When did Coach know about Jen Shah’s guilt? Plus, the RHOSLC social media drama is already ramping up. NFL Tea – everyone’s talking about a possible divorce for the GOAT. Tensions are high off screen for New Jersey, and the Bravo fans are the ones getting the short end of the stick. We’re getting tips about upcoming casting on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – including Britney? And is Lisa Rinna in or out? Exclusive podcast tea about a possible new Bravo show – in Houston, where we think Bravolebs are staying during Bravocon, and some insider tea on what really happened at the Southern Charm finale party.

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Transcript: Episode 12 of the Cocktails and Gossip Podcast

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He’s 45 years old. You know, people work these days into their 60s 70s if they want to. So like, let’s say he did retire. Was he also not allowed to be a sportscaster? Is she prohibiting him from everything? Or does she just not want him on the field?

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Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re going to spill the tea. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds and the hottest tea from bravo and cocktails.com. And as always, it’s all alleged and just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. V.

Amanda 0:42
And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s teep What’s up car Taylor’s? Hey, car Taylor’s So okay, so we are now in week two of having Salt Lake City back and I’m real happy about it. A lot of stuff has been going on on the internet. And then we’ve also been getting a lot of emails. So we figured we’d kind of start there. Because there seems to be a lot of heat and a lot of interest around Salt Lake City this week. So okay, be why don’t you kind of share some updates, because we’ve also gotten some tea that we’ve shared before that we have some updates on, too.

B 1:26
So one of the updates. I want to clarify a while back, we posted that Jen was allegedly living with a woman in the woman, a wealthy woman’s home, right? Well, that home, someone followed up with me that her and coach are filming in and that they do the FaceTime call. That is the wealthy woman’s home. Now, yes, they were honest, that they were renting. But here’s the thing that I think is being lost because we haven’t like spelled it out. Coach, according to this source is not living there. And Jen is not renting it. Jen is living with the wealthy woman who owns the home. And on the show, according to this source, coach, and Jen are pretending that they’re all living there when in actuality, another wind that was sent to us was that there’s a husband who bought a townhouse close to university. So that’s the clarify. Yes, we know that they said they’re renting it. They were honest about that part of it. However, it’s not that they’re renting it and living it together. They’re living separately, according to them. So if coach is living in a townhouse, and she’s living in the house, they’re presenting as a united front. But why wouldn’t they be living together? I guess is what we’ll come to.

Amanda 2:51
It could have nothing to do with the show. It could be about the kids, or it could have been about the kids at the time. You know, it’s I think I could think of a few different reasons. Why

B 3:04
I mean, Jen, convincingly fake to her innocence. I mean, we’re watching her do it as we’re watching the show. And like her the conversation with her mom for me was

Amanda 3:13
and then that like, they’re all going on this trip to be supportive of her like

B 3:18
she Yeah, and yes, and I’m gonna get to that piece of it. If these living apart, rumors are true, I have to wonder how good coach is at faking the funk as well. Because if he was clueless about Jen’s illegal activities, now granted right now, on the show, she’s still you know, feigning innocence, but if he’s as clueless about these illegal activities, as he seems to be, I wonder where his anger is. I wonder if at the reunion, which by the way, will be eight episodes in when she’s being sent in? So when do they film the reunion? Amanda? Don’t you

Amanda 3:59
have a break? Or do you go immediately to jail after sentencing? I think don’t you have like a don’t they give you like a couple like sometime, but

B 4:08
so this is federal, and I think that this was all this has already been delayed so long. I think when she sent in, she’s gonna go pretty soon after that. Okay. And again, if that’s not true, I will post right away and clarify because I have so many attorney, we have so many attorney cocktails that they’re going to be like, No, there’s a two week or three month or what I honestly don’t even know the answer. Yeah. I do feel though since it was delayed so much that she’s going to go soon after her sentencing. I think once your sentence in a federal case you go cocktail hours with actual legal degrees and not WebMD. myself.

Amanda 4:45
Oh, great. I have a dumb question. What do you mean faking the funk? What do you mean by that?

B 4:52
I mean that. We now know that Jen came out and said, I did this. I knew I was taking advantage. I knew If there was little to no value to the product I was selling, and I willingly did it, right. Yeah. At this point, just coach still believe everything is on the up and up, or does he know as does he know, whether it be that he knew all along, or whether it be that Jen has said to him, Listen, I mean, there’s no sense in lying at this point, I’m going to plead guilty. I understand why she wouldn’t tell her classmates, I understand why she would want this season to go. Because she knew she could get away with it once she got delayed, because remember, she was supposed to be getting sentenced, like during filming, and then it got delayed again. And she played at the very, very end, and they were able to get reactions, but the whole season is going to play out. And that’s going to be the very, very end,

Amanda 5:47
I see what you’re saying.

B 5:47
So like, are we going to see anger at the end? Are we going to see a different coach? Are we going to see coach, like, you lied to me you did this? Or are we still gonna see him support? And if so, where’s his anger? If he was as clueless, as he says, and as we hope? Where’s his anger?

Amanda 6:04
Here’s my thought. I think maybe it has nothing to do with the kids that they’re like, putting on this united front. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to keep the heat off coach, and if he appeared, appears to kind of not be supportive of her. Right, then maybe it would start to look bad for him versus being like, no, she’s innocent. She’s innocent. She’s NSA. You know, I had that theory. A long time ago before she she came in and and pled when we had heard that her defense hadn’t put any of the paperwork they had had, they’d done none of the discovery, sharing that kind of stuff. That I was like, that is so strange to me. I wonder if, if they’re just not even mounting a defense the whole time. So that could be right. And so then the question is, like, when did coach know? And how much did he know? And, you know, how is he just did he have this anger that he had just bottled? They’re just not putting it on the Nerdist not putting it on? Camera? Because like, it’s not even just then like, putting on a good for me. She She threw a lavish birthday party for him. Right. Which by the way,

B 7:21
and all this time, what we’re what I am hearing from sources, that they’re not living together. Of course, there could be other reasons for that. But it’s odd if they’re not living together. Prior to what don’t you want to be spending your last moments together?

Amanda 7:37
I’m sure they’re scared shitless that he could go down to and the kids won’t have anybody. Right. And I’m sure. I don’t know. That’s, I don’t know. But so, Angie, we know on social media that Jen has been going after Angie, who is a person who has that beautiful house, up in the like hills. So So Andy then says, Well, you, Jen, Jen accused Angie and her husband of just running their house out as an entertainment space and making money off, which I think is hilarious, because then Angie comes back and says, Well, you didn’t pay anything for the party or I don’t when you know more about this than I do.

