Lots happening during Orange County filming and we have the juice. What is Vicky up to, filming with Tamra and Shannon? Is Teddi getting an orange? Why we don’t believe the fancy pants rumors plus some more OC tea that we won’t be sharing anywhere else. Thoughts on the Southern Charm finale, and Salt Lake City’s premiere. Can Lisa and Meredith come back from Lisa’s comments during the hot mic moment? Amanda’s latest rabbit hole looking at Utah state records to find out more about Lisa Barlow and her businesses. Plus, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to tangents, as usual – this week we tangent about a birthday present fail, Botox, the Bachelor, and rabbit holes of the past.

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Transcript Episode 21 Cocktails and Gossip Podcast:

B 0:00
I knew she would be there, Amanda. And I can’t say that it’s because solely because of the tip, because the tip was not from a source. The tip was an email, which we all know. And if you’re a newer listener, when a source sends me something, I write that because to me, it means somebody I trust. It’s somebody that has given me a substantial amount of correct information.

B 0:32
Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And, as always, is all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds, I am B. And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s teep.

B 1:00
What’s up cocktailers. Before we get into this week’s tea, Amanda and I would like to take a moment to send our love and our well wishes to everyone affected by Hurricane Ian. I know many cocktailers and you know, their friends, their family themselves were affected. My own friends and family. You know, I have some on the West Coast. Thank God, they’re all safe, but it was certainly very scary. And I know many of you are dealing with the after effects. And we’re just sending you guys a lot of love.

Amanda 1:31
We are thinking about you guys, and hope that everybody is just doing okay, and that recovery efforts are going faster than expected and just know we were thinking about you guys. Absolutely. And now since a lot of us need to take our mind off real troubles and talk about nonsense. Let’s get into it. Amanda.

Amanda 1:53
Okay, cocktailers, so B and I have been getting a ton. And when I say a ton, like I know I say a ton a lot. But this week, there is a lot happening with OC. So I feel like let’s start there. And we have even some stuff that we won’t be sharing anywhere else. We’re gonna save that for last but let’s start out with

B 2:19
David Vidor getting divorce. I mean, we said last week that although Lesley who’s you know, David’s second wife, posted that he had unfiled the documents, we knew they weren’t unfiled because one of our trusty cocktail errs, sent us the court records. Well, this week, she posted that she filed it’s giving me you can fire me I quit vibes, Amanda. I mean, it that whole thing was so ridiculous to me, because it’s not like you like David was like, oh, shoot, oops, I accidentally filed for divorce, which is sort of what his social media kind of what he kind of tried to to say is like, No, we’re not getting divorce. So I think I think those of us who have been following it kind of knew better and we’re not all that surprised when Sure enough. Oh, wait, we are she just apparently wanted to make it look like she was the one doing it. So strange.

B 3:21
She’s a strange lady. I mean, and Amanda sent me the Walmart video, which I reposted. And it is so cringe. Oh,

Amanda 3:31
watching that again. And I was like, geez, and that was right. Was in 20? Like 2019. So before COVID And she’s just like, verbally abusing that woman. And then she’s like, I live in a $15 million mansion in like, Guna. Yeah, and I believe I’m even shopping here. And I’m like, You are a piece of work lady.

B 3:52
And maybe we know why she was shopping there because we got a pretty funny email. Oh, yeah. Well, I won’t say funny because it’s not funny, but it’s not funny. What the email says is word on the OSI streets is that DB never talked to her other two children and had issues financially providing for them. Compared to the daughter they share. Having no problem buying her lavish things. I mean, on OC, I distinctly remember Shannon saying that she wasn’t expecting any help. I think in the divorce agreement, it was written in that the oldest daughter who is currently in college, he’s they’re splitting it or they’re both paying, but she was saying that her business has to be successful because she’s not expecting any help for the twins from him for college. So if he doesn’t want to pay for his children’s college, which again, according to Shannon, I would imagine he’s not coughing up money for her two kids. Which as a mom myself, like, and I mean, I don’t know, allegedly, everything I’ve seen of her. She doesn’t see my cup of tea, but I mean, any mother would have a problem with that. And good for her for, you know saying we have to treat our kids the same. And the my thing with that is why does one have to get lavish things like one kid should wear Burberry and the other to Walmart? Like, can we all just wear a target and Old Navy and like have it be equal,

Amanda 5:15
that maybe that’s what she was shopping for in the video and she was picking out the other two kids that David won’t pay for. I mean, I think that’s kind of the lowest of the low on his part. If you marry a woman with kids you marry the kids do like there is no getting around that if you marry a woman with kids, like those kids are going to be in your life day in, day out. And so to treat them differently than your own child is just gross. It’s so like wicked stepmother and Cinderella. But again, not all that surprised, because he just doesn’t seem like the most stand up of guys. But then we get that picture from one of the COC tailors of Shannon and Tamra out to lunch. Mm hmm. And then shortly later, we get the one with Vicki with them. So be I know you were tipped off, that Vicki would be filming. And everybody was calling BS, even Tamra and even Andy Cohen, but you totally called it.

B 6:30
You know, and I have to say, I mean, the biggest victory for us. I’m sorry if I sound like it’s only me because that is definitely Oscars. That is our website. But when Scottsdale was announced at Bravo con and kind of interesting that Salt Lake City, the week before Bravo con, they’re going to Scottsdale so things that make you go hmm. In the interest of staying on topic.

Amanda 6:53
If they go to one that cuts here, then we know,

B 6:57
I may I may like burst right there in the audience. I fucking knew it told you. So okay, so what we’re talking about Vicki, so I mean, I knew she would be there, Amanda. And I can’t say that it’s because solely because of the tip, because the tip was not from a source. The tip was an email, which we all know. And if you’re a newer listener, when a source sends me something, I write that because to me, it means somebody I trust, it’s somebody that has given me a substantial amount of correct information. It doesn’t mean that it’s foolproof. But it’s pretty solid when I get an email. So the degree to which I believe it varies based on a number of things, I sometimes know who the email is from. So that may make it you know, more likely to be true in any event, because

Amanda 7:53
some people put their real email addresses in there, which is great, because then we can follow back up with them, and ask them other questions and that kind of thing.

B 8:02
But in my gut, I just knew that Tamra and Shannon together. It was inevitable for Vicki to come back. And I do think and I’ve said many times I think that Tamar is a girl’s girl. And I do think that there was a part of Tamra that wanted it for herself because Vicky is a safe space for her on the show but also wanted it for Vicki because you know Vicki is the OG and their friends. So I say all that to say to me, it was inevitable. Everyone was so surprised. And I was like, I am not surprised. Why is anyone surprised?

B 8:36
She was on the girls trip. She’s in play. She’s, you know, she’s in the deck, they can whip her out at any time.

B 8:43
And we know that OC is on a mission to get that old magic back and love her or hate her Victoria, as our friend Laurie calls our she brings that old school magic, you know, and we also I also knew that Tamar would want to be in on the David Leslie divorce storyline. Because we all know that it’s going to be a big storyline. It’s going to be a focal point. And we know that housewives one camera time, so but I don’t know. And I don’t know if you saw this, but will God Jim and the one in Italy getting married? God help us. But she liked Shannon liked a picture that Jim posted of their wedding. Not cool.

