the stuff that’s coming in.

B 1:47
Okay, So Amanda, last week, we had this whole theory that was given to us by a follower about the GaNS award. It was true, but I want to say so when our pod came out, which was four days after we recorded apparently MJ on her podcast, shout out to MJ I love her, and Teddy and Tamar on their podcast leaked that people were staying against afford. But when we recorded guys, we didn’t know that. Yes, we knew that people that go on, watch what happens live stay there. But we didn’t know. And another follower of mine. And one of my sources Actually, she’s a great source for a variety of reasons. She has a friend who works at the GaNS award. So she told me when she listened to my pod, she was like be Bravo has the whole hotel. So I was like, that’s amazing. So yes, that was true. And it kind of went public. I have to say, I think it’s so cool that Bravo did that and kind of like leaked it. Because a lot of my friends were there last night, other accounts that I’m friendly with were there and they met everybody, Amanda. Oh, so when I was so tempted, I almost hopped in an Uber. But the problem was, I had a I had a family function, and I could not miss it. Because it was, you know, I just couldn’t, yeah, otherwise I would have been there. But I felt like I was there.

Amanda 3:05
So fun. And you know, guys like this is this is how this all comes together, right? Because we get stuff from different just tips and then different sources. And so we had the person who was like, Hey, I think something’s going on at the Gansevoort because of Bravo con, I can’t get a table. I think the rooftop like it’s totally booked. And I think you know, I have a feeling because that’s where they usually stay, you know. And then we have the other source who has a friend who works there. So that’s why we so appreciate you guys all sending this stuff in because with all these different pieces, we can put it together. And I would hope we have some great cocktails who are there on ground at the GaNS or, and sending us in everything that’s happening, which we know actually at least one is because we’ve been getting some good stuff. And you know, it’s funny

B 3:56
when we first had the GaNS of work theory now GaNS award in this is the one in the Meatpacking District. About 10 years ago, when all my friends were getting married. We did a lot of bachelorette parties. Like we get a room at the GaNS for it, we’d stay there and we’d go somewhere, you know, in the meatpacking district. So like, to me, in my mind, I just felt like it was kind of old hat. Do you know what I’m saying? Like I was like, I don’t know. Because, listen, if I’m a Bravo lab, and I have the box, I’m staying at the Pierre. Yeah. Which, by the way, is where our boy Justin Anderson is saying. And here’s a little tidbit. He posted last night that all of the stars were so sweet and so lovely. But there was one who was acting like a real diva. And I’m very disappointed. He told me who it was. And I’m so disappointed. It was Melissa Gorga hmm. And I’m like, but Justin, maybe she was having a bad moment and Justin’s like, I know that your girl b I know that your girl. I was like it is my girl. And then he’s like, You know what be though. I could totally see you having a diva moment yourself. I’m like, absolutely. So like, you know, listen, and I always feel this way about celebrities. Right, yeah, we see them in like a snapshot so anybody can be having like maybe she just found out that her hair and makeup for today or can’t like, the girl got sick and she has no hair and makeup. So maybe in that moment she was having like something going on and she’s not really mega bitch. Yeah, but I am going to find her and if she gives me an attitude, I’m gonna be like, fuck you.

Amanda 5:22
I don’t know, you know, I feel I have two thoughts about this one is, uh, you never know if you happen to be walking on somebody. And they just were told some really bad news, right? Or, you know, like, they just got their period on their beautiful new white dress. Like you never know.

B 5:41
Right? Like Charlotte in. Although it wasn’t a beautiful dress in just like that. Did you? Did you watch that? By the way? I did. We’ve totally when the second season comes out, that’s going to be part for sure of this because I am a Sex in the City fanatic. I love it. And so many people complained about it. Like, listen, I get it, but you can’t recreate them 20 years ago, right? We all change. And I thought for what it was it was fantastic. They were portrayed in love. But

Amanda 6:07
I agree. No, I know. Of course they watch. And of course, I watched back in the day. I mean, I was single in my 20s my girlfriends, we would all order in food and oh my god, I have such funny stories about those years in my life. But we had like two, we had like what we called the compound. We had two places. Maybe on subscript maybe on subscription. And I’ll tell more stories about that. But anyway, we would watch it every Sunday. And so of course I’ve been watching anyway. But my other thought about Melissa and what might be what could be happening is like, I cannot imagine having to be on and like smiling and happy. For three, you know, three days in a row. I think that would be hard. But I also feel like you got a bucket up and do it like this is once a year. This is a chance to make a really good impression with some of your fans. I

B 7:01
mean, it was the first night you should be at your best. Like you’re not even tired yet.

Amanda 7:05
Right? Justin Anderson because, you know, if you’re a bitch to him, he’s going to tell people about it. So like not to be fake, but like, I mean, CTV Justin

B 7:15
Anderson is like just as big a star as any Bravo liberty. So

Amanda 7:19
sorry, I enjoy him so much.

B 7:21
Okay, so I’m gonna just spit out some stuff that’s been coming into me all day because okay, I’m not there today, but you guys are and you’re sending me such good stuff. So first from last night. At the GaNS of or Brandi Glanville checked in at 1230 totally fucked up. Taylor and Austin walked in together. They gotten an elevator together. I mean, yes, she’s taking pictures with Olivia so are we crazy with this? Maybe Maybe they’re just friends but they’re together. Shannon apparently called Gina a douche.

Amanda 7:53
I texted you because you had corroded into like the stuff that we’re going to talk about is like, oh my god, this is so funny.

B 8:00
Madison was stunning. Somebody else messaged me and said Madison isn’t as pretty in person. You can say what you want about Madison, but I think Her looks are one thing that I wouldn’t critique because I think she’s a beautiful girl. But she didn’t like Olivia. It was obvious. Meredith Marx was dressed like Elvis. So I mean, and then let’s see what else so Oh, Lisa Rinna is getting booed. She got booed at the Beverly Hills panel, which there was a whole thing it was overcrowded. Bravo actually posted something like apologizing. And I kind of that’s why I decided to go Saturday. I figured we would work the kinks out. I just said what I’m going but like, nobody’s there’s 8 million Bravo celebrities. Nobody cares about me. Okay, so Rana got booed, Erica got booed. Every time they spoke, they got booed. And you know, I have to say, I felt bad like, I get it, but and they said this at the reunion, I know we’re gonna get into the reunion. But like Andy said, guys, this is a show and I think we all do need to be mindful of that. And whatever we think about Renner and she went for Kathy Kathy is also on the show. So she signs up for it. You know, when you sign up for it, you sign up for it. So that’s some of the that’s that is that and then Lisa Rinna, and now I don’t know. Okay, so an inside source told me that Lisa Rinna, the reason that she doesn’t have a booth at the Bravo bazaar or whatever they’re calling it we’re like sewing down south and you know, everyone’s selling their merch. That’s why she has this truck that she’s gonna have in Manhattan. And so she’s only going to be on the panel and then she’s going to be in Manhattan selling her stuff. Now it could be a timing thing because remember she signed on late so maybe there wasn’t room for a booth but like they can make room so I we then we

Amanda 9:39
especially for very small beauty products like that. I’m kind of like pillows I get like you need a lot of space for that.

B 9:46
Right And okay, so I’m gonna go back to what’s happening at Bravo calm but I want to say this. We got this email yesterday. Season 13 Filming to begin mid November. I hear your eyes in your wine. I love it. A new famous face will definitely be a added, as well as one other new beam, at least one oldy will be back in official capacity Kathy is leaving on her own accord. Diana is done run it is too, but expect her to be in a similar position as Dorinda with the network. Since Ron and Kathy are both leaving and our major parts of the show, they just they decided to keep juried full time rather than friend, because she doesn’t they don’t want to dramatic change crystals up in the air. I have to tell you, I’m reading this. But I also am now telling you that my source our friend, Amanda, who tells us like, but this same source was the one who didn’t hear about Tamra coming back. So they aren’t he says they’re all negotiating. They’re talking to the woman. Nothing’s officially decided. He was told the new woman is not famous or well known. So basically,

Amanda 10:48
and then hold the audience. Do we know who the audience is?