B 8:27
I mean, it’s such a weird flex on Jen’s part. We know that you’re filming a show, right? So you’re hosting it at Angie’s house because production wants her on camera once a way to introduce her. I don’t think anyone expected or thought Angie was paying for the party. My assumption is she allowed them to use the house but like either production or the Shah’s paid for the food, the drink and the entertainment. Maybe she does charge to have parties at her home, which last time I checked is perfectly legal. So I mean, Jen trying to insult her for legally making money is a weird flex for somebody that was stealing from the LGA. Yeah, which by the way, not only do they own several salons, Amanda, but they also own two schools. I think Paul Mitchell, one of them has omitted the other one. And they have Yeah, and they have other like legit successful businesses. And I can tell you that trade schools and I’m sure you know, you know this and I’m sure cocktail, there’s no this are very expensive. A lot of times you have to do cash, like there’s no financial aid available. So you’re making like big money, if you own the schools and they’re successful, which they are. So it’s just an odd way to come at Angie. I mean, they’re legitimately wealthy. There is very little question about that. They have, you know, successful salons and of course, I mean, I’m not looking at their books, but there’s no way for. In other words, they don’t have to rent out their house to make money. They have various streams of income.

Amanda 9:59
Yeah. It would Yes, I don’t know, I might be old school, or I might be bougie as you like. But I kind of feel like if you offer to throw a party for somebody, you don’t give them a bill. Like, it’s odd that that’s even a thing. Because like, honestly, if she’s like, I’m gonna throw this big party at like, I wouldn’t expect her to be like, then here you go, Jen. Here’s the bill for the party like that. I do agree. It’s weird.

B 10:28
Like, if it’s your birthday, and I say to your husband, I want to throw you know, Amanda, cocktail party at my house, I’m certainly not going to be like, by the way, pick up a case of Tito’s and pick up the catering, right, or what I mean, like if I’m offering, but the thing that makes it different is we all know they’re filming. Yeah. Yeah. So but yeah, I mean,

Amanda 10:49
I think she’s probably using this as her opportunity to come out in a with a splash, too, right. And

B 10:54
if you’re thirsty to get on the show, why not pay for a big lavish party? You can afford it?

Amanda 10:58
Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, it’s, it should be interesting to see how all this unfolds, I have a feeling we’re probably never going to know, when Coach found out and how much he knew. And when, because for good reason. Right. The Well, hopefully not, I mean, hopefully he didn’t know anything at the time of when she was committing the crimes, I guess. And we something

B 11:25
else, if we go back to I forget if it was the end of season one, or I think it was the beginning of season two, she’s having a heart to heart with Lisa. And remember, she says Me and Me and Coach almost divorced. Yeah, maybe just a working theory here. Maybe he found out around that time, and now for the sake of their family and their sons, and even her mother, because coach is a good guy. So you know, her mother’s an older woman, and just maybe there was so much upset and, you know, obvious turmoil in the family that he decided, like, obviously, we’re going to end up splitting. But let me hold it together for the sake of the greater good of our family right now.

Amanda 12:06
Yeah, yeah, I think right. That’s a good theory, too.

B 12:10
I mean, because love doesn’t just go away, even if he was totally in the dark, when he found out I’m sure as any spouse would be when you find out that, you know, you’ve been living a lie. You don’t just stop loving the person and caring about them and all of that stuff. So their whole situation, I’m sure is extremely complicated. Whether he knew or didn’t know, or who

B 12:28
knows how much he knew. Yeah. Yeah. You know, there’s like, there’s degrees to things

B 12:34
too, right. He may have known that it was a little scammy. But he may not have realized that people were being taken advantage of in the way that they ultimately were. Well, and

Amanda 12:43
I also don’t think that it’s possible for large scale federal investigation to be happening on on you without you knowing a little bit of something about it. Right. So I think that they probably started to get word that at least she was being investigated, maybe not how bad and maybe that’s what set everything off. It’s hard to know. Right? And I’m just curious to like, when did it all stop? Right? When did she close down operation? Like I would love that would be a good, really good rabbit hole for me to go down. And figure all that out. Right? And like, do a timeline because it’s, it’s very, I don’t know, it’s just Anyway, guys, let

B 13:26
us know if you want to hear about that.

Amanda 13:28
Yeah, I think that would be a good one. So the rabbit hole is zero. And you know, what’s so funny? Is I know some people are like, Why do we have NFL tea? Or why do we have golf tea? We get a ton

B 13:40
of a well, but there’s one thing I wanted to say before we leave Salt Lake City. Oh, so we see the ladies all, you know, banner on Jen, and whether they believe her innocence or not really support her? Yes. So what was happening Amanda would have source tells me is production was like, first of all, they’re all great. They’re great television. So obviously they’re keeping all of them. But now, production was like, oh, no, no, we can’t just have everyone sympathizing with Jen, we got to get a couple ladies in here who are gonna give her some heat, right? Yeah. So it makes sense that Angie and her are on the outs and the other new girl whose name escapes me who was yelling at Jen and one of the previews. We’re going to see that we’re going to see them coming for her because we need the drama. We want the drama and if Heather and Lisa and Meredith and Whitney are going to be her support, well, somebody’s got to talk about it. So that’s where that’s where we’re going to get people questioning her. It’s from the new lady. So that’s why already you’re seeing Jen plant the seeds against Angie. Mostly her planting the seeds against the other new person. Remember Angie was introduced as her friend she threw her the party, right? So it’s all very, it’s gonna, it’s gonna get very interesting and then the cream on top up, the cherry on top is going to be, they’re getting the lady’s reactions. And they were all gobsmacked when she pleaded guilty. Because even if they thought in their head, maybe she did some of this, they weren’t expecting her to admit it.

Amanda 15:14
And a level of detail like when she says like, Yes, I knew that I was targeting, like, elderly people are forgetting the words to use. Yes, I knew that this you know, I was giving very little value to my service. You know what up? And like? She says yes to all these very shocking things as part of that plea?

B 15:39
Absolutely. I think it’s going to be. And I think this just goes back to like, how some, some women just hit because every one of those ladies I like to watch. And I mean, they just came out of nowhere. I remember when the announcement was made in 2019. We were all like Salt Lake City. The heck’s going on in Salt Lake City that we want to say? And it’s incredible. It’s so good. Yeah. So no,

Amanda 16:05
I think the whole like overlay of the Mormon religion, and all of that stuff has made it really very interesting. Just like family, it was such a big, you know, part of New Jersey. And that’s what makes that interesting. And New York, having New York be one of the characters has made that you know, it’s

B 16:24
and it’s also interesting, because the shots are Muslim, and then the marks are Jewish. So it’s like, you know, we’re seeing so many different faiths in a show, which I know you and I always like that we always like when there’s culture and religion and all that kind of stuff.

Amanda 16:42
Yeah, well, I think it just adds that kind of X Factor. Right, like, and maybe that’s partly why Dallas didn’t do as well, because there wasn’t that other kind of, you know, keys to it, you know, that the New York has Jersey has and Salt Lake City has, right? Here we go from our production chairs. If only we could be the producers.

