Just a fling

Dec 1, 2022

From: VPR Scoop
Email: vpr@bravo.com

Subject: It’s a bs

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Schwartz and Raquel are actually just friends, it was indeed a storyline . Yes maybe they kissed but it wasn’t ever really anything.

He’s dating a girl named Jo, who is a former friend of Kristen’s. Yes Kristen from VPR and word is their personalities are similar ?. Raquel even storied a video where you can see Schwartz holding the girls hand. Mind you she basically lives with him.

Why was Schwartz all over the media acting like a wounded puppy and claiming Katie has a boyfriend when he practically has a live in girlfriend?! Gotta keep that sweet , dopey guy image. And can anyone tell me why Schwartz can’t manage to find a girl that’s isn’t in their friend group?!

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  1. Nana

    He’s cute…..he’s a perpetual 16/17yr old who wants a mom to do his laundry.

  2. KT

    You know what, I can’t really be team Katie…..bc she’s kinda awful. Hopefully they’ll both be better with other people bc they brought out the worst in each other.

  3. Traci Bonvenuto

    Katie is awful and Schwartz is actually worse because he’s a total phony.

  4. Crystal H

    Although Schwartz seems nice, let’s not forget how awful he was to Katie….he cheated, never stood up for her and was not nice to her. People never forget rage texts…. But Tom cheated…. What a double standard. She deserves the best.

  5. team jax

    who cares…. katie divorced him and they’re both dating other people… unless there’s a name of the girl for us to stalk, this is not a worthy storyline


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