Will she accept?

Dec 13, 2022

From: Friend Of
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Subject: Was she fired?

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This former RHOA did an interview where she claims she was offered a friend of position and decided to take a break. The reality is the cheating had been discovered and she didn’t want to film all the messy details of her split. Now she’s ready to come back but won’t be offered full time. Will she accept a demoted role?

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  1. Chill

    Can’t believe the guy who wrote a tell-all book about his infidelity cheated on Cynthia.

  2. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    She won’t because she’s been consistent that it’s the same amount of work for less money. Every single interview she’s done about the friend of role offer she has repeated the same line which is same work less money.

    Oh btw this is about Cynthia Bailey RHOA

  3. Courtney

    I hope she does. Maybe then KZB will be taken off the table.

  4. Betty

    Cynthia….duh. But she had no problem discussing Tanya’s man and the cookie lady.

  5. Da Burger

    There are no filters good enough to get KZB back on tv. Then she’ll confirm she’s a fraud and it won’t happen. She’ll live in her gated foreclosure property until the sheriff drags her out.

  6. Jk

    So odd that she’s take a friend spot as she always pointed out it’s same work for less coin.
    Either wants flexibility (is there any) or needs $$$.
    That was a fast marriage btw.


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