B 10:50
I’m gonna assume that that’s Kyle. Right. Oh, okay. I don’t think Kyle’s going anywhere. Okay. Okay. So another thing that came into us, somebody sent me a picture of Teddy and Vicki spotted hugging a Bravo con. But then somebody else sent me a picture of them arguing so I don’t know what came first with them. It could be either

Amanda 11:09
that well, yeah, you don’t know when Yeah, each person saw whatever. So. So then

B 11:15
Z was asked if the room was about her. And Daniela, true, she said, You have to wait and see. But she also said they have a very complicated relationship she hopes it can work out. I can tell you that Danielle went to pillows and beer. And she has been hanging with Paige and Craig and that whole crew, she is very much on the opposing side of Lindsay. She has had it with her. She, according to my source has seen the light. She says that now she sees why Lindsay never had any girlfriends. This is all what we’re hearing. I am very curious. Lindsey said wait and say I’m curious if Danielle will be vocal about this.

Amanda 11:59
Very interesting. I wonder on that topic. Like I wonder if Bravo must go over with them and say, here are the things you can talk about here that you can’t talk about before Bravo con, right, I would imagine because they’re gonna want people to give away a little something so that it feels like there’s news coming out. There’s something that it’s a headline coming out of the recession, they can’t. So there must be some sort of like, here’s the carrot, but the rest of the whole like dessert and dinner you cannot share. Right?

B 12:32
Absolutely. But there are ways that Danielle can say something more strongly worded than Lindsey said. And it goes back to our feeling that Lindsay is the guilty party. I mean, I don’t know how to say that. Because I don’t I don’t get takes

Amanda 12:46
two to tango. Yeah, anything? Yes. Right. Yes. It does seem though, like,

B 12:54
I feel like Lindsay’s perception is that Danielle should be happy for her. And like let her have this honeymoon phase. And I feel that Danielle feels very dropped like a hot potato. Yes. You know, and I think that I do think that it’s something that can be worked out.

Amanda 13:10
I hope so.

B 13:11
I also know that Lindsay has a lot of power with production. So I’m curious if Danielle will be more outspoken to secure her spot. So, because if you’re seen as Lindsey sidekick, and you’re no longer that, does, Paige and Amanda’s crew really need another lady? Not really.

Amanda 13:32
I mean, that would be cold though it Lindsay just goes and says she’s out if she has that kind of power, assuming she does, right. I mean, wow.

B 13:41
If anyone would do it, though. Yeah. And another thing I want to say is when we posted like people were saying, people have said, like, oh, Lindsey and Carl like, whatever. She’s awful. Everyone is forgetting that pre sobriety. Carl was awful to like, I have to speak up for Lindsay here and say that she’s on a reality show. I think that what we see is very much a character. And I think that none of these personalities are perfect. And I always feel like the woman gets the worse. Like Hannah Berner like I totally do think that that season was a flop for her but like, you know, she wasn’t asked back and so many of our male contemporaries have had flops, and yet they’re aspects. So it’s such a double standard with women in, in every aspect of our lives. So like, I can disagree with certain things about women, but ultimately, I don’t like that Carl like it’s like everybody forgot that Carl was raging.

Amanda 14:39
You know, I mean, I haven’t forgotten. I mean, it’s it’s nice to see his arc and the way that things are changing, but, I mean, I look at him and I’m like, were you always really just this nice of a guy or, like, what what, like, what’s happened here? You know, I think there was always that sweetness with them. I think He always had that very sweet side. But I mean, I don’t know if anybody who’s who’s seen those previous episodes, it’s hard to forget. I mean, he was not. He had a very ugly side to agreed. Oh, this is a really

B 15:16
big one. And I don’t I don’t know. I don’t know the truth to this but somebody that says they’re in the know told me surprise concert tonight after either legends bowl or Watch What Happens Live John Mayer’s doing

Amanda 15:28
a concert. That’s not shocking to me. Not shocking, but so cool. Yeah. So we so both of those are happening at the same time. Right? So then that means whoever’s Watch What Happens won’t be at the legends ball, or,

B 15:43
I don’t know, I guess. And the other thing is, I’m inclined to think that John is going to be wherever Andy is. So watch what happens. Like I was

Amanda 15:49
just gonna say the exact same thing. So. Okay, so what about everything that’s being said there as well. And Bravo’s even saying there is going to be a huge announcement that will shock everybody.

B 16:03
So everyone keeps asking me this, Amanda, and I know that is so vague. Okay, first of all, that’s going to shock everybody. You heard the rumor, which we did not put out there that Andy stepping down. I think we spoke about it here. It’s funny Bravo TV today and their stories had a picture of Andy and under it to the right. There was there was the grand dam. Karen huger to the left. And next to that was, Craig. My guess is that they’re poking fun at the rumor, because why would Andy be retiring? If anything? He would be getting a bigger job. And maybe that would open up. But I don’t think it’s that. I mean, listen,

B 16:42
I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay, Dorinda and Jill were getting on their panel. They just started fighting like

Amanda 16:49
freaking cats and dogs. Oh, funny. Not shocking. But like, it’s funny. Like,

B 16:54
this is why we love New York. Because they are friends. These two go back their girls were in school together. Okay, this is like they were on the PTA together 20 years ago, okay. And now they’re ticked at each other, and they’ll end up being friends again. They’re frenemies, right? Even the best of times, they always whatever and then they end they literally were just sitting there like how you were I would argue with like a mom that like we like, but she knows us. Like that’s what they’re doing. It was it was so classic Roni and like, I love it. Also, the reboot is fully cast, and they will

Amanda 17:29
be filming soon. Okay, so I’m sure we’ll probably hear at least who a few of the people in the cast

B 17:36
are. And remember guys, we predicted Lizzie before any any anybody out.

Amanda 17:40
Do you follow her on social?

B 17:42
I do. And you know people talk a lot of smack about her. But like, I first of all, she’s gorgeous. And second of all, I really like and especially at this moment in time where there’s so much anti semitic disgusting stuff floating around. I love that she is so vocal about her religion. And for me, I mean, I’m a Catholic girl. I have plenty of Jewish friends I know about I actually went to a Jewish sleepaway camp little little tidbit about me, but I love learning about other religious religions and cultures. We spoke about loving that about Salt Lake City. So I and it’s so New York. I mean, it’s Jill’s Erin circa you know, like Yeah, although I believe she’s I think she’s modern Orthodox. I want to say, which a very, very good childhood friend of mine is, is modern Orthodox. And I gotta tell you, her wedding was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been to so yeah, I

Amanda 18:33
feel like she might be to from watching the rabbi do the whole like cleanse. I’m sorry, everybody, if I call us the wrong thing, like purification or cleansing ritual the kitchen when she moved in, like, Yeah, I agree. I think some of the stuff is very interesting. Here’s my thing. And Lizzie, if you’re listening, like I 100% agree with what we just said. I think your content is very interesting. I am not Jewish. I find like your Word of the Week very like and I love how you get your kids involved. I am wanting to see a little bit of the messier side and a little bit of the less perfect side of her life. Because I’m starting to roll my eyes a little bit when I see her content, because it’s all too perfect. So let’s do some of the mess and

B 19:22
you know what the perfect way to see that is put a camera in her fucking face.

B 19:30
Let’s really put some real cameras in her face. Not these not these edited versions. You know, it was funny. And I’ve told you guys before I love I love following what Lola like she’s and she’s The Bella Twins. Brothers soon to be ex wife and she lives in Arizona. And she’s got this beautiful house and it was funny cuz she was doing stories the other day. She’s like, this is pretty much a reality show except I edit everything and curate it and I’m like, I listen. I love and I like you know it’s at night. I’m laying in my bed and I’m looking around my room where there’s like, you know, on the couch, there’s laundry that needs to go away. And there’s this and there’s that. And I’m looking at these people’s

B 20:09
perfect houses, but I think we all like, know that that’s not real. I mean, I guess for some people, it’s real.

Amanda 20:19
I think for some people, if you’re a Kardashian and you have a lot of people, well, early pickup messes as your kids drop them on the floor. Yes.

