White Lotus !!!

Dec 5, 2022

Some White Lotus theories from followers! Discuss in comments! Add your theories, there were so many submitted, posted a few !

Ethan kills Cam. Somehow the escorts are involved. I really have no idea.

There’s an orange light/ camera behind the painting recording Tanya.

Think Albie is going to snap and confront the pimp guy

Trap, they are in on it with Greg. Going to steal or kill Tanya for her $

Albie and Lucia are really siblings was the wildest the theory I heard so far

Harper and Ethan have a mastermind plan and

Daphne is semi in on it to?

Domenick and Albie are burying a body / tossing to sea- either Lucia or Alessio

Ethan is the killer

She’s being recorded and there’s an infidelity clause in her prenup.

In one of the scenes with Tanva and the man hooking up you can see a red light in the ceiling

Mia is definitely the body in the water.


  1. Samantha D

    No one is mentioning how Rocco says in the first episode that there was more than one body.

    The “kill for beauty” conversation that they had before she caught the “nephew” boning the “uncle” was some pretty clear foreshadowing. I think the guess about the infidelity clause is right… but why talk about killing beauty and the coked out dude has his gun “all the time”… and the English douche canoe keeping Porsha away is super sketch.

    Michael Imperioli is about to pull from his Sopranos roots and he and Albie are going to go nuts on the pimp after he realizes how much Lucia and Mia billed to his room.

    I think Harper did what she did to get some passion from Ethan. When he looks like he is about to go HAM she smirks. I think the wife encouraged her to do something.

  2. Coctails

    Is the guy in the picture Tanya is looking at her husband?? I believe he’s in on the scam too and she is being recorded!

  3. Layla

    There are three bodies found. One floating in the water and two back at the hotel. I think it is the con men that were killed and Tanya dis it with the gun.

  4. Mrs.James

    Thinking maybe Ethan snaps and kills Cam and Harper, then possibly himself? Tania is definitely getting played for her money. Maybe she kills Greg??

  5. Cmarie

    The picture Portia found was of the “uncle” and Tanya’s husband. That’s who he was on the phone with before he said he had to go “work” and left. (Her husband is also played by the guy who plays Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite)

  6. Lindsay R

    The picture Tanya sees before the naked drug lord comes in is of Quentin and Greg!!

  7. Lindsay R

    The picture Tanya sees before the naked drug lord comes in is of Quentin and Greg!!

  8. LC

    I think the picture Tanya looks at is of the uncle and the cowboy he said he was in love with, maybe Greg?

  9. Heidi Smith

    Who was in the pic that Tanya picked up???

  10. Courtney Jancetic

    Hot Theo James (the only thing I can call him) and Daphne are not trying to get Ethan to invest with Hot Theo (would be a bonus, sure). BUT the main con has something to do with Harper and her law firm and Hot Theos company and some sort of sexual harassment claim.

  11. A

    Doesn’t Cam grab Daphne when she comes running out of the water screaming in the first episode? Cam isn’t killed.

  12. Go Tanya

    Thinking Tanya kills Greg. When they get it on Episode 1she says she had a vision of him with dead eyes. She knows he’s after her money after finding the picture.

  13. TanyaDrama

    Agreed, I think Tanya kills Greg. When they’re having sex, she makes him stop because I think it was the face of the vase that Rocco tells the story about is over Greg’s face. The story is about a woman killing a man to make him stay with her after going back home. I think it’s foreshadowing Tanya killing Greg. I still think Tanya is going to then mill herself 🙁

  14. Cools

    I think the prostitutes have to be involved. They’re the only link to everyone in a way (besides Tanya) but even then they’re someone tied to Portia because of Albie. And the gays are for suuuure trying to kill or black mail Tanya but they obviously don’t get away with it because she can’t be done with. And she can’t be the murderer if let’s hope and pray there is a 3rd season. It all has to come together in some beautifully orchestrated accident like season 1 did. Or I could be completely wrong. You never know with this show.

  15. heidi

    Long con with Greg to set up Tonya – either kill her or something equally deviant.
    The pimp isn’t really a pimp but Lucia’s friend and her con is to get Albie to take her to the US.
    Daphne and Ethan – something is up with them
    There is something fishy with Ethan- how is he that uninterested in his wife?