Amanda 9:26
That was I don’t know that one threw me. That’s odd. I just I even wonder if she just did it accidentally as a mistake because it just doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense. And she’s been the first wife before I don’t I don’t know. Well, let’s be fair. Megan was the third wife but I get your foot. I mean, even if you don’t love Megyn like your loyalty should lie with Listen, my loyalty always lies with the woman so whether I like the woman or not. If the guy is clearly an asshole, my loyalty is gonna lie

B 10:00
With the woman.

Amanda 10:01
Yeah, I totally agree. And honestly, I am not shocked that Vicky was back and filming. She does call it her show. So I didn’t think she could stay away for very long, especially not with Juno and dose of the trace amigas. I just think there’s the producers, they know, like the producers. They’re not dumb. And they know there are a ton of fans who want to see the trace together again.

B 10:29
And I do think that she just like pops in. I don’t think she’s full time in any capacity. But she’s filming and everybody and their brothers said she wasn’t so booya. Also, we knew it. Also those exclusive photos that were sent to me. So the wedding is happening. And in real time I get like live footage of Jim and Courtney, his wedding. They had about 30 If that wedding guests, and somehow we got it sent over, I found it funny. You have your nearest and dearest and yet they sent it to us, which makes me believe sidenote, Courtney used to follow me and like message me like you shouldn’t post and all this and I never shared DMS and I never have shared hers. But I say that to say I was like Stop messaging me like, I don’t have any reason not to post your stuff. And by and then she blocked me. So worth noting. None of his kids were there. He didn’t even ask Megan to get a passport for the younger two. So and I’m not an attorney. Right. We know that. I know that you need both parents there in this case. I think she has custodial guardianship so she would have needed to be whatever it is.

Amanda 11:48
Yeah you either half because I just went through this a couple years ago with either both parents have to be there or one has to sign like an affidavit right giving the other permission to get them passport if he didn’t even ask them again to do it. Again. Not a shocker. No,

B 12:05
not shocker.

Amanda 12:06
But yeah, the first thing I noticed about that picture because there were not that many chairs that up. But like half of them were empty. Oh my god, you’re right. So I don’t know it just Shaka and wait, okay. What were you saying? over text about his suit? Is that the same suit that he wore when he got married? And Megan? A very reliable

B 12:27
source told me it was

Amanda 12:34
he has a wedding in Italy and doesn’t get a new frickin suit.

B 12:38
tight on money and tight in that too.

Amanda 12:42
Oh my gosh, like,

B 12:44
I mean, to be fair, it was at I think it was Lake Como and Villa de SHA or whatever it was. Dream. What I mean? Okay, Nightmare groom, but dream wedding. I mean, is it worth it to marry a beast if you get to get married at one of the most beautiful places in the world? I guess no. Right.

Amanda 13:07
I mean, maybe Maybe he got hit like a maybe he had his hat or something. And he used now like a really nice person, but like, I’m not holding my breath about that one. Yeah, nope. Nope. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on a second. If his kids weren’t there didn’t You didn’t really say last week. Didn’t you say the nanny was there?

B 13:27
Yes. That’s what they said. I don’t get it. Well, he has the older one who went to her friend’s wedding and then here’s a couple of other with second wife. I don’t think any I somebody told me none of the kids were there. Maybe one of them. But even those kids would be older. I don’t know why they would need a nanny like they would be like preteens or teens so I maybe maybe feet so that’s a lot of empty seats. Amanda. They should have invited listen, you and I would have flown out to Lake Como I would have even pretended to like them.

Amanda 14:01
I would for sure get a blowout and put on a gown and sit there very quietly and not heckle

B 14:08
I mean I’m I’m a professional I could fake the funk maybe maybe not after like 15 glasses of Prosecco which is what we would have probably

Amanda 14:17
oh my god could you imagine like you’re supposed to be see fellas and you guys are jumping into Lake Como and your gowns

B 14:28
and then I mean in true thirsty Megan fashion. There she is posting pictures at the I heart like some I Heart Radio event with Mike Johnson who I don’t watch The Bachelor that’s like the one react to watch The Bachelor.

Amanda 14:41
You know, I used to I got to the point where I just can’t do it. Any I have some funny stories. Maybe we’ll save that for of runnings and interactions with people from the bachelor that I will have. Maybe I’ll save that for bonus content for the membership site. But we used to have, like, a friend of mine used to go all out and have these huge parties for the Bachelor and we would bet money and all of this kind of stuff. And I think kind of during COVID It just, and then I just would watch it and I was like, Oh, I like it. I think it got too formulaic and too much or fairly matured, which I think it’s probably more the, I don’t think I really matured that much. So anyway,

B 15:28
I’ll never get down with it because I am not the sort of gal that is going to compete with a bevy of other beauties. For one guy. I did however, watch that one, the first season of bachelorette with Trista. And she married that like, beautiful firefighter that I watched because that I can get down with, I can get down with a beautiful lady and a bunch of men vying for her. But I did I did watch the like Flavor of Love and rock of upside note. I’ve met Flavor Flav, I’ll just leave it at that. That’s gonna be a fun story for the that story gets a little personal. So I need to I need to always say, you know, share that with our top tailors. But

Amanda 16:10
yeah, anyway, back back, here we go. I have something funny to say it is. So I was like, I’m like trying to not laugh when you are saying what you’re saying because I refuse to watch the first season of The Bachelor because I thought it was sexist. And this is, you know, when I was in my 20s, rah, rah, rah, I was like, that’s such bullshit. But then once they started to do the Bachelorette, I watched that too. So we have not had that conversation. So I just think it’s so funny guys. Similar we have so many

B 16:38
adjacent we both studied in Florence. Yeah, we will. I mean, when when we have the subscriber site, we will discuss all the funny Jason’s because we’re Yeah. And by the way, Amanda, I want over cocktails to know Amanda is hard at work on this membership site is going to be on Bravo and cocktails.com. So please stay tuned. We’re rolling that out before the holidays because that’s a great gift. Like, I would like like that because my husband never knows what to get me. And I know you’re like this too. And I know so many of our female cocktail errs are like this, where we just I mean, we work we work hard, and we just bought ourselves what we want and need. True. So what do you get the woman who has everything? A subscription to Bravo and cocktails, obviously,

Amanda 17:22
and the time and space to go into it? Oh, yeah. Yes, exactly. Like that’s, that is the ultimate Christmas gift. It’s so funny that you say that too. Because one of my friends will go and shop for herself for Christmas. And then she literally wraps everything and puts it under the tree. And I was talking to another friend of mine. I’m just going to tell this story really quick. About my birthday, which was a few weeks ago and my friend was like, oh, you know what did what did your husband get you? And I was like, Well, I really wanted a Lizzo shirt. And it’s like with like her look logo I just and I had shown the kids I was like this is what I want for my birthday. Like make it happens. Whatever. Oh my god when you maybe will post it. I will post it on the day that this comes out. You see the shirt that I got? I was like what the fuck were you thinking? I’m like, I can’t wear this out of the house. Like I love Lizzo I love everything she stands for

B 18:22
me it says something with Plessy

Amanda 18:25
No, it is a really good illustration of Lizzo in thong oh so funny law but like I’m like I can’t do this like I wanted to wear this like maybe under a blazer or like

B 18:39
right and jogger and if you’re going out for cocktails what your

Amanda 18:42
practice right? Yeah not or to pick up I’m like I can’t wear this out of the house. I will post it on I will post it the day that this comes out and you guys can all have this laugh So anyway, I was having a conversation I’m like, I’m just gonna start just shopping for myself and wrapping it for my birthday and for all of the holiday.