B 20:28
You know, okay, what would you pick? Okay, here you go. Okay. You can have a driver, a chef, and you can’t combine them. Okay, Amanda, don’t cheat. A driver. Only they’re only driving you your chef is only cooking for you and your family, all meals, all snacks, everything. Or a person who lives with you and cleans and does laundry and keeps the house pristine.

Amanda 20:57
I am. I’m thinking probably somebody who is literally keeping the house. I’m between that. And the chef, the driver thing as much as I like talk about having to drive kids. I don’t, I don’t mind it that much. I’m somewhere I’m somewhere over there. Probably. And actually, because I’ve kind of been on strike from cooking for many years. I used to cook and love it. But now I’m like, pretty, I’ve just been on strike for kind of a while. I think

B 21:27
that was COVID when we were all stuck in our houses. Like there was a point where we couldn’t even get takeout in New York. I feel like I just got sick of my own frickin kitchen. And I used to love to cook. I’m Italian. So

Amanda 21:38
what we do, I think the cleaner what would what would you choose?

B 21:41
Okay, so it’s hard. I would love a driver, but I could never have a driver. And the reason I could never have a driver is I think I would have a drinking problem. Because I think I’d be like, Oh, hey, John, can you drive me to soccer practice and like, I would bring like my Prosecco in the back of the car and like drink on the field. So that’s out a cook. I feel like if I’m well, and also, if I could afford any of these things, I would probably have money so I could call an Uber. And I could probably just keep ordering healthy takeout, right? Because we can’t eat like pizza every day. But we can order like healthy like sushi or like salads. Right? So I’d have to go with the pristine house.

Amanda 22:22
Yes. Even if it meant I have no

B 22:24
reason I don’t want to cook. But here’s the reason I don’t want to cook is because of the cleanup. Like when my cleaning lady leaves that night. We don’t cook we order it because I’m like for one frickin night. We’re gonna have a nice beautiful kitchen.

Amanda 22:37
I totally agree. And you guys when we when we’re saying like somebody clean like, I don’t mean a cleaning lady. I mean somebody who knows, like, where when I go to Target and buy the tampons, where to put the tampons away. And like when my kids you know, come in with their soccer cleats, like where that like all of that kind of stuff like so that I don’t even have to tell them I don’t because you know, there’s also the day when your cleaning lady comes at you do the panic. I always say I’m like So Nina my family. Again, third world first world problems, guys, but like I am mean to my family on Cleaning Lady Day because hey, go put your stuff away clean. Well, that was coming. You know, I need somebody who knows where everything goes. And the house is still pristine.

B 23:24
When I was a kid my mom was home with me. And then when my mom went back to work, I was in grade school, my mom and listen in New York City. It’s I don’t know how it is other places, you know back in the days but it was fairly easy to find a cleaning lady. My mom was like, and she was not an extravagant person who wasted but the one thing she said if I’m working full time I’m having someone helped me and the first thing she did with her first check was get a cleaning lady. And that morning was like why I told you to put this it was like everyone got it and now I am my mother. Yeah, and the good part with Me Amanda though, is that my husband works from home. So that morning, whatever, whatever’s out. I’m like, hon, let’s get this together because she’ll be here in a little bit. Gotta go to work.

Amanda 24:09
That’s so funny. Okay,

B 24:10
okay, well, that was a tangent. Love it. Okay, what else is happening? Oh my god, you’re gonna love this. Rochelle got called out she was on a panel with Gigi. Our favorite firecracker from Shah’s. First of all, I love shout so much, but that that’ll be another tangent. But Gigi there and she’s on the panel and she goes, Wait, isn’t that the girl that sleeps with people’s friends or husbands or something like that? Oh, one of my followers smoked a joint with Gigi last night outside the GaNS word.

Amanda 24:42
Oh, too funny.

B 24:43
Do you love it? I think she made her own joint. I guess that’s like her COVID way of writing which is very generous.

Amanda 24:50
Oh my god, I just you guys I can’t wait to get all of these little details like she didn’t call him Gina is my favorite thing. Ever heard like, all week for sure.

B 25:03
But you’re gonna like this one too. So Vicki was just on a panel today and it was the relationship panel and she said that those followers says the OG of the OC call Theresa the most overrated housewife of all time. She’s like I wish I got it on video but everyone in the crowd freaked out Oh, yeah. Also tonight at Bravo con so you guys obviously gonna know this family karma Charla comes out tonight it’s finally out. A Monique is dad how cute Monique is dad is a doll told one of my followers. So love it. Love it. I want to know so you know that Bali I’m sure you watch family color. Bali actually, like messaged me. And she’s like, I have an extra ticket, if any, you know, if anyone needs like, you’re so sweet. Oh, I’ve had followers that for various reasons couldn’t go I had one follower who was like, I don’t even want to charge anybody. Because it’s last minute. And like I can afford to take the loss. So I would love for you to post these and like you pick the follower that you feel like, whatever. And I was like, Oh my god. So one of my friend I wanted to keep it fair, I said you have to take both tickets for all three days. And like Don’t lie to me, like really use them. Right? General Admission. And what the first follower who messaged me got them. So one of my followers gifted one of my other cocktails, okay, look at this cocktail or community to three day general admission passes. And I’m like, This is so sweet. And she’s like, I can’t get there. And I want to know that they’re being used. Like, I was like, I love this. I love this.

Amanda 26:30
Oh, good. Well, without getting into too many other predictions, because we’ve been talking about those guys, don’t forget that. Just because you don’t see somebody on the list of appearances, doesn’t mean they’re not going to be there. Remember, there are mystery guests. You know, Andy loves to have the doorbell rang. And it’s so who knows, coming in the door. And I think that could be an interesting venue. I’m just going to call this one out real quick for them to announce some surprise news. So some people who might not be on the list could be coming with some with some news about you know, new shows or new appearances that sort of thing, just to guess.

B 27:13
Absolutely. I mean, they’re pulling out all the stops. I think it’s I can’t wait I’m like so excited. Last time. It was like something like 10,000 10,000 people this time it’s going to be upwards of 25,000 I’m a little nervous about the lines be honest with you. I feel like it’s chaos as long as the line to the bar aren’t long if I have a cocktail I can wait in line. Cathy’s gonna be there. I know. There was like all this talk that she wasn’t going to be there Cathy’s there. We saw her on the conga line. Apparently she’s only there the photo up I don’t think she was on the Beverly Hills panel I think listen this Lisa render stuff with her. He’s like real deal. Like craziness.

Amanda 27:53
What about that info? You glad about what each person who is a problem Liberty gets as being part of like, what their setup looks like. I think you should share that.

B 28:05
Oh, okay. So I was okay. This is an interesting tidbit by talents, which there’s so many that it’s not giving anything away. Each person gets a whole team with them. Okay, so they have a handler, somebody who’s like their assistant for the day, a golf cart because tons of walking. Yeah. So I have these coolest boots. I’m gonna post them because they were so freakin cool. But they’re like stiletto my sister in law who is like such a fancy type like always dressed up is like be you’re not walking around Javits Center like in these things. Are you okay? No, so I got these. I’m not gonna say what they actually I’m not gonna say anything. Yeah, well, this won’t. This will be out after anyway. But long story short, I have more modest heels that are like really fancy and I’m wearing those. So each person gets a whole team, a handler, a golf cart, and an off duty SWAT guy. Pretty intense.

Amanda 28:59
Well, that makes sense. Right? They need security. I’m I’m glad I’m glad they have it. That’s

B 29:04
how I found this out was I was chatting with talent. And I said to the person, are you a little nervous? Like, you know, people are crazy. They because they said to me? Well, no because of all of this. And you know, there’s going to be the bizarre and Bravo stars will be selling their swag and products. I mean, to back in what I want to say, August we got an email on what to expect at Bravo con. I feel you know, I went and I didn’t even ask for your help. Are you proud of me?

Unknown Speaker 29:36
The tax that I send the man that just like midday, like hey, what was the name of that poll? She’s like, Oh, Baby Jesus.

Amanda 29:43
You guys, we both were the blind leading the blind because neither of us have a good memory and somebody like that rings a bell and then I can’t find it. So we’re both searching for it. If you and I had like really great memories like we would be handicapped When

B 30:00
I mean we could you imagine I Heart Radio would have called us months ago. Now we have early onset, I don’t know what we’re not. So I want you Okay, so can you read this and then we’re like, kind of like hash it out.

