We start with a short update on the Kim Zolciak Biermann foreclosure and with some thoughts from Cocktailers who are in the business and in the neighborhood. Juan Dixon from Real Housewives of Potomac has been accused in a sexual misconduct suit of having knowledge of the situation but not reporting it. Plus, we’re seeing a pattern emerging on RHOP that we’re not loving. We got a lot of emails about upcoming seasons of RHUGT – and one that’s so wild we don’t believe it. The former CFO of Girardi Keese has been arrested for wire fraud; and there’s some interesting timing coming to light from it. And Cocktailers asked us some hilarious questions – we might not have answers, but you bet we’re gonna talk about it.

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transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 27

B 0:00
My opinion for myself, I apologize if you took it to mean that you should all put your forks down and move your ass. Certainly, that’s not what I meant. But that would be my advice over taking drugs is what I meant. Does that

Amanda 0:11
make sense? And yes, 100% Because, by the way, anybody who listened to that, and would know the context, which you and I are both like, No, we’re not so good about not drinking the wine and we, you know, really enjoy the food and it is what it is. But I the whole reason we brought up this topic is a lot of people will look and idolize. Some, you know, celebrities, especially that are extremely, extremely thin.

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds, be.

Amanda 1:08
And I’m Amanda, let’s get into this week’s tip.

B 1:15
What’s up cocktail hours,

Amanda 1:16
Haycock tailors. So now I guess three weeks in a row, we are going to start out with Kimsey because things have continued to kind of come into us. And everyone seems very invested in the story. So we figured we’d start there. So we are recording today’s the 11th. And we had heard there is this 10 day COVID rule. So we know the house or the debt on the house went up for auction on November 1. We literally had we checked in at today with some of our amazing real estate contacts in Georgia. And as of today, there was no change in ownership or anything to the records saying who has taken over that debt?

B 2:11
Correct. So all of the stuff that we’re like reading to you guys is all cocktail or insight. Some of it is people who know how these things work. And some of it is like people who live in the community that are driving by so a cocktail or sent us some good information. I know myself and Amanda even when we’re talking about this with each other we’re like, I mean, we don’t work in real estate and so it’s sort of I’m when I get info I asked the people to like break it down and dumb it down for me. So it’s like you know those books, they make a dummies guide to whatever. So a dummies guide to foreclosure. Okay, so this woman said she has a mortgage on someone’s home. The owner defaulted his current mortgage was over what the house was valued at. So he did not purchase the home. The person who defaulted, could not sell or refinance his house without paying this cocktail or mortgage off. Eventually. The guy who this woman has a mortgage for wanting to refi he worked a plan out with her to pay off the debt. In regards to Kim’s house, this buyer purchased the loan if and when they go to sell, they will get money plus interest fees etc. The buyer of the 257k loan can purchase the home for whatever the existing mortgage is. This person says My guess is the person who bought it will just sit on it rack up interest and get paid back if they go to sell or refinance down the road. It will be interesting to see what the house is assessed at. Someone else weighed in and said her house is secured, meaning Kim’s house is secured by her first mortgage. This was just a third mortgage. And we mentioned that last week, someone bought the debt they did not buy the house. So likely when records are released, it will show as a mortgage bank or LLC that assumed the 257 debt. But the deed of the home could still be in their name. The smart thing to do in this situation, you know a person who works in real estate broke it down. They said the smart thing to do would be to sell us what equity you have from that sale to pay off the debt and any other mortgage debt they have. And then with what’s left, either downsize or just rent a home. This is what somebody would advise a client in this situation to do. Yeah, the fact remains this. This is what we know. Somebody purchased that $257,000 debt that we know we don’t know who we don’t know when it will show publicly but somebody bought it doesn’t mean they bought the whole house

Amanda 4:59
got Got it. Okay, this is making much more sense. I was having such a hard time understanding before how somebody because I mean, clearly the house is worth I would guess in at least a couple of million it no understanding of Georgia real estate. But, you know, I didn’t understand how somebody could buy the whole house for the 257,000. So now I understand they’re just whoever bought it just bought that debt from the bank and is going to, like, own that loan. And the Berman’s Oh, that party this money, they have not as far as we can tell, for clothes, there’s has not been an issue with their primary mortgage, which probably has the majority of the debt on that house. So

B 5:46
this is worth noting, if you look at the records, which again, are all public, they bought the home for eight, let’s say 800,000. And the home has increased in value a lot. They actually bought a foreclosure. So they bought it undervalued. And every time it’s assessed, they refinance and take out money. So for those of you who have never refinanced, what happens is you can do that for a better rate. Or you can do that, like what I bought my home for, let’s say 10 years ago, and what its value is Now it could be very different depending on where you live. And if I reassess it, I can take out monies, of course I would owe on it, right. So you’re adding to your mortgage. It’s not really one of the reasons people do that. People do that. If they want to renovate people do that. If they want to put a pool in people do that, to start a business. It isn’t something you should do. Just to get your hair and makeup done. It’s not advised I don’t believe but no one’s stopping you. It’s your money. Yeah,

Amanda 6:42
absolutely. So, but good clarification, I think this is making a little bit more sense to me, because I clearly needed the real estate or foreclosure for dummies. Education as well. We also saw this week, interestingly enough, that there was you know, at the timing on all of this, we see on social that Brielle and Ariana are filming a show about being quote, unquote, cut off by their parents, which is kind of funny. It’s supposed to be like the rich kids who, you know, are pushed out of the house and have to figure it out all on their own. And then, but we’re hearing, I guess, from your source that they’re just filming a pilot, and they’re hoping somebody picks it up, it’s not necessarily greenlit and committed to by a network. And they’re not also actually living in LA. So, but it sounds like they’re definitely giving it a try.

B 7:42
I mean, I’m trying to figure out based on my source who like laughed when I sent it to him. He’s like, you know, the she must have a friend at people who was willing to do this for her. Because it’s just as if Amanda and I got a camera crew. And we’re like, Alright, guys, you know, we’re filming a show. And the show is going to be about Amanda financially supporting me and my family and building me a new closet. And if I had a friend at people, which I don’t, they could print that and technically, I’m filming right, I’m filming. Granted, it’s my husband and Amanda is behind the camera, but we’re filming Okay,

Amanda 8:24
right, right. I can be like I’m filming a pilot about how cute my dog is. You know what I mean? But same thing, right? Like somehow

B 8:32
I think that would get more viewers than theirs. But anyway, your dog Trump’s that.

Amanda 8:38
Thank you. He is very cute. So well. Good luck to them. I think you’ll need it. We will see. Okay, so the other thing that broke this week is this lawsuit scandal that’s been happening related to one Dixon of Robin Dixon fame from Potomac. So a few days ago before the story came out, said we got an email saying, Pay attention to the news. It’ll make sense why this couple hasn’t remarried and why she is protecting her assets.