  16. Wilma

    All of the art alludes to women killing adulterous men, I don’t think any of the woman will die- In
    Ep.1 – the Boat (Quentin’s)is in the distance when body washes up- the leg is shaved and thin and everyone thinks it’s a woman, i think it’s Gregg since the Boat w/ Tanya is in the distance/ and other men from that group probably die
    Lucia – she is setting up albi- allesio is her boyfriend – something is going to go array there
    I’m not so sure anyone from the Ethan group will die-
    I think the deaths may all be from the Tanya group
    Who said someone from every group had to die? Could be a few from one group Tanya could have killed Greg , Quentin, and the fake nephew, shot the fake mafia guy ?

  17. White Lotus

    When Daphne was talking about her trainer and what he looked like and then showed Harper a picture of her kids… her son has blonde hair and blue eyes! Her son is not Cams it’s the trainers! She either got with the trainer as payback to the “one time she knows about” or she cheated first and Cam being competitive has to keep her to himself!

  18. Tanya is def involved

    Ok can’t be Cam in the water because Daphne isn’t with the body when the medics are carrying him (or her) away. You can see her and what looks like Harper in the background.

    In the season finale trailer it appears as if Greg is meeting Tanya on the yacht … maybe that’s where it all goes down?

    Rocco said guest of the hotel … so assume it’s not Lucia or Mia or the pimp/boyfriend.

    Didn’t look like grandpa feet in the water so has to be someone somewhat young … but Rocco said other bodies so ??

    My theory is Albie dies. Idk how lol, maybe trying to rescue Portia from Jack??

    The native Digrasso relatives said something about not getting their hands on the money — maybe Lucia knows more than we realize?! Remember her and the dad had been talking before they arrived.

    Money has to be involved somehow right? Broke rich “uncle” … cam having ulterior motives in inviting Ethan and Harper … the hookers not getting paid…


    Tanya blacks out and goes on a killing rampage with the drug dealers gun. She kills Greg when she finds out he betrayed her … kills jack for playing both sides … maybe the “uncle” … albie by accident…

    And leaves the hotel like nothing happened bc she doesn’t remember anything. Since doesn’t she say.. “whenever I stay at a white lotus I have a MEMORABLE time” ?! Maybe she offs everyone and gets away with it lol!

    I’m so sad we only get 7 episodes!

  19. Confused

    Why do people theorize Lucia or Mia being killed. Aren’t they in the opening scene in the beach with Daphne in episode 2? They chat with Daphne about just arriving before Daphne sees the body.

  20. AP

    Um no, the girls Daphne is talking to in the opening scene don’t even look remotely close to Mia and Lucia. Wtf

  21. Lotus theory

    Mia kills the piano player. It’s his body in the water. Valentia helped her. She’s not overly concerned about the body in the water that it’s not on the hotel property. Mia has motive and her character has evolved throughout the episodes. The other bodies I have no idea ?.

  22. AJ

    The girls in the opening scene were actually contestants on Survivor with Mike White (the show creator) and he just gave them cameos for fun.
    I think that Burt will be one who dies…but not of a murder. They said 3 hotel guests die but they don’t all have to be murders. He made a statement on the last episode about how he has no more ‘homecomings’. Maybe he dies of natural causes or another fall.

  23. MK

    In the first episode Tanya says she has a vision of Greg with shark eyes and that he was dead. And that she was surrounded by men with effeminate hair. I think Greg dies and maybe some of the gays trying to scam her. Probably on the yacht as it’s approaching back to the hotel.

  24. HH

    In the first episode Daphne talks about her love for Dateline and references husbands killing their wives on vacation and stating it happens a lot.

  25. Cefalu

    Daphne kills Cameron for all the past and future cheating. She also gets the escorts, maybe making it look like Cameron did it. Harper is likely helping her.

    Mia and Lucia are technically hotel guests.

  26. E

    New theory: Albie, father, and grandfather are all killed along with Lucia by the drug dealers. Bert always talks about where his family line began. Maybe it ends here as well? Everyone else leaves White Lotus a little bit more aware of their surroundings and relationships.

  27. Nancy Gonzalez

    I think Greg doesn’t make it out and maybe some of the gays. It will be an accident.


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