Amanda 30:16
Okay. Yes. Hold on. I’m looking for it in the notes. Hold on. You guys. Um, so do you want

B 30:21
me to I’m gonna read it. Yeah, I have it and then you’ll hash. Okay with Bravo calm being back after three years and this was an August guys. There are plans to make it big. A lot of announcements of new shows new cast members and returning cast members to here’s some of what you can expect that weekend. The view style talk show with former housewives to be announced. Lisa Vanderpump. Kathy Kelly and Cynthia Bailey are locked in. Roni reboot. Ronnie legacy official cast announcements, Jersey trailer debut of their new housewives returning Atlanta housewives announcement for season 15 Real Housewives of Dallas reboot announcement on peacock with two returning girls a new housewife city announced and unexpected city. There’s more in store regarding former housewives returning to Bravo in various ways and new show concepts that aren’t 100% set in stone. Still have two months to confirm. First thing I want to say. Kathy would Kili is not a problem con so we never thought that that name made sense. Mm hmm. So I don’t know at some point this weekend. Does she pop out? I don’t know. I don’t even follow her. But the Ronnie reboot is we’ve already heard that first day.

Amanda 31:38
Yep. New Jersey trailer. That makes sense. Like let’s dangle this carrot in front of us in October even though we’re not getting it for three months. The new

B 31:47
girls are not slated to be there doesn’t mean that they’re not going to pop up. Yep. Okay. The Dallas thing guys, we get the Dallas thing. I have to say when I first got this and I’ve gotten a lot of Dallas stuff. My feeling is it took Miami eight years to reboot right. I didn’t see it happening so quickly. But the emails are persistent. Okay. And their emails. They’re not from the source their emails. Bravo has seen the success of rebooting Miami. So is it possible you know, Stephanie Holman says No, she hasn’t spoken to anybody. She won’t be at Bravo calm. DeAndre is in New York City. Now. She’s not slated to be there. But she’s posting stories at restaurants with her mom. I don’t know.

Amanda 32:33
I think they’ll be behind one of the mystery. doorbells. Ding Dang, yes. Here’s my thought. This is my theory about Dallas. I think you’re right, we you guys would not we really have been getting so many emails about it. I know you’ve been getting DMS to the part of the thing with peacock with Miami is there was no peacock until this year. And Miami is one of the shows that peacock really use to kind of boost viewership. And so now we have peacock. And so I could see them accelerating or return to Dallas, on peacock because now we have the venue for it. So I don’t know. I think based on we have the venue and based on the fact that we are getting so many emails about it. I think there’s some truth about it. Now who is on it? I think is questionable. Right now what we’re hearing is Deandra, we’re hearing Stephanie, as a friend. We’re hearing Harry doober. Carrie, maybe we’re hearing but then I was

B 33:34
told by someone that knows Carrie that that’s not the case. So

Amanda 33:38
and then we’re hearing Tiffany, maybe. So. So we’ll see conflicting reports

B 33:43
on Tiffany. One thing that I think will be announced is the Martha’s Vineyard and the like quote unquote summerhouse Martha’s Vineyard deal with the first black all black franchise, I think that I think we’re gonna hear about that, because we know it filmed. I mean, I know it films and I know it’s picked up by Bravo because I got the actual pictures of the Zoom meeting with their pictures and like, you know, like, what they’re what they’re what they’re going to use for advertisements for marketing. So I know that that’s happening. So it’s wrapped, it’s filmed, they’re going to announce that

Amanda 34:18
and that cast is very good looking.

B 34:21
Oh, us. And Martha’s Vineyard to me is so interesting, because I don’t know people like oh, it’s a sleepy town, but I feel like beach towns are always cool. Yeah,

Amanda 34:30
I think it’ll be good. Now.

B 34:32
Atlanta we know is filming. Oh, by the way, you know, we leak Cynthia’s divorced days and days before she confirmed and honestly, I our source told me this and I didn’t post it because I love Cynthia and I very much wanted it to not be true. And you guys know. And followers and people and haters especially tell me I’m biased and in this case, if it were somebody else, I would have gladly posted it probably a month ago. But I was biased. And I wanted to give my Cynthia the benefit of the doubt. With that said, I haven’t I thought possible return when I heard the divorce. But now I’m thinking because if that email reminded me because goldfish memory that she was the one with the view style talk show,

Amanda 35:18
right? I really, really hope that’s true. Because girl, Cynthia, we’re all rooting for you.

B 35:24
And you remember how sad she was on the girls trip? And how like she was so not herself? Yes. And on honest to God, it didn’t occur to me at that time. I assumed it was that she knew she wasn’t back on housewives. I wouldn’t have thought I mean, they’re married. It would have been their two year anniversary like the week they announced. Like, two years,

Amanda 35:45
like Yeah, it would have been this week because that that line said, 1010 you’re gonna yell at me, but I want her to get back together with Peter. He loves her. I mean, maybe just for like, PSA xx. But I don’t know. I think she needs more. And I think she needed somebody who’s going to be really faithful and I love her first.

B 36:08
Maybe they could work it out. I

Amanda 36:09
like I’m with you on that one. That one I would really like to see and they have such

B 36:13
a good friendship. They’re like, No, they’re like the Frank and Delores and yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure. And Peter was always intimidated by their by their special bond. And you can understand why he wouldn’t be right. But well, I think his name is Leon. I mean, he’s a famous, nyan. He’s used also beautiful. And their daughter is the most gorgeous mix of the two of them. Like they’re both beautiful people. And then they made this Noel who was like, she got the best of both parents, you know, looks and also she’s very bright. And, you know, yeah, she’s a great kid. So, we love you, Cynthia. Cynthia got a standing ovation, by the way on her panel today. I like women supporting women. This is what I love about Bravo fans.

Amanda 37:01
So how many times do you think you’re gonna cry tomorrow?

B 37:05
Do you think I’m gonna Why would I cry?

Amanda 37:07
Would you cry? Oh, see, I get emotional about the weirdest shit. Now, you know that you Oh, I would cry probably like three or four times. Mary,

B 37:17
I’ll be screaming.

Amanda 37:19
Yeah, I were crying. You would get like the first like really big one where there was all those people I would probably be like, I can’t believe I’m here and I would get teary.

B 37:28
No, I’ll be like screaming with with it. You’re a crier. I’m a screamer. Okay, you have that established

Amanda 37:34
I’m not like a crier like cry or cry or just like I get like it my kids like Christmas program. I have to bring a million tissues because I ball the whole time.

B 37:45
I do in those Yes, but that’s more like sentimental.

Amanda 37:49
That’s what I’m saying that like these big moments or like if like I wouldn’t cry, like out of the summit is gonna make me sound like such a shitty person. I wouldn’t cry out of sympathy with somebody like being sad about somebody getting divorced like Cynthia getting divorce, right. I will get more like seeing since like person’s being so yes, like something like that. She sounds like such an asshole.

B 38:13
Oh, no, no, because it’s the same emotion right? So like, I’m screaming because I’m excited and the way that you channel that excitement is you just get like, flustered and start tearing up and I’m flustered and screaming

Amanda 38:26
and like also weirdly bagpipes if I hear bagpipes, I start bawling.

B 38:32
But again, like I’m Catholic bagpipes funeral so yes.

Amanda 38:39
Oh, no, I It’s so weird, though. And also my

B 38:43
dad is Irish. So like, it’s a cultural thing.

Amanda 38:47
Yes. Yes. Are you here? I’d like somebody had suggested having them in our wedding. I was like, we can’t I mean, I had

B 38:54
Wait, Amanda, I had bagpipes at my another adjacent. I had bid. So a friend of ours from college, played the bagpipes. A lovely young lad.

B 39:03
And he it’s so we were at our friend’s wedding. Because like, you know, like, you’re friends with somebody, but they’re not like your best friend kind of thing. And so the key came over to me and my husband, and he was like, listen, I know you guys are getting married in three months. And we live not far. And he’s like, I’d love to play the bagpipes. So then, of course, we sent him an invitation, but he’s like, You have to invite me I’m like, You’re our friend and you’re playing the bagpipes so like, you automatic so yes, I did outside the church he played

Amanda 39:29
Oh, and one last thing like mariachi bands at Mexican restaurants. I can’t stop laughing. Like I cannot control myself. Like I have to walk out of the room.