B 19:04
I but honestly I love that and I also love experience gifts. Like last year my husband and I got each other a peloton because we were like, You know what? We both will use it. And that’s a great gift. So I like when he gets me like he’ll always get like nail salon or like massage like stuff that I’m going to use that he knows I like but anyway, we say all that to say a subscription to problem cocktails.com is gonna make a great holiday gift. I don’t know if your husband’s they can’t get that one wrong. There’s like no mistaking it, there’s only going to be one option.

Amanda 19:35
That’s so true.

B 19:36
It’s okay dad

Amanda 19:39
used to watch The Bachelor and I do know who Mike Johnson is and he is very, very good looking. So Megan, enjoy. Okay, so more OSI staff. We are really tanging today and I love every minute of it. Okay, we have so much OSI stuff though. So we also got that email about about Teddy, coming to OC. So curious if you think it’s going to be this season or next. I think it really could kind of go either way because she has that close relationship with Tamra.

B 20:15
Okay, so, and Amanda keep your excitement at a minimum. I liked the idea. I liked the idea of Teddy coming to OC. I know that I didn’t love her on Beverly Hills. But I have to say that I as a housewives fan have evolved because I recognize more now than I did in the past that just because I wouldn’t want to have someone over and hang with them doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be on a show. And I also don’t really think she matched in Beverly Hills. So she never really fit for me it always seemed like she was kind of like, trying too hard. But now in the OSI first of all her and time are have developed like a real deal friendship, they have a business together. It’s it’s kind of like me and you. I mean, we’re obviously cooler. But like, so I can see her and I can also see her meshing in that OC environment. Right. So, I mean, I like now okay, you said this season or next season. I mean, let’s say they could they popped Vicki in I don’t see why she couldn’t pop in this season. And then next season, maybe have a more friend or you know, permanent role.

Amanda 21:31
I dig it. Sorry. I was like just kind of choking on my drink there for a second. How

B 21:36
dare you apologize to me?

Amanda 21:39
Because you like Teddy?

B 21:42
World? Name that housewife apologize to me. Ah, commodifies me. It’s my one of my favorites.

Amanda 21:51
I don’t know.

B 21:53
When she coined that and membership. They’re outside that party. And they’re both in there just like white gypsy dresses. And they’re like, fighting and she’s like apologize to me.

Amanda 22:02
Oh my gosh, I remember the I don’t remember that line. But I remember the like, the makeup the what was that? A goddess party? Yes.

B 22:09
And they had like, the crystals on their foreheads? Yes,

Amanda 22:12
I totally remember. And yes, I remember all of that. I don’t know. So, Teddy and Tamra. I listened to their podcast, and I think they actually have they are good friends. I think they have great chemistry. I think it would shake things up. We know Teddy has from watching on those Beverly Hills. We know Teddy has a beach house down in the OSI and goes pretty frequently. And I like she shows it to on her social. I watch her because I follow her on social as well. Because you know, despite the fact that people like to say that we have to agree on everything you and I have not always agreed on Teddy. But now all of a sudden you’re coming to my side. No, no, no, no, no,

B 22:52
you like Teddy. I see Teddy’s value on the OC there’s a difference. You know, I don’t mind to on the podcast. I don’t know. I think it’s like anything else is two different. Nobody is any one thing, right? So I didn’t like her in Beverly Hills. Because for me, she didn’t really click even like her and Kyle. I know they have this whole like, We’re BFFs I just don’t really see it as an authentic thing. I see her as a soldier. Whereas with Tamar, I feel like they’re friends. And Teddy is like, she’s not trying to be something she’s not she’s not trying to be as good as like, they’re I don’t know, it’s like a mutual friendship. Whereas with Kyle, it was just her kissing Kyle’s and wanting in. Yeah, I

Amanda 23:38
think also, she never seems to be that afraid of confrontation. And I think that can be hugely valuable as somebody who kind of helps move the show along.

B 23:48
So yes, and that’s a good point.

Amanda 23:50
So okay, so more OC stuff. What about some other rumors that we’ve been hearing about? The dupe rose?

B 24:01
I mean, you know, like, I know that we’ve received a lot of emails about it, you know, we’re careful to post certain things because, yeah, I don’t know. Guys, these are all rumors. Okay. We’ve seen it posted elsewhere. We’ve seen it on other accounts. We’ve seen it on other blogs, we’ve received stuff. Anybody can say anything I know of nothing. I have never seen a picture. I have never seen any receipts is my point. So I want to I want to put that out there. This is as as far as me. Bravo and cocktails is aware as far as Amanda is aware, these are rumors that may have been manufactured with that said whether or not and here we go back to the Kathy Hilton thing, whether or not they’re real or they’re rumor. I’m hearing we’re going to expect to see cease and desist. I’m also hearing claims that Vickie started the rumors. So if it’s true because we’re hearing that Heather isn’t failing meaning it could be why Vicki is there in the first place? Maybe Heather was supposed to be the bridge for Shannon and Tamra. I don’t know. We also weren’t hearing much about Taylor, but this week actually I think today or yesterday we got an email that she’s very much in the mix about these two bro rumors, apparently what the email alluded to was that Taylor brought to light from one of her friends. Right so this is one of I didn’t see it, my friend saw which stuff like that is always suspect. But what we do here is we air the tea so one of my friends spotted a housewife husband with somebody in a private environment. The housewife feels like Taylor is setting her up and trying to ruin her reputation. But Tamra actually said that she heard the same rumor from a friend so Taylor heard from a friend and Tamar heard from a friend and what this email is saying is Vicki is the friend now when I posted this what comments that I got the comments I got were Vicki will do anything to be on the OC and they don’t believe it again possible.

Amanda 26:10
Well, and we know Vicki Vicki owned up to trying to manufacture that whole Eddie is gay thing right back a few years ago. So I don’t see I don’t I would not think of Vicki as a credible source the same way

B 26:27
we don’t think of rent as a credible source because when you are proven to have manufactured storylines, and when everyone knows that you will do anything for the check that comes from the shell people aren’t going to believe you whether it’s true or not. Well,

Amanda 26:40
and I mean, part of the reason I’m just questioning whether it’s really true is I mean, I think Terry mode would be frightened for his life. Heather is like she is like she is you don’t fuck with her and so like I don’t know, I just I kind of question whether there’s any truth to it. And I

B 27:04
the thing that I hate about like Hollywood the most is there’s so much infidelity. I really don’t feel like Heather and Terry are so committed to their family. Which doesn’t mean that somebody wouldn’t you know, step out but the rumors are not stepping out the rumors are like this consistent nurse after nurse kind of thing. It just i don’t know i It’s it would be impossible for him to get away with that and Heather is not the kind of gal to turn her head I’m saying gal a lot I have no idea what that’s about by the way.

Amanda 27:36
If that’s the vibe today Loverboy that you’re drinking

B 27:40
out Loverboy is not a sponsored by the way but Amanda hit me up because I’m already on Paige’s payroll. I might as well be on yours too.

Amanda 27:49
Okay, so before we close the books on OC for this week, we wanted to save some of the best for last week got an email this morning that we’re not going to share it on the website. We’re only going to share it here on the podcast. Do you want to read it?