B 9:14
Yeah, and I mean, when I read it, I was like, no, because I mean, I assumed who it was. And we all know we’re big Robin fans around here. And again, I want to be clear, I’m going to read through it. It is not that initially when I think the story broke, we all thought that one had done something inappropriate. It’s not that it’s that he failed to report allegedly right people can make any sort of claims. And I think it’s important to note that I think it’s also important to note that if you’re somebody looking to sue a school and you want press, you’re obviously going to try to get the person who’s famous in there. Yeah. So I think that there is a very good chance that there is no truth to these charges. That’s just my opinion. Okay, this I’m not being advised by an attorney, but it is public. So what you The allegation is is that the school he works for Copan state. Am I saying that right? Coppin State

Amanda 10:06
competency? I don’t know. PPI N guys, we have never heard I was pronouncing it wrong.

B 10:12
Yeah, I apologize to any alumni. The assistant basketball coach catfished a player online into providing intimate photos and text, then blackmailed him into videotaping a sexual encounter, before publicizing the material when the player refused further demands for sex. A lawsuit filed in Baltimore City alleges that by information and belief, loosing Lucien Brownlee,

Amanda 10:40

B 10:41
Lucien. Okay, I’ll use

Amanda 10:44
CIA and again, we try it we do our best

B 10:49
people can relate they can’t pronounce anything. Or we can a former former guard who served as Director of player development and director of basketball operations harassed, tormented and sexually assaulted the player before publishing intimate material he had obtained from the student. Now we got to the one part basketball coach one Dixon who was named in the complaint allegedly failed to take action when informed a brown these actions so it’s being alleged that Brownlee did all this. And when the head coach was won was told he didn’t do anything. As we know, one is a legendary figure in Baltimore. He’s a former University of Maryland standout he played in the NBA, and he was hired in 2017 by the university. Guys, if you’re familiar with the Joe Paterno case out of Penn State, lots of people lost their jobs and were sued because they covered up or were, you know, allegedly covered up did not follow up on allegations. So this is what they’re trying to say the suits alleging that one knew his assistant coach had problems, and there was a failure to protect the player. Another thing is that apparently there was drug use on the basketball team, and this is something one has admitted to. So it’s really not, you know, and it’s very unfortunate that you can just be brought into something right, because where’s the proof? I would like to see the proof that one was told, and it’s so unfair, if this is just an allegation, I’m not discounting whether the thing happened, right. Maybe the thing did happen with the other coach, but you know, I don’t know. So now this occurred in 2020. And we’re in real time seeing Robin wanting a prenup. So, is it possible that at the time of filming, she knew this was something in the works? Like as far as the lawsuit, it could be that she really didn’t know, because I don’t think people are going to, there may have been a situation where the person was saying, Listen, if you don’t give me X, I’m going to sue you. Right? Right. And the fact that they’re being sued can also sometimes show innocence, because then you could stand back and say, go ahead and sue me. I didn’t do this, right.

Amanda 13:00
Yes, I was gonna say it’s interesting, because we just don’t know enough, right? Like this. This really, it sounds like this did happen with this victim, right? Because there’s the sexual misconduct between Brownlee and this player happened because there’s video evidence, right? We know that much we know. But what we don’t know is did one, you know, was there an official meeting? You know, we don’t know that. And you’re and we

B 13:30
also don’t know if it was consensual between the person who’s suing and the coach, right? The person wants money or whatever?

Amanda 13:38
Well, yeah. And I was just gonna say, You’re 100%, right. Because if this if a person, and we’re not saying that’s what happened, but if a person wanted to get, you know, wanted to go for money for the in a case like this, then yes, absolutely, they could, they would definitely put more pressure on the school, to do something and to possibly settle, to make it stop. And so you’re right. I think the fact that it is seems to be going to trial could be could definitely be a sign that they’re like, Nope, we’re fighting this, this isn’t this didn’t happen. I happen to know of a case where something was alleging against a person who was a coach for recreational sport in my community. And he was accused of something and he ended up having to spend $200,000 to to fight it and go to trial and he won. He was innocent. It was so interesting, because following this case, you know, he didn’t have a choice but to do that, because if if he didn’t, then his whole business would be gone. Right? Because he right. You can’t be in a position of power in a coaching situation and have any kind of sexual misconduct Right allegations against you. So? Yeah, I think I mean, I think it’s too early to have an opinion one way or the other. But I guess I just want to say is, if this did happen, and one was told, I would be, I’m extremely disappointed to hear that, you know, players need to have a completely trusting position with their coaches. But,

B 15:23
and I think another thing is not true. And if it was consensual, right, let’s say this was a consensual relationship. If one knew about that, that’s still your like, as a coach, you’re not allowed to have a intimate relationship with a player. So if he had any knowledge of any of this, it’s bad for him as far as Yeah, he’s employment. Right. So

Amanda 15:45
I don’t know enough about like college sports. But isn’t there drug testing? How is there a known drug problem? And that’s just something that just is, I

B 15:55
don’t know, is it performance enhancing drugs? And then you want the team to do well, so you turn a blind eye? I can’t answer any of that. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s just interesting. You know very little

Amanda 16:05
about drug testing and college sports like that NCAA had that rule, but maybe, who knows? Who knows what the deal is with that? What did you think about this week’s episode of Potomac?

B 16:20
I think Giselle is blueprint is getting really old. And the way the other ladies jump in on it. This time, it’s actually jumping on Chris and Candice. You know, taking a look right are Potomac fans will remember season one, she went for Karen’s marriage as well. Season two she went for Ashley’s Season Three was Karen’s again, season five. I know. Excuse me, Season Four was both Karen and Ashley’s. Season Five was Monique’s last season was Wendy’s. And now she’s at Candace, I guess me is next. I mean, meantime, we heard on social and actually saw it play out online. That one and with the Insta model, none of that has been mentioned. You notice that right? When it was Eddie, they were all so quick, Robin included to talk about it. But we all saw the scandal with her husband and no one has mentioned it. And that was happening while they were filming. Right? So there is a sense of, you know, there’s brokering being done behind the scenes, the robin Giselle Alliance and drama, it’s created and perpetuated. It’s starting to wear on me personally.

Amanda 17:28
The green eyed Alliance. Yes, I, you know, honestly, kind of hearing you talk about that. And just thinking about having watched the show because I want to say I might have stopped watching her on season three, and then picked back up round five, and have been watching it since. So what I think is interesting is that Giselle does she just so aggressively goes after everybody else that she does all this without really getting very personal about her own stuff? Right. And it’s it’s actually a playbook. We’re starting to see more like we’ve seen Lisa Rinna doing it, it does kind of bother me a little bit. Like we saw a little bit about what was going on with with Giselle last year, but not not really not know, when she

B 18:15
went and not remember at the reunion with Monique when like, they’re talking about Jamal, and she’s like, flipping out like, Girl, this is your whole storyline is talking about everyone else’s marriage. Right. And, you know, and it does make you realize, and, you know, doing this, I think makes like, makes me more in tune with the fact that clearly these production companies are there from the beginning. And clearly, the rules, the same rules don’t apply to all and they can’t break that fourth wall, and you want to stand the show, and you want the paycheck. But clearly production, right, which is separate from Bravo. Clearly production and we know this to be true of all shows, has favorites. Yeah, and you know, Giselle, and the reason why, like, as an example, why once thing isn’t being brought up. I mean, it has to come down to production, because you know, that can just wants to turn around and go Oh, yeah. Well, what about that instance? You want to talk about sliding into DMS? Right.