B 39:38
Why? You know what I love to do and I get to my husband and he gets so he gets so mad at me whenever so there’s this place that we like to go and I can’t do it every time because obviously he’s waiting for it. But every once in a blue like I do, I’m good for once a year. I tell them it’s his birthday. And they come out with this Braylon oh my god, the whole restaurant does it and he’s like, just looks at me like I’m going to. I’m going to snap. Yeah.

Amanda 40:09
Oh my god that reminds me right so we last Saturday B and I were texting I took an edible I’m not going to like I was an intern. It took inedible.

B 40:21
I drunk. I assumed you were drunk. Because I was having a couple glasses of wine. I wasn’t where you were. But I was like, I was I was in an understanding. I was like, Ah, she’s she’s had a few.

Amanda 40:33
We started talking about pranking, and we both have all these funny stories about I love to prank people. Like now that I’m an adult. I do it nicely. like nobody’s like the butt of a joke. But we had some funny we went back and forth and told some funny pranking stories. I think we’ll have to say that one for the membership site.

B 40:54
That was good. And that’s very funny that you were doing edibles. I can’t wait until we like do this in person. All right.

Amanda 40:59
No, I agree. Every once in a while. I’m like, I’m like, that sounds like a like I’m not doing much tonight. Let’s just take an edible. Okay, anyway, all right. Should we move on from Bravo and then to the pot exclusive t we have about NFL stuff?

B 41:19
I think we should because I feel like this is gonna come out and uh, you know, you guys let’s face it. I like to be on record because everyone loves to say we’re wrong. And sometimes we are fucking wrong. I don’t actually work for Bravo. I am legit a fan. Okay. So yeah, so this is a pot exclusive. The football divorce that we’re all hearing about. The relationship troubles are so publicized because it takes the focus off of inappropriate behavior and discussions with Miami. Basically, some people believe they’re using this divorce rumor as a distraction from yet another football scandal. I even saw a rumor Amanda that she’s dating football fans, this one’s for you and ladies, and it’s so funny, Amanda because whenever we do like anything sports related, some of the cocktail has messaged me and they’re like, be thank you so much. Because I went and told my husband and he was like, No way boba, and then it ends up like, whatever while later and like how do you know that? You know? So So you know, husbands? Let your wife listen to cocktails and gossip on your car rides, okay, because you’re gonna learn stuff to hear. There was a little nugget of football tea for you.

Amanda 42:33
We went through a whole tear there for a while we had some really, really good golf, pro golf stuff, guys. And when

B 42:39
we have the subscription site, I’m gonna like do we’re gonna go go back to our golf blinds. I mean, I have to tell you something to me. I always saw golf as like, you know, like a rich white old man sport. It is frickin gangster. What happens with the golfers jeez, Louise.

Amanda 42:57
It very Yeah, to the point where it’s like, like, there’s there’s no like people are severely fucked with if they talk about stuff that goes on to

B 43:08
Yeah, so subscription only. Oh, well. We’re on the sports T some scoop on Mr. Edmonds. Basically, what I’m hearing is like he got married and honeymooning during baseball playoff season where it is they’re phasing him out, he’s no longer well received or desired on air. So this whole whirlwind wedding could just be an attention grab, like one last attention grab and we could expect to see much less of him. I mean, that is until his next pregnancy or next wife. And with that, I will say I somebody told me he has like a $57 million contract. So clearly, he has money, but he likes the spotlight because if he didn’t, he could he doesn’t need to be posting all this stuff. And and you know what I’m saying only people who want the spotlight do that. He could live rich quiet. No one’s looking for him.

Amanda 43:56
Alright, yeah. 100% Holy moly. 57 million that that really got my attention. That is a shitload of money.

B 44:04
I’ll take 1 million.

Amanda 44:07
Okay, so we also saw Leslie Vidor, who, catching everybody up. David posted the or David filed for divorce, and then said nevermind. And then Lisa. Lastly, a week later, so actually, we are getting divorce. But then shortly we saw a cocktail or sent a picture of them chopping it at the mall. And then this week, Leslie posted a story to Instagram of her out to dinner with David with his arm and his ring on out of dinner, but then took it down.

B 44:41
I mean, a mess, like, even her name annoys me Leslie Vador. I have a follower who spells her name Leslie the same way and she’s like, I can’t Why does she have to spell her name like mine? I’m like, I totally feel you if I had that name. Like you want to change we change it you think we should change your name?

Amanda 44:59
You use my middle name to I was first speaker first the door. Yeah.

B 45:06
The Dobro was closed and a $14 million condo. Their realtor was Heather you know, Taryn Terry whatever the HGTV guy they’re young

Amanda 45:17
Yeah. Last name is hurry whatever something Yeah,

B 45:22
she was their realtor you know it’s very it’s very convenient timing with the OSI rumors. So I have an insider who claims the rumors may have been planted for attention storyline that’s just a rumor. You know, they did the photo shoot and faces shout out to faces by Bravo. He any Bravo Insta fan knows Emmys. He’s hysterical and funny. And he pointed out he had this meme and he said kind of convenient that she’s doing this photo shoot when Bronwyn was doing it that he like put like he took a quote from Heather that she said somewhere and it was like there’s no paparazzi NOC if your photographs you call them.

Amanda 46:04
I love to how the we had gotten that boy and that was talking about Heather to bros outfit that she was in an aggressively casual. And the

B 46:14
woman was so mad about it. And all my followers are like, what’s the big deal?

Amanda 46:18
And then you post it you’re like, if you know, you know, and I’m like, Oh, it’s so good.

B 46:22
I mean, she still looked good. She’s a beautiful woman. They’re all they’re all beautiful. So it’s funny because a bunch of followers said to me, like be I don’t think this is doing what she thinks it’s doing because it looks like she just bought himself a bachelor pad.

Amanda 46:35
Well, that was my thought. Because when they’re talking about that, I was like, Oh, is this where he’s gonna? And I’m like that that wouldn’t make sense. But I don’t know where his office like where his medical offices are. I haven’t the slightest, but that’s exactly that was exactly where my head went to. I don’t know, I’d say a minute. And

B 46:53
I don’t know why I just, I don’t I almost believe that it’s a planted story rumor because I just, I think that he’s very devoted and like infatuated and love with her.

Amanda 47:06
I mean, I don’t know I like I’ve said before, I think he’s way too scared of what she would do. I think he’s also just has a healthy measure of fear of her.

B 47:17
But the persistent thing we keep hearing is that she hasn’t been spotted filming. I actually got a couple of OC things today in my inbox that I didn’t even get it. i Who has time I’m dealing with all these Bravo con panels with these bitches going wild on each other i

Amanda 47:32
Well, this happened last year, remember, and she refused to film for quite a long time. And so right when she

B 47:37
beat up production?

Amanda 47:40
Allegedly. Yeah, so I don’t know. It should be interesting to see what happens with that. But I think something something funky is happening. It could be you know, and I hope there’s nothing I hope it’s nothing serious. I hope it’s, it’s, you know, that everything’s okay. Of course, you know, maybe they’re just having some empty nest. Well, I guess no, they still have

B 48:04
like three kids at home or however, they haven’t they have a whole litter. There was

Amanda 48:09
also that blind that we shared about Bravo filming a new real estate estate show in Houston. And funny enough, guess who came out? Ryan Serhat comes out this week saying that he’s expanding his firm to Houston and other parts of Texas.

B 48:26
I don’t think we’ve discussed this, but I love Ryan serhant. He is a boss. And he also seems like such a great dad and husband. It doesn’t hurt that he’s beautiful. Do you find him beautiful?

Amanda 48:38
I think he is. His smile is magnetic.

B 48:41
I thought you were gonna tell me he’s too pretty. Not my type.

Amanda 48:45
But his smile is mad like you can’t deny it. He has I feel the same way about Peter Thomas. Magnetic smile.