B 17:05
Somebody somebody sent me a message today and they’re like, I don’t know why producers don’t just follow you and listen to what the fans want. I’m like, Girl Ditto.

Amanda 17:15
Okay, so back to NFL stuff. Because I just think it’s funny because you know, we do get some comments are like, Why do you guys post stuff about NFL? Why do you guys in golf tee, I will tell you from my perspective of looking at the back end of the of the website, like we get a ton of traffic. There’s a lot of interest on that stuff. And then now everybody this week has been talking about Tom Brady and Giselle and what’s so funny is you got word like, early in September about this.

B 17:50
I did. And I got word. And I was kind of like, why is this being dragged out? Because it was pretty, it was a pretty firm source that was like, they’re getting divorced, you know? And so, we got an email we posted and, you know, there were rumors swirling, we’re talking like a few weeks that they were living apart. And again, I posted the divorce thing before, like before, every day, page six was dropping all this tension between them and you’re kind of like, okay, this is very fishy. Why is this being dragged out? Typically, there is an announcement made right. And please respect our privacy and one party has filed for irreconcilable differences and we know but we were we were like are they working it out? I mean, I my antennas were like they’re not working anything out because if they weren’t these are I mean, how wealthy are these two people? They’re worth a billion dollars combined more maybe? More? I’m sure. Right. They don’t have a team that can silence this. So we got an email and we posted Do you want to read the email?

Amanda 18:59
I do. Hold on though.

B 19:01
Oh no, this we didn’t post this the exclusive one. Oh no, I’m

Amanda 19:05
hearing a lot of noise in the background. Yes. Are you hearing that?

B 19:08
I am it’s my cleaning lady and I told her that I need it all right,

Amanda 19:12
you guys cocktail colors like this is like we don’t have another chance to do this. We’re gonna do it. Even if there’s some cleaning lady noise in the back. Yes,

B 19:24
I love her. She’s a part of my family and she obviously has no idea that I’m recording a podcast so she probably thinks I’m on a work call and if there’s a little noise it’s not a big deal. So

Amanda 19:33
right so Okay, so the noise back to back to our our other conversation Okay, I will read this this email from football T email model [email protected]. Subject what took so long. Notice that there have been multiple gossip sites and news outlets posting about the couple them not living together her not attending his games. This is going on for over a month. Why? Despite she’s dragging it out to really stick it to him, especially in season.

B 20:07
Hmm. And I mean, you know, we get it right. She made these promises. I mean, he made these promises. First of all, Amanda when you heard he was on retiring, I was like, nail coffin.

Amanda 20:26
So it’s so funny my I rolled my eyes when I heard that because I’m like, come on Tom Brady, like you’re, you know, you’re you’re 45 years old. Nobody would second guess you retiring? Nobody would question it. No one will ever question his goat status. Right, like, clearly one of the best quarterbacks, if not the best of all time, and I am not a Patriots fan. But you can’t deny what a great amazing players and he had this opportunity to go out on top. So, you know, my first thought when I heard that he was unretiring is like, seriously, like, his ego must just be just out of control. And so then when we hear about this Giselle thing, I don’t. I wouldn’t be pants because it sounds like he’s been making her all these promises, you know, and it’s not like Tom Brady’s gonna be poor. I mean, there’s gonna be plenty of television opportunities. For him. He’s very telegenic, like, but I question it,

B 21:27
I see that side of it, I see that side of it. But then I’m gonna counter that. So, you know, if you and I like if we made a lot of money in something, whatever it is, but we still enjoyed, like, is he supposed to just retire and just sit in his backyard with his family? Like, he’s 45 years old? You know, people work these days into their 60s 70s if they want to. So like, let’s say he did retire? Was he also not allowed to be a sportscaster? Is she prohibiting him from everything? Or does she just not want him on the field? And I certainly can go on and on. Like, I see the point going on, on top I manned up right. As far as football. But, you know, if my husband says to me tomorrow, listen, be I made a lot of money I got you quit. And I was like, but no, you know, I’m still gonna do the podcast, I’m still gonna do the site because I enjoy doing it. It’s not about money. A young person, I’m not an old person. What am I going to go to early bird special? Well, he’s 45. Like if my husband demanded, I retire at 45 years old. And I didn’t want to is that fair?

Amanda 22:34
Yeah. Well, I’m putting yourself in Tom Brady shoes. Right, then if he’s, if he’s like, if this is really about the time during football season, I’m still going to be, you know, traveling to games every weekend? You know, I don’t know, I still just think, you know, if what she’s saying is true, is that he made these promises that you know, that he would be there more for his family. I don’t blame her for being kids. Because it’s like, okay, like, our kids are going to be teenagers. And here we are, you know,

B 23:07
I so I get it. But like regular people like you, and I have kids, and you can’t necessarily just, I guess, I guess the scope is because they’re so wealthy, he can do it. But is it all or nothing? Is it like, maybe she would be okay with him working in some capacity. But if you’re a sportscaster, and you’re doing, you’re the guy who’s there at the games, you’re still traveling all the time, you’re just not on the field. So the same thing. So it’s like, is it too demanding on her part? Yeah, I mean, was there no compromise? Was he like, well, you know what, you’re not going to be happy? Either way. So I’m just gonna get back out and play a couple more seasons. Or maybe

Amanda 23:50
it’s about nine of us, maybe it’s about something else completely. And we’re just not being you know, we don’t we’re, we’re being told it’s about something else. And

B 24:01
well, I did get another blind, but it did not have a name.

Amanda 24:05
I know the one the one that came in from on, I saw that one on email.

B 24:10
And of course, the reaction to that was he’s such a public person that if he was doing this in public, it would never get out.

Amanda 24:16
I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know.

B 24:18
I mean, you know, it’s just now it’s a smear campaign, and neither of them are looking good. So to me, it looks like both sides are trying to put out bad stuff. Because she looks like my what I just countered with is the narrative that she’s controlling and demanding. And she wants him to quit. And now that he didn’t, she’s divorcing him. Right? And then the other side of it is he should have retired. He promised her he retired and he didn’t so he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. So I think we’re all smart enough to know that neither party is probably innocent. And, you know, when you have a lot of money, you have options.

Amanda 24:54
Well, and why are we putting so much out in the public? Like it’s just bad for the kids that I know Go back.

B 25:00
Well, that’s your that email that we got about like, dragging it out out of spite makes a lot of Of course we don’t know it’s true, but it makes a lot of sense because why are all these things coming out? Yeah. Yeah.

Amanda 25:13
I don’t know. Yeah. Let’s just hope she’s out of nonsense stops in Pitzer. Okay.

B 25:19
So yes, I mean, most importantly, it’s, it’s, I mean, and we’ve all seen them on TV so much because everybody watches the Super Bowl, and he’s always in it, because he’s the goat. Listen, I’m a Jets fan, but he’s the goat so they always seem so happy. But I guess after you win a Super Bowl, you’re happy even if you’re mad your husband’s playing, right? She’s like, Yes, this is if you want to 75th Now we can stop.