Amanda 19:17
Right. So or maybe it’s being filmed and Bravo’s you know, maybe it’s the Bravo fleet favorite sort of situation, although, I think your suspicion is probably right. I think it’s at the production level because I think Bravo doesn’t care right. Bravo just wants the drama. No, my think that

B 19:36
and I think that production walks a fine line with this because if we’re noticing it, Andy and Bravo are noticing it. So then you get the phone call, like excuse me, why is the one situation not in but some fabricated Chris thing is in right? Because, you know, when people really liked somebody the way that they really like Wani, so hands them in whatever viewers want to see it. Bravo knows that so I find it hard to believe that Bravo would cut it. Bravo doesn’t have any loyalty they want what brings ratings, right? I agree and production should to ultimately because if there’s no show to produce, because it gets stale, then what?

Amanda 20:16
Yeah, I think you know, Giselle, ultimately, I mean, she has, I wonder how what the show would be like, without her, right, just like, I wonder what the show would be like, without Karen. And I think Giselle partially gets away with some of this stuff, because she knows that but I think also, she knows everyone’s worried that she’ll come for them next. Right. So you know, I don’t know, I think we need to see more. And I

B 20:47
see it with Karen, you see it with Karen and help set she has the Teresa’s there, and how she’s just not even filming with her. Because she’s looking at it like, well, the ladies aren’t going to bring up stuff, right? But Sharise will. So they all know the information, it’s a matter of who’s going to open their mouth about it. And Karen knows Sharif, will where she’s concerned.

Amanda 21:05
Right. And we’ve also known in the past production to say, you know, so there was an article today about sewing. So, you know, we’ve heard the interviewers say this, you know, when they’ve shown like look backs and things like that. So production is 100% aware of this stuff is going on. So either they’re filming it, we’re not seeing it, or they’re not for some reason, and we need to figure out what that reason is

B 21:31
production follows all of our accounts. So it’s impossible that they don’t know when all Bravo fan accounts are posting about the Instagram with one so. Right. Right. Nice try, but we know that you know, yeah, we’re on to you guys.

Amanda 21:45
So this week, we also got speaking of Ashley, one of, if not the first, I think the first picture the Phukan. Ashley, out and about in DC. So I mean, they looked really cute. They’re very casual in jeans and like flannels.

B 22:06
First, thank you to the person who sent it to me rather than anyone else. I appreciate you so much. You know, I love an exclusive. Listen, they’re beautiful people. I’m sure their attacks are attracted to each other. It feels staged, right? I mean, our friends over at the real moms great account, shout out to them. Our friends over at the real moms like put a question into Watch What Happens Live, you know, as people do, and they read it. And two, I think they read it to her or him I guess her I don’t remember and she was like, Oh yeah, he’s cute or whatever it was. Then they made it Bravo con. So listen, okay, there are a lot of celebrities and we said this I think we said this already at the Bravo con episode like you want to stand out and Boy Yeah, the picture that circulated all Bravo con weekend was them walking into Watch What Happens Live them hanging out in the lobby of a hotel. And now they’re continuing it with this rendezvous him visiting her. And we love to see it, but there is a part of me. Okay, would they meet in a bar and hook up? Maybe Are they more motivated to do it because they’re on the same network and they know it’s going to bring in attention to both of them. Especially Luke. He’s filming nothing he’s on currently on winter house but he’s off summer house. And I know that he is filming something. But it has not been greenlit by Bravo. I don’t know that it will be or won’t be but

Amanda 23:32
playbook all the time. Right back in the early days of Hollywood studios, you know, the studios would have because, you know, they had their own stars each studio and they would have their stars date and because, you know, they knew it was really good publicity for their movie. So I think you know, I think Ashley and Luke but really Ashley I think as she’s been doing this longer, I think she’s media savvy. I think she knows people are absolutely eating this up. After Bravo Khan. She is or is going to be I don’t know quite what the status of their divorces but she’s going to be a single mom and might be, you know, trying to shore up her position on the show. I think Luke probably feels motivated to also shore up his the opinion of him after that whole situation on winter house. So it could be a situation of convenience and it could be in also Well, I mean, we are also attracted to each other. Let’s bang. Yes,

B 24:38
I think that’s what it is. For them. Yeah. Do I see it going the long haul? I do not.

Amanda 24:45
I also saw there they were to Baltimore Ravens. Was it a great game they

B 24:51
were a hockey game and then they were also in a basket making something

Amanda 24:55
to it was a football game too. And they were in a box and they are doing Joining us tick tock dance and Carl and Lindsay were there too. Did you see that?

B 25:03
And I’ll just say somebody who works there as a cocktail or she sent me a lot of info. I mean, the thing was, it was great. And I wish it would have been a situation where they weren’t publicly posting because it would have been like, Great exclusive scoop, but unfortunately, it was all pictures that they themselves were posting. So I appreciate you and continue to send me stuff like that. Please do, please. I was like, Oh, this is great. And then I look and like Lindsey has it on her Insta coral has it actually hasn’t. I’m like, oh, Carrie, everybody has this. I just have a different view. But who cares? But yeah,

Amanda 25:34
exactly. What about that post that post from this week of Raza and Gigi from Shahs with Willie G. What’s going on? Because we’ve been hearing MJ Raza G GG, but not Lilly. So what’s going on with that newer merge show?

B 25:55
This was an exclusive. I don’t think I posted I think I’m just saying it here. It hasn’t been picked up yet. They filmed we know that MJ Reza and Gigi filmed so far, it hasn’t been picked up a source tells me if it does get picked up. It’ll be peacock. I love them. I really anyone who’s listening if you have any power, people will watch people will tune in for MJ people will tune in for Reza and wacky she is people will tune in for Gigi. We’re invested in them we we have a long relationship with them. And they’re really good TV and you know the thing that I like about them and the reason they’re able to, in my opinion carry a show is we talk about how like when you’re on reality TV so long you kind of it goes to your head, but they’re still somehow able to listen it goes to their heads to I’m sure but they’re still able to like like it’s no bullshit like MJ shows her real stuff. Reza shows his they show their real stuff, their real relationship, their real parenting for MJ and Tommy and Gigi to like they show the mass, you know, in a way that like we were talking about earlier, we were hearing that you know Sheena, as an example is using everyone else’s mess to be her storyline. They don’t do that. They do it. I mean, they talk about other people too. But like, like when Rosa and MJ were fighting Yeah, Reza was talking smack about MJ, but he was also showing his crumbling relationship and his issues. Do you know

Amanda 27:20
what I’m saying? Yeah, yeah.