B 48:52
Okay, Ryan serhant could not be any more my type. He’s just I like I love pretty men and he’s very pretty. But here’s the thing he’s not listed at all at Bravo con. So if he was involved in that, I do feel like he’d be there. Unless you know who knows? But maybe he’s somewhere he isn’t. He is a businessman. I am hearing some rumors about a Netflix or maybe even Amazon show for him. So the Houston thing but there is this woman did we talk about this last pod the beautiful woman filming in Houston Yeah, we did so I actually I actually messaged Sheena right back but she she did not confirm nor deny she she basically ghosted I shouldn’t even ghost me. She just ignored me she never engaged to begin with. So

Amanda 49:41
that’s a sign in itself.

B 49:44
Right? Especially because like, you see that I’m a gossip account. And like,

B 49:49
you know, you want your stuff posted. She’s probably like, let me not even get involved with this crazy because she’s gonna do it and then Brad was gonna be mad that I leaked it.

Amanda 49:58
If it were so awkward. Ace, then she would have responded and being like, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. That’s so funny.

B 50:05
So bravo if you’re hearing this, she did not respond to me at all. So this leak is not coming from the call isn’t coming from inside this was

Amanda 50:14
oh, good soldier there. Yeah. Okay, so Potomac back to Bravo, of course, Potomac season premiere. I am so happy to have these ladies back because, to quote one of my favorite Potomac quotes these ladies being messy as a train that always comes on time.

B 50:34
I mean, the thing we have to talk about and the coochie craving, just like Who in their right mind has a coochie craving for Michael Darby. By the way, you

Amanda 50:45
guys, that was the post that you got reported for. And every other account also posted it on Instagram. I don’t want to sound like a petulant child, but it’s not fair. I just I mean, come on. Like, she literally said it on TV, if she could say it on TV. I don’t know. I didn’t post

B 51:04
it. But I don’t care. And it doesn’t matter because I’ll come back every time. So I am not even a cat. Okay, I have more than nine lives. So it’s got to be a business deal at this point. I mean, the way her prenup was five years or more with the kids and now they’re buying a house together. Nobody buys a house together. If you’re going through divorce, I don’t give a shit. Giselle, and Karen and everybody was right about that I really loved. I would love to see Candace and actually be friends. I actually think that they would be hysterical. And so I liked that Candace was like, supportive of her. Like, I thought that was very cool. It was a good side of Candace. And I think that Candice gets a bad edit. I think that they very much made her look like I just said I was acting like a petulant child they really make her look that way. And like I’ve said here a million times. Nobody is all good or bad. There’s all this gray area and I think that the way that she was like, I’m so happy for her, she deserves better. She doesn’t need him. I was like, yes, because you know, they don’t like each other. But you know, like, the fact that she still wants the best for Ashley. Even though they’ve had their differences and they’re not friends I think speaks to Candice his character and a side of her that I would like to see I want to see more of that nice Candice

Amanda 52:21
I was gonna say let’s see the great that’s a I mean let’s see the good at it of kavas i I agree with you that it’s bigger her to say that I personally think that she flies off the handle and has an awful temper and gets physical and I don’t think a good at it or a bad at it could change that.

B 52:44
Yes, but I think that there is another side to her that we never say nobody’s all bad if she was if she was a monster she wouldn’t have real friends and you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 52:56
Yeah, and I’m not saying I think she’s a monster at all. I don’t I think no, but thanks

B 53:00
to edit some really shows that side of her.

Amanda 53:04
Yeah, I Yes, I agree. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to come out like so hard against her. But I just think that some of the stuff that she does is not forgivable I don’t think getting physical with people and is cool but oh, we

B 53:17
also so speaking of Michael Darby so I know a while ago he was spotted in the gay club and a follower of ours shared that the gay copy was at his corporation actually recently bought the club.

Amanda 53:30
Whoever that follower is if they want to join my rabbit hole team, it sounds like we could use there a way that they even were able to know Amanda Do

B 53:40
you want to share your email for your rabbit holes?

Amanda 53:42
Yes, so I have

B 53:45
always message us at Bravo cars.com But if you’re more inclined to just oh yeah, Amanda rabbit hole stuff.

Amanda 53:52
Yeah, point me in the right direction, guys. And if you’re ever having trouble, like because we know that things have been kind of foggy on the website with Instagram and stuff. You just sent a follower to me the other day and I think I was able to help her exam or at least I haven’t heard back so I’m hoping I was able to help her but it’s Amanda cocktails and gossip. So cocktails a n d [email protected]. So either you know point me towards the rabbit holes like Help Help me research the rabbit hole or even when rabbit

B 54:24
holes you’d like Amanda to go down? Yeah,

Amanda 54:27
yeah, like whoever when we started reading about the socialite and the politician. I was like, Oh, this is a good one. So yeah, definitely. On a Friday

B 54:37
night what Amanda likes is an edible and a rabbit hole. Let’s, let’s just let’s just call it okay. Let’s just tell the people what it is.

Amanda 54:45
It’s true. Okay, so you make me kind of

B 54:47
want to do an animal now.

Amanda 54:49
Oh my gosh, they’re so fun. You know what I need a wall dose one’s like really? I don’t like a lot. No, I have a tiny bit.

B 54:56
I have a five milligram last injure It’s like a mint. And it

B 55:02
just takes the edge off. But I will say this, and everybody’s body is different. The next day I feel a little not hungover, but I still feel a little high so I always like measure it with like, what time my kids games are because I don’t want like roll into a soccer game. Like

Amanda 55:15
we’ll hire. I like like even half of a five anyway. Oh, yeah. Okay about dosage you guys like because the other thing too, like, the reason I do legal, it’s legal. But you guys, they get into the chips when I do it. So like I can’t like this is this is a problem. I can’t be eating the jalapeno chips. Like half the bag. I haven’t want to I have a trick for that. What? So you do it, your shower,

B 55:42
or whatever your nightly routine is, as far as you know. Listen, we’re we’re women. We don’t want to look like old women, whatever your face routine, whatever it is. And you put on your comfy PJs and you get yourself into bed. And then it becomes Am I really gonna go all the way downstairs

Amanda 56:02
for the chips. The answer is yes.

B 56:06
See, my laziness trumps all?

Amanda 56:10
Yeah, I don’t know. I think I don’t know. I must have the munchie gene. So I don’t know. So Ashley, back to Potomac. Like I think her getting a I think she’s just being smart. I think her getting a house is part of this deal. And how she said that, Michael keep sending her more expensive ones. She’s like, okay, smart, I would say go for it. Because, you know, she’s going forward with a divorce, but she is clearly going to be the primary caretaker of the kids. So make sure you’re getting a good place for them to grow up. And you know, I have to say my other favorite thing about her about Ashley, like I love you know, you’re talking about showing the mess. I love how open she is. You know, I as much as I don’t want to think too hard about what happens in the bedroom with them. I love that she’s so open about things. I love that she’s open about the fact that they used to have threesomes, but then after having kids, she didn’t like it anymore. And, you know, she told Michael that and Michael was like, Oh, it’s just a phase and that she was like, no, and then we got in a huge fight about it. That is what we need more of. I feel like from our housewives, so I don’t know. I’m excited for it to be back on. So excited. Okay, so Beverly Hills, the reunion. I mean, this was it was crazy. What do you get? What did you think?