Amanda 25:45
So back to regular housewives programming everybody. Should we talk about what what you just heard about OC? Or actually we talked about this a while ago?

B 25:58
Well, I don’t know if we did we did we talked about this or do we just post it? Okay, so listen, cocktails are reading the website and they’re listening to us. I’m very few people are tuning in and not reading so you guys know that Bravo plans on putting OC out before they put Jersey out because there’s going to be a bit of a low period. And obviously, everybody always tunes in for Jersey Jersey could premiere on Christmas Day. And I’d be like, folks, you gotta go home. I got to show to watch. So OC we know is trying to get that old thing back. So they’re saying they’re going to put OC out during the low period because people will tune in because listen, Bravo fans or friends fans of the brand we say it all the time. Yeah. So if there’s nothing else on it’s like, on a Sunday afternoon, if there’s nothing else on and I want to watch Bravo. I just watch below deck because it’s Bravo. Right? So people I mean, I find it super annoying when I posted it. The cocktail hours were like, Come on, we want to see Jersey like there’s this cliffhanger that we know that there’s a full arc between the Gorgas and the dude ice royalists is however you say ruthless, ruthless. But we’re told that there’s a piece that nobody knows about. This week. I’m told that one of the daughters who never was outspoken in the way that say gee or Melania were really sad. Her piece had it out with her aunt and uncle and it’s going to be a focal point of the show. I have to wait a year to see this.

Amanda 27:27
Yeah, well, because Teresa got married in August. Right? So and we still have no show and here we are in October.

B 27:36
They’ll be divorced before this thing comes.

Amanda 27:40
What do you want to read?

B 27:41
Yeah, so we’re gonna read this and then literally I posted this and within hours okay, so it says Real Housewives of New Jersey photos regarding your post about Jersey panela Bravo con tension is high. They’re taking their cast photos this Friday, but one at a time, so none of them have to interact with each other. The photo will be photoshopped. The drama is so bad, not just between Teresa and Melissa but also between Margaret Jennifer and newbies as well. Still hasn’t been decided if trailer will be released at Bravo con or not. Or if the newbies will be announced, like Leah from New York was at the last Bravo con. Jersey panel is a must go. And then Amanda. Hours later, I forget who it was hours with the next morning.

Amanda 28:26
It was very quickly. But But see, I

B 28:29
got the email the night before. And guys just so you know how like this works. I try to pace out posting tea because it’s not something that’s immediate. I try to do it like every few hours. So you guys get like a little morsel every few hours and not like bam, there’s 20 Things you need to read. Right? So sometimes the timing doesn’t work, because I posted this in a couple hours later on the Bravo app, which again, you know, Bravo fans, as soon as I start getting messages like yo B, the panel was split up. And I’m like, What are you talking about? Literally, as I go to check ding in my inbox that they split. So not only do they split the panel, which in and of itself, it sucks because we were gonna get all the ladies on a panel and then all the men on another panel. So they’re doing Marge, Melissa, and Jackie on one panel, and then there and that panel is going to be on Friday at the same time as all the Beverly Hills ladies, same time. I mean, that’s not fair. How do you make that choice?

Amanda 29:31
I also just yeah, if you’re gonna rob us from having New Jersey, you know, we’re not even going to see it, I guess in 2022, right. Like we’re not we’re being robbed of that. And then you go, I mean, talk about I mean, this beef must be that bad if they really cannot be on the same stage.

B 29:54
So what um, so to that point, what I’m hearing is that she The OG is absolutely demanding the panel be separated. And Bravo and production are like, listen, they want another juicy season of this stuff. So they want to appease her now, because when filming comes, she’s not going to be able to not

B 30:16
film with them. Does that make sense? Yeah. So given given given to get that good season, right?

B 30:26
I understand it. I’m not happy about it. I think that the so the Saturday panel is now Melissa and Louis Dolores, and I think her new guy have to check that. And Jen and Bill. So like, both panels will still be entertaining. They all have big personalities. And the thing about it is it’s not so much Teresa because as a matter of fact, the OSI producer, that so there’s, um, we posted this, we posted this a long time ago. Some of the production from Jersey is actually working on OC this season, which is very exciting. And by the way, I hear OC is like phenomenal. My, you know, a one source is like be really, it is absolutely bananas. I’m definitely going to be able to share some of that soon. Like we’ve shared a lot of the OSI stuff that we know. But there’s more and it’s good. And we’ll be sharing that soon. But that that the producers said to I think on tamaraws podcast that Teresa is one of the easiest housewives they’ve ever worked with. Yeah. So she’s not being the difficult one. I think we can all guess who’s refusing to be on a panel together. House

Amanda 31:37
I’m sorry. It’s been a long week who her spouse? Oh, it’s Louis.

B 31:43
Guys, you do this on Friday,

Amanda 31:44
I was thinking it was one of the one of the like, March or in Danielle and not

B 31:49
to bog you down with our with our personal things. But you cocktails have to know that like we come home from work and we have kids standing on bus stops waiting for us. And we’re literally trying to get because we love doing this. And we love getting you know our guys, but some weeks like this week when work was a mess for me and pick up was a mess for Amanda it becomes challenging. So a little lighter than noise in the background. Yeah. I don’t think I’m bougie because I have a cleaning lady, by the way, because I now have like four jobs. So I deserve it. Yes.

Amanda 32:25
So well, that’s interesting, because I think the other thing that’s just such a bummer is I think people were really excited to see the New Jersey house husbands because they are their own thing. Right? And like, right, they’re so entertaining. And that is just not going to be there. Like the comedy and the fun and like I understand why Bravo. You know, they want the drama for the cameras not for the stage. Right. But so like, it’s just a to such a bummer. It’s like, you know, Louis, like, I don’t think we really needed you anyway, like if you’re really the holdout, like why don’t you sit aside, and you know, like, go support Teresa while the rest of the boys go on stage. So anyway,

B 33:07
I get that. They want to keep it for the television, but they also need to remember that the people that are coming to Bravo con, are paying a fortune. Many are traveling, I mean taking flight and rent and like, you know, staying in hotels, you know, and we were all hardworking people, and we’re spending our hard earned money because we are not bamboozling and signing documents that we didn’t know what was going on and cheating ourselves into this money, we actually work for it. So I say all that to say, it kind of annoys me that you’re appeasing the masses and not giving your top Bravo fans who is whoever’s in that audience is top right, your VIP, whether your general admission or not. And like, I want to see that show. You know, like, as a viewer and a fan. I feel very, like left out that would be like, we I know who my top cocktail hours are, you know what I mean? And that would be me being like, no, no, I’m gonna save it for when I can announce it to the whole world. No, I’m gonna announce it to those people that tune in every week. And that, you know, follow me on Instagram and send us tea and like the people who give me I’m gonna give back first before the masses and Bravo needs to go that same way. And I also wanted to see Theresa try to hold it together when her husband was having a public meltdown. Which while we’re on that topic, why is she doing Zolciak style clickbait she had some clickbait shoes off the show, which was obviously about Dancing with the Stars. We know she’s off. But every fall was like I don’t want to cook this what is this? Isn’t he rich? Didn’t he say she’d never have to work? hasn’t found a job. Definitely something to look for. I mean,

Amanda 34:46
I don’t know it is on and she never did it before Louis and now she’s doing it so it definitely makes you question it. I mean, I guess I’m guessing that dancing with stars probably doesn’t pay as well when you get to the second episode but I mean, it does seem like it does. She’s never done that before. Why does she need the money now?