B 27:23
So to that point, I want everyone to and I want to pull it like, I feel like I’m not alone in wanting them to have a show.

Amanda 27:34
Yeah, I agreed. And I think with peacock too, you know, that’s the opportunity, right? Put it there. If it does really well, which I think a lot of people didn’t get would put it, you know, then put it on Bravo, like they did with Miami, it’s gonna start to be a play, you know, like they’ve done with girls trip. So

B 27:52
and you know what else I think MJ and Reza would be really good at I Know, MJ has her podcast with her husband. I think them too on a podcast would be awesome. Like a bra like a two T’s in a pod. I think it would be amazing. I’m actually gonna message MJ and tell her that I would even more so than that. Put them on member like Bravo chat room in COVID. With Hannah, and why don’t they get a show like that? And like talk about, like, because they’re both Bravo fans. And I know that because when I post stuff they comment like any other cocktail or would, especially MJ, I do think that we would have a situation where because they know a lot of people in real life, they’d have to get past the fact of, you’re gonna lose some friends. But you’re just acquaintances with these people guys, give us a television show I want you to on a couch like the people’s couch. But with MJ and Reza.

Amanda 28:46
I think that would be really funny. And maybe a show like

B 28:49
that, Amanda, with a bunch of people like one week. It’s MJ and Reza and what one week, it’s Craig in Austin. And when we get to the town and like watching a totally different show.

Amanda 29:01
You know, what would be interesting about that, too, is with, you know, Teddy and Tamra, for example. You know, I think Teddy would probably want to be back on Bravo, right and to be back to a housewife. But the thing that would be unique about MJ and Raza if they had their own show, is they’re not housewives, right. And they’re not on summer house and they’re not on winter house and they’re not on below deck. So you know, they could really have they have a unique perspective where they could have all of them or they could talk about all of the shows, whereas I think the housewives, there’s the weird fourthwall thing where they can’t act like they know each other. Right. Great. Yeah, I agree. I like this idea. I think this is a good one.

B 29:51
I thought it was chat room. I don’t think that Cass was a great cast. I don’t know where the hell they came up with that cast. I think it was, again, I think it was scramble. COVID scramble and it kept me Listen, it kept us at bay. US fans for the time being but let’s let’s judge this up. But let’s get MJ and Reza on a couch or in a studio. I don’t care where they are.

Amanda 30:13
I love it. There’s an there’s so much content, right that they can they can talk about. I see. I see a lot of possibility there. Okay, so also this week in terms of emails, we got so many emails about and like, conflicting emails about ultimate girls trip. So let’s talk about that. So there was one post that you did that went viral. A lot of accounts reposted it, but we literally got quite a few this week. So why don’t we share and then we can talk about talking about it all.

B 30:49
Okay, so first, it these are always hard emails to get because I send them to sources and they’re unable to confirm. But also, I want to remember back to the ultimate girls trip that we’re going to see with Leah and that whole crew. We announced that cast before anyone else and that was just off an email. And nobody could confirm it for me and my top source when it came out when he got it right before the public knew. He messaged me, he’s like, be you had the right cast. I’m like, he’s like, I’m shocked like somebody high up must have sent this to you and wanted you to leak it. So when I get them, it always could be somebody’s trolling me. Or it could be the real cast. So I don’t always want to post them all. Because you know, people love to debunk. So the one I posted was it’s going to be in Hong Kong, it would be dynamic Duo’s. You have Jean and Emily from OC Dolores and Margaret, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Garcelle and Sutton, Robin and Ashley Potomac. The reason I posted this one location doesn’t really make sense to me, because I’m hearing they still have very strict COVID policies. But the other reason I posted is that we know that Beverly Hills is taking a few months off, we know this is only a 10 day deal, and got ourselves a huge fan favorite. And you know, they want to get them in one of these trips before they go into filming. Because we know Beverly Hills films a long time. So that makes sense. The other thing that makes sense is I know that Dolores it’s been mentioned to me that she’s expecting an offer for a housewives trip. It’s also been mentioned to me that Margaret is expecting an offer. So those two parts made sense. Ashley obviously is all over the place. She’s a big name right now. She makes sense. Gina and Emily don’t make sense. But it doesn’t make sense for me for them to be on the show to begin with. So you know when I’m saying you

Amanda 32:39
know, so I gotta stop you right there really quick because I agree with you. Sometimes, especially about Gina. I think Emily can be a good pot stirrer. And, you know, like person to kind of move the story alive. Like I think she does a pretty good job of that. And I think that you know, she has shown more of her must than Gina. So I just wanted to quickly stand up for for Emily. And whether or not Gina knows it, she’s often the messenger on a lot of, you know, we’ll take take something that somebody whispered in her ear and they’re not

B 33:21
afraid. They’re not afraid to get messy and I think especially with a cast they don’t ever have to see again, they will get extremely messy so maybe they do make sense. The other one we got that I love the sound of so let’s go with this. So what I heard is the ultimate girls trip for Real Housewives think charm school. Instead of Monique here. It’s the grand DOM of Potomac. She’s in charge of putting these some insubordinate housewives under control. Oh my god. In addition, they have a seven deadly sins theme production is torn between wanting to do a trip to France or within the United States so far that

Amanda 34:00
again, I think we lost you there for one second.

B 34:03
Oh, okay. Seven Deadly Sins theme. Production is torn between wanting to do the trip in France or within the United States. So far. The representatives are East Coast Potomac, Karen and Robin, Miami, Larissa and Lisa west coast, Gina and Emily, Beverly Hills, Reno and Erica Jane. This is why I didn’t post this one by the way. So there’s deadly sins are going to be you ready for this guy’s Robin sloth. I mean, if this is made up, I’m just I’m just

Amanda 34:39
over here a little guys. Heads up. We know exactly why we didn’t post it. But

B 34:44
we have Emily gluttony. Gina envy. Lisa Rath, Erica pride Larsa. Last, Lisa greet Lisa Hochstein greed. So it says they are torn because peacock wanted to initially film this during December. 2022 But as Potomac and Miami would be airing they didn’t want to interfere with their filming schedules. Little more insider info. Originally Robin would do ultimate girls trip three with Giselle. But then Candice said she would have prior commitments for December and production wanted Candice for seven deadly sins, which would be ultimate girls trip for now they might not be filming in December production is considering casting from housewives who have already done ultimate girls trip before. So this part yeah, so make it make sense.