B 57:39
I mean, first of all, we were all waiting for the Kathy stuff. So I know we were all sounds a little bit let down. Yeah, I you know, we posted and I’m trying to remember when but it’s not gonna happen. It was probably I guess it was airing the beginning of the season crystal and the 14 friends. Someone sent us stuff, right. So I’m just going to read what we got. So we got it, guys, we always get a few things. So I’m just going to kind of summarize the reason this OG Beverly Hills housewife is challenging the sophomore housewife about story with her 14 friends is because she has it on good authority from a former housewife who is a close friend of the OGs. There’s more to the story. Allegedly, a couple of her friends were being considered for Beverly Hills. Before she was approached. She really looked down upon it, she convinced them not to pursue it. And then when she was approached, she immediately signed up to do the show. So the 14 friends were like, you know, fu like you told these two not to do it. And the second they came to you, you did it. Obviously, this is all allegedly it’s very clearly one sided, right? We can guess who’s sending this? I would guess the truth is somewhere in the middle. I will say you know what I didn’t like and this is a little bit of an aside and I like crystal. I didn’t like that thing with Sutton. I didn’t like it because it is really wrong to even veiled say insinuate that somebody is a racist app. It is to me the only thing more offensive would be to be a pedophile. So she at the reunion and Sutton let it go and because Sutton’s like you know what I gotta move on from this because I don’t want to beat the dead horse I get where Sutton’s coming from. It is. So I do I do. I do think that Kyle it was convenient for Kyle to pick on her because listen, Kyle’s friends with Teddy and word on the street is when Krystal was cast. She kind of took Teddy slot, right? There’s only one slot for a millennial. And the other millennial was one of Kyle’s soldiers. So clearly she would rather it was her with that said Kyle’s right like in that moment, what she should have said Was it is In fact, she said something racist, but my perception of it was the way I took it hurt me. And we worked it out and we move past it. But I don’t like what you said. But it’s not because she’s a racist, right? Yeah.

Amanda 1:00:13
You know, it’s funny. I’m glad you brought this up because I was watching this. And I’m like, wow, we are spending 15 minutes on these two topics, right, the 14 Friends thing. And then the dark thing. And I’m like I was getting I was getting a little bit bored. But and I also was noticing, sudden didn’t say a freaking word, or at least in the edit. She didn’t. And everybody else is kind of jumping in. And Kyle especially is super needling at her. And it was like, I don’t understand, like, why this is so significant, because it didn’t. Yes, of course, we spent a lot of time about it on it in the beginning of the season, but it didn’t feel like it was one of the biggest drama pieces in the whole season. So this is what I’m so glad you brought this up, because it’s making everything make a lot more sense is Kyle. And I think even production is kind of trying to say like, yes, there really was more to this. And there Kyle is, Kyle is saying, look like they’re, you know, Crystal isn’t what she comes off as. And there’s a lot more to this story.

B 1:01:21
So yeah, I that is what I took from it, too. I you know, I think that you can’t present yourself as this innocuous character being attacked by older women, and then accused somebody in a way that she did. So, and again, I loved crystal second half of this season with that said to me, she comes off as a very entitled person. She has been with her famous rich husband for her entire adult life because they got together when she was 18 or 20, whatever it is. And she says something and he agrees and he Pat’s her back. And that’s what I see. That’s my perception of her and the whole Sutton thing and the whole and the way that she gets so offended and, you know, like, toughen up. Yeah, or bounce or bounce.

Amanda 1:02:22
Agreed, and I think it’s probably going towards the latter. Okay, so then let’s talk about Okay, one thing I want thought was very interesting is even just the very beginning of the reunion looking at everyone’s faces, so just even when they’re saying hi to Andy, and Rena is showing the bird her lowest bird and talking about how the angels are protecting her. Because you see a Kyle’s face, it was like, I was like, oh, okay, this is how this is gonna go. It was very clear. Like,

B 1:02:56
they were gonna go to battle. very clear, very clear, you know?

B 1:03:02
Here’s the thing, though. When we saw the episode where they cut scenes out, right, they do like never before seen. We see that Kyle says, initially when Rihanna is telling the story by Kathy Kyle is like, told Erica and RON are good. Let everybody see the side of my sister that I say let them see that. She’s not this easygoing, funny older woman. Let them see that. She just got people and she comes for people and she’s can be vicious. Let them see that. And then at her party, she wants to say to Erica, your publicist leaked it. You did this, you did that. And you know, they have some deal because the two of them like were taken aback, but they didn’t say anything, right. You didn’t say anything. They took it. But now that Renner has gotten the brunt of everything when Kyle initially initially excuse me, gave her the girl now it’s gonna go down. She got nothing to lose. But But Rana has nothing to lose. Yeah, Kyle got nothing to lose. And it begs the question. And you know, we could pull this. Does Kyle not want to lose the relationship with her sister? Or is Kyle like everybody else on that couch, except for apparently runner scared to death of the power that her sister holds. So,

Amanda 1:04:23
I mean, maybe a little boat, it could be both.

B 1:04:26
And, you know, Diana was reading off cue cards. It frickin bizarre. It looks like Garcelle annihilated her. I love how she said, You must have a very low opinion of me if you think I would send bots to your 14 year old and Gorgos Garcelle just goes yeah, like, Eh, I do. I think you’re a piece of trash.

Amanda 1:04:45
ourselves face always speaks a million words and it was you could just tell how pissed and she was. You could tell she was holding back her anger and I don’t frickin blame her.

B 1:04:57
I don’t want God and I love I Nandana have sons and daughters and it’s not it’s not it’s not but like, you come from my kid I will

Amanda 1:05:07
know Yeah, yeah, yeah 100%

B 1:05:10
Who the fuck is she talking about her and nobody gives a shit about your investigation carsales like I don’t you worry hon, I got it my own invent like like ourselves gonna listen to her findings.

Amanda 1:05:19
Jason and just like we knew, like I said this weeks ago, I’m like, if this were happening to my kid, I would not leave anybody with a badge alone until they started investing. I mean, that is that is a hate crime. That isn’t an issue. That’s a 14 year old child. And you know what I thought was so interesting is Garcelle she came dressed for battle. I mean, I think what she was wearing was a very purposely a Don’t fuck with me outfit down to the boots. She was not she was not there to play. I think she did a really, really great job and I don’t even want I didn’t want to before I still don’t want to repeat that message that was sent to Jax. But the show the reunion put it on screen. Like I said, like, any authority with a badge. I would be calling about that. And by the way, didn’t you think interesting? The Andy said, they know it’s bots? Yes.

B 1:06:19
I thought that was interesting. Yes, I don’t I wonder what Andy believes. I wonder what he really thinks in his gut. And do we think it’s Diane,

Amanda 1:06:26
I you know what, I just, I don’t ever need to see Diana, again. Wild theory for you. It could be that the reason that? Okay, so, remember, the official reason that Diana wasn’t there was because she had COVID. But we know she was in Hawaii. We saw pictures of her getting her hair and makeup done by people who did not have masks on posted out? Yeah, my theory is they’re keeping them separate. And that this was always known because Garcelle like, I would be like, I’m not going to be in the fucking room with that woman. Like I wouldn’t do it. And I’m sure the rest of the cast 100% Probably agreed to 100% and especially with Bible making such a you know, through Andy making such a strong statement about Hey, guys, this is a show like this is you know, like double snap, go after people. Racism, all that stuff. Like that was a very strong message. So anyway, my last thought in Beverly Hills in the preview for next week. Kathy shows up in her nightgown and slippers.

B 1:07:36
Yes. Yes.

Amanda 1:07:40
Oh, this is so good. And Kathy knows that we as fans just eat it up. She does. Okay, Salt Lake City. What do you think?

B 1:07:51
Whitney so fucking annoying. I mean, she the lease or rent out of Salt Lake City? I think so. Listen, she’s got the storyline she’s creating about God forbid that this abuse is true. Okay. And it very well could be my My thing is, you find this out your brother tells you or you unlock a memory, the first thing you do is run in front of a camera and talk about that. Oh, see how

Amanda 1:08:19
they’re both like putting their hand their faces down in their hands? Yeah, like and kind of hiding them from the camera. And I was like, That’s interesting, huh? I mean, I’m not saying I doubt it. It’s just also it’s kind of it’s a little far fetched. And the timing is kind of convenient. But I you know, let’s just say if that if she was going through that, that’s an awful thing. Yes.

B 1:08:44
Then that whole exchange with her and Meredith, I have to assume that Whitney was drunk right there doing shots but she went to her and Meredith we’re hanging out emeritus like, I don’t know, I’ve heard stuff that’s all really married said which by the way, very hypocritical to sit on a high horse. Yes, Lisa and Meredith were friends at the time that Lisa settle those things. So it is a different scope. I can appreciate that. However, you are very happy to put it out there and let the other ladies give details right because she did it with Jen Chang and Shaw said but she had heard more detailed. She did it with Whitney Whitney gave this very detailed account of the guy who had tickets to the whatever those right I don’t even know what the hell the name of the basketball player

Amanda 1:09:29
Utah Jazz dado.