B 28:05
Yes. Okay, from Long Island babe. Email long [email protected] subject Long Island vers New York to housewives are having a vicious feud. Last season the returning that took this housewife under her wing. Now they are feuding. I mean, Gina and Heather.

Amanda 28:29
Okay, what could they possibly be feuding about?

B 28:32
I also would like to note that in all of this tea that we’ve been getting nowhere are Gina and Emily mentioned so that’s interesting. Are they being phased out? I don’t know. What could they be feuding over I mean, it’s housewives Amanda Gina could have said to Heather that she doesn’t like her new haircut and Heather could have not like that. I mean, we know it could be anything I see here I mean,

Amanda 28:56
or maybe Gina is maybe Gina went to Heather to tell her these rumors are going around and as they shoot the messenger situation

B 29:08
Oh especially if there was a camera they’re like why the hell was

Amanda 29:12
that last year to remember like there was she was it was a shoot the messenger situation last year

B 29:17
and we know that Gina loves to be the messenger because she doesn’t ever want to deliver a message about her own life or her own storyline. So yeah, because there’s a lot of there by the way. Anyway,

Amanda 29:28
that’s it yeah, there is a lot there guys and and nobody seems to be talking about it including Gina. Okay, so with Okay, so we’re gonna close the book on OC and then we’re gonna move really quickly to summer house. So it looks like we were spot on with the news. The tea about Danielle and Lindsey from summer house. Seems like there is some sort of cold war going on because Danielle has not liked or shared or posted on any of Lindsay’s posts. And as we know, Lindsay and Carl got engaged. So there’s been a lot of attention on her page.

B 30:09
I have a lot of cocktails messaging me and asking. So I did want to give an update, which is the update is obviously, the source that told me that they were having a feud. And you know, it’s funny, I was told this before the engagement. And they had a couple of sponsorships together that they were posting throughout the season. So we saw pictures of them. And when I heard it, I was like, I don’t know, I’m not gonna, you know, I try not to post stuff that then ends up not being true, right. I want to wait to feel it out. So the engagement really solidified other information that I had. I mean, we’re gonna see this right. If this is what’s happening, which it seems like it is. Last I heard, they aren’t even speaking. Lindsey actually recently posted, I think it was like a month since they were engaged. She posted all these like, really beautiful pictures. And it’s not just her and Carl. It’s like all their friends who celebrated that day. And no, Danielle, no, Robert, none of them in the pictures. So he had a falling out. I think that even before we see the show, it’s pretty obvious that we were right about that. My pondering is do they make up before the reunion, it would be to Lindsay’s benefit to do so? Because Danielle is the only female on that couch who sits there and defends her. I know Amanda is her friend, but she’s not going to defend her against Paige and Sierra and Maya. So does is Lindsey able to reel this back in for the reunion? And will it will it be enough for Danielle to put it aside? I think that is I think that’s what what it comes down to now because I think ultimately Lindsey comes out of this looking there’s two sides. I’m not saying that Lindsey is the only person wrong. I don’t. I don’t even I know what I was told about the feud, which is whatever. But I think Lindsey is going to be the one who comes out looking bad in this. I think that Danielle’s a more sympathetic character, character. Like she’s in a book, but do you know what I’m saying?

Amanda 32:11
Yeah, I agree. I think too, though, I could totally see Lindsey being like wearing it. You know, Carl and I are engaged like we are the ultimate have each other’s back kind of thing. So it’s I guess it sort of depends on how bad the feud is. And I guess we don’t know for sure. Like whether Lindsey has maybe Lindsey has reached out and Danielle is not interested. Like, I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see. Because I know I hope we’ll get some info right around when they tape the reunion, which is gotta be pretty soon I’m betting or No, no, it’ll be. Yeah, an earring. Yeah.

B 32:48
Think of southern charm. Like that was filmed a long time ago. But they just a couple of weeks ago filmed the reunion. You know? Yeah. As a general rule, girls who don’t have girlfriends, I’m naturally distrustful of I just find it weird. I mean, I’ve lived with my husband since I’m 20 years old. I never Yeah, I never let it affect my friendships to the point of I don’t have friends. Like that’s weird.

Amanda 33:11
That is weird. Weird. It is weird. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. But speaking of things that we were right about.

B 33:19
Our favor favorite topic.

Amanda 33:22
Stasis podcast came back this Wednesday. So we got an email about this before it was officially announced. You posted, put it on the website. And then I gotta say a big thank you to Stassi And Beau because they mentioned Bravo cocktails. And they also mentioned the cocktails and gossip podcast on their Patreon pod regarding a blind that was posted. And we think we got we got some new followers from it. So thanks, guys.

B 33:54
And we had our most downloaded pod to date. So thank you, I unfortunately, don’t subscribe to Patreon to their pod. But thank you, a lot of you guys messaged me like oh my god, she called you out which by the way, we never named Stasi. So if she thinks if she thinks the blinds about her, that’s her business. I never said I never named her. But Amanda, you and I have said from the beginning of our pod stasis, a huge fan base. It seems they’ll follow her wherever she goes. My prediction is that she’ll be back on TV soon with her own show. Why would network capitalize on her popularity? And honestly, I’m not. I didn’t like Stassi from the beginning, but I liked to watch her. So it’s like Andy Cohen says it’s fine to be disliked. It’s when people hate to watch you that there’s an issue. So I probably against my better judgment tune in. I 100%

Amanda 34:51
I’ve actually always enjoyed Stassi I don’t know like that. It would be something that I would want to associate myself with. In real life because like yes, she has a very cutting wit. But she also gives off this very Regina George like Mean Girls vibe sometime which I think is very entertaining to watch when she’s telling Sheena to get her a Pinot Grigio, but I, you know, the drama and the it’s my birthday stuff that always kind of annoyed me but she was just I always thought she was very interesting to why she thinks

B 35:26
she’s better than people is what annoyed me about her like, she’s a beautiful girl and she’s funny and whatever, but I’m a very confident person. But there’s there’s like a very fine line between being cocky and being confident and I didn’t like her cockiness like slow your roll?

Amanda 35:43
Well, I think so. So I have a I have a mini theory for you. I’m wondering if there is another reason for her doing the podcast on her own. So, you know, shimbo have the Patreon together and they were kind of running full steam with the brand about them and their their baby. But this podcast is just her so referring back to the blind that she and Bo talked about. So there are never any names named in that blind. If that blade has truth to it, it would make sense that she would be working on building up her solo brand again. I’m just I don’t know, just just a little mini theory for you.

B 36:29
I mean, I guess we’ll have to watch what happens.

Amanda 36:33
I guess we will. Okay, so southern charm. I am. I’m super sad that it’s over. I was just finishing up watching while I was finishing getting ready this morning, because it’s on so late. I was watching it. I’m like, just sad that it’s over. I didn’t love the final episode. But I’m just I’m sad that it’s over. I think the reunion looks like it’ll be pretty interesting. Yes.

B 36:57
Listen, yeah, I love Southern charm. You know, I have to say, I’m very disappointed in love this season. Currently, she’s in the media, she’s trying to change the narrative, because you’d have to be a fool to realize that you’re not getting a great look. Multiple people have told me that and I have to imagine having a spin off at your place of business is stressful. But you know, she wasn’t very nice during filming is what I heard. And the thing about it is I get it, I get it. It’s at your place of business. But and I posted this on the site, a woman shared with me. And you know, she didn’t even ask to be anonymous. She wrote an article. She, she’s Charleston local. She’s actually an attorney and a model. She’s got an Instagram presence. And she wrote this article. And she’s an acquaintance of love as a friend or acquaintance like they know each other right? Not pester friends or anything. So she wrote this article, she interviewed a bunch of her staff. And the article goes to print. She sent me all these text messages, according to this woman, and again, I don’t know if texts are doctored on that

Amanda 38:05
on that sent the journalist text message. Yes.