Amanda 35:35
I think it’s just funny. It’s really funny. I don’t think it’s true. I know they did these housewives would be like, yes, I would. I’m gonna sign on this show that’s calling me a glutton.

B 35:49
I want to be the sloth.

Amanda 35:52
I just I’m not buying that one. But I think it’s really funny to read. Okay, so, but kind of to go back, we were hearing seven deadly sins, which is the funny one dynamic Duo’s, which we’ve heard multiple times. And the term school that was new. I think as of this week, I’m wondering minus seven deadly sins. Do you think it’s possible they’re actually filming multiple, right, because we know that this is becoming a popular format. They can get it done. I wonder? Multiple airworks Yeah. Did we also hear though, there was one going to be one with current wives and ex wives from the same city match show?

B 36:35
We did. We did hear that which that would be a fun one.

Amanda 36:38
Well, I don’t know peacock. If you’re listening, I also put it a vote to have either the same cast from bluestone Manor, or some of the same cast members because that chaos was so good. And when you also

B 36:53
like realize the fact that it was like, there wasn’t even much to do you’re in upstate like, or the Berkshires, whatever. Is it Massachusetts or upstate? I don’t know. Because there’s that border is that border where there are parts of whatever that yes, that besides getting off track. It was such great drama, and like they weren’t on an island and it was like, You know what I mean? So we also right ahead of recording our friends over at face reality. 16 great account, posted this deep dive. Did you see this? I know I texted it to you.

Amanda 37:30
Yes, I read. I took some time to read through it today. Let’s see here. I’m pulling this up. Because So okay, so everyone knows Tom jority has been accused of stealing the clients money that he had put in trust for them taking it. Which is why you know, Erica is also under no specific charges, but her name kids keeps getting thrown in there. You and I have talked about how strange what would be like how could it just be Tom behind this? There’s gotta be some other people within the company who knew? Well, sure enough, this week, and I’m just pulling up the the deep dive from her account is face reality 16 that the CFO, which his name was Jim,

B 38:22
Jim’s on housewives are historically bad people. No. You gotta wait. Jim Edmonds.

Amanda 38:29
Christopher came in. We there’s another guy Jim something though.

B 38:33
I did see a gym name. YEAH.

Amanda 38:36
Jimmy James Jimmy. James James Wilks. Okay, so then there’s this James Wilks person who, okay, so backing up, the thing that I think is really interesting, and we won’t go into too, too much. But back in 2020, Erica, Erika, Jayne showed that Erica Jane filed for divorce and that was on I took some screenshots of this so that I would actually have it easy to find so in Erica in November, Erica filed for divorce in November 3 of 2020. Backing up we know that September 16. The CFO Chris Kaman is the one who committed wire fraud. In September later in September, Tom testified that a lot of his money was gone. His 50 to $80 million. Fortune was just gone. According to timeline. What’s that? Boo? Yeah, well, he’s

B 39:44

Amanda 39:46
October 2020. A Wells Fargo bank account is opened in Erica and Jim Wilkes name in Tampa. And $150,000 is deposited shortly after that. So that’s October then November Erica files for divorce. Then December 2, the lawsuit is filed against Tom and Erica on behalf of the Lion Air vet victims via the law firm, the Edelson law firm. Then December 14, Tom’s assets are frozen. And then December 30 James Wilks deposits another $100,000 into this joint account with Erica. So we have to I have who the Jimmy guy we how is he related to this Chris came in, we gotta figure that part out. Taylor’s will let us know right away. Yeah, but we literally even without doing the kind of research that we usually do. We

B 40:47
literally saw this before. Yeah, we saw before we hopped on and face reality 16 Great account. Follow her. She tagged me in it because you know, she knows I love maths. And I thanked her and I read through it. I’m gonna texted Amanda, I was like, check this out. Just we’re just putting it on the radar. And if you know from this moment now, right, so these charges are new, more might roll out. And if it does, Amanda, you know, you’ll have a deep dive okay.

Amanda 41:14
Yes, I do. And you know, Erica, actually posted about this. I did see this yesterday that Eric actually posted about this Christopher came in and just saying this stuff just keeps getting weirder. Which is interesting to me that she would post that again a sailor. Yeah, exactly. Just,

B 41:35
you know, I don’t know what her I don’t know what her motive is. I don’t know. I don’t I just don’t know.

Amanda 41:42
I don’t know if if you’re innocent. What’s it gonna do to post that there’s I don’t see any benefit.

B 41:49
I just as we’re talking. I’m like a little I’m a little distracted. I apologize. Because I just got a message from my, my source that we love. He said, Beverly Hills we had posted it’s a post called glitz and glam. There were four names it was Leah Nia. Me alone. Leah Lonnie, Leah Remini. Nicole Murphy and Kimora Lee Simmons. He said to me, Beverly Hills not looking at Leah or Nia habit. I love that they Ryan have it from two sources. Neither is in the mix. didn’t mention the other two. Mm hmm. I of course, messaged him back but like, this is all real time. So I’m probably not going to have that answer for a while.

Amanda 42:34
Huh, yeah. Okay, so,

B 42:37
people really want Leah Remini I bet she’s very expensive, though. Right?

Amanda 42:44
Yeah. And I think

B 42:45
she doesn’t she did.

Amanda 42:47
She does. She she’s, you know, doing all this other stuff. She’s judging. She’s got some of our own shows. So she might not be interested. She might want something that’s more about her and her own family and whatever. So and I think

B 43:03
that like the recent toxicity that has been Beverly Hills isn’t doing them any favors in getting these big names. Yeah, you know, like, there may have been a time like when Reno were in Reno you hear me rant I went on, where it was a different kind of show and people be more inclined. But that ship has sailed.

Amanda 43:22
Yeah, the glory days like when Vanderpump and Kyle were driving Ferraris in the hills of Italy. Yes, France or wherever it was. Yeah. Those days. I could see anybody wanting to be on the show lately. It’s gotten so muddy. Yeah.

B 43:39
So Amanda, cocktails have been asking us to do the little question segment that we did a couple times. We haven’t done it in a long time. Before we go there. I wanted to comment last week, Amanda and I spoke quickly about this weight loss drug that’s Well, it’s actually diabetes medication that people are using because it causes weight loss. Weight loss. Many of you thought my comment put a fork down and move your ass was not many of you thought it was very funny. Some of you said it was insensitive. I do apologize if it came across insensitive. I mean, I think if you’re a listener, you kind of get my humor by now. I am not Giselle. Bundchen, I am not a supermodel. I’m not stick that then I think if you listen to the whole conversation in context, my point was that I’m sort of in a general way as an adult and a mother now I’m over this idea that being skinny is like the only beauty beauty standard that exists. Okay, there are all different body types and many people are thin and many people are naturally thin and some people dedicate, you know, time to exercise and diet to be thin and that is their decision and that is fantastic. That’s a fantastic decision. That’s their business. I think what I was saying was More like, as a society, I don’t want to, it doesn’t seem to me, like, okay to take a drug that has side effects, and I understand and many doctors actually messaged me and they were like, No, you can take this. It’s not, it’s very rare that somebody will have these side effects, I get it. But to me, if you’re not morbidly obese, and your weight isn’t causing you health concerns, why would I? And this is my opinion on my own body, right? Why would I personally take something that could cause pancreatitis, or any of those side effects? Right? So for me, I haven’t put my fork down, I do sometimes move my ass. But for me, it was more a statement of like, you know, as an adult, as a mother, I can’t cosign taking a medication that I don’t need for diabetes, to lose a few pounds. That’s my opinion for myself, I apologize if you took it to mean that you should all put your forks down and move your ass. Certainly, that’s not what I meant. But that would be my advice over taking drugs is what I meant. Does that make sense?