B 1:09:30
And, and then Whitney’s like flipping out like you put me in the middle like, you know, and I think people are saying that Heather overreacted. I think Heather was just done with Whitney’s bullshit at that point.

Amanda 1:09:45
I think too. I loved how Heather went in and I guess this was yeah, that morning. had gotten into Meredith and it was like, you know, Stop the bullshit, you know, drop all this. You’ve got to Stop seeming like such a condescending bitch. And I’m sure I think if I hear you, Heather, if I had been hurt, I would be like, look like, let’s just have some frickin fun. I’m tired of the all this fighting. This is the never ending fight with you. I mean, God forbid anybody get in a fight with Meredith. It’s the never ending fight. Right. I think they’re all just done with it. But I also think so Whitney, Whitney bothers me a little bit too. But I think the reason Whitney freaked out so much is because she’s like, I am like, I am being like the messenger, once again, inherit all the heat’s on me where when you know, Meredith is actually the one who told me some of this stuff. And the whole reason she’s mad at Lisa is for talking shit on her too. So I don’t know. I will have to say though, like, watching Meredith. I had this epiphany because I’m like, I think I know why she makes a good housewife. Part of it is so first season I think it was her eyebrows. Her eyebrows had a life of their own the first season she remember how they were like, like almost her her hairline and huge. But now I think her eyebrow styling choices have evolved. She’s really coming into her own because of her ENN see ation. Like she says, and her vocabulary. She’s like that you’re all phenom and hatred. And I just can’t say that. I like that. I was like that you yell, Venom and hatred. Like who uses the word vitriol, but it really does kind of work for her

B 1:11:37
does. Listen, I like Meredith I do like Meredith I just to me. You can’t be so mad and holding it and holding it and holding it and then doing the same thing to the person. First of all, I don’t know anything, right? I’m not in Salt Lake City. I do not believe that. Lisa is cheating on John. I certainly do not believe that she’s cheating on John for tickets to a jazz, frickin basketball game. Like that’s what I love about Heather and Heather was like, oh, yeah, she’s turning tricks. So so a bar carries her tequila. Like, are you okay? You know what Meredith and Seth were split up. They both admitted they saw other people. Now what Lisa said, I mean, listen, if that was my friend, we wouldn’t be friends. But that doesn’t mean that on camera, I’m gonna I’m gonna make some shit up about her either. Come on. You are just you could just say she’s a nasty bitch. She’s not a loyal friend. She talks shit about me. A lot of it wasn’t true. And leave it there. Yeah.

Amanda 1:12:43
You also don’t know what happens behind closed doors. And maybe there were, you know, maybe maybe somebody was stepping out in that relationship? Who knows? And who knows why. Right? When maybe people could assume it’s, for one reason has nothing to do with that. I don’t know. I you know, I just this this season. It’s so crazy. That this whole beginning is so not about what the end is going to be. And I’m like, it’s so it’s already so good. And I have to say, huge shout out to Jen. I’m bringing in a megaphone on every girl’s trip. You

B 1:13:24
know, you know, I have to tell you, I like Jen so much. Like, especially this season.

Amanda 1:13:28
It’s I know,

B 1:13:30
it’s hard docs, it’s Yeah, it sucks. Like, you know, I think what sucks about it for me. And I would assume you and I would assume you know, most of the viewers is that. The fact that? You know, she’s she’s obviously a good mom. She’s obviously a very dedicated wife. And she seems to be a good friend. And yet she’s capable of doing this thing. You know, so it kind of it’s like, I don’t know, it’s just shitty.

Amanda 1:14:02
Well, and like you said earlier, I mean, nobody’s all bad. Right? And nobody, you know, but it’s just, it’s it’s so hard to see past.

B 1:14:13
No, like, I think, I think it’d be like this, like, if she was going to jail for tax evasion. I really wouldn’t be like, I would still like her because to me, I pay my taxes. Very begrudgingly right? Because I know if I don’t, I’m gonna go to jail. I want to pay my fucking taxes. I don’t want to earn $100 and have to give 50 of it to God knows what. Right? Right. So I could be like, You know what, fuck that. Even though it’s not a victimless crime because we all have to pay our taxes. But I say that to say it’s so different than scamming old people. You know what I’m saying? Like if my friend, you know, had an audit, and she was like, be oh my god, I’m jammed up because I undershot my taxes. I went to a creative accountant. I wouldn’t be mad at her. I’d be like, Damn, that sucks that you got caught. Yeah, I mean, and that’s why i That’s why people follow the rules because they don’t want to get jammed up. I mean, that’s just the reality of life, right? Where this is concerned, this is a moral thing, right? It’s,

Amanda 1:15:13
there’s real victims, real people on the other end of that phone and on the other end of that credit card that we’re paying her so, yeah, it’s just like, I will have to have some of the cocktail errs who are horoscope people because I’m like, maybe she’s a Gemini cuz you know how they’re the twins and they have like two sides and the side of her that I just like so much, right? She’s so fun and I loved it and how even her stylish it’s called it what did you call it? Like, Ratchet sophisticated or something like that? I thought that was hilarious. Those boots that she wore on the bike thing, like, you wouldn’t even call them boots. They were like,

B 1:15:56
I gotta tell you something that’s coming into me right now. Ooh, I know. We’re gonna tie this up. Candy spelling is a Bravo con. Oh,

Amanda 1:16:06
that’s the oldie or that’s the person who people know. I just coming to the show because we a

B 1:16:13
shout out to Bravo afterthoughts, a shout out to our boy Laurie. And and my friend Victoria. Who’s the reality TV rewind. I want I want to make sure I get that one. Right because she’s an they’re all awesome accounts. Follow them. They’re there right now. I know. FOMO

Amanda 1:16:31
for me is gonna be so pissed because she’s been wanting a spot on that show for a long time.

B 1:16:36
This bitch you know, she kind of reminds me their relationship reminded me of Dr. Dre and Mama whatever the hell they call it.

Amanda 1:16:43
Kinda though like, like, I think there’s this more hate hate than love hate.

B 1:16:47
Can you can you rabbit hole that for us? Can you rabid? Aye Aye Yes. Because it’s good. If she’s going on and guys, I’m just saying she’s at Bravo con. I’m watching her get miked up as we speak. And she certainly wasn’t listed. And you know what? She’s old Hollywood, like our girl Kathy. So maybe the rumors aren’t true that Kathy’s leaving, or is Kathy leaving his candy spell in the new Cathy. Guys. Stay tuned. Interesting. We are going to try to put out a Bravo con episode.

Amanda 1:17:13
And yes, we are we we have to work through it. Because we have a feeling we’re both going to be hungover on Sunday. We are going to do it because there’s going to be so much good stuff. So you guys have so much I well will this will come out after. I hope you all had a great time at Bravo con. And thanks for all the tips that you guys are sending in. I just I think this next few days is going to be a very interesting one full of full of juicy tips. By the

B 1:17:41
way, Amanda? At least a dozen people have told Austin their Bravo cocktails.

Amanda 1:17:47
For Austin. No, I feel kind of bad. Like he’s, I know we’re friends with him. Now he’s redeeming himself.

B 1:17:55
I mean, I could have a friendship. I mean, we are a truth broker truth. You know, Larry tried at Bravo by gays tried but Austin was still being fresh with me. And you know, I’m a stubborn person. You’re not gonna fuck with me, man.

Amanda 1:18:10
This is gonna be like a Camp David. Kind of, kind of like we

B 1:18:14
we both want each other to kiss the ring. But I think we have to accept that neither of us. Well, so who’s gonna you know who’s gonna give him more? It’s not going to be me. I mean, I’m a girl. He should be a gentleman and give him more. He’s not all

Amanda 1:18:25
the way into fangirl territory for me yet he has done a lot to redeem himself though.

B 1:18:31
This upgrade agree. Thank you hope you’re having the best time over a Bravo con. And for those of you that can’t make it, don’t worry, because if you check out my Instagram, if you check out our site, we got all the tea. I promise you

Amanda 1:18:45
miss a thing. All right. Love you guys. Love you guys. Bye

Amanda 1:18:56
Thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:19:37
Bye guys. See you next time.