B 38:08
Like, okay. Basically, like, take this down. Why are you doing this? It’s bad for my image. So the girl interviewed and one of the servers at one of her restaurants basically opened up about being a former addict and being you know, remission, not remission, excuse me. Prokop recovery. And the journalist was like, I mean, Leva this person shared this with me, I didn’t ask these questions like, this is what this is what they want it to be written about them. And what’s it got to do with your business? He’s telling his, his story, his truth. And she was vicious in these text messages. So again, I stopped my phone. They didn’t come into my inbox, the picture she sent me I was like, wow. So I, I heard that she had a falling out with a lot of the cast. And if you notice when she left, nobody left with her. Like Naomi and nobody her quote unquote, friends. She left that party alone. Now, the southern charm cast rolls, you know, with some loyalty. What? Why didn’t Taylor go with her? Why didn’t Naomi go with her? little odd? Also, you know, Craig asked her to leave the party. She is sitting at a table with his business partners and staff and like talking smack about him and the way he runs his business. Can you imagine if somebody went to one of her establishments and spoke to her staff about her and that way?

Amanda 39:36
No, I mean, and that was where I’m like, she came off. I think very badly. I think it felt like to me it was like when we see it happen, right with the girl who was on Jenny, who was on Salt Lake City when she has that freak out at the finale party. Yeah, like, I have to do something dramatic. To get, you know, some drama going because she knew like she just, I think I mean, she was totally starting shit and it was about nothing. There were plenty of chairs. She was just saying like, you know, Naomi was I think, miffed that she didn’t have a chair at the main table. But there was plenty. I mean, there were a lot of empty chairs. I could see him I’m sure you could see it was like champions wedding cm. Yeah, exactly.

B 40:26
Well, yeah. And the other thing is, and I don’t I don’t know if this is common knowledge. But Craig’s an investor in some of her establishments as well. I don’t know which ones but, you know, at one time he was I don’t know where that stands now. But I just I thought it was very inappropriate. And yeah, I saw yesterday and US Weekly article, her saying that Craig has changed since being with Paige. Like, girl, we know that you saw the final episode. And we know that you saw a page say to him like crap. She’s over there talking shit about you to your staff and your business partners. So Oh, pages the bed person for giving her boyfriend a heads up like what the app like what? Like you’re his friend. Well, okay.

Amanda 41:09
On this whole, like Craig and Paige thing. I you know, I actually thought Paige, having that conversation with him on the show and saying look like, you really the right thing to do is to invite Naomi again, she’s like, if you don’t, then you just look petty. And I was like, he was absolutely right. And I’m sure Paige didn’t really want Naomi there. Like, I’m sure she actually didn’t want her there. But pages 100%. Right. And so the reason that

B 41:39
I don’t think that Craig Craig Craig, Craig is getting that much flack about the Naomi thing is because we all remember that Naomi left the show, and she was too good for the show and all of that. And so now Craig’s like, Wait, now you’re back, and you’re suddenly in this friend group, and I like have to deal with this, like, fuck that. And she was getting preferential treatment because she was hooking up with Whitney, I don’t think I get it. And and then I did feel bad for Naomi. And I think that ultimately, he did the right thing by inviting her. Because I think that when he had a minute to sit down and like, think about it, and then he spoke with Paige about it, he realized, like, you know what, I gotta get over it. She’s back. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Like, she made a mistake by leaving and acting like she was better than, and I do think that maybe there’s a feeling that she didn’t eat enough crow about it. Like, nobody else gave her a hard time like, you know, Shep or Austin, or any or Katherine or Well, Katherine and her don’t get along. Any of the OGS could have said to her. And remember, none of the other OG girls are left. Right. So it’s going to be a guy saying to a woman, which is a bad look. I and Catherine already doesn’t like her. Like maybe if, I don’t know, maybe Madison could have said to her but they’re friends like Madison could have said to her like, you know, like you You did this all kinds of dirty like you treated us like we were nobodies. And this show sucked him yet. Here you are. Right?

Amanda 43:03
I know. I don’t know, on the whole lebuh thing. Like, again, I I’m watching this on like, I cannot believe she’s going over and talking shit on the host of the party period. But then to his business partners, like at their company party. completely inappropriate. I think I just I think lava also, I just think she really brought nothing this season, I think, you know, think about she left the one trip early, right? And then she didn’t even go on the other one at all. So I’m sure production wasn’t super happy with that either. And I just think she just seems like a control freak to me. Like the fact that she would be like, okay, journalists come in, and then I don’t like what you post then I’m just going to go out there and just and I’m going to text you and like, just seems like very weird controlling behavior,

B 43:59
which is probably why she’s such a successful businesswoman because you have to be worth noting the show was originally lovers world, and now it’s southern hospitality. So let’s see how much she’s even on it.

Amanda 44:10
I don’t I Yeah. And she just she just doesn’t have the same charisma that like Lisa Vanderpump does. We’re on Vanderpump Rules. You always wanted to see what Lisa had to say. I don’t know that I’m gonna feel the same way about love.

B 44:25
Because Lisa was like, the matriarch like lovers, you know, she’s a couple years older than them than some of them. Some of them she’s the same me. It’s like yeah, and like, Listen, I love a successful businesswoman. And she certainly has her and her husband have built a very impressive Empire not taking that away from her by any means. But you know, reality TV baby is reality TV and you’re not going to be able to like call the shots and pull all the strings the way you are with people who work for you. Credit does not work for you. Right? These people on the cast do not work for you. The staff on Your show work for you. Southern charm cast members don’t work for you. It’s not gonna go. It’s not Burger King. You can’t have it your way bid. Right? Yeah,

Amanda 45:09
I totally agree. So such a big week for Bravo fans, because we also saw the Salt Lake City premiere. What did you think?

B 45:19
I loved it. I’ve said it before. I will say it again. I love the setting the scenery, the hot tubs in the freezing cold, the over the top for coats the homes, I don’t care if they’re rented. They’re opulent. They’re gorgeous. They’re arch. Terrific. And these women bring the heat. Lisa and Meredith. I mean, Lisa said those things, you know, period, if I’m Meredith, do I ever actually forgive that?

Amanda 45:47
I so much to unpack here. I first of all, I just have to kind of go back to the beginning of the episode where it shows like Lisa and Meredith and Whitney and Heather, you know, talking about how much they love each other. So Lisa and Meredith talking about how they’re best friends and Whitney and Heather. And then it like juxtapose juxtaposes. Just juxtapose whatever the

B 46:10
word is, they know that we match our words

Amanda 46:13
with those scenes from like later in the season, you know, like with Lisa saying this stuff that she said, and then with Heather and Whitney actually physically fighting, I thought it was wild. I thought it was so good. And honestly, if I’m Meritus, kind of to go back and answer your question, and somebody said that about my family, I don’t know if you can come back from that.