Amanda 46:06
And yes, 100%. Because, by the way, anybody who listened to that, and would know the context in which you and I are both like, Oh, we’re not so good about not drinking the wine, and we, you know, really enjoy the food. And it is what it is. But I the whole reason we brought up this topic is a lot of people will look and idolize, some, you know, celebrities, especially that are extremely, extremely thin. And our whole point in bringing this up is to tell people like this is something that a lot of people, a lot of people are doing these their shots. And when we even posted about it, we had posted that, you know that there’s it’s being done off laid off label and what that means we’re not saying that it’s not approved as a weight loss drug is not approved as a weight loss drug if you are not obese. So somebody with 10 pounds to lose. This is not this is not a drug. And so that’s how it’s that’s what we meant when we say that it’s being prescribed off label. This is for people, either who have diabetes, or hasn’t been approved my understanding for people who are morbidly obese, so

B 47:28
and it’s such a larger conversation, right, like body image, and I’m gonna say women because I’m a woman, I I’m a mother of a son and daughter, but certainly I, I know myself and many women, I think, everywhere, always struggled with body image, right? And I think the whole heroin chic thing for me, you know, I’m over it. And when I say I’m over it, it’s not that like, every time I put on a dress, I’m like, Damn girl, look at your ass. It’s like, I’m over it, meaning I’m at a place where like, it’s okay. You know, I’m never going to be Giselle bunch, and I’m okay with that. And I think it’s such a larger conversation, and seeing these kids who are going to be looking at these celebrities, you know, it’s just, it’s, I guess, it’s never going to end it’s always going to be a big thing. And to what end? Do we perpetuate it by even talking about it here? Yeah, you know what I mean? It’s a big conversation, and we all have our body image issues, and whatever. So we all got it. I am by no means like, leaving this conversation to eat a granola bar and go for a six mile run is, I guess, is my general point. I wasn’t being judgmental to people who write.

Amanda 48:45
Right? And guys, you know, it just reminds me of a story from when I was at a very impressionable age. I want to say I was probably 12 1314 I love to watch Beverly Hills. I know. I know, too. I know. And I remember talking with my mom, Tori Spelling had this very stick, skinny body and had giant, giant boobs, right? And I was like, Oh, Mom, no, I read in my magazine that that is not a boob job. And my mom was like a man that like, yes, it is a boob job. And I was like, no, no, no, like, That’s what she said in this magazine. And I was so impressionable. And like, I wanted because I loved that show so much to like, I wanted to, you know, I wanted to believe that even though my own my own mom is her autonomy like that isn’t and you know, like, and that’s that’s irresponsible to be putting that out there, too. Right. And so that’s why I like accounts like IG famous by Dana right? Because she comes out there and chat. And she points out like all these stars. She had this great post just today about all these quotes from these people aside, yeah, saying like, Oh, I haven’t touched My face I haven’t done this. And it’s like, it’s very clear, right? It’s not just makeup, and contouring. And so our that’s our whole point in bringing this up is that it’s just better if there’s, you know, there’s no judgments if you decide like, hey, I want to lose 10 pounds, and I want to go take this shot and put a shot in my butt. That means that I can’t you know, you also can’t drink when you take that shot, which I didn’t know which we’ll have coffee, which is God,

B 50:26
your point of what like stuck with you, do you know what stuck with me? When I was a kid around the same age, you were saying like 1213, I had a growth spurt. And I just thinned out, right? I was a chubby little kid, and I just naturally thinned out, I wasn’t doing anything. I was never an athlete or anything like that. So whatever. And I remember, like the way it was received, and not just by like my peers, like family members to would see me and go, Oh, my gosh, you look great. You’re so thin now. And like, I always remember thinking to myself, because like nobody ever, like looked at me and said, Oh, you’re a little fatty. But I guess kids in school may have but in other words, like for your family, I don’t mean my mom and my dad, but like your cousins or your uncle, like whoever it is your aunt, to see that to you. You kind of when you hear that you think in your head? Wait, did I not look good before, right? And then it’s like, oh, God, I guess I can’t gain weight. So these are all things. And again, this is a much larger conversation. But I know in my home as an example, we say the word healthy. I don’t and although I do sometimes diet, right, quote, unquote, diet and eat healthy and whatever, I don’t say that in front of my children because I don’t want them. Like to me, it’s about making healthy choices like my kids love ramen, right? Like that at the end of the thing. And I don’t want them to have it every day because it’s not healthy to eat that amount of sodium not because I don’t you know what I’m saying? So, I try to

Amanda 51:49
there’s, there’s more to the story. And that’s really all we’re trying to bring up. And yeah, I also need to move my ass a little bit more. Okay, so let’s talk through some of our cocktails, questions and topics. I mean, the first one really popped out to me, I was dying. Laughing. So I’m going to read this one. And then I want to hear your hot take on this one. The reader question was bathtub scenes. Are there GoPros? Or do we think there’s a sad crew held hostage?

B 52:23
That’s a great question. I there’s gotta be a crew being held hostage. Right. Yeah, I mean, because it would look different if it were like a GoPro.

Amanda 52:32
I mean, or, I mean, at the very least, there’s still somebody even if they have just like a camera rigged and they’re remotely having it move because we’ve seen it right. It’s not just like a what, it’s, they’re pretty well lit, they’re there. Yeah, it’s not like home footage. So if there’s not somebody in the room, there’s definitely somebody who’s at least remotely working on the camera. So corretto great.

B 53:04
I like the wording the sad crew held hostage.

Amanda 53:08
Today your your job. You have to go in to Whitney and Justin’s bedroom as they rolled around in mud and paints and grief to their artwork in their bedroom. Or you have today you get to go into Tamron Edie judges bathroom and film them taking a bubble bath. That would be the worst job, Seth most recently. And she was

B 53:35
in the bathtub last year. So she likes a good bathtub scene. Good. All right. How about this one? Amanda? Would Gretchen Rossi be suitable for present day? OC?

