You gotta listen!

Nov 28, 2022

From a follower:

Tre just chewed Billy Costa on the morning show in Boston when he mentioned prison she said “I don’t want to talk about that! We are here to talk about my upcoming appearance in Lynn and I am a 4 time NY times best selling author” and then told him he needed to be more positive and her publicist took the phone and said she had to go!

It will be on Spotify later, I will send the link

They said she gave a list of things they couldn’t talk about (Joe Gorga etc…) and they respected the list and she still went crazy!



Another follower reports:

Teresa was just on kiss 108 in Boston and the convo went a bit off the rails when they brought up prison and her writing a book. Then one of the producers said after it was a fair question and he was only told to stay away from questions about her brother and balenciaga. Also her publicist had to intervene in the convo.



  1. Not namaste

    Stay away from Balenciaga??? Wtf!!! Ugh can we cancel her NOW!!!

  2. Titsmcgee

    Stay away from balaniaga cause she’s still supporting them so obviously. Tre is ?️

  3. WYKYK

    Tre disgusts me.

  4. Amy

    I was listening. It was insane. They were perfectly friendly and she was so passive aggressive with all her namaste and then just gone.

  5. Anti tre hugger

    She is insufferable & you can tell she’s so stupid by flipping out.

  6. PleasePayAttn

    I saw all the Balenciaga posts about her but honestly thought she’s too dim to know the controversy.
    This news, however, shows quite the opposite. She knew about it and still chose to wear it (although it’s probably knock-off like she usually wears).

  7. Listener IN NH

    Was also listening this morning. Was excited to hear a housewife on our local radio show. Billy asked the question in a polite manner and when she stated she didn’t want to talk about it he instantly veered away from the topic and asked a different question, but she just kept bringing it back, talking about what a polite/positive person SHE was all the while being rude AF. It was kind of mind boggling. Prior to the question being asked she was giving the least enthusiastic, most basic answers. A personality only came to life once she started up with her drama—seems the only way she knows how to have a personality is if she’s being dramatic and toxic. Eesh.

  8. Not a fan anymore

    Rude, snotty, bratty are some
    Of the nicest things I could say about this creature. She was so short and snippy with all of her answers, belittling in every comment she made in response to friendly interview questions. She only “came to life” when Billy costa mentioned jail, as a means to compliment her on being a best selling author. When she said she didn’t want to discuss it, he politely apologized and moved to another topic, and she would not drop it. Billy maintained his professionalism throughout her snide remarks which speaks for how classy he is. Something “she” is not.

  9. Always a scammer

    Why would she need to stay away from Balenciaga? All of her “designer” clothing/handbags are comically fake

  10. NJ Drama

    I honestly want to boycott her so bad. She’s an awful human. I would LOVE seeing Caroline come back to put her in her place. TRE is truly dusgusting to watch. I cringe and fast forward anytime with her.

  11. Niterzzz051

    I’m deeply embarrassed for her. Billy should’ve listened to his intuition and vetoed the interview opportunity.

  12. Gypsy

    Why bring up jail at all? Abe has always said that she hates to talk about it and who can blame her. I don’t care how politely it was brought up, there was no reason to mention it at all unless he wanted to get a reaction.

  13. Carol

    Tre is a vile human and I’m sick of Bravo giving her a platform.

  14. MirE

    It baffles me how she can still have so many supporters. I wish Bravo would listen/read all the viewers who hate watching her. She’s vile & always acts like a toddler when she doesn’t get her way.


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