B 46:38
I mean, where I’m concerned, you would never come back for that. And I’m not a grudge holder. And I don’t I may get mad, but I don’t stay mad about nonsense. But what was said? I’m sorry? Absolutely not. And then we got an email, you know, Amanda, we, as we often do, and the email was saying that the rumors are stemming from someone hiring a private investigator. Now, the email seem to insinuate that Meredith uncovered all of these rumors via a private investigator. It could be made up it could be tit for tat. This is what we got in the inbox and who am I not to share what comes in the inbox?

Amanda 47:19
Well, we know Meredith has done this before. Right? She admitted it fully that she hired one when all the stuff was going on with Jen before and it sounds like it’s a pretty good private investigator. She’s got the box. So I want to get I want to get that guy as well. Assuming it’s a guy or girl the PI I’d like to get that PI’s information. I feel like it could come in and investigating. Well, all of the housewives because you know me, and I like to go on a rabbit hole.

B 47:50
And you good rabbit hole for us today.

Amanda 47:53
Oh, I do you guys. I like he was texting me last night and about something. Something along the lines with this rabbit hole. And I was like, I need some hints here because my eyes are so tired from the previous rabbit hole that I went down. So anyway, Meredith, if you want to send us your your PI’s info, I think it would help us with some podcast research here. Yes. Angie’s house, above the city with like the lights twinkling below. I thought that party was absolutely beautiful. Oh, my guide showed like a little bit of awkwardness and she’s like, I don’t know who most these people are.

B 48:34
I that house, Amanda incred. Incredible. Oh, my God. And Laura, do

Amanda 48:40
you think about Jen this season so far?

B 48:44
You know, and we’ve talked a lot about Jen. And clearly we all know that she is a criminal. And what she did was awful illegal. We know and somehow I feel bad for her and coach and then I remind myself, she’s not a victim. And you know, I’m not so sure he is either. And on the show, she’s still denying it. So that becomes infuriating. I feel like I go from feeling bad for them. Like when they were in the kitchen talking about the party, because they’re likable, especially Coach, like he’s such he seems to be such like a pillar of strength and morality when he speaks and so believable. So then I remember that she came out and said, Yes, I did these things. Yes, I took advantage of elderly people and stole money from, you know, the population that you know, was vulnerable. And I find myself saying The nerve of this woman, you know, like seeing to seeing, and then she talked about downsizing. Meantime, she’s still in this gorgeous 4500 square foot home. Right. And I say all that to say I’ve say this quote like in my everyday life, there’s nothing worse than a smart criminal. Jenna’s charismatic, she is engaging, she’s likable. She’s somebody who grew up ability to like white collar criminals, not killers, you know, not people who kill people, but people who do Ponzi schemes like Tom Girardi as an example. We love them people linemate Bernie Madoff, it’s how they get away with it for so long. So it’s why we feel or at least I find myself feeling like She’s admitted she did it, but like, damn it, I like watching her and there is a piece of me that will feel bad when she goes to prison, which is like, I know, I’m wrong to feel that way. Because there are victims here. Yeah,

Amanda 50:36
I mean, people say that Ted Bundy was charismatic too, and he murdered somebody like 25. People kill again, we’re talking about two different kinds of crimes here. My only point is, you know, like, charisma, some of the biggest criminals have that on their side. And I think you’re totally right. That’s why they get away with it for so long. So it’s funny, because as you’re talking about that, I’m like, I wouldn’t actually through the same range of emotions, too. So I liked seeing her on the screen again. And then like when she was like, I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little bit scared. I was totally empathizing with that. I’m like, I can only imagine. To then of course, I’m like, straight up, just pissed off when she says, looking straight at the camera. I’m innocent. And I’m like, god dammit. Like she. She does. She keeps kind of reeling us reeling us back in. Other thing

B 51:34
that makes me angry when I watch her is when she references her boys. It breaks my heart for them. And then I get mad at her because I’m like, You did this to your boys. Right? Like, kids don’t need things. Yes, children need to live in, like a home that is safe and to have food. So kids need things, obviously. But kids don’t need 8000 square foot homes and 15 cars in their driveway like kids need their parents and their parents to be there more than they need anything else. And you put yourself in a position where your boys are not going to have you and then I get myself angry at her again.

Amanda 52:08
Oh, totally. I totally agree. Plus, when coach had a good career, great career and was making plenty of money for the family to live very well off, right? On one salary. It’s just it’s complete selfishness. I totally agree. And

B 52:24
also, she’s a very smart, talented woman. I have to believe that she could have earned herself a very nice salary doing something I don’t know. Yeah. Legal.

Amanda 52:32
Right. Totally agree. Okay, so as or as you’re watching it. Do you remember how we got that blind about Jen and Meredith? Essentially, being linked, does the same dude in New York, and then and Lisa had also said she’s fucked half of New York. And then Marin is drinking out of the aisle of New York coffee, like the cup in her interview. I mean, I thought it was genius. What did you think?

B 53:06
I thought it was funny. I mean, Meredith clearly hangs on to things like she made a whole shirt line and hat line of AMI engaging and like good for you, you know, capitalize in a legal capacity off? off of it. Yeah, but let’s face it, okay. This is a very convenient storyline from Meredith. Clearly Lisa is so wrong. But you can you’re not. Listen, you are not getting away all season with just talking about this one thing and hanging your hat on it. Give her something else we know you’ve got it. We know you’re you have a big interesting family. We want to see it, we want to hear it. And Jen being her new best friend. So you know, I’ve heard I’ve read speculation that it’s because Jen knows what parts of Lisa’s rant were true. And by being in an alliance with Jeff Meredith can assure it does not come out. I don’t have any sources confirming it. This is simply theories that I’ve seen circulating. It could just be that Meredith needed someone. And Jim worked best for the job of Alliance. I mean, let’s remember. And I think that we’re on season three, if we go back to season one, marathons that were separated, they were dating other people, they’ve been open about that. So that theory that people are trying to like, I don’t know, put out there to me, it’s like, it makes sense that Seth and Meredith don’t want it discussed on a reality show in depth about what they did while they were separated. Who the hell would they have three children and they’re like, back together. So like, why would they want that mentioned or talked about? But I don’t think it’s because Jen knows stuff. I don’t believe that Jen and Meredith had the same guy. Somebody said to me, oh, wasn’t it Constantine, you know, the American Idol guy? I don’t even know. First of all, I hope they both have better taste than that. Because both of their husbands are better than that. But I mean people are wild and when when you get Amid this, you have to remind yourself that people are frickin bananas and will come up with crazy as shit. I

Amanda 55:08
yeah, I mean, something is odd, though. And I think all of us are feeling like this for her to go from, you know, Jen is criminal to then all of a sudden like Team Jen and then all the way up until the night before Jen went to New York and filed and sad. I’m actually, by the way, I’m actually guilty, right. Meredith was posting saying I believe in innocence until proven guilty. And so something something happened. And I don’t feel like we really saw what that was. And

B 55:45
I think it could be at least a takedown like, like, I’ll be on your team and I will help you take down Lisa.

Amanda 55:51
Yeah, I you know what that makes? Actually, that makes way more sense to me than Jen having something on her because I mean, face it. I mean, even before Jen went in and said that she was guilty, it was pretty clear that she was going to be doing some jail time. So yeah, like, I mean, if you want anybody to have your secrets, somebody is going to prison for 10 years.

B 56:14
And let’s remember Meredith was very defensive with Jen about like some some like online comments about Brooks, which pales in comparison to Lisa’s rant. So yeah, for sure. It’s much more forgivable then.