Amanda 53:45
I don’t see why not. I think absolutely. I think she would be I think she would be kind of interesting. I don’t follow her on social media anymore. But I don’t see why not. What do you think? I don’t want

B 54:00
to see her I would I wouldn’t mind seeing Alexis and I think I I need to be taught I forget about guys. My memories bad. But Alexis is divorced now from Jim another bad gem. Yeah, Bellino. long history of bad gems. Marquese bilena admins. Anyway, I would like to see her she’s divorced. She’s either married or engaged. And she just came out. I think we mentioned this part. And she announced that her child is trying fender and fully supported her child. And I think it would be to see that evolution would be fantastic. I don’t want to see Gretchen and I’m going to tell you something else. There’s a lot of rumors that Slade, is that really rumors? Slade has a son who’s older who has a lot of health issues. And the mother is very outspoken about the fact that sleep doesn’t see him actually doesn’t help financially so their IQ to me for that reason.

Amanda 54:53
Yeah, yeah, I agree with you on the sleep thing. Okay, here’s another one. Do we think people are still at empathizing with Jen Shaw, after she pled guilty.

B 55:04
I think that most people are like us. And I know we’ve discussed it a lot of times where in the moment we do sympathize for her, but then we remember like she did bad stuff. Yeah,

Amanda 55:15
I mean, I was watching. Yes, again, Salt Lake City. You know, I’m like God, Jen Shaw, when she says like, I’m I would be better than Ryan Seacrest. And like you would like that’s the thing. It’s like, why did you? You do have this great personality and made for reality TV persona, and it’s just a bummer. And so it’s like, I don’t know if it’s the people are empathizing with her. I think people are forgetting because she’s so fun to watch. And then they have to remind themselves, like, that’s what I’m feeling. But I also read an article where Lisa, I think it was on reality blurb where Lisa Barlow was interviewed. And her perspective was interesting what she said, because somebody said, you know, how, how are you still friends with Jen after she pled guilty, and Lisa Barlow says, she realized there was so she doesn’t say I know that she’s guilty. She says Jen, realize there was so much evidence against her that she pled guilty, because she knew she didn’t, that she would get a reduced charge something along those lines. So

B 56:24
come on semantics. Yeah, she did it. There’s so much evidence against her because she did it. Yeah, come on. Yeah.

Amanda 56:31
So no, I don’t think at least here. The two of us are not empathizing with her. I think we just sometimes forget ourselves. Because yes, fun to watch.

B 56:42
Yes. benefit to you. That happened way too fast. Someone said, you know, I was the first one out of the gate that called bullshit. And I don’t believe that anymore. By the way, I think it’s legit. But the reason I called bullshit initially was because of the whole a rod scandal. And I thought initially, like, it was good press and everything else. But what I learned is that and what we all learned, I mean, this is not an exclusive by any means. Allegedly, like through the years, they have had moments where they’ve reconnected and kept in touch and maybe had some romantic interludes like, between both of their breakups. So it’s not as out of the blue, right? Because I think because we see everybody them publicly, we just assumed that they’re not together, they don’t see or speak to each other. So that’s not the case. And obviously, they went and got married. I mean, would you go that far? I don’t think so. So I believe it, I think, I think maybe it happened fast. Maybe the timing was right. I mean, the timing was never right with them. And if the timing is right now I say good for that. I like Jen very much. I’ve always been a JLo stamp. So I hope it’s real. And I hope she’s really happy.

Amanda 57:50
Yeah, I think when you have history with somebody, like you have the ability to hit fast forward, because, you know, they were planning a wedding before and so, so yeah, it is interesting, though, that they we keep seeing this, we keep seeing these, like photoshoots that paparazzi things that that seem to be posted with them. So you know, I definitely think there’s a PR machine who is behind trying to keep everybody interested.

B 58:20
But Sheila would be that regardless of what her circumstance was, because that’s her brand. And the other thing is, guys, if it’s fake, they’re not going to divorce yet. Like how, why would he do that? Why would they go through all that trouble to just split? That doesn’t make sense?

Amanda 58:33
Yeah, I don’t I don’t think that I think just the whirlwind romance would have been enough to keep people excited. I agree. I think them getting married and having all these people, especially all these celebrity friends who are complaining, there was no four seasons, close it off to the plantation where they got married, I think I think they really got married. Yeah. Okay. So I’ll take this one. So somebody asked us to talk some more about Tom and Giselle. So we have been talking about a little bit about that. So I will, I cannot remember where I read this, because I always try to credit. I read somewhere that they’re either the real reason or one of the reasons that they are getting divorced is because Tom pushed really hard for them to invest big in some sort of crypto, and that the crypto is now down. 73% Since they invested,

B 59:28
I saw that too. It was on Twitter. I don’t know who posted it. It wasn’t like an account like, like a Bravo account, but I did share it on my feet.

Amanda 59:35
I guess then where I read it, you know?

B 59:38
I don’t know.

Amanda 59:39
I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s honestly I think it’s two egos. I think Giselle was like, I need you know, I was You told me you are going to be I think it’s very simple. I think it’s you know, you told me you’re going to be there more for the kids. And you went back on your promise and you know, she wants independence.

B 1:00:00
So I mean, people rarely divorce for one reason alone anyway. Right? So it could be a lot of reasons. And that’s one of them. And this is one of them. And we also heard somebody may be running for office. So let’s see. Okay. Southern charm or South Carolina, which was SC Bravo love connection to corruption, was it murder? I haven’t watched any of the murder stuff at all. Although I have posted some some stuff people sent me. I do do that sometimes guys, like, I posted love as blind t because you guys wanted it. I asked for it. I got it. But what’s confusing with that? I did start it. And I’ve liked it in the past. I just wasn’t into it this time. This group of people didn’t intrigue me. So sometimes, like you guys send stuff, and I don’t watch it. I post it. But I don’t know the context. So I go well, I don’t know about this murder thing. Do you have any I

Amanda 1:00:49
do a little so I because I have read about it. It’s fascinating. The Murdoch family is this family was this quote unquote, prominent family, in a community in rural South Carolina. A lot of lawyers in the family, but I think they came to they came into wealth from doing a lot of like slip and fall type cases, according to what the article I read, but what happened is there was a lot of corruption. There was apparently money that the now Father has been accused of taking by or I guess getting by having other insurance fraud, including life insurance fraud. So I think he took life insurance on some families, and then they’ve ended up murdered, so Oh, wow. Yeah, it’s really interesting. You should definitely about it. I don’t have I think there’s special shows. Yeah, I’m gonna watch it as there’s a show.

B 1:01:58
Right? I shared all those have to get my own posts.

Amanda 1:02:02
Yeah. But it’s also it’s just really sad because the wife and a son were also killed. And so the answer guys is his

B 1:02:10
wife and his son.

