Knock off!

Dec 15, 2022

Jen Shah isn’t the only housewife who has fake bags. I have a friend who knows a “high-end” fakes person in NYC. She says R****a gets all her stuff there. You have to know the right person to get access to the fakes lady!


  1. Fakefaux

    Always figured the amount of designer some of these ladies have, and how much they actually work and /or their net worth didn’t add up. Housewives pays well but not that well…

  2. WYKYK

    Ramona, not surprisingly.

  3. Avery


  4. Sha-exposed

    All of the high end drivers know where and who to call to get the purse people down to the car to buy fakes. It feels like a knock off purse drug deal while you do it.
    If drug dealers had laminated sheets with their product.

  5. L stephens

    Ok ummm duh. This has been happening in Hollywood for years. There was a guy who used to come to a very famous restaurant in BH & sell fake watches. And the connections with handbags. It’s hilarious & unreal. Hello….it’s ALL fake. 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😳😳

  6. L Stephens

    The other hilarious grift is the Birkin bag. Half the ones you see on TV are fake. And people like the Kartrashians get then for a very nominal price which has driven UP the price which leads to a couple of freebies. Kinda gross but the guy that runs all this for Hermes is comping & “dealing” right & left so everyday wanna be’s are being screwed.

  7. Sara

    Ramona; however, we need to include all here: Sonya, Lu, Tinsley (when she’s not with a sugar dady)

  8. Sugar daddy tea

    Ooo I want more info on this Tinsley sugar daddy stuff !


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