Amanda 56:28
So what about what do we think about Heather? What do we think about Whitney? What do we think about? I like that whole search

B 56:35
I love I love me some Heather gay when she popped over to Whitney’s house. The scene with Bobby Whitney’s daughter and the boys pros and cons list and everyone loves her there. Right she to me. She’s a cool girl. I think this is a bold statement. But I think she’s top five housewives I would want to hang out with.

Amanda 56:51
I agree. I’m with you on right

B 56:54
and, and she always comes back to the church and with Whitney, they come back to it. I think it’s so ingrained in her. We see Whitney and her talk about leaving the religion and all of that. I don’t know a whole lot about the Mormon religion. I watched Big Love. I loved it. Did you watch Big Love?

Amanda 57:12
Oh my god. I did. And I mean, I think I’ve said this on the podcast. I know I told you, but I am obsessed with like, and I went through this whole like period where I wanted to understand more about the Mormon religious, like I’m very, I find the whole thing so fascinating.

B 57:30
I’m like that about the mafia. Yeah. Yes. A cult. Right.

Amanda 57:36
It Well, yeah. And I mean, so yes, I watched big love there is this book called by I think it’s Jon Krakauer held under the banner of heaven. And it kind of traces the origins of the religion and then why there are so many offshoots of the religion, why there was like bigamy. Like, one of the things that kind of, he says in this book is because of Joseph Smith coming out and saying, I’m a prophet, that anybody can kind of be a prophet in that religion. Why there, which is why there were so many other offshoots of the religion. And so, I don’t know, I think I just think it’s super interesting. And you know, I love a rabbit hole, and I went to go visit a friend of mine who had moved to Salt Lake City, she was not Mormon. Very interesting to see that city and to if you’ve ever been to Utah, there’s Mormon symbolism. Everywhere. I remember, like driving, this is a different trip, I was skiing, and I’m like, why are they like, why are bee hives on all the highway signs everywhere? So I looked it up. It’s a Mormon symbol for cooperative work in the religion anyway, you guys should all read. It’s just it’s super, super interesting. I think the whole the whole thing is fascinating. The reason I am saying all of that is I think that Whitney leaving the church like that actually really is very significant.

B 59:06
Yeah. I mean, I asked the sense I get watching it. Yeah. And I’m definitely reading that book. Your show

Amanda 59:13
of hands like a novel, it reads like a novel and and so and that’s, I think, to like, why probably why Heather, sort of reacting the way that she did because I know that Heather feels the same way about the religion, but I don’t think Heather is willing to take that final that stuff. Which I totally get by and her like, and she already feels alienated from her family. And anyway, I thought that that was a part of who

B 59:41
you are. Listen, religion is complicated. You know, Whitney, I honestly I never cared for her. She’s a try hard. I I remember the hard time Lisa gave her and treated her like she didn’t belong. But for me, she never really meshed with the ladies. Oh, and Amanda. I don’t know. I’m sure you saw it. They were on Watch What Happens Live together. A follower was at I want to say the GaNS of work when they checked in and they were all friendly on the show completely ignored each other. They were both standing there at check in and it was like, icy between them. So I found that interesting.

Amanda 1:00:14
Yeah, I think we got like that email, because there Yeah, I’ve seen that come in. So. Okay, so Lisa. All right. So watching what we could see in the previews, which is, you know, Meredith hired the private investigator and says, Hey, I was looking at SEC filings and, you know, into everything’s, you know, kind of previewing that they’re going to be calling Lisa out for her business and calling out for sketchiness. So I got curious, and this is the rabbit hole that I went into. So I decided to start looking into her and into Vita tequila. So I’ll give you the kind of headline, I think there’s something not quite genuine, I think I’ve always kind of felt that about her. She’s always had this sort of fake, like I put on a, you know, kind of just fake personality to me. I think this even more now after this rabbit hole. So I decided to go on to the Utah State business registry because I’m like, I want to see who’s actually listed as the owner of Vita tequila, because she always says, you know, our company, our company, our company, because we know that finds these SEC filings. So I go on there, I even like had to get my credit card out and start to pay for some of these records. So long story short, we find that I find that she’s had over 10 registered businesses registered under a few different versions of her name, so nothing egregious, but like Lisa Jean Barlow, Lisa J. Barlow, Lisa bought, you know, so like, That’s odd. Like I wouldn’t, that’s just strange to me, but whatever. Then we also know that of those 10 businesses, about half have been dissolved, which is I was laughing and I’m looking at as cuz I’m like, Oh, now we know why she has so many lawyers. But she and John who’s also listed, there’s multiple Vita tequila registrations, so they have lots of business registration laughs a few times, which is interesting. Because if you’re going to try to get a loan or have credit, or get a lease in your business’s name, you have to have what’s called a Certificate of Good Standing. And that like to have that you have to have a current registration for the business. So twice since 2006. They had let the registration lapse and it’s not just like somebody like you have to remember like, they send you emails, right to be like, hey, don’t forget, don’t forget, so that I thought was interesting. One of the times that the business registration laughs was when Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was filming. So in 2019 into 2020 So the other thing I found, I was looking I’m like, I want to see what our marketing company does, because I do marketing care, you know, and I never thought to like look it up. I knew the name of the company could not find it by googling so as a marketer, that’s really odd. Because if even googling the name of a company I literally Googled Lux marketing Utah couldn’t find it so that to me, makes me question how much marketing they’re really doing. I finally the way I finally found it is I went to her personal website and I think it’s like the real Lisa barlow.com and then I clicked on the logo for Lux marketing on her site so found a couple other interesting things I saw that she took PPP money in 2020 which nothing to be ashamed there’s nothing wrong with that many people Interesting. Yeah, but with the whole SEC filing thing I looked into that so they use this like micro financing method which is like a GoFundMe or a Kickstarter to raise $25,000 Again, nothing wrong with that. However, it stood out to me as a little bit odd if they are as successful and wealthy as she makes it seem on the show

B 1:04:27
all very interesting and a lot of new information for me because I was waiting to hear it from you. i And I told Amanda this a source reached out to me and assured me that all her businesses are on the up and up they said that this is normal business practice. The person shared a link and said that crowd is i don’t i Okay, I think crowdfunding is probably a more a name that is better but let’s call it crowdfunding has worked with Uber, Airbnb and like, you know Words legitimate companies have used the same people that she did for this crowdfunding thing. The argument this person made to me was rich people do this and they’d like to keep their money in their pockets. I mean, to be honest, I’m not in business. I could have this conversation with my husband, he would probably get it more but as a lay man, I’m like, okay, maybe it’s legit. Like when this person was saying it to me a little a little something I found interesting. Amanda. I got a message from a follower today that said my cousin and I went to Total Wine. And more today in Houston and asked if they had Vida tequila and they told me that it was discontinued and pulled from their store. So cocktail or the hit the streets. I don’t they do not de vida tequila is not in New York. So I am unable to hit up Total Wine, which happens to I mean, in a shock to know what happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. It’s like, it’s like the adult Disney World. Do you have a total wine by you?

Amanda 1:05:54
We we do I mean, I,

B 1:05:57
I don’t have one in my neighborhood, which I’m kind of happy about. Because my husband always says like, you know, we like to support local business. And it’s a big box retailer. But let me tell you, you know what, when I, when I get to go, I’m like, oh, like, I go at my girlfriend’s and we like, do our little taste test. And it’s a good time. But I say all that to say, why is Vida pulled in Houston? Like, what’s the story there? It just seems like a lot of a lot. A lot of weird little coincidences happen.