Amanda 1:02:12

B 1:02:14
So it’s just a coincidence that the people’s name sounds like murder, right. i

Amanda 1:02:18
Well, and then one of the sons had the substance abuse issue and had this awful voting. I mean, it’s you know,

B 1:02:27
I don’t want to watch this. I you know, this is why I want to

Amanda 1:02:30
read it is interesting. So, this no, the Bravo lab connection to corruption is not that’s not what we’re talking about. What we have talked about is the we’ve been calling it the politician in the socialite. Oh, that’s what you’re talking about. Yeah. So there is the politician and the socialite, just look for it on the site.

B 1:02:55
I’ll repost it on Wednesday when this drops Yeah, perfect. So it’s actually very interesting.

Amanda 1:03:01
Yeah, very interesting story. But long story short there the socialite and the story has tried to I guess get to get on the southern charm and is good friends with a couple of people on a cast. So that is the connection.

B 1:03:19
And I’ll also post we did Amanda did a big deep dive and then we actually did a follow up with more information so I’ll also post what pads that was on because it is very interesting T and yeah,

Amanda 1:03:32
all right. But yeah, there’s corruption in that case in that situation, too. Oh, yeah.

B 1:03:36
Are Jackson Brett’s still together? I mean, yeah. Josh is going on some sort of spiral though he unblocked blocked by Jax who’s What am I? No, I didn’t know that. Oh my God, and they did a live together. And he’s like messaging her all the time. And it’s the most bizarre thing we have to have her on here. She’s a great girl blocked by Jax. So I don’t know I think what I can only imagine that his angle is like nobody’s talking about him anymore. So become friends with accounts to stay relevant which is smart. Because here we are talking about him. I believe they’re still together I don’t think I don’t think they can quite frankly afford a divorce.

Amanda 1:04:17
Is there a screen recording of this live of Jack’s with blocked by Jax?

B 1:04:23
I don’t know. He’s gonna hurt.

Amanda 1:04:26
I know. I gotta see that. That’s so funny.

B 1:04:28
I had I actually didn’t watch it. I just saw other people post about it. I wasn’t on you know, I wasn’t on Instagram when she did it. It was like a Saturday night or something.

Amanda 1:04:36
Just Hey, I think this next question is one that we should do another time because I feel like we could go on but the question is what Bravo liberties would you have come to your dinner party and why? I need to think on that. Yeah, I want to think about that one, too. We also set

B 1:04:54
a limit. We have to be like you can only have two men and two women are like, you know because they will be gaming everybody.

Amanda 1:05:02
Right? That’s true, because then I’ll be like, oh, and so and so and so. So yeah, we’ll add some rules and regulations around that one. And we will come back to that this last one, Craig and lebuh. What’s the deal?

B 1:05:15
So what I know about this is in a general way, and it’s not it’s not unique to Craig, there are a lot of cast members on Southern charm who were unhappy with lava. The reason being, she was very focused on her own show, which I mean, it makes sense for her to be focused on her own shell. But so I don’t think it’s specific to Craig, I think we saw in the finale of southern charm, like a fight between them. And we spoke about it I personally, whatever your opinion is, of Craig, everyone knows I’m a fan. I also think it’s in poor taste to speak, speak poorly about him at his function to his staff. I think that that’s not cool. And I think that if the roles were reversed level wouldn’t appreciate it as she shouldn’t, I don’t think it would be appropriate for anyone to do it. So that’s where I stand on it. And if Craig’s mad at her for that, he has a right to be I would be.

Amanda 1:06:09
Yeah, I think, I think there’s a lot of issues, I think with love it and most of the cast, so if you’re following exactly kind of what you were saying, and also, like look at it from the other cast members perspective. So love, didn’t go on, left, one cast trip early, didn’t go on. Another one didn’t really show doesn’t show her husband didn’t really show a lot of this, like, of her own mess, but then will kind of show up and kind of point fingers. And that sort of thing, too. So I would imagine that there’s just some just general unease and just like, annoyance with her that that was what her season was like when everyone else kind of, you know, shared a lot about what was going on.

B 1:06:59
Right. And I think we always see that when, you know, her husband isn’t really on the show. And I think we I think that we always see, I know Cameron dealt with it, we see complaints from the cast when they feel like all of their business is out there. And you can just come and collect a check. And now put your business out there. And honestly, I can understand why they feel that way. I would love to be the person who gets to come and just, you know, have an opinion on other people’s business. But that’s not fair.

Amanda 1:07:27
Yeah, agreed. Okay, all right. That is back. I promise you guys, we will come back to that dinner party question, because I think that’s a really good one. We’re just kind of running out of time today. But thank you guys so much, as always, for listening to cocktails and gossip. This was a fun one. Thank you so much for setting in these fun questions. The bathtub one still cracks me up because I’m just having this image in my head of this poor man cowering in the corner.

B 1:07:56
Oh, my God, how uncomfortable. Thank you guys so much. And I wanted to because a lot of you are asking about the membership site. We’re going to be having an announcement soon. We definitely want it, you know, for your holiday shopping. And I know that Amanda and I joked about our cocktail hours asking their loved ones, be it a spouse, be it a friend, be it a parent to ask for a subscription for the holidays. And I think that’s a great, I know myself, I love a nice subscription gift. So we have that coming. It’s going to go and can I say that it’s going to be cold? Yeah. So we’re we are hosting it on our website, a man who is building this entire thing, and like, I’m not a web developer, but it’s very complicated. And we want to get it right. And so we’re taking our time. And we’re if we do something, we want to do it right, which you guys know about us. And we always take your feedback, which you know about us from our podcast. And it’s going to be called cocktail party. And what we’re gonna have there is just the tee and the stuff that we don’t share on our main podcast. So it’s going to be a lot of audio clips on the site. And we’re also going to have posts, right that we don’t share. And we’re going to do like a zoom thing. And people are like, Oh, are you going to show your face? I don’t think so. I think it’ll just be our icon like, you know, the cocktail and gossip. But it’s just going to be like a fun community. And I think that that’s what I really love best about the cocktail hours is the community we have. And so we’ll always have a free podcast, we’ll always have a free website. But for our you know, for our top to your to your cocktail hours, we’re going to have some special, some special sauce. So

Amanda 1:09:38
yeah, yeah. And there’ll be some, like fun behind the scenes stuff, too. And just, we’ll give you guys a little bit more access to just some of the stuff that we talk about that we’re like, oh, we can’t share that. Some of the stuff that you know, maybe we have in the drafts folder that we don’t share for whatever reason. We’ll definitely He, in a lot of cases be showing up on the membership site. So we’ll just it’ll be super fun and definitely keep an eye on the website and on the Instagram account because we will be doing a discount for our first people who have joined that will have a dissipate and have a discounted price on the monthly subscription, like for life unless they cancel, so definitely you’re gonna want to get in on that as well.

B 1:10:29
Awesome, guys till next time.

Amanda 1:10:32
Bye cocktail hours

Amanda 1:10:40
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast, so please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a tea because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:11:21
Bye guys. See you next time.