Some White Lotus theories from followers! Discuss in comments! Add your theories, there were so many submitted, posted a few !

Ethan kills Cam. Somehow the escorts are involved. I really have no idea.

There’s an orange light/ camera behind the painting recording Tanya.

Think Albie is going to snap and confront the pimp guy

Trap, they are in on it with Greg. Going to steal or kill Tanya for her $

Albie and Lucia are really siblings was the wildest the theory I heard so far

Harper and Ethan have a mastermind plan and

Daphne is semi in on it to?

Domenick and Albie are burying a body / tossing to sea- either Lucia or Alessio

Ethan is the killer

She’s being recorded and there’s an infidelity clause in her prenup.

In one of the scenes with Tanva and the man hooking up you can see a red light in the ceiling

Mia is definitely the body in the water.