Amanda 1:06:22
i This is the other thing. So I agree. Rich people, of course want to, but when you’re gonna do the kind of fundraiser like that, like Airbnb did and like Uber did, you also are generally and by the way, the founders of Uber, and Airbnb, were not rich people when they started it, when you do these types of fundraisers for your business, you generally give up equity. So you’re genuinely giving up some of your ownership as part of it. So to give a part of your ownership for $25,000. I just think that that sounds interesting. So nothing, I didn’t find anything egregious or like nothing. Like everything seemed like pretty much on the up and up, I can even see that they use like a different company to register some of their businesses under which is actually a pretty normal practice for privacy reasons. So I just I thought it was very interesting that there had been so many companies and half of them are no longer. And then a couple of them that are still going you can’t find anything about it’s just, it’s just odd. It’s just there’s some things that just don’t But Amanda,

B 1:07:38
but Amanda, people who aren’t on the up and up don’t do reality TV. Oh, wait.

Amanda 1:07:48
Oops. I don’t know. So I’m not saying anything. I am not really

B 1:07:53
you’re not saying anything that is in public knowledge. And we’re just compiling it.

Amanda 1:07:57
Yeah. And I’m not even saying that there was anything that was very suspicious. After going through all of that, I’m just saying that. It’s just making me question. It’s making me question things. That’s it. So anyway,

B 1:08:13
I like it. I still need to digest all of it. It’s a lot. Oh, my God, I

Amanda 1:08:19
put it down. You

B 1:08:21
know, I have friends with businesses, and I’m sure you do as well and PPP loans helped pay people’s employees in, throughout the pandemic. So there is no shame in a PPP loan. But you know, there’s a lot of other stuff that who lets their business certification expire.

Amanda 1:08:39
Mold, and

B 1:08:40
yeah, I mean, I have an LLC Now, B, and C publications, baby. It’s a media company, you may have heard of it. But like, you know, come on. She is a smart, savvy woman. And so is her husband, a smart savvy guy. So like, well, let’s get it together here.

Amanda 1:08:57
Yeah, if anybody if any of the cocktails are interested, just, I’m happy to share more. I have all the names of all the companies that have been listed under her name. So anyway, I’m looking forward to this season. I think it’s going to be I think it’s good. It just I loved Salt Lake City since it started and I think it’s just going to continue to be one of my favorite housewives shows.

B 1:09:23
And I think it’s going to make for some very interesting podcast conversations, Amanda.

Amanda 1:09:28
Yes. Love them. And Heather, if you ever want to come on the podcast and do a tequila tasting with oh my god, we can make that happen. I would fangirl so hard. No, no, no, we’re gonna come to you. We’ll come to Park City and we get some

B 1:09:45
Botox and whatever else you have to offer. Fuck me.

Amanda 1:09:49
Do whatever you want at beauty lab to me.

B 1:09:53
Yes. You know what I want to try? I want to try that thing you know? You know, like a lot of the housewives have done it, where they put it on your belly, and it shakes and it’s like an ab workout. I bet Heather has that. Can I think I could do that while I drink Prosecco? Why now?

Amanda 1:10:12
Let’s try to do it while we do the podcast so funny, I always said

B 1:10:21
if it gives me a six pack, I will show myself finally in a bikini.

Amanda 1:10:26
Let’s do it. I have always said I’m like, I wish there could be a place where it’s like going to the carwash and they do you know my I get my highlights. I get my hair cut. I get my nails I guess. Yeah, Botox, and it’s like all of it all at once.

Amanda 1:10:42
It’s like the only place that would be better than total lions. There’s maybe they should just be next to each other.

B 1:10:49
Oh my God, not even next to each other in the same place. Perfect. Aren’t you not supposed to drink when you get Botox because you could believe that is a rumor. Or is that tattoos? I think that’s not true.

Amanda 1:11:01
I think it’s kind of I think it’s true. It’s like anything needle. I think that’s I think because you because you can bruise but I conveniently forgot. I got botox this week. Actually,

B 1:11:12
I got it last week. Yeah,

Amanda 1:11:14
I completely forgot about the no drinking part. But then the next day I was doing a peloton ride with some friends and I was like, I have to go really slow because I’m not supposed to like break a sweat for 24 hours. That rule. I remember I remember that

B 1:11:29
rule. Oh, gotta hop off this bike. I can’t sweat too much. And also, like I try not to work out too much because it metabolizes my Botox too quickly. So there’s Yeah, castellers we love you. We appreciate you. Um, we’re sorry for all our tangents. We hope you guys liked them. Because I mean by now if you’re still tuning in, you must not mind them. I’m still leaning forward and screaming into the microphone, but I am too. Loverboy is in so

Amanda 1:11:54
perfect. I need to catch up. Well, thank you guys so much for another great podcast. And you know, hopefully, Oh, the other thing we forgot to mention is, we’ve been listening to your reviews and we came out a day early. We’re going to start coming out on Wednesdays right now. We’re going to keep trying to like hear your feedback. So please do keep those reviews coming. And I share

B 1:12:17
your genius idea. The one that yeah, okay, so Amanda had this really great idea. We were we were brainstorming and a lot of you guys have messaged me and I explained very simply that editors are expensive. So we’re trying to figure out a way to come out early without going bankrupt, because that wouldn’t be good for our families. So I said to Amanda, like we got it, we got to get it out to them. So she texted me last week, she was like, be I got it, what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to put up once we have the subscription site, again, it’s coming, we are going to record we’re recording right now. And we’re just going to throw it up there, and they’re gonna get all the outtakes and what like, in other words, ad free, obviously, but also like, you’ll just get to hear it right away. And if there’s stuff that we caught for, like the main one, like if my daughter walks in, or one of Amanda’s kids walk in, and are demanding a snack, you may hear that, but you’re gonna get it like in real time. So when we recorded it’s just gonna go live. If you guys liked that idea, please let us know. Let me know. Yeah. So yeah, that would be like the fastest way and this way, subscribers get the tea as hot as it can be, which is like, when we click stop, it’ll be uploaded. Yeah,

Amanda 1:13:30
and so that’s part of it, you guys is like we’re both we record on Fridays, like because that’s really the only day we can really both make work and, you know, we’re busy parents. So by the time we get it back, we have to listen. So it just takes a little bit of time and we wanted to give it like we can always get it up by a certain date right for so that we have consistency for everybody. Right? So anyway so starting you know from now on we’re going to be up on Wednesdays we’ll see if we can even shave it off a little bit. A little bit more if possible, but members will definitely be hearing it right away. A little unfiltered and definitely first

B 1:14:08
and we don’t edit that much out to be honest we just more adding the music in and of course the ads which if you guys don’t like the ads on, you know, pay Friday pay five bucks a month and you don’t have to hear him. Yeah, totally. You know my I did tell you guys when we jumped this off back in May that I am tell it like it is so when you message me and you’re like I’m sick of these airs. I’m like I got good news. You’ll be able to pay for it soon. Bam. Yeah, exactly. I love you guys. I’m

Amanda 1:14:33
only teasing. So thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend week. Yeah, thank you. Hi

Amanda 1:14:48
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast so please do subscribe and if you subs grades, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about T then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:15:29
Bye guys. See you next time.

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