White Lotus (Possible spoilers)

Nov 28, 2022

Some White Lotus theories. Let’s discuss.

Quentin talks about being in love once with a cowboy from Wyoming. The cowboy is Tanya’s husband Greg? Are they scamming her together? He says about the cowboy “I’d do anything for him, still would”.


Daphne’s kid is not Cameron’s…when she showed Harper her phone after talking about her blue eyed trainer and it’s a picture of her kids.


Let’s discuss!





  1. KayRa

    Fuck this is a good theory. Still need to know figure out the cousin/nephew dynamic. Obviously they are not related

  2. Glynnis Coburn

    He’s def in love with Tanya’s husband. He’s going to try to get her to cheat so somehow the pre nup is voided and he gets all of her money.

    That baby is also the trainers 100%

  3. Love Coolidge

    Yesss! I’m thinking that the bodies found are from the boat heading back from Palermo but I’m also thinking that’s just too obvious for the show.

    Does Ethan snap on Cam and end up killing him? Megan is alone in the opening scene of the first episode…

  4. ninn

    Yes! The babies are definitely the trainers kids, she was trying to tell her that without having to say it out loud. Love that this story line is just like Season 1 where the newly rich girl is having a hard time with the moneyed lifestyle.

    Also love that theory on Quentin, he is definitely after Tanya’s money.

    I have been afraid the bodies are the two escorts bodies, love them so hope not!

  5. Erin Madsen

    Was just thinking today we need more White Lotus discussion here! Love both of your theories. Didn’t think of the cowboy! Poor Tanya.

  6. The ocean

    He told Tanya to get an annulment. How does that fit?

  7. Krystal Shelton

    This is good. I have been trying to figure out his angle & this is such a good theory

  8. yup

    and i think the person on the other end of the phone call before Greg leaves is Quentin, and they are planning to blackmail Tanya by having her cheat so the prenup is void or attempt to kill her. I also believe the “nephew” is Quentin’s sugar baby

  9. WL

    Re-watching from ep 1 (season 2) and when the two couples are showed their room they ask about the creepy statues, and Rocco tells the story about how this guy came to the town, seduced a local girl, hooked up and when the girl found out he had a wife and children back home, cut his head off bc he lied to her. Then Cameron made the joke about not f’ing anyones wives and Daphne said “it’s a warning not to screw around or you’ll end up buried in the garden”. Also, when Daphne ran out of the water after seeing the body, I don’t think it was her husband who grabbed her when she fell, i think it was a random guy on the beach.

  10. TanyaDrama

    Ooo this is a good thought. I bet Tanya is going to find out (it’s all going to start to unravel since she walked in on them) and then she’s going to throw herself off a cliff or something like the story they were telling about the house on the rock (while they were at the beach club I think).

    And 100% baby is the trainers

  11. Mike White

    I agree with the theory about the kids not being Cams.

    The other theory is interesting but I dont understand why Tanya’s husband would use her for her money if her lover is as loaded as Quentin. He wouldnt need Tanya if he had Quentin. Intriguing concept that the audience knows Quentin’s straight lover…maybe someone from season 1?

    • proseccoprincess

      Quentin isn’t loaded. The Villa is the same one Daphne and Harper rented! (Amanda noticed this I can’t take credit) Quentin is broke. Remember when his “nephew” ran out on the rice ball bill with Porsha?!

  12. Em714

    Yes ! It def wasn’t Cameron when Daphne ran out of the water. You have to rewatch- it’s a guy who is VERY similar looking but is not him. They only show the male for like a split second so it’s hard to miss. Maybe Lucia kills Cameron. The theories / possibilities are endless still!!!

  13. White LoHo

    Love these theories!
    Had a feeling Quentin was broke the minute his “nephew” said they kept hanging with old rich ladies and when she said it was nice to know someone else had money so they don’t try to get hers… Agree it could be Greg or they try to kill her since he asked her about “dying for beauty” after the opera.

    Also so obvi those babies aren’t Cameron’s lol but bigger question is does Ethan kill Cameron for hitting on his girl? Or does she go after the hookers under the assumption they slept with Ethan?

    Also new twist on the pimp following albie and his fam around? Could he have murdered them?

    Let’s keep the white lotus theories going!!

  14. Lucia

    I think the pimp was a plant so Lucia could continue to use that story to get more $$ from Albie.

  15. Denise Muralles

    Cameron’s the worst, but I’m still dtf!!!

  16. Katie Beyer

    At least one of Daphne and Cameron’s kids is the trainer’s. I’m not sold that Greg is the cowboy, but Jack is NOT Quinten’s nephew and they’re definitely after her money. I think the bodies are going to be Albie and Lucia after trying to get her money from Cameron or I could see Dominic being involved somehow. He seems very on the verge of snapping.

  17. WL

    Side note the villa isn’t the same one the girls rented- they went to Noto and Quentin’s is in Palermo

  18. TT

    I think Daphne snaps. Did anyone else pick up on Cam saying Ethan and him were in “different dating pools” in college? That had me thinking one of them might be hiding something, maybe being gay? But then again, Ethan and his porn and Cam with Lucia… Also I go back to the statue from episode one, about cheating and cutting off the head… also, suicide seems to be a big theme in this season, little comments from Tanya and Harper staring out off the cliff after finding the condom wrapper, Madame Butterfly… all of these theories combined, this could end SO many ways! I’m obsessed.

  19. JA

    We still haven’t seen one of the scenes hinted at in the “coming up this season” previews of Ethan and Daphne walking on the beach with knowing looks at each other. I bet you they are involved in one of the murders, possibly Cam and Harper after they discover them cheating. Just because Daphne “finds” the bodies, doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved.

  20. Not a main character

    I don’t think any of the main characters die. I think it’s a handful of the gays (I think they said four bodies were found?)

    I definately think Greg and Quentin are an item and it was Quentin whom he was talking to on the phone before he left. He left so Quentin could take over.

    Who were the two men at the end of the last episode? The nephew and who? I couldn’t tell.

  21. Kay

    Lol no way the trainer is the father of the kids. She was showing her kids as the reason she puts up with it. It’s her way of saying I do what I want too but we both stay for the kids.

  22. em lieder

    bad theory: tanya finds out about Quentin and greg, and wrecks the yacht on the way back to Sicily: killing “the gays”.

  23. Lotus Watcher

    I couldn’t piece the cowboy comment…did Tanya’s husband mention he was a cowboy in Season 1? And re: the Villa being the same as the one Harper and Daphne went to…I thought the same but I thought they went to Nono not Palermo.

    For sure that baby is the trainers!

  24. Ness

    Rewatching ep 1 and Lucia sees Alessio on the street on the way to watch the boat come in. Their greeting is light and friendly not like the picture she paints to Albie. It’s a set up.

  25. Karly

    I do believe that Quentin is the “nephews” sugar daddy and may be Gregs lover. I feel like Quentin thinks that Tanya is dumb but really she knows. He may just be trying to rob her bc it seems like he targets older women often. But I think he targeted the wrong women and ends up dead along side his “nephew”. I also thought maybe it’s the manager who kills herself because she can’t handle the rejection and engagement announcement on her birthday.

  26. Cefalu

    Daphne kills Cameron for all the past and future cheating. She also gets the escorts, maybe making it look like Cameron did it. Harper is likely helping her.

    Mia and Lucia are technically hotel guests.


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