B 35:05
You know and Judy che does it but obviously he needs the money. Yeah.

Amanda 35:09
I don’t know. But you know what guys, so cocktails who are going to rob a con. Here’s the thing. So we are recording this the week before. It’s probably when this episode comes out, Bravo calm will be in like a day or two. So like, this is the time, we need to kind of put us out as an army of caulk tailors. We need all the details on what happened. So we need some of you to go to the Beverly Hills one and we need some of you to go to the New Jersey one. And tell us what happens. We want to know the little details like we want to know what some of the house husbands are wearing or if somebody had weird socks on we want to know about your run ins because I think there’ll be some entertaining stuff like people seeing you know, standing in line in the restroom with with one of the Bravo liberties and then obviously the big stuff. So what happens at the panels, what happens at the big parties and the balls and what people are overhearing that kind of stuff. So,

B 36:09
Amanda, yeah, I don’t even I didn’t tell you this. So this is one of my notes. And you know that all the cocktail errs are asking, Where can we go? Where should we stay? What should we eat that will maximize our chances of seeing Bravo celebrities? Yes, a cocktail hour is researching and sending into me. Oh, here she goes. This is from one of our lovely cocktail hours. She says I have a theory when i This is the same one who saw Whitney and Lisa checking into the Gansevoort when that did Watch What Happens Live. She said while I was there I thought so odd when I was booking my Bravo con hotel. The Gansevoort was all booked. I thought so odd. Is there a wedding a Couples Retreat? Everyone attending Bible con can’t be staying there. It’s not even close to Javits, which I think out of towners would choose to be close to especially if you don’t know much about New York, right? Yeah. So I wonder if the out of town Bravo celebrities are all staying there. It’s around the corner from Andy’s house. And not far from the studio’s of Watch What Happens Live, so they’d be familiar with it. I’ll have to do some recon when I get into town next week. So then she said, going back to my theory of the lady staying at the GaNS award. Yesterday, I tried to book a table at the R h rooftop across the street, I thought that would probably be a good place to spot a few of them if in fact, they are staying at the Gears of War. You can’t get a table after 430 on Friday 1130 On Saturday, and the same on Sunday. Last weekend, I walked in there and got a table no problem at 6pm. If I tried to book a table for any day in time from the 17th on, it’s wide open. So I might be crazy. But I have a gut feeling. So folks Gansevoort and the RH rooftop. The good news is by the time this comes out next week, Bravo liberties will be too close to it. It’ll this will be coming out on Wednesday, or Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. And, you know, they’re not going to be able to rebook because they’re all going to be coming in Friday. So I myself will be and I’ve actually stayed at the cans of art for a friend’s bachelorette party. And it’s a very cool spot. And they actually have a really cool club on the rooftop. The Dream clubs so it and it’s off the beaten path from where your typical out of Towner would stay. If I spoil this, oh my god, that is where I met Eileen Davidson. Again, Zwart. How funny is that? Okay, guys, God, this cocktail is a frickin genius.

Amanda 38:38
So we need we need. We need people at the GaNS work. We need people. I’ll be there. This rooftop. We need people all over. And then don’t forget, guys, we have the send us t page. Because if you’re just DMing b She’s going to be in some of these sessions. Yeah, remember to send it to the senators T staff because I post stuff too that comes in from there. So just bookmark the page. Just go ahead and do that. And just I mean, I am not even kidding. Like, I wanted to know if somebody is wearing weird socks. Like we want the little details posted all Yeah, and we’re gonna do some sort of wrap up. Maybe a special episode, something like that, where we share all the big and all of the small. All of you guys so. Okay, so Beverly Hills. I was just catching up on this last night. What did you think be?

B 39:32
I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted with this. There’s so many versions of what’s happening in the last episode. Eric is publicist was accused by Kyle of spreading what happened in Aspen now, in the international version? We saw him actually eavesdropping on Doritos and Lisa Ren has combo and Eric is here party and commenting. That was caught from the US version but Australia UK they all thought my followers they’re all messaged me that they did in fact see it. We repeat posted a clip of it. Somebody said there’s rumors about him threatening to sue. Listen, guys, bravo. First of all, this guy’s a wrap for a lot of housewives and celebrities. He’s not threatening Bravo. But why they took it out? Again, it depends which theory you’re going with. Honestly, at this point any and all of it could have happened. And this is what I’ve been saying from the beginning. I do know one thing, a lot of what happened behind the scenes is more juicy. But sadly, we’re all going to be left to wonder where the truth lies. Because as good as my sources are their sources that are hearing it from one side or the other. The reality is none of it’s on camera. That’s just the reality. What is on camera, though, guys? Is that reunion trailer? Yeah, rehna saying put me on pause. I mean, Kathy came are paired. Yeah. Yeah,

Amanda 40:57
it does look really good. So I have a lot of thoughts actually, about the show. Because literally, I’m sitting there, watching it catching up on the nightly and like, this email comes in with the video of that publicist, I’m like, Oh, that looks really bad. And then sure enough, here’s the scene. I’m watching it that I’m watching leader talking about this. And you know, regardless of where you stand, right, there’s, if you are a publicist, you will live and die based on who, who you’re working with. So, if you’re gonna go and you’re gonna go out there and take stuff to read our online and all of the blogs, it’s gonna come back that it’s, it’s from you. Right, right. And there’s got to be some calculated risk here, something going on, because there’s no way that he would just go and do that. without checking with Erica. There’s no way because it’s at her event like, like, he

B 42:00
reps Nicky Hilton. That’s the part of it that I’m sorry. Let’s just do the math. You’re not going to go against the Hilton’s. For Gerardi, you’re

Amanda 42:12
just not. But if this gets a name for him, right, like it could have been a calculated risk or like, you know how much there are a lot of publicists who feel like, you’re right, and bad news is better than no news, right? And for him to and if his name is involved. I don’t know. I just I want that in mind. This

B 42:33
guy’s been around for years. There’s pictures of him with Zodiac years back, there’s pictures of him with a lot of different celebrities from I’m talking 1520 years, he’s in the game a long time. He’s seen all these kinds of things play out. I don’t think he bets on Erica and Ron, I, you know what I’m saying? Like, they’d out in a minute to save their own ass. You know, I just I, again, I’m a very sensible person. I also don’t send documents my husband hands me without reading them. So

Amanda 43:03
I also though, you know, I I actually kind of agreed with Erica for once that like, I don’t really think that trying to you know, push notice on one of the other housewives is really going to take a ton of notice off of Erica and what’s it gonna? What’s it gonna matter? Right, because it’s in the courts. And Erica doesn’t really care if people like love and adore her. So I thought she had a good point.

B 43:30
I agree. But maybe it’s not about taking it off. Or maybe it’s about like, Yeah, well, you’re not so perfect to let’s talk about your shit. Yeah. So it’s not like her shit is going nowhere. It’s not going away. Nothing is making that go. Michael Jackson coming back from the dead at the Aspen club as they make NAT Shaco away. But I also find it really funny that now Kris Jenner is posting Cathy’s my sister love you. You have Latoya Jackson posting. They are really coming out like old Hollywood is coming out like Alicia Renta who.

Amanda 44:03
Yeah. Okay, so what about, there’s been a couple of emails that we have gotten this week about the new cast.

B 44:12
This one stirred a lot of stuff up this one that we’re going to, I’m going to read we posted this one I’m going to I’m going to go over it quick. Yeah. Beverly Hills thrills remember last year this early 2000 sitcom star who speaks out against Scientology was rumored to be joining Beverly Hills while she was in but producers took note of the love social media had for the idea and added her to the list for this year. For a couple of years, they’ve been straying away from adding a famous face to the franchise, hence Sutton and crystal, as well as the well known flop Diana. But now they are interested in adding another well known face, especially when it is done to take the show to an even bigger level in terms of readings. Leah Remini to Mara Maori, you know Sister Sister, Camorra Lee Simmons Have Brooke Burke are just a few in discussions right now. But filming for the new season probably won’t start until next year into excuse me until the New Year’s which is next year. So I guess producers do really look at fan suggestions on social media keep it up. If I had to guess they wanted us to post this and fill people out. Leah Remini was a smash hit. Personally, I think that Leah brings that vibe that Renee used to bring of saucy and outspoken without that wicked thing that she’s turned into. Yeah,

Amanda 45:34
yes. I totally, totally agree with you. I thought the same I think she won’t be afraid to talk about it to kind of steal leases, still leases phrases? I think she is. She is a likable person. He’s

B 45:49
got that big New York energy.

Amanda 45:51
She does.

B 45:52
She’s a Brooklyn girl. You know, I mean, I would obviously love her. Yeah, I camera. Yeah, sorry. And then you know, her sisters to which one’s going through the divorce support? I know. So here’s my feeling on either of them. I think that if you get one, you’re gonna get the other in some capacity, which would be cool. Yeah. I think that if it’s the one getting a divorce, okay, that would be a storyline. I think. Honestly, they had a reality show that I watched a while back and they had lovely families and beautiful kids. And I think they’re too normal. For me to

Amanda 46:27
Maura, did you watch her last show forever, though?

B 46:31
Obviously. Are you kidding me? First of all, I had every jumpsuit in the baby fat collection. I was talking to one of my sources and he’s this young guy in his 20s and he was like, Wait, Camorra but I’m like, I don’t you remember her show? He’s like, No, he’s probably in like kindergarten. I’m like, Are you not she had fat farm. And when she ran that whole empire, he’s like, what’s fat farm? That farm was Russell Simmons. baby fat was hers. Are you okay? I literally was like, I’m hanging up now. Go do your research. I would love her. You know my thing with Kimora Lee Simmons is I think she would want her own show. I don’t. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe at this phase in her life. She would want an ensemble cast. I just I don’t know that.

B 47:12
I definitely think she would try to overtake the whole thing and be the queen bee. Brooke Burke,

Amanda 47:18
we’ve been hearing for years that they had her name. But yeah,

B 47:23
send it to the OC. She’s like that D list OC energy.

Amanda 47:27
She’s beautiful. I think she’s beautiful on TV. I just

B 47:33
don’t use Richard was beautiful too. So it was tinggi it didn’t give me much.

Amanda 47:37
Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, she’s just not going to. I don’t know. What about oh, oh, this is the other thing that I saw in our notes about Rinna. Oh, that I like once.

B 47:54
So we I had a Post this week. That said she will be at Bravo con. It is not announced yet. But she is off the show. to three days later. She’s at Bravo con. Apparently she’s only going to one event because she doesn’t feel safe, which like I don’t know if she means physical safety, but there’s going to be backlash. I mean, you can’t behave like that and not expect things to ask questions. But they’re really pushing to get her there the whole weekend. But right now, if you check the app as a we’re recording on Friday, the seventh, she’s only listed on that one panel. So that part all of that part of it’s true. But you know, then there are people who say she’s in negotiations I’ve been hearing for a long time she’s out to counter that is the ratings have been incredible this season. Yeah. And Andy is supporting her cuz she reposted Kathy saying she’s the biggest bully. Lisa reposted. And Andy clapped. So he’s not bothered

Amanda 48:50
I so I had not heard the part about Andy can berming that is that is pretty crazy to I don’t think I told you this. So I read somewhere that the Bravo liberties get paid $5,000 Plus room and board for going to Bravo con. Just a FedEx if it’s what

B 49:15
it’s a few 1000 Yeah,

Amanda 49:16
yes. And that if they do more panels and like more of the like, you know, like the kind of game show kind of things they get, they can make up to like 8000

B 49:28
Maybe rent is just like, You know what, I’m worth more than this because I’ve given you so much this season and even if every fan has turned on me, they’re all talking which we are they’re all posting which we are give me more money.

Amanda 49:41
Yeah, I just you know, I do have to say like, I was a runner fan for a long time and saying like, still follow her on social media. I really love that she would kind of come in and like and like she’s kind of quirky and whatever. It’s just the like, the mean turn and it maybe it was was there and we just didn’t see it. But it feels it just I think we’d reserved or

B 50:05
I think we’d miss her. Yeah. And like I said, I’ve been hearing for months that she’s gone, but it doesn’t exactly make sense for her to be gone. Because the I think it’s the most viewing they’ve ever had. Yeah.

Amanda 50:18
What about that other? The other email, I threw it into our notes. Okay, all right. We didn’t talk about this, guys. We really do kind of just make this an organic conversation. So we didn’t have time this week. Well, we’re always talking about it texting back and forth. All week long. It’s just today ended up just being a freaking goat rodeo for both of us. So okay, subject Testing, testing. According to a credible source, this West Coast sister is bringing two friends to party with her cast mates next season. One is an A list singer who’s willing to hit reality TV, one more time. Content. The other is an international model slash fashion icon who has been tested and asked to before but deny is joining in order to keep her spot intact. You go first. Okay, guys, there’s no way Britney Spears is going on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Like, no one’s gonna let her go into that Viper pit like she know, it’s like putting a kitten in a bear cave like? Absolutely not. I don’t put any truth. Any kind of. I don’t. I just don’t think that’s true. I think it’s like it could be somebody like a Latoya Jackson. We know that Kathy is close with her. We just saw her post about her. Right and she’s close with the Jackson family.

B 51:54
I think that would be such a good move for Latoya. I mean,

Amanda 51:57
see more of Latoya. I’m very intrigued by her very intrigued

B 52:01
and, you know, I’m not sure what she’s invested in and what her products are, but I’m sure that she is invested in she has products and what a great way to get people to buy him. Yeah.

Amanda 52:14
Who do we think the model is? Do we think it’s Giselle? Now that she and Tom Brady are getting divorce?

B 52:20
I think that whoever wrote this wants us to think that I think it’s probably someone a lot less famous and more off the radar, but who we’d all know if she came on. Does that make sense, Naomi,

Amanda 52:30
because Naomi comes on what? Watch what happens, right?

B 52:35
That would, and I don’t think she’d be scared to jump into a viper pit at all. Oh,

Amanda 52:40
my God. Naomi would be fabulous. Actually,

B 52:44
Naomi would be fabulous. And it’s not gonna be Cindy Crawford. That’s for sure. No, but I want it to be she’s so beautiful. But I think that her personality is very mellow.

B 52:54
She strikes me good friends with Brenda though. Is she? Yeah.

Amanda 53:01
Guess where we’re not always talks about my friends who have

B 53:04
he also says Kendall Jenner’s her friends. So take that with a grain of salt. I don’t know. It’s why we didn’t post it and we’re talking about it because this is one. It’s not that I think it’s untrue. I think that they’re putting in things to make us think it’s people more famous like the Britney thing. I don’t think that’s about Britney. I think it’s about somebody more lower level who has been on reality.

Amanda 53:27
Oh, like Adrienne valon violin, right. Like somebody like that

B 53:30
somebody like that right? But they want the buzz to go and us to think of Britney Britney ain’t no way how Britney’s comes down.

Amanda 53:38
So you guys I do have a big bone to pick and this reminded me as we were kind of talking about like the emails and stuff so as I’m watching the show, it was late so I didn’t text you but I was pissed because I’m like, okay, they’re showing on Beverly Hills are showing two or three different podcasters plus they’re showing headlines with radar, the Radar Online logo and then from all about the T like I know I mean we know for a fact that New Jersey has used stuff from Bravo and cocktails we know that the Louis video that you broke was talked about all the season. Why like are those blogs like in cahoots with Bravo and giving them a kind of like ad revenue or something like why why would they? Why would they show them but not show Baba and cocktails?

B 54:34
I don’t know I think it depends on their I don’t I don’t necessarily think it’s a hit at all. So I think it depends on the production. And don’t forget some of these pages know people on production company so you’re gonna pick your friend over somebody you don’t know. Radar has always been in bed with them. So like you can always expect to see radar on Beverly Hills and the production companies again, like as an example. I was on Jersey now. Other that production companies working with OSI I wonder if they’re gonna reach out and use my stuff for OSI just because they’ve dealt with me? Well, because I had to sign a release. And guess what else? Yeah, I was notified. I don’t I can even tell you this. I was notified that some of the stuff from I don’t know if it’s from Instagram or from our website will be used at Bravo, calm, and in promos. And they had to ask my permission. Oh, yeah. And all that. So why don’t see I don’t really like getting the short end of the stick. Because that we’re going to be a Bravo calm baby. And obviously, because I’m anonymous, I’m not doing a panel or anything like that, because I couldn’t do it because I’m anonymous. And I’m not going to be like up there. Remember when we were kids, and they would show those videos and the person’s face would be all blurred out and they would have a voice

Amanda 55:48
in the shadow? Yeah.

B 55:50
I’m not interested in doing anything like that. No,

Amanda 55:53
no, I Yeah. Okay, so we do have some exclusive tea. Do you want to read this one?

B 56:04
Okay, is this You want me to read the Houston one? Yeah. Okay. We have a lot of stuff today guys. And some of it we’re saving because you know, our subscription site is going to be up and running soon. So a cocktail have sent me the scoop. They said, Have you heard anything about Million Dollar Listing Houston. I know a woman who’s being filmed and she’s real big in Houston real estate. She was interviewed and wanted for selling sunset but refused to move. She said she can’t say anything other than it’s Bravo and about real estate. She’s insanely beautiful. And so is everyone who works with her. I looked at her Instagram. And I want to get more info before I you know, put anything out there because again, she’s a public figure, right? So I wouldn’t be worried about putting her out there in that respect. I just want to vet this a little bit more. Selling sunset is so big. And now they have and I just posted the trailer today on the site selling Beverly Hills with Mauricio. So Million Dollar Listing format seems to be a little bit antiquated. We know they’re moving away from that they’ve kind of been vague as to whether they’re taking a break or they’re canceling Million Dollar Listing. Because I think that it can always come back real estate. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, but I do know that Bravo very much wants to be in Texas, right? We know that since Dallas was cancelled. We’ve got so many different rumors about different shows taking place around and in Texas in different cities, but so I can see it because I think they’re thinking like we can do a selling sunset. And now they have selling Beverly Hills kind of show, which is a totally different vibe than the Million Dollar Listing. Yeah,

Amanda 57:48
well, and Houston is a huge market. Yes, it’s the third biggest market in the country. So

B 57:55
I have to tell you how jealous I was though, when I was looking at the real estate there. Because don’t you can do it on your money there. Oh my god, I was like I would be balling

Amanda 58:05
watching HGTV and these people are buying music amazingly beautiful houses for very little money. But they’re all in like, it’s always no offended.

B 58:14
They’re complaining about the pink color. I’m like, I could scream for that money. I get a room that needs to be gutted and we can’t fit in.

Amanda 58:23
Right, right. Right now. Okay, so last but not least, should we talk about Southern charm a little bit about the first reunion? Yes. Okay, so I want to start because like, I have to tell you, I was watching it. I’m like, This is so uncomfortable during that Taylor and chat. I feel obviously terrible for her. I do feel a little bit like she kind of knew what she was getting into with him, I think right? Probably let her think that that he was interested in more but I thought the very The other really interesting thing. Like I was feeling uncomfortable, not even in the room like everyone else on the couches, like their faces. It was it was so awkward.

B 59:10
And do you want to know what the other thing that people were saying about that? People really feel like Taylor and Austin should get together? Yes.

Amanda 59:22
I saw a lot of that. I have to say it.

