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Nov 19, 2022

From: Anon Anon
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Subject: He’s annoyed…

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This entrepreneur’s former boss is super annoyed. He totally gets why she wouldn’t want to be back on the show, he understands she’s outgrown it. Her new endeavor though seems like a slap in the face considering she could have done the same show with him. He feels like she has no loyalty at this point.

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  1. Mohammad Yasin Alvi

    Andy and Bethenny. Bethenny is annoying and nothing she does is successful in media. No one listens to her podcasts and she’s constantly like putting down the show.

  2. Love me some Bethenny

    Bethenny and Andy?

  3. WYKYK

    Andy and Bethenny?

  4. GiuliaB


  5. Carol

    Ooh, Andy and Bethany on the outs over her pod!

  6. Tj

    Bethany and Andy

  7. Vicky

    Andy and Bethany

  8. The B

    Definitely Andy and Bethenny. This does not make her look good at all

  9. Radio Andy

    Bethenny used to have a show on his Sirius Channel. I don’t think this likely because years ago she allegedly through a drink on a women at a concert and that the woman happened to be the wife of an exec. B’s show was not renewed after the incident

  10. Leigh

    Andy is only concerned about Andy. All these people speaking out against B are just jealous. Why in the world does Andy think he’s entitled to anything B does?

  11. Nana

    I love Bethany!!! Successful woman! Kicks ass and get work done. Complain all you want people…..she’s a hustler! I think she’s honest….maybe intense too.


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