From a follower:

Tre just chewed Billy Costa on the morning show in Boston when he mentioned prison she said “I don’t want to talk about that! We are here to talk about my upcoming appearance in Lynn and I am a 4 time NY times best selling author” and then told him he needed to be more positive and her publicist took the phone and said she had to go!

It will be on Spotify later, I will send the link

They said she gave a list of things they couldn’t talk about (Joe Gorga etc…) and they respected the list and she still went crazy!



Another follower reports:

Teresa was just on kiss 108 in Boston and the convo went a bit off the rails when they brought up prison and her writing a book. Then one of the producers said after it was a fair question and he was only told to stay away from questions about her brother and balenciaga. Also her publicist had to intervene in the convo.