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Nov 23, 2022

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Subject: RHOA & Porsha

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Porsha requested a significant amount of money to return. She was open to it but wanted to get paid!

Obviously, most people don’t know how these show budget works. But at this point for Porsha to come back another higher paid housewife would have to leave, or two lower paid housewives, or Bravo just open up the budget more.
It really came down to the finances in brining Porsha back. So as of now she’s on pause until they can come to an agreement. Let’s see how season 15 plays out, especially since I’ve heard there was some chatter that Kim is considering being reintroduced back into the group by way of Sheree.

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  1. bye wig

    oh Kim is considering it? lol

  2. PillowPrincess

    Of course Kim is considering it. She’s gotta find some way to pay off that 250k to keep the house, and it doesn’t look like pimping out dumb and dumber is working.

  3. WYKYK

    Pay Porsha extra from whatever bucket of $$ might have gone to that grifter…I mean KZB.

  4. Darin Brink

    I’d trade Porche for Drew and Sonya all day. Actually, I’d just give Drew away.


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