Wrong housewife….

Nov 24, 2022

From: Wrong Housewife
Email: wronghousewife@desperatehousewives.com

Subject: Not the one you think

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Earlier it was mentioned a certain tequila backing former “housewife” was approached for RHOBH. But, it was actually the one known for being difficult on set. Producers would love to throw her in the mix and see how she stacks up against the Fox Force Five.

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  1. Desperate Housewives

    Teri Hatcher

  2. TT

    Nicolette or Terri

  3. Hmmm

    Teri Hatcher or Nicolette Sheridan were the ones known for that but I would have loved Eva. She actually has something to say.

  4. Jo


  5. Real actresses sorry Rinna!

    Teri or Nicolette who may actually agree to be on the show. I’d love it. Put Rinna in her place please. I couldn’t imagine Eva Longoria ever signing up for reality tv unfortunately

  6. The ex factor

    Has to be Nicolette. Aka, Harry’s ex!!! Would love to see her go at it with Rinna!!

  7. Harry fkn Hamlins EX wife

    Nicolette Sheridan!! Yes please GOD..she will go toe to toe with the faux farce 5

  8. Kim

    OMG Nicolette! Puhleeze. The dirt she could bring!

  9. Let’s talk about the husband

    Been begging for Nicolette for years! It’s about time for Rinnas takedown season and Nicolette seems like the perfect one to do it. While we’re at it bring back Denise since Nicolette was married to Aaron too.

  10. Harry’s housewives

    If they bring Nicolette, they have to keep Rinna. That’s drama writes itself.


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