Winter house drama…

Dec 15, 2022

Subject: Winter House Drama

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Rachel posted some digs at Jason last week on her insta stories and unfollowed him. Wasn’t an amicable parting…

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  1. Justine

    He’s on wwhl tonight after the finale with Ciara & Jessica. Wonder if he will have something to say about it

  2. Rachel is a queen

    But like WHY is Jess on WWHL?! She hasn’t posted any marketing for the show, meanwhile Rachel has been an amazing addition. Should’ve been Rachel on WWHL.

    I am curious was occurred with Jason tho bc those def were noticed.

  3. Mikko

    This show is lame. I don’t even remember which girl was Rachel

  4. chloe

    she had a party at this bar near me and once the event ended and the bar opened up to the public a lot of people from her party were still including jason and he was all over this blonde girl and was making out with her. maybe that got her upset.

  5. Who cares

    Agree with the comment above, this season was BOOOORING. Rachel is bland, Jess is a carbon copy of Lindsay but a little less toxic, still boring. Boo to this season in comparison to last. Also, do we really care about 2 week relationships ?

  6. Brandy

    They might not want Rachel and Jason on the same episode if it was a bad break.

  7. Hahaha

    Lol big surprise she spent the whole time in the house running away from him

  8. Jessica

    They filmed this season in MARCH and she has a new guy so what could he possibly have done? He seemed like the only nice, normal, stable male in the house

  9. Alina Blanco

    They were friendly to each other at BravoCon, maybe something happened recently.


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