B 59:26
He she brings out a totally different side of him that I really like I think she brings out the best in him. I also thought that and I don’t know I know that Taylor was on Watch What Happens Live and she was like never, never never. And I say to that. I don’t. I don’t understand. Like she very clearly loved Shep loves him. I don’t see the attraction because like she said, like you don’t even know my favorite color. So if somebody isn’t invested in you in that way ate care and know what’s important to you. And you’re with them two and a half years. What’s the attraction? Like? In other words? I don’t think she’s mature enough or in a place where she wants a guy who loves her the way I think Austin probably because he seems like he would treat her like a diamond. And I’m like, why don’t you want that? Why are you attracted to chef? I mean, if you look at them, I think they’re equal on look side. Maybe Austin’s even better looking? I don’t know. In other words, you know what I’m saying? Amanda,

Amanda 1:00:36
ideal. I’m just listening, because I am kind of formulating what I think because I am not even sure I can even believe in, let’s say this. But the way that Austin has redeemed himself, and that we’ve or not even redeemed himself, we’ve seen a different side of him than we have seen before. Right, we’ve seen more of a depth to him, where like, Larry is going to be listening this to me, he’s going to be like I told you guys

B 1:01:03
know what it is to I think that we have to remember that. A lot of the bad parts of Austin were with the Madison thing. And that was very clearly a toxic relationship, which by the way, continues to be toxic. And I felt bad for Olivia sitting on that couch. And the two of them are laughing and joking. And we all know that Madison is doing it for screen time. And I love that Olivia kept saying that, like you’re just trying to get a headline, put the way that Austin falls for it so quickly. And it’s just so happy to like get any attention from her. Like when Andy said that, oh, Austin admitted to being vanilla in bed. And she said, Well, something kept me around for three years, like so inappropriate. You’re engaged. And like, it was very mean spirited to Olivia, obviously there. They said, Oh, and by the way, guys, we told you they were an exclusive. We told you that. I don’t know when weeks ago, a month ago, and they’re not and they never have an exclusive. So that was always a bad edit on that interview. She did. So yeah, another one because A source told me they’ve never been in they aren’t. But like, I Madison’s great TV. I mean, she’s sharp, she’s funny. But she’s mean. Like, she’ll take anyone down in her pursuit of an Olivia set at a headline or whatever, she doesn’t care. I wonder if her fiance cares, or if he just thinks this is her job. And she’s makes money. And that’s that.

Amanda 1:02:17
That could be but you know, you’re you’re so right. Like the chemistry between Madison and Austin. It’s, like palpable like you like. So I can imagine to like, what Olivia didn’t say is, is like, there’s no measuring up to that. Right. Like, there’s just, it just, it’s like its own force, I guess.

B 1:02:40
And I think that Craig said something like, you know, I’m just gonna say, and I don’t want to like anyone to be mad about it. But if something was gonna get serious with YouTube, it would have. And I think that Austin, it’s the sort of thing where like, he likes her. And there’s not a reason why he wouldn’t like her. But it doesn’t click in the way that it did with Madison. And to be honest, in the way that it does for him and Taylor, like, she’s obviously pretty, she’s obviously funny. She obviously has all these qualities that he really likes. It seems like he likes her family. And he likes all of that. And it makes sense on paper. But it just isn’t he just doesn’t have that. Right? Wow. With her. She, I think could have it with him and think she even said that. But he just, it falls flat for him. And listen, chemistry is chemistry. You can’t things can look good on paper and just not be a thing at all.

Amanda 1:03:28
Right? I’ll tailor girl like, I know, we see it to you and awesome. But don’t do that. Like go just go get your groove on and I don’t

B 1:03:39
think she’s going to do and honestly, I think that she blew up a chap she went off probably about I don’t be surprised if they’re back together soon.

Amanda 1:03:48
Do we know what happened in Texas? Have we heard anything about that?

B 1:03:52
I mean, I know I have gotten so much stuff after we got that Riot thing when they were still together and we got so much stuff that he’s just really been out and about during the relationship. Yeah, and the guys say the guys are like, honestly, you knew all of this like yet we love you. You’re such a nice, sweet, kind girl. And we feel terrible. And we didn’t want to constantly be saying he cheated on you. He cheated on you, but you knew half of them. So like we didn’t have to say it.

Amanda 1:04:20
That’s true, because actually going back to the very beginning of the season, like that’s where there was so much tension, right is is how they knew about what had been going on with with Taylor and they didn’t like it and Shep has little freakout and whatever.

B 1:04:38
I mean, obviously Taylor thought she could change him. Yeah,

Amanda 1:04:41
yeah. Why was there nothing said about the fact that Pringle wasn’t there?

B 1:04:46
You know, I have a post Pringle was let go from the season. And

Amanda 1:04:55
it seems a little fishy to me that they wouldn’t be like oh, he moved or Oh, he’ll be on later today or you know, he has a smaller character

B 1:05:03
and they’ve been able to avoid it. I’ve had people asked me, I posted about one of them being let go, people assumed it was Katherine’s boyfriend, Caleb. And as far as I know, he wasn’t on the show any longer because of they broke up. As far as that incident that was going around the internet. I’m not I don’t discuss abuse. I’ve said that from the gate. I’m not getting into that. So I will just say I know Pringle was let go from the show. The exact reasons. There must have been a situation I’m sure it involves liquor. Yeah. But he was like from the show, and because he wasn’t a huge main character. And he never was involved with any of the ladies. It kind of went under the radar. But don’t He won’t be back. And he will be a Bravo con and he’s no longer a Bravo.

Amanda 1:05:51
Liberty. Yeah, I think he’s done. Yeah. Interesting. Okay, we had that other blind come in about their charm. are we reading it? Are we saving it for a membership site? Save it. Okay, we’re gonna save it. Okay, so you just have to join. And it’s almost here. I promise. It’s, we’re really, really close to having it ready to go. So thank you guys so much. Don’t forget our call for the cocktail or army to be the eyes and ears and the feet on the street at pravo. Con. So you have a job to do. Yes, like book, but I’m telling you bookmark, bookmark the page, the send us t page, we will be reading it, we will be posting a ton, we will be reporting on all of it in one way or another. So share it all with us guys and have so much fun. I’m so jealous. Let us let me live vicariously through all of you. I can’t

B 1:06:46
wait. And although I won’t be able to introduce myself, I can’t wait to see all of you there. And I’ve also I’m sure you’ve seen on Insta I’ve become ticket Master. I’m not making a fee. I’m just helping people who spent a lot of money and alone I no longer have the money. I mean, no longer are able to go and people like why are so many people selling because people scrambled to buy these tickets because they sell out so quick. And then like most of us are people with jobs and families and commitments and then we realize oh damn, I can’t fly to New York. And you know, take three days abandon my life, my real life and go. So that’s why ou cocktails. You guys are the best. See you next week.

Amanda 1:07:30
Thank you guys

Amanda 1:07:39
thank you guys so much for listening. I just want to ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends. But only friends who like a T because the ones who don’t care about tea then like forget them. And don’t forget find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily. That would get us kicked off of Instagram. So thanks for listening, everybody.

B 1:08:20
Bye guys